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tv   KRON 4 News at 9  KRON  May 26, 2022 9:00pm-10:01pm PDT

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>> when fun time from the bay area's local news station. you're watching kron. 4 news at >> in the arena outside the arena in bars in your living room. dubnation electric. tonight, the warriors beating the mavericks won 20 to one 10 just a little while ago. the dubs are now headed back to the nba finals for the 6th time in 8 years. just a remarkable run for this dynasty. thank you for joining us tonight on kron. 4 news at 9, everybody. i'm grant lotus and i'm vicki liviakis. the warriors won in game 5 tonight to a complete their gentleman's sweep. >> at home. >> detonation. a pretty fired up at the chase center. we do have team coverage of tonight's big win kron four's
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sports director. jason dumas he is standing by courtside with all your highlights. but first day, our first gayle ong joins a set with how the fans are feeling after tonight's win. gail, i imagine i'm over the moon. >> yeah, vicki and nothing but pure joy. the moment after the warriors take game 5 here at home, which is what a lot of fans are, of course, hoping for. they said they had no doubts that it was a packed house. tonight. we want to show you the video earlier just about half an hour ago. what a difference it makes. the team had a celebration on the court after the game. steph curry won mvp and he even talked about the fans and thank them for their support. and the crowd went wild. >> i would do doubt whatsoever.
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>> and i am holding the new. >> western conference champs t-shirts. the players debut them tonight after the game and dubnation. >> we'll all get one if they attend game one next thursday. here at chase center. a great night to be a warriors fan. they are grateful they bounce back from tuesday's game and they are excited. once again, they are advancing to the nba finals. reporting live from chase center, gayle ong kron. 4 news. all right, gail, yeah, you got the t-shirt and the ink is barely dry. >> bring home some swag. will you all right, gail, well, just a dominating performance from the warriors tonight when they needed it. >> most steph curry was named the first ever western conference finals mvp. that's a thing now. but klay thompson really stepped up leading the way with 32.8, 3 pointers for
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the guy who has been decimated by injuries. yeah. klay thompson really coming through it. kron four's a sports director. jason dumas joins us now live from chase center to break down all the highlight. what a jason. >> kind of big grand already broke it down for i heard i road gale. he had to share it. well, i'll do you one better. he we've got a hat western conference champions for the 6th time in 8 years. >> what a run for this organization. they've been the beacon of success, the beacon of consistency, a great game from start to finish and draymond said after this game that this one is the sweetest given all the adversity that they have been through this. take a quick recap and look at some highlights of the night. started out loud here. i'm telling you, i've been at chase center all postseason. and this was one of the best crowds of they season. started to play. you know, he had a 3
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pointer. he got going early, had one of his best game, got a call in close out clay. now. >> and obviously step got in on the fun. he had a 3 pointer here. the celebration ensues. the warriors. >> you know what? they're going to know finals again. we do not know who they will play at tomorrow. boston to miami. they play a game 6. miami is on the brink of elimination. that game is in boston. so we'll have to wait and see. the warriors could find out as soon as tomorrow who they play. but game one of the nba finals will be thursday, june 2nd, we're going to have all the coverage you handle leading up to thursday, including tonight, a 15 minute sports coupe session. i'm sorry with kylen mills joining me and it's going to be a fun night here chase center and is going to be a fun week at we lead into the nba finals. like grant said off the top. this really has just been a dynasty and this year probably is the
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most impressive run out of all of those years giving all they've been through over the last 2 years. no more kd people said katie rescue this franchise. well, katie is watching this at home right now. good ol reliable, steph curry and the gang back in the nba finals and get this. steve kerr. he is now 18 in western conference playoff series it's got to be a record of some sort guys. >> it's like the old guys at the ymca who the young guns just can't be. you know, they they got the moxie it and the cool thing, jason, about this warriors team is how they've incorporated the young guys and, you know, added wiggins who has really stepped up and become a key part of this team and the fans, you know, they just love this squad so much. yeah, it's a great synergy. let's hope it keeps on going. yeah, it. >> you hit the nail on the head. grant. you've got, you know, wiggins and otto porter,
