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tv   KRON 4 News at 8am  KRON  January 28, 2022 8:00am-9:01am PST

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the weather and traffic. it is going to be a beautiful weekend. looks like a absolutely gorgeous. we had that fog earlier this week. none of that this morning. just beautiful, clear skies. >> get out there. enjoy it. and just to do with the jacket, ready to go. fog is not a thing this morning. just a little bit of high cirrus clouds pushing in across the bay area, 30's and 40's for our current temperatures. fremont, you're at 38, dublin. our chilliest spot at 33 degrees. in the meantime, san francisco bodega bay pacifica and half moon bay right along the coastline by far most mild areas. all in the 50's. more in your forecast is still to come. reyna harvey upstairs with us this morning. you actually sit front of that sunrise. so, yeah, i've been able to catch it all morning long pretty gorgeous up here. >> we are seeing a couple accidents out the air, one in richmond, another one a little further down in hayward, 5.80, eastbound west of central avenue. you've got an accident. so we are seeing delays on the eastbound side. but you also just have a lot
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of traffic on the westbound side as well. so you're seeing delays on both sides. san pablo avenue might be good alternate if you're trying to get around that down in hayward south on a northwest wind 10 avenue, you've got an accident. so you are starting to see some delays here as you're traveling heading into the city, though, once you reach the maze at about 14 minutes for your drive to that fremont street exit. so no major delays or issues there. san mateo bridge heading across towards the peninsula about a 14 minute drive for you. and let's get a look at the richmond center fell commute as you are heading out of richmond. 11 minutes. back to you. thank you. ray 8, 0, one and a big story. teachers and parents in the oakland school district are going to find out today which schools could close this year. >> the possible closures would impact thousands of students and families across oakland kron four's camila barco is live this morning with the latest. and i guess like when are they and what are they going to do? camilla? >> yeah, that's a question we're just waiting from oakland un fied school district to get that list of
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the schools that are possibly going to be closing at the end of this school year. as i said, we have not received that yet, but we're expecting to get that list later today. however, one school board member went to social media and listed the schools that school board members are considering to close out in a lengthy letter to parents and staff, the district claims that it has struggled financially over the past few years. district leaders say that part of the reason is due to less students in the classroom. and the district is also arguing that they're investing in smaller schools, then larger ones, and that's preventing them from serving students and paying their teachers and staff of better salary. now, mike hutchinson, the director for district 5, says that oakland unified school district is actually not in a financial crisis. he went to facebook post, the schools that are possibly set to close at the end of the school year. take a look at your screen here. they are, according to hand, the school
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district is considering closing more than 10 schools. and that includes few elementary schools like prescott and brookfield. this also includes west lake middle school and high schools like red stale. now, hutchison says there's also the possibility that some schools could merge like highland and rice. and there's also the chance of closing down more schools next year. and we spoke to the school board member this morning. he's also questioning how quickly this is all moving along. >> i've seen a lot of things but i've never seen something like this where literally giving the community one to 2 weeks notice for these permanent decisions. and let me just be clear. the schools that are cited on this list for possible closure are some of our traditional neighborhood schools that have served generations of our community. and today's drop this bomb in the community on top of the trauma, many people are really suffering going on 2 years in a pandemic. it's just really unconscionable.
