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tv   KRON 4 News at 3pm  KRON  June 17, 2022 3:00pm-4:01pm PDT

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>> now at 3 o'clock dubnation can rejoice. the warriors are nba champions. again, we'll take a look at the party planned for san francisco to celebrate title number 4. and the fda has approved covid vaccines for babies and toddlers. more on how bay area health officials are preparing for this new wave of vaccines. and 5 people were shot at an oakland sports bar. what we know so far about this case. >> now from the area's local news station. this is kron. 4 news at 3.
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>> coli can only the golden state warriors are the 2022 nba champions that fun and excitement alive and well in the bay area. as we gear up for yet another championship parade next week. thank you so much for joining us this friday right here on kron. 4 news at 3. i'm justine waltman. the dubs won their 4th championship last night in boston. they beat the celtics one. 0, 3, to 90 in game 6 of the nba finals. steph curry, the team's cigh score with 34 points klay thompson and draymond green, andrew wiggins, jordan poole also scored double-digit points. the best ron was when the warriors scored. 21 points without any answer from the celtics. that was the longest scoring run in nba finals. history. >> the less 2 months of the playoffs. last 3 years last 48 hours, every bit of it. there's been a emotional roller coaster. on and off the
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floor. you care and all of that. on a daily basis to try to realize a dream and a goal that we did tonight. >> you get goose bumps just thinking you know, all those snapshots. so that we went through to get back here. >> this one just hits a little bit different. dubnation has a lot to celebrate and a championship gear that they need to buy. kron. 4 subject. all reports now from pleasant hill where warriors fans are buying up all that victory. swag. >> a championship parade wouldn't be right without the right fit to you. i need i need a sure every every time dick's sporting goods in pleasant hill had the victory year laid out the moment the golden state warriors clinched their 4th nba title in 8 years. and then people were in line this morning at 04:00am for our 07:00am opening the season, ending in a title deeply emotional for some fans felt like crying with perry and extremely personal for others are better. just passed
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away saturday bay be the most popular item is the championship have sold out within hours. more are expected over the weekend. and sporting goods says there are enough championship shirts for everyone. we're going to pay. money would take the ferry man. >> first time and never been to a parade but not first time you go into so i have to call out of work. happens to be a federal holiday. and the day after father's day, we have a first time dad. >> and a longtime dad. so happy father's day certainly will in pleasant hill. billy kron, 4 >> all right. so take a look now at where the parade is going to be going because of the past titles taught us anything we can expect at least 1 million people to be hitting the streets on monday in san francisco for the first time for this parade. let's take a look now at the route where the parade is going to be going. it kicks off at
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market and main street and then goes down market and finishes at market and 6. it's a little more than a mile long and it should end around 2 o'clock in the afternoon. like any celebration, you're being asked to plan ahead. get there early, try to take public transit. it does start at 11, 20 on monday morning. and don't forget that monday is a federal holiday market street is going to close. also on sunday nights, they can start to get things ready. we'll have coverage for you on monday right here on kron 4 and all weekend long as there's a lot of preparing to do. but that's the route. first one in san francisco. pretty cool. all right. well, a warrior celebration turned deadly in the city of oakland and that's where multiple people were injured during a shooting following last night's game kron four's haaziq madyun has the latest details on the investigation. >> the man died in a shooting friday night in the 300 block of 14th street in downtown oakland. it happened just before 10:30pm. the investigation appears to be centered around the location
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of the halftime sports bar where people gather to watch the warriors played the celtics in game 6 of the nba finals. >> oakland police officials say officers and paramedics provided medical aid to the shooting that them but he eventually died at the scene from his injuries. investigators also found that adult female with multiple gunshot wounds. she was taken to a local hospital and is listed in critical but stable condition. according to police. there are more victims in the shooting. oakland police say not long after the female was hospitalized for her injuries. 3 additional men arrived at a local hospital, also suffering from gunshot wounds. the preliminary investigation confirmed the 3 men were also injured during the same shooting that occurred on 14th street. >> yet last night was a horrible tragedy in downtown oakland. >> the incident happened a short distance from oakland city hall. oakland mayor libby shaft talked about a violence reduction plan involving community-focused events at city parks called town nights.
