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tv   KRON 4 News at 4am  KRON  June 27, 2022 4:00am-4:31am PDT

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>> from the area's local news station, you're watching the kron. 4 morning news at 4. >> hey, good morning. and thanks so much for joining us on the kron. 4 morning news. it's monday. happy monday to you. june 27th. i'm stephanie land. let's start this morning off with a check of the weather with john trimble. good morning, stephanie, good to see on this monday and glad to see all of you as well. hopefully are getting things in gear after pride weekend. i know it's been busy past week across the bay area. >> so nice to see things cooperating. as far as weather goes as we do kick off the week, looking outside at pier 15, a nice breeze blowing around those flags. they're sitting right across the
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embarcadero, not looking at a lot of fog obscuring your view of the bay bridge this morning. that is a different case. elsewhere across the bay area, though, where we do have some pockets of dense fog are dropping visibility below a mile along the bay shore as far south as the south bay parts of the north bay and out along the coastline to so do watch that commute into work this morning could run into a couple of spots out there where that visibility does fall a little bit lower. as far as temperatures go, foggy spots are our cooler spots 50's for a lot of the bay right now. fairfax, one of our very step. 48. well, brent would further inland you're holding on to that title of our warm during the morning. brentwood at 65 degrees right now, skies will clear out really nicely today. once this low cloud cover and fog burns off, we've got ample sunshine and well under the sunny skies, temperatures inland are still going to be pretty hot, rising well into the mid 90's. bayside cities into the 70's coastal areas, mostly hanging out in the 60's today. all
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that for forecast. still to come back to you. stephanie. thanks very much, john. let's take a look now at the traffic conditions out there. here's a live look now at the bay bridge. >> so bright and early at this hour. but still quite number of cars out there. here's a look at the san mateo bridge is bring that right up. a number of cars out there to people getting their morning commute started it early and then and look at the richmond. sandra fell bridge. also a few cars out there, not too many. so if you're planning to leave for work or wherever you're headed to at this hour, you should be looking pretty good. all right. and finally, a look at the golden gate bridge, very foggy out there, karl, the fog out in full force. not much in terms of vehicle traffic. so some good news for those of you planning to head in that direction. breaking overnight, one person is dead after a deadly car crash on the bay bridge. the accident happened around 9 last night in the westbound lane near the toll plaza. >> chp says a car crashed into a barrier rolled over and hit
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another car. firefighters found the victim in cardiac arrest and tried to save them. but that person died at the scene. 3 people are dead and 5 others injured after a car collided with an amtrak train at a private crossing in brentwood. this happened yesterday afternoon around 1 o'clock on or would road one of the injured, just a child. they airlifted to a local hospital. police continue to investigate what happened. and some scary moments unfolding at sunday's pride festival in san francisco. police responding to reports of multiple fights. you can see one breaking out in this video. a number of people out there just appeared to throw punches. now it happened just outside the bill graham civic auditorium, right by the civic center plaza near where yesterday's parade ended and reports of a shooting near 7th and market street sent crowds stampeding out of the area. >> this is video from the citizen app. police saying these reports turned out to be
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a false alarm. they also responded to a person spraying mace into the crowd, forcing a stage performance to be cut short. now, police presence was pretty heavy throughout the area in the death throughout the day. >> no reports of any serious injuries. despite the scare, people from all walks of life gathered in the streets to celebrate pride. kron four's charles clifford showing us how this year's event was marked by both celebration and protest. >> well, here along market street on sunday, san francisco pride parade has returned. the parade is actually the culmination of a months-long series of events for san francisco pride. there have been block parties concerts over the last couple of weeks. the parade actually hasn't happened since 2019. that's because of the coronavirus pandemic along market street on sunday. lots of people just happy to be back. we are so glad to be back. absolutely. >> i just see everybody here. yeah, it's my first time. so.