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important parts of this team. they haven't been here before. they're experiencing this for the first time. then you have coming. the eu have moses moody playing beyond their years is a great blend of youth newcomers and then the 3 pillars, as we know, steph, klay and dray just a really unique team day here. and as ,ou said, the fan base has really latched on to these guys. >> all right. jason, quick question for you. what do you call your show again? when you call it color hoop session group sessions, you might want to rename it hoop session. concours hoop session that will call blah. sessions. a lot of hoops lot tonight. the brow yesterday showing the pretty sure have back to throughout the night. >> what a game at chase. and game one of nba finals. it is next week. tickets already on sale for that one. it will be next thursday, june 2nd. so they get a week off and the
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prices are at parity on stuff up $770 for the cheapest ticket as of right now. so people trying to want to see what the share market will bear heisey of folks will pay. and as you get closer to the game, chances are those numbers will come down. but we shall see. speaking, we shall see legacy. the transamerica pyramid to building a very iconic san francisco shot thereafter. >> kind of a winning evening. yeah, i'm just everybody just fired up tonight there. that is excited i needed to avoid this week. sure. yeah. something even have a championship back here in the bay area. that's the first one right at that stadium. >> maybe something else that going to be rocking the chase of folks, they're going to get a good taste of that fog out there to that is rolling in getting thick out there for tonight pushing inside the bay and well inland overnight tonight probably will see a little drizzle coast side, too, right out there toward the golden gate bridge. beautiful shot out toward the bridge right now. and what a change. we've had, the weather
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and this past. 24 hours. boy, temperatures really coming down all the way down to 62 degrees members almost 80 degrees in san francisco just 2 days ago. oakland checking in at 69 and boy, san jose 79 degrees. how about a little more? remember yesterday we set a record of 102 degrees in livermore. they they were. 22 degrees cooler at 80 degrees. only 69 are in the 90's in concord yesterday. and 63 degrees in santa rosa. so these numbers you get that seabreeze that just that change in the wind direction means everything for the weather in the bay area. cool low temperatures down outside bringing up the humidity and really bringing an end of fire danger to the humidity running way up there near 90 plus percent. 100% near the coastline and more of that on shore breeze continuing. you can see the clouds rolling on shore pushing on shore right now. you see the arrows, those the winds the fog probably all the way through the delta tonight and probably the sacramento valley. that's how strong of a push it's going to be. there's a cold front out there actually bring some rain
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up in the pacific northwest. you can see some of those scattered showers in that direction. not seeing that here just yet. but there's a chance we could see a couple raindrops in the bay area over the holiday weekend. we'll tell you where coming up in a few minutes. >> that is the painful sound of families with students inside robb elementary school. they are begging police to save their children. a law enforcement agencies tonight are now under fire over how they responded to that tragedy that killed 19 students and 2 teachers say authorities revealed the gunman was inside the school for over an hour before law enforcement killed him justine waltman. has the latest. >> i know how long the little girl. as right, that parents
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who lost their children in the uvalde school shooting are upset. the gunman was inside the school for over an hour. heard the shots, you know, they we're going to go back. >> their lives are ago, but their drops was to lead the way to the first 9-1-1. call came in at 11, 30 after the gunman shot his grandmother in the face and crashed her car. police revealed he had with him a rifle and a bag of ammunition. he then shot at 2 people outside and then started shooting at the school. he walked in under strucked it initially. so from. >> the grandmother's house to the barbie age to the school it to the school. he would not confronted by anybody at 11, 40. the gunman entered the school through an unlocked door. multiple rounds, numerous rounds. >> discharged. in the school. >> discharged. in the school. loca scene at about 11. 45 by then
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the gunman had made his way inside a classroom. police say he shot at 2 officers who then called for backup during this time that they're making those calls to bring in help to solve this problem and stop it immediately. there are also evacuating personnel. personnel, students. teachers. there's a lot going on about an hour later. u.s. border patrol tactical teams arrived and began trying to get inside the school. finally, they were able to kill the gunman victims. families say it took too long and i know it is it's hectic. it was chaos. but still, i believe there should have been lower. we're creating for for. it will be expected. the small town. could lives have been saved if police went in sooner and what happened during that hour inside the school, all questions the police department in uvalde is investigating in the newsroom.