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it was developed by the department of violence prevention an age to reduce gun violence this summer, a time when the city typically experiences a surge in shootings. >> town nights has come out of good evidence and data that looks at when gun violence tends to go up and that's summer and weekend evenings. and that's why these events are on friday night during the summer. we have data from los angeles that shows that this can dramatically reduce >> violence oakland police investigators released no information regarding any possible suspects or motives in the 14th street shooting the name of the deceased victim is being withheld pending notification of next of kin. anyone with information is asked to contact oakland police has mug. kron. 4 news. >> now to national news and 3 senior citizens are dead after a gunman opened fire inside of an alabama church last night.
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this happened during a potluck dinner at the saint stephen's episcopal church in a suburb of birmingham. police say the suspect was an occasional attendee of the church. someone at the dinner was able to hold down the 71 year-old gunman until police arrived. he now faces multiple murder charges. california could become the first state requiring gun owners to buy liability insurance. east bay state senator nancy skinner is pushing this new legislation. it also opens the door for civil charges to be filed against gun owners if their weapons cause property damage, injury or death. a similar ordinance requiring insurance for gun owners goes into effect in san jose. and that's covid-19 coverage in kids under 5 are another step closer to getting vaccinated against covid. today the fda authorized the first shots for infants and preschoolers, paving the way for these vaccines to start next week. >> they're still. the cd. the cdc must give the final
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signoff and that's likely to happen pretty soon federal data shows 440 children under the age of 5. >> have died from covid so far. in santa clara county. health officials say they have been preparing for this moment for weeks and they're prepared to start vaccinating this group under 5. as soon as those doses arrive. >> shipments of the vaccine may be arriving as early as monday. if that were to happen, we would open appointments on monday afternoon and start first shot and arms on tuesday. if however, that vaccine does not arrive on monday, we will be ready to go whenever it does. >> health officials say they expect to administer as many as 1000 shots per day at vaccine sites across the county. and today is a very special day for us here at kron 4, our parent company nexstar is giving back to the community. our team has been out volunteering all day long
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with the san francisco marin foodbank packing up food to be delivered to thousands of families in need. i was there earlier and kron four's terisa south co takes us there. >> as you can imagine, the need is great these days with inflation. and then the continued fallout from the pandemic. the need is bigger than ever. and so that as why we're here, kron 4 news came out to make a difference today. staff packed 2000 bags. those facts will go out to seniors, people with disabilities, pregnant women. >> families with children under 3 and families with children with disabilities. erica offer as with the food bank shared about the growing needs of the community going to be delivering over 1800 1800 households that have a buy, the groceries by 06:00pm today. that also means that our need for volunteers has increased weekly. we allocate over 2000 volunteers for all of our programming. that includes our warehouses. >> that includes a pop-up pantries deliver where we're packing grocery bags for
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participants to pick up that has for team kron. they talked about why it is significant to give back. why do you like giving back here? >> tell people i get ack because it's really selfish because when you get back and you're done, feel really, really good. and it's almost it's almost wrong to feel that good. that's why give back what i'm really thinking about is the family that's going to open up this bag tonight and make this food for dinner. i have it for breakfast and i'm just trying to picture them and i'm not i'm trying to pick out something really special for them, but also try to keep line moving. at the same time coming out here, just giving back even on my own time. it's what people really need right now. i think it's really important to do this. i think it helps a lot of people. and as we now, it was really need to be for covid. and now this is needed even more. here are some harsh facts that we all know too. well, right now, prices keep soaring. grocery prices have gone up 13.9% from april of 2021. to 2022 and
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>> diesel costs to deliver goods have gone up to 21% in that time frame. >> so monetary donations are greatly needed right now. the food bank, it's $400,000 over budget trying to keep up with the demands and dealing with inflation, a worthy cause to be here. and we are proud to do so. and san francisco to recess stasio kron. 4 news >> such a great day. and coming up here, 3 people in the east bay will be paying more for water in just a few weeks as the drought drags on. and a pretty interesting story coming up at 3.30. have you ever wondered exactly where all that lottery money goes? there's a new tool that's letting us keep track. but after the break, airport workers say they are underappreciated essential workers and there's new legislation that's been introduced to get airport workers. what they deserve.
