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tv   KRON 4 News at 10  KRON  August 11, 2022 10:00pm-11:01pm PDT

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>> when fun time from the bay area's local news station. you're watching kron. 4 news. >> right now at 10, a san francisco assistant da is calling it quits because of what she says is distressed in the direction that the district attorney's office is heading in. thank you for joining us. i'm pam moore and i'm ken wayne. the assistant da tells kron 4 that brooke jenkins, the new district attorney, is driven by political gain. >> and that's why the assistant da says she resigned. kron four's dan thorn has the story. >> the san francisco district attorney's office is seeing its latest stafford leave under brooke jenkins short time as the boss, an assistant district attorney says she's quitting because jenkins is not the leader. the city needs, frankly. i think that they are. >> with a lot of it. for student attorneys to take this for all the change and has created in the community
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>> concerns me lacks a greener who was hired by former progressive dha dean is also an advocate for criminal justice reform. she had been working in the white collar unit on ghost gun cases and was the offices. only environmental prosecutor graner says after 15 of her fellow staffers were fired just days after jenkins took over, she was then demoted. graner believes politics have taken over the office. i concerned about the priorities of wrecking >> i believe that put her political agenda. the needs of our she says, of full disclosure of. >> triple graner is also taking issue with reports saying jenkins was paid more than $100,000 to help recall chase of dean and did not disclose that payment until after she was appointed. graner says for now she'll be taking a break before working to get a different da in
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office. >> i will be actively campaigning so that our next district attorney is one that we can really trust. >> reporting in san francisco, dan thorn kron. 4 news this november special election for san francisco da is currently set to be a 3 way contest. criminal defense attorney and former san francisco police commissioner john homicide. key announced today he is planning on running as a reform minded candidate to oppose jenkins, former san francisco fire commissioner joe also solidified his intention to run today. 2 other candidates, murray shane yair and austin hills have said they intend to run, but they have yet to officially begin their campaigns. police have arrested a man in connection with a shooting that left a woman injured in san francisco's civic center area last month. >> mario sullivan is accused of shooting a 57 year-old woman on the callous just straight on july. the 6 it is not clear if the 2 of them know one another. the woman's
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injuries were not life-threatening. in the shooting. police did learn that sullivan was already booked into san francisco county jail on unrelated offenses. he was booked again on suspicion of assault with a deadly weapon. closing arguments were heard today in the case of scott peterson. his lawyers arguing that there peterson and their unborn child. if a judge finds that to be true, peterson will be granted a new murder trial kron four's rob nesbitt reports on what unfolded in court today. today was scott peterson's last chance of convincing a judge to grant him a new murder trial. the focus being put on juror 7 and if she lied during jury selection. >> the convicted murderer said in orange while his lawyers argue that juror number 7, richelle, nice lively, answering 116 juror questionnaire. the defense saying nice wrongfully answered no to the questions of whether she had been involved in a lawsuit or she had been a victim of a crime.
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that, in fact, when she was pregnant. >> she had been assaulted and she was in fear for her baby's life leading into the nickname little man that they say nice gave to lacey peterson's unborn child. connor, as well as the added to the juror had when deliberating with other jurors before she even sat down at the table when she was admitted to that jury room. according to juror at she said, let's get mister peterson for what he did to little man, judge and christine mizzou low made the point that the defense would have access to the juror questionnaire and could have followed up with nice about her answers 20 years ago. david, here is with the prosecution argued that nice do what insurer is supposed to do during a high-profile murder case. fears actual proof that she went back there. she did what she was instructed by the judge to do. >> and she reached a verdict here is is that nice may have had wrong answers on the questionnaire that are being wronged. does not make her a liar, arguing that instead mean she was filling out the 23 page questionnaire that she, quote did the best she could get jury summons in the mail. and she testified she
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put it up on the refrigerator. how did she know that that particular piece of paper was going to change her life in which it has in this particular case? peterson's sister-in-law, janey peterson spoke after the hearing saying the family is confident that a new trial will be granted convicted of murdering his wife and unborn son. >> and richelle, nice was a victim. >> domestic violence boss was pregnant and also a victim where she filed for a restraining order while pregnant. and that's information that should have been disposed of her juror questionnaire. >> this hearing that has lasted for 3 years ended today with closing arguments. the judge now has until december to make her decision on. if there was juror misconduct reporting in redwood city. i'm rob nesbitt kron. 4 news. >> 2 people are behind bars tonight after a deadly shooting in the parking lot of an east bay. jim. it happened early this morning at the 24 hour. fitness on lone tree way in brentwood. one person was killed. 3 others were injured. one of them a 17 year-old boy. police say an argument started on the basketball court in the
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gym and continued into the parking lot that at least 2 people pulled out guns and fired a number of shots. we talked to some gym members who play basketball there and they tell us they're shocked to hear that somebody was killed. >> anytime somebody loses their life is pretty >> i feel com and so i don't fight about basketball. and i love the game too much. you quiet the whole time even from quiet because i do. i know people like to get rowdy. >> cool. >> police are not releasing surveillance video of the incident at this time. there's no word on a motive or what triggered the altercation in the first place. this is a city of brent woods, second homicide of the year. >> police in looking for the person who set a fire inside a target store. it happened monday at the store on 40th street customers and employees
