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tv   KRON 4 News at 530pm  KRON  January 28, 2022 5:30pm-6:01pm PST

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white house said about 5.5 billion will go out by summer. we donate headline saying that someone was killed when the next bridge collapse. the president said the funds will allow states to bypass future bridge closures that impact everything from deliveries to school and work commutes to emergency response times. we've got to get on with that. we've got to move. administration officials say depending on how quickly states move projects funded by the law should start later this year. a key issue, though, remains for the white house connecsing some of these funds with smaller communities like tribal nations. >> who often don't have the capacity to apply for some of these grants or the workforce to start these projects live in washington. i'm jessi tenure. jesse, thank you for that. house speaker nancy pelosi visited sfo today. >> talk about money for bay area infrastructure projects. she was joined by representative jackie spear and anna eshoo during their visit. the congresswoman talked about the 25 billion
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dollars allocated for airports as part of the bipartisan infrastructure bill sfo will be getting 50 million dollars a year for 5 years from the bill. that money will go to improvements at the harvey milk terminal and for environmental upgrades. >> this big hole you see behind us. it's 200, 50 million dollars that will the rest of the final phase of the harvey terminal. one. >> congresswoman speer said today she hopes some of the money will go to reducing noise for people who live near sfo. >> a california lawmaker is proposing a four-day workweek. congressman mark takano for riverside is introducing a measure that would require employees to be paid overtime after working 32 hours in a single week. the connellsville has yet to be voted on in congress, but it was recently endorsed by the powerful congressional progressive caucus. southwest airlines is planning to bring back alcohol service on his flights starting in the spring.
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>> the airline stop serving alcohol at the beginning of the pandemic in march 2020 and kept the ban in place after a surgeon passenger disturbances. flight attendant union say alcohol shouldn't return to the flight a federal mask mandate is in effect. that mandate is scheduled to expire on march 19th. the faa says roughly 70% of all in-flight disturbances involved disputes over wearing a mask. >> wow. dramatic video shows a snowplow causing damage to dozens of vehicles along the ohio turnpike. the plow was driving 70 miles an hour while throwing massive amounts of snow and ice on to on-coming traffic. this happened on sunday afternoon because several vehicles to swerve and want to drive off the road. 50 vehicles in all were involved and 12 people had minor injuries. >> when you look at the photos you see you see a lot of damage to windshield, you know
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to, you know, the body damage of the vehicles all of that can be fixed. fortunately, very grateful for is that no one was. >> seriously injure or killed. >> the ohio turnpike is managed by an independent company, not the ohio department of transportation. the employee driving this plow truck was placed on administrative leave and sent for mandatory drug and alcohol testing. 75 million people meantime, are bracing for a major snowstorm expected to slam the east coast from new england to the southeast. winter storm watches and warnings are now posted for people in the path of what could become what's called a bomb cyclone. the storm is expected to form off the coast of the carolinas today and move north overnight and into saturday. forecasters say parts of massachusetts and rhode island could get up to 30 inches of snow and are facing hurricane force winds. new york city is expected to get up to a foot of snow. and according to flightaware, more than 1200 flights are already
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canceled. our chief meteorologist lawrence karnow is here now. he's tracking the storm's path and has the latest mark. yeah, this could be a real mess. all that cold air working its way down from the great lakes just beginning to approach the coastline. right now, we're just seeing this form system really put itself together. so it's going to move off the coastline. the around and it's going to spend all this moisture back in along the coast. in fact, here's the latest forecast model. and you kind of get the sense that low sell the swirl around here. that will be the center of low. but you see all that wrap around moisture coming around that storm that's going to dump tremendous amounts of snow. >> along the coastline, blizzard conditions warnings are up now in places like boston continue to stretch all along parts of the northeastern seaboard. as we're going to see those strong gusty winds, maybe 70, maybe 75 mile an hour gust near the coastline. likely going to see some coastal erosion. some coastal flooding. and then as pam mentioned, maybe 20, maybe 30 inches of snow in places in and around boston. that looks to be a really the epicenter
