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tv   KRON 4 News at 8am  KRON  January 31, 2022 8:00am-9:01am PST

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alos. did i just you give it a go fancy and one up for the 3rd floor? >> 3rd floor floor, right? we'll get john firstly, though, here in the studio. he's hanging out over there. gets the big wall with nice picture out there, john. i'm right in the middle of you and we are right in the middle of a little bit of fog and cloud cover sitting above smack dab in between. you can see a bit of the golden gate bridge. >> the deck of the bridge is shrouded in the fog. while the rest of us are just seeing those mostly cloudy skies overhead, we have seen some dense fog in pockets, including down the peninsula, especially along one o one into the south bay and out into the delta in the car. key is to very, very thick fog. so slow it down. if you're in countering those areas, obviously mostly cloudy morning, partly cloudy afternoon from a chilly start to a cool afternoon. temperatures will remain a little cooler today than what we got used to over the weekend. right now we're in
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the 30's and 40's to definitely don't forget to bundle up as you're venturing out. reyna harvey is yep. she's up there standing by with a look at your roads. i'm up here, but i can see you guys down the air. and john, you are absolutely right about the fog. >> especially along the golden gate bridge can barely see anything out there right now. it's about a 33 minute drive as you're traveling from 37 to the tolls. so that's an uptick in traffic for you there as you're traveling the bay bridge heading into the city to that fremont street exit. about 13 minutes for your drive time as you're traveling there. let's get a look at the san mateo bridge heading across towards the peninsula about 13 minutes as you're traveling and out of richmond across towards sandra fell. we're looking at 13 minutes. tara, james, back to you down there. all right. thank you very much. >> 81 right now. and today, teachers and parents and oakland are going to learn more about possible school closures and parents aren't happy this morning. we do have a list that's come out of the schools that could potentially be impacted by this kron. 4.
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sarah stinson has it and joins us now with the very latest. what are we learning? sarah, sarah? >> that's going to be a really intense discussion at tonight's special meeting with the oakland school board. there's going to be a presentation that will list out which schools are on the chopping block, which schools will be merged and this would all be if they decide to go through with this be happening. this next school year. so this decision is crucial. take a look at the list of schools they've released the the finalists that they're considering of of either closing 8 schools on your screen right now are being considered to be shut down. completely can see right there. that includes some like prescott, parker, brookfield, just to name a few. and then there are 4 schools that would be merged together. students from the close schools will be welcomed at the other schools, a presentation, including this list will be reviewed tonight
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claims a decline in enrollment and attendance is causing the school district to face. >> a 12 million dollar deficit next school year and to combat this problem. the recommendations to consolidate. but school member, our school board member mike hutchinson. he says the district is not in a financial crisis and he believes no school should be cut or merge. not only because it doesn't make sense, but he says because it's simply not fair. >> i've seen a lot of things but i've never seen something like this where literally giving the community one to 2 weeks notice for these permanent decisions. and let me just be clear. the schools that are cited on this list for possible closure are some of our traditional neighborhood schools that have served generations of our community. and today's drop this bomb in the community on top of the trauma, many people are really suffering going on 2 years in a pandemic. it's just really unconscionable.
