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tv   KRON 4 News at 8  KRON  January 28, 2022 8:00pm-9:01pm PST

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when fun time from the bay area's local news station. you're watching kron. 4 news at >> now forty-niners getting ready for the nfc championship game on sunday. have teams preparing for that game against their southern california rivals. >> and we're hearing from teachers union after the oakland school board announced that they may consider closing about a dozen schools before the next school year. plus, a 3rd shot of the johnson and johnson covid vaccine. who's eligible to get it? and where is it being offered? and that is where we begin tonight on kron. 4 news at 8 o'clock. thanks for being with us. everybody. >> i'm grant lotus. i'm ella sogomonian. vicki liviakis has the night off san francisco residents who received the johnson johnson vaccine. >> and a supplemental dose can now get a 3rd shot. that's
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because the san francisco department of public health is now encouraging health care providers to allow patients who want a 3rd shot to get one for some. and harry spoke with an infectious disease specialist about the impact of that 3rd dose. >> the says the department of public health says a 3rd dose vaccine for people who originally received the change. a vaccine can help reduce symptomatic infection. hospitalization and severe outcome from the omicron variant which i'm told is still a concern. >> the more times you remind the immune system, the more robust it can protect you for the future. so getting a shot, a k a booster makes a lot of sense. biologically to me, the san francisco department of public health put out advisory that residents who got the johnson and johnson johnson coronavirus vaccine. >> and have received their supplemental dose can get a 3rd shot. the vaccine was once thought to be a one-dose
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option. but health officials have recommended supplementation. i think it's understandable if people feel a little bit, i'm disappointed or anxious that. >> you know, guidance is change. ucsf, infectious disease specialist doctor peter chin-hong. >> says the guidance has changed because we've learned more about covid-19 and about its variants. we have to update on knowledge all the time. the recommendation is that the 3rd dose is at least 5 months after the supplemental dose and only used in those 18 and older they want to utilize the pfizer vaccine because it has full fda approval. doctor chin-hong says, well, guidance can continue to change based on how the virus mutates. he does not expect people additional dose every few people worry that we'll be having of 4th and 5th to 16 vaccine. but really, if you want to pick. >> magic numbers really 3. that's how many many vaccines are given think about it.
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measles, mumps and rubella, hepatitis b, human papilloma virus. well, this is just for san francisco residents right now. >> doctor chin-hong tells me he believes that other areas will follow san francisco's lead. amanda hari kron, 4 news. >> a week after the biden administration announced it will deploy 400 million free n 95 masks to the public pharmacy chains like cvs and walgreens have announced that they are starting to hand out the federal government provided and 95 masks today. but here in the bay area, not all of those stores have the masks in stock. for instance, today we checked with a couple walgreens and cvs stores in alameda workers there told us that the masks were not available yet. and one woman who tried to get one at the store told us she's frustrated after all this drama, which masks to wear. >> we've been playing this game for 2 years. we're getting all kinds of different
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care act nobody knows what they're doing and that's what i'm >> both walgreens and cvs executives say they will hand out the masks when they have them and they're available in each person who wants one can actually get 3 free and 90 fives. but they say you might want to check places like target that targets or sometimes of the cvs and a walgreens store inside the target. they say that might be the best option right now. >> good to know. well, new today, san mateo county just announced this afternoon. they're adding a free mask covid testing site over the county's event center that's located on saratoga drive in the city of san mateo and it will start operating this coming tuesday. the testing site is run by carbon health. patients can walk up or make appointments on their website. >> parents and teachers in oakland say they're concerned about the possibility of school closures, rumors have been looming all week long that there will be closures or mergers within the. >> oakland unified school
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district, a rep from the teachers union is speaking out tonight and kron four's rob nesbitt has that report. >> educators and oakland are worried about losing their jobs. if you that schools with predominantly black and brown students are being targeted. and oakland school board member released this list of 2 schools that could merge and 12 schools that have the potential to close, including west lake middle school where timothy killings works as a case manager. i was very disappointed when our schools on the list. he says that his biggest concern is that he'll be out of a job by the end of the school year. there are closures or mergers. somebody has to go can be 2 principles can be to teachers can be 2 sides. teachers, people start losing their jobs. so, yes, we're very concerned. a spokesperson for the oakland unifted school district says they haven't released the names of potentially impacted schools yet and had no updates as of friday. out surely it surprise vice president of the oakland education association is now arming deer as says, the schools that have the potential to close don't just
