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tv   KRON 4 News at 6pm  KRON  January 28, 2022 6:00pm-6:31pm PST

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about the possibility of school closures. good evening, everybody. i'm pam moore and i'm ken wayne. rumors have been looming all week said there will be closures or mergers within the oakland unified school district kron four's. rob nesbitt joins us live with what the teachers union is saying tonight. rob. can us or sent kron 4 news, a list of 12 schools that have the potential to close in oakland. >> and to schools that could merge by the end of the year when it comes to closure. some of the schools that were on that list for prescott school, brookfield elementary school carl among elementary school and many more. a spokesperson from the oakland unified school district says they haven't released the names of potentially impacted schools yet and have had no update for us today. vice president the oakland education association is and ear as says the list was released by a school board member this week in oakland. he says the schools that have the potential to close don't just provide an education to students, but some also provide services such as free food to their communities.
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>> the member schools, our nature and and there are a lifeline for a lot of our community. so we're worried that. more about where the setting and up and how are they going to be supported during the process and what kind of community support are they going to continue to receive? >> the oakland unified school district has a special board meeting planned for monday to discuss the potential for closures live in san francisco. i'm rob nesbitt kron 4 news. rob, thank you for that. teachers in the west contra costa unified school district could authorize a strike. the united teachers of richmond union is demanding the district come to an agreement on their covid safety protocols. they're demanding weekly covid testing and high quality masks for all students and staff. earlier this week, the union said it would negotiate with the district and threatened to strike if an agreement was not reached by tonight. we're continuing to follow this story. will let you know if there is an update
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forthcoming. >> starting on tuesday, people will need to show proof of vaccination to enter several indoor facilities in oakland city. officials agree to the vaccine mandate earlier this year. the mandate applies to indoor businesses which serve food and drinks such as restaurants, bars and clubs. it also applies to entertainment venues. theaters, gyms, fitness centers and libraries. oakland joins contra costa county berkeley and san francisco, which have similar mandates. all right. let's talk some football right now. we're less than 48 hours away until kickoff of the nfc championship game on sunday. the forty-niners, of course, taking on the rams at so-fi stadium in la. >> kron 4 sports reporter kate rooney is there in los angeles for the game. she has the latest on the team as they get ready for this huge game. kate. >> hey, can. yeah, we're getting pretty close to one of the biggest games this season. the second biggest game of the season. i'd go so far as to say the nfc championship game.
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now the forty-niners are getting ready to pack their bags and meet me down here at sofi stadium in la. but they held a final practice at levi stadium this afternoon. heading on the road is pretty much the new normal for the forty-niners they have played 3 straight games on the road. this will be their 4th. and if they were to win it well, that would be the first team to win 4 road games in a row since the 19 60's. so they're definitely still helping on a plane at the end of the practice week. but here's something different. kyle shanahan said today the group of players approached him and asked him about leaving today a bit earlier than they typically would. so now the team will fly into los angeles late this evening. and shanahan explained the thought process behind that earlier today. >> a number of players hit me up sunday right after the rams won. they had me up sunday and asked if they week ago on friday and i was pumped. they asked because i i like on fridays more now just you get more time to focus your right to the game. and so that's what we're doing a group of us who we are all interested and
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it's kind of been a routine and most away trips this season. so i think gets guys locked i got pretty good routine. as far as staying things like that. >> we leave on friday just allows you to stay more locked into the game plan. and, you know, limited sections. >> stay locked in. that's what they've been trying to do all season. at this point. the practicing is done. the game plan is installed. so it's just about taking that extra time to really focus on upcoming task at hand. and of course, that's coming up at 3.30, on sunday right here behind me at sofi stadium in la can't. yeah, it's being talked about is the second biggest game in nfl history after the super bowl. i mean, there's a lot of hype around this and there's a lot of concern among rams fans and the players. >> that there's going to be a lot of niner fans filling up sofi stadium. >> i definitely think that could be the case. i saw a couple on the plane down here. when i picked up my rental car this afternoon, some of the
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agents that the rental car place where wearing forty-niners gear. so those are people who live here in la and there's going to be a big pep rally tomorrow for forty-niners fans at one of the san francisco bars here. it's tom's watch bar that's happening tomorrow at 11 o'clock. so if anyone's here in la and wants to rally with some other forty-niners fans, they can check that out. and there's some reports. 65 1% of the fans in la could be niner fans. kate rooney live for us at sofi stadium. kate, thank you for that. >> pretty amazing. well, well, 40 niner fans from all over the nation are going to head to la one, 40 niner fan club in los angeles says it's not all about the competition. that group says that their club makes it a point to try and have fun with the rams fans sometimes even joining them to celebrate. >> i'm a rams be in the never made