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i'm justine waldman. kron. 4 news and the proper procedures during mass shootings have changed over time. tonight. kron four's dan kerman speaks with the former swat team member. >> about how it was, how it is now and what questions need to be asked about exactly what just happened in texas. >> when looking at police response to mass shootings, the protocol up to and during 1999, ce columbine massacre was quite different. the officers did engage the subjects in the parking lot. >> but then they follow what the standard protocol was when officers were outgunned >> they they waited for tactical teams to respond. security consultant brian higgins is a lecturer at the john jay college of criminal justice. >> and retired bergen county police chief in swat team member. he says after columbine, the protocol changed waiting for tactical team is not the answer. officers will respond. have to go in immediately so long as
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the shootings occurred. initial reports suggest police in uvalde, texas initially followed protocol by engaging the shooter. 4 minutes after he entered robb elementary school. but then were driven back by gunfire. then an hour passed before tactical team re entered the school and took out the shooter. but we need to know is did the shooter stopped shooting number one? >> and where their victims in this in this room who had not been wounded yet. higgins says if that was the case. >> there can be an argument made for waiting to re enter the classroom. if there are victims who were not injured still in the room with this subject. if the officers enter and they're not prepared, they don't have the the the equipment and the tools. >> to go waiting gauges subject, then they may create more injuries and more deaths and they don't want that. so there's this balancing act. we'll have we'll have to get more information to see. it wasn't a balancing act. and
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what were what were the tactics at the time? dan kerman kron, 4 news. also just announced today president biden and the first lady will visit uvalde on sunday. >> for more on that and all the latest developments with this story. you can use your phone to scan this qr code here that will take you directly to our website. kron 4 dot com. today marks one year since the mass shooting at the santa clara vta light rail yard. >> 9 employees were killed by a co-worker and the gunman took his own life after the shooting. >> today there were a number of events that paid tribute to the victims as well as the survivors there, including a private memorial at the railyard. a candlelight vigil was held this morning for employees and their families. a vta train blew its horn 10 times to honor the 9 victims of the shooting at 10th employee who took their own life after witnessing the tragedy, a group of employees also built an eternal flame.
9:15 pm
it took them months to design and well, the special. tribute that torch was officially lit at the memorial today. and santa clara county as well as san jose city. officials also held an event to thank the first responders who >> rushed into that facility to help the victims on the day when the shooting happened. it makes you wonder about people. it makes you worried. but there are people who give us hope like these first responders who wake up at all hours. put on their uniforms and go to work. now, some survivors told us that they believe the quick actions of the first responders prevented further loss of life. one of the victims of the vta shooting was 63 year-old lars kepler lane. and his family has filed a lawsuit against the vta saying did not do enough to prevent the largest mass shooting in bay area
9:16 pm
history. kron four's rob nesbitt reports. >> on how they're hoping the lawsuit will prevent another family from having to suffer the same kind of loss. >> an attorney for the lane family says the vta its security should have seen the warning signs that the employee who shot and killed 9 people was capable of doing so when the stories of mass shootings make headlines, the deadliest o e in bay area history comes to mind. today marks one year since vta employee samuel james cassidy opened fire in a rail yard of san jose civic center neighborhood killing 9 men and then himself. nicholas rallies, an attorney for the family of one of those victims, lars kepler lane. you know, the father, the husband that we all want to have in our family. she was a hard-working, wonderful man. lane's family is suing the vta. >> claiming the authority failed to act when cassidy showed signs of insubordination and had 4 separate altercations with co-workers, everybody. you know who work with that guy and the supervisors know that there was a fear. that this