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>> well, this meeting starts tonight at 6 o'clock. it's virtual. so it's on zoom in about 1000 people can click on the link, enjoying and you just heard from hutchinson is on the school board. he wants as many people as he can rally up on facebook to join this meeting and say, please don't close our schools now, this is going to be a discussion tonight. they will be voting on this until february 8. i'm sarah stinson reporting live back to you in studio. all right. thank you very much, tara moore, oakland news, sarah. and this is about covid oakland's indoor vaccine mandate. >> starts for some businesses. you're going to have to show proof of vaccination to get to indoor businesses that serve food and drinks. it also placed entertainment venues. so that means theaters also libraries and gyms contra costa county, berkeley and san francisco already have similar mandates in effect. and then let's stick with san francisco. new rules go into
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effect. if you're attending a large event inside and san francisco were talking about events with 500 people or more. so the chase center, obviously you're going to have to be vaccinated and vaccination proof includes you have to prove you've also had the booster shot and all these shots need to be done. at least one week prior to whatever the event is that you're going to there is an out for a negative covid test. you can show you are negative for covid. if you took the test 24 hours, if it's an antigen test or 48 hours before for a pcr and tomorrow in san francisco, if you're vaccinated, you can wear no mask at some indoor settings. you can take off the mask. they're calling it stable settings like offices and gyms, places where there's sort of a more controlled regular clientele environment. the mask mandate, however, is still in place in many places, including, for example, here at kron 4. 8, 0, 5, the time in the north bay starting tomorrow, we have sonoma
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county. >> requiring school employees to show proof that they've been boosted against covid-19. the county is allowing workers to get tested twice a week at. they have gotten that extra dose just yet. the department of public health already requires employees to prove that their vaccinated. so now the booster shot will be added to that. the county says they're just expanding the state's current requirements. looking ahead at the pandemic. doctors, of course, urging people to stay vigilant against covid-19 as we have some large gatherings expected in the days ahead. there's the super bowl in a couple weekends from now and folks will get together for that. and we also have celebrating other lunar new year which kicks off tomorrow and ucsf. infectious disease expert doctor peter chin-hong says that these facts tiffany's could if people aren't careful, add to our covid spike. so he says there's still a lot of people dying. we need to be careful and take precautions. >> 2000 or more and that's too high to really think about an endemic phase. if those deaths go down and we have a big
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pause and when covid rates very unsavory tense, predictably, that's really when we can think about, you know, having an endemic where about halfway down the mountain about peak but may not see level yet. >> doctor peter chin-hong says that the best bet is to gather outside where people can still space each other safely. other large gatherings, i should say after large gatherings, doctor peter chin-hong says you should probably get yourself tested just to make sure your covid free. just the personalities. how we fight for each other. the style that we played with the whole year. w i mean, that's something that i'm very proud of. as a coach. they have pretty are in the locker room. i think, guys, next couple really start to settle in a little bit. you know, motions awry after game win or loss. obviously it that we season has to now. but >> you know, we will be back next year. >> it's over. and he had the little little the little toy, the little little stuffed animals on national. absolutely. yeah. to to
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console him now. okay. things must come to an end, i guess so. it was a good idea. surprising season put that were a lot of it was like i can't believe they made it this far. >> it close and was all you need is they are broken. jimmy everybody. everybody wishing they could have won one more run, at least made it to the super bowl. >> but now they'll be doing their exit interviews emptying out their lockers. crawford's will trend been talking about that this morning as a. >> it's not the return to levi stadium. a lot of those players were hoping for. they're hoping to be victorious. well. >> no, they wanted to continue working for at least 2 more weeks. we've seen some players going this morning. they're not in a rush. they have the next several days to go in there and clean their lockers and then decide what they want to do over the next couple of months as it is summer break. so to speak for them because their season came to an abrupt halt yesterday in so fire as they call it levi's stadium. some hope there was so many people in attendance. let me show you the video. the
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highlights from yesterday's game. >> we talked about it all week leading up to the game, guys that it would be filled with forty-niners fans and >> that's exactly what happened. a sea of red. it was so loud that matthew stafford had to do the silent count. >> and is the rams quarterback and he was technically playing a home game. >> that's how that's how loud it was. got even louder when george kittle scored a touchdown, bringing the niners lead to 10, 17 to 7. all they have to do in the 4th quarter was all that lead. even if you just traded field goals doesn't matter. as long as they held that lead, they would be going to the super bowl against cincinnati bengals. they had their chances, guys. i mean, cost the heart, he had a chance to end it where the forty-niners midway through or closer to the end of the 4th quarter. >> after interception, he will never have an easier chance. but instead he drops the ball. they're not the rams continue driving put up points on >> ford. kick the field goal had the game at 20 to 17,
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setting it up beautifully for jimmy g to either tie the game like he did in week 18 and bring it overtime. just win the game altogether. enjoying the other niners legends. but instead he's, you know, rusty runs or is likely throws the ball up in the air interception. >> game over season over and you know what? possibly being teammates is over for jimmy g and the rest of the game. teammates talking about their love, but their team. >> lot of unknowns. yeah, it's not fun to think about kind of processing using a game for sure will. just a lot of fun, get to those motions whenever they come. >> me personally, i think jimmy, you know, sam play very well left it all out there for the teen came back to injury. i a lot of jamie, does jimmy that. this team, you know, emitted, if any, will behind.
