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tv   KRON 4 News at 9  KRON  June 16, 2022 9:00pm-10:01pm PDT

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>> when fun time from the bay area's local news station. you're watching kron. 4 news at >> now at 9 people costs and the golden gate bridge are celebrating in their cars, most of them because the warriors or the 2022 nba champions. they brought 3 titles to the town and oakland across the bay. now, steph curry and company have brought one to the city. and what a night it is. is people celebrate the warriors 4th championship in the past 8 years. and we want to give you
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a live look over san francisco tonight where fans are sure to be celebrating well into the night. >> i was in north beach and it was to for joining us, everybody. i'm vicki liviakis and i'm grant lotus. what a special night everybody is fired up. we have team coverage of tonight's game kylen mills is live inside chase center where there was a big old watch party and kylen. that must have been such a fun night for you and everybody else. >> grant vicki ole, should he run chase center as the final buzzer sounded warriors fans could not be more thrilled. this team is her 2022. nba champions just 2 seasons ago. the worst of the worst record in the nba tonight. they have one of tiger fans were cheering, crying even after they saw the words accepting that trophy as we saw steph curry also getting emotional up there on the podium. fans
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just thrilled to be able to come here to chase center, get together and celebrate. this team even though game 6 was being played in boston at td garden. can still be they actually enjoy the fact that it was being late td garden because the words have officially shot. celtics fans up for good. there was a lot of back and forth in this series. several the fans talking to me about that right now saying it was all in good fun. they enjoyed the smack talk, but it's only fun if you come out on the right end of it. that's exactly what the words done by defeating the celtics in game 6. the swagg is officially out as well. i just received this nba champions warriors here right now. and i got to tell you, guys, i had a guy just come up to me. he offered me $500 for i'm not joking. said how much going to give you for this half $500? i did the right thing. so i did not accept the money. i told him they are selling champion here in the warriors fan chopped up and you can go online come out to chase center where they were shot by yourselves of champions. here it was wild. it was loud in here tonight. felt like the game was being
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played right here at chase center fans brought the energy and now they're going to be bringing that energy to the streets. watch out. people san francisco across the bay warriors fans are going to be taking over tonight. they're going to be popping champagne because they could not be more thrilled to see the warriors win nba title. for now live at chase center. i will send it back to you highland. you know, we're all in a celebratory when they first started out. >> a little scary. wasn't all that in stadium there tonight. >> at least it was funny to feel the in the game shipped and also feel the mood here at chase center ship. the worst got off to an atrocious started this game. then all of a sudden they went on a 29 to nothing run. you guys at the end of the 1st quarter going into the 2nd quarter and all of a sudden this place just came alive and started getting excited. they started really getting on their feet getting loud. they hear that energy straight through into the rest of the game. there also was a little bit of a pause in the
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4th quarter when the celtics but down the lead to under 10 points. they got within 8 or 9. people are kind of like, oh, they're not going away. we better stay on the edge of our seats here. but the worst finish it out. they got it done. and fans are able. >> we celebrate the here. and like i said, probably pop some champagne right about >> that a lot. know that i remember when they won in there was talk about how it still smelled like the next season going back island. you've been following this team for for years. it. yeah, practices, you know, these guys better we do people are watching can you give us a little insight about the kind of people they aren't? why maybe that played into their own ports, these guys are. >> jagr and one of the things that makes this warriors team so special is the camaraderie, the sense of team that is amongst the players, not
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there's no one player that he's too big of an ego. no one player who was a diva, they all play for each other and it's a team first attitude that makes this warriors so special. a funny story actually dream and prevention just a couple days ago at a practice before this game. he said that bob myers walked by the warriors on the flight actually to boston for game 6. he looked at steph curry, draymond green and klay thompson were all sitting around a table together on the plane. he said how crazy is this? 10 years later? you 3 are still sitting together, enjoying each other's company, chatting it up. how special is that? you just don't see that across the fda actually had a conversation with my husband. what is the last time you saw 3 stars genuinely be friends off the court. be so successful have such a great chemistry on the court for a decade. and you really just don't see that in sports. so i think that >> chemistry between the big 3 is one thing that is just so special about this team and then it carries over bleeds over into the rest of the players. how often do you see a star of the team coming off the bench in the playoffs?