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>> now on monday at 06:00pm hutchison and the other school board members are going to meet to talk about the list of schools and the ones that are possibly going to close. and then the board is actually scheduled to vote on those recommendations on february 8 at 06:00pm. they will then say whether they're going to close one or 2 schools, maybe all of them or maybe none at all. so just have to wait and see that for now. daryn, back to you. all right of the kids, right? the disruptions just keep coming. >> for kids who like routine? you know, i can relate, right? can you imagine you've got the covid learning and then the classrooms in the home and now this camila. yeah, i think it's just one more thing added to everything that the students and teachers have had to deal with in the past few years. and hutchison just mentioned that the pandemic has made many things worsen. adding. >> and schools closing. it's
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more for teachers and parents. and this is just going to be moore added on to them. so maybe hutchison is trying to close down excuse me trying to end the school closures and we'll just have to see if you can make that happen. yeah. all right. keep us posted. thank you. camila. >> what about the teachers in west contra costa and that school district they could authorize a strike. we'll see what happens. the united teachers of richmond union is demanding the district come to an agreement on their covid safety and they're demanding weekly covid testing and high quality masks for all the staff and students. >> earlier this week, the union said they would negotiate with the district and then they threatened to strike if an agreement wasn't reached by today. so are they striking or did they reach a deal? a crowd for has reached out and we're working to get an answer to that. all we know is today was the day. 8, 0, 5, and in the south bay, 2 cases of the new omicron subvariant stealth have been confirmed in santa clara county. but doctors say that we shouldn't
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be too worried. an infectious disease expert at stanford says that doctors have always expected to see many different mutations of covid just like the flu. but it, you know, the flu evolves every year. data shows this new subvariant is not as contagious as omicron and from what the doctors are seeing so far, they say masking and the current vaccines are still working against this variant. >> at this point, we haven't seen anything a surprising yet. it is still called the variant of interest by the world health organization. and so far we know that the vaccines are still pretty against even this current variants. we know that a booster makes that protection even better. >> some experts say that there is a possibility that the stealth subvariant of omicron could re if you had covid already like the regular of a crowd and you got over it and then you think will wait. can i get this one out? they say
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may be. so they're recommending, you know, that you take precautions. masks are soon going to able, however, to come off for those who fully fully vaccinated in some parts of san francisco, the city's just released a new order. health officials say they're going to ease restrictions for indoor settings of some kind starting february. 1st, if you are going into an office setting or a gym, you will be allowed to not wear a mask if you're vaccinated. however, masks will still be required for gatherings of 500 people or more and starting february 1st, if you don't have the covid vaccine, you are going to be allowed to dine and work out us our air. sorry and work out indoors so you can do those things even if you're not vaccinated is long show you have a negative covid test. so san francisco kind of changing the way they deal with it starting in february,
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representatives of contra costa and alameda counties say they don't right now have any plans to loosen their indoor mask requirements in the north bay. the sonoma county health officer there is clarifying a recent health order for indoor events. earlier the in the month, the county limited indoor public events to 50 people. and there was some confusion, i guess when you say will 50, what about like staff? there's a big staff that puts this event together. that kind of thing. >> it's 50 spectators. it doesn't include the staffing, the media, the players, the performers of an event, the health order also limits outdoor gatherings to 100 people where social distancing. >> can be accommodated. the updated health order is supposed to expire at midnight on february 10th. >> excitement is building for the nfc championship game against the niners and the rams on sunday. we've been covering it all week long every day heading up to the big game in l a a lot of
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niners fans are going to be there. they're traveling. they got tickets if they're not already. there. kron four's will. tran is live at sfo to see how fans are feeling ahead of the big game high will. >> good morning area. this is the getaway weekend. the beginning of it for niners fans because we expect so fy stadium in los angeles to be a sea of red if they're not taking off this morning, they will take off tonight tomorrow because we do know this is the most important game. >> for the san francisco, so they win another game on sunday and then get into. >> the super bowl, of course. but first, things first. that niners. they've on the rams for the last 3 years winning 6 consecutive games and this will be game 7. they hope to do that. they have history on their side because since the year 2000 that is happened 7 times and it could happen many more times as the record is 8 straight time. so yes is hard
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but very doable. and they will rpbe fully equipped because the niners are coming down there with a full staff, all of their injured players they use this week to either hit each other lightly just to knock off some of the roster, just dressed all together. so when they hit the field, jimmy g and the game will be at full strength. we try to take on the niners. they will not be alone because we are hearing that 45% of fans in northern california as far as the niners fans of the ticket sales that is coming from northern california and then the other 20% of this ticket sales on 3rd parties, party sites coming from southern california altogether. that adds up. if you're not good with math, that adds up to 2 out of 3 seats at so fi stadium will be filled by niners fans. but it won't be cheap according to step out. >> this is certainly in demand
