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tv   KRON 4 News at 10  KRON  January 28, 2022 10:00pm-11:01pm PST

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>> when fun time from the bay area's local news station. you're watching kron. 4 news. >> oh, my gosh. it is almostr here. can you feel the excitement? the niners have officially hit the road tonight. the faithful seeing the team off tonight as the day left the bay and santa clara and head to la they'll be taking on. of course, the rams at so 5 stadium in inglewood on sunday. good evening, everybody. thank you for joining us. imagine if that actually when on sunday and then win the super bowl. how exciting this is going to be with, though. so the money and i'm grant lotus, ella. the excitement is palpable now. yeah, i can feel it all the way from here. and unfortunately, we're not there. but we do have kate rooney, but >> it's not just a team forty-niners fans from all over the country are also heading to los angeles this
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weekend. >> a large number of them from right here in the bay area. of we caught up with some of those fans as they headed south for the game. >> yeah, our coverage begins with sports director or sports reporter kate rooney who has made the journey. she was a little ahead of the curve when to southern california earlier and she's outside sofi stadium with the latest on how everybody is getting ready. okay. i don't know about you, but just seeing that video with those fans, it feels real. now. >> it does feel real last week when they left for green bay. it was just a couple fans, handful of fans, some media types watching their buses depart that those throngs of fans saying goodbye to them today just really goes to show you how excited people are for this nfc championship game. another 49 ers are set to land here pretty much any minute around 10, 30 11 sometime in there and join me here at sofi stadium in los angeles. they did have one final practice in santa clara today, but that's pretty much business as usual.
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their new normal is going on the road. this will be the forty-niners 4th game. they played on the road in a row. there was something a little bit different about it today, though, typically they leave on a saturday for us and a game like this. but a bunch of players got together earlier in the week and as head coach head coach kyle shanahan, if they could leave on friday, kyle shanahan earlier explained the thought that went into that decision. >> a number of players hit me up sunday right after the rams won. they had me up sunday and asked if they week ago on friday and i was pumped. they asked because i i like on friday as more now, just you get more time to focus the right to the game. and so that's what we're doing a group of us who we are all interested. and it's kind of been a routine and most away trips this season. so i think gives guys locked i got pretty good routine as far as staying things like that. >> just to only leave on friday just allows you to stay more locked into the game plan and no limits sections.
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>> got to be locked in now. so you at this point, the practicing is finished. the game plan has been installed at all about just fine-tuning those little details by watching film and getting mentally prepared and they don't have much time left less than 48 hours to go before kickoff 3.30, at sunday right here behind me at this beautiful locations. so fy stadium grant l a >> all right. kate rooney, enjoy your time down there in southern california and let's bring home niners all right. on the niners fans, getting however they can summer driving summer flying this weekend. they just want to be in the building being so 5 watch that game on sunday. kron four's gayle ong caught up with some of those fans at oakland international airport. >> no, a caller from san francisco will be cheering the niners on from the stands at sofi stadium sunday and can't wait to get you know, we're diehard niner fan.
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>> born and raised. so this is just this is our moment. we want to take it. and she's not the only niners fan catching a flight to los angeles from oakland international airport. >> on team. mostly won't be at the stamp our door to the game. but i got to go down there be in the vicinity to give that energy. >> just like they've been given on the field. i'm a person that likes to watch it from from the can see every day. cheryl in rome out canon have similar plans fill the energy around other 9 earth. and then really the you know, all 9 whether it's watching the game live or being around like minded fans, the forty-niners fateful are hoping for another victory. >> feel when you know it's best in the game. you you know. >> but the last 2 times so far been go. the 3rd time we're going to do it again. >> is intense and important to me. you know, like invested in the forty-niners, they are
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ready. we're ready to take it in oakland, gayle ong kron. 4 news. >> thinking about joining the faithful that are heading down to la trying to get into the game on sunday. what's going to cost, right? that's the the obvious first step. this is a look at stuff up. ticket prices while still crazy high are starting to come down a little bit before the game right now. the cheapest seats are hovering right around 700 bucks. that's with all the fees, though. and that's worth noting earlier today they were around 700, $50. so who knows? maybe a way to the last minute. maybe they come down even more. make sure use the filter that show ces show estimated price with fees. because the fees are we get you on this. the most expensive tickets, by the way, if you're the high roller there, listen right now go for more than $5,000. >> well, showing its team spirit coit tower at one point lit up in red and gold in their honor of the 40 niners.
