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tv   KRON 4 News at 5pm  KRON  January 28, 2022 5:00pm-5:31pm PST

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>> from the bay area's local news station. you're watching kron. 4 news at last. >> tonight at 5, we're now less than 48 hours away from the nfc championship game. and tonight the forty-niners are taking off from los angeles. thanks for joining us for kron. 4 news at 5. i'm ken wayne and i'm pam moore. the team will take on the rams in a game sunday. that is expected to be quite a battle kron. 4 sports reporter kylen mills joins us now and she has the latest from the practice today, including chi ling, a kind of concerning injury. yeah, ken and pam, not only want to be talking about, but we'll start with that injury update. offensive tackle trent williams sat out of practice again today with a right ankle sprain. >> he is officially listed as questionable for sunday's nfc
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championship game. williams is an all pro tackle in the leader of this offensive line. without him. the forty-niners will have a tough time containing one of the most daunting pass rush defenses in the nfl. the rams aaron, donald and von miller. scary. good. however, head coach kyle shanahan williams is insisting that he will play chain and also said the high ankle issues can be tricky. we won't know the final word until sunday. in other injury news running back, elijah mitchell cornerback ambry thomas and qb jimmy garoppolo will all were all full participants in practice today. that's a good sign as each has been dealing with minor injuries. the key to success for the forty-niners the run game in their dominant 31 to 10 win over the rams in week 10 san francisco ran the ball. 44 times also on both sides of the ball. physicality will be huge in this game. >> you don't try to turn it up or turn it down. it's just it's how you play football. i always i don't think he should pick and choose when to be physical and football. you get more than 5 fouls say or 6, i guess in the nba. but you want
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guys to play the game, right? and i think it starts to practice in that way, which is a very fine line. you can't do that all the time. keep guys healthy. that's why it's it's a tough sport to practice is a tough sport to do year round. but that is what the sport is. >> the forty-niners take off for la late tonight. typically for close road game. the team wouldn't leave until saturday morning. but shanahan said today his players wanted to stay in the routine. they've been in recently and they like leaving on fridays better. so they plenty of time to rest up tomorrow and then game time coming up sunday afternoon, right around the corner. i'm sure a lot of fans will be out there. pam. and ken, send it back to you. >> all right, kai, thank you so much. well, while the forty-niners fans from all over the country are heading to los angeles. one 49, a fan club in la says that it is not all about the competition. that group says their club makes it a point to have fun with the rams fans sometimes even joining them to celebrate. i'm a rams
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>> be in the never made >> that was one of the members of the la chapter of the 40, not a fan club. and club members say they will definitely be at so fi stadium cheering on their team on sunday. >> and as we get closer to the game, the kron 4 morning news team has placed a friendly wager with our nexstar sister station in los angeles with their morning news team. take a look. >> james and ari, it looks like you guys haven't learned your lesson after the dodgers beat the giants in the nlds last year. but that's okay because we're game. we are. thank you. first of all, for the sour dough bread bowls with clam chowder. >> that we enjoyed from that. that this time we have a hankering for doughnuts. so when the rams beat the forty-niners this weekend, we'd like you to send us some of those famous apple fritters from bob's doughnuts and
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pastries on polk street. maybe some other donuts. just give us a variety pack. and also please wear los angeles rams hat on the air. good luck, guys. you're going to need it. that wager was accepted by kron four's james fletcher and darya folsom in return. if the niners win. >> our la sister station has to send them some doughnuts from randy's. that is a southern california landmark located near l a x. so it's a wager of california donuts north versus for the nfc championship game o for one bay area, father and daughter being a part of the 40 niner faithful is a family for says idea caught up with the duo. they are traveling to los angeles to go to cheer on the red and gold this weekend. >> looks like about a pair of forty-niners fans of my >> yeah, we do. raman added diego's taking his 9 year-old daughter, brooke, to see her favorite football team take on the rams in los angeles this
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weekend in the nfl's nfc championship games. how excited are you to be going to the game this weekend? >> in in fact, this will be, brooke. second time seeing the forty-niners in person. >> the last time she went to a game mom was holding brooke in our owners. as you can see, this family photo taken back at candlestick. so you probably don't remember, but it >> the last year of candlestick park. brooke just about a year and a half. and we wanted to make sure we are a family photo, our stadium before went away. who is your favorite forty-niners player? >> you your apple and what do you like most about to be robbed? >> he's a really good quarterback. >> is just a really good >> number. >> and he's and the led a stunning 10
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>> so then talk about how special this for you to be making this trip to the big game with your we're dot. >> oh, my gosh. we're so excited. so special for us. yeah, we're very, very family time is so important to us getting time together and then be able to cheer on the niners. our favorite team. >> by the way, is what sports fans call and old ge niners rooting for the football team. literally from day one and has the receipts to prove it. >> when you can get your fans behind you like that on a road game. and once we start making plays and they started loud, it just change the momentum of the game. i think. all right, brooke, you don't have to scream garoppolo. they hear you from way up there. let me hear you say go tigers. >> think you that. >> how's it? let you run for 2. other news tonight. parents and teachers in oakland are concerned about the possibility of school closure.
