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tv   KTVU 6 O Clock News  FOX  July 29, 2010 5:00pm-5:30pm PST

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court in san francisco to try to reverse a judge's orders, putting the law's most controversial orders on hold. >> reporter: this is one of the several protests today dealing with immigration policy as well as the secure communities program going on nationally. >> immigrant right's protesters move from the street to the governor's office today. >> we ask him to immediately
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notify san francisco that san francisco may opt out. enforcement officials say they've identified 129 potentially deportable convicted criminals. out of 1,557 sets of fingerprints scanned from the county jail. >> we have i believe 33 criminal aliens that we encountered which are level one, which are homicide and rape cases. >> reporter: he's holding some prisoner, including minor offenders 48 hours longer than normal. police chief george gascon is pushing officials to only target serious offenders. >> we don't want to start to target people for very low level offenses that will clog
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the system. >> reporter: i.c.e. officials say they are going to target on high level officials. >> if we get someone with a one or two level offenders, we're going to investigate them. steinburg says he wants to raise the income tax and vehicle license fee then cut the sales tax by 1. 1.5 cents. he says the federal government would end up picking up the tax increases. >> what we'll do is lower the
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sales tax where taxpayers don't get a deduction. >> he says that will put more money in california's pockets. while sacramento struggles to reach a budget deal. the city of san francisco now has one in place. governor newsom signed the 2010- 2011 budget. he says it is on time and balanced. the mayor says it also protects public safety. newsom says the new budget does not include any new taxes or significant borrowing. he also thanked labor unions for working with the city to save money. meantime more than 50 san jose firefighters are about to lose their jobs as that city struggles with its $118 million budget gap. firefighters are also upset because the city may drastically change the waylay
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boar contract disputes are resolved. robert handa join us live now with details,. >> reporter: ken, we're out fire station 30 in san jose where inside some firefighters and a fire engine are about to go out of service. victims of an ongoing budget battle. it was a polite but tense atmosphere when mayor chuck reed met with the firefighters union this afternoon. since the city and union are battling over two issues. the union are at impasse on a contract with no new talks scheduled. so the city's firefighters will be officially laid off at 8:00 tomorrow morning. >> we know it's going to put the community at risk. their property at risk, then it's going to put the firefighters at greater risk. >> every department had to take a hit. >> reporter: ironically the dispute seems headed to binding
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arbitration, a city charter process that allows an outside meet mediator to make a final decision. >> city of san jose has lost control over employee cost. the average cost for firefighters and police officer is doubled in the last ten years. >> reporter: angry union officials say a city charter change should follow months of public hearings. >> not let's come up with an idea last minute, throw it in and somehow we're going to educate the citizens through the newspaper and sound bites and news clips. it's not a safe way to do business. >> reporter: again 53 firefighters will be laid off and five trucks and engines taken out of service tomorrow morning. the city council will decide next tuesday whether to put binding arbitration on the november ballot. live in san jose, robert handa. ktvu channel 2 news. ac transit said it had to cancel more buses today after
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120 drivers called sick this morning. drivers are angry over a contract change in work rules. the sick out has been ongoing for two weeks. an alameda judge tomorrow can decide whether or not to overturn the contract. ac transit threatened to cut all weekend bus service if the contract is overturned. bay area bridge managers say boosting tolls and doing away with free car pools has had an immediate change on driving habits. since the increases went into effect, almost 10,000 fewer cars each day are using the seven state owned bridges in the nine bay area counties. about 12,000 fewer cars are using car pool lanes. and bart ridership is up about 4,500 passengers a day. the way to cross the bay bridge in the morning has dropped significantly. >> it was about a 20 minute delay coming through berkeley, across the bay bridge last year. now it's about 12 minutes. >> transit officials say the real test of how the toll increases are working will be
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in the fall after summer vacations are over. california city managers who are meeting in sacramento today say they are up angered over the city council salaries in bell, california. >> that was done in a way that the public was not aware. and had they been aware, we would not have run into this problem. and you saw what happened when people did become aware. it's been remedied quickly. >> governor arnold schwarzenegger called for all local governments to postthe salaries of top fishes online. are they or aren't they. the works of famed photographer anzel adams. the two sides of this photo mystery are digging in their heels. john sasaki joins us now with today's discoveries.