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>> speaking of leaving it all out there, deebo left it all out there. and after the game, he was all but in console oval obj with the rams. he came over and he just basically talk to them. he whispered in his ear said it's going to be okay. i would imagine that was the indelible memory. the image moving forward about class, about sportsmanship. the niners. they were looking for 7 straight against the rams. but that streak ends at 6. and so is their season. as far as jimmy g is still under contract. but let's face it. he makes a lot of money. this is still fundamentally a business. so they have to make decisions. >> and they drafted trey lance last year actually moved up in the draft to get him some more likely. he will be the start of next year. jimmy g hits the market and we'll see where he lands next year. but all in all a great season for the niners, we sure will have exit interviews with sports reporters with the niners as well. coach kyle shanahan john lynch. a great season for them. but for now, let me send it back to coach james
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mcveigh. i mean, wearing the niners. i skews me. the rams tied the james knows sean mcvay this is my warriors time because i'm turning my sights now on bay area team that could potentially win it all. look at this time. it was not a good look at what will is not buying >> different day. you're you're playing you, james. double agent. i would be surprised if you are rocking the rams gear. yeah. oh, yeah. the niners won. he would have been wearing his red tide this morning saying is is so smart. he has all the colors it. basically from a break viewers right we're just teasing. but yeah, he always looks so all right. thank james. we know you're a warriors fan. that's how horrible timing. yes, it just didn't work out that way for me. thank you very much. will it is a 12? we'll take a break. >> and all the change might i? still ahead on the kron 4 morning news thieves. >> they target an east bay. jim. get away with thousands of dollars worth of equipment.
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we're going hear from the gym owner. he'll tell us exactly what happened. and congress hopefully getting ready for president biden supreme court pick. we'll tell you why lawmakers, though, some of them are criticizing the way the president's going about making his pick. we'll talk more about that in a minute.
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>> james has a twitter going. it all down. that's warriors
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at this focusing now on the other bay area team that's oh, good. all right. so i think you should wear that tie from now i don't ever to the nba championships. okay. good idea. >> let's see that on where this dress because it's taking nothing to any word as what's going on in the weather. i put on sprinklers because first it feels like during even though i'm not trying to manifest that we go back to winter. now it is definitely on the gray side this morning. we're finishing off january with a little bit of cloud cover, but conditions are going to clear right back out into tomorrow. so there's your mostly cloudy skies overhead. you can see the fog in the distance from the east bay hills. >> we do have some dense fog up and down the peninsula into the north bay out into the delta and into the santa clara valley. so slow it down because we do have some very low visibility spots just a weak trough coming through. it's enough to cool things down a few degrees for the remainder of the week. also enough to be seeing some of the cloud cover we are this morning. just not enough steam
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to it to be any precipitation our direction. now, tomorrow, we will see offshore winds, very noticeable. they're actually going to pick up later on tonight. and we are going to see peak wind gusts and some of our north bay mountain tops at 40 to 50 miles per hour. many areas by the middle of the day tomorrow, as you can see, half moon bay sonoma, the petaluma danville, as well as that was peak, seeing winds gusting anywhere from 20 to 30 miles per hour because of this. we do have high wind advisories and wind watches that take effect tonight last through thursday morning because of the strong winds all across the region. now, today's daytime highs, although still mild are going to be a little bit cooler that paired with that cloud cover means i would keep the jackets on hand all day long today. make it the light jacket later on. but i would still not step outside without it. san jose. 62 for your high. we've got fremont union city pleasanton livermore. and sonoita and even 60 oakland to that list. well, the north bay has some of our warmest temperatures. napa, fairfield and vacaville
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all at 63 looking ahead of our next 7 days. temperatures do remain a little cooler into tuesday, wednesday and thursday. these are also are windiest days in the forecast. so very jacket where the we stay dry all the way through your first weekend of february with winds calming down in temperatures rebounding a little that's going make for a comfortable feel this weekend, john, thank you for that. all right. i'm seeing a few fog advisories out there like along the benicia martinez bridge. >> visibility is pretty low. they're they're saying about 100 feet. also, we're seeing a lot of fog along the golden gate bridge there. 29 minutes for your drive as you're traveling. 37 to the tolls. so an uptick in traffic because of low visibility. the bay bridge, though, clear skies. look at that 9 minutes as you're traveling to that fremont street exit from the maze heading across towards the peninsula, little under 13 and the richmond center fell bridge. you're looking at a 12 minute drive for you there. daria. james, back to you. >> thank you very much. ran a