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game to say the very least. and it's trending to be the number one on super bowl nfl playoff game in our history. so currently beginning there around $600 with the average ticket price sold just over $1100. to put that in perspective, the packers and niners nfc championship game just 2 years ago here in our backyard. and levis was only 600, $70. so as the states have gone up this year and it's the 3rd match up for the night is rams prices have tripled since the week? 17 d. >> well, get this. the niners and the rams. they faced each other before in the nfc championship. 31 years ago, joe montana numbers versus jim everett. so they beat the rams at that particular time. i can tell you that right now las vegas has this game pretty much even. and that is not a good sign for the rams because they are the home team. they have the better record. and yet it looks like the niners. if you go to many locations
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and you can see the sports experts. >> they are predicting that the niners will win and get this. they are also predicting the kansas city chiefs to win and that sets up a rematch in the super bowl. but first things first. they have a game this sunday and it will be in this afternoon or excuse me on sunday afternoon. all trends point to the niners going to the super bowl and for those fans who are going to la this weekend, that's a good sign because they'll be right back there in 2 weeks as the super bowl is at so-fi stadium. >> back maybe that is a sign. it's all coming together now will. >> i think it gets and you actually went there, meaning you actually committed. you're like i think it's going to happen. i think they're going to do it. are you still feeling good still? yeah. >> i you know, i think all trends point the niners winning because when you beat a team 6 straight times, that means you're not only beating them on the field, you beating them in their head. yeah. so they know that they have their numbers and this and bottom
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line is the niners. they just match up well with the ground and pound with kittle. they just have too many stars versus the rams. but with the cabbie out is if you know sports, regardless of which team you root for, you know, nothing is done until like what this say the other day until you shake hands on the field after the game. and i like that. you just brought up kennel because, you know, >> like that, i'm not a fan of watching football, but i like the individual characters kill is my favorite. that guy. he's like mystical and cool. and i something. who's your favorite leon? the niners just curious personally. >> my favorite player on the niners. yes, it probably would be deebo samuel miami. kids loved the vote. and the club of one for what he does. and i'm just mad that the cowboys didn't draft him. he's that good. and i think he will be the difference on sunday. the man is just an all-star. he can catch. you can run. he can block. you could do it all.
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his knee is fine and they will be ready to go against the rams. buckle up you're not shows my kept that. >> thank you. will. >> all right. we'll see will and a little bit. he's providing us live coverage all throughout the morning. 8.13, right now. what's this guy doing? caught on camera trying to steal this van in the east bay. we'll show you what foiled him and what they think he might be connected to around town. plus, after the break, the president pledges to nominate a black woman to fill the vacancy on the supreme court will have reaction from a local reaction from a local political science expert. oh, wow, barbara corcoran! good morning. sorry, we don't need any business help now. we're gigillionaires.
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>> welcome back. it is 8.17, on this friday morning and bright skies out there. beautiful start. look at this view of the bay bridge. a flag pole not moving around too much debt that bird out there enjoying it too. hopefully all bundled up for what is going to be eventually a comfortable day. but how we're starting this one out on the cooler side of things. as you can see. now, we do have a blanket of cirrus clouds si ting across the bay area this morning. that's not making things any less bright, but it certainly is just making it a little less blue than yesterday was today is going to be a mix of mostly sunny to partly cloudy, just depending on what time of day or talking tomorrow, a little on the cloudier side, but still plenty of brightness reaching its way through. overall. we just stay dry through the weekend. dry today, dry tomorrow. the day after that, the day after that, the day
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after that, just the way it's going, we are going to see that high pressure ridge staying with us for some time. we've generally been seeing an offshore wind lately been breezy for the north bay mountains and at the coast on occasion. but nothing exceptionally windy. and unlike last weekend, which was very windy to start, should be a lot calmer to start this one 60's for your daytime highs almost across the board. some low to mid 60's near the coastline and for a few of us in the south bay today, we'll be flirting with the 70 degree mark even closer than yesterday with san jose and campbell, each at 68 degrees east bay temperatures low to mid 60's for you. gorgeous day. get out there. enjoy it. sunshine and one of the most mild days left in this forecast because after today we do start to see temperatures sliding just a little bit day by day tomorrow will still be relatively mild. that will be sunday. but we do fall back into the low 60's on average into early next week. february first is on tuesday in the new month. kicks off on and right now reyna. all right, john, thanks for that.