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>> that was one of the members of the la chapter of the 14, a fan club. the club members say they will definitely be at so-fi stadium cheering on the forty-niners on sunday. >> and as we get closer to the game, the kron 4 morning news team has placed a friendly little wager with our nexstar sister station in los angeles with morning team. take a look. >> james and looks like you guys haven't learned your lesson after the dodgers beat the giants in the nlds last year. but that's okay because we're game. we are. thank you. first of all, for the sour dough bread bowls with clam chowder. >> that we enjoyed from that. that this time we have a hankering for doughnuts. so when the rams beat the forty-niners this weekend, we'd like you to send us some of those famous apple fritters from bob's doughnuts and pastries on polk street. maybe some other donuts. just give us a variety pack. and also please wear los angeles rams hat on the air. good luck, guys. you're going to need it. >> that wager was accepted by
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kron four's james fletcher and darya folsom in return. if the niners win, which we expect they will. r-la station has to send us or them actually in the morning some doughnuts from randy's. that's a big landmark. it's right there by la actually probably seen it. so it is a wager. a battle of california donuts north and south. >> well, for one bay area, father and daughter be part of the 40 niner faithful is a family affair for says might caught up with them. they are traveling to la to cheer on the red and gold this weekend. >> looks like pair of forty-niners fans of my >> yeah, we do. raymond, diego's taking his 9 year-old daughter, broone, to see her favorite football team take on the rams in los angeles this weekend in the nfl's nfc championship games. how excited are you to be going to the game this weekend? >> i mean, the in fact, this will be, brooke, second time seeing the forty-niners in person. >> the last time she went to a game mom was holding brooke in
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our owners. as you can see, this family photo taken back at candlestick. so you probably don't remember, but it the last year of candlestick park. brooke just about a year and a half. and we wanted to make sure we are a family photo. >> our stadium before went away. who is your favorite forty-niners player? >> in grapple and what do you like most about problem? >> he's a really good quarterback. >> is just a really good >> number. >> and he's even in the great pace, intent content. >> so then talk about how special this for you to be making this trip to the big game with your we're dot. >> oh, my gosh. we're so excited. so special for us. yeah, we're very, very family time is so important to
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getting bullied fun together be able to cheer on the niners. our favorite team. >> by the way, is what sports fans call and old jeannine or spend rooting for the football team. literally from day one and has the receipts to prove it. >> when you can get your fans behind you like that on a road game. once we start making plays and they start getting loud, it just change the momentum of the game. i think will you. but i have to scream problem over here. you are way up there. let me hear you say go tigers. >> think you have that. >> how is it that you for 2? >> all right. let's keep the niner thing going as we take a look outside at coit tower. you can see its goal, but if you stay on it just for a couple seconds longer, it was gradually shift to read. so it's kind of rotating back and forth. gold and red coit tower and a lot of buildings around the city dressed out in red and gold course. i was asking our chief meteorologist
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lawrence karnow. you go into the game day forecast and he said you're either forecasts and older it there forecast? hey, if you're headed down there, if you're one of those lucky people have a ticket to go, it is going to be a beautiful in los angeles is windy out there tonight. if you're driving down, expect some winds. >> you're going down a 5 and you go over the grapevine. we're going to see some blustery conditions. all those those winds should begin to subside overnight tonight. i think for game day we're talking about mostly sunny skies. and what a beautiful afternoon it is going to be for football there. remember last week they were playing in the snow. this is a far cry from that kickoff temperatures near 70 degrees, mostly sunny and warm. just a gentle breeze on sunday, maybe 5 to 6 miles per hour. perfect game weather as we head into sunday outside right now. we've got a couple high clouds moving up above the sun has set. what was another day with temperatures running? well above the average for today. in fact, up to 64 degrees in san francisco. 64 also in look at san jose, almost 70 degrees
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today. 61 in lemore. 63 in concord. 64 degrees in santa rosa as the sun set, you have those offshore winds. you've got that dry air in the temperatures begin to drop off a bit, especially in spots inland. 51 now and live more still 60 70 dale 60, also berkeley. 61 in tim braun and 52 degrees in the napa valley. so it's still going to cold tonight as overnight lows going to drop off in the 30's in many spots may be near freezing in the north bay, but at the same time, we've got that area of low pressure that's been spinning off the coastline almost all week long. finally going to make some headway now kind of under cutting that ridge of high pressure moving towards southern california. but we're going to see some of that wrap around high cloud cover work its way into our skies overnight tonight. so those offshore winds continuing brought a beautiful day today. it will bring in another gorgeous day for tomorrow as these temperatures are going to soar again by the afternoon we're going to see some cold temperatures, though, overnight tonight to some places getting down near freezing in the north bay valleys. but elsewhere of those temperatures going to be a very nice by the afternoon.