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that's exactly what steph curry did earlier on when he was coming off that injury, the first round. and, you know, the other players follow his lead. so it all starts with steph the leader of this team. really does trickle down to the rest of the players. the team first added to the way they get along in the chemistry on and off. the court has led to so much success for golden state. you know, highland, i i want to just a moment point that out >> and that is one of interesting aspects of these guys. no matter how successful they are, they they have that aspect of it. >> humility and i hope that really translates to the kids in that and the fans. and because there's a lot to learn from that. i one of the quotes
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so no, i was just it may be thinking the other $3. >> i think, yeah, he doesn't even play anymore. he's become like coach. but in 2015, he was a star in his own right. >> but on the bench, he came off the required him to swallow some ego and it. reminded me of what, you know, stepped in in the beginning of these playoffs when he was coming off that injury and jordan poole started it. yeah, that is not normal for certainly superstars like staffed. >> and stars like andrea. but you're so right that that mentality leads over everyone else. and if they're willing to, you know, take a back seat for the betterment of the team. who is anyone else? someone not as palace. it to to have an ego problem that, you know, the defense, i keep talking about the defense, but he's going to kill me if i that team defense that the
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words. but defense is what one than this championship directly with that. >> oh, yeah. i completely agree spend the words identity all season and that's exactly what came through for them in this series. actually, look back in game 5 of the celtics are making a massive run in the 3rd quarter. and head coach steve kerr said our defense putting together a couple of stops is what kept us in this back down. instead they locked down defensively closing out the way they boxed out in the series really battling against a bigger team. the celtics for the bigger, the longer team. they're very, very strong inside. in the words, beat them up. >> on the boards, they beat them up on points in the paint in several games. and that just goes to show just how much heart and hustle the words put into this and then also defensive intensity was a major key to the series grant. i definitely couldn't agree more. i mean, we saw the words to 22% for precept free, not make a single 3 and they still are able to win a game. the warriors are team. it's
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predicated their offense of the 3 ball. they fire up threes left and right and of course they have to the greatest 3 point shooters and steph curry and klay thompson. yet they're able to win. they held the celtics a less than 100 points 3 times in this series. and that's huge factor. that's the reason they were able to get it done. i do agree with you on that are piling on the leave you with a little food for being, you know, kind of the dine and dish or hear all those naysayers who shipped. >> in boston who said that you should can cooked. let me tell it shot. very much can cook. >> and showed it tonight. so let's let that rest right there. >> and we are the champions. larry, in the back the way you guys there was fan who they kept showing on the videoboard here who was dressed in a full chef's outfit. kneecap doing like a little chef's hat said like aisha curry on it or something like that. so fans have been getting in on the chatted a little bit of the heaviness that's been fun to watch. but like i said earlier, it's only watching to
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come on the right end of it didn't do a little bit of gloating. so that's kind of fun, too. >> cooking any to reflect. okay. kylen mills, thank you so much. >> yeah, we thank island will be back to her. our sports director jason dumas says in boston will go to him live momentarily and we're going to be taking the conferences when coach kerr and all the players start talking let all the dust settle over there. but right now, dan thorn, he's standing by live for us right now at the stadium pub in walnut creek. is a whole bunch of warriors fans as warriors country out there. >> the quiet right now, dan. >> yeah, we still got plenty of people hanging out here celebrating the warriors championship. >> here. yeah. haha. but it certainly trying to get a run for its money right haha. we
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are the champions played here a short while ago. we had the mvp chants for curry. >> they're predicted this was going to happen in hand. and the boston at this here, been to the doctor that would play into this. wait for the parade. all man. what is it for nba titles in the 2020 15? right? yeah. fans again, just a handout. dona. some dance moves out here. wrap in the bay. yeah. haha. you know,
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they were they might maybe we're not popping the champagne and the white patients. and they've been out here throughout the night. with the them night. it's been a great party out here wow. yeah. i think all going to sleep pretty good after tonight. i think so. we know that she this year. big that was an awesome. >> stadium stadium public run for as well. you know, we had to represent because before early right, we can show the screens because the nba game was on or what not to say. hey, we're changing channels, run on kron 4, the bay area's local news good business for us sure. was their moment tonight in the course of the game where, you know that the
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people in there just went nuts and you could really kind of it. yes, sense the energy and the momentum going in the worriers direction. sure. i mean, after that 1st quarter, though, right? it was pretty quiet here. when it when it was a 12 to in the first. and then finally the warriors going that 21 o run and then >> they didn't look back, right? it was the 3rd quarter. that was maybe the point where we saw fans getting a little more nervous because i think at the end of the 3rd quarter, i'm not a sports reporters. it on. don't go completely hoping to this, but i'm pretty sure there was a 14 to 2 run heading into the 4th quarter. the warriors the lead. one man, you know, boston look like they start to make a comeback. it was jaylen brown show there for the for the celtics jayson tatum know it seems like he didn't really show up tonight and they really needed that they were going to stay competitive. i guess warriors team so if there were any moments where fans were a little nervous, it was the 1st quarter, the end of the 3rd quarter. but