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free 15 on this friday. that's turning into yet another difficult day for airline travelers in the united states. airlines canceled more than 1000 flights today as they tried to recover from storms that. >> swamped central and eastern parts of the country that follows more than 1700 canceled flights on tuesday. thursday. this is all happening while the number of passengers is rising. but the beginning of summer vacation travel, transportation secretary pete buttigieg met
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with airline ceos to go over the steps. airlines are taking to operate smoothly over the rest of the summer. as we take this live look here. more than 30 flights have been canceled just in the past. 24 hours for flights canceled at oakland's airport and airport workers say that they're underappreciated a central workers. they say that they kept the airport's open, the baggage moving the planes flying during the pandemic. and some lawmakers agree and some airport workers, they say deserve better. our correspondent basil, basil, john reports democrats in the senate have introduced a bill to get airport workers. what they say they deserve. >> i have no idea how hard it would be. >> with millions of americans relying on them. airport workers say they are overworked and underpaid. i would job. i never see my kid. >> i in the morning and i come back home of my party downgrade to sell it.
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>> massachusetts democratic senator and marcie believes airport workers deserve better just as airplanes don't fly without pilots. our aviation system would collapse without airport service workers. that's why he introduced a bill that requires federally funded airports to set a higher wage and benefit standard for airport workers as well as allow workers to establish a union. senate majority leader chuck schumer warns airport and travelers will suffer most airport workers get what they deserve paying airport workers, a living wage benefits. consumers >> the service is better to security is better to safety is better. but some republicans question the idea of congress forcing airports to follow a national standard. i can't imagine that this that is a national policy is what we would put in place here. west virginia republican senator shelley moore capito says airports need flexibility to let individual airports around the country make those own decisions. but markey says if republicans agreed
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providing support to airports with covid relief packages, they should support the workers running airports reporting in washington. i'm basil, john. >> as the drought continues to get worse, one bay area water district is implementing a temporary surcharge for its customers. the contra costa water district will begin charging customers a 15 per cent surcharge of begins july 1st for the average customer that uses 260 gallons of water per day. that surcharge amounts to about $0.28 more per day. households using less than 200 gallons per day will not be affected by this rate increase. the district is aiming to reduce water usage by 15% compared to 2020. that was a brush fire overnight in pittsburgh prompted some evacuations just for a few hours. this is a map showing where that fire was burning. it's just north of jacqueline drive south of west leeland
3:18 pm
road and west of san dream away. here's video of when that fire first started. you can see how big the flames, scott and how much smoke there was. witnesses on the scene say it appears firefighters got a good handle the fire and have stopped it from progressing. all evacuation orders have been lifted and people can now go back home. president biden has issued a major disaster declaration for the state of montana after widespread flooding near yellowstone national park. the park is closed while crews try to clean up and despite the damage, there are no reports of any injuries. the southern part of the park could reopen as early as next week. but the northern end could remain closed for the rest of the summer. the declaration by the president makes federal funding easier to access to help with those cleanup efforts. also, we're learning today that the go ernor of montana is under a lot of pressure and under a lot of scrutiny because he was on vacation and did not hurry home sooner. while this was all unfolding, he also did not
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tell the public exactly where he was during this emergency. it turns out he was in italy on vacation with his wife. we'll switch gears now. talk about our weather forecast as we take this live look outside across the golden gate bridge on this friday. more clouds have gathered out there today. and it's a little bit cooler out there. but hey, the warriors, champions. so it is what it is. full traffic's kind of slow, too, as people are made again, jump start on the weekends. let's check in now with we're in the harvey to see what the forecast has in store. >> happy friday. the weekend is almost here and you certainly made it a much cooler day today. tomorrow will be another cool day. and then that warm up starts come sunday into monday. well, we've seen our fair share winds across the bay area inland, especially in the south bay and the north bay highs across the bay area here in san francisco, low 60's along the coast mid to lower 60's upper 50's san bruno mid 60's down there. burlingame, you're at 66 down in san carlos wright were palo alto meant to lower 60's? well, we
