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tv   News 3 Live at Eleven  NBC  November 28, 2016 11:00pm-11:34pm PST

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>> we just learned that there are as least five survivors. >> noty. of people on the board are dead. the plane was carrying a group from a soccer game, when it crashed. harsh conditions are make it difficult to reach the crash site. >> here are the photos of the
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mentioning. we'll have more for you on news3 today tomorrow. more chilly weather headed our way? good evening, i'm jim snyder. >> i'm reed cowan, in for marie mortera. our kevin janison has somewhere more. a man is fighting for his life bus in north las vegas. the man was not in a crosswalk when the bus hit him. the bus driver stayed on scene and is cooperating with police. nults is also your traffic authority and tonight drivers beware again. the 215 is shutting down on the southern part of the beltway that shut it down two weeks ago.
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it is breezy out here. >> it is definitely breezy. two weeks ago, there was a lot of traffic during the shut down. but now, they are only shutting down the 215 eastbound. but they are asking drivers to stay away from this area. as head out to work here, 215 eastbound to henderson will shut down at 5:00 a.m. the additional flyover wasn't part of the skyline yet but after a full weekend of work crews are now ahead of schedule and only need one more night to
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girders was supposed to be a two-weekend closure event. >> michael is with public works. he started here at the same time that clark county got its grant to complete the beltway. he knows time is ticking. >> the faster it is to get in and out the better it is. >> for drivers who use the airport connector. and airport continues to hit record breaking numbers exceeding 4 million passengers per month, a more efficient pathway could come in handy. >> we all understand what the cones do to us and those impacts are svelte by everybody. >> reporter: now, at the same
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between rancho and the intaggity spaghettibowl, project neon, an5 eastbound will open up tomorrow morning beginning at 5:00 a.m. christy wilcox. back to you. >> no doubt about it, kevin janison your weather authority to let you know if the christmas lights to be in the neighbor's yard. >> freeze effect, storm night and wednesday mornings. there are chance he some areas could dip as low as 31 degrees. that's a big if. those winds we're talk about are starting to blow at a pretty decent rate. not nearly as strong in southern
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air by las vegas standards. numbers in the 40s. when the winds blow its makes it feel colder but the friction in the air makes it warmer. we probably won't get down into the 30s, but temperature is dropping like a rock. the full forecast in just a few minutes gentlemen. >> thank you kevin. a local father is out, on something that happened just steps from his front door. his eight-year-old daughter was sexually assaulted. the predator lured her away from where she was playing with her brother to a secluded area. >> he needs to turn himself in. that's best thing that can happen is to turn himself in because he has roourchtd, i mean he hasn't ruined, he has ruined
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she's not doing very, very well at all actually. i just -- you know we just need to find him. god forbid it happens again. >> give you another look at the police composite sketch here. it's a vague description at this point. anywhere from 20 to 50 years old, big range there, has a thin build and gray peppered 782-382-5555. >> right now. ohio state university attack. la toya sillman joins us. la toya. >> coming after local police
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most disturbing, an anti-u.s. rant posted on facebook minutes before the attack. his name is abdul raziq artan. the 18-year-old refugee is of somali descent. carried out a rampage a car then jumping out, stabbing and slashing several on lookers. >> you don't suspect that, that could have been my children. >> before 11 people were hirt, sources say the suspect was disturbed by attacks on muslims.
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if you want us muslims to stop make lone wolf attacks, stop be attack us. when 84 people were killed in nice france, being attacked by a large truck. attacking nonbelievers. >> i was completely saddened, i from him and my heart broke. >> reporter: so investigators are saying he acted alone. agents are also keeping alook out for any direct ties to i.s.i.s. >> all right la toya, thank you. wind gusts have promoted mandatory evacuations in a popular tourist spot, crews are battling 70 mile-an-hour wind
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gatlenburg. >> a happy news update to a story we brought you last week. many crooks stealing christmas ornaments in a family's backyard acknowledge news3's john treanor was there as the decorations >> reporter: there is nothing like a reunion on a holiday, loved ones, back again. an inflatable mickey and minnie ornament. maybe we should back up. that's better. it started like a christmas story ? you're a mean one mr. grinch ? >> a crystal clear image, even
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heartbroken. she bought them by sunday, by monday they were gone. who could have done this, ripped them from her lawn? it might sound like a dr. seuss story. >> i was in my car, i pulled out of my driveway and i noticed the mickey and minnie it will >> leech put it on facebook, it went viral, people did share share share just like she asked. more than 200,000 times. tips came in leading directly to two teenagers. >> i didn't think it would get this big but it's christmas and it's the principle. >> we don't know the name of the
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they may be, may not be. police haven't made up their l minds. everybody has called. everyone wants the part of the holiday miracle. >> mickey and minnie are home tonight. >> that was a fun story. searching for a home. >> how you can find the only giraffe in
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las vegas doesn't have an anofficial zoo. but we do have the lion country ranch. >> including one nonlion that's quickly outgrown its enclosure. if you are not a lion and living among lions, you want to have a good house.