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outside of nobody was looking back. >> have you been giving out hugs and high-fives. >> every once in a while, you know, once in a while, a few hugs and and how could you not? right? i mean, we've got some hands out here, as you can this is you know what maybe we should is we're going to do what is going make it all about that right? having a little too excited is that somebody say, hey, you got to get out. >> klay thompson, all star having a good time. and let me warn you late. yeah, that is a klay thompson all started yet. >> party town walnut tree at stadium of is so you know, it. so yeah. haha. worst first and
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safe and having fun just now getting worked up with fact that it just to make sure you're a-okay peace and love too. >> who are hearing our producer to say talk about the freeway closures, what's closed and okay, you know, so it makes perfect sense right? that the town is san francisco's just i made my way to to north beach and even just at the beginning of the game. >> bars were completely packed. crowds were pouring out of the plane. would you >b i want to, you know, original joe's, which you know, which essential my trust me. a lot of people were out and about, you know, the part in san francisco is ready to party. we're going to able to update you on some of the road closures in san francisco. the san francisco police, a chp. they've all given us an indication that they're going to be out tonight to make sure that everyone behaves himself say what they're closing on and off ramps. the some of the
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freeways. yes. so it's going to be a slow go heading home tonight and the czechs take it easy on out there. >> in boston, yes, you know, fans understandably a little. let's excited to man austin went on that run and then all the sudden the worries just >> punch in the mouth. sports director jason dumas, u.s. live in boston. >> hey, j. how is that championship? >> can you hear us? there you go. >> a mandate. i can hear you g the celebrations. are this getting started here in boston. obviously we saw that memorable trophy ceremonies, death. finals, mvp. first time in his career, klay thompson back on the mountaintop after missing 2 and a half years of basketball, draymond green randolph said he talking about back to usual self winning championships and there you in
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there. there was man great right behind us. we've kind of see the quiet after the storm there in the locker room. still partying going crazy. but out here out here, hey, jason, a lot of family members, a lot what you get in the locker room with him and we've got steve kerr the podium. so we'll check back in with you in a minute. >> i see i can get in there that fort knox in coach will get back to it. going to take >> you know, dream on at the end of the year staff at the end of the year. a lot of young guys, it kind of a new a new group around our core, i should say. it's really special to see. guys like wigs and and loon. and gary just
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how far they've the impact they may. jordan poole. same thing. know i'm going to forget people, but it a full team effort to do this and we just had a great got it done. >> go next to dan on the right. >> it's to do what you must you've been around greatness, a town in your what do you make of staff? and does he still kind of put you into all the way? maybe he did the first year. you're with him. he because what he does at his size is so different from, you know, the >> traditional greats in this i've said it many times. stef reminds me so much of tim t players, but from a a just a humanity standpoint from a talent humility, confidence.
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is this wonderful combination that just? you makes everybody will want to win for him. obviously thrilled for everyone in that and a lot of lot of people had the began in this. but i think the thing with with steph you know, without him, none of this happens, you know, and that's not taking anything away from. joanne peters ownership because they're amazing built an incredible organization. myers held the gm and, you our players. we've had so many great players, but staff. ultimately is, you know why this run has much like jimmy in san antonio. and so i'm happy for everybody, but i'm thrilled for staff to me. this is his crowning achievement
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in. what what's already been an incredible career >> howard, on the left. >> our victims were steve on the broadcast. jeff gundy said this and i think he meant this as a compliment. but this is the least talented group that you guys have won a championship with. and again, i think you meant that partially coming to you and your staff. it was different for that reason. how do you think you guys managed to to to reach this height again with if you agree with that premise. a less talented group. and as you said against, obviously a very tough defense and been boston kind of what shone through with all that. >> well, i think. that is all relative, right? i mean, we had coming around for 3 years with this core group. those teams were we're untouchable. you know this. this team has been compared to our first championship team in in 15.
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maybe there are some similarities, this is still really talented group of players. you know, not taking anything away from jeffs common, but it i think it's he's speaking relatively. our defense was spectacular in this especially the last 3 the celtics. have the best defense in the league. but we are right behind them i think what made this group really special besides the obvious with with staff. was the defensive intensity and versatility. and for that no dream on as a guide. a to point to the leader of it all. the additions of wigs. i'm gary payton, the return of the emergence of loon. it all factored in i've been really lucky to be part of a lot of these in my career and i i
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have yet to see a team that was an elite win a championship so to me, that's that's what got this team over. the hump in the playoffs was are our defense? >> mark back. great. >> marcus spears espn to escape steve clay was not in any rush to leave the stage. and he seemed to really like relishing this moment. can you talk about that and also everything that he overcame to become a champion. again. yeah, i mean, it. >> the the anguish that clay felt over the last, you know, 3 years. i don't know that. i mean, people can guess as to what it is like. but we we saw up close you know, between. i second your long and losing what he loves to do most in you know, playing the game. it's been a rough go for him.