3:20 pm
have the 70's down in campbell, morgan hill. 68 milpitas. you're at 69 a little further inland to the dip down into the upper 60's in the to know here in the 70's right here in the east bay mid 60's in oakland, castro valley ren debt. well, if you're traveling a little further up north, like vacaville fairfield, 70's there than what you make it to santa rosa. napa in petaluma. 67 66 down in novato. all right. that cooldown starts. and then we stay here for day and then we dip down right back into the hot temperatures come sunday into monday and then look at that tuesday, wednesday and thursday, we're hitting potentially the triple digits. so you're going to wish we could stay in friday and saturday just a little bit longer along the bay shore, mid 60's to start and then you hit 74 last sunday. you continue to rise. and then along the coast, you're dabbling in the lower to mid 60's. 71 by tuesday of next week. back to you. today marks
3:21 pm
the 50th anniversary of the watergate scandal. that's when 5 men were arrested after breaking into the democratic national committee headquarters. >> at the watergate complex in washington, d.c., that scandal eventually led to an impeachment trial of then president richard nixon and his resignation from office. world wrestling entertainment ceo vince mcmahon is voluntarily stepping back from his duties amid a misconduct investigation by the company's board. the board is looking into previously undisclosed legal settlements with former employees. one of them is a 3 million dollars, so-called hush payment to a woman who mcmahon allegedly had an affair with other nondisclosure agreements involving other formal female w w ii. employees are also under investigation. man's daughter, stephanie, has been named interim ceo and chairwoman. still ahead here at 3 o'clock, a mother protect
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>> well, could have been a lot worse. a small plane went down in a popular austin, texas lake. the pilot. made it out
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and no one on the ground was hurt. but it was a paddle boarder who got the pilot safely to the shore. that's what's making headlines today. our correspondent markie martin has the story. >> during advisory with one patient and aircraft on the 2009 cessna 2, 0, 6, just like this one took off from the austin-bergstrom international airport. the experienced pilot and game warden for the texas parks and wildlife department radioed that an emergency landing might be inbound, but the pilot didn't make it to the runway instead crashing into lady bird lake. all right. >> game warden pilot was a doing a test flight after retain maintenance and he reported having problems. the plane. came down. he came on his own, but there some nearby who came out on a paddleboard and help them to get short. it
3:26 pm
was nicholas compton who grabbed a life jacket and found that pilot. so there's smoke in the plane. so i >> he's very out of so we just put the life jacket on. there's minimal conversation we're just really focus on getting into the shore. late this afternoon. crews were securing the area around the aircraft. they're said to be working on a plan to recover the plane and reduce any environmental impacts to the lake. >> that was markie. martin reporting for us. the pilot was the only one on board when that plane crashed in the investigation. >> is ongoing. petaluma police are looking for 2 suspects who allegedly spray painted the main entrance of city hall. police released these surveillance photos. they say that the suspects used red and black paint. police also found human feces smeared on the sidewalk and the class entry door to the city hall entrance as well. the first suspect is described as being 5 feet. 7
3:27 pm
inches tall with an average build and was wearing a dark green colored hooded jacket. the second suspect described 6 feet tall with a slim build wearing a black hooded jacket. anyone with information is asked to contact the petaluma police department. next at 3.30, the oakland a's future right here it is on the line this month. details on that. make or break vote. that's coming up. i'm howard terminal. we're going to hear directly from oakland, mayor libby schaff. plus a k chaotic crash. it looks like it's right out of a action thriller. we'll take a look at this wild scene that caught camera. and lawmakers. what a collar for pets bay. and they say hundreds of thousands of pets have died or been injured because of it will have the because of it will have the this burger will blow your mind? really? how? bacon two ways... cheese two ways... any more questions? try my $5.99 double bacon cheesy jack combo.