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>> reporter: that's a good point jim. all the animals are considered rescue animals. they are now here at the sanctuary. the curator tells us, they need a steady stream of funds in order to keep all the animals healthy and alive. it's a sound that can only be heard in one place in las vegas, lion habitat ranch. home to 38 impressive big cats. and ozzie was a rescue animal and is the one giraffe in the state of nevada. he simply outgrew this enclosure. his neck stretching up to the overhead rafters.
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>> he was only eight feet tall, in less than two years time he grew to 13 feet and there are at least three or four feet to go. >> we had to buy the barn and fortunately the group constructed it for us. >> ozzie's barn is a lot larger but there's more to come. that with the upkeep of the other animals is creating a strain for the nonprofit. ke 350 pounds of food a day and ozzie growing every day is stretching their dollar, making it one tall task. tomorrow is giving tuesday, and that's the day that they ask nonprofits ask for people who have a giving spirit to consider them. if they're look to donate and of
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consideration. if you would like more information you can go to their website or to ours, i'm gerard ramalho reporting. jim and reed we'll send it back to you. >> all right, sounds like ozzie needs a retractible pen on his roof. those things grow quickly. >> a quick thinking detective saves a man from a burning car in new jersey. whole thing caught on camera last wednesday. emergency behind the wheel. cars burst into flames. adam brownlee was able to save the man. he is about to retire and the area is determined to present him with an award.
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is it that bad? >> it could be. i'm not 100% sure it's going to be that way, we're going to get close. this system that rolled on through west has done all sorts of winter time things. earlier in the day we showed you some video from up around lake tahoe. salt lake city had 32 inches of snow up in alta. some ski resorts around the lake. seven inches of snow, huge quite a snow storm. the cold air being felt all the way down in southern nevada it moderates quite a bit. but it is chilly for us. at the top of the newscast that freeze warning in effect for tomorrow night, early thursday morning. it does include the las vegas valley an quite a bit of clark county too. if the winds relax we could see temperatures around the colder
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of the season. tender vegetation will need protection. mount charleston, the snow that fell yesterday, lodge at 7700 feet, inch and a half, two inches. up at 9,000 feet they had four inches of snow. if you look to the mountains you could see the snow capped spring mountains. here we go end of november and that's a whole different look around the las vegas valley. lots of clouds, in started with sprinkles and light showers in town along the northwestern part of the valley and showers in the northeastern part of the county by mesquite. winds gust to 29, next shot, bermuda and warm springs, the wind now at 20 miles per hour. having gusted to 27. so the top gusts aren't that
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we've seen mainly winds in the northern half of the valley. bull in the last 15, 20 minutes they have sagged into southern neighborhoods as well. centennial hills, mountain's edge maybe a couple more. more of those tomorrow less of those overnight. not quite as much wind but up to 38 and pioche gusted to 44 miles per hour in lincoln normal november day. we've been a spoiled olot. that 57? right on the number, we forecast 57 today so another $100 in the 3? guarantee raised for nevada home for disadvantaged youth. the story again will be the wind, remember these are your sustained winds.
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the gift that keeps on delivering the colder air and there's more action upstream and this is another windbag we'll be dialing with by the end of the week. the mountains going down to the teens, mesquite at 36, high temperatures tomorrow, overton of 58, laughlin going down to 42? under a clear sky. definitely some late night breezes stronger winds and a few gusts at or beyond 30 miles per hour over the weekend. calm and 54 on wednesday, here comes the next system, start on thursday, friday the first half could be pretty windy and then relaxing by late friday afternoon. we're getting back to 60, it
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>> new at 11, hold on to your seats, whatever else you have,
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have been waiting for. >> we have an official opening day. officials confirmed with news3, that the chick-fil-a will open thursday january 26th. >> starting tomorrow that location will be hiring about 150 workers. you can apply in person right at the restaurant site. they've got some trailers set up. chick-fil-a will also open restaurants in warm sahara sometime next year. >> coming custom russell west brooke, what the thunder did tonight.
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>> e- >> yng it will be automatic, that's -- i n' that's what houston texans owner said, it's not believed mcnair is against the move especially sings it means that the raiders wouldn't move to san antonio and encroach in his areas. he cited oakland's economic improvement and if the raiders
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pay, l in the stadium build here with $750 million of public funding. public favorite in sports betting, monday night football the packers were the four point underdogs in philadelphia. going into the graham green bayy had dropped seven straits. carson prospect here, so he dives one in, belly flop of sorts, tied at 7. first quarter. second quarter, aaron rogers he puts that ball in such a tight window that davonte adams, packers win, 27-14.
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his third straight triple double. he is now averaging a triple double. just add the marinara. oklahoma city beats the knicks 112-103. finally tonight in college basketball, the lady rebels play their first road game this week. first championship in theirs own thanksgiving tournament since 2005. with the win improved 5 and 0. but their undefeated record, the rebels head to hawaii where they will open the maui classic. and they face oregon state at the t-mobile arena. >> we are very excited to play a higher level, higher competition shows us where we are and where we need to be. >> everything is possible at
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part of having a positive atmosphere.
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>> hey, it's your last day to buy tickets for a night out with news3. >> gerard ramalho is evening at the exolt. [ cheers and applause ] ?? >> steve: from studio 6b in rockefeller center in the heart of new york city, it's "the tonight show starring jimmy fallon." tonight, join jimmy and his guests -- john goodman --


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