9:23 pm
his special for us on and off the floor because of what he's meant to the organization, what he's done for this team. and that, of course, is play mean his. his two-way ability is up at the top of the league. so throw for climb. >> last question for coach in the back. >> and steve which s p and you talked about this mean the crowning achievement for staff having been around jordan and dunkin. what does the finals mvp due for a player of that caliber superstar? and was that may be the only thing he was missing. >> no, he's missing an olympic gold medal. and i think he really has to focus on being on the 24 olympic team. i think that's that's the last thing for his >> couldn't resist. yeah. you know, honestly that they the whole finals mvp who's going to have gary? jason is. okay.
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we're has been so impact. all right. we were getting some information from our we love hearing from kerr, but we're going to toss to jason dumas. he is live in boston. >> where he is an in interview with the gary payton. jason. >> big night huge night. we're live here at td garden back in boston. with the legend gary got to see your baby boy win an nba championship was a feeling like that. >> it was with 6 years. and you know, you don't they coming to make a good impression with it and he mirrors so many of your characteristics in some of gary's been on our show all year long. hoopsession. he says a lot of his just second nature like, you know, even talk about basketball all that
9:25 pm
much. sometimes you notice that when you watch him play that i just have so many similarities with the green. is the toughness willing to do whatever it takes to win it? >> plays just like me. you know, that's just coming be around basketball time and always >> there was always the kid this study. let me a lot it. he looked videos take and that's they're not basketball right now is there. and so he throws goes press we stay guys in and that's makes him a little different basketball player. it's got a lot of town is and knows him. it's all up. thank you so much down, legendary paying baby boy, an nba champion. >> we're going to send it back to you guys in the payton here, steph i got way.
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>> special. just all the work that went into it out of the faith and belief and everybody in the locker room this, you in spray champagne around the locker everybody mattered in that and just about everybody. >> kendra back right. and and as you can stuff and i think there's like 2 seconds left on the clock. you sat down on the on the baseline head in your hands. i'm assuming maybe you're feeling and thinking a lot of things you just explained. but what what was going through your head in that moment in particular? >> i mean, the less 2 months of the playoffs, last 3 years. last 48 hours, every bit of it. there's been a emotional roller coaster. on and off the floor. you care and all of that. on a daily basis to try to realize a dream and a goal that we did tonight. you get goose bumps just thinking you know, all those snapshots. so
9:27 pm
that we went through to get back here. individually collectively. i just want to say, i think this championship is different last minute, some emotions and still will just because it would take to get back here. and the fact that and we started the season. you know, a lot of conversation about who we were as a team and what we're clearly remember some experts and talking he's putting up the big 0. how many championships would have going forward? because everything that we went through soon. we hear all that you carry a do try to you maintain your purpose? not let it a distraction, but you carry a that way and they get here. it all comes out. special. >> it's on the left. >> so there's the along those same lines. couple seconds left get that you kind of just. disappear off the floor.