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okay. there it so if they can do it in the snow, they've got no excuse in sunny southern california. >> yeah. that snow came with something else and quite hour. yeah, it goes back and forth. a little gold, little red, maybe a little original chief meteorologist lawrence karnow is here, lawrence, that that would have been a crazy snow game. if you are the meteorologists at all. my gosh. what a contrast, right? i mean, they're playing that snow in those temperatures hovering right about 15 degrees or so. and >> this game in southern california, the weather is going to be absolutely perfect and it's going to be fantastic you're headed down there. little breeze for tomorrow, a few clouds on sunday. those clouds start to give way all that sunshine in the temperatures. those numbers going to be near 70 degrees at game time at 03:30pm, in the afternoon. mostly sunny and warm. just a light breeze. they've had some strong santa ana winds last couple of days. but i think as we head into sunday, those winds calm down, maybe 5, maybe 6 mile an hour wind and that is about it is perfect football weather there
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back in the bay area tonight. couple high clouds up above but not looking bad today. >> had above normal temperatures again, not a surprise that big dome of high pressure took over after the first week in january and has just ruled all the way through january. now headed into february. so these temperatures running into the 60's, almost 70 degrees for a high in san jose. today. numbers cooling off, though. you get that the offshore wind, you get that dry air. we're down the 40's now in the live more 37 degrees. getting chilly in the fairfield now 40 now in the napa valley. 41 in santa rosa and 41 in petaluma. so, you know, we're going to see those temperatures drop them way off. a couple high clouds up above. you see it floating on by there. but really nothing to worry about. just going to see some high clouds rolling through over the weekend. but temperature wise know overnight lows, 30's and 40's probably down the freezing mark in some of the north bay valleys. but by day we've got some gorgeous weather head plan on those temperatures. well, in the 60's, almost 70 degrees. >> thanks, lawrence. a visit to san francisco by an nba superstar has a board
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supervisor up in arms. yeah. talking about the brooklyn nets star kyrie irving who is set to take the court against the dubs. a huge matchup at chase tomorrow night. irving is not allowed to play home games in brooklyn because he's not vaccinated in rules in new york, prevent his participation as kron four's. dan thorn san francisco leaders say, hey, if you can't play, they're likely play here. >> basketball fans are required to show proof of hpvaccination in order to cheer on the golden state warriors at chase center. but on saturday, those rules will not apply when brooklyn nets star kyrie irving takes the court in san francisco. the unvaccinatod point guard is allowed to play as long as he tests negative for covid-19. just a basic level. we can't play in his own reason why would he be able play here? san francisco supervisor matt haney says allowing irving to play sends the wrong message. san francisco's vaccination mandates have applied to practically everyone from public workers to small
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businesses and city residents. we've got a set of standards. >> we're asking everyone to follow them. you know where you are. >> and it creates huge challenges when you have these carve outs that feel like they're giving favoritism to folks because of their wealth or access or privilege. the san francisco department of public health has also required warriors players to be vaccinated while visiting players are only strongly urged to be vaccinated or things eligibility to play becomes even more complicated considering his unvaccinated status has kept him from playing home games in new york. under san francisco's local health order visiting players or performers who are unvaccinated must follow these rules. proof of a negative antigen test within one day or 2 days for a pcr test before entering the venue wearing a well-fitted mask at all times except while playing or performing and remaining 6 feet away from members of the public at all times. the chase
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center falls within haney's district 6. but the power over public health is out of his control. it's going to lead to people don't have their hands and going. this is unfair. and i think they're right reporting in san francisco, dan thorn. >> kron, 4 news. >> starting tuesday, people need to show proof of vaccination to enter several indoor facilities in oakland city. officials there agreed to the vaccine mandate earlier this year. earlier this month, the mandate applies to indoor businesses that serve food and drinks, talking restaurants, bars clubs also applies to entertainment venues, theaters, gyms fitness centers, libraries among others. oakland joins contra costa county berkeley and san francisco with similar mandates. >> well, county just announced this afternoon that they are adding a free mask covid testing site that the county's event center, which is located on saratoga drive in the city of san mateo. it will start operating february first. and the testing site is run by
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carbon health. that's a san francisco based national health care provider. patients can either make an appointment on the website or just walk up to the testing site. >> next on kron, 4 news at 10 house speaker nancy pelosi was today talking. area infrastructure. details on the plans and funding. she announced headed to the bay area. >> and a former officer involved in the police raid that killed breonna taylor in court today. the charges that he's facing and millions are in the path of the dangerous winter storm. what people in the northeast are doing to prepare tonight.