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man would go. postal vta had entered a contract with the santa clara county sheriff's office and universal protection service to provide security. raleigh says the 2 failed to carry out proper security screening, surveillance and risk mitigating measures. he's allowed carrying a duffel bag with enough guns and ammo, not bullets to kill everybody. to kill. >> the >> almost 400 people that were there. the says they are honoring those who died one year ago. their statement saying in part the tea's focusing on the continued healing of our employees and the families of our deceased co-workers. tragically, we are also mourning loss of the dozens of other victims of hate filled massacres that have happened throughout the nation. we will address lawsuit claims at a more appropriate time. raleigh says the lawsuit has been filed with santa clara county superior court. he expects a jury trial to begin within a year to year and a half. the santa clara county sheriff's office says no official comments due to a pending
9:18 pm
litigation. i also reached out to allied universal, the parent organization for universal protection service but not heard back. i'm rob nesbitt kron. 4 news. >> now a 17 year-old student at american high school in fremont has been arrested for allegedly threatening to shoot a teacher. the student allegedly used racial and homophobic slurs in a group chat with other students. police say that boy also threatened to open fire at another school. he was taken into custody on suspicion of making felony terroristic threats and a hate crime. classes went ahead as planned today, but some students told us they are concerned for their safety. >> scared of my life like because like like sitting in texas too. >> now show you my education and like. if i can go to school and where else can i go? you know? >> police say they searched the student's home who was arrested but did not find a gun. the other students involved have been identified and investigators have contacted them.
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>> it's more been more than 2 months in state. lawmakers promised relief to californians in response to the rising inflation and the cost of gas. well, democratic state leaders continue to work on a plan. some lawmakers want to take action by the end of this week. a bipartisan group of republicans and moderate democrats are trying to push through a bill that would suspend the state gas tax for a year. it faces a friday deadline to pass in the assembly. supporters say they now have more democratic support and may try again tomorrow. >> several have now said that they are in favor of it. we need to provide this relief. people have waited far too long. there are also ongoing efforts to send money to californians. governor newsom wants to send. >> $400 to california car owners. there's still disagreement on whether those payments should be based on income and family size. this comes as california has a surplus of roughly 100 billion
9:20 pm
dollars. >> coming up, we'll hear from a former congresswoman whose life was forever changed by gun violence. >> plus, an insider look at the newest addition to the san francisco ferries fleet. also have california's oldest state park is recovering after a massive fire 2 years ago.
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>> big basin redwoods state park near santa cruz has been closed for the past 2 years after a big fire there. but the closures about to change conference. justin campbell was there today and shows us a new vision for the park. >> this is just some of the damage after lightning hit the big redwoods in twenty-twenty park rangers say the forest is resilient and regrowing all. >> stall on a media tour of the forest. there are signs of growth everywhere you look
9:24 pm
what changes are coming. california park ranger district superintendent chris spore were showed us where in old visitor building used to sit only a staircase remains after the fire. we have had the opportunity to rethink sort of the facilities in. >> the old growth and one of the focuses here is to move those facilities out of growth and to our facility called settlement. >> re imagining big basin. california's new vision for the part on top of moving a busy 2 buildings out of the corps old growth part of the forest. the also be relocating some camping sites and establishing a shuttle. >> to the park in the future, it will be a more immersive and natural feeling experience where people will have a less congested a chance to really appreciate the grand tour of the forest. after 2 years of being close, they will reopen the park to limited access this summer. this park has been an iconic.