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of this event at the one thing it is it's going to be a quick mover. so after we get to the next 24 to 36 hours, this system is going to be moving out now behind that. we've got some very cold air that is going to be settling in. these are the high temperatures forecast as you make your tollway toward the east coast for tomorrow. 17 degrees in boston. only 19 degrees in new york. 25 in dc in fact, freezing temperatures all the way into nashville getting close into atlanta. so very cold air going to be moving across that part of the country and a ton of snow in the next 24 to 36 hours. guys, back to you. thank you. take a look at this right now. it's so cold in chicago that some railway tracks have frozen and stopped the movements of trains. >> so to try to fix a problem, crews are actually setting small fires to warm up the tracks. transportation operators say not only does the fire melt the ice, it also helps expand the metal and that makes repairs easier. others have a new scientific study say that genetic testing a baby whales and their
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mothers may help save a rare species from extinction. the critically endangered north atlantic right? whales numbers have dropped significantly over the years due to high mortality and poor reproduction. researchers at the new england aquarium in boston led the start study. they found that they had more success tracking the animal's survival when they had access to their genetic samples to study looked at 13 cabs and where able to determine the age of 12 whales and match them with their mothers. currently, there are fewer than 300, 40 right whales left in the world. >> still ahead, is cheese bad for you? so many studies have said yes, but there's a new one which suggests eating more cheese will not raise your risk of high cholesterol and heart disease. plus, more young people are being diagnosed with colon cancer. when we return, we'll tell you what health experts say is contributing to the increase.
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for your help. tonight, more young adults are being diagnosed with colon cancer. that's what a new study is saying. the university of colorado school of medicine looked at more than 100,000 people with colon cancer. researchers say 20 to 29 year-olds had the most new cases and were more likely to have aggressive forms of cancer. this is being attributed to obesity to diet and younger people waiting too long to check for screenings. doctors recommended those with a family history of colon cancer report. any symptoms to their health providers soon as
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possible? cheese may not be as bad for cholesterol, as you might think. a study out of the university of dublin found that cheese did not increase levels of ldl cholesterol. also known as bad cholesterol. those in the study who ate a lot of cheese are found to have higher saturated fat than those who did not. but cholesterol levels node it big difference. ironically, low fat dairy products were found to be linked to higher cholesterol than high fat dairy products. researchers say it's still important to consider one's overall diet. some might see them as a gimmick. but new research shows fitness trackers such as fitbit or apple watch. do encourage people to be more active. researchers from the university of copenhagen looked at data from trials collected from more than 17,000 users over the last 10 years, they found that people who wear those monitors take an extra 1200 steps a day and complete nearly 50 more minutes of exercise per week. researchers say the devices
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are useful over long periods of time. given that most of those do not get the recommended amount of physical activity. coming up on kron, 4 news >> ahead of sunday's big game, one man in north carolina is honoring a 40 niner legend and hoping to help cure alzheimer's. and a programming reminder, the bay area's local news leader is bringing you another hour of live local news. you can watch kron 4 news at noon every weekday on kron 4 and on our free streaming app. kron on. we'll be right back.
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limited availability >> as we continue to count down to the forty-niners big matchup against the rams this weekend. we're also remembering a forty-niners legend in north carolina. there's a jacket autographed by dwight clark. of course, he's a wide receiver who played a big role in the catch that sent the niners to their first super bowl. reporter john ley shows us how the owner of that jacket is honoring clark's legacy. >> pro football is filled with stars all but only a select few are attached to iconic place 4 decades ago. the catch is how dwight clark made the leap to legend. late in the nfc championship game. the forty-niners trailed the cowboys and needed a touchdown. clark, the pride of geringerehigh east charlotte grab that has from joe montana in dramatic fashion.