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>> there's also a sense of purpose here. a lot of frustration with recent decisions by the u.s. supreme court. it's very that it's bringing everyone together. you know, in. love, but also coming together to protest. and it's like cool to see everyone else that like agrees and like everyone that's protesting. hear about that as well as prime community needs to get together an exhibit like this. a >> and there were one big community in san francisco, charles clifford kron. 4 news. >> elected officials joined the thousands taking part in pride, state assembly member matt haney was there with his supporters. he tweeted in part, quote, today we celebrate and reflect on progress. the people who fought back and the work ahead. and congresswoman
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jackie spear also showing her support there for the lgbtq community app at the parade. spear sharing on social media. nothing like walking in a pride parade to be reminded that people love each other. the ceo of planned parenthood in california also weighing on the reversal of roe v wade. i spoke with jodi hicks one-on-one, and she says that california has already been seeing an increase in out of state people seeking help with abortions. >> the decision back the supreme court to not act and intervene when texas since 2 did their affected our clinics back in september. so since one state it banned abortion september, we've had about 1500 folks coming from out of state already. >> hicks is expecting those
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numbers to increase following the decision, but she assures people seeking help that it is available in california. in the wake of the supreme court's decision to overturn roe v wade. many nationwide continue their protest in the streets here in california. governor gavin newsom signed a bill to protect abortion rights in the state. shelby nelson with the latest. >> anger, frustration, and even relief. the difference of opinions runs deep over a decision marking a major turning point across the country are redlands resident an obgyn karen, hans berger, it's not just about abortion. she says the decision calls into question whether birth control could be i hope that this wakes us up as women. >> that even if we would not make those decisions for ourselves, that we would care enough about other women and their ability to have safe health care to stand up for them. >> governor gavin newsom joined by state leaders staunchly affirming california
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stands as a sanctuary state for women across the country. i want to take this moment. >> and sign legislation too. push back against those republican state legislators and governors that seek to move forward with civil actions against people that was to travel to the state of california seeking their reproductive rights and reproductive freedoms. the decision to overturn roe v by the supreme court has opened floodgates for 26 different states to restrict abortion or outright ban abortion. tickle ramirez of planned parenthood in orange and san bernardino county says after last september when the texas heartbeat act took effect, which bans abortion after the detection of a fetal heartbeat out of state abortions, increased by 400%. >> now they're bracing for an even greater influx of patients from states that impose stringent abortion laws are banned it altogether because arizona has a 15 week ban currently and could potentially outright ban
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abortion. we anticipate people be driving in from arizona and california to get that care. >> president biden called on congress to take action. and i spoke with our political analyst michael yaki. if there's any chance of a bipartisan support in the senate to protect abortion rights. >> not to stir a. and this is this point. i really what? whole. this whole action. this decision is the culmination, a very concerted effort by fundamentalists right wing part other republican party since making 8 since the election of ronald reagan to take control of the supreme court and eventually overturn roe v wade, which has happened 3, not just not just a return, it they've got it in entire that they removed the idea that there's any right to privacy, any right to choose any control over over your own reproductive choices from women. >> since supreme court justices are appointed by
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presidents and confirmed by the senate. jackie also stressed the importance of voting in the next election and making your voice heard. well, attention is now turning to abortion pills in south dakota where abortions are now banned. republican governor kristi noem introduced a bill to stop women from accessing abortion pills online. now the state is in a legal battle with the federal government. speaking on cbs news, face the nation. the governor explain the bill would ban telemedicine appointments with abortion care providers who prescribed these pills. >> this is a federally approved drugs. are you saying the staie of south dakota is now going to overruled the fda and decide which drugs are going to be available to its residents. >> many of those decisions are made at the state level. they absolutely are. that's what states do. >> on friday, attorney general merrick garland said the doj will protect women's abortion rights and their ability to get a hold of abortion pills.
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for more information and analysis on the supreme court's ruling to overturn roe v wade. you can head to kron 4 dot com desk and that big qr code right there on your screen and it will take you right to our website. happening this week. it's going to cost you a bit more to cross the golden gate bridge. this is a live look at the bridge this morning. very foggy out there. the upcoming toll increases part of a 5 year program that went into effect in 2019 the revenue from the new toll of pay for golden gate transit and golden gate ferry transit services as well as maintenance for the bridge. and take a look at what the new tolls will be for fast track users. a toll goes up. $0.35 to $8.40. the told the 8.80 for pay as you go. that's for those of you who registered or license plate in the system and the toll invoice rate goes up to $9.40. the carpool rate also going up. that toll will be $6 and $0.40. and another increase in
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your morning commute to tell you about. sorry. bart fares are also going up starting this friday. the 3.4% increase was set to go into effect back on january. 1st, but was delayed by 6 months. the cost of a one-way ticket goes up between $0.5 and $0.50 with the average ticket. going up by $0.15 money from the fare increase will go towards bart's, operating budget. that includes enhanced cleaning more police presence and the purchase of new bart trains. and coming up on the kron 4 morning news, the monkeypox case count continues to rise in the u.s.. >> the who is responding. plus, with the recent supreme court decision, state governors now weighing in on state abortion rights. more details in an upcoming live report.