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had to evacuate. the firefighters arrived. the employees had already managed to put the fire out. somebody spotted on surveillance video has been described as a person of interest. but police are not yet releasing further details. anyone with information, though, is asked to contact emeryville police, the luxury apartments at 33 to him. a street in san francisco have flooded for a second time in just 2 months. no one has been able to live in that building since the first water main failure back in june. and now residents worry about yet another roadblock to them returning to their homes while forced head of the sec has the story. >> my life has been completely disrupted because of kaylee jordan is in disbelief that her san francisco apartment at 33 to has flooded yet again. residents at the building took this new video wednesday night as they relived the nightmare from june. 3rd. >> when the water main failure sent 20,000 gallons of water surging down. 35 floors of the high-rise apartments. building
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management company, heinz says. >> this most recent incident happened at the same location of the original flooding that left the building uninhabitable last night at around 06:00pm. we got a notification that the >> building is no longer accessible for mail packages and they're letting people into just pretty much pack up and move jordan plan to move the rest of her belongings out of the damage departments on thursday. >> but he's been told no one is allowed back into the building due to this most recent flooding. she and 500 other residents have been living in hotels or short-term rentals for 2 months. i've been living at a to see cases is june 3rd. and they have able to go back into the building and get stuff. but it's not. i have a significant place to stay right now. last month, residents, they would no longer provide housing reimbursements after august, 17th despite tenants not being able to react buy the building until late 2022. early 2023, it's now unclear if this second disaster will push back that timeline. rankles just
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nice resume. my life is like house doesn't have as much communication as possible and just give me some because i don't know what's going on, but a lot it. everyone's like pretty much going. same kind says it's in the process of assessing the damage and it's unsure when residents can return to grab their belongings in san francisco, taylor bisacky kron. 4 news new at 10 tonight. firefighters in the south bay hard at work to rescue a person who fell almost 20 feet. >> into a manhole. these are pictures from the scene today. it happened in morgan hill near ridgeview and jackson oaks crews were able to rescue the person, take them to the hospital. no word on that person's condition just as school is about to begin. stafford is investigating a rape on campus will force justin campbell has more on what happened and who authorities may be looking for. >> this rape happened in broad daylight wednesday afternoon in students that we spoke to say they are now taking precautions. so since they heard about that and walking around pepper spray, incoming freshman student trying to protect herself after stanford sent out an alert tuesday
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afternoon that a woman near wilbur hole >> was grabbed, taken to a restroom and rate. i feel kind of concerned. megan, jerry, another incoming freshman, studying engineering, pull this why she is concerned daschle as a female coming on campus. and i think rovers one of the freshman dorms, the other student now carrying pepper spray who didn't want to be identified. can't believe it happened at stanford. it being like a suburb. it's like known to be like a safe and secure environment. but like after hearing that, that just like not the case, stanford says the perpetrator was 6 feet tall, thin build brown eyes and updated beard. the victim also stated she has seen the person on campus before both students. we spoke to say their residential assistant or let them know there are resources available for assault. had like this conversation with us, which i thought was really nice. we're still working to learn if the
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victim was a student. we reached out to the police department here at stanford multiple times, but we have not heard back as soon as we get that information. >> we'll give it to you reporting here at stanford. justin campbell kron. 4 news. >> vice president kamala harris made a trip to san francisco today in a round table with other california leaders. she slammed the supreme court's decision to overturn roe versus wade as well as other states that have banned abortion altogether. >> as a former prosecutor. for quite some time. i specialized in child assault cases in violence against women and children. the idea that states would be passing laws. that would take from an individual their right to self-determination after they have endured such an atrocious act of violence is unconscionable. >> tomorrow the vice president is expected in oakland for 2 events. one on the commercial space sector and the other addressing support for
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students. we will be covering both events and bring you those stories right here tomorrow on kron. 4 news at 3 in the afternoon. >> the centers for disease control relaxed some of its covid guidelines today dropping some which we have become accustomed to following for more than 2 years now. kron four's. also the joins us now live from our newsroom. was details l a kind of time the cdc is dropping stricter recommendations because about 95% of americans, 16 years and older have some sort of level of immunity either for being vaccinated or infected with covid-19. so moving forward, their guidance as that people no longer need to stay at least 6 feet apart and don't have to quarantine if they come into close contact with an infected person. the cdc also ended its recommendations that students exposed to covid-19 should test regularly. ucsf infectious disease expert doctor peter chin. hong explains. these updates are based on what we have come to learn about the disease. and the cdc is just meeting people where they're at already.