9:25 pm
>> flagship park, sarah bart with simpler viron spawn a nonprofit that financially helps. the park says the 187 million given to the park by the legislature is not enough. we think it's going to cost at least 250 million dollars in additional funding to put into place the infrastructure. the state parks is talking about. >> and if we want to see this park reopened fully, that's what it's going to take in terms of public funding. >> reporting in big basin redwoods state park justin campbell kron. 4 news. >> coming up at 9.30, as the nation reels from yet another mass shooting. how one high profile victim of gun violence is working to prevent the next tragedy and a vigil tonight for all the people who have died this year after being struck by a car while walking in san francisco. what organizers say needs to be done to keep people safe. plus, elon musk is facing a new class action lawsuit here
9:26 pm
in the bay. how it relates to the will he or won't he saga
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powering possibilities.™ gabby giffords knows firsthand what it's like to be the victim of gun violence. the former congresswoman was shot in the head and >> 2011 during a campaign stop that she's here talking today is a miracle. and today she was a guest at manny's that political community space in san francisco as kron four's terisa stasio reports. now giffords. >> had a lot to say about what happened this week in texas. >> our lives can change so quickly. minded when i was shocked. but i never give hope. i chose to make a new start to move ahead to not little back. i'm really nice only things how to walk, how to talk. and i'm i need to make the country safer. >> a powerful message from former u.s. representative
9:30 pm
gabby giffords speaking to an audience in san francisco on thursday, she shared her ongoing personal recovery from a brain injury after being shot in the head 11 years ago in an assassination attempt and mass shooting during a political event, a better world is possible. >> she doesn't happen overnight and we can't do it alone. joining me, let's move ahead together. >> gifford spoke during a zoom gathering sponsored by manny's, the san francisco community space. giffords launched gun owners for safety following the sandy hook massacre where 20 children and 6 staff members were murdered ever since the organization is work towards preventing gun violence. well supporting the second amendment and fighting for national gun safety measures including universal background checks, safe ownership practices and advocacy programs. i'm sad. >> children, children, children in. terrible,
9:31 pm
terrible. i know it's hard but actually just read the names of the people who were shot and killed on tuesday. so we have new of bravo. the owner of manny's says that they plan to hold a vigil friday night in san francisco for the victims of tuesday's shooting. >> and the shooting at the tops shopping market in buffalo last weekend. as for giffords, she says it is now more important than ever to keep fighting for more gun protections. we are living in challenging time, but we are up for the challenge. >> theresa kron, 4 news. >> the state assembly has passed a measure and to hold the gun industry accountable. the bill introduced by san francisco assembly member phil ting would allow citizens. the state attorney general and local governments to sue gun manufacturers and sellers for the harm caused by their products when the state's strict gun laws are not followed. the bill now heads to the state senate. this is
9:32 pm
one of the gun-related bills that governor newsom wants to sign by the end of next month. >> on average 3 people are hit by a car while walking every day in san francisco. that is according to a local nonprofit statistic up. but they say that. >> that speed is the number one culprit. so to bring attention to the problem, a vigil was held tonight for all 10 pedestrians who were killed in 2022. harper's ella sogomonian listened in and has the story now from our newsroom. ella grant and vicki temporary shoe prints were drawn on that sidewalk today in their memory. >> and messages were written on yellow hearts walk san francisco and san francisco bay area families for safe streets held the vigil at the fatal crash site where a mother named mary henderson and her daughter willa took their last steps on sunday over on 3rd and mission streets. but the memorial brought attention to all 10 pedestrians who have been killed this year by just trying to get across san francisco city streets.
9:33 pm
>> i'm so sorry for the loss of these lives of these women and my heart breaks for those in their family that are beating for them. what they've left behind. and that should have never happened. and these senseless tragedies must be prevented. >> so the group is calling on the city to do 3 things in for slower speed limits on certain streets that they've identified to be high injury corridors and designed them to discourage speeding, such as narrower and fewer lanes and no turns on red as well as red light cameras and pedestrian safety zones and better prioritize safety above all else in the design of streets, especially in areas with significant foot traffic. the group also said that people over 65 make up just 15% of san francisco's population. but typically, unfortunately, make up around 50% of those who die as a pedestrian here on our streets live in the newsroom. ella sogomonian kron. 4 news.