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rumors have been lou main all week that there will be closures or mergers within the oakland unified school district kron four's. rob nesbitt joins us live now with what the teachers union is saying tonight. rob. >> pam, u.s. or sent kron 4 news, a list of 12 schools in oakland that have the potential to close. >> and to schools that could be merging by the end of the year. but it comes to closures. those schools included this prescott school, brookfield elementary school carl among elementary school, and many more. a spokesperson from the oakland unified school district says they haven't released the names of potentially impacted schools yet and have no update for us today. vice president of the oakland education association, or deer as says the list was released by a school board member in oakland. he says the schools that have the potential to close don't just provide an education to students. but some also provide services such as free food to their communities. >> the member schools, our
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nature and and there are a lifeline for a lot of our community. so we're worried that. more about where the is going to end up and how are they going to be supported during the process and what kind of community support are they going to continue to see? >> the oakland unified school district has a special board meeting planned for monday to discuss the possibility of school closures. coming up on kron, 4 news at 6. i'll have a full list of those potential schools and you'll hear from the teacher who works at one of them live in san francisco. i'm rob nesbitt. kron. 4 news. >> thank you, rob. teachers in the west contra costa unified school district could authorize a strike tonight. united teachers of richmond union is demanding the district come to an agreement on their covid safety concerns. they're demanding weekly covid testing and high quality masks for all students and staff. earlier this week, the union said it would negotiate with the district and threatened a strike of an agreement was not reached by today. the meeting started this morning. it is still going on. we're continuing to
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follow this story and we'll let you know if there's an update when it comes in. starting on tuesday. people need to show proof of vaccination to enter several indoor facilities in oakland city. officials agree to the vaccine mandate earlier this year. the mandate applies to indoor businesses that serve food and drinks such as restaurants, bars and clubs. also pies, entertainment venues, theaters, gyms fitness centers and libraries. oakland now joins contra costa county berkeley and san francisco with similar vaccine mandates. >> let's take a live look outside on this friday night. the golden gate bridge. you see that layer of clouds in the distance there. and of course, staying light longer. and it's friday, yeah, friday sun setting in the bay area looking need out there right now by clouds just moving in. this is going to be a spectacular sunset filled with colors out there for tonight. and we're getting ready for the weekend. temperatures. very nice outside today. 62 degrees right now in fremont. 63 still in 7 talen half moon
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bay cooling off a 57 now in oakland. 56, though, in lemore. 57 in nevada on 59 in the napa valley. here comes an area of low pressure that's been spinning off the coastline right now. finally on its last approach here, making its way toward the coastline, going to spin up some clouds across our skies tonight and tomorrow and then push into southern california. unfortunately, that's just going to keep us dry. no rain in the forecast for us a little bit. could catch a couple sprinkles in southern california. but the offshore winds continuing for us as that low spends around out there that may for the nice temperatures and very comfortable weather. high pressure is going to continue to move a little further to the east. that low is moving through southern california and you got the fun out there looks impressive, although not much energy going to be left by the time it gets here. that means tomorrow. we start of the weekend with some mild temperatures. highs in the 60's said possibly some low 70's. >> i didn't any. and
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singer-songwriter diego that has died of complications from covid-19, the 70 year-old singer had many hits, including cars. and at that dow, you'll and bill, according to a family statement, he contracted covid in december and was hospitalized is unclear if he was vaccinated. but he has previously spoken out against the covid vaccine. he is survived by his wife and daughter. coming up on kron 4 news, 2 young boys say their neighbor's dog from a burning house fire. they share the details of their heroic rescue and we'll bring you the latest developments on that bridge that collapsed in pittsburgh, pennsylvania, and cause some injuries there. >> as tensions between russia and ukraine intensified. military officials provide details on where u.s. troops could be deployed. details coming up after the break.