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>> the downside is if give up everything and the cdc is not saying that they're seeing, you know, let's focus ventilation is that's focus on the right type of masks. let's focus on being up to date on vaccines. let's do testing when it's really most important wishes. and the setting of an exposure or when people have symptoms but not randomly test except in certain situations. >> the doctor adds what people should instead focus on as mention is better ventilation, which helps prevent all sorts of illness. live in the newsroom. ella sogomonian kron. 4 news yellow. thank you for that. meanwhile, more than 10,000 americans have now tested positive for monkeypox. the cdc reports every state except a wyoming has reported cases of that virus. the largest numbers are in new york, florida, and in california, there have been no deaths reported in the united states so far, california's health department just released the number. the
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latest number of monkeypox cases. there are more than 1900 cases in the state. los angeles county has the most cases at 776. san francisco follows with 539 and alameda county has 112 cases of monkeypox. as we've been reporting, there's talk of splitting monkeypox vaccine doses to try to conserve the limited supply. >> but the ceo of the company that makes the only fda approved monkeypox vaccine says he's concerned about that approach. the new method splits up the doses and uses one-fifth as much vaccine per shot. in a letter, the ceo told by an administration that the company has some reservations due to the very limited safety data available as well as the fact that more people experienced adverse reactions after vaccination. >> meanwhile, one bay area company says its blood testing technology can help limit the spread of monkeypox. about 4 gayle ong explains. >> with a single blood drop
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test results for monkeypox can take 24 look for to ceo of kerry is a blood diagnostic company located in redwood city says the process is faster than the traditional way to test for monkeypox. you actually have to wait till someone has skin lesions. >> you bring them into a clinic, you have to get fluid from the lesion and then you have to test that fluid on a machine for dad's blood testing is more safe for health care workers, draining of a blister fluid from an active infection can pose a significant health risk. and so we have an opportunity just by taking a sample of blood remain a present, that same kind of risk. as of thursday. the cdc reports more than 10,000 americans have tested positive for monkeypox. san francisco has more than 500 confirmed cases. and when county has reported 112 cases, the disease mostly spread skin to skin contact. health experts say demand for the monkeypox vaccine is far exceeding supply. that's why ford says blood testing can
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help limit the spread as we're testing people when they're pretty late in the disease. so if we want to stop this before, it is transmitted to others. if we want to reduce the risk for health care workers. >> we're going to need to act much more rapidly think areas but test contest over 1600 kinds of infections. >> thio test is available at bay area hospitals, including kaiser permanente. the hope is to expand to the public sector. gayle ong kron. 4 news. >> we are following developing news out of southern california where representative for actress and hey, says that she is not expected to survive. she suffered a catastrophic brain injury after crashing into a home in the la area this week. representative says plans for organ donation are already underway. la police placed or playstation under investigation for felony dui. tmz reports the 53 year-old was under the influence of cocaine and possibly fentanyl at the time of the crash. now the latest on the wildfires
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burning near the california oregon border. 3 fires continue to burn their tonight. the largest one dubbed the mckinney fire has been inching closer toward full containment. it's now 80% contained but it's burned more than 60,000 acres. the fire deadly one killed 4 people, including a longtime u.s. forest service employee. meantime, 2 fires to the west of the mckinney fire are still burning tonight. those are called the yeti and the alex fires tonight. both. >> alright, 79% containment burning nearly 8,000 acres so far. and while these fires burn, we are paying attention to hotter temperatures. yeah, that's that's a big concern. the good thing, though, the monsoon kind of push to the east today so they didn't worry about the lightning strikes. so that's really helped out the firefighters up there in the high country. also getting that southerly wind, that moisture in the atmosphere to they have that moist flow just like we did around the bay area and that suppresses the fires to keep some from burning as fast. but now we've seen some of the winds today just kind of a mixed bags are starting to decrease right now down to 4
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to 10 miles per hour. so good news for firefighters there that looked like the monsoons going fact that area for tomorrow either. but the suddenly conditions continue to see that southerly flow. you see that low pressure center off the coastline. now in all the winds coming up on the south bank, is that muggy feel? >> gives a little more moisture in the atmosphere and that slows down the burning of those fires. but kind of an active day further to the east, not in california, to the monsoon pushed in toward a nevada and further east of the showers and thunderstorms popping up in and around that area. in fact, boy, they've had some rain coming flood watches up continuing there. and how about they issue that big yellow spot? yeah. they've got a flood advisory there. they've seen as much as an inch of rain come down in las vegas. so they're looking for some flooding. they're right now in and around that area. out west, we go. we had some nice weather around the bay area. just some patchy fog to start you out in the morning hours. but things begin to change a little bit overnight tonight. i think we'll see that patchy fog kind of thicking up a bit and make its
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way inside the bay out there. right now, though, a beautiful evening outside. you've got mostly clear skies. you get the perseids meteor showers. you get the supermoon. nice night to get out there. temperatures fairly comfortable all around the bay area to. but we're talking about a significant heat wave may be the hottest temperatures we've seen since june rolling into the bay area will tell you when coming up next, the search is intensifying for the 16 year-old girl who disappeared from a campground near truckee almost a week ago. >> during a news conference today, officials shared this picture of 16 year-old kylie rodni's. she's seen wearing several pieces of jewelry, including 3 gold colored necklaces that family says she was wearing the night she disappeared. investigators are checking out tips along with cell phone video for any clues that could help retrace her last steps. but there is a lot of ground to cover. >> i think everybody realizes that the longer that goes on, the harder it is to keep people engaged and keep those things going because we don't have the right area to search to. we don't have a location to go to.