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it is 8.18, developing story this morning. an update on that wildfire that's been burning in big sur down in monterey county. cal fire says they actually expect to have it fully contained by this coming wednesday. so just a couple days now, they should have it fully surrounded. it's 98% contained this morning, which is actually an update from when we first came on the air at 04:00am. it was 95. and so now 98. the map shows it's burned about 687 acres so far. but all of activation orders and road closures. they've all been lifted. nobody was hurt. they only had one building that was actually destroyed and they're counting themselves lucky because it was a fire that didn't need to happen. it was triggered by a prescribed burn that got out of control. they were trying to burn up some dry brush, but then winds really started gusting up a couple fridays ago and with the flames up to the point where it jumped the lines and obviously trying to play catch-up ever since. but the good news is by wednesday, they should have it completely surround it. >> in 19. >> you need health insurance. today is the deadline for you to sign up for covered california. a 1.8 million
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people already have signed up, which is a record breaking number of enrollments. and this is all being driven by the american rescue plan which allowed covered california to increase the amount financial help they can provide as well as lower premiums by hundreds of dollars for middle income. policyholders. >> well, in some national headlines this morning, presi.ent biden will soon send over to the senate. his pick for the supreme court. this will be the person who replaces justice. steven briar, who has announced he's going to be stepping down when the current court's term ends this summer, we have a shot. hudson with the very latest now from dc. good morning. this is almost certainly going to be a battle here in washington. and president biden says he plans to announce his pick for the supreme court by the end of february. >> even before announcing his pick for the supreme court, president biden is already taking heat. mississippi republican senator roger wicker. >> has criticized the president's promise to
8:21 am
nominate a black woman comparing it to affirmative action, but not all republicans agree with that. put me in the making sure the court and other institutions like america, south carolina republican senator lindsey graham told cbs face the nation who he would like to see nominated. i can't think of a >> better for president biden considered for the supreme court. the michelle chiles. she has wide support in our state. >> and democrats want to move fast to fill the seat. justice steven briar will vacate at the end of the term this summer. it's going to be fair. it's going to be deliberate and we're going to be timely to illinois senator and chair of the judiciary committee. durbin told nbc timing will depend on the nominee. the person has been before the seeking approval for circuit court. then the committee knows quite a bit about the person and the president says he will consult with the vice president and senators about
8:22 am
the woman he plans to nominate reporting in washington reshad hudson. back to you. >> if you're thinking of upgrading your big screen for the big game, i've got the tips on what to look for from the best brands to the best
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>> all right. well, so much for that. we're not going to get any super bowl rings, but the super bowl brings out a lot of shoppers, i guess if you want to watch the game and you want new tv and you didn't hear that, there's no super
8:25 am
bowls are tech smart? take a look to there's no super bowl. the >> there's no super ball. rich demuro takes a look. >> an event like the big game is always a great excuse to get a bigger and better tv. here are some tips on what to look for in a new big screen. >> it's that time of the year when many are shopping for a new big screen just in time to watch the big game. >> the television because he's going off and the prices going down. so right now, specially super bowl, it's the best 5 to buy a television special, if and its offense to get some tips on the latest tv tech. i talked to dan ackerman, executive editor at cnn. we're seeing evolution in tv's first big decision. the type of screen you want on one side, there's lcd led many led que led all kinds of variations on the same thing. >> and on the other side is
8:26 am
led and that is a very different technology that you're going to find most high-end, the best looking tv's. as for brands, nearly every expert i talked to recommends the tcl 6 series has a great combination of picture and price. a 65 inch set typically runs about $1300. current deals make it even less on the high end. many tv reviewers agree the lg c series are among the let out there. one thing you can skip right pay the content. just isn't. there are a handful of a ktv. it's definitely forward looking so forward looking that i don't think you should get one. now. there's almost nothing. you can watch an ak deals are everywhere right now. just keep in mind if you're going super budget, you might not get the best software for picture experience on the super super cheap tv is you're not going to get great picture quality. you're not going to get very deep, dark colors on it. to be contrast, everything is going to kind of washed out. one more tips from the experts if your tv has a study from motion smoothing be sure to turn it on. but just for
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sports. >> can actually make in the >> in case you're wondering, the big game will not be shown in 4 k this year. so even if you get a shiny new, big screen, this event will not take advantage of that feature. got all these tips on my website. just go to rich on tech dot tv. i'm rich demuro and you are tech smart. thank you, rich and there is a super bowl there is a super bowl. don't listen to daria. >> all right. still ahead on the kron, 4 morning news, a longtime business has to relocate now they're not happy about it. they weren't given much notice. we'll talk more about what's going on in just a minute.