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provide an education to students are also lifelines for the community. prescott, it >> west oakland as a community garden. they have folks come and pick free food. so the school central role in supporting the community and says 8 of the schools on the list are considered historically black and have a high number of students of color. he says the school should have an impact report done to see how closures will affect students and their families. just the fortunate that the district continues to trying to balance the budget in the black, the backs of black and brown students. >> the oakland unified school district has a special board meeting planned for monday to discuss the potential for school closures in san francisco. i'm rob nesbitt kron. 4 news teachers in the west contra costa unified school district could authorize a strike tonight. >> the teachers, the united teachers of richmond union is demanding the district to come to an agreement on their covid safety concerns. they're demanding weekly covid testing and high quality masks for all students and staff earlier
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this week, the union said it would negotiate with the district and threatened to strike if an agreement was not reached by today. the meeting started this morning. it is still going on at this hour. we're continuing to follow the story. we'll certainly let you know if we have an update tonight. >> the cdc reports that during the period when the omicron variant was dominant severe outcomes for patients who are hospitalized with covid-19 were less common compared to the delta variant or the first winter surge back in 2020, although the daily average of new cases and hospital admissions reached record highs during the omicron period. there are still fewer people who died or needed to go to the hospital. speaking of which a new study finds that having been hospitalized for covid-19 could have even greater consequences later on researchers in the united kingdom have discovered the people who were required such care for the coronavirus infections are twice as likely to die or return to the hospital within the next few months.
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>> the new spinoff of the omicron variant has become the dominant because of covid infections. in some parts of the world. not here. not now. experts say, though, there is no reason to panic over that ba 2 omicron spinoff that has spread to nearly 50 countries, including the u.s. a british report finds that the current vaccines protect us like they protect us for the current strains of covid. we already have here in the u.s.. so stay tuned. there. >> we're not getting to our 4 zone forecast. take a live look over san francisco and it e is a gorgeous night. not too shabby of the day either not as warm as yesterday, but the weekend shaping up to look pretty good. >> for late january with a huge storm going to hit the northeast this weekend will take it, lauren. yeah, we'll take all that sunshine. and hey, pretty nice out there today. beautiful sunset around the bay area. couple high clouds drifting overhead today. otherwise looking good temperatures above the average, of course, high pressure up above 64 degrees
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in san francisco. 64 for a high in oakland. 68 in san jose. 61 in livermore. 63 in concord and 64 degrees in santa rosa. all these numbers above the average for this time of year swinging in offer coastline, seen area of low pressure. you see the clouds begin to sweep up toward the bay area. now, there they go. we're going to see more of that tonight and tomorrow, too. in fact, this low is going kind of track to southern california. more clouds coming their way. but we have that nice offshore wind blowing in that has brought with it. those warm temperatures as their season approaches the coastline as the warm up. but at the same time at night, it gets a little cold out there. that air is very dry sorted out in the mid 40's in the santa rosa. 44 and pretty chilly now n livermore inside that they've got a mixed bag of 40's and some 50's high pressure. looks like he's breaking down a little bit and start to slide to the somewhat here comes out low approaching the coastline. but as that low approaches the coast and they start to see that wrap around air circulation going to see that offshore wind for tomorrow. so the temperatures tomorrow, again, looking very
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nice outside numbers running up into the 60's, some places near 70 degrees by tomorrow afternoon. and the next few days, the weather looking very good. a few more clouds coming our way, but cooling off a little bit in the monday. i windy on the first day, february on tuesday. and then it looks like things settle down. we get back some dry weather and sunshine through thursday and friday. if you're one of those lucky people got a ticket go. the forty-niners the rams game on sunday, the weather looks absolutely perfect. temperatures near 70 degrees, mostly sunny skies and warm. >> all right. and that's a good way to get into our next story. we're going to be talking about that game now. less than 48 hours from kickoff nfc championship game is sunday afternoon. niners, of course, down in southern california, getting ready to take on the rams at sofi stadium. >> kron 4 sports reporter kate rooney is actually joining us live from los angeles for that big game. and kate, you have the latest says the team gets ready >> hey grant, hala. yeah,