9:34 pm
>> thank you, ella. aesan francisco law firm has filed a class action lawsuit against elon musk accusing him of intentionally driving down the price of twitter. shares. according to the complaint, musk plan to finance the 44 billion dollar acquisition of twitter by using some of his tesla holdings. but the falling price of tesla shares allegedly made that more difficult for my skin. according to the suit, musk then tried to drive the price of twitter down so he could either get out of the deal or buy the company for less money. the lawsuit claims musk is responsible for the subsequent dippin twitter share price twitter shares are down more than 20% since the day after musk made the offer to buy the company. meanwhile, twitter will have to pay its users after deceptively using e-mail addresses and phone numbers for. >> targeted advertising. a private lawsuit was settled for 150 million dollars over claims. the twitter misrepresented its policies to members between 2013 2019 on
9:35 pm
top of the fine. twitter must also accept audits of its data privacy program. among other restrictions, federal prosecutors say more than 140 million twitter users provided the kind of personal information highlighted in the lawsuit. >> still to come, what we know about the president's plan to harness green energy right off the california coast. and clouds rolled in almost the beginning of summer. holiday weekend ahead. we could be talking a couple raindrops will show you where coming up next.
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>> today the biden administration propose using 5 areas off the california coast to build offshore wind turbines. the development plan includes 3 areas near morro bay, san luis obispo and 2 areas off the humble county coast. it's part of an overall effort to put wind turbines along every coastline in the country. the goal is to generate 30 gigawatts of power by the year 2030, california plans to remove fossil fuels from the power grid entirely by 2045. the president says expanding wind power will help fight climate change and create new jobs. >> all right. here to talk about the as you look at sfo, laurent. is here to talk about
9:39 pm
getting away. >> you know, the unofficial beginning of summer. can you believe it? yeah. already. >> here we go. but yeah, we're talking what it looks like. some changes coming our way as we're going to see some more clouds rolling in. we've seen the cooler temperatures around the bay area today out of full right now. those clouds are moving in overhead. no delays being reported at sfo, oakland or san jose. either way coming in going out as we're looking good so far. hey, in the monterey bay, you're getting forecast. you're looking at low clouds and fog and they're going to hug the coastline. the better part of the day tomorrow, bring a jacket. if you're headed out toward the beaches. 57 in carmel, 58 monterey and 63 degrees. partly cloudy skies in celina southern california. not a whole lot better as temperatures are really way down. 66 in long beach. maybe 75 a warm in pasadena, the high country. if you're headed in that direction. 67 degrees south lake tahoe. 67 in truckee. and as you look to reno, you've got some warmer temperatures, 78 degrees, a little bit of sunshine poking
9:40 pm
through. but throughout the weekend. if you're stay through the whole day, it looks like the clouds are going to thicken up a bit. and we've got some cooler air on the way 50's expected on saturday and sunday and get a load of this. you know, a lot of out there pack in today, get ready to go do little camp and and that's a lot of folks like kick off summer in love. the have to wait. you may just see a couple raindrops coming your way. i'd be prepared for if you head, especially to the north tomorrow, doesn't look too bad. a little drizzle maybe along the coastline. early on. you've got a lot of fog early on, too. then as we head toward the afternoon, still lot of clouds rolling on by most that rainfall located in far northern california. but watch what happens as we get into saturday. we've been tracking the system throughout the week and here comes that next cold front comes through kind of a ragtag system, not really intense, but yeah, bring some showers may be in the northern sonoma county, maybe a few all the way down to the golden gate bridge. that will be by saturday afternoon. and then the starts to fall apart. so here we go. the good news is your memorial day. if you stick around the bay area doesn't look too bad. it will be a little normal
9:41 pm
temperature wise, 70's inland. you've got some 50's and that fog out toward the coastline and a little bit of a breeze out there. but all told looks like it'll be a nice memorial day. we're seeing fog and low clouds out there stretching across san francisco right now. remember last night, a lot of the buildings were gone in the fog tonight, the lara's lifted quite a bit. that's going allow it to push well on shore. and you're seeing that right now that on shore trend of those winds bringing that nice cool marine, moist air all the way into the delta by tomorrow morning, probably into the sacramento valley. so it's pretty significant push low clouds and fog. that being said temperatures are going to be the 50's 60's in san francisco early on as you get inside the bay, a fine, a little more sunshine. temperatures are still going to be running on the cool side, especially for this time of year. warm in the south. you can see temperatures thele in the 70's, but overall looks like the next couple days. keep those temperatures down quite a bit as we head to the next couple days. and yeah, there's even a slight chance of a shower on saturday afternoon that you love how he always leaves us with. yeah.