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>> more than 4,000 flights have been canceled as a northeast prepares for a major storm. winter storm watches and warnings are now posted for 75 million people in the path of the nor'easter. the storm is expected to form off the coast of the carolinas tonight and then move north into saturday. residents have been preparing all day long anticipating a storm that promises to keep them locked in all weekend. >> just trying to stay inside of the warm, you know, not trying to travel to what's going drive after of the road do just that, hoping to be ahead of it. >> at the front of it and get all the way to maine before it fully hits. because i think we're getting about 2 feet were likely in southern maine. so we should be there in time. >> for are just going to
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hunker down and plan the snow tomorrow. hopefully. >> they don't seem too fazed. forecasters say the boston and rhode island could get up to 2 feet of snow and they're facing hurricane force winds. new york city is expected to get up to a foot of snow. >> and a frightening scene in pittsburgh earlier today. you had this 50 year-old bridge that that just collapsed. the steel bridge fell about 150 feet into a ravine this morning. and a city bus was on the bridge along with 5 other vehicles when it collapsed. miraculously, 10 people only suffered minor injuries, so thankful. so president biden actually toward the damage just hours later before a pre planned speech touting ironically the passage in november of the trillion-dollar infrastructure bill reporter evan lambert has the details. >> back to steal a car flipped onto its roof at a bus teetering over the edge of where a section of the more than 400 foot bridge came
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crashing down over a popular park in pittsburgh this morning. authorities say 10 people were hurt. 3 taken to the hospital. but miraculously, no one died. >> they rolled to the bridge down, which by my understanding wasn't a sudden drop or more crumble collapse. >> part of reason why i believe that the injuries weren't as severe as they could have been because it was sudden jolt stop. first responders force to repel 150 feet to rescue people from the stranded bus. >> and using a human chain to bring them to safety. the bridge rated in poor condition by pennsylvania's department of transportation. the city tells news nation it was last inspected in september. and in the national news exclusive neighbor greg, good chance key who also happens to have a phd in physics tells us he spotted damage in 2018 tagging the city in a tweet bringing it to their attention sent in the tweet about 2 weeks a few weeks later.
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>> they've removed the rest it out. girders. and then i didn't really think much more about it. i figured that someone had had paid attention to it. someone or someone was taking care of it. his reaction in nearly 4 years later when a snow covered section of the bridge broke away and tumbled into the creek below. if it was and i'm glad i wasn't any what could have been a disaster coming just hours before a visit by president biden where he touted the trillion-dollar infrastructure bill. he visited the bridge site this afternoon, really is going to have really is. you know, really eyes. >> a common pittsburgh. a long time as a former penn from what i didn't realize they're literally more bridges in pittsburgh any other city in the world. we've more done about >> i mean, i knew. for a lot of pretty i've no idea that and we're going we're going to fix them all. visited sfo today to talk osi about money for local
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infrastructure projects here she was joined by representatives jackie spear and at the issue during their visit, the congresswoman talked about the 25 billion dollars allocated for airports as part of the bipartisan infrastructure bill sfo will be getting 5, 50 million dollars a year for 5 years from this. if a structure built that money will go to improvements at the harvey milk terminal as well as environmental upgrades. >> this big hole you see behind us. it's 200, 50 million dollars that will the rest of the final phase of the harvey terminal. one. >> representative speer said today that she hopes some of the money we'll go to reducing noise for people living near the airport. dramatic video shows a snowplow causing damage to dozens of vehicles
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along the ohio turnpike. the plows going 70 miles an hour while throwing massive amounts of snow and ice on 2 oncoming traffic. this is sunday caused several vehicles to swerve and cause one to drive off the road. 50 vehicles were involved in 12 people had minor injuries. >> when you look at the photos you see you see a lot of damage to windshield, you know to, you know, the body damage of the vehicles and you're all of that can be fixed. fortunately, very grateful for is that no one was seriously injure or killed. >> the employee driving that plow truck there was placed on administrative leave and was sent for mandatory drug and alcohol testing. >> in other news tonight, the only criminal trial to rise from that botched police raid that killed breonna taylor began today. former louisville kentucky officer brett hankinson isn't charged in taylor's death but is instead standing trial on lower-level felonies for firing his service weapon wildly into her