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yeah, it is really nice outside. so hopefully you get a chance to get out the air. >> however, we do have a couple of accidents scattered across the bay area. this one out in richmond, 5.80, eastbound just west of central avenue. so we are seeing delays there and you have one a little further down in san pablo, 80 westbound east of el portal drive. so starting to slow down a bit along 80 as you're traveling there down in hayward, southbound 8.80, north and west winton avenue. you have another accident. so we are seeing some delays when you're heading into the city, wants you do reach the maze back down to under 12 minutes. we're starting to get up there. san mateo bridge heading across towards the peninsula. about 13 minutes for your drive. another accident. this is out of walnut creek, southbound, south of jury road. so we are starting to see some delays along 6.80, and we'll leave you with the richmond. sandra fell bridge traveling out of richmond at around 7 minutes. daria, back to you. thank you. reyna is 8.19, and president joe biden is pledging to nominate the first black woman
8:20 am
to the supreme court. now that justice steven briar is retiring here. a look at the possible candidates, a short list of nominees, including california supreme court associate justice leondra kruger san jose state political science lecturer donna crane likes the short list, but says that a justice won't be able to slow the right word trajectory of the supreme court. this term alone. we are seeing. >> 3, 4, 5 giant issues come before the court. and it's it's still going to be a 63 conservative majority. there is a lot going on. there's a lot of state. a lot going on runs a lot of state for this particular seat. but everyone a little less than that i'm aware of is really top of their game. they as judges or people and other senior legal positions that already are following these kinds of cases. there are aware of the nuances and what they get to the supreme court. of course, they will have clerks team of
8:21 am
clerks. so i i think we will have a problem with somebody getting up to speed. >> but, you know, she always reserves the right to be wrong. donna says that she never rules out surprises. she also says judicial nominees tend to unify parties on both sides of the aisle in a way that legislation does not. members of the california democratic party are threatening to pull the party's endorsement from lawmakers who reject a plan to establish a single payer health care system in california. this is the warning ahead of an important election year and just days before that health care bill faces a key vote in the assembly next week. state lawmakers are set to vote monday on the health care plan. also known as cal care. cal care would eliminate private health insurance and create a state run health care system in california. the vote on it comes as the party's pre endorsement process is going to be happening february 5th.
8:22 am
>> and any assembly member of the things they ignore the party, more labor, more people vote against us and then still get the endorsement, might find that they have a tough reelection battle ahead of >> so basically saying, you know, you want the endorsement, you got to stick with the party and this is what the party wants. a 22 is the time right now and other news that we're following this morning. let's go on to the next story and tell you what's happening >> coming up in just a couple of minutes, don't go away. we'll be back with answers about what happened at a north a football game. there are questions as to whether some of the students were curling, racial remarks at the other players will have more on that.
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>> 8.24 and now let's talk football again. but football high school football in the north bay possible racism at a game. the novato unified superintendent is probing what happened. a black player at tam high says that he was targeted with racial slurs by players at san marin. high kron four's dan thorn has the story. >> but about a unified schools. superintendent has hired an outside investigator to look into these allegations. some center in players are accused of using hate speech during an october game at temple, pius high school. but parents of both schools say that racism has no place in marin county hate speech at a high school
8:26 am
football games at the center of a novato school's investigation. players for temple, pius high school say a member of their team had racial slurs hurled at them by players from san parents of students at both schools are disturbed by the allegations. it's upsetting. and in this day in age, i just don't understand with all the information that's out there and all the education, reflection on me as a coach. >> if this were to come out that something happened, i would take full responsibility for that. the accused players in the center and football team have denied any slurs or racism took place on the field. the referees for the game played in mill valley have also said they did not notice anything. a parent of a sandbar in high school football player tells kron 4. he's known many of the boys for a long time. he believes this investigation will find the players did nothing wrong were really eager to get to the end of this and, you know, exonerate the boys because we >> do not believe that any of this happened. novato schools superintendent jen la torre derby says she hopes the investigation will be finished within the next month. the
8:27 am
school district has also brought in speakers to talk about racism with the senator in football team. if the investigation reveals wrongdoing by the players temple, pius parents expect action to be taken. it's it's just unacceptable. it just bottom line. players on sandilands football team have been accused of using hate speech once before. >> but superintendent la torre derby says the allegations made by sandra fell high school football players and coaches during a september game could not be verified. reporting in nevado. dan thorn kron. 4 news. >> it's a 27 and still ahead, senator alex padilla is urging for covid. the message and the state's top korea pediatric doctors weigh in as well. that still ahead.