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>> 29 right now there's no super has okay? don't tell people that. i believe you. it's dead to me. >> right. that's what she means because the niners are plan. but there is a super bowl 2 sundays from now. don't cancel any hotel or plane tickets. if you are having booked whatever. >> all right. so like you're looking at the for sports news that you this is not a this is your problem is you're looking at me for sports news. okay. all right. >> let's get to he's got our weather news this morning. and the actually the pictures look a little better behind. you know, it is a little bit brighter. little bit brighter out there all stick to this and not even delve into that sports this morning. we are looking at the golden gate bridge barely sticking up through the fog that is just pushed right into the bay. we are seeing a little bit of
8:31 am
cloud cover above us. but really the fog has been the biggest concern, especially along one, 0, one from the peninsula down into the south bay. some of our interior valleys are also looking at some very low visibility. so that's something that is going to slow you down. now, we do have mostly cloudy skies throughout the day today. i'd say keep the jacket on hand even into the afternoon. course, you're going to need it. this morning, though, 30's and 40's for our current temperatures, get the jacketr in the layers on this morning. you can shed a late or 2 later on, but it's still going to have a cooler feel to it. reyna. john, thanks for that. least we'll have that fog advisory for the benicia martinez bridge. so >> there is fog out there. low visibility of the same for the golden gate bridge. we have a lot of fog there. drive times are improving. the last time we checked in, we were at about 30 3 minutes. now we're down to 28. that fog is starting to rise up and not be as big of a problem traveling into the city. 8 minutes for your drive times that maze that fremont street exit to traffic is improving out there
8:32 am
and the south bay along one, a fight in the low part. 33 minutes for you along highway 4, one, 60 to conquer to 42 about. 21 minutes started. james, back to you. thank 31 and happening today, san francisco police are going hold a virtual town hall meeting at 3 o'clock today. >> they're going to talk more about what happened at sfo where there was an officer-involved shooting on january 20th. and you might remember that on that day. police were responding to reports of a a person with a gun at the airport. officers confronted who we now know. is it enough? i 37 year-old nelson zito just outside the bart station entrance. >> police try to calm him down, but they say in the end they had opened fire because he continued to be a threat. he died and a bystander was also hurt. and again, at 3 o'clock today, we'll hope to learn more about what happened. meanwhile, antioch police are trying to figure out what happened after a man allegedly killed his own son and a woman saturday night. officers say they were called to a home near lemon tree way and sycamore drive to do a welfare check. and when they got there, that's when they found the 2 people inside.
8:33 am
police say it was neighbors that call. they were concerned after the 2 people there hadn't been seen for days. investigators say the man they arrested was spotted at a train station in redwood city and when they confirm his identity, they realized the victims were that man's 15 year-old son and a woman that he was in a relationship with. so far, investigators haven't released the names of the suspect or the victims. service is now restored to the thousands of comcast customers in the east bay this morning that sought go out yesterday after bullets severed an optical line. take a look. we have a picture here. the damage, oakland police say the shots were fired near eastmont mall at about 3.30, yesterday morning. comcast notified customers right around 5 o'clock about the outages and working around the clock to get it fixed in all about 30,000 customers were affected. but again, service, we're told, is fully restored. san francisco police, meanwhile, looking for a man wanted in connection with a deadly hit and run crash. it happened saturday night in the outer sunset right here along 40th avenue and lincoln way.