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neighbors, apartments, hundreds of potential jurors were at the courthouse in louisville today to see if they would be chosen for hankin since trial. taylor was at home in bed when she was fatally shot in march 2020 in that raid by 3 officers, including hankinson. >> the rifle used by kyle rittenhouse to shoot 3 people during unrest in kenosha will be destroyed. a judge in wisconsin approved an agreement besween lawyers to get rid of the gun earlier this month, an attorney for rittenhouse filed a motion asking prosecutors to return his weapon, ammunition face mask and other clothing from the night of the shooting. then last week, his lawyer and his spokesman said rittenhouse suddenly wanted to destroy the rifle and throw out the rest of the items so that they could not be used as a political symbol or trophy. the assistant d a said the state crime lab would destroy the gun probably in april rittenhouse killed 2 people and wounded a 3rd. he was
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acquitted of the charges in november. >> still ahead, a new program to make free masks available to the public. why the rollout? is it going as smoothly as it was planned? the u.s. is running out of coronavirus aid out pandemic fraud has left the relief funds nearly depleted. >> when they're projected to run out completely. >> plus, rumors about school closures have opened parents on edge with the teachers union is saying about the matter.
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>> in the east bay, parents and teachers in oakland say they're concerned about the possibility of school closures. that's because rumors have been looming all week long that there will be closures or even mergers within the oakland unified school district and kron four's. rob nesbitt spoke with the teachers union representative about that. >> educators and oakland are worried about losing their jobs. if you that schools were predominantly black and brown students are being targeted. and oakland school board member released this list of 2 schools that could merge and 12 schools that have the potential to close, including west lake middle school where timothy killings works as a case manager. i was very disappointed when our schools on the list. he says that his biggest concern is that he'll be out of a job by the end of the school year. there are closures or mergers. somebody has to go can be 2 principles can be to teachers can be 2 sides. teachers, people start losing their jobs. so, yes,
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we're very concerned. a spokesperson for the oakland unified school district says they haven't released the names of potentially impacted schools yet and had no update as of friday. out surely it surprise vice president of the oakland education association is now arming deer as says, the schools that have the potential to close don't just provide an education to students are also lifelines for the community. prescott, it >> west oakland as a community garden. they have folks come and pick free food. so the school central role in supporting the community and says 8 of the schools on the list are considered historically black and have a high number of students of color. he says the school should have an impact report done to see how closures will affect students and their families. just to the fortunate that the district continues to trying to balance the budget in the black, the backs of black and brown students. >> the oakland unified school district has a special board meeting planned for monday to discuss the potential for school closures in san
10:27 pm
francisco. i'm rob nesbitt kron. 4 news. >> meantime, teachers in the west contra costa unified school district could authorize a strike. the united teachers of richmond union is demanding the district to come to an agreement on their covid safety plans. they're demanding weekly covid testing and high quality masks for all students and staff. earlier this week, the union said that they would negotiate with the district and threatened to strike if an agreement was not reached by today. we're continue to follow this story and we'll let you know what's there's an update. >> a week after the biden administration announced it will deploy 400 million free and 95 masks to the public pharmacy chains like cvs and walgreens have announced that they will be handing out these government provided and 90 fives and they started doing that today. but here in the bay area, not all cvs and walgreens stores have the masks in stock. today we checked with to walgreens and cvs stores. alameda. they told us that the masks were not
10:28 pm