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we're just less than 48 hours from kickoff here at sofi stadium. the forty-niners have packed their bags and they're getting ready to come. join me down here in los angeles. they did, though, have one final practice in santa clara this afternoon. the forty-niners are used to playing on the road. this is their new normal. this will be their 4th straight road game. and if they want to win it well, they'll be the first team to win 4 straight road games since the 60's. pretty long time for that. this is something they're used to, though. they've been hopping on planes for about a month now in cash in hand, said today, the group of players approached him, asked about leaving today. so that's a little bit earlier than they typically would. now the team is set to fly to los angeles late this evening. just a couple hours from now and shanahan earlier today explained the thought process behind that. >> a number of players hit me up sunday right after the rams won. they had me up sunday and asked if they week ago on friday and i was pumped. they asked because i i like going of friday's more now just you
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get more time to focus your right to the game. and so that's what we're doing a group of us who we are all interested and it's kind of been a routine and most away orips this season. so i think gives guys locked i got pretty good routine as far as staying things like that. >> just to only leave on friday just allows you to stay more locked into the game plan. and, you know, limited sections. >> lockett in. that's what you want to do at this point. they're done practicing the installation of the game plan is complete. so it's all about just finalizing those little details studying film and getting ready for sunday and of course, kickoff is right here at this beautiful stadium behind me at 3.30, on sunday against the rams grant. ella. back to you. >> can't wait. all right. thank you, kate. more on that game coming up later in sports. also coming up tonight on kron, 4 news at a president biden arriving in pittsburgh today shortly after a number of people were injured in a bridge collapse. he was there to talk about infrastructure. then this happened with biden had to say about improving the
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infrastructure in the steel city and across the country. >> and the pentagon lays out military operations in ukraine as a possibility of a russian invasion grows. we'll hear what the president has to say next. plus, governor newsom has appointed a new head. >> of the edd they deal with unemployment as the current director is now stepping down. details on who is taking over.
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>> now to a developing story out of pittsburgh, pennsylvania, where a bridge collapsed with cars on it and people in them. the bus was among several vehicles on the span over the bridge when it fell apart and the collapse left people dangling from the bus and incredibly a human chain rescued them. 3 people inside the bus suffered minor to the hospital and several r- first responders were also hurt during the rescue. but luckily, everybody survived a natural gas line was severed in the collapse, but kept fairly quickly. we still don't know what exactly caused that bridge to crumble. >> the incident happened just hours before president biden's scheduled visit to pittsburgh to tout the new infrastructure bill kron four's washington, dc correspondent jessi tenure has that part of the story. good evening. the president saw the damage firsthand as he made the case for states to take advantage of these federal funds as soon as possible. >> on the other side of the
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concrete, their president biden survey disastrous proof of the nation's need for the 1 trillion dollar infrastructure law. it's incredible. >> this pittsburgh bridge rated in poor condition for the past decade collapse friday morning wrecking a city bus and several cars. but resulting only in minor injuries it comes to president. really is the president went ahead with his planned visit to pittsburgh, which calls itself the city of bridges and claims to have more bridges than any other city in the world. and no idea. and we're going we're going to fix them all thousands of bridges across the country will soon get billions of dollars from the new infrastructure law. the white house said about 5.5 billion will go out by summer. we donate headline saying that someone was killed when the next bridge collapse. the president said the funds will allow states to bypass future bridge closures that impact everything from deliveries to school and work commutes to emergency response times. we've got to get on with that. we've got to move. administration officials say depending on how quickly states move projects funded by the law should start later
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this year. a key issue, though, remains for the white house connecting some of these funds to smaller communities like tribal nations who often don't have the capacity to apply for some of these grants are the workforce to turn them into projects in washington? i'm jessi tenure. house speaker nancy pelosi revealed today how a quarter of a million dollars in federal funding will be used to upgrade sfo. >> she was joined by representatives jackie spear and anna eshoo during their visit. the congresswoman shared how 25 billion dollars allocated for airports nationwide as part of a bipartisan infrastructure bill could be used here as sofo will be getting up to 50 million dollars a year for 5 years from that bill. the money will go toward improvements to the harvey milk terminal and environmental upgrades for the airport. >> this big hole you see behind us. it's 200, 50 million dollars that will the rest of the final phase of the harvey terminal. one.