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>> one time friends surprised, including former geringer basketball teammate tony hayes. >> you can believe it because it was him. >> another friend, former geringer head cheerleader, linda shoe for dreams was on the edge of her seat there and add. and i were i mean, i don't know if you know how high it was that big as that play was, friends learned to put it in perspective in 2017, clark was diagnosed with a l s and died the next year during that time, linda became captain of clark's less team. the catch number. 87 and a board member for less association, north carolina chapter. you can't sit around and do nothing after somebody is diagnosed with horrible disease. 2 generations after the catch, tony saw an opportunity to help in memory of his dear
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friend. back in early 90's, tony bought a 49 ers jacket as a gift for his late father. the dynamic duo clark in montana autographed. >> in the end zone on tyneside here. now, tony says it's time to cash in on whatever value it has. i don't the jacket to the catch number. 87 team to auction off for the cause. i just hope that this jacket. makes life. one livable for people with a list hopefully we can raise a lot money. >> it didn't seem right for me. to have an authenticated. so you take the money. tony, i want to thank you so much for your generosity friendship through the you when clark died, he knew exactly who is friends. right back over >> for years he made the right now his biggest fans to honor his legacy. >> what would be proud of me?
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>> yeah, hope so. >> in matthews, john, we. >> it's great story. well, if you think if you are thinking about heading down to los angeles to try to get into the nfc championship game on sunday, take a look at this. ticket prices are spiking the head of the big game. one thing to note is that if you are buying tickets on stub hub, make sure to click the filter that says show prices with the estimated fees that will give you a better idea of exactly what the total price of the ticket is right now. the cheapest seats are hovering around 700. $25 with the fees and the most expensive tickets being listed right now are going for more than $4,000. >> to show us your forty-niners pride centers, pictures of yourself and fan gear and we can show them on the air and on our website kron 4 dot com. here's a look at some of the pictures we posted already. people screaming and yelling and
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doing everything in their niner gear. send your pictures to us. you can do it by using the kron 4 app or just e-mail at breaking news at kron. 4 dot com. >> a live look outside right now at sfo. folks heading to the airport the next couple of days heading to la for the game. the forty-niners are flying out tonight from sf else sfo run. so what's happened should be a nice move. fly for them tonight. getting in there tomorrow. they're going to see some clouds. there's a chance of a few sprinkles in la and the winds have been whipping. and that's a concern down there now. but i think as we get to sunday, everything begins to calm down. and we're talking about a perfect day for some football weather is we're going to see temperatures near 70 degrees. some high clouds may be up above and some plenty of sunshine and well, just a gentle breeze in the afternoon, maybe some 5, 6, mile an hour winds right now. looks like a perfect day to enjoy game there for the forty-niners. the rams in the nfc championship back out toward the golden gate bridge. we've got mostly clear skies there off in the distance, though, we've had some high clouds making for that beautiful sunset this evening.
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here's our long-range forecast model been tracking this year's that low off the coastline. that's going to be moving into southern california. there goes going by on saturday by sunday. most that begins to move out least by sunday morning. and then behind that, we've got another front that's approaching the coastline. looks impressive out there right now runs in that ridge of high pressure. yeah. kind of shredded apart. again, part of the mass left off the coastline to spin around. we're going to see some high clouds out of it, but staying dry, probably windy as we're going to see those winds kicking up behind that. the cold front coming through. then as we get in the following weekend, looks like another front comes through only to fall apart again, leave behind some clouds. unfortunately, no rain drops, keep things dry, at least through next weekend, too. so here we sit right now. you see the high clouds are rotating in toward the coastline right now from that low out there in the middle of the pacific. and that will continue to swirl on by temperatures this evening. not bad at all. and now many spots inside the bay. 61 in san mateo still 60 in san francisco. 61 in berkeley. 61 in tim braun cooling off and some interior valleys. 54 now
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in the bottle. 54 that starting to scoot its way on shore. you watch as the winds, though, wrapping around that you get more of an offshore breeze and that's going make some mild conditions to start out our saturday, enjoying some sunshine. it's pretty comfortable temperatures out there to numbers in the san francisco with some clouds out there as well, mainly into the 60's little cooler coast side in the 50's low 60's about 65 degrees in burlingame, some sunshine, some high clouds. 67 in redwood city, the south bay joined temperatures well into the 60's about 67 degrees in pleasanton. 68 degrees in walnut creek. 68 also in concord. you get the idea. nice start to the weekend. very similar to today. staying dry through the weekend and dry in the first part of february. >> thank you, lawrence. coming up at 5, the sneaker rental start up. that lets you where the hottest brands, but one monthly price. this tomorrow has details in tech smart.