available than have and one woman who tried to get a mask there says she's frustrated. overall, the changing masking guidelines. >> we've for 2 years. we're getting all kinds of different here. opinions. nobody knows what they're doing and that's what i'm >> yeah, some medical experts say with the virus has changed and that is why the masking guidance has changed. both walgreens and cvs executives say they'll be handing out the masks when they have them. each person can get 3 most likely. they say it might be best right now to check at target stores that have cvs and walgreens pharmacies inside them. >> a new study finds having been hospitalized for covid-19 could have even greater consequences later on researchers in the united kingdom have discovered that people who are acquired such care for coronavirus infection
10:29 pm
are twice as likely to die or return to the hospital within the next few months. >> a new spinoff of the omicron variant has become the dominant cause of covid infections. allen, some parts of the world, but experts say there's no reason to panic over that ba to spin off. that has already spread to nearly 50 countries, including the u.s. a british report finds the current vaccines protect like they do for previous strains of covid. >> san francisco residents who received the johnson and johnson vaccine and a supplemental dose can now get a 3rd shot. that's because the san francisco department of public health has said they're encouraging health care providers to allow patients who want to get a 3rd shot to get one kron four's. amanda hari spoke with an infectious disease specialist about the potential impact of a 3rd dose. >> this going prominent public health says a 3rd dose vaccine for people who originally received the change. a vaccine can help reduce symptomatic infection. hospitalization and
10:30 pm
severe outcome from the omicron variant which i'm told is still a concern. >> the more times you remind the immune system, the more robust it can protect you for the future. so getting a shot, a k a booster makes a lot of sense. biologically to me, the san francisco department of public health put out advisory that residents who got the johnson johnson janssen coronavirus vaccine. >> and have received their supplemental dose can get a 3rd shot. the vaccine was once thought to be a one-dose option. but health officials have recommended supplementation. i think it's understandable if people feel a little bit, i'm disappointed or anxious that. >> you know, guidance is change. ucsf, infectious disease specialist doctor peter chin-hong. >> says the guidance has changed because we've learned more about covid-19 and about its variants. we have to update on knowledge all the
10:31 pm
time. the recommendation is that the 3rd dose is at least 5 months after the supplemental dose and only used in those 18 and older they want to utilize the pfizer vaccine because it has full fda approval. doctor chin-hong says, well, guidance can continue to change based on how the virus mutates. he does not expect people additional dose every few people worry that we'll be having of 4th and 5th to 16 vaccine. but really, if you want to pick. >> magic numbers really 3. that's how many many vaccines are given to think about it. measles, mumps and rubella, hepatitis b, human papilloma virus. well, this is just for san francisco residents right now. >> doctor chin-hong tells me he believes that other areas will follow san francisco's lead. amanda hari kron, 4 news. >> people may soon be getting tax credits for donating blood. a state lawmaker here in california has introduced a bill that would provide a $500
10:32 pm
tax credit if you donated blood. at least 4 times in a given calendar year, the legislation aims to ease the current blood crisis in california and across the country earlier this month, the american red cross announced it was facing its worst blood shortage in more than a decade. the organization supplies about 40% of the country's blood, but says it only has been able to meet about one quarter of that need. >> the pandemic also brought about shortages as we saw with blood donations. but now there's a milk shortage across north america. milk banks are seeing a rise in interest and a plunge in supply. the executive director for the human milk banking association of north america says demand has surged in hospitals while the supply keep stepping. and if you feel compelled to donate milk, now is the time to do that. so at all, 31 milk banks in the u.s. and canada associated with h m ba milk donations are declining down
10:33 pm
as much as 20% in some places donated milk can help medically fragile infants, too, overcome a range of potentially devastating conditions. a federal watchdog is monitoring coronavirus aid and they say that they're nearly out of money. the office of the inspector general for pandemic recovery is in charge of catching instances of fraud pertaining to covid relief on thursday, the office warned lawmakers that the office is on pace to run out of cash by july congress. set aside 25 million dollars for the office to oversee various initiatives established during the pandemic. the u.s. government has roughly approved 6 trillion dollars in federal stimulus money to date. >> we've got mostly clear skies around the bay area. couple high clouds up above storm clouds, though, a fierce storm along the east coast. we'll talk about >> and we want to know can you sneeze? but it will dance that got its start in oakland and with the creator of it is with the creator of it is