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>> representative spears said that she hopes some of the money will be used to help reduce noise for people living near the airport. now to russian president biden says he will move thousands of u.s. troops to eastern europe soon as tensions continue to rise with russia. >> the bipartisan group of house foreign affairs committee members went to ukraine to meet with ukrainian leaders. they also met with nato, the european union and their member states. ukraine shares a border with several nato allies and the military has more than 8,000 troops at a heightened readiness level to support any nato allies if needed. the pentagon says it is pursuing diplomacy but acknowledged that russia has a lot of military options open. >> we continue to provide military material support to ukraine, along with many other countries from nato. if russia chooses to invade ukraine, it will not be cost-free. in terms of casualties or other
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significant effects. >> president biden warning ukraine's president that there is a distinct possibility russia might actually invade ukraine next month and biden provided a map of russian military positions. and take this for what it's worth. russia's top diplomat said today that moscow will not start a war in ukraine. >> well, turning now to the east coast where a powerful winter storm is developing right now, threatening heavy snow and hurricane strength winds. they're going to feel like russia over there in the northeast this weekend. chiefmeteorologist large cargo is with us, lawrence. they're calling this an actual blizzard. yeah, it could very well be. we're going to see tremendous amounts of snow. >> an extremely strong winds. maybe some winds gusting over 70 plus miles an hour. the storm really just kind of putting itself together right now. you can already see the rain off of the coastline, but we're waiting for really the core, the slow to move off the coastline and become what's
8:21 pm
called a nor'easter. that's where these blows rotate around the coastline, bringing that rain back in along the coastline from north easterly direction. so here we go all along the eastern seaboard all the way from the carolinas. we're expecting this storm system to roll along the coastline right up there. and as it does, all of those areas are going to get hit by a ton of rain. maybe some coastal flooding. you're going to some beach erosion along this area and you're going to see numerous power outages in this kind of storm with those kind of winds and tremendous amounts of snow along this area, especially toward the north. so blizzard warnings are going up in many spots across the northeast storm warnings are also up as well. snow totals going to be very impressive. i think with the system as we roll out over the next 24 to 36 hours here, you'll see the colors beginning to change and there you go. you're starting to see those colors where it's going to probably get very impressive as we get places like boston. little further north and the main talking, maybe 30 inches of snow in
8:22 pm
that short amount of time. that is going to paralyze some the temperatures by tomorrow afternoon. 17 degrees for a high in boston, 19 in new york. 25 in d c even temperatures near freezing in atlanta and that cold air plunging all the way down in the florida. guys, back to you. thanks. lauren swell and florida rain or snow that's coming down. people are instead warrant to look up and look out. >> for glonass falling from the sky. well, trees to be exact, but that's all because the forecast in the sunshine state, it's going to be colder in the coming days and times getting down to 32 degrees in some inland areas. so it apparently slow down and become immobile when temperatures drop below 40. and when that happens, animals can fall from trees on to the ground. not to worry too much, though, as temperatures warm up the creatures recover fairly quickly.