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well, would you wear rented sneakers? one start up as renting them doing just that, offering the hottest styles for a monthly price. rich demuro has details in tech smart. >> limited edition, sneakers are often expensive and tough to get, but one startup is giving fans access to some of the coolest kicks around. >> through a sneaker subscription. >> you've probably seen them waiting in line for the latest release. so are. travis star
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jordan warming sneakerheads new shoes are $500 shoes. $600 shoes. sneaker fans who can't get enough of the latest styles. it's an expensive hobby. oftentimes will sell for hundreds of percent a markup to their retail price. now, a startup named kicks is giving fans a foot up in their quest to wear the latest and greatest kicks with a monthly sneaker subscription plans. this makes it so that you can wear it. that $1000, she can be worn by different people. many, many, many, many times try and is ceo. the site has been around for about a year now. first, 300 premium sneaker styles with plans ranging from 79 to $349 a month. some of the sneakers are really tough to get a hold of take, for instance, these jordan, one unions, they probably sell for $170. if you can get your hands on him on the resell market like that's closer to $2000 to send the shoes to you, enjoy them. you
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have experiences and then you take pictures and and then at the end of the month, you elect to either keep the shoes for another month. can them out for new one or you can elect to purchase this year. if like. sneaker returns are thoroughly cleansed. then bathed in uv light to banish terms. the majority that we get back us are in really great retired soles put up for sale. >> a new way to put your best foot forward. it's still expensive, but less expensive and building a collection yourself. >> in the world of limited relief most things. and the guide. and but but the price tag is off i >> i have to say by the end of my visit, even i was getting into sneakers and i was impressed with how thoroughly they clean these returns. and that's a key part of the operation. the shoes that you get have to look like new. all right. for more information about kicks, you can go to my
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website. it is rich on tech dot tv. i'm rich demuro and you are tech smart. >> didn't say how much that costs for months. that's a renting everything. now, sam, and that other people. whatever that wraps up. kron 4 news at 5, 0, we have a lot more ahead on kron. 4 news at 6. coming up, the oakland school board considering closing what could be a dozen schools before the next school year. how the teachers union is responding to that and the niners getting ready for the huge nfc championship game on sunday out. teams getting ready for the game against syria's southern california rivals. >> it's all coming up next at 6.
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>> from the bay area's news station. you're watching kron. 4 news news at >> now is 6 parents and teachers in oakland concerned
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about the possibility of school closures. good evening, everybody. i'm pam moore and i'm ken wayne. rumors have been looming all week said there will be closures or mergers within the oakland unified school district kron four's. rob nesbitt joins us live with what the teachers union is saying tonight. rob. can us or sent kron 4 news, a list of 12 schools that have the potential to close in oakland. >> and to schools that could merge by the end of the year when it comes to closure. some of the schools that were on that list for prescott school, brookfield elementary school carl among elementary school and many more. a spokesperson from the oakland unified school district says they haven't released the names of potentially impacted schools yet and have had no update for us today. vice president the oakland education association is and ear as says the list was released by a school board member this week in oakland. he says the schools that have the potential to close don't just provide an education to students, but some also provide services such as free food to their communities.


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