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>> mixing it up on a friday morning. i don't have the egg today. it's yogurt, pineapple, and she's that's a step up their so i just i was talking about that we're all talking about cutting down on sugar. i went to the dentist yesterday. and i have been eating as much sugar and instead of floss on my way. look what they sent me with. when you away at my dentist, chris, there are several flowers, the real flowers. i was just like going to get that. you know you the check out to give you a goodie bag with a toothbrush. and i said i love the flowers and she gave to me. what right? what a dentist. where dentists
8:31 am
write a little bit. and she did a nice cleaning job. thank you. haha. so you're going to the dentist. kids don't be afraid. they're they're people too. very nice. and they might give you flowers and yeah, flowers. you get floss. i remember getting a little like hot wheels. cars as a kid that the yeah. it's a great dennis are underrated. they are. they are. good morning to the dentist of the world. exactly. exactly. and good morning to anyone that's heading outside enjoying this. hopefully with the jacket on. it's beautiful out there. you can see that we have clear skies all across the bay area. just a few cirrus clouds skirting right over the region. current temperatures, 30's 40's to 50's. brett would livermore dublin conquered each in the 30's premature there, too, right along the bay shore. >> santa rosa fell below freezing early or you're above it, but still cold. san francisco pacific and bodega bay on the other side of the spectrum only in the 50's right now. so not too bad. i will be talking some 60's later on today. as far as rain goes, what's the roads look at
8:32 am
night? you are not completely friday light. we're somewhere in the middle. so we are starting to see some delays. but we're also seen pretty much light traffic across all of our bridges here in richmond. we're tracking this accident here. 5.80, eastbound west of central avenue. >> that's still there. we're still seeing delays. we had another one in san pablo. that one has been cleared. another one that just got cleared off of the highway there. southbound 6.80, northwest winton avenue and hayward. so we're starting to see those we were seeing line up just a bit traveling into the city of mesa, fremont street exit. 11 minutes for your drive time there heading across towards the peninsula at about 13 minutes. 92 westbound as you're traveling out of richmond across towards sandra fell a little under 9 minutes. tara, back to you. thank you, ray 8.32, in the east bay. alameda county sheriffs are looking for a man who tried to steal a van. >> from in the driveway of a castro valley home. and we have a look at the home has surveillance video kron four's to live. a second has more. >> home surveillance video
8:33 am
caught this man red-handed trying to steal this van from a neighbor's driveway in castro valley near santa maria avenue daisy who didn't want to reveal her identity or show her face out of fear says it was disturbing watching someone go after her family's belongings. it was. >> kind of scary because it's like somebody coming to our house and inviting our privacy, our belongings and, you know, we don't expect that from. >> thankfully, the car alarm scared him off this time. >> but the family who lives here says the same suspect continues to go after other cars in the nearby neighborhoods that >> kind of all over. >> and it's the same car. same people. they're just going around, stealing cars, catalytic converters and, you know, sharing video. other people have been same person, team car and they have also filed police report as daisies
8:34 am
family says. >> the sheriff's office believes this suspect is working with other people across the east bay. >> they said that they have footage of this guy and i believe it's like him and 2 other people. and they've kind of just been doing this all over, stealing catalytic converters and the car that day are driving. the black audi is still in as well. we're waiting on any updates from the sheriff's office about this case and it may be linked to other thefts in the area to social learned that others have also spotted this black audi suv with roof racks involved in similar crimes in castro valley. taylor bisacky kron. 4 news. >> it's a 34 and in palo alto, police are investigating vandalism at a melon elementary school as a hate crime. >> it was over the weekend at el carmelo elementary school on bryant street the administration notice racial slurs or at least one racial slur that was written on a sign directed at the african-american community. so they called the police. a man
8:35 am