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my 100% beef burgers are seasoned as they grill. like my new double bacon cheesy jack, with double the bacon and double the cheese. it's so good, i put my name on it! the double bacon cheesy jack combo starting at $5.99. order on the jack app today. >> our top story. 3.30, in less than 2 weeks. the bay conservation and development commission will have its final vote deciding the fate of the oakland a's. and today that the cdc put out that final staff report on if a stadium for the baseball team can be built at howard terminal kron four's rob nesbitt spoke one on one with oakland, mayor libby schaff about this report. he joins us her life with what she has to say about the importance of keeping the a's in oakland. thanks for joining us, rob. just seen in their final report, staff with abc, d c. >> recommended that howard terminal be released from port priority use so that a new ballpark can be built there. i
3:31 pm
spoke with mayor schaff about the recommendation that she's in support of. but she says it's not just about baseball. she says the project will include 18 acres of public parks, a 400 room hotel and 3,000 units of housing. more than 1000 of those units will be dedicated to affordable housing. the mayor was just in dc to advocate for 183 million dollar infrastructure grant that will help oakland with water front improvements, including improvements that would be made at howard terminal if approved by the b cdc. the next key vote will be on july 5th, but the mayor has some issues with that. the city council will take up this question about whether to put an advisory measure on the ballot. i'm in my opinion. this is a ploy by the opposition to just further spread the misinformation. >> as well as to delay the project and really to cost the taxpayers money. ballot measures actually cost tax dollars to place on the ballot. president of the oakland a's dave campbell agreed to build the amount of
3:32 pm
housing and affordable housing requested by the city in exchange for tax money generated. but the city rejected the team's terms. find out what mayor schaff had to say about that. coming up on kron. 4 news at 05:00pm just seen. rob, thank you so much. >> police have arrested 4 men in sonoma county after officers seized more than 140 pounds of meth and $40,000 in cash. it is the result of a year-long investigation into a drug trafficking ring that investigators think is distributing meth throughout the santa rosa area. the dea began serving warrants this week. the case is now being handed over to the sonoma county district attorney's office for prosecution. this was a chaotic pursuit that came to a crashing end in rochester, new york. and it has now landed 2 men in jail. the dramatic scenes we're all caught on a ring camera watch
3:33 pm
here as that car just loses control. on that turn, roll-over slams into a tree pursuing officers rushed in to arrest the man who tried to make a run for it. after that, the witness did you see that guy there at the bottom? well, he says he came out of this house thinking that someone needed help. but then once he saw officers, yeah, he just runs right back inside. maybe it was something about police with he said, you know what? i think they can handle that for your money. right now, state lawmakers are trying to take new action to respond to rising gas prices. some california democratic state lawmakers are now calling for a postponement of the gas task increase that's set to go into effect in just 2 weeks today, a group of 13 assembly democrats sent a letter to the governor and legislative leaders urging that they postpone the $0.3 increase to the state's gas tax for a year. also a separate group of democrats is calling for an investigation into the states. skyrocketing gas prices. the
3:34 pm
group is noting californians are paying an average of one dollar and $0.80 more per gallon of gas. and they were just 4 months ago. that's nearly a 40% increase in a very short amount of time. state lawmakers sent a letter to the california energy commission and the state attorney general and the legislative analysis with a series of questions. an urge to get help with this investigation. millions of dollars are spent on california lottery tickets every day. and it turns out most of that money does not go towards that big jackpot for every dollar spent on a ticket. california lottery gives $0.95 back to public programs. the organization launched a new interactive map to track how much of that money is going back into our public schools. and, for example, santa clara county got more than 23 million dollars within the 1st quarter of the fiscal year. even if your ticket is not a winner, you're supporting the community. you're supporting schools and you're supporting
3:35 pm
the economy in california. >> the california lottery also supports colleges and universities and to see what schools in your area, what they are getting. we have a link on our website. kron 4 dot com. a developing story now as a congressional panel in washington is urging the recall of a flea collar that's linked to thousands of pet deaths. here they are, sir esto collars work by releasing flea and tick killing pesticides on to the pet wearing the collar. but it has been linked to 2500 pet deaths and 100,000 other incidents. the report says arresto collars have nearly 5 times the rate of death or major incidents than similar products on the market. the symptoms include skin irritation being tired, vomiting, caesars, seizures, and muscle tremors. canada has already banned the collars. a congressional panel is urging the epa to ban them here in the united states as well.