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>> placer county sheriff's department says it's treating the disappearance as a possible abduction center vehicle. the 2013 silver honda cr-v is also missing. rob, these phones last registered at 12:33am. saturday morning. a $50,000 reward is being offered for information to her whereabouts. still ahead, an attack at an fbi office. details on the armed man who led officers on a chase that ended in gunfire. >> and the possible link to right wing extremist groups. governor newsom says it's time for urgent action to deal with california's drought and water shortages. his proposals to build up the state's water supply and a much-needed break from sky-high gas prices. how much prices are falling and his runaway inflation final it's time for the biggest sale of the year, on the sleep number 360 smart bed. why choose proven quality sleep from sleep number? because proven quality sleep is vital to our health and wellness, only the sleep number 360 smart bed keeps you cool, then senses and effortlessly adjusts for your best sleep. and tells you exactly how well you slept. your sleepiq score.
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money, you might be feeling some relief now at the gas pump. the national average price for a gallon of gasoline has dropped below $4 per gallon. >> here is a look at the average prices for a gallon of regular today in our area versus a month ago. drivers are paying about 60 to $0.70 less in some places. democrats are crediting the drop to their plan for reducing inflation. but republicans say that's not the case. and working wiernicki has more from washington. >> good evening. after gas prices reached record highs earlier this summer, drivers are now seeing some relief at the pump. but lawmakers are
10:24 pm
split on what exactly this means for inflation. >> it's good news for drivers. on thursday, aaa reported the price for a gallon of regular gas stood at $3. and $0.99 the first time it's dropped below $4 since early march for a lot of drivers. that's real money. >> its money in their pocket money spend on other things. white house economic advisor heather boucher says falling gas prices are proof that the president's plan to address inflation is working. the president's been doing this, not all the different things that he called the livers. he could pull to help address rising costs for families. boucher says all eyes are on congress to provide more relief. >> on friday, the house will return to washington to vote on democrats, inflation reduction act. we've been called back for a very important reason. massachusetts democrat jim mcgovern says the 740 billion dollar package fights climate change and lowers health care
10:25 pm
costs. it will extend affordable health coverage to 30 million people. >> cap seniors yearly out-of-pocket drug costs. a $2000 per year and cap insulin at $35 per month for medicare beneficiaries. but republicans say the bill will actually drive up costs. all it is is tax and spending just throwing more money. >> and a problem with this administration has shown that a sale. >> the house is scheduled to convene tomorrow morning at 09:00am for now in washington. i'm anna wiernicki. back to you. >> still ahead on kron 4 news, why the u.s. attorney general is calling for the fbi search warrant at mar-a-lago to be made public. and we've got some clouds moving in along the coastline right now. but some big things happening up above will explain. coming up next.
