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tv   News 3 Live at Six- Thirty  NBC  December 18, 2015 6:30pm-7:00pm PST

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>> this is before traveling to california to meet with the families and the san bernardino attack. highlights from d.c.. >> the president addressed reporters for what will likely be the last time in 2000 gain. the main focus of the press conference was an issue that is on the minds of many americans. keeping the country safe from terrorists. >> our communities are working 24/7 to protect our homeland and us. >> recent poll showed that 60% of american to prove of how the president is handling terrorism. >> we are continuing to work at
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there is no split between the nations -- information sharing among agents is. >> he said the country on the whole was on the right track. and less than seven weeks to go until the iowa caucus is, he was asked to weigh in on the 2016 election. >> i think i will have a democratic successor. >> following the conference he had to air force one to san bernardino. >> that meeting is expected to be brief then he and the first family airheads in hawaii for their annual holiday vacation. >> the owners of the local taco shop are finding humor in a bad situation.
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the restaurant after hours. this happened earlier this week. the owners capture the cards on the security cameras and then made this video to caption to post on social media. hoping someone will recognize them. >> we have surveillance photos of a man wanted for assaulting a man last week. the victim was confronted by this man in the alternate. metro believes he is in a two-door infinity. this happened on december 12 about :00 in the morning. to tiger cubs have died. it was an infection that ultimately caused the kidneys to fail area they died within days
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his video of when they made their debut of the secret garden at the garage -- garage. they are doing ok and show no signs of infection. they are grateful for the team of veterinary specialists. >> the presidential candidate is taking legal action against the democratic already. >> all of this after security firewall between the campaigns with lower earlier this week. nbc news reports at least were sanders staffers serves the database. in his campaign says one person has been hired. they shut down the campaigns access to its own database which sanders campaign calls a move. >> they always have concern
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schedule and its ability on the campaign to get the message out. clearly in this case it looks like they are trying to help put campaign. >> the staffer fired told msnbc he takes responsibility for accessing voter data that he doesn't believe it was wrong he just says he was trying to document that the security breach exists. meanwhile presidential candidates will face off for ththr second debate tomorrow. >> police officer charge with murder. court today. it's his first court appearance since he was indicted on first-degree murder and official misconduct charges. >> we tend to seek a change of venue quite frankly it can be difficult. there are factors in my client's
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>> prosecutors don't see it that way. they say he acted without lawful just occasion when the shop 17-year-old last year. hundreds of protesters marched in the streets of chicago again this evening. list all traffic blocked the entrance to macy's departments or, the city has dash cam video the shooting for we the federal investigation is underway. >> which should've been a typical topics top ended quite differently and lord. is it happens after deputy stopped a man on a scooter. >> as if that wasn't bad enough, the pair exchanged gunfire.
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authorities say the officer was shot in the leg but the need to go. that man also shot in the leg. the sheriff's office of the men was recently released from prison after 21 years for attempted murder. >> front man for the stone temple violence died of an accidental drug and alcohol overdose. the report says in a mixture of cocaine, a drug similar to ecstasy and alcohol. the examiner says heart disease and other health conditions linked to his long history of drug use contributed to his death. the 48-year-old was found that on the tour bus in minnesota. >> the fda is not looking at banning nationwide what experts call his skin cancer epidemic
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instead of cooking times stronger mourad from normal thought my. the plan would also require adults to sign forms acknowledging the side effects before using tanning bed. >> see people in their 20's with melanoma. the big factors almost all of the new the rest. >> the risk of developing melanoma rises by 59% after a visit to a tanning salon. the rate has risen to present some 70's. 42 states have some kind of age restriction.
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>> of the storms in oregon attorney deadly. a woman was found dead in my was over by a wall of mud. a man and dog inside the house escaped without injury. >> we like this one. a pet hate missing in atlanta and his owner finds in the bottom of sewer. >> he doesn't seem to be heard. he was is hungry and thirsty. he's my baby. >> that's why she's down there with him. she says she tried to get all controls and operon and the amount so she climbed down to stay with the page which is actually made bacon.
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the day they hoisted bacon out of the manhole. >> you all a little bacon. >> story coming up tonight at 7:00 level of you saying kids to the darndest things. someone thought would be a good idea to have accidents of lies. how mom and dad reacted. the forces with those who invested in the newest star wars film. record money record audiences in a costume in theaters. >> a quick plug before 11:00
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>> another mother of two actually caesar's office mounted dozens of local children. coworkers so she gets back on your long not only creating holiday events and 12 drives of making sure the kids have everything they need. she is the focus of this week and zero seconds are morning anchor area >> enersys, and shoes she got a clear. she truly loves the kids. >> great story you will see this weekend on news i today. you know someone in our community who does go above and
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>> you can find us online and is >> it's been a week ago with no chance of ways >> i'm not sure there's no chance for white christmas. chances are small, but there is a chance. >> the sun came out blue sky not the greatest air quality was not as bad as it has been where four days the breeze does pick up somewhat.
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44 and centennial hills. warming on the near east side of the valley. for your saturday should be in the 40's. we will peak around 60. we're looking out with this for system. the system will pick up little more moisture. nothing significant precipitation was.
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i do think we will probably top out at six in the low 60's. 22 in searchlight. boulder city maxes out at 51. we were 35 this morning for it in the right direction. mostly sunny day with clouds in the afternoon. most chance for rain tomorrow night. pretty thin system that will slip on reviewer. the high 55. there is much colder air behind this.
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precipitation there could be a few flakes falling. >> let's check in with randy now. the las vegas convention center over 800 people on hand for the kickoff luncheon. mark schlereth was the keynote vigor.
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tomorrow the rivals will meet for 96 time. wonder how big it is players and coaches like it. >> a little more intensity. that is what's going on. >> this is a game that we talked about the whole year. the utah game. >> you have to experience it. think there's an accurate work
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>> it's one of five college bowl games tomorrow but the big one here in town 1230 kickoff utah new mexico play arizona. the camellia ball of the appellations favored over ohio. san jose state is the one point favorite over george's. by the time of the coaches ways of london like they were going to be a lot of wins going on. there are two sons that were there will take on the 13th right wildcat. they upset arizona last year when the right third in the nation. one week later conor mcgregor
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to move up to the lightweight title. that is roughly all the sonia's. you will be taking on somebody in orlando for the unlikely title. i'm sure he would say could be both. >> the star wars movie phrases taking over the whole country.
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capital. >> it is so hard to escape all of the hype of the star wars film. >> a little short to be storm troopers. disney says it is new phone will possibly overtake the 200 80 you dollar record of one jurassic
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>> the president of visiting with the victims of families from san bernardino. the message he's giving the country about the fight against isis. >> star wars fever has taken hold of lavegas. does it live up to the hype? locals weigh on. >> nothing like it giving her parents a heart attack for the holidays, right? what mom and dad said, at least that which we can air. news 3 live at 7:00 starts right now. >> live from las vegas, this is news 3. >> air force one about the touchdown in san bernardino, the site of the terror attack earlier this month. thanks for joining us.
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