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tv   KRON 4 News at 7am  KRON  January 28, 2022 7:00am-8:01am PST

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cold start. san jose at 39 livermore. 36 dublin and only 33 degrees right now at least santa rosa. you're back above freezing at 34 degrees. i'm talking more about what else to expect today and into this weekend. still to come, rain john, thank you for that. so we've been tracking this traffic hazard out in seminole. this is along southbound 6.80. >> north of a dry day wrote there. so we're seeing quite a delay as you're driving along the grade and a little bit along. 84 as well. but that's unrelated. so you can see we have back up there in terms of traffic. we're going to keep a close eye on that as you're heading into the city right now, maze to that fremont street exit just a little under 12 the meteor lights are still off. traffic moving along pretty nicely. there. san mateo bridge heading across towards the peninsula. you can make that drive and about 13 minutes and we'll leave you with a look at the south bay along one. 0, one. 85. in the most part, just 32 minutes. starting a back to you. what happened? the red
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for the niners it if you squint your eyes and looks see a little bit. thank >> 7 o'clock in the big story this morning. teachers and parents in the oakland school district are going to find out % today which schools could close this year. the possible closures could impact thousands of kids and families all across oakland kron four's camila barco is live with the latest details. good morning, camilla. >> good morning, yeah, oakland unified school district hasn't officially released the names of the schools that are possibly going to close at the end of this school year. like you said, they're planning on doing that today. however, one school board member took to social media to list the schools that are being considered to close. now, in a letter to parents and staff, the district claims that it has struggled financially. district leaders say that part of the reason is due to a decline in enrollment. the district is also argued that they're investing in smaller schools and larger ones. and that's preventing number of serving students properly
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maintaining the facilities and pay your teachers and staff a better salary. i could. director for district 5 says oakland unified school district is actually not in a financial crisis. he went to facebook to post the schools possibly set to close at the end of this school year. take a look at your screen here. they are, according to him, the school district is considering closing more than 10 schools. and that includes a few elementary schools like prescott and brookfield is also includes west lake middle school and high schools like rent scale. now, hutchison says there's also the possibility that these schools could emerge like highland and rise. and there's also the chance of closing down more schools next year. now we caught up with the school board member this morning. he says that there hasn't been much notice from the district about this. >> and so any idea now to close schools top of that is unnecessary. and one thing that message did not to dress
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is why has the school board after a vote on january 12 now released a list and is planning have a final vote on school closures, february there's nothing that says we need to make decisions that quickly. and there's definitely no crisis that's driving this. >> so on monday at 06:00pm, the school board will actually need to talk about the possible schools closing. and like hutchison said on february 8 at 06:00pm the board is scheduled to vote on these recommendations. and that means that it could go on some schools closing, maybe all of them or maybe none at all. so we'll have to see what happens then. back to you. ok, stay tuned for more. thank you. camila. >> today, teachers in the west contra costa unified school district could authorize a strike. the united teachers of richmond union is demanding the district come to an agreement on covid safety. they're demanding weekly covid testing and high quality masks for all of the students and
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staff. earlier this week, the union said that they would negotiate with the district and threatened a strike if an agreement was not reached by today we checked with the union. and we didn't give and get an update that there's nothing there about a deal being reached. kron 4 is working to find out if the strike is on or if it's been averted. in the south bay, 2 cases of the new omicron, some variant have been confirmed in santa clara county, stealth. it's called the doctors say we shouldn't be too worried. an infectious disease expert at stanford says doctors have always expected to see mutations of covid just like the flu virus evolves every year. data shows this new subvariant is not as contagious as omicron and from what doctors are seeing so far masking in the current vaccines still work against the variant. >> at this point we haven't seen anything a surprising yet. it is still called the variant of interest by the world health organization. and
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so far we know that the vaccines are still pretty against even this current variants. we know that a booster makes that protection even better. >> some experts to say there's a possibility that this stealth omicron variant could re infect you even if you had recently had omicron because it is it a different variants of the wondering could you get it again? masks? i guess that's the answer they say masks will soon be able to come off, though, for those who are fully vaccinated in some parts of san francisco city, health officials released a new order that will ease restrictions for some indoor settings starting february. 1st, if you are in offices and gyms, for example, you'll be able to take off your mask. mask will still, however, be required for gatherings of 500 people or more. and also starting on february, 1st, people who did not get a covid vaccine will be allowed to dine and work