8:23 pm
>> let's go live see 2 members of the 40 niner faithful and for them cheering on the ni
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>> for one bay area, father and daughter being a part of the 40 niner faithful is certainly a family affair. >> kron four's haaziq caught up with the duo as they make their way to la where they will cheer on the red and gold this weekend. >> looks like about their of 40 niner fans of my
8:26 pm
>> yeah, we do. raymond, diego's taking his 9 year-old daughter, brooke, to see her favorite football team take on the rams in los angeles this weekend in the nfl's nfc championship game. how excited are you to be going to the game this weekend? >> and in fact, this will be, brooke, second time seeing the forty-niners in person. >> the last time she went to a game mom was holding brooke in our owners. as you can see, this family photo taken back at candlestick. so you probably don't remember, but it the last year of candlestick park. brooke just about a year and a half. and we wanted to make sure we are a family photo our stadium before went away. who is your favorite forty-niners player? >> in grapple and what do you like most about problem? >> he's a really good quarterback. >> is just a really good
8:27 pm
>> number. >> and he's even in the a stunning 10 >> so then talk about how special this for you to be making this trip to the big game with your we're dot. >> oh, my gosh. we're so excited. so special for us. yeah, we're very, very family time is so important to us. getting bullied fun and then be able to cheer on the niners. our favorite team. >> by the way, is what sports fans call and old jeannine or spend rooting for the football team. literally from day one and has the receipts to prove it. >> when you can get your fans behind you like that on a road game. once we start making plays may start get loud. it just change the momentum of the game. i think. all right, brooke, how loud you don't have to scream rob here. you are way up there. let me hear you say go tigers.
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>> the director of california's employment development department is stepping down a little more than a year after she was hired to clean up the embattled department. rita science announced her resignation to staff today and governor newsome promptly appointed nancy ferris as the new director. and she will sworn in now on tuesday. farah says the current chief deputy director of external affairs legislation and policy. the shakeup at the edd follows numerous complaints from californians about problems within the agency and rampant fraud. sans admitted that the department is facing difficulties but expressed her confidence and farris quote from her statement, i was privileged to work directly with nancy various during this important time of transformation at the edd. and i'm thrilled the governor is taking action to continue that positive momentum with that's his appointment as director
8:32 pm
will resume her role as commissioner on the california commission on aging. >> now to capitol hill where the panel investigating the insurrection and former president trump's alleged plot to subvert the election is now looking at fake slates of electors. the january 6 select committee subpoenaed 14 republicans from 7 states. the gop leaders served as chairs and secretaries on the slates. the states were allegedly designed to be alternates if republicans successfully rejected the certification of gpthe electoral results. but former vice president mike pence ended up certifying the votes. the subpoenas are asking for documents by february 11th and for the individuals to show up for depositions throughout next month. >> in houston, texas, an hours long standoff ended last night when police took a man into custody suspected of shooting 3 officers. the suspect who police have not identified had a minor injury to his neck. 2 of the 3 officers were released from the hospital
8:33 pm
today. reporter brian entin has details on the investigation. police officers under attack on the streets of america this week. violent images from houston to milwaukee to new york. >> but it's what comes after the pain and suffering and stillness families have to live with thousands of new york city police officers lined manhattan's 5th avenue today, a sea of blue honoring a fellow officer. 22 year-old jason rivera shot and killed responding to a domestic violence call. the look on the faces of his fellow officers says it all, but no one can understand the pain like officer rivera's widow. >> i would say good morning to you off. but in fact, this still >> dominique loser e agha says she feels lost without her husband. dozens of people were surrounding me. >> and yet i follow. it.