9:42 pm
it really good like that. we are giving fierce cross not to be a drought buster, but if you're out there camping, you know, how does if you've ever been out there camping in the rain to take it away their tithing, a certain part of the bay area. that's more likely to get. >> rain north of the golden gate bridge all the way up to shasta. any of those areas you could campaign got. you have bring your umbrella. yeah. all right. again, thanks a ok? in sports cars yet the warriors have done it. they are headed to the nba finals for the 6th time in 8 seasons and >> we're going to go back to sports director jason dumas, us these live at chase center with your highlights and reaction.
9:43 pm
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>> and now kron 4 sports. >> well, the warriors did it again. they are on the highest peak of that mountain top, but they are on the peak of the western conference mountaintop. we're the 6th time in the last 8 years. the golden state warriors are your western conference champions and as draymond green said right after this game to the national broadcast. this one feels the sweetest because of all that adversity that they've gone through over the last 2 years. it was a rock in house at chase center tonight. let's see how it all went down. chase was loud from the very start to the very finish. and it was a fun, fun game.
9:46 pm
the series returning here for game 6 1st quarter. klay thompson. he knits wide open 3 and there you see it. klay being klay. nice shot there. now. clay continues his 1st half start another trey right there. that makes it 45 to 32 warriors. well, that's valleys right there. finds the rook moses, moody. what a shot from him. 56. 38. steph curry is loving. stops told you it was loud in here. about jordan poole. he's so filthy blows by luka. bucket and the foul right there. finishing off a great 1st half. hand down, man
9:47 pm
down. another trey right there. for clay. luka kept this one type. that's what good players do. the dubs going to run themselves. klay thompson, another 3. he had 32 points. you know, who's going to close out this not lucas. he gets one right there to go. kevin looney provide looney the valley. you know, it's a good night. one valley is hitting 3 pointers off the rebound. and look at stepped. with the right there. defensive play of the game. less than 3 minutes left. here
9:48 pm
you go. klay thompson. another one. how about the dagger? steph curry. with the tray. and that is all she wrote. the warriors win. one 20 to one 10. let's hear from the gang after after the game. >> kind of had a flashback tonight, too. i would have been 7 years ago when we beat houston to get to the finals at oracle you know, we're up or 12 with 30 seconds left. remember, you know, the place was just rocking and i just looked you through the arena and i couldn't believe that we had. you know, got into the finals and tonight was different, you know, because we've done wasn't the first time we've done it before. but
9:49 pm
it in a different way. i'm incredibly meaningful. given everything that we've been through. >> all right. there you have it that steve kerr incredibly meaningful. he said it best. this team has gone through so much over the last 2 years. just think about it. klay thompson didn't play for over 2 seasons traumatic injuries to his knee and his achilles draymond green had the worst year of his career in 2020, everyone thought his best days were behind him. and then steph curry breaks his hand. the warriors losing the plane around. people start to question steph curry led team when another nba championship. well, guess what? in 4 games they could do that. they are back in the nba finals. we have more coverage later tonight. but yes, a great and historic win for this franchise. the first franchise since the 1991 to 98 bulls to make 6 nba finals in 8 years. whenever you're in the same
9:50 pm
category as michael jordan, i think you're doing well. all right. that's your look at sports. we'll be right back after the break. it's time for our memorial day sale on the sleep number 360 smart bed. why choose proven quality sleep from sleep number? because every green thumb, 5k, and all-day dance party starts the night before.