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>> listen to that. look at that. is that? >> pretty insane video from romania where that huge waterfall froze over creating a dazzling display of. i see daggers temperatures so cold there that the water turn to ice and they say it's rare since the waterfall sits right
10:37 pm
below a hot spring. and i called google and they say the temperature there and romania's 27 degrees, which didn't seem that call yes at that cold, right? i mean, you tell me are from these but it is cold new york to l a yeah. you know who would now come here lawrence karnow standing by. this is a live look at new york. snow is coming down. lawrence, what's it looking like right now? yeah, they're going to have colder temperatures. there are a lot colder. in fact. >> this storm really now putting itself together. you can see it's making its way along the eastern moving off of the carolinas. that area of low pressure really going to be the driver of this storm system rolls right up the eastern seaboard. and there you see a rotating through some of the winds associated with goes by this nor'easter, maybe some 70 plus mile an hour gust near the coastline. i think you're looking at coastal erosion. you're probably looking at some coastal flooding and you're
10:38 pm
just looking at a ton of snow power outages. it is going to be a through the first part of the weekend. probably tailing off as we get into sunday. but blizzard warnings up for a good part of the east coast as well. expecting some very heavy snowfall. those snow amounts are going to be impressive as we take you through some of those totals really getting very heavy, get boston, get up in the main. i think that's where we'll see the heaviest snow totals. maybe 24, maybe 30 inches of snow in a short amount of time. that is going to paralyze a good part of the northeast, at least for a couple of days. now, speaking of cold temperatures, this is what we're talking about for highs, about 16 degrees in boston tomorrow, 19 in new york. 24 in washington, dc maybe all the way down to freezing in atlanta. so very cold air plunging in this part of the country that the lorry forecast keeps things very cold across much the eastern half of the united states as we round out the next 5 to 7 days back out west, we go. we've got our dominant ridge of high pressure. you see the jet stream moving well to the north and then takes a big dip
10:39 pm
across the plains. usher in that cold air in the eastern half of the united states. but not for us. we're a basking in sunshine. you can imagine after a storm like they're going to see on the east coast going to want to come out and enjoy this kind of weather. we've got that offshore wind kicking in again for tomorrow. that is going to bring some very nice temperatures all around the bay area. in fact, numbers going to soar, i think well into the 60's getting close to 70 degrees. air quality has been suffering, though we've seen is that haze in our skies in the afternoon. we'll see it again tomorrow in the north bay, the east bay and also the south bay looking good with their quality along the coastline, seeing a few more clouds coming our way as we head through the weekend least the first part as that low makes its way through southern california, swing up some clouds in our direction. then some fog likely to move in along the coastline. then by sunday afternoon, again, maybe a few more high clouds coming our way right now, everything is looking dry. so here's how play things out as we head toward the next couple of days. we're going to see plenty of sunshine around the bay area with some high clouds up above temperatures, not bad at all. in fact, those numbers
10:40 pm
running generally in the 60's, some places getting near 70 degrees by tomorrow afternoon. cooling down a little bit on sunday, staying dry as we head toward the first week of february. thanks so lauren senate, so weekend. that's cause for dancing and the very latest and dance move is gone viral and >> it's actually from right here in the bay area. don't know if you've heard of it, but it's called the sneeze and it was born in oakland a guy actually who made it up in his bedroom. the dance where it starts with bending needs and then jumping from side to side to the beat of the music and the guy who came up with that dense l who goes by chong stir davis came up with that move 8 years ago. but it's suddenly taken off. and it's not just him who's getting credit for it. but everybody who is jumping in on this to celebrities and athletes happy to join in. >> i feel like it's very important. that is a black artists to just, you know, get more recognition and show the world that as a black person. >> we can create get out and
10:41 pm