3:36 pm
>> i do not run. >> a terrifying moment for a family hiking in canada as a black bear appears to stock their every move. this mom filmed the encounter. she tried to keep everyone calm. this utah family even tried yelling and waving their hands to scare off the bear. but just kept following them. the bear state behind them for about a half mile before wondering somewhere else in the family later learned. but the trail they were on has been close multiple times because of the bears increasingly aggressive behavior. let's take a look outside right now here in san francisco where on monday there will be a championship parade for the warriors. we want to find out the weather for the weekend. reyna harvey has details. well, happy friday. we made it to the end of the week and the warriors also made it for another big win. >> congratulations to you, everybody across the bay area
3:37 pm
today. a lot planned for this weekend. we've had a really cool temperatures today. tomorrow will be similar to today and then we're going to start to gradually warm up here. currently winds outside. right now. it's a gusty day. we had some winds overnight that really started to blow things around. if you're further inland, you're really experiencing this uptick in winds currently down here along the coast and even here in san francisco. well, you might realize that across most of the bay area highs are significantly lower today like here in golden gate park. if you want to head out there, low 60's along the coast, upper 50's low 60's for you. there. maybe in south san francisco. burlingame, as you're traveling along the peninsula, mid to low 60's down there and the further you head south upper 60's. we were in the 80's at the start of the week. so this is a much needed break. 67 year, fremont a little further inland east bay looking at oakland, cilantro, castro valley, mid 60's a little further out in vacaville and set of fairfield mid to upper 70's. therefore,
3:38 pm
you pittsburgh, 69 nap and 69, if you're up in petaluma the north bay, maybe santa rosa up into the mid to upper 60's and then along stinson beach, low 60's. okay. so today we are cool. and then tomorrow we follow suit. so again, especially if you're inland, you're experiencing that sunday into monday. you start to warm up, even seen triple digits by tuesday and wednesday of next week. so things really start to get one there along the bay shore mid 60's. here you start to warm up sunday. mid 70's for you. and then look at that. you return to the 80's. so you'll be happy that we had today's temperatures in tomorrow and along the coast mid to low 60's throughout the week. you just reach the lower 70's by tuesday and then you start to taper off and cool down yet again. back to you. going to be hot this week living the california dream, the new program that provides. >> money for a down payment for first time home buyers.
3:39 pm
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i didn't know what my case was worth, so i called the barnes firm. i'm rich barnes. it's hard for people to know how much their accident case is worth. let our injury attorneys help you get the best result possible. money with home prices and mortgage rates soaring, buying a home is just getting tougher and tougher. but some california lawmakers want to try and help. >> they're proposing a billion dollar fund in the new state budget that would provide first-time homebuyers money
3:42 pm
for a down payment. it's called the california dream for all program. there is a catch. the state would get a partial ownership stake in the property in exchange negotiations with governor newsom are in progress. but if approved, the program would issue interest free second mortgage loans of up to 30% of the homes purchase price. still ahead, this weekend marks the first federal observation of june teen. >> so we will go over the history and the recent resurgence in the wake of the george floyd killing and black lives matter movement.
3:43 pm
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happening on sunday. it is june teen. the day celebrates the end of slavery in the united states. it's described by the national museum of >> african american history and culture as our nation's second independence day. kron four's haaziq mod-yoon takes us inside the history of this day and shows us how it's connected to the ongoing fight for social justice. >> the emancipation proclamation with the stroke of a pen, president abraham lincoln declared that all slaves are free. it was january 18. 63, unfortunately black slaves out west in galveston, texas didn't get word of it until union troops delivered the message over 2 years later. >> june 18, 65 was not only 2 and a half years after the
3:46 pm
emancipation proclamation, but also months after the civil war itself had ended. >> that was june 19th 18. 65 better known today as juneteenth uc davis associate professor of history. just in le roy explains why it was a relatively short-lived cause for celebration for the freed slaves by the 18 70's. >> you know, white supremacists had retaken the governments of the south and in the context that violence, the celebrations stopped. >> civil rights workers reached the end of the bridge where the carton of troopers stand. it was 100 years later during the 1960's black power and civil rights movements when june teen would be celebrated once again, a reminder of how the metaphor of emancipation has resonated across the centuries for all all different types of black
3:47 pm
freedom juneteenth experienced another national resurgence in the new millennium with the black lives matter movement and the 2020 murder of george floyd by minneapolis police officer derek chauvin, americans of all races marched in protest demanding justice professor would point to that being a part of juneteenth legacy and the reason it can be celebrated by everyone today, emancipation, the struggle against slavery, people in black abolitionists wereeworse central to that. but it was also a >> interracial social movement. it was a social movement in which women were heavily involved and led directly to women's rights movements. and so you not sense. and that's up haitian and june teen is for for everyone. has it made kron 4 news? >> the city of oakland has laid out safety measures for big gatherings for the