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9:52 pm
>> here kron 4. we are continuing to celebrate local asian american and pacific islanders who are contributing to the community of from principal dancer to choreographer michael low is paving the way for the next generation of dancers. our
9:53 pm
kron four's gayle ong has this story. >> michael lowe is helping the dancers prepare for their big okay. so let's get season for born in oakland and raised in alameda low is a fixture in the bay area ballet community. it's the impulse that you have to have sink in at a young age. he was an athlete. he played football in this field at encinal high school in alameda and was encouraged to try ballet to increase strength and coordination in sports. the reason why switches? because i'm a lover of music >> also the sort of the artistic in the creative side. everybody know what they're doing. >> yes, do. they know their count. that interest leading to a successful career in dance low spent 3 decades performing with the open as principal county, deputy and
9:54 pm
retirement low. choreograph, asian cultural dances. as a dancer, i i danced roles. were. >> asian in nature. but mostly they're getting a like a character and more than that real character development. and i wanted to see if i can. you have a voice and different route so i have to a version of the upper in the where i was the first look for the martial artists needed martial arts now serving as the artistic director of member ballet in menlo park, which launched early 2011. >> he is helping the next generation of dancers take center stage. >> freeze. >> i feel i'm just really fortunate that i that i'm able to. i share my art something to say and to. >> rich long kron. 4 news. you hear from the ground tracker.
9:55 pm
and mains are now out to ac 3 parachutes coming out here. >> yeah, fascinating going safely landed its starliner spacecraft on earth after a six-day space mission. touchdown happened yesterday in new mexico. the starliner return from the international space station with more than 600 pounds of cargo on board. the safe return of the capsule marks a major milestone for boeing. the company has been years now trying to get the program right? >> it's kind of been a disaster. but they're making progress now. no humans were on board. nasa and boeing say after this say flight home, the starliner should be ready to fly its first load of nasa astronauts by the end of this year. and back here on the ground today, the san francisco bay ferry and bailed the newest ferry in it growing fleet at a service speed of 36. not the 320 passenger in
9:56 pm
the deer. will be the fastest ferry in the fleet. it is the first of the new lightweight ferries. agency is rolling out and it is versatile enough to service any of the 6 current ferry routes. it also has more outdoor passenger space than any other fairy in the fleet. and it's just in time to growing demand. san francisco bay ferry says weekday ridership has quadrupled over the past year. not working from home every day. not anymore. not by the way, 36 knots. i googled it right to miles per shares because that's what 41 miles per hour and change. that's the fastest they say. yeah, pretty good clip. pretty good clip. and that wraps up kron. 4 news at 9. thanks for being with us this hour. stick around, though. ken and catherine are standing by with a preview of what's up for kron. 4 news at 10, right? thank thank you very much. here's what we're working on back to the finals after be the mavericks here at home tonight, the golden state warriors are heading back to the nba finals for the 6th
9:57 pm
time in the last 8 years. >> we continue our live team coverage from chase center with highlights of the game and reaction from the static they are ecstatic and of nations set your alarms because the team has just released information about ticket sales for the first 3 home games. we'll have details coming up on kron. 4 news at coming up on kron. 4 news at 10. and now most admired alum! get up there. this is so embarrassing. there's no way it's me. you know her.... you love her.... ruh roh. what are you doing here? it's anna gomez! who? our first gigillionaire! with at&t fiber, anna's got the fastest internet with hyper-gig speeds. i didn't know you went to this school. we have a lot in common. live like a gigillionaire with at&t fiber. now with speeds up to 5-gigs. limited availability.
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>> when fun time from the bay area's local news station. you're watching kron. 4 news. >> that is a happy sound of the golden state warriors are heading to the nba finals after defeating the dallas mavericks tonight at chase center in the city. thanks for joining us tonight at 10, i'm ken wayne and and i'm catherine heenan. i could just kind of sit there and watch that for a while. >> the warriors beat the mavericks one. 22 1 tan. we've got team coverage live from chase center. our kylen mills has details on the game. gayle ong will tell us how warriors fans are feeling tonight. i'm guessing a pretty good, but we'll start with kyler and kyler on what a game. >> hey, catherine and ken, what an emotional night for the golden state warriors. there was so much joy here on


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