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>> military officials provided an update on what the u.s. is doing to prepare in the event that russia invades ukraine. our washington correspondent alexandra limon has details on what u.s. troops will do and won't do if that conflict intensifies. >> the president's been real clear. that he does not intend put combat troops into into ukraine. still thousands of troops based here in the u.s. remain on heightened alert this week ready to deploy to
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europe to support america's nato allies. ukraine has a border with for nato members. >> pullen so like you hungry and remain, pentagon officials said u.s. troops are committed to defending those nato allies if necessary. and the chairman of the joint chiefs, general mark milley says while ukraine is not a member of nato and ukraine has the right to be independent and the u.s. is actively assisting the ukrainian military. we continue to provide military material support to ukraine, along with many other countries from nato. general milley says the u.s. is providing money and weapons to ukraine and a few 100 u.s. troops are in ukraine providing assistance, training and advice to the ukrainian military. if russia chooses to invade ukraine, it will not be cost-free. in terms of casualties or other significant effects. the military leaders stressed it's not too late to avoid a
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conflict and turn to diplomacy but say it's their job to prepare for any scenario in washington. alexandra limon. >> this is terrifying video captured in new york. 2 men in gauging in a shootout on a busy street in the bronx. security cameras captured both men firing off a number of rounds yesterday as they ran down the street. there was damage to property. there were no reports of injuries. the nypd has not yet made any arrests. they're hoping that this video will help with the investigation. >> linda, please, brother, don't do it. don't do it now. no, no, no. >> a tense standoff on a nashville interstate ended with 9 police officers killing a pedestrian. it all started when a state trooper tried to get the 37 year-old man to
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move off the shoulder of interstate 65. after a half hour and pulled something from his waistband. and that's when the 9 officers opened fire turned out. the man was armed with a box cutter. none of the officers was injured. >> now a developing story out of pittsburgh, pennsylvania, where a bridge collapse with vehicle. still on it, a bus was among several vehicles on the span over the firm hallow creek. when the bridge fell apart, the collapse left people dangling from the bus, a human chain was constructed to rescue them. 3 people in the bus suffered minor injuries. they were taken to the hospital. several first responders were injured during the rescue. but overall everyone is okay. a natural gas line was severed in the collapse but kept fairly quickly. it's not yet know what caused that bridge to crumble later on kron 4 news today, president biden visited the site of that collapsed a bridge in pittsburgh where he touted his administration's efforts to strengthen the
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nation's infrastructure. will have a live report from washington on that. coming up at 5.30. >> 2 quick thinking. boys in rhode island came to the rescue of their neighbors. dogs trapped inside a burning house. >> health call. it looked up 911. >> and lombardi and mario kamela were riding their bikes, pastor friend's house on new year's day when they heard fire alarms going off and barking coming from inside that doorbell. video shows the 2 approached the house open the front door after beginning being given the security code by their friend's father. 2 of the dogs ran out, but one, poppy puppy was locked inside his crate. so one of the boys quickly ran inside and but the little puppy out too. >> we saw dogs were all panicking all a far king for show allows going by so fast. just a i was thinking like.
