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tv   KTVU Channel Two News at 430am  FOX  December 9, 2014 4:30am-5:01am PST

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62 monterey buoy. why is that important? because they are ten degrees above average. this has to feed into this system coming in. temperatures in the afternoon if you can get any sun are near 70 for a few. so mostly cloudy. some patchy fog. so far not as bad as yesterday but it tends to pop up around 6:00, 8:00. morning fog. mostly cloudy. a lot of 60s to near 70 degrees. here is sal castaneda. all right, steve, thank you very much. we are looking at a commute where we are doing very well. so far any way. as we look at the east shore freeway, yes, it is open. many of you may have gone to bed and it was closed because of protestors. well, it is open again. both directions. and the commute time between the carquinez bridge and mccarthur maze is 18 minutes. no major problems getting out to the toll plaza. also looking at the toll plaza it is light so far westbound at the bay bridge and the traffic
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continues to look pretty good. if you are driving into the livermore valley, westbound 580 traffic looks good from the altamont pass to livermore and dublin and castro valley. let's go back to the desk. more protests for a third night in berkeley. this time a crowd of more than 1,000 marched on to a freeway. shut down traffic for at least 90 minutes. cars on interstate 80 were stopped in both directions. protestors tell us it was the only way to get people's attention. katie utehs is live at an amtrak station on university avenue where another group of people managed to stop trains and suspend service. katie. >> reporter: more than 100 people were arrested last night as a part of the demonstrations. and yes, it did catch people's attention. there was far less destruction of property which is a good thing that the protests were mostly peaceful. however it did snarl traffic on both the roadways and the railways.
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more than 1,000 people marched for hours through city streets last night in berkeley. demonstrating against police involved incidents. around 8:30 protestors shut down both lanes of traffic. police were able to clear them off and began making arrests about 90 minutes later. by the end of the night a small group of people were being detained by police. >> what we did on the freeway was very effective. we stopped traffic, we stopped the whole city. we got you guys out here. what else can we be seen or heard? >> the people arrested were take ton jail and booked on numerous charges despite their arrests. last night protests were mainly peaceful and no reports of vandalism or major injuries. let me show you video of the protestors taking over.
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a woman into labor while stuck in the traffic. a very serious situation there. the chp says people have a right to protest but the freeway is not the place to do it. the protestor also shut down amtrak service by blocking trains from moving. this video shows a woman with her face covered who climbed on to the front of a train. service was suspended around 11:00 last night. it will resume once all of the tracks have been checked. passengers were taken to bart or other amtrak stations. as you heard from that protestor, it was certainly attention grabbing. now the question is it sympathetic or empathetic to the protestors cause? and then also others that were inconvenienced and frustrated. we want to hear what you have to say. you can hit us up on twitter or facebook. we will be sharing those comments throughout the morning. >> thank you for that update.
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meantime berkeley mayor tom bates spoke alabama the protest. he says he supports the cause but disappointed when things become violent and people start breaking the law. >> have it deteriorate into a violent situation is beyond the pail end is not acceptable. >> mayor bates is urging support for berkeley police. he says protestors should work with the city to find a way to get their message heard. but protests over the deaths of michael brown and eric garner happening from coast to coast. president obama is calling for patients. in an interview, he addressed the issue of race in america. >> when you are dealing with something as deeply rooted as racism or bias in any society, you've got to have vigilantes but you have to recognize that it will take some time and you just have to be steady. so that you don't give up when we don't get all the way there. >> the president also said that
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it is important to acknowledge the progress that the country has made because that gives hope that we can make even more progress. and several players on the cleveland cavaliers and brooklyn nets wore t-shirts that read i can't breathe. lebron james says he wore it to support the family of eric garner. garner died after police put him in a choke hold. time is 4:35. 49er legend joe montana's plan to build a $400 million development project near levi stadium are on hold once again. montana decided to delay work on his proposed hotel, sports bar, retail, and office project after losing his development partner. other business problems caused the similar delay last year. however, santa clara city leaders have not lost faith in montana. they are expected to give montana exclusive rights to the
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land possibly as early as tonight. football team from richmond is preparing for another game today. despite a loss yesterday, they say that playing in a national tournament in florida is a dream come true. yesterday the richmond steelers practiced in the rain outside their hotel room in florida. for many of the young players, the trip east was the first time they had ever been on a plane. it was made possible by fundraising and the generosity of a lot of our ktvu viewers. >> and the whole getting here, the stuff they had to do to get here and the way they fought hard and letting them know when you do good in life, this is a good reward. >> today the steelers are taking on a team from arizona. they say they are playing hard to honor the two teammates and son of a coach who were killed by a richmond gun violence. time is 4:36. we are getting a special behind the scenes look at a popular bay area holiday tradition zoo lights at the oakland zoo.