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heidi covey: so, i have an eye disease don't touch my piano. that causes blindness. i have moments where i get a little bit sad because i just can't see things that i used to. dr. stanley taught me to trust in the lord even when you don't want to. god is such a faithful father. nothing that happens to us isn't without his eye upon it. nation's largest reservoir is in pretty bad shape. >> lake mead which provides water to nevada, arizona and california is on the verge of becoming a dead pool. this is when water levels fall to about 1000 feet. that's the lowest it's been since it was filled in the 1930's officials expressing concerns the drop in water level can soon disrupt production of
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hydroelectric power at the hoover dam. all right. welcome back. let's get another check of the weather with john shrable. he's live in the weather center for us. pretty a tough news about the what's happening with lake mead john. yeah, definitely not. good news to see that there. and just a reminder of how very dry, not just california is. >> but a whole lot of the southwest, the colorado river supplying. >> a lot of our own drinking water across southern california is when you see news like that, it affects a lot more than just the lake itself. now, as far as we go here across the bay area, skies out there definitely on the cloudy side. this is a mix this morning. a lot of it is sitting just above the bay itself, but from the berkeley hills right here, you can see the impact that is having on visibility. so slow yourselves down just a little bit as you are venturing outside this morning, bayside south bay, north bay, coastal areas, all these susceptible to some of those lower visibility due to
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this fog. now, here's a little bit of good news ahead of us. we are in the midst of a cooling pattern for the remainder of the week. we're starting the week off. pretty warm, though, fog at the coastline and just that marine layer in general is going to keep our coastal areas comparatively cool bayside cities into the 70's 80's today. inland areas. you've still got your 90's this afternoon, a range of numbers you've gotten quite used to over the past week. now, tomorrow's temperatures are still going to be pretty warm. but after that, we'll start to see temperatures, notably declining first to seasonal averages by the middle of the week and then well below average by the weekend. those numbers in your seven-day forecast or something, i'll show you here right after 4 zone forecast. temperatures in the 60's today for san francisco 60's as well at the coastline. and then most of her bayshore cities sharing a range of 70's to 80's redwood city at 82 degrees. mountain view. 87 south bay temps still pretty warm. it's a 80's to 90's for you. los gatos and
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morgan hill at 92 degrees. there's your inland 90's, pleasanton and livermore 90 to 93 conquered at 93. compare that oakland, berkeley and richmond only in the 70's. really nice afternoon on the bay shore, antioch, 97, while vacaville, our hottest spot today at 98 degrees. those numbers won't last. let's first get a look at our inland cities today. tomorrow, as i mentioned, still hot highs well into the 90's. by wednesday, we're cooling into the 80's inland. and then look at next weekend, july first on friday and starting the new month out with the 70's. that's the way we'll stay into saturday and sunday to upper 70's that are very warmest. bayshore cities remain pretty consistently in the 70's all the way through. well, coastal spots hanging out in the 60's. back to you, stephanie. thanks very much, john. let's take a look at our traffic conditions out there now live look. >> at the bay bridge. not too many cars out there. so if you're planning to head in that direction at this hour, things are looking pretty good
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for you. now let's move things over to the san mateo bridge had been more traffic headed up the one direction that otherwise looking relatively clear. and now a look at the richmond, sandra fell bridge wound. not not really many cars out there at all. so if you're planning to head out there, looking good for you as well. and this is the golden gate bridge. live pictures of that for you there and looking pretty foggy. just one car just slowly making its way down the bridge. but otherwise things looking nice and easy for you. if you plan to head out there. >> all right. president biden arrived in germany yesterday for the g 7 summit in at the top of the agenda. the war in ukraine. leaders agreeing to ban on eu imports of russian gold. that would cost moscow tens of billions of dollars. this the latest economic sanctions on russia after its unprovoked invasion of ukraine. the g 7 leaders also appearing close to agreeing on