who was shot while trying to help another person who was being robbed on new year's eve that congress sunvalley mall. that man, a good samaritan has died. we have video from the mall that day when it happened on new year's. the victim is identified as 32 year-old conquer resident kelvin crosby. you can see him being rushed to the hospital after being shot. he was trying to help a man who was being robbed by a number of people inside the mall. and when he tried to help that stranger, you know, not be robbed a he was fired at and hit with a bullet. went to the hospital is about 3.45 in the afternoon on new year's eve. and now he has died. police say that someone has been arrested in connection with this, but we don't have any information on the name. it's a 35. it's been 47 years since the first murder believe committed by the prolific san francisco serial killer called the doodler. and police are now
8:36 am
once again asking for your help to solve this case. they have announced that the reward is up now, the reward has been increased to $200,000 for information that leads to a conviction. police believe the doodler. >> killed 6. >> white men in the mid 1970's they have looked at the evidence and they say that what happened was is you've got the nickname because he would sketch the victims before killing them. 5 of those men who were killed were found dead near ocean beach in golden gate park. >> park and then a 6th man. >> what you he was killed after being assaulted near land's end. >> and these are all unsolved murders in cold cases. but homicide detectives are still actively working on them. and again, they've upped the reward to $200,000 trying to solve these a serial murders that happened back in the 70's. 8.36. right now. and
8:37 am
still ahead on the kron, 4 morning news. >> the forty-niners practicing for one more day and then they head out to try to beat la. we'll talk more about the game coach. andy, see what head he has to say and more in sports. the warriors now have 2 official all-star starters on the roster. >> oh, yeah, you know, step as one of of the the other and love highlights last night's game. >> and at the coastline today, we'll see some low 60's for your highs. we do have a small craft advisory because of some offshore winds that will be question right there along the coastline. not an exceptionally windy day. so don't let it stop you from getting out and enjoying all that sunshine. 60 solidly for in bayshore areas to i've got your forecast.
8:38 am
8:39 am
8:40 am
>> 40 right now and let's talk basketball. the worriers are on a four-game winning streak. latest victory that put away the timberwolves last night. let's go to the game and talk about what happened. well, the 1st half they were down, but they got hot in the 3rd step ended up with 29 points. clay chipped in. 23 and andrew wiggins had 19 in total. the warriors hit. 21 3 pointers, whereas when final one, 24 to one 15 and who wins when it comes to the all stars? well, before the game, the nba announced the all star selection and of course, steph
8:41 am
curry out. yeah, yeah. it's it's 8th all-star game, of course, is steph curry. but you know what else? he's going to be joined by teammate andrew wiggins and wiggins will be playing in his first all-star game. it is next month. so congrats to them. we're looking forward to 40. we'll be right back. 43 right
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8:43 am
8:44 am
now. and it is just sunny, beautiful out there. i know we need rain, but >> i'm not looking for reasons to complain. i'm looking for reasons to say wow, beautiful yen. >> enjoy it. and it is definitely a beautiful kind of morning for sure. san jose looks gorgeous. you had some of our dense this fog earlier this week. so i think you especially in the santa clara valley have been appreciating these past few mornings, especially past few afternoons. >> because it's been a really warm for the south bay lately today, just a few cirrus clouds out there. unlike yesterday when it was crystal clear today has a nice compliments of cloud cover tomorrow, partly cloudy to mostly sunny, as will also see into monday of next week. all of it remains dry. high-pressure ridge. i've been talking about it all week. still sitting in place. got to keep us dry for at least the next week. now we have been seeing a modest offshore when the past few days an a for small craft advisory near the coastline. nothing that should interrupt you as you're getting outside. we are going
8:45 am
to be looking at a nice day today. temperatures climbing well back into the 60's with daytime highs at the coast anywhere from the low to mid 60's today, burlingame at 64 degrees. gorgeous one for you. and as i mentioned, santa clara valley has been our warmest that continues today. san jose and campbell at 68 degrees for your last friday, january pleasanton livermore, each at 63 oakland, 64 degrees north bay temperatures mostly low to mid 60's for you until you get to the coast. just a little cooler out that way. now your next 7 days, temperatures staying steady cooling just a little bit into the start of next week and the start of next month, february, first being on tuesday, reyna. john, thank you for that. all right. so we are seeing another accident this time. this is out in sunnyvale. >> one, 0, one northbound south of north fair oaks. so we are seeing a slight delay because of an accident there. you can still get through if you are traveling along one. 0, one. if you're heading into the city right now, no traffic or delays under 11 minutes to