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>> an investigation is underway tonight after a man armed with an ar 15 tries to breach the fbi office in cincinnati. that was earlier today. the suspect fled the scene and after an hours long standoff with police was later killed in a shootout with authorities. officials identified that suspect as 42 year-old ricky schiffer. investigators are now looking into whether or not she for had ties to far-right extremist groups, including the proud boys and whether he was also involved in the january 6 attack on the u.s. capitol. the attempted breach
10:29 pm
comes just as the fbi director is say that agents and the justice department officials are being threatened over the search of donald trump's home in florida. attorney general merrick garland is now asking for the search warrant used on former president trump's florida estate. >> to be made public. raquel martin has the latest from washington >> good afternoon. attorney general merrick garland says the department of justice is seeking to unseal the warrant used to search former president donald trump's home monday in light of the former president's public confirmation of the search, the surrounding circumstances and the substantial public interest, garland maybe sudden announcement thursday afternoon, he says the court approves search was conducted with probable cause and came after garland personally signed off on the request upholding the rule of law means applying the law evenly without fear or favor under my watch. that is precisely what the justice department is doing. garland also defended
10:30 pm
fbi agents now facing increased threats following the search thursday, a man with an ar 15 gun attended to enter in ohio fbi facility. the men and women of the fbi and the justice department. our dedicated patriotic public servants since the search, many republicans have accused the fbi's actions of being politically motivated. south carolina republican senator lindsey graham says that's because the doj is not being transparent and called on the fbi to, quote,alay their cards on the table. the department does not take such a decision lightly garland and says the department is following standard procedure to protect their investigation. according to court filings, president trump's team now has until 03:00pm friday to indicate whether or not the of debt to making the warrant public in washington. raquel martin. >> the irs might be doubling in size. so the senate pass inflation reduction act calls for hiring more than 80,000 irs agents over the next
10:31 pm
decade. democrats say the move is in an effort to make sure that corporations and wealthier americans pay what they owe in taxes. and they also say the additional agents will not target the middle class. but the republicans disagree. >> these new taxes will fall on every taxpayer and the irs will focus on every taxpayer. >> democrats say the plan is about ensuring that the wealthy pay their fair share. tomorrow. the house is expected to pass the inflation reduction act with a straight party line vote. >> governor newsom unveiled a new plan today responding to the intensifying drought and water shortages here in california. he says his plan will create more much-needed water storage for the sate. our capitol bureau reporter eytan wallace was with the governor in contra costa county. and the governor says it's time to use modern day technology to fight this drought. for instance, you see all this water over here. well, this is all salt water
10:32 pm
part of the san joaquin river here in the delta. but the governor says with his plan will one day this. >> could supply fresh water to much of this region. >> we can't do the same thing anymore. that was governor gavin newsom's message today as he addressed the state's response to the ongoing drought. a record dry spell. he worries may only get worse 12 and year drought. exists and persist over the western united states. i mean, let's wake up. he says if no action is taken, california could lose about 10% of its water supply in the next 20 years. mother nature, it's still bountiful. but she's not operating like she did. that's why today he unveiled this 19 page plan pledging 8 billion dollars to increase storage and modernize the state's water infrastructure infrastructure like this, antioch construction site newsom toward. it. one day will open as 110 million dollars to settle his ation plan taking salt water from the san joaquin river and converting it into fresh water. one of several projects newsom says will allow the state to refocus its water
10:33 pm
strategy were so deeply anxious because we've been consistently in the scarcity mindset that it's about reduction and people feel like they've done enough. we've got to move away from that mindset. because there's a lot more. but it's out there for more creative in terms of how we approach things. for now. he says he'll leave any mandatory water restrictions to local governments. that is he appointed onetime rival, former los angeles mayor antonio villaraigosa, as the state's new infrastructures are in charge of bringing in more funds for future projects. newsom's current gubernatorial opponent, republican senator brian dolly of lassen county. >> says he's skeptical the state will see results. there's millions and millions and billions of dollars that have been put into these projects that have been implemented. he's talking about implementing these projects. that's have question with gavin newsom's philosophy is get something done. stop talking about and actually get something done. >> and as for that new the selling is ation plant here in antioch. well, that is expected to be up and running sometime in 2023. reporting here in antioch, a tom wallace kron. 4 news.