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a price cap onrrussian gas to further crush the russian economy. collectively. >> we have to mobilize nearly 600 billion dollars from the g 7 by 2027. the strategic investments, our areas of critical to sustainable development and our shared global stability. >> the president also saying the u.s. pledges 200 billion dollars towards the project that tackles health communications and energy infrastructure in low to middle income countries. and we know that ukrainian president zelenskyy also met with leaders at the summit virtually. russian forces targeted ukraine's capital ahead of the g 7 meeting launching more than a dozen si yesterday morning hitting at least 2 residential buildings. firefighters battled the flames while crews rescued people inside. at least 4 people were hospitalized, including a young girl. in
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national news after friday's supreme court decision to overturn roe v wade, it's now up to states to determine how abortions will be handled in their states and many of them are scrambling to clarify their laws. reshad hudson joins us live now with the very latest. good morning to you. a shot. it sounds they're working on getting their live shot shot up. so we're going to go ahead and move into rashad's report. >> i horrified as are so many women who are 50 years old or in my generation that the thought that my daughters will have fewer rights than i've had virtually my whole life. michigan's governor gretchen whitmer says abortion remains legal in her state due to a judge last month granting a preliminary injunction temporarily blocking the decades old law. but south dakota governor kristi noem told cbs news abortions became illegal in her state. >> immediately after road was
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over, turned south dakota's. >> you know, under our past several years and has stood for life and defending life. >> and here in washington, protesters were back in the streets with even more demonstrations across the country. massachusetts senator elizabeth warren is calling for federal protections access to abortion like other medical procedures should be available across the board to all people in this country. south carolina senator lindsey graham calls it a great day for the conservative movement. for all of you who've been working for 50 years to let members of the house and the senate and presidents that would put constitutional conservatives on the court your day finally arrived. >> next on the kron, 4 morning news you might want to prepare before you hit the road or fly for 4th of july. we'll give you some tips on what you should expect before you head out the door.
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>> welcome back. if you're still making plans for the 4th of july holiday will triple a just released its holiday travel forecast. they estimate nearly 48 million people will travel for independence day
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about 42 million of those will be on the road. another 3 and a half million will travel through the nation's airports. a triple a also released its list of the worst times to hit the road. so listen up. if you are leaving town on thursday, the best time to drive will be before 07:00am the worst time is between 2 and 8 pm on friday. you want to try and leave before 10:00am on saturday. the worst time to be on the roads is between 2 and 4. now the good news is that triple-a is not expecting much traffic at all on sunday. so another option there for you. of course, you're going to pay near record high gas prices here in the bay area. the highest prices, our in apple. with a price for a gallon of regular is at $6 and $0.56. it is about $0.10 cheaper in san francisco and santa rosa, the average price is down to 6.42, the cheapest gas in the bay area going to be in the fairfield, allay area. a
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gallon of regular will cost you about 6.29. they're still pretty expensive compared to a couple years ago now. still ahead on the kron, 4 morning news, a federal court temporarily blocks and fda walk on juul e-cigarettes. we have reaction from the san francisco supervisor who fight to keep big tobacco out of the city.
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>> welcome back. let's get another check of the weather now with john shrable live now in the weather center. john, what can people expect this monday morning? well, stephanie, definitely looking like a nice one today. still going to be hot inland our inland areas, getting used to some 90's this past week. but good news for you. if you're just done with that heat, we do have some cooler weather just around the corner, even with the fog in san francisco, you can see quite how or cycling through the rainbow colors this morning after pride this past weekend. hopefully everyone's getting up this morning, all ready to go in with a fresh start this monday, fresh fog certainly drifting into the bay last night from the north bay into the bay itself, south bay in the coast. we do have pockets of lower visibility out there. so make sure to handle the car a little bit slower this morning as we are going to be driving through areas where visibility is below a quarter of a mile. as for current e


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