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but numbers up in the 60's near 70 degrees in the san jose about 60 a little more 66 degrees in the napa valley and about 61 in san francisco. argentinian singer-songwriter diego that are garrett has died of complications from covid. >> the 70 year-old singer and many hits including cars owned a pop bell, and will they're very popular down there. according to a family statement, contracted covid in december and was hospitalized. it's unclear if he was vaccinated but he has previously spoken out against the covid vaccine. he is survived by his wife and daughter. >> coming up, house speaker nancy pelosi in the bay area today making a major announcement about airport infrastructure. plus, why the concept of a four-day workweek is now one step closer to reality. plus, president biden
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arriving in pittsburgh shortly after a number of people are injured in a bridge collapsed when he had to say about improving the infrastructure in steele city and across the country.
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>> history. pennsylvania was ground 0 for the nation's infrastructure woes today. just hours before president biden scheduled visit to tout a new law. yes, snow covered bridge their collapse, injuring a number of people.
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washington, dc correspondent jessi tenure joins us live with the latest on all of this. jesse? >> good evening, pam. and ken, the president was able to tour the damage and see it firsthand and really continue to make the case that states should start taking advantage of these federal funds. >> as soon as possible. >> on the other side of the concrete, their president biden survey disastrous proof of the nation's need for the 1 trillion dollar infrastructure law. it's incredible this pittsburgh bridge rated in poor condition for the past decade collapse friday morning wrecking a city bus and several cars. but resulting only in minor injuries come really is the president went ahead with his planned visit to pittsburgh, which calls itself the city of bridges and claims to have more bridges than any other city in the world. and no idea. and we're going we're going to fix them all thousands of bridges across the country will soon get billions of dollars from the new infrastructure law. the
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white house said about 5.5 billion will go out by summer. we don't need headline saying that someone was killed when the next bridge collapse. the president said the funds will allow states to bypass future bridge closures that impact everything from deliveries to school and work commutes to emergency response times. we've got to get on with that. we've got to move. administration officials say depending on how quickly states move projects funded by the law should start later this year. a key issue remains over the white house connecting some of these funds with smaller communities like tribal nations. >> who often don't have the capacity to apply for some of the grants to get them. the funding or the workforce to make these projects actually happen. live in washington, i'm jessi tenure. thank you, jesse. well, house speaker nancy pelosi visited sfo today. she was talking about money for local infrastructure projects to she was joined by bay area representative jackie spear and issue. >> during their visit, the congresswoman will talk about
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the 25 billion dollars allocated for airports as part of the bipartisan infrastructure bill sfo will be getting 50 million dollars a year for 5 years from that bill. that money will go to improvements at the harvey milk terminal and environmental upgrades. this big hole you see behind us. >> it's 200, 50 million dollars that will the rest of the final phase of the harvey terminal. one. >> representative spear also said today that she hopes some of the money will go to reducing noise for the people who live near the airport. >> speaking of infrastructure, we have a traffic alert for you starting tonight. caltrans will be closing the sir francis drake boulevard exit on northbound highway one. 0 one in larkspur in marin county. the closure will last until 8 o'clock saturday morning crews will be doing what they call bridge structure work. it's part of ongoing construction projects along highway one between the golden gate bridge and sandra fell. >> a california lawmaker is
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proposing a four-day workweek. congressman mark takano from riverside is introducing a measure that would require employees to be paid overtime after working 32 hours in a single week. mcconnell's bill has yet to be voted on in congress, but it was recently endorsed by the powerful congressional progressive caucus. dramatic video that shows a snowplow causing damage to dozens of vehicles along the ohio turnpike. the plow was driving 70 miles an hour. well, throwing massive amounts of snow and ice on the on-coming traffic. this all happened on sunday because several vehicles to swerve want to drive off the road in all 50 vehicles were involved in 12 people had minor injuries. >> when you look at the photos you see you see a lot of damage to windshield, you know to, you know, the body damage of the vehicles and you're all of that can be fixed. fortunately, very grateful for is that no one was seriously injured or killed.