9:28 pm
you out for a second. if you look like you into you hug. >> it is. how comfortable are you with those like you said, letting emotions out in that way. was it? overwhelming? but what was the emotions like? >> because definitely overwhelming. it was surreal just because you know how much he went through. you know, to get back to the station. nobody unless you've been on that floor. you know. you just grind today and they kind of talking >> you just me personally, my my workouts for most we lost him play in tournaments been a year and 6 days and i started the process of getting ready for the season. you know, paid off. didn't know how it's going to happen. didn't know what the environments going to be like. you imagine what the emotions are going to be light, but it it is different. so. you know, there on the
9:29 pm
floor. i and i just lost that no clock was kind of running out. but just wanted to take in the moment because, you know, is that special? >> david, on the left staff, they've altered the athletic. i'm left of the >> that >> is amazing. one of one of the great treats of all championship teams, his talent, of course, some coaching. but it also is stubbornness just being stubborn. and can you describe the level of stubbornness that your core group u.s. had the last 3 years? clay coming back from the injuries to let joe spend whatever it takes to you, you know, continuing to revamp and challenge yourself to be still great dream on
9:30 pm
kind reinventing himself, too. >> i like that word because got talking about. and there it is that you hear going into this season's especially. coming off the 2 years prior were. larry had the worst record in the lead. we injuries. i'm scratching and clawing trying to get to the and just get a playoff berth. we definitely had that mentality that. our belief and faith and what we can do and are kept saying it all year, our championship dna and who the leadership of my so dream. moon clay. all that stuff matters. you carry that through the 3 years, not knowing has cleaned up. all you can do is control that belief. >> and behind the scenes and how you show up every single day. >> you might that. and then when it comes time to take
9:31 pm
advantage of an opportunity, things clicked. i remember 2 months ago, i was injured. we were this line and defensive rating. we've kind of our way into the postseason. and we clearly said like we have to peak at the right time, not know what our attention is going to look like. not knowing the commission is going lie because that's what the situation called for. then we did. i guess crazy thing well, the do so manifest year, your destiny in in a certain way and stubbornness of like who we are matters more than what anybody saying about us. were last question for staff in the middle? >> and then you will do you feel like this one means a little bit morning said hits different, but the feel-like like different better given everything that you guys have been through and all the the everything that was said about
9:32 pm
you guys over the last few years with the injuries and you missing time claiming some time you guys come back? is this just a bit a better feeling than past ones? mean, this. >> the moment when you get it done is different. but >> the result already that's comparable is all kind of the same because you let now your motions of the years. and, you know, you know, last team standing to celebrate a championship. i say this one is different because >> those, you know. 15 to 19, it was kind steady climb to getting to the championship and whether you won or lost, you kind of just let it all out there. you know, these last 2 years and conversations. there it is. we're tool, you >> the parallel timelines of developing young guys and keeping our core together. all those tough decisions that we had to make. that weighs on you for much time as we're
9:33 pm
going through it. >> and then >> you get to the point where? and a playoff series because you know you, denver and the memphis and dallas and get to like right here and and then you get to the finish line. that's why this one is definitely different because of just the 3 years of baggage we carry coming out of that game 6 in 2019. i say it now, but i don't know how many teens who carried for as long as we have with the expectations of, you know, comparing the u.s. now 2 teams, the past. and make it to tune out on top against a lot of people in locker room they're doing this to the fullest and they because of you know who we are as a team. 3. pretty amazing. >> thanks, steph. we'll have
9:34 pm
auto porter junior and looney up together. recording stopped. >> he has stopped and who we we'll get you back to the press conferences. but he he mentioned the struggles and the warriors won 15 games, just 15 games in that 19, 2020 season this year they won. 53 and they won the championship. so if anybody thought it was easy, i love the quote from him. you manifest your destiny, even that when other people are saying otherwise. >> their fighters and what hey they're properly stubborn. you need to take a
9:35 pm
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call today. >> great here. >> and welcome back, everybody case you don't know the does or your 2022 nba champions tonight. >> steph curry, the mvp. is the warriors close out. the celtics in boston in 6. what >> night? yes, steph. curry and visuals, right. put another ring on his finger and then the emotions way. it's actually reality. hard to believe or not, because they just such a special group, by the way, we can talk about it now. there will be a parade in san francisco down market street on monday set to start at around 11 o'clock a little after 11 o'clock monday morning. that beef sports director jason dumas back with us now. he is live in boston on the court with more on what
9:38 pm
is a raucous celebration for 4 years and all of nation. jason. >> jason, mike, you've got to check he's going to grab man of the hour here with me. this is an assistant coach for mike brown. might you know, you've been at this stage before, what made this so special? you know, just just new group of for to be able to see the new group step especially moments where they where they've never before the way there to be here. but we're here. we've got >> you can add a new role this year. your defensive coordinator steve klay, steph. they were all raving about the defensive adjustments that you made throughout the season. there are so in tune with everything going on with that adjustment like for you because they defended their butts off this series. you