10:34 pm
>> well, it certainly is about time. they start doing something because, you know, we've been talking about the lakes, the reservoir, which are record low above my water storage since the 70's madgen. >> all the people moving into kamil younes of people moving to california. >> since that time. so this going to some of the purse i'm somewhat concerned. this is a much bigger issue than we even know yet. this could be a longer term issue. if you go back 1200 years or so you go to medieval warm period, read similar temperatures. we had a period of droughts lasting over 10200 years. and that affect not only california, but the entire western half of the u.s.. and that's kind of what we're seeing right now. so we're in a mega drought right now. we hope it doesn't get worse. but here's where we sit right now. it has improved a little bit since of this time last year. still looking at severe drought conditions across the entire bay area. the one exception extreme drought conditions in eastern slama county. all right. out there tonight, we've got mostly clear skies, a little bit of a breeze blowing around right now. but otherwise
10:35 pm
looking pretty some patchy fog gather along the coastline. otherwise. yeah, we're looking good out there. as we've got some mild temperatures continuing around the bay area. fact got a very low pressure spinning around the north. this low has been hanging around the california coastline all week long. first, it was almost just off our coast now starting migrate a little bit further to the north is eventually going to merge with another storm system that's up in the gulf of alaska and the monsoon kind of catching a break. most that moving to the east. so not a bad spot to be in, but things we'll start to change gears. we're going watch high pressure building in here in the coming days. the sea breeze has been blowing a little more active today. we have some gusts of almost 40 miles an hour into downtown san francisco. but that low pressure center going to continue to lift a bit. high pressure is going to start to build out the desert southwest and that rich has been a semi permanent feature throughout the summer months and so far it has brought some record breaking temperatures, maybe not record breaking here, but it's going to crank up the heat outside. we're going to be warming up day after day. and as we get into next week, i think we're just going to
10:36 pm
get the downright hot in many spots inland. overall, though, right now, the air quality looking good. you've got some nice. fresh ocean are still blowing on shore. that will continue to be the case for tomorrow to expect in the air quality. look very nice all around the bay area. and then as we get in toward the weekend, things begin to change a little bit of that ridge of high pressure builds overhead. but tomorrow should be a nice day. enjoy it. 70 degrees downtown san francisco about 65 in half moon bay sunday after some fog in the morning. 69, beautiful day in burlingame. 77 tale. 76 degrees in redwood city. the south bay enjoying lots of 70's 80's tomorrow afternoon into the east bay, though, tomorrow afternoon, you've got some 90's begin to pop up. and that trend will continue the weekend. slowly warming up a first. but starting to get the hot side even tomorrow. then as we get to saturday and sunday more so. but next week really cranking up the numbers. so here we are tomorrow afternoon, looking at 60's along the coastline, stinson beach or 10, a 10. how about that? we're going to crank up the heat. got the probably the hottest temperatures since june rolling into town triple digit heat as we head in toward
10:37 pm
tuesday wednesday and possibly thursday. up next week. lawrence, thank you. well, of course, because of covid, we had a bit of a hiatus from flying tails, but now can is back in action and >> he has a rescue flight to tell us about involving one dog and 2 cats and 2 airplanes and 2 states. i was one of the pilots who helped get these pets to their new homes in oregon. this is time-lapse video from pilot paul armstrong as he flew 2 cats from ventura county to petaluma and the person is going to adopt him. >> i really likes that. they're both white and they both have green eyes. i it's like a prayer for cats are. so i really do much >> these 2 unnamed kitties are joining this big boy named olaf who's been recuperating from a host of ailments after his owner turned them over to lily senior dog sanctuary in petaluma. >> not anything major, but he had been years. he had infected yet infected years. he got a lot of skin infections. you need to be
10:38 pm
neutered. >> with the cats in their crate and all off in the back seat were off. >> on a heading of 3, 4, 0, to cottage grove, oregon, just south of eugene. >> a lot got up to check out the view looking at the trinity outs in siskiyou county and mount shasta >> the cats were quiet. up ahead, there were scattered rain showers. if the visibility got much worse, i wouldn't be able to land at the destination and might have to divert to an airport in better weather. >> after about 3 hours, cottage grove airport came into view, landing involved skimming over the willamette river to the runway. >> on the ground, the cats looked unaffected. their new caretaker was camera shy but said they would be well cared for and more lot couldn't wait to see his new family. >> over the last few loss injuries have healed. he also found in his new home where the snacks were hit and there
10:39 pm
is 3 full bags of treats. he got every last stinkin crumb out of those bags tore at my treat bag and go sit in the carnage and take a picture of many look. >> he looked like he was not ashamed at all and he was not everything that we were promised isis to happy. happy boy. >> with the animals safely on the ground, it's time to point the airplane south and head back to the bay area. mission accomplished. >> so lot of came from lily senior dog sanctuary and he was an older dog. still is an older and a lot of people seem to want to adopt older dogs. so they really reach out to people who who who will. yeah. and so office doing great in oregon. he's going out camping and swimming and stuff. and the 2 cats were in a bad situation to where they weren't getting proper care. and now they're with a woman whose little camera shy didn't want to talk about it, but she's very happy to have these 2 really exotic looking can
10:40 pm
work due to full. yeah, you know, i love these because it makes us all realize the value of the shelter, dogs or cats are animals and >> how much they still have love left in them. and you know, that's what it's great for the animal. but it's great for the people to. good companion. now you've got some other real special coming how can that was and was cared for here in the bay area? and i flew this falcon down to southern california back to its home where it was released into the wild. that story's coming up. never flown a falcon. then you have an international a little girl and her family fled ukraine because of the war in odessa. she had to leave or cat behind. well, guess what? a bunch of people got together sing and got that cat out of odessa, ukraine and its back in the bay area and waited to see how many it's amazing. all right. those are coming down the pike. so stay tuned for that. >> also, though, just ahead tonight, a little too close
10:41 pm
for comfort. the sharks sighted just a few feet away from swimmers. this happened in florida by experts say scenes like this might just become more common. and coming up in sports, jimmy garoppolo rumors are heating up as the cleveland browns are considering a possible trade for the quarterback. >> sports director jason dumas has the details. for years, california's non-gaming tribes have been left in the dust. wealthy tribes with big casinos make billions, while small tribes struggle in poverty. prop 27 is a game changer. 27 taxes and regulates online sports betting to fund permanent solution to homelessness. while helping every tribe in california. so who's attacking prop 27? wealthy casino tribes who want all the money for themselves support small tribes, address homelessness.