8:34 am
investigators say the driver of a stolen audi suv hit a honda suv and then fled the scene. the man was riding in the back of that. honda died. the driver is recovering at the hospital again. they're still looking for the people in the car that struck them. the only thing they could verify was at the audi was reported stolen in san francisco back on january. 12th. >> it's a 34 in the east bay. 2 men broke into a gym in pleasant hill and made off with about $5,000 worth of equipment not heavy equipment, but like weights, even though there was plenty in their what they took was computer stuff, technology. this is the diablo crossfit. they broke in late friday night, went through a back window and did spend about half hour and they're looking around. and maybe they knew what they were after because they didn't even look at all the way. it's they were looking at all the technology. of course, you know that jim was wired because of covid. a lot of stuff happens now remotely and the burglars in the burglaries have become a more common in this area. the owner says.
8:35 am
>> car accident, pleasant hill that night the about the same time. and they said they monitor that. they know the police will be our our jim, especially in disarray. you could tell immediately that someone had broken in to get the feeling of being violated. you know, we've had someone that came in and crawled around the premises at will with ease and and obviously very comfortable. >> and you get a good look at one of them right here, looking at the camera and think about this. it's covid gyms have struggled right. things started to struggle to stay in business. and now they're out all this computer equipment and suffered $5,000. second time. they've been hit in 13 years that they've been in this location 8.35. right now that a little police arrested a man for a robbery at a grocery outlet. investigators arrested jack taylor. they say he's the one who stole from the store using a metal rod to threaten the workers and he had actually taken off before they arrived. police found a short time later and arrested him.
8:36 am
happening right now. oakley police are looking for this missing woman. her name is alexis, gabe. and she's 24 years old. she went missing under suspicious circumstances last thursday. she was last seen wearing a white tank top a hooded sweatshirt, black pants and green and white shoes. if you have any information about where she might be or you see her call, the oakley police. >> a vietnamese restaurant in san francisco's financial district is being forced to close now. they were blindsided by the building's owner size vietnamese restaurant has been serving the community there for the past 37 years. and they were recently told by their landlord that they have to be out of the building in 30 days. a lot of time. the restaurant owner says that their lease was set to be renewed. they thought on february 28th. that's the way it's been going for years now. but that's not the case. the owner contact in the let him know that they had one month to find another place and relocate after the eviction
8:37 am
notice. of course, they're now scrambling to try to save the restaurant, trying help out the workers. there are a lot of them of their own family. it's been pretty tough. >> and i wish that they would give us this month to month up, at least give us time that we can actually find place. you know, instead of just knocking us out of that, it came so senate, you not it wasn't something that we didn't expect to be happening, but not just so, you know, it kept us. had lie, gavin to hide right now. >> it's going to take more than a month just to find another property. let alone move all the equipment inside. so they're back up against the wall. the family fact raising money right now to try and relocate to somewhere else in the city. we'll see. we'll keep you updated. >> it's a 37. and still ahead this morning. >> we're going to talk more about the heartbreaker in la with a ram's i came out on top of one of the forty-niners going to do now.
8:38 am
>> and it's foggy out. there can hardly see the bay bridge under that blanket of fog from the embarcadero right here after such a grey start, we will have a mild, but partly cloudy afternoon highs a little cooler than ,hey've been in the upper 50's to low oh, wow, barbara corcoran! good morning. sorry, we don't need any business help now. we're gigillionaires. what? we're gigillionaires now. i don't get it we have at&t business fiber with hyper-gig speeds. but i just... so thanks, but, we're doing great. i'm so happy for you! but i'm just here for my order. oh. entre-pin-eurs?