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>> it's no wonder that a fresno man wants to believe he's sitting on an anzel gold mine. but adam grandson says, it's the same old song and dance. >> my grandmother looked at them years ago, and they are not virginia's handwritten. >> i think mr. narzigian believes they are anzels. and like a dog with a bone, he's not going to give them up. >> reporter: we spoke to mr. narzigian and he says he has the real deal. >> reporter: what makes you believe that what you have is anzel's work. >> it's all the evidence, all
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the experts that we have. >> reporter: narzigian points to forensic experts and a curator of boston historic arts. >> he's not an expert in anything, other than he had a famous grandfather. other than that he had no professional training or expertise in photography. >> reporter: however, an expert says that they are just from brooks. >> they're nice, but to me they are not anzel adams. california's whooping cough
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epidemic has claimed another little life. a one -month-old boy died from the disease on tuesday. that is the seventh infant death this year. so far there have been about 1,500 cases of whooping cough in california. a significant increase from last year. health officials are urging children and adults to get vaccinated to reduce the spread of the highly contagious disease. nearly 100 people are under arrest tonight as part of the massive crack down of marijuana growing. they have made 97 arrest, most mexican nationals. they also confiscated $1.7 billion worth of marijuana during the three week operation. agents focused on fresno. for many of us these jets
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are private, metallic magic carpets. but for some bohemian camp members, they are just a cab to camp. we'll explain, ahead. some more heat headed your way as we head toward your friday. tomorrow's forecast coming up. plus sherley sherrod is taking legal action after her firing.
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this weekend, california's superhero is expected to speak to the secret elite. it is the close of the 17 day midsummer retreat known as the bohemian club. governor arnold schwarzenegger is expected to address the
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gentleman's club. ktvu consumer editor tom vacar joins us now. >> reporter: many of the superrich arrive right here. generations of the rich, famous and powerful have been gathering since 1873, that's 137 years. the bohemian club, always bring attention why they gather when they could be in san carlos. just a desire for privacy and paradise. >> i've had the opportunity to be an invited guest and take a tour of the property. and anybody who gets to do that, it's all demystified. it really is just a wonderful summertime camping area. for frankly the rich and famous. >> reporter: the more than 2,000 who come to the event
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contribute mightily to the tourist economy. >> yes, of course they add like a 500, 600 people. it's a busy month for us. it helps us. >> reporter: another benefit, tonight a concert starri many of the people who were over at the bohemian club. but this will benefit the community. many notables do attend. >> i mean there are the influential people. presidents, senators, things like that. but there's also musicians, poets, retired admirals, retired generals. >> but most. >> every day people from every walk of life. and that's the best part about it. there's all kind of interesting people out there with a lot of different ideas and different values. >> reporter: and in fact, next
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year the bohemian club holds it's 100th charity concert. reporting live, consumer editor tom vacar, ktvu channel two news. a weak economy and high unemployment laid to an increase in unemployment charges. filings increase year after year in more than half of the nation's metropolitan areas. five california cities made the list for foreclosure rates. merced ranked third. fifththe ontario area. stockton came in sixth. mortgage rates have hit a new record low. government backed freddie mac cede today the rate on a 30 year fixed mortgage fell to 4.5% this week. that's down from 4.6 a week
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ago. this is the sixth straight week the late has broke a record. google has hired 1,970 full time employees this year. that's about a 20% increase in their work force. google says it might have to hire more people to accommodate the growth of the business. it was a wobbly day on wall street. for a change, it's starting to once again feel a little bit like summer out there. let's check in with chief meteorologist bill martin. >> it does feel a bit like summer than it usually does. temperatures have warmed up a couple of degrees. i'll show you the temperature footprint right now. using colors, you can see the 90s out where you expect the