3:48 pm
juneteenth holiday weekend. city officials are saying they want to keep lakeshore avenue at lake merritt, safer drivers and pedestrians. officials say one of the biggest concerns are traffic jams that could make it difficult for emergency vehicles and ambulances access to the area. officers will be temporarily closing off streets to prevent traffic congestion. beacon street borden way, brooklyn avenue, wayne avenue and hanover avenue will all be closed. we do have more information on the street closures around lake merritt on our website. kron 4 dot com. california's reparations task force made a stop at the state capitol. the group is working to determine what reparations should be given to the descendants of enslaved african americans. they spent the last year putting together a report of the findings and how the state may have. perpetuated discrimination of black people from 16, 16 to 2022. open mind. i read it
3:49 pm
with your friends reading with their family. we're reading with their until we have a reckoning with the we cannot understand who we are as a nation. it's a task for but it's also a task for every single sector of kind soul how have we been involved with this process? how we collude in how do we sit back and silence? >> the task force has a year of work left. their final report is due in july of 2023. and there is a lot to celebrate this weekend as we take this live look outside. this is on top of our mount tam cam. it's kind of zoomed out a little bit. we could see some clouds rolling in. we saw that from our golden gate bridge picture. we're much cooler today. then we have been the past couple of days, but that warmer weather is
3:50 pm
going to return next week. let's take a look at the forecast now with reyna harvey. well, happy friday. hopefully if you're headed now, you make sure you grab a light jacket with you today because we are gusty out the air. >> in terms of our winds conditions. so if you're farther inland, you're seeing those winds picking up in fairfield to conquer down a little more along the coast. >> even in the east bay, it also in the north bay. we're looking at our highs across at we are cooler today mid to upper 60's across most of the bay area. a little further out inland. you're in the low 70's along the coast, low 60's as you're planning your week, maybe just in time for father's day or june teeth. you can see things start to warm up come sunday and they continue to warm monday into next week along the bay. sure, you start warming up sunday as well. 74 and then 79 on monday. 80's come tuesday, wednesday and along the coast. you stay pretty nestled in the 60's. you just reach the low 70's come tuesday. it is right back down to 60's by wednesday. back to you. guess
3:51 pm
what time it time to check in with newsnation to see what they're working on for this friday night. >> tonight on dan abrams live on news nation. female teachers arrested for having with male students. it seems to be happening more than ever. and the law tends to be more lenient when the teachers a woman. but is that really wrong? can we admit that maybe there's a difference that's tonight on dan abrams live. >> you can find newsnation on the channels listed are right here. we have more details on our website. kron 4 dot next. at 3 o'clock dancing does not just improve your physical health. a new study finds one type of dancing in particular can boost your memory.
3:52 pm
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animals rides and hot dogs are returning to pleasanton for the 2022. alameda county fair singer, genuine think pony will perform the kickoff concert starting at 8 o'clock. that should be let nathan's famous hot dogs is also going to host an eating contest on saturday, followed by the sun's out buns out charity run. this will be the first regularly scheduled fair since the pandemic began. it runs from 11 to 11:11am, in the morning to 11 at night through july 10th with free admission in till 03:00pm. all right. we've got to talk a little bit more about the warriors because her, but they won last night's kind of a big deal. gold say words forward. skews me quantas cano anderson jta has become the first player of mexican descent to win an nba championship. the oakland native says the warriors were his favorite team growing up and that winning last night was a dream come true and say brought out that flag to
3:56 pm
represent. we're so happy for him and for all. of dubnation. we've got this big parade on monday. so let's take a look at the forecast right now. and we could see that today. still pretty cool. 71 degrees. that's the high and same for tomorrow. so kind of a repeat saturday sunday, things start to really heat up. that's juneteenth and father's say snow. forget all the dads out the e in your life. however. that may represent to, you know, give him a little bit of love to tell him. thanks monday. that's the parade here in san francisco. and it's going to be a hot one. 93 degrees. the parade starts at about 11, 20 on monday. it goes down market street. it finishes at market and 6. that should end about 2 o'clock. so right in the heat of the day, then as we get into tuesday, wednesday and thursday, temperatures are really going to start to pump back up, hitting triple digits. that's mostly for inland areas next week. it's not going to be as hot as our last heat event. that's according to the national weather service. but
3:57 pm
that moderate heat risk for those areas is going to last from monday through wednesday. so it's going to be a hot one as we head into next week and still pretty warm also for that parade. and of course, we'll have full coverage for you of that parade coming up monday right here on kron 4. if you want to recap. we're going to have it for you at 3 o'clock. and that's going to wrap it up for us here during kron. 4 news at 3 o'clock on this friday. thank you so much for joining us. i'm justine waldman. have a great weekend. let's connect. in the meantime on instagram, twitter or facebook. we'll see you back here tonight at 5, 6, and also in prime time in honor of the dogs.
3:58 pm
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