9:39 pm
said they all just play as hard as they could, especially when needed. and, you know, we just have a special group and you have a group of guys players does it play connected as they as much as they do it. it makes my job. steve is job everybody else on the step so i just feel forced to less luck. you have to want to call it to be a part. >> and i know you're enjoying the moment now, but how special knowing that this is kind of the last moments with this year grew as you go on to years, 6 talk about the city. it's about the fans, the the one organization. just an unbelievable feeling to be a part of else. but i'm chance of second man on a look at that right? we'll do some hey, go have fun of the miss. seeing you in union free. she
9:40 pm
a team and mike brown >> we're having fun tonight, guys. as mike brown got do carry over review. we've got a lot of players trickling back onto the court really continue to exclusive interviews for you guys. tonight a night of celebration. the warriors have nba championships last 8 years. but as you wake up said, this was probably the most unlikely of them no one expected them to be here. so it's going to be a fun night. send it back to you guys, because i'm sure there's people at the podium that you've got all want to but as they trickle road, we've got to get the shot of your lakers. almost looked like he was just he's going over here. you don't we'll get on the way out send it back to you jason. i mean, it's kind of crazy that the words of losing too valuable coaches you had mike brown, kenny as well. >> can you just give us a
9:41 pm
little insight. having been around the coaching staff and the team. yeah. >> how important those guys are to help steve kerr and and what you think this team has moving forward. i know we want to celebrate tonight, but, you know, you think the warriors can do it again next year >> they could. they have a lot of pieces coming back. even though it's difficult thing to do, they're used to it. they send coaches coaching jobs because they have great pedigree. we see willie green right now. the really successful in new orleans. like you said, kenny atkinson, he'll be in charlotte, mike brown, who will be in sacramento and speaker. he's doing he's going to have to reload that bench and there's guys waiting in the wings. this guys bring in. but that's what happened when you're successful franchise. you see it happen with the patriots and bill belicheck. you see happen with some of these other guys around every sport. when you're successful, people
9:42 pm
are really, you know, they benefit from it. you know, that's what's happening with them. but it's a very tight knit by tight knit closure. what sorry. you heard me, joe crowley, mike brown. at the end of our interview, i miss seeing you in union square. i swear just by chance i see mike brown like once a around union square, a very personable hit players love where we see and do it. hilo, come behind the camera. if they have great you know, he's just that kind of night. everybody is having you know, bottles craft for a little bit. you know what i mean? but it's all in. good i know you mentioned that dell curry was there. you know, there was a really just a profound special moment between dallas and staff. >> would love to hear from dell. if you can it's neck and maybe a little later on. we'll get back to i will be i will be honest. i will work. my
9:43 pm
tail is not talking to us tonight. he told me that politely good right as he should be, baby boy does want to finals mvp. so so are people going into the locker where where the champagne flowed and then just kind of meandering back out onto the court? i saw a tweet from anthony slater, buddy from the athletic who said the whole team. >> at one maybe 20 minutes ago they were spraying champagne and they were chanting the chance to dream on that. all the fans in boston had been yelling at raman chant, which is, you know, kind of hilarious. but is is that the deal? people are going to celebrate that coming back out onto the court that soak up the arena atmosphere. that's exactly what's going on. people going in people going out having their fun. i think the champagne celebration, at least the official one is over. so some of the nba, the
9:44 pm
players are coming back coming no foul man were either one. >> have to do some interviews. a lot of a lot of their family and friends are still out here as well. so they're coming out to see damage and hang out. everybody is going in and out. i don't think there's any structured plan is just a whole lot of fun and celebration, which is good for to go grab the annual by me. >> okay. great. a speed of fun and celebration. we will get back to you. going to turn now to our taylor she is she live for in san jose tonight at rookie sports bar. >> a taylor. he is. >> and vicki, a we've seen celebrations from all across the bay area tonight and in san jose, it was pretty wild as we all watch that when, of course, things have died down a little bit. now over here down in san jose. i'm sure people are taken to some other
9:45 pm
streets taken to the bars and of course, maybe continuing celebrations at home. but earlier today, if you check out that video that we shot as soon as we found out that the warriors became nba champions. i mean, just listen to the sound of that's a beautibul ring to it. people were and let people were so excited here and not for a moment of a doubt that this win was going to happen have to admit we saw all one or 2 celtics fans in that room. and, you know, they didn't have the easiest time. but i'll tell you, it has been all fun and games down here in san jose. the and some of the they they said that they were ready. they they call this game 6. and this is what some of them had to say. >> for 2 years, 941 days back and is a winning a championship with the thing to do was like that.