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>> the ohio turnpike is managed by an independent company, not by the ohio state department of transportation. the employee driving this flow truck. a plow truck was placed on administrative leave and sent for mandatory drug and alcohol testing. meantime, 75 million people are bracing for a major snowstorm is expected to slam the east coast from new england to the southeast. winter storm watches and warnings are now posted for people in the path of what could become a bomb cyclone as they call it. the storm is expected to form off the coast of the carolinas today and move north overnight and into saturday. forecasters say parts of massachusetts and rhode island could get up to 30 inches of snow. they're also facing hurricane force winds. new york city is expected to get a foot of snow. and according to flightaware, more than 1200 flights are already canceled. our chief meteorologist lawrence karnow is keeping an eye on that storm. he joins us
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now with the latest. yeah, it's going to the biggest or maybe historic proportions are going to see tremendous amounts of snowfall. >> if this continues to maintain this track right now, some of the models are still tracking a little bit further off the coastline. you can just see the system beginning to make its way in the atlantic. it's got all that cold air behind it. now it's picking nice, moist air right up the gulf stream and it's going to be pushing right up the eastern seaboard. and here we go. here's the very latest forecast with all model showing that hugging near the coast. and there you go. wrapping around some very fierce winds along the coastline, maybe some 70, maybe some 70 plus mile an hour gusts out toward the coastline. %ikely going to see some coastal erosion. some coastal flooding and we're talking the blizzard conditions. tremendous amounts of snow are really going really mobilize much of the northeast over the next 24 to 36 hours. just not to be able to get around that much snow coming down so fast, some places. 24, maybe 30 inches of snow. blizzard warnings are up there as you can see, make their way through the boston
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area all the way up to the northeast as well as the storm slowly wraps around and makes his way on through. but the good news is, i think by sunday afternoon the storm begins to move out of town. things settle down, but it is going to be a wicked storm. there's going to be numerous places with outages and damage and all that snow is going to be making its way up along the east coast. you see the forecast model for that snow all the way from the carolinas all the way up. and then it really starts to pile up, especially toward the north. and you get up toward a rhode island. you get the boston area and that's where we're likely going to see some that heaviest snowfall to go along with it is going to be incredibly cold. check out the temperatures for highs tomorrow. boston, 17 degrees in boston. 19 in new york and that cold weather all the way to chicago. a 21 degrees. thank you us. take a look at this right now. so cold in chicago that some railway tracks of frozen and stop the movements of trains. >> try to fix the problem. crews are actually setting small fires to warm up the tracks. transportation operators say not only does the fire melt the ice and also
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helps expand the metal to make repairs easier and believe it or not, setting tracks on fire happens regularly around this time every year. and those kinds of conditions. still ahead tonight is cheese. bad for you. more on the new study suggesting eating more will not raise your risk of >> high cholesterol and heart disease. plus, more young people being diagnosed with colon cancer. when we come back, we'll >> tell you what health experts are saying is contributing to the increased.
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for your health. tonight. a new study is saying that more young adults have diagnosed with colon cancer. >> university of colorado school of medicine looked at more than 100,000 people with colon cancer. and the researchers say 20 to 29 year-olds had the most new cases and were more likely to have aggressive forms of cancer. this is all being attributed to obesity to diet and 2 younger people waiting too long to check for screenings. doctors are recommending those with a family history of colon cancer report. any symptoms to their health care providers right away. cheese may not be as bad for your cholesterol as you might think. a study out of the university of dublin in ireland found the cheese did not increase levels of ldl cholesterol. >> that's also known as bad cholesterol. those in the study who ate a lot of cheese are found to have higher saturated fast and those who did not. but cholesterol levels have no difference.
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ironically, low fat dairy products were found to be linked to higher cholesterol and high fat dairy products. researchers say it's still important to consider one's overall diet. >> some people might see them as a gimmick. but new research is showing that those fitness trackers such as fit bit for the apple watch. do in fact, encourage people to be more active. researchers from the university of copenhagen looked at data from trials collected from more than 17,000 users over the last 10 years. they found that people who wear those monitors actually take an extra 1200 steps a day and complete nearly 50 more minutes of exercise every week. researchers say the devices are useful over long periods of time, especially given that most adults to not get the recommended amount of physical activity. up next, a new program to make free masks available to the public. >> why the rollout didn't go quite as smoothly as planned. plus, ahead of sunday's big game, one man in north carolina honoring 49 er legend
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>> well, as we've been hearing wearing a mask is one of the best ways to keep covid from spreading. and there's a new program to make masks available free to the public. but the rollout could be bumpy for charles clifford has details. >> across the country, cvs and walgreens have started handing out free n 95 masks. the federal government is providing the mask is part of the federal retail


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