show that the way to you know, being looked at as something else, definite color from the bay area. no signs that >> put my and and just, you know, showing kids >> pretty much follow a don't be afraid or ashamed to do something that you left. it. >> davis says that use a pricing that's a center in oakland, kept him out of trouble and helped him out. so he's just trying to get back in. be grateful for that space. he got to work on his art. and unfortunately, we are see that the tables, but i would have asked grant to show a peek at does it for us here. i've never i've never sneeze a big step in that. now we're but but we are seated. >> in the age of covid. so yeah. it doesn't work. you need to move the hips. get the right on the the chairs barely
10:42 pm
swivel. in any event, love the pants appreciate everybody being here with us tonight on kron, 4 news at 8, 9.10. don't go anywhere because our coverage of the forty-niners is just getting started. >> said 48 hours until their championship matchup against the rams at so-fi stadium. we'll have a live report from kron four's kate rooney. plus the latest the injury front for the keep it here. the red and gold zone is next. the
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familiar chant of beat l a as the faithful sent off the forty-niners to socal for sunday's nfc championship game. >> welcome into red and gold zone playoff edition. in less than 48 hours, the forty-niners will take on the la rams in the nfc championship game. >> nearly halfway through the season, this team was 3 in 5 and many believe they wouldn't make the playoffs. now the forty-niners are just one win away from the super bowl. so what do they need to do to get the job done? let's check in with kron. 4 sports reporter kate rooney. she joins us now live from sofi stadium. beautiful. so fy stadium. kate, how are the forty-niners looking, though, and the injuries of concern? >> yeah, of course. are a huge piece of the puzzle when it comes to being able to field a team important football game like the nfc championship
10:46 pm
game. fortunately, we've got a pretty good report out of forty-niners practice at santa clara earlier today running back elijah mitchell cornerback ambry thomas quarterback jimmy garoppolo are all full participants in today's practice. so those are a few of the guys we had our eye on. but here's the big one that still hangs in the balance left tackle. trent williams was officially listed as questionable for today's game. that's a really big deal because trent williams is a pro bowl left tackle. he's been dealing with an ankle sprain and he's certainly someone that they want in the game. jimmy garoppolo in particular let it slip. that trend might have a high ankle sprain coach shanahan decline to state. whether high or low high is not the one you want. and jimmy is of particular concern because trends, the guy protecting his blindside. it's not just that, though he's widely considered not only the best left tackle in the game, one of the best players in the game. >> period. that's what his teammates and coaches have said throughout the season. and here's what shanahan had to say today about whether or
10:47 pm
not they think williams has the chance to actually play on sunday. >> it's going to be like it was 3 weeks ago. i feel the same way that it beginning the he came out for a walk through the day and turns and that he's he was last time too which i mean, i i believe says can do everything you can to play. and so i'll be surprised if he doesn't. but i was surprised last time. so it's has also surprises able to finish the gamers green bay so hopefully his mindset will be how his body reacts on sunday and we know to help us a lot. but if not, we'll deal with it. >> so that last time he was referring to is the rams game in week williams missed that one with an elbow injury. now he's dealing with the ankle injury that he sustained in the game against green bay. so hopefully we'll see him on the field on sunday is likely to be a game time decision, though. they're also waiting on the status update of jeff wilson junior the running back. he's listed as questionable as well. kylen.
10:48 pm
>> all right. so not too bad. on the injury front, mostly healthy, kate, we like to hear that now. we saw the video of the team heading out earlier tonight. typically they wouldn't leave until saturday for such a short trip. what's the story behind leaving today? kate? >> well, this team has gotten really used to being on the road. this is their 4th straight road game and the of the players got together after last week's game and decided, you know what we kind of like having that extra day away from home helps us lock in to the game a little bit. so they approach kyle shanahan early in the week and asked him if they could leave on friday. so it's a matter of fact, they should be landing any minute if they haven't already. they're going to come right here. go straight to bed. wake up tomorrow. they can spend the whole day here in los angeles without any distractions. i had to call family and being at home a distraction. but it kind of candy, when you're preparing for game is important. is the nfc championship game. >> and so that's the reason the forty-niners really wanted to come here tonight so they can have a full 24 hours here in la tomorrow, just to get ready and think about nothing else. but the game kylen.