9:46 pm
>> i like how they termed it that it has been a fairytale tonight and the celebrations you saw them earlier. you see them continue and we only have more to look forward to. of course, the parade coming up this week and just a lot of celebrations heading into the weekend for the bay area. that's the latest here live in san jose. until reporting back to you taylor, you know, a lot of happy fans out there tonight for sure right now we want to take you >> andrea good ally and gary payton, the second, both of are getting ready to go skiing. it looks >> been able to do that as a handful. you know, you have celtics obviously a few times. the lakers, the bulls spurs
9:47 pm
little more spread out. you know, they were able to, you know, it didn't make jobs organization. but >> what we you know, you're watching when times magic 30 for 30 last dance. all those things stand test of time. but it's only a few of this falls right in line with that in. that's probably the most beautiful thing in. >> you need you know, you need to have a certain type fabric and remind was, you know that the balance between 2 guys who grew up in the nba, you know, when they are hammering by, you know, the world. we live in as professional athletes and nicholas and glamour and our culture with the warriors is, you know, a little more carefree and loose, you know, but sometimes that can you know, take you out, you know, looking last, you're not making the playoffs on the turnovers. they had, you know, the last 2 games to to getting in. i think 3 months discipline, his hunger is focus. you know, it's to nasa t he's a great bounce in those 2 guys. so, you know, seeing and hearing and he doesn't get
9:48 pm
enough credit for, you know, brain in. you know it. it brings it is to game of basketball. it's such a beautiful thing for him to. we knew come together, you know, talked about in a podcast 0.4 where, you know, wasn't worried about i think i think game the 40's. he didn't play well on pointy game for ya. 2 points a hit. a points and 8 rebounds, 9 he was he was a triple-double without the points in the guys had a triple-double without point how many times that happening in the issue. so, you know. he's brass and years. the wait. he is who he is. but when you need them, he shows up in tonight. triple-double alert was right there just really happy for him and his future as the new media. you know, the sky's the limit for him. >> next question here in the middle. moment 100 talking about mostly draymond and also the fabric of the warriors winning organization has a obviously the the goggles her
9:49 pm
for that champagne celebration, too. keep the eyes clean. and when he wasn't playing, he was there for spiritual okay. let's go and check back in with pilot mill. she is been a chase center this evening and the highland it's all cleared out. >> your observations at this time of the evening. >> well, i'm just taking a deep breath because it was pure joy and so loud in here after the final buzzer sounded for years, fans thrilled to death just to see their team become nba champions once again for the 4th time in 8 years. what this team accomplished was nothing short of incredible. they finish last in the league just 2 years ago. last season they missed the playoffs after losing in a play in game tonight. they are the best team in the nba. they also got some swag already ready here at chase center, also for sale and warriors dot com nba champion warriors gear ready to go for fans. fans are pouring into a watch party here at chase center, starting at 5 o'clock. huge crowds of
9:50 pm
fans. this place was sold out for this event even though they could make it to boston fans made sure to make the atmosphere here at chase center really special. it felt like the game was being played here. people were chanting, screaming, mvp chance for warriors star steph curry rang out several times throughout the evening. people were just so so pumped up throughout the game. it started a little slow for the warriors and fans on the edge of their seats for a bit. and then the words just exploded. going on a 29 to nothing run to end the 1st quarter going into the 2nd quarter. fans were on their feet just going absolutely wild here. >> and then once they saw the worst finish this off, people were just crying, hugging, laughing. it was just full of emotion here at chase center. you guys. it's hard to describe how joyful fans spoke to several after that final buzzer. here's the reaction towards becoming nba champions. once again.
9:51 pm
>> i >> players said after this finals game that this championship means more because of all the adversity, this team he's faced just 2 years ago. they finished last in the league. they were dealing with a host of injuries to their core players last season. they missed the playoffs. now they are in pa champions. it just proves so much more to the fans out there and also to the doubters
9:52 pm
out there. fans of the same thing. they feel like this one means more. seems like there was so much more emotion amongst the team and also the warriors fan base. just really fun to watch here at chase center. you guys for now live in san francisco and i'll send it back to you. yeah. stubbornness a big factor haha. good to be stubborn in some cases. thanks so much. keilar. thanks. thanks. kylen. >> our ella sogomonian. she's been keeping a key eye on social media for us tonight. i'm so what are they saying? >> well, as you can imagine, celtics fans are taking a brutally honest look at the outcome of this game while wondering what exactly happened about one guy who had a celtics 2022. when tattooed on his arm hoping he's alright tonight. meanwhile, dubnation is fired up for the 4th win again in 8 seasons in the san francisco skyline reflects at win. take a look as local landmarks are lit up in blue and gold in honor of the wind and quite tower has that project an image of the dubs
9:53 pm