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90s. around the bay, oranges showing up. you have 81 right now in livermore. that's up where it was. highs tomorrow will be a degree or two warmer. these are the official highs from today. 88 in antioch. that's a warm spot. 88 in fairfield. we might see a couple of 90s pop up. still not as hot as you would expect this time of year but warmer. today was so far the warmest day of the week. i think tomorrow will be very similar, saturday and sunday it'll warm up a little bit more. this is not a heat wave. this is not a red flag warning type of event. it's just a little warmer than it has been. temperatures will be a little higher than the average. tomorrow, areas of morning fog but not as much as we've seen. i've been showing you fog footprints going all the way up to the valley. tomorrow burns back, and we have been seeing clearing. we saw some clearing down toward half-moon bay. i think we'll see a little bit more of clearing tomorrow. a little bit of fog in the morning and then a chance for
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clearing. not a lot. take a jacket. go out to the coast. there's the reds, those are 90s. lots of 80s for your friday. you will see dark color, warmer colors. but it has been a cool week. it's been a cool summer and cool spring as well. forecast highs as you move around the bay tomorrow. lots of 60s and low 70s. adds we move through your microclimates, you get out toward rio vista you'll see 90s. these are forecasts highs for cities where you live. 85 in livermore, 58 in pleasanton. temperatures on the cool side
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in the evening. there is a growing scandal involving arlington national cemetery tonight and thousands of soldiers graves. an army investigation turned up misplaced head stones and coffins buried in shallow graves as well as coffins buried on top of each other. >> 6,600 head stones may be mislabeled, on not label. a former federal employee, sherley sherrod says she will sue the blogger who made her look racist.
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sherrod's bosses forced her to resign after the clip came to light. the u.s. agriculture secretary apologized to sherrod and offered her another position. sherrod says she hasn't yet decided whether she'll take the job. san francisco international airport is one step closer on completing work on terminal two. six departments have been relocated. terminal two is the home of international flights until the new international terminal opens. when renovations are finished next spring, american and virgin will operate there. american airlines plans to add flights from san jose to los cabos next week. alaska officials say the flight to los cabos will leave at 10:30 in the morning on wednesdays, saturdays and
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sundays. after just two seasons, ellen degeners is saying goodbye to american idol. that leaves two vacancies because simon cowel is also leaving the show. the show returns in january. and you can watch it right here on ktvu channel 2. next up, sports, coming up. what this droid does will change how you do movies.
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mark ibanez joins us now with sports. yesterday the a's had 19 runs, today one run. >> that one hit did not belong to buster posey. so no runs and no buster posey pretty much tells you the tire. great day for field watches and not the giants offense watching as it is early on. the marlins get this, young kid giants got buster posey they have michael stanton, a stud with a shot off the wall. scores for the only one and only run they would need. baumgartner pitched well. sanchez awesome for the marlins on the mound. one hill complete game. buster one of his eight strike out victims, ending the 21 game
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hit streak. the giants lose this one 5-0. meantime, raider camp is going to open with everybody signed, sealed and delivered. no nonsense with regard to the number one draft pick for tom cable's raiders. as rolando mcclain signs a contract. mcclain hoping to bring a new mentality to the raiders look at things. >> we got it done at midnight. i don't think it's hit me yet. i got a thousand texts. i personally feel the exact same. i don't have the money right now, so. i don't know how i'm able to affect guys, but for some reason, i think i am. i think that's what coach really liked about me. >> from everybody who's watched him play so far. although it hasn't been game
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circumstances, they've liked what they've seen. even comparing him to a guy who plays linebacker for the 49ers, patrick willis. mark, thank you. >> you bet. coming up on bay area news at 7:00 on tv 36. it is a scandal unfolding in washington, d.c. coming up, with two national cemeteries in the bay area, we'll show you what's being done to make sure mistakes don't happen here. and that's our report for now. i'm julie haener. >> i'm ken wayne. for bill and mark, see you at 10:00. >> good night. the most powerful half-ton crew in america has a powertrain backed for 100,000 miles. chevy silverado half-ton a consumers digest best buy and the most dependable,
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