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lions, tigers, and bears and alex savidge all live at the zoo right now where the lights are being turned on just for us and for you alex savidge. >> reporter: just for me. a special sneak preview. yes. good morning, to you brian. they fired up the lights here. check it out. how beautiful. this is what you will expect if you come down to enjoy zoo lights here at the oakland zoo. a holiday tradition. they have been doing this for a couple of decades here. it is a lot of fun when you bring the family down here. hundreds of thousands of lights strung up across the zoo. the place is aglow and it's really fantastic. i want to bring in melinda. you are with the oakland zoo. kind to join us here. and you were the person that strung up all of these lights just on your own. how long did that take it you? >> yeah all on 43 own. [ laughter ] it takes a couple months. we have an outside zoo that
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comes in to help us. >> reporter: there is baa a whole team. they have been working on this for a long time. this year is something new. if people have been to zoo lights in years past, there is a new prehistoric theme. >> there is. visitors come before remember we have our meadow show. we still have that this year. but we also added a second light show. it is prehistorically themed so it has volcanos and dinosaurs and really, really fun. >> reporter: who doesn't love holiday lights this time of year? you also have a friend. you brought a friend along. >> i do. >> reporter: oh thank you so much. we appreciate that. now are we waking gilbert up? >> it's a little early for him but he woke right up when i went in to get him. >> reporter: does he need a cup of coffee? what does he need? >> i think he wants to just read the paper and get up to date on what is going on.
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>> or turn on the ktvu news. what kind of turtle is gilbert? >> he is a western pond turtle. they are the only fresh water turtle we have here in california. he is a local native species for us. gilbert is an ambassador of the head start program. where we actually take western pond turtles. they are hatched at sonoma state university and raise them up here so they get a good year of getting strong and healthy and then they are released. >> reporter: can i pet gilbert? and of course. you see that? i scared him off. i go to pet him. that is the effect i have on people, animals clearly. what do the animals think about -- he's giving me hard time back there. what do the animals think of all the lights? they are not out and up when people come to the zoo.
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>> when you come to the zoo, the animals have already gone to bed so they are not kept awake by all the lights. but it's still really fun to come inside the zoo and see all the lights. >> reporter: melinda with the zoo. real quick runs 5:30? >> 5:30 to 8:00. >> reporter: up until january 4th. soment cool on down. zoo lights at the oakland zoo. you can't beat it. brian, we'll send it back to you. gilbert says hello. >> does melinda know if there is any actual reindeer at the zoo. >> reporter: do you have reindeer at the zoo? >> no. >> reporter: maybe they have a secret reindeer they are not telling us about. i'm not sure. be i will go poke around. i will look into that. and let you know. >> okay sounds good. thank you alex. today bart and ac transit will announce an all night bus
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service. bart would pay for the one-year test program that would have ac transit increase their bus service between san francisco and the east bay. details will be revealed during the news conference. many have complained they have no way to get home when bart stops running at night. bart considered running its own trains but the board said bart needs the over night down time for track maintenance. fire in downtown l.a. that destroyed an apartment building and shut down part of two major highways may have been intentionally set. more than 250 firefighters tackled last nights blaze. it took them 90 minutes to knock down the bulk of the fire. federal investigators still have to sift through the scene before an official sedition can be -- official decision can be made. they were cleared from the homeless encampment known as the jungle but they didn't go far. what san jose city plans to do about a new homeless camp. >> new surveillance video in the stabbing death of a 14-year-
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old high school student in san francisco. up next the evidence and video that may clear a teenage suspect. >> good morning right now we are still looking at a commute where it's a little bit light in many areas. very light. i can see a christmas tree in this picture too. northbound 280 traffic looks good getting up to highway 17. >> well, we have a system on the way but it's still two days away. a lot of cloud cover over us. we'll take a look at timing and watches out for the national weather service.