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vote yes on 27.
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after my car accident, i wondered what my case was worth. so i called the barnes firm. i'm rich barnes. is your accident case worth more than insurance offered? call the barnes firm now to find out. you might be surprised. >> the california high-speed rail project is getting
10:44 pm
25 billion dollars in additional money. the grant funded by the u.s. department of transportation will provide more than half of the expected. 41 million dollar cost for the madera to merced said design contract. that contract will be considered by the california high-speed rail authority next week. there are currently 119 miles under construction in the central valley with more than 30 active construction sites. 17 local government and transit agencies in california are set to get tens of millions of dollars to help upgrade public transit systems. >> 2, 0 emission buses. 236 million dollars in grants will come from the department of transportation is part of last year's bipartisan infrastructure law. so that money will be coming to the bay area, including more than 15 million dollars for the vta in santa clara county. 12 million dollars for the city of fairfield inn. 6 million dollars for the napa valley transit authority. >> and now kron 4 sports brought to you by xfinity.
10:45 pm
>> well, that time of year i can smell the pigskin in the fumes at the tailgates. we're about a month away from week one. and jimmy g he's still on the niners roster. just, you know, bill, when streets every day. but reports surfaced on thursday that if, in fact, the shawn watson suspension does get extended beyond 6 games. the browns would consider trading for jimmy g. i know a whole lot of speculation and hoopla at them. now the browns have insisted that they're willing to move forward with jacoby brissette at quarterback watson suspension is currently under appeal and could be increased to a year drama. drama? drama always in the nfl. thursday was the field of dreams game in major league baseball. it's become an annual game that the mlb plays in dyersville. iowa is probably only thing to do in iowa to commemorate that
10:46 pm
classic movie field of dreams. this year's game featured the cubs and the red last year. the movie star kevin costner was the centerpiece of the festivities this year. baseball focus on the memorable father and son relationship in the movie using baseball's most treasured father and son to recreate that scene. this is again, a tribute to the 1989. >> about a mythical field where ballplayers from past errors came to play america's pastime. of course, there is a game to play for sending nico hoerner drops an rbi single to left. in comes saya suzuki's 2, nothing cubs later in the ne. in half.
10:47 pm
>> smokes one up the middle turner comes on in the score. guess what the cubs hold on to win this one. 4 to 2. >> the nba announced on thursday that bill russell will have his number 6 retired across the nba. >> following his last passing last month, russell becomes the first player in nba history to have his jersey retired a league wide. in addition, all nba players will wear patches honoring the former mcclymonds in usf stand out the league previously recognize russell's contributions when it named the finals mvp award after him in 2 >> 1009. >> heck of honor for 8 days. irving, a man who made such a mark on this world, not just an mba bill. russell may rest in peace. 6 is all around next year. all righty, as you look
10:48 pm
10:49 pm
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>> it was like a scene out of playing out off the coast of florida. a shark caught on camera dangerously close to swim or the man who shot the video says the swimmers didn't even know the shark was circling around them. reporter brooke shaffer talk with an expert about the recent sightings there. >> drone video from daytona beach, florida shows swimmers blissfully unaware in the
10:51 pm
water right next to them a shark. this is just sort of, you know, the natural habitat of these animals. and and sometimes brings everybody close to shore. we showed the video to doctor giannis papa stomach to you. a shark researcher and professor at florida international university. that know michael, let me shock and some of the sharks are going to looking for potential priority in really shot the he pointed out, lemon sharks and sharks in general aren't looking for people. but this video is the latest in what feels like a summer of shark sightings. in long island, new york this july, there were 6 reported shark bites in just 3 weeks. beach is closed and beachgoers were on alert. there's been a lot of citing the lot. so. >> i'm ok, in the sand and there's that recent study by experts at the university of miami which found sharks are swimming closer to the shore than you might think with this new drone video we asked, is
10:52 pm