10:49 pm
>> okay. that's good. so they should be mentally focused now when it comes to that game k the forty-niners offense struggled their game against green bay, not scoring one offensive. touchdown. what do they need to do to put up numbers and find success against la? i hate to make it simple as this because football is such a complicated game and this game is rea ly going to come down to the forty-niners run game. that's ultimately the way that they've been able to beat the rams to previous time this season. it's the way that they've been able to have success against all the teams. >> that they've ultimately defeated this season. green bay, little bit of a different beast because of the weather there. clearly no one was performing well for an offensive perspective, including green bay. they were really struggling to break off any explosive runs there. here's the thing, though, even though the rams are a little bit undersized up front, they do have one of the best defensive tackles in the league. that's, of course, aaron. donald. and they have been really good against the run all season. they were 6th in the league in run defense this season right now in the
10:50 pm
postseason in the 2 games they played. they are the best team against the run. they've only allowed 56 point o yards per game against their 2 opponents so far. but last time they played the forty-niners fared pretty well against them over 150 yards rushing deebo. samuel had a rushing touchdown and that's what the forty-niners are going to try to do again. kyle shanahan has said it plenty of times. we want to run the ball. at least 30 times per game. and when they do the statistics and the win column shows kylen that they can be really, really successful so that they're tried and true formula. and that's what they're going to stick to on sunday. absolutely. you seen any fans hanging around any red out there in la so far. >> yeah, i was keeping my eyes peeled on the flight down today. there were definitely a handful of 40 niner fans on my flight and the airport. but what really impressed me was when i got to the rental agency to pick up my rental car, a couple of agents there were just in 40 niner gear. so looks like.
10:51 pm
>> we don't even need the faithful to come down from the bay area. there are a lot of fans who currently reside right here in los angeles and are not shy about letting their 40 niner pride, even as the hometown team is about to host this rival. so i think there's going to be a big pep rally tomorrow here. it's a place called tom's watch bar. that's really going to get the forty-niners fans riled up. and i'm definitely expecting to see a big sea of red at sofi stadium on sunday. >> some sounds like it's going to be a fun atmosphere. kate rooney down at sofi stadium. thanks so much, kate. appreciate it. we're not done here on red and gold zone. we have some final thoughts from the niners opponent as they wrap up their preparations. wrap up their preparations. that's coming up after this. mmm. hey jack, how'd you get this spicy cluck sandwich to have the perfect amount of spice? i call it, jack's spice squad. who's in the squad? [whispering] it's me. my new spicy cluck sandwich combo. it's my best chicken ever.
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and the perfect amount of spice to get your taste buds tingling. try my new $6.99 spicy cluck sandwich combo. order on the jack app today. welcome back to this special edition of the red and gold zone. this will be the 3rd time the niners and rams have squared off the season with the forty-niners coming out victorious in the first 2 games. >> as far as preparations for such a familiar foe, definitely can be tricky. both teams know each other and are well aware of what worked and didn't work in the previous matchups. that being said it's a delicate balance as far as what to keep doing and what adjustments to bake quarterback jimmy garoppolo answer that question. here's what he had to say. >> i think there's a fine line. you know, the things that you did well in the past, you know, you soon that team, they are going to guess we'll fix those things and, you
10:55 pm
know, get be ready for the next time. next time you but at the same time, like you're saying there's some things that you don't even want to try again because they didn't work or maybe was bad timing of the call, whatever it is. there's a bunch of variables, but you definitely it. take both into account. >> also, both coaches very familiar with each other to we should mention the rams got in their final practice on friday. they have insisted all week that this sunday won't be a repeat of the previous 2 matchups this season or in fact, the last 6 in the series overall, which were all losses for la rams head coach sean mcvay said he's confident as long as his players can execute and play with the proper mindset. >> if you say your preparation is in alignment with feeling really confident the players ability to execute a their and also go play with acquited mind. you know, that's that's what our guys have done. you know, they're put themselves in a position in work isn't done. we still have some things that going to be able to tighten up. but we know what a great challenge is going to be. but i do have
10:56 pm
tremendous confidence in this team and our players in the leaders that we have in that locker room and they've got a great job of putting in a position to go play the quiet mind on sunday. >> here we go. forty-niners with a chance to advance to an 8th super bowl which you put them in sole possession of second place in super bowl appearances. game time is 03:30pm, on sunday at so-fi stadium. also, this would be the second time in just 3 years that the forty-niners make the super bowl. you can't forget about that 2019 classic. well, that's all we've got for red and gold zone. the special edition. be sure to join us tomorrow night. we will have much more ahead of the big game on sunday. have a great night. everyone.
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