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welcome back everybody. time is 4:45. ktvu has learned prosecutors in san francisco charged a former uber driver in connection with the death of a little girl. has been charged with misdemeanor vehicular manslaughter. near the civic center on new years eve. due back in court tomorrow.
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lous death focuses attention on the safety rules of ride sharing companies. new video is raising questions about the killing of 14-year-old boy in the mission district. yesterday san francisco's public defenders office released this surveillance video of the deadly stabbing of rashawn williams back in december. it shows the 14-year-old boy accused of stabbing is not the one that dealt the fatal blow. their client is the teen circled in blue and khakis and short sleeve shirt. >> they begin to turn the corner. two boys turn around and will come back. you can see on the left sigh in the darker pants that is the individual responsible for this. my client is standing just behind him. now watch the hand. >> the public defenders office now hopes to have all charges dismissed against its client.
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happening today president obama travels to tennessee where he will continue to rally support for his executive action on immigration. the president will speak at a community center in nashville. last month president obama took executive action to an estimated 4 million immigrants in the u.s. illegally. republicans are hope they will use their funding leverage to force the president to roll back his decision. the number of people making appointments more than doubled late last month. it's seen a possible sign of high demand as the state prepares to offer licenses to immigrants that were in the u.s. illegally starting in january. the dmv says nearly 379,000 appointment were made between november 12th and november 30th. that is a 115% increase from the same period last year. extra police are patrolling san francisco's union square following a string of thefts at high end luxury stores by a group of young women.
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they are called the rainbow girls because of their brightly colored clothing. this is video from the arthur barren store in may. the group has struck as recently as last month. they grab merchandise and run out of the store. merchants say if they see the group in the area, they will alert other stores and lock their doors. a group of elves will be busy at work today to bring a little holiday cheer to nose in need. a neck of professionals will head to a target store in san francisco to hand pick hundreds of toys. they will then deliver those toys to the salvation army. the annual shopping spree is funded by the group dig deep sf. some young sports fans have something to tell their classmates about today. they spend the evening with several of the bay areas best known athletes. >> i met a 49er. his name is dennis brown. >> pretty cool. the kids were treated to toy
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making, face painting and holiday treats. most of the kids are from low income families and never even seen the ballpark before. last night they talked with and given autographs by olympic skier johnny mosley and members of the 49ers, raiders, and giants. >> the fact they were able to find a way to get here and embrace and see what the holidays are about it's nice to know. >> awesome. >> it was the fifth year of the holiday heros event and some of the athletes admitted they may have had more fun at the party than the kids. i don't doubt it. time is 5:49. let's go to sal. sal, do you have a favorite athlete growing up? >> probably had to be joe montana. because i was at the time when i was growing up he was the big guy. and then steve young and jerry rice were all there. it was like a -- we don't want
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to start there though. how about you? >> i had tony gwynn. g good morning, everybody. let's go out and take a look at the traffic. the traffic looks good on the san mateo bridge. the traffic is very good if you are driving on southbound 101. westbound bay bridge that is a very nice commute with no major problems and the commute looks good on the freeways getting up to the bay bridge as well. we are look at 580 westbound into dublin southbound 680 san ramon all the way down to the sunol grade is off to a good start. if this is your commute this early in the morning at the very least you have a very nice way to go. and you might have good weather. let's bring steve in. are we going to have decent weather today? >> today is decent. it will be cloudy to mostly cloudy. we head toward wednesday night and thursday. patchy fog out there. otherwise a lot of cloud cover
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streaming over us. over all we are not too bad. we already have a flash flood watch out. we are still a ways away. a lot of the patchy fog yesterday seems to be a little less coverage. a lot of cloud cover over us. very little in the way of rain. our system is taking shape coming out of the gulf of  alaska. this one finally has a little bit cold air with it which is not something we've had from these other systems. 50s on the temps here. 29 up in tahoe. winter storm watch starts up there. everything is wednesday night into thursday and friday. today is that betweener day. 50s on the temps. sacramento and monterey at 50 degrees. look for a lot of cloud cover today. some of the rain totals will be impressive to say the least. the key is if this system stalls out. if it stalls out there will be heavy duty rain totals. even if it blasts through, there will be really good rain.