8:46 am
make it to that fremont street exit from the maze. the richmond, sandra fell bridge traveling at a written across towards center, fell 7 minutes for your drive time there as you're heading along one o one because of those delays that were seen in sunnyvale. it will be about 41 minutes as you're heading from 85 towards menlo park. let's also get a look at highway for traveling from one 60 to 2.42. about 14 minutes there and we'll leave you with a look at 24 when you're heading. want a creek down to 5.80, 12 minute% for your drive. daria, back to you. >> thank you, ray 8.46. right now. forty-niners going to be practicing one more day to day and santa clara and then heading to la to beat the rams a win on sunday makes the way to the super bowl kron. 4 sports director jason dumas says more. >> the buzz is palpable and it's impossible for the players to tune everything out. they hear the noise. they are excited, but they still have a job to do and they have to be laser-focused said they
8:47 am
are and the work this week. i mean, it's pretty straightforward as you see jimmy g there. this team has formed an identity. they know exactly what they have to do to win. they also know their opponent inside and out now we've spoken at nauseum this week on the relationship between the 2 head coaches. we know sean mcvay kyle shanahan. they used to be co-workers in our nation's capital. now their rivals and it's been a pretty one-sided rivalry on shanny side. so much so that someone asked mcveigh if kyle was in his head something kyle shanahan, they really think was very appropriate. a question like that is. >> just giving sean and myself way too much credit. i'm or coaches. thank watch what's going on on that field and some of the players out there and the people that are competing and i think that it's about sean. i i mean, i
8:48 am
know he doesn't feel that way and he knows i don't feel that way. the fact we're here and that we've earned the opportunity to play in this game >> saw some so definitely, you know, i think guys are i don't want to see more locked them, but there's a different type of focus. everyone's do a lot. you know, whether it's things on lives, everything just kind of amplified at this moment. but guys are in a great job. just focus on getting better every single day locked in the meetings. i'm locked into getting better. his focus on the game plan. and i know our boys be very ready to come sunday. i'm ready to roll to george. >> meanwhile, down and sunny la, so beautiful down there and just beautiful weather. the rams continued to prep. this rams team is loaded with big name scott players up in down the roster on paper. they certainly have more talent than the forty-niners. some people might get mad at me. but it is what it is and what i meant to say up there with star players. but what about this matchup? is it that the rams have struggled with aaron
8:49 am
donald? he couldn't tell you, but he is ready to put those losses behind him. and he insists that things this time around will be different. >> the past is the past. so this is this is a different type of football years going on. notice we know this is this is one game within the super bowl against the opponent both we used to. we know this, but we just got to play for core. we've got to find a way to finish. they they need in ways that when i'm here talk about it, but they did this my mindset is there's no way we're going to lose this game. deafening. these, you know, stu. remains super light means super >> and do what i got to do is we do know to me go, i don't know. i don't want to zoom in here, too. after week. >> and what about the fans? well, they're headed from all over the country to la for the big game. one forty-niners fan
8:50 am
club in l a says it's not all about the competition, though. they make a point to have fun with rams fans even kind of joining in celebration together. sometimes. >> a rams be in the never made >> as as of this, it politician. you know what, when money is at stake at your whatever fan is going to make it the most money into this case is like, well, i guess i need to root for the niners because they're buying the drinks. >> club members say they're going to be at high stadium cheering on their team this sunday. oh, my god. look at that suit. >> the one football game i went to of the niners ever in my life. >> the guy in front of me was wearing a giant like? >> i don't know. it was a super bowl statue thing on his head. i could.