this the new trend? even the sherry say this is happening more often. this is just simply a case that, you know, we have in florida. want to show what you're seeing here. >> is at some time shots going to shower or 2? >> that was brooke shaffer reporting a quick thinking. oregon state trooper saved a dog that tried to jump out a window during a traffic stop. the driver was pulled over for speeding their egos when the dog jumped out of the window along i-5 in josephine county. the trooper says he used his cat-like reflexes. reflexes to grab that dog and stop it from running into the traffic. the dog and its owner. luckily got off with just a warning. >> a new addition popped up at the united kingdom cameras captured the first moments of a rare rothschild's giraffe after it was first born at the enclosure keepers have named the baby giraffe stanley after mount stanley, the tallest mountain in uganda. only 2500
10:53 pm
of these 2 graphs remain in east africa, but the numbers are beginning to increase because of the conservation efforts to save them. that's good news if you ever wanted to live in a castle, now's your chance have staff some money. you know, have to move to europe. buyers have a chance to buy a medieval castle. it's located incedal idaho. >> according to an instagram page called zillow gone wild. the castle includes 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms. it's currently listed at 7 million dollars. it's on a lake. the buyer ona 8,000 plus square foot property on 8 plus acres. and you can feel like you're living a fairy tale. >> yeah, that's for sure. all right. we can't get enough of this story because this woman is very special. southwest airlines actually went the extra mile for a san francisco woman who is celebrating a milestone. her name is jane smith. she turned 104 years old this year. she's looking good. he was scheduled to travel to las vegas on
10:54 pm
southwest airlines back in march. but she got sick then and she had to cancel her trip. so the airline decided to bring the party to her home and they brought a cake and or get some southwest airline mementos to celebrate 104 years. some of the crew members had already met chain. she flew from flew with southwest from san francisco to las vegas. that was for her one 100th birthday in 2018 airline officials said that it was important to revisit the tradition, even if it meant making a house call for this very special birthday lady. so maybe 105 will be back in vegas. probably so. back in vegas for the vegas. >> stays lot of secrets. hey, guys, we've got some neat sites out there for tonight. i know you've got a driving home a little bit. will. well, just take arrival. don't take cars off the road. you want to watch the robot. yeah. you want to check out your skies and check this out. we've got a nice sight tonight. we've got the perseid meteor showers
10:55 pm
taking place. usually this a fantastic event coming in summer time. the weather is better. your skies cleared out but look too bad out there right now. you've got to look toward the northeast. that's where you can look toward what looks like a beautiful meteor shower for tonight. and yeah, it should be a good one out there as well. except for this guy. we've got that moonda supermoon rising up over the bay area. today was at 8.30 in the evening. so yeah, it's sitting up over the bay area. now you might notice that bright star, what least one looks like a star right up to the left of the moon tonight. that's not actually a star that's going to be saturday. it's got a telescope or some very strong binoculars to take a look. you might actually be able to see some of the rings around saturn as well. but this will be the last one of the year. in fact, not going to see another supermoon until next august. all right. we've got some nice weather out there right now. skies are mostly clear. even over san francisco, you can see hand of some patchy fog there in the distance. you see it hanging out there over parts of san francisco, but it's broken right now. so most of the bay
10:56 pm
area, some good viewing to get out there and enjoy the meteor showers and also that the wonderful supermoon temperatures really cooperating very mild out there as well. not as warm as last night. we're starting to see a change in the pattern a bit. but still 64 degrees and follow up those 65 right now. we're just change the 64 in san jose. 63 in hayward a cooling off now in the bottle and 59 degrees. and 61 in san francisco overnight lows will generally in the 50's around the bay area tomorrow. so we're starting to cool things down a little bit will be a little more comfortable. the sleep overnight to note tonight into tomorrow morning. but then by day tomorrow, we're going to notice the heat. the temperatures are going to start warming up. we've got some 90's that will begin to show up in the interior valleys, high pressure, slowly building back up from the 4 corner states. moving back from the deserts and into california. that's going to bring a drier. he the bay area, 19 cocker tomorrow, 90 in antioch, about 80 and warm in san jose about 70 degrees in san francisco about 83 degrees in the bottle. now over the next few days, this
10:57 pm
where everything changes here. we haven't had a significant heat wave for quite a while now. but you can see those temperatures marching up the board here as we head through saturday and sunday by monday. we're get near triple digits and looks like by tuesday wednesday, real probability that we could see triple digits rolling back into the bay area. and i think staying hot for the better part of next week. so here comes the heat. ready or not? here it comes yeah, a little too excited. i ago. we'll see what thank you, everybody being with us and have a good night. we'll see you tomorrow.
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