8:34 pm
couldn'e believe you left to me. seeing you in a hospital bed wrapped up in sheets, not hearing you. and i was talking to you broke me. >> nypd officer wilbert mora was also killed in the shootout. he donated his heart, liver, 2, kidneys and pancreas to 5 patients needing lifesaving organ transplants. officers lined the streets when his body was moved from the medical examiner's office. the funeral home very hard to lose a loved one and even more, i think hard when you know, it's it's a police officer, very hard for family and friends of the fallen officers, but also so emotional for the officers themselves. that was brian
8:35 pm
entin reporting for us tonight. >> for your money tonight, natural gas prices are spiking as a blizzard moves into the northeastern part of the united states. prices surged by 12% today going as high as $4.88 per million british thermal units. that's actually the highest level since last november. industry insiders say that that spike comes as natural gas production maxed out while demand continues to rise. the surge could result in higher heating bills for more than 10 million people across 10 states. now under a blizzard warning. we'll give you a live look right now. >> at that winter weather. holy had a look at this. this is a live picture from our sister station. >> in new york city. and that is snow. that is coming down. diagonally almost sideways. you can see how the wind is really. >> playing an important factor in just how serious this storm. it's. >> looks pretty strong to say the least and hope everybody
8:36 pm
there is safe but certainly happy to be here in california tonight. >> and hopefully you're traveling somewhere. much warmer. kron four's chief meteorologist lawrence karnow here with your getaway forecast. yeah. if you want to get away but maybe not that far away will stick looking good out here. the west coast, a whole different scenario. we've got high pressure. they've got the trough. that's along that storm system to roll in. no delays being reported that san francisco, oakland or san jose airport head of the monterey bay tomorrow, it will be in the 50's and the 60's with some partly cloudy skies for the south southern california. the winds starting to calm down. it will still be breezy, but about 71 degrees. if you're headed toward los angeles for the big game this weekend, 69 in pasadena and the high country maybe want to get up the slopes and enjoy their well. you can see temperatures the mid 40's in the south lake tahoe about 44 truckee at about 51 degrees in reno. of course, they haven't seen some snow in quite some want a while. but over the weekend, we're going to keep things dry up there as well as we're going to see mainly sunny conditions through the weekend
8:37 pm
and then the clouds begin to gather on monday. but looks like for the most part, just clouds and not much in the way of precipitation. so going to keep them on the dry side boy, the bay area's been dry, too. it's our air quality has been suffering a bit to moderate amounts of building up in the north bay, the east bay in the south bay still looking good along the coastline. but yeah, it has been dry for some time. and with that clear, dry air outside these temperatures going to be cold down to the freezing point in santa rosa about 36 furlough in the napa valley. 38 in live about 35 degrees in livermore. by day, though, should be very nice into the afternoon. 60's almost 70 degrees in some spots inland. enjoy some sunshine, some high clouds up above that will see more of the same as we head in towards sunday. just a little bit cooler. i think a bigger winds as we head toward tuesday, the first day of february. thanks so much, lawrence. >> well, the latest viral dance move has roots right here in the bay area. it's called the psni's dance and it was created by a man out clipped. the dance moves starts by bending your knees and then jumping side to side to the beat of the music.
8:38 pm
denzel chong stirred davis came up with the move 8 years ago and it's taking off. davis is crediting and getting credit for creating that dance. that makes people even celebrities and athletes. incredibly happy. >> i feel like it's very important. that is a black artists to just, you know, get more radiation and show the world that as a black person. >> we can create get out and show that the way to u.s. and instead of you know, being looked at as something else, definite color from the bay area. silence the >> put my answer it and just, you know, showing kids >> pretty much follow a don't be afraid or ashamed to do something that you left. it. >> we love to see it. davis credits his time at a center called youth uprising in oakland for helping him stay
8:39 pm
out of trouble and giving him a space to work on his art. >> still ahead of reporters accusing the fbi of buying phone hacking software to spy on people in the u.s.. we'll tell you how it works. and if it has been used. the new york
8:40 pm
8:41 pm
times investigation found the fbi under then president
8:42 pm
trump. >> but the most powerful hacking tool in the world for domestic surveillance uses the software named pegasus is made by an israeli company, the sale of the software played a critical role in israel, securing the support of arab nations against iran. the u.s. also wanted in on the spyware, buying it in 2019, despite multiple reports say they've been used against political opponents in other countries. the fbi decided last summer not to use it. 2 spy domestically. >> well, a federal watchdog monitoring coronavirus aid says it's nearly out of money. the office of the special inspector general for pandemic recovery is in charge of catching instances of fraud pertaining to covid relief on thursday, the office warned lawmakers the office is on pace to run out of cash by july congress. set aside 25 million dollars for the office to oversee various initiatives established during
8:43 pm
the pandemic. the u.s. government has approved roughly 6 trillion dollars in federal stimulus money to date. >> well, you may soon get a tax credit if you donate blood. a state lawmaker has introduced a bill that would provide a $500 tax credit to you. if you donated blood at least 4 times in a calendar year, the legislation aims to ease the current blood crisis in california and around the country. earlier this month, the american red cross announced it was facing its worst blood shortage in more than a decade. the organization supplies about 40% of the country's blood supply. but has only been able to meet. they say one quarter of the need. >> well, in sports, we're heading back to southern california for more on the forty-niners. we're going to hear from kate rooney as well
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oh, wow, barbara corcoran! good morning. sorry, we don't need any business help now. we're gigillionaires. what? we're gigillionaires now. i don't get it we have at&t business fiber with hyper-gig speeds. but i just... so thanks, but, we're doing great.