logo, as you can see up on their twitter page, sales force towers also illuminated in team colors, too. and of course, the golden state's governor is giving props to the dubs by saying warriors, nba champs, never in doubt what a team. what a year. london breed as well saying warriors, congrats on bringing another championship back home and showing the doubters that we're still here, the entire bay area, so proud of you now and it's time to celebrate in the city. so we're also going to hear now from klay thompson who are speaking out there in boston. i mean, >> i'm just. at a loss for words at times because news is possible but to be here in real time. i want to be vice one joint. every second is on a fleeting. it can be. but a tiny here on the left. i was just going to ask you. about not wanting to leave the
9:54 pm
>> but what was that? you are up there with steph. their you know, in just enjoying the moment, lot of dance in the summer. yeah. dance was that like of their? what were you feeling when you're? a man? i was feeling. >> absolutely incredible. i was feeling so high on life that i did not want to leave the stage and i just know how hard this is. and to be here for a 4th time like so grateful for my teammates like i sought to be a season. people call me crazy. said championship or bust because i saw what how we came out the gate 18, 2. and plan just that warriors brand of basketball miss a successful and then knowing i was going to be certain that i knew we had a chance to so special. and here we are like this is so so incredible. well. >> go next to daniel in the
9:55 pm
middle. daniel bell, step said that this one hits different than the other 3 given everything you guys have been through and everything that was said about you guys. do you feel that something? a lot of chatter. a lot of chatter. >> a lot of doubters. >> you know what? you put that your fuel tank and you just keep going. >> and it does definitely a different mic. the guys we integrated here, we can not be here without whether it was weeks who is around the corner, somewhere use. >> that man made my life so easy. i said do his job. i'm looking at him like that is exhausting. really got to get buckets and guard the best player. that's crazy. >> jordan poole, his the guys picked up free agent agency like and belly about come on, looney the man and a 22 rebound game. just all around. all down the board like and this was beyond the guy's got big minutes and playoffs guys
9:56 pm
like want us and damion lee. who are ready when they're called upon. and one is big games, the regular season. so this was a collective effort and strength in numbers is alive and well. there's one player in the grizzlies who tweeted strength in numbers after they beat us in the season and it me off so much. i can't wait to retweet that freaking i had to watch the adams like these freakin clown. okay. sorry. i remember just marcus, like you never been there before. we've been there. we know it to be here again. hold that. >> last couple first play marc spears with her fingers. can you believe it? it wasn't enough. we're coming back right? >> i got a memory like alpha know, forget and there's a lot when we brought this one interview for the first time and i forgot, but it was right
9:57 pm
by broadway. i forgot the name, but i remembers downtown oakland. and i don't the you to guess four-time art. you probably like heck, no. what? to be here again, this is incredible. okay. be in you know. >> about baby and trying to >> well, it's been a part of story since i was a child. my father was the first foreign born number one. pick you before. we believe that for air canada, there's a bahamas soho. i know my family is in nassau watching and we had a tough you lose in our uncle calling who is such a a big part of our family's oldest brother of mine. but that side and he was a legend on the island. i love the bahamas. all my heart. mike. i love visiting my grandparents. my cousins when i was a kid,
9:58 pm
can't wait to go back to celebrate with all my family this i just think about them all the time. we've not only myself but our families face adversity last few years is michael paul. my uncle. calling him patty. it was an. with life. things go on. so i just keep them in my heart. when i go out there who? >> last one, sam in the middle. >> like you said, memory like an elephant in tonight. you've got the celtics crowd that has been giving it to everybody dream on more than anybody series. yeah. and i'm sure you enjoyed when staff is. 3rd quarter saying put a ring on my finger. you know, i'm just talk about not only the environment, you know, but last week, both you guys said they were 2015 lives and you can use that series out in cleveland. just what was that like? >> i just knew it would be here before. and it was a saying it was like deja vu. same feelings like. the 2 feel like we couldn't get any good
9:59 pm
flow. just like back in 2015, the cast had a number and we just stuck with it. we grind out a tough game for. and now to be i mean, steph was incredible tonight. i'm so happy for him to get that finals. mvp. some freakin bozo saying you needed it. i don't think i think he's pretty much established what he can do. but to see him earn that. i mean, he's one of the greatest ever and we are following his lead and gosh, that was awesome. was series. >> evidence there. why we all love place so much right assemble. fish was on it, right? i'm really looking forward to the series now with the warriors in the grizzlies in memphis. haha, that's going to be fun. i mean, he just let it rip kidney. that's why it's clay so loved by warriors say it's what a night. but you get
10:00 pm
i think was standing out most to me as i hear all of them talk is how deeply they felt the need to to make this happen. i mean, deeply is that, you know, be behind all the injuries. the you one thing do it in the locker room. they show staff saying what are they going say now? what are they going to say that that the you know, it wasn't just about we want to win. it was something else. they were proving. >> who they they shouldn't have to do that. they should have to a point. but this meant that's why it meant so much take away kids. if you're watching takeaways through adversity, you pull together work as a family. some people are strong. one moment there week. the next to stand by one another report. accident you learn from your mistakes. and there's a guy with a tattoo in boston who just learned that lesson. >> and bhp. alright, guys taking away all give more. coming up on the


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