8:51 am
>> any way to get ups or gray? a look at the same east when doug ease with cute with that. when doug is in the jerseys and the kids in the blues, it's always fun in less seriously. unless the person is a good front of you and you can't see i love the spirit. i like mixing of i got a pink hat, says she's got the purple hat with the niners. you can mix it up a little with the colors. lots of fun. keep these pictures coming to kron 4. you can use a kron. 4 app or you can e-mail your photos to breaking news at com or dot com. >> go niners is a 51. and we'll be right back. yeah. so.
8:52 am
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8:54 am
it's a 54 in authors of a new scientific study say genetic. >> testing of baby whales and their moms may help save this rare species from extinction. the critically endangered north atlantic right whales, their numbers have dropped significantly over the years because the high mortality rate and poor reproduction researchers at the new england aquarium in boston led the study and they found that they had more success tracking the animal survival when they had access to their genetic samples. the study looked at 13 cabs and was able to determine the age of 12 wales and match them with their mothers. currently, there are fewer than 300, 40 right
8:55 am
whales left in the whole world. >> can this creature's right? >> all right. take a look at this. the white house unveiling their new addition. this is the newest family pet willow. a 2 year-old gray and white farm cat from pennsylvania named after the first lady's home town of willow grove. willow is settling in smoothly. i think that well anything short of what the dogs did bite and people would be good. that didn't work out. as you remember the dogs at the white house than of the best of luck. so they're they're they're trying to cat the cats. the best part about his cats typically not going to like, you know, attack you. they're just going or you and maybe a tech, the furniture. so i don't know. but the they may have to the bed to check the furniture is you want to destroy furniture in the oval office or anything like that are in the west wing. que q alert adler just i can't catch a 55 coming up in the next hour. teachers and parents in oakland are worried that their
8:56 am
schools are going to close. what would happen. >> and how this is a great upheaval considering what's already been going on with a covid. and speaking of covid, there's a new strain of the omicron variant, but it's stealthy. it's actually called stone and it's been detected in the bay area.
8:57 am
8:58 am
8:59 am
>> from the area's local news station, you're watching the kron 4 morning news. at know. >> good morning and thanks for joining in. during the finest hour, 9 o'clock on the finest day, which is friday heading into beautiful weather and what looks to be a very nice weekend. i'm darya along with john and gang's all here. james is doing the covid shuffle still. so he does the early shift. we do the late in the we're all going to join hands and sing kumbaya soon. we're going to get together soon. a stealthy, an omicron and all that stuff is worked but in the meantime, john, 20 or so feet away in the studio, reyna is upstairs with to turn a second hi, john day and looking at a beautiful view may not actually be looking at it, monitors are showing it and it is gorgeous right here in san francisco with just a little bit of cloud cover overhead. >> what a nice way to start the weekend. vistbility has been a okay this morning and we're going hold on to those clear skies throughout the day today. temperatures ranging anywhere from the 30's 40's to
9:00 am
the 50's big change of pace in short order. >> oakland was at 39 this morning. now here at 53 degrees. so we are seeing temperatures spike in really quickly here. fairfield still at 35 dublin, brentwood, santa rosa. you're also still in the 30's, but not to worry. you'll be joining the rest of us with some really comfy numbers here. very quickly bring john. thanks for that. yeah. and enjoy my view from of stairs. another thing them also enjoyed. >> is that it looks like we might be finally experiencing some friday light after hot spots in accidents all over as you're traveling from the east bay into the city right now. look at that about 11 minutes to make it from the maze to that fremont street exits. the traffic is moving along nicely along 5.18, 80's. well headed across towards the peninsula. about 13 minutes traveling. 92 westbound there. let's get a look at the richmond. sandra fell bridge traveling out. a return across towards center fell about 7 minutes there. and in the south bay along one o one, you've got a few patches of slowing traffic.


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