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>> it's happened to that kind tap into like i this start, is this going to that? so i want i went out and grabbed it. >> the fire started when one of the dog somehow turned on the stove burner, which caused the wood cutting board that had been placed on top of the stove to catch fire. the dogs owners are calling the boys heroes. >> that's for sure. all right. spectacular sunset. there you go. those clouds moving overhead sunset officially 5.29. in san francisco. so very close to that beautiful colors out there this evening. and as pat mentioned to a bit hazy out there, too little stagnant in the atmosphere of the air quality temperatures again today above the average dry pattern continuing outside. 64 in both san francisco and oakland. 68 degrees today in san jose. 61 in lemore. 63 in concord and
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64 degrees in santa rosa. you see that low kind of spin up along the coastline. now, that's the one that's bringing a few high clouds. now, the bay area skies. we'll see more of those clouds, i think for tomorrow and the kind of head out of town on sunday. so overall looks like a dry weekend with an mainly offshore, but a little bit of sea breeze trying to develop out there at least inside the bay, but kind of mixed right now outside. but overnight tonight, again, now you've got this area of low pressure off the coastline. the all that air is going to be flowing toward that low pressure center. so here you go. see those winds turning off shore again. we're going to be left with some very mild temperatures around the bay area. really some comfortable numbers outside air quality is once again going to suffer a bit plan on some a hazy skies and the north bay, the east bay and the south bay still looking good out along the coastline tonight. if you're stepping outside, some high clouds up above kind of flirt with the stars up there, temperatures running in the 40's as we head towards 7 8 o'clock. so it is going to get cold tonight for overnight lows. still in the chilly side, some those numbers near freezing in some of the north bay valleys. highs tomorrow should be very nice after a cold start to the day. you're talking numbers well into the
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60's. almost 70 degrees. the warmest spots. thank you, lawrence. >> well, here's a warning that only people in florida would likely see as normal. there's a danger in the coming days of 32 degrees or maybe even colder in some inland areas. the glonass can slow down and become immobile when temperatures drop below 40 degrees and as they slow down, the animals can fall from the trees on to the ground. not to worry, though, as the temperatures warm up, the creatures recover pretty quickly >> still ahead, one airline bringing back their flight alcohol service will tell you when you can expect to have a cold drink on southwest again and a new program to make free masks available to the public. why the rollout didn't go quite as smoothly as planned.
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as we all know, wearing a mask is one of the best ways to keep covid from spreading. and there's a new program to make masks available free to the public. but the rollout could be bumpy. >> on for charles clifford has the details. >> across the country, cvs and walgreens have started handing out free n 95 masks. the federal government is providing the mask is part of the federal retail pharmacy program. each customer can get 3 masks for free. but not all. cvs and walgreens stores may
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have the masks available on the first day. in fact, we checked it to walgreens and to cvs stores in the city of alameda on friday and there were no masks available. the managers at those stores said they didn't know when the masks would arrive in statements, the retailer said the mask would be available on a rolling basis for as long as supplies last friday afternoon, this woman tried to get masks at a cvs, but they didn't have any. she's frustrated not only because they didn't have them because of what seems to be a never ending drum over the wearing of masks. we've been playing this game for 2 years. we're getting all kinds of different care act. >> nobody knows what they're doing and that's what i'm both walgreens and cvs say they plan to hand out the masks when available at their freestanding stores and also in places like target where there's a walgreens in sight. but for now in the east bay, charles clifford kron, 4 news. >> coming up, house speaker nancy pelosi in the bay area today making a major announcement about airport infrastructure.
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>> and remember when the concept of a four-day workweek seemed crazy. well, now it's one step closer to becoming a reality. plus, president biden arrived in pittsburgh shortly after a number of people are injured in a bridge collapse. there. what he had to say about improving the infrast what can i du with less asthma? with dupixent i can du more... yardwork... teamwork... long walks....
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>> pittsburgh, pennsylvania became ground 0 for the nation's infrastructure woes today. just hours before president biden scheduled
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visit to tout a new law, as we reported earlier in the newscast. so snow covered pittsburgh bridge collapse today, injuring a number of people. washington correspondent jessi turnure joins us live now with more. jesse? can the president was able to see that damage firsthand and continue to make the case that states should take advantage of those federal funds. >> as soon as possible. >> on the other side of the concrete, their president biden surveyed disastrous proof of the nation's need for the 1 trillion dollar infrastructure law. it's incredible. this pittsburgh bridge rated in poor condition for the past decade collapse friday morning wrecking a city bus and several cars. but resulting only in minor injuries. and comes the president. michel really is the president went ahead with his planned visit to pittsburgh, which calls itself the city of bridges and claims to have more bridges than any other city in the world. and no idea. and we're going we're going to fix them all. thousands of bridges across the country will soon get billions of dollars from the new infrastructure law. the
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white house said about 5.5 billion will go out by summer. we donate headline saying that someone was killed when the next bridge collapse. the president said the funds will allow states to bypass future bridge closures that impact everything from deliveries to school and work commutes to emergency response times. we've got to get on with that. we've got to move. administration officials say depending on how quickly states move projects funded by the law should start later this year. a key issue, though, remains for the white house connecsing some of these funds with smaller communities like tribal nations. >> who often don't have the capacity to apply for some of these grants or the workforce to start these projects live in washington. i'm jessi tenure. jesse, thank you for that. house speaker nancy pelosi visited sfo today. >> talk about money for bay area infrastructure projects. she was joined by representative jackie spear and anna eshoo during their visit. the congresswoman talked about thebi


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