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thursday is the main day. today mostly cloudy and some patchy fog. it will be mild to warm. we are starting off near 60 for some. 60s to near 70 degrees and temperatures after today they start to take a little tumble here and we will go with a rain and wind. high wind watch will be posted for the national weather service as well. could get gusts over 60. baton down the hatches it will be a cloud and showery pattern. >> a lot of snow in the mountains. >> yes this will have snow in the sierra. so that snow level will come way down thursday night and friday. >> a lot of excited skiers. >> yes finally. today republicans in congress could force a vote on a new bill to provide more water to california farmers. it would allow agencies to divert watt fresh reservoirs and rivers in the northern part of the state and send it to farms in the valley. farmers left hundreds of
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thousands of acres in the central valley unplanted this year because of drought conditions. gop lawmakers say this would only be a temporary measure. democrats in a senate oppose the idea. coming up is there anything you would like to see outlawed? in 25 minutes the contest that lets people craft lasting legislation. >> and a controversial arrest at levi stadium and all caught on camera. why police say this video does not tell the whole story.
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a woman and young girl were hurt after a car crashed in the restaurant where they were having lunch. police say a driver was trying to turn on to a street until garden grove in orange county when she hit another car and then plowed into a vietnamese restaurant. the 73-year-old driver a 37- year-old woman and a 10-year- old girl were all take ton the hospital. all are expected to survive. the driver was not cited. all lanes of interstate 680 in san jose are back open after being closed for clearly 11 hours. the chp had shut down all lanes in both directions around 2:00 yesterday afternoon when a woman threatened to jump from the allen rock avenue overpass. the highway patrol had all of the lanes back open just before 1:00 this morning. it's still not clear how the situation with a suicidal with
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was resolved. controversial arrest at levi stadium. this all happened friday night during the pac 12 championship game. this cell phone video shows officers moving into arrest 33 44-year-old mark. but police say they needed to take aggress action to control the scene. >> at one point he is grabbing on to the officers clothing and not letting go. so if he would have submitted to the officer's authority a lot of this would not have happened. >> he is facing charges of assaulting an officer and resisting arrest. the investigation division is looking into how officers handled this situation. six people were killed after a small plane crash into three houses in maryland. officials say there was no may day call from the twin engine
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plane yesterday. the first sign of trouble was a radio call from someone who saw the crash. the three people in the plane were killed. a woman and her two young sons were also found dead in one of the homes hit by the plane. investigators say they almost analyze the plane's black box to figure out what caused the crash. the orion spacecraft is finally back on dry land. the capsule was lifted off the uss anchorage, put on a truck and driven to a maintenance bay around 10:00 last night. orion will stay in san diego for a few days and will be trucked back to kennedy space center center in florida. it's expected to arrive before christmas. the next flight is scheduled for 2018. it's the biggest storm we have seen in years and it's heading our way. the steps people all over the bay area are being urged to take. >> santa is on the roof but he's not there to drop off gifts. the important reason behind his early arrival. >> we are looking at a commute
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where traffic is doing well on the golden gate bridge heading south to marin. >> a lot of cloud cover over us but we are waiting this one out. we have to go into wednesday night and thursday before things start to develop. more details including today's forecast.
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a woman goes into labor while trapped on interstate 80 due to protests. we'll have the latest on her and also the amount of arrests over night. >> we are live in san jose where a fire has sprung up in homeless encampment that is supposed to be cleared out today. we'll tell you what firefighters just told us. >> last week we saw flooding and downed trees. this week it's supposed to be even worse. the steps you are being urged to take ahead of a major storm heading our way. we are live in san jose because you probably remember they have been clearing out the homeless camp known as the jungle. a new homeless camp has been set up nearby and now this. a fire. this is a


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