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i'm so happy for you! but i'm just here for my order. oh. entre-pin-eurs? yeah, my bowling team. i like it there's money in puns. do business like a gigillionaire at&t business fiber, now with speeds up to 5-gigs. limited availability >> the 23 year-old woman was found dead after her family says that she went on a date with a guy she met on a dating app. police in connecticut have determined the cause of death. reporter kelsey kernstine has details on the investigation. >> lose your daughter. only your baby girl at such a ripe age of 23 years old and to be treated the way was treated by bridgeport police, 8 station and the department is unacceptable. according to the police report, smithfield was found unresponsive at her home in bridgeport, connecticut,
8:47 pm
early on the morning of december. 12th. >> a 37 year-old white man says he met her the night before on a dating app. and this week a medical examiner found her death as accidental. blaming a mixture of alcohol, fentanyl and anna hiss to means. but in an exclusive interview on morning in america with adrian baker, the family's attorney is demanding answers. there are parts of the story that don't add up, but we know that learning doesn't use drugs, doesn't have to shoot using products. so the question is, how did those substances get in her body? the smithfield family filing a lawsuit against the bridgeport police department. >> accusing them of mishandling the case and failing to submit evidence to the forensic lap like a bloodstain sheet that was only taken by police at the family's insistence. police department did not even do an investigation. >> in terms of quarantine area collecting items important since condo with seeming up till that was on a kitchen
8:48 pm
counter lou. anna, plenty bed. she this gentleman gave a statement that was self-serving. the bridgeport police department following up with a statement saying they are reviewing the handling of this case to ensure that best practices are being followed. >> saying the investigation is ongoing in the police report. the man says he was invited over to smithfield department after their first date the night before they began drinking shots of tequila and then smithfield became ill, throwing up. her brother said his brother, look, even dropped off close to her that night when went over there, she came out to his car. >> he says she looks like regular self. they were laughing and joking. the man says he carried smithfield's to her bed. >> he says he woke up several hours later and she was snoring. but when he woke up again about 3 hours later, she wasn't breathing and blood was coming out of her nose, prompting him to call 911. the 37 year-old faces no charges. as of now, but the smithfield
8:49 pm
family attorney says he should be investigated the pretty much discarded. my little sister says, to she had like you said, she had a full life ahead of or was beautiful inside and out. and this is something that >> it's so left to. >> and now kron 4 sports from the 18 t fiber sports desk. >> welcome into sports. we're less than 48 hours away from the forty-niners taking on the rams in the nfc championship nearly halfway through the season. this team was 3 in 5. now they're one win away from the super bowl first. so they have to take care of business in l a and that's where we find kron. 4 sports reporter kate rooney. she joins us live now from sofi stadium. kate, how the forty-niners looking when it comes to injuries. >> hey kyle. and they're looking pretty good. and
8:50 pm
that's a good thing because they played 3 games on the road. they've got one more. if they want to play a 5th game on the road. of course, that 5th game would be the super bowl. and when you're away from home, not much. you sure want to be healthy. some good news out of practice today. a few guys who have been bangtd up in the last couple weeks running back. elijah mitchell cornerback ambry thomas and quarterback jimmy garoppolo are all full participants in practice today. but there is one big question and that's about left tackle. trent williams. will he play on sunday? we don't know yet. williams was officially listed as questionable today on the status reports coming out of practice. he's been dealing with an ankle sprain. and today, kyle shanahan said that he wouldn't disclose whether it was a high ankle sprain or a low ankle sprain. but later in the media session, garoppolo seem to let it slip that it's a high ankle sprain. that is the bad kind. now, rubble, of course, has a vested interest in williams being healthy because he protects his blind side. not only is he widely considered the best in his position, but several of his teammates and
8:51 pm