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specialist about dupixent, right. so we all decided that the delta surfing is bad idea. yes, san diego. but that's a lot of water in palm springs. that's just going to with brief filling that as a bad in a drought. yeah, we're still a drought, we still a drought left unchecked. it may not be exceptional, but it still sees year. chemical load there. so we'll see. hopefully we just a >> but they have a service. >> the have? well, we're all keeping our fingers crossed that we can get mother nature to water lawns here shortly. it's not happening over the next 10 days. we're staying dry out there. look at this view from berkeley hills camera, getting a little sunshine piercing through the mostly cloudy skies. definitely some fog there in the distance that shrouding much of the peninsula down into the south bay, some of our inland areas. also in the midst of that fog. so do take
8:46 am
it a little slower out there because of the lower visibility. we are seeing a modest cool down in just a weak trough, pushing across the region. it's cooling things off just a little bit for us. and with those mostly cloudy skies today, i keep the light jacket on the even into the afternoon. now, tonight will clear out. but we're replacing today's cloud cover with some offshore winds. the next several days that paired with cool temperatures also means a few jacket where the afternoons into tuesday wednesday and thursday. today we are on the calmer side of things. tomorrow, though, half moon bay, sonoma and napa as well as danville, seeing winds regularly gusting into a range of 20 to 30 miles per hour. north bay mountains likely to see winds even more significant than that. and because of this wind watches and high wind advisories taking effect across the bay starting tonight lasting through thursday morning. the last time we had winds like this, a couple weekends back is when we saw that fast during fire around big sur. so even though it is the weather time of year, we need to see windy conditions in very dry humidity like we're going to have that does contribute to at least some higher fire
8:47 am
danger. no 50's and 60's for daytime highs today. most of us are still holding on to the low 60's, but no mid to upper 60's and they're so this is cooler than this past weekend was. and as i mentioned, you do want to keep the jackets a little closer to you today, even towards the afternoon, low 60's for most of the east bay oakland, right at 60 degrees or warmer spots. not all that warm at all. napa fairfield and vacaville only at 63 compared to the upper 60's that this weekend it is noticeably cooler. we stay on this cooler track into the start of february with tuesday, wednesday and thursday in the upper 50's to low 60's. we have calm winds down on thursday and then temperatures start to climb along with those calmer conditions this weekend. that's going to set us up for some really nice weekend weather friday, saturday and sunday. still no chances of rain ahead. >> reyna john, thanks for that. well, you mentioned it. the fog that we've been seeing out there. there is a fog advisory along the benicia
8:48 am
martinez bridge. and we'e also seen some fog along the golden gate bridge. and that's why drive times have gone up just a bit there. so about 28 minutes as you're traveling. 37 to the tolls, the bay bridge and john mentioned, there are pockets of fog as you're heading into the city. but look at drive times. still only a little under 10 minutes as you're traveling from the maze to that fremont street exit heading across towards the peninsula. we do see some cloudy skies here as well. a little under 14 as you're traveling and in the south bay. 85 in the low park about 34 minutes the air. no issues as you're traveling along 2.80, in antioch, about 17 minutes, one, 60 to conquer to 42 darya. james, back to you. all right. so tate 48 james of running out of things to say we lost. we took a no way to sugarcoat it. it's just a tough pill. we all have to swallow this morning. as 40 niner fans. >> as we congratulate the rams and we'll see them compete in a couple weeks in the super whenever you're a good sport. the forty-niners are not going
8:49 am
to the super bowl. that's all i know. jason dumas says for stricter, take speak. >> we've had a bit to the this 49 ers game a little bit of time now and there's a whole lot to unpack here. this is going to be one that will sting for a while for niners fans. 10 point lead in the final quarter. poof, gone. just like that. we've seen this movie before. let's go to so 5 stadium. they were calling it levi south all week. niners fans came in and they showed out showed exactly why they did their part. this guy did to topping out an ankle injury. let's go to the first early on. matt stafford goes to cooper cup in the end zone. but he gets picked off by jimmie ward. he returns it out to the 20 yard line. the niners dodge a bullet. but check out this on the return. fred warner with a cheap shot off. matt stafford, no place for that uncharacteristic for one. but it didn't matter. anyway. the niners couldn't take advantage of it. the rams drive down the field. stafford cup. rams strike first 2nd
8:50 am