coaches have called him the best player overall in the league. he ended up missing week 18 against the rams and the forty-niners managed to pull out that win. but they would rather not have to try it again without him. here's what kyle shanahae said today about the likelihood of williams playing. >> it's going to be like it was 3 weeks ago. i feel the same way that it beginning he he came out for a walk through the day and turns and that he's he was last time too which i mean, i i believe says can do everything you can to play. and so i'll be surprised if he doesn't. but i was surprised last time. so it's has also surprises able to finish the gamers green bay so hopefully his mindset will be how his body reacts on sunday and we know to help us a lot. but if not, we'll deal with it. >> so fingers crossed for williams called him a kid. it's played for him and that rams game week 18 and he presumably be the one getting the nod again on sunday. one more injury designation. it's jeff wilson junior the running
8:52 pm
back. he is also listed as questionable. he's got the forty-niners rely on a lot in short yardage situations he hasn't been healthy for much of the season. so they've already really learn how to play without him. kylen. >> thanks, kate. now the forty-niners should be en route right now actually to that game. but we'll check in with kate in just a little bit for more from sofi stadium. all right. how about some college basketball? the cow women had their game against arizona, postponed due to covid the 5th postponement in their last 7 games. tough times for college baske%ball. but head coach tara vanderveer in the stanford cardinal were in action tonight against arizona state. 1st half haley jones on the ball here. nice spin. move and the bucket. she finished with 12 points and 10 rebounds and limited playing time. 2nd, half anna wilson. her brother seahawks qb russell wilson would have been proud of that pass a friend believe people levy a 12 points. as 12 cardinal players scored in this one final score. 78 50 stanford. on top.
8:53 pm
those women very impressive, a la and grant the stanford cardinal fun team to watch. could they go for the repeat in the national championship? i love to see it. >> that would be fun to see. do you think we're going to see the 9 or 7, pete against the rams? haha. >> it's a lot to ask, but i think we will. what do you guys think? >> why not 2 thumbs it should be a close game, right, kyle. and i mean, these are 2. pretty evenly matched teams coached by men who used to work together who know other so well and >> i i would think the niners would win a close game. >> yeah, i love the whole back story that they come from the same coaching tree. but i don't know. grant the niners have had the rams number for so long. i just i'm hard pressed to believe they would lose it. niners more physical team out takes an for san francisco. there we go. all righty. appreciate you. cuyler.
8:54 pm
>> and still to come on, kron, 4 news at 8, 2, young boys saved their neighbor's dog from a burning house fire. they share the details of this heroic rescue. go see it. 2
8:55 pm
8:56 pm
quick thinking. boys in rhode island came to the rescue of their neighbors. dogs trapped inside a burning house. >> she okay. house covid look
8:57 pm
up 911, call 9, 1, 4, >> quick thinking quick acting anthony lombardi and kamela were riding their bikes past. there. but he's house. this is new year's day. the video just out now they heard the fire alarms going off and barking coming from inside the house doorbell camera footage here shows us the 2 approaching the home opening the front door after being given the security code by their friend's father and then to the dogs right now. but a puppy was locked inside his crate. so one of the boys quickly ran inside to let the puppy out as well. >> we saw dogs were all panicking all a far king for show allows going by so fast. just a i was thinking like. >> it's happened to that kind tap jobs like i this start is just going to that. so i want i went out and grabbed it.
8:58 pm
>> see still top there. the fire started when somebody turned burner which caused a wood cutting board that had been placed on the stove. top 2 catch fire. the dog's owners are calling the boys he roasts. well, that wraps up kron. 4 news at a being with us this hour. keep it here, though. the news continues. coming up at the top of the hour on kron, 4 news at 9. >> doctor forty-niners getting ready for that. and if the title game sunday, how the team is preparing against the rams. we'll be playing that game at so-fi stadium. and a visit to san francisco by an nba superstar is robbing a city supervisor. the runway. >> how his vaccination status is a main concer
8:59 pm
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