quarter. same score. this thibault see screen pass. his season and that show really make people miss turned it up. a gear finishes through contact. that's one of the best players in football own looking to bust a move to faithful going crazy. looks like a home game. we love to see it later in the quarter. it's 10 7 rams trying to convert on 4th and one. but the niners not get the huge stopped check out the chain game it short by an inch. it's just that momentum carried over to the next drive. francisco goes 10 plays 58 yards and it ends with a jimmy garoppolo to george kittle 16 yard pitch and catch. so it's 17 7 at this point. i'm starting to mentally plan out my super bowl plans not so fast. rams drive 75 yards in 7 plays and end with another cup
8:51 am
touchdown. he was so good. now, here's one of those plays that will haunt niners fans for some time. staffers airs it out to we're going the other way. but he drops it. easiest pick of his career cannot feel that way would go on to kick a game. tying field goal. forty-niners go 3 and out rams ball and it's that cut guy again. he absolutely shredded the forty-niners defense 11 catches 142 yards, 2 touchdowns. but later in the drive for the night as you get 3rd down stop and the rams have to settle for a field goal. 30 yarder from one. 46 to play in suing drive after an incomplete pass and then a law for 3 3rd law forty-niners give me tries to escape the pocket. but it's the know throw that ends their season, which is quite fitting. the niners blow at 10 point 4th quarter lead eerily similar to
8:52 am
that super bowl in 2019, kyle shanahan can't shake that rep. they have pretty are in the locker room. i think guys, next couple really. >> start to settle in a little bit. you know, motions awry after game win or loss and it things got to be, you know, glad it happened. just, you know, smile think about the good you know, we'll see what happens in these next couple days, weeks, whatever. but i love this team just a bit. the fighting a battle on this team entire year has been really impressive. i love those guys. he's got he's a good guy. >> sure the best wherever he goes. and i and i know that you are wearing your forty-niners time were to where i mean, you watch the game. you're big fan. yeah, you're and it was. it was. it was it was i who blew it. i first of all, i did the wrong guy with this thing and i'm not a fan. i've never done that. secondly, i watched the game in the 4th quarter. that's when they lost. when you tune in. so it was probably me it's probably not jimmy g was probably it was me. the super bowl is going to
8:53 am
be 2 sundays from now. i'm sorry. i let you down. the niners won't be there because of darren. we'll be right back. >> haha. we've been cooking up this kitchen design for a while... it's going to be perfect. ok, that pattern works. wow, this whole look works. and at a price that really works. i think our work here is done. at floor and decor, our helpful associates and free in-store design services add to your experience, not your expenses. and with an unmatched selection of high-quality products all at everyday low prices, creating the kitchen to match your taste
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has never been easier. discover floor and decor today!
8:55 am
>> 8.55, and well. i love the hostess stuff like and i don't know what their but if you
8:56 am
like little debbie stuff, zebra cakes and swiss rolls and honey buns. now you can eat that in an ice cream form because an ice cream company has teamed up with the little debbie's people and now they're putting out ice cream and it's not even a special. like limited deal is just go to walmart start tomorrow and they're going to carry a cosmic brownies. strawberry shortcake. it doesn't kind of good if you're going for it. just go for it. i guess like you don't have to worry about you and you like the oatmeal creme pies said, james, those are some of my favorite growing up, you know, ice cream good, right? yeah. best of both worlds now combined in one of best of both haha and i know you said it can console. you could so sad about the niners might have to find a pint of or something will stick to ice all 56 is the time. still ahead on the kron 4 morning news. >> yeah, some of the schools could be shutting down. we'll tell you why the district is thinking about consolidating them. will have the list.
8:57 am
>> coming up in a moment. plus new covid rules for large gatherings and masks are set to go into effect tomorrow in san francisco. we're going break down what those changes are. kron. 4 morning news at 9 starts in just a couple minutes.
8:58 am
8:59 am
>> the san francisco forty-niners their season is over and also over could be that jimmy garoppolo era. we'll hear from him coming up in a live report.
9:00 am
>> the oakland school board is debating whether to shut down or merged 12 schools. one school board member tells us this is absolutely not fair. we have more details coming up. >> from the area's local news station. you're watching the kron 4 morning news. at know. >> good morning. i'm darya james is gone. now we can talk about jj's. i love james. he still the studio packing up because we're doing a covid saying he does for alone. i do. 09:00am alone. >> but we're all together in between. and in the meantime, we're all here to guide you through all the weather, traffic and news that you need today. there is no super bowl. so i want to get that straight. because your first because the niners lost. so whatever i james is upset as he's leaving them back. james, he's laughing and shaking his head but we are looking at a gorgeous day


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