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out indoors as long as they show that they have a negative covid test. representatives for contra costa and alameda counties. both say they have no immediate plans in those areas to relax the indoor mask requirements following san francisco's announcement be his, you know, and you heard about that now the golden state warriors and the chase centers. they have released new rules for fans starting february. 1st, anybody entering chase center has to show prove they're vaccinated. and that includes booster shot that's fully vaccinated. they have to get the shots at least one week prior to the event. so the other option is there is still the other option of showing a negative covid test and that has to be taken with a trois. 24 to 48 hours depending on the type of test you get. in the north bay, the sonoma county health officer there is clarifying a recent health order for indoor events. earlier this month, the county limited indoor
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public events to 50 people. indoor events can include 50 spectators there clarifying that spectators. it doesn't include the staff and in the media and the players are performer. so it's just specter's. they have clarified that the health order also limits outdoor gatherings to 100 people. we're social distancing. can't happen. the updated health order expires at midnight on february. excitement is building for the nfc championship game to the niners and the rams on sunday. >> and will tran has been following this as we get down to the wire here, it's finally almost here. at least this is the last day of your coverage on the kron. 4 morning news until monday. when we see what happens, i will. >> you have your read on. >> or your gold. let's not listen. will not only do i have the red and the gold, but i promised you look, i got that. i got the things the
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little stuff. i got the and arise. so i'm working on. i'm working on, right? yeah, i black got the out. yeah. but they did black. i got paid what i write on it. what do you think? what do you want to say? all you can still go go 90 the writers and you will be the only one because they'll be thousands of people in the fans in the stands. >> probably wearing their eye black right pick just like you because they are taking off. today is getaway day for a lot of 90's. fans yes, they have tomorrow. and yes, they have the option of driving. but a lot of people will be flying. and we've seen already some people taking off to los angeles and they plan to watch the niners game in a different form. >> not at the game itself, buh believe me, they will be glued to the television set to watch the niners who will be at full strength. they were at practice yesterday. they are practice again, a little bit later today. and because they're not flying across the country more than likely,
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daria, they will be able to sleep in their own beds tonight and then take off early tomorrow morning because la, let's face face it. what 90 minute flight. if that if you're the niners, so they'll be ready to go rested when they take the la rams who they've beaten 6 straight times. it is possible that they can win 7 and even ate the record for consecutive wins against an opponent 8. so the niners step up a little bit more work ahead of them. but it's very doable. las vegas has this game basically as they push a pick and game. that's not good for the rams because they're the home team. get this. so i never thought i would give love advice on kron 4, but i just did about 15 minutes ago when i tracked down this young man who is flying down to los angeles and he's going to see the niners game. and by the way, maybe his girlfriend. listen. it. >> as long as i get that the hours that was my 9 is play and down the rams. that's
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that's all i want is i didn't like meant she was a mad like you are flying down to see me. you spend time with me. what are you doing? hanging out with the boys? i mean, she was a little ball that out but she understood that on sundays. nothing i could take you in that the they are my night is that. >> so he's like you, he loves, you know, his girlfriend. but he also loves jimmy g. i'm going to be more come sunday and he will be the only one as we do expect this sea of red at the game about 65% of the seats meeting 2 out of 3 seats at so-fi stadium will be occupied by niners fans and we were just talking. it's not just from here. there are 9 his fans down in los angeles, which is why he's going to hang out with the boys. but again, i never thought that i would give love advice. but if i could just the room a little
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bit, i told them. >> you know what? make sure when you come back. >> green back to you. all right. i think i got it. and i and i did this just for you because you know what? a huge fan. i am. it says i love biggest fan every it bigger than yeah. that's for you. i love the 49 all right. well, >> a you later go niners. 7.11, is the time right now. and still ahead on the ground morning news, a man caught on camera. he's trying to steal his van in the east bay, but it was foiled and we'll show you why. and now and neighbors are worried about. >> plus, after the break, the president pledges to nominate a black woman to fill the vacant seat on the supreme court will have reaction from a local political science lecturer. >> and speaking of the game, once again, a look like out there for what we are going to be seeing. temperatures in l a near 70 degrees at game time.
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big difference from where the niners were last weekend. but the good difference talking more about what we've got here in the bay. still to come.
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>> some 14 right now. i don't
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get the point of these. i don't know what like how if a football players wearing these i know is supposed to be a son situation or so. i. to me, i feel like it's were paint now, right? like guess that that it's like a tattoo on body painter. that the only color they had? yeah, it of the black ones. it's like we're in this for a ballet or well, i made some for you so you can wear later of yet to know what all right on it. but gary is already sport. now. >> of hey, it is a beautiful, beautiful, beautiful start to this weekend. a weekend that is only going to stay this way to you can see just a couple of clouds out there. half moon bay looks great. lots of sunshine. we're going to stay mild at the coastline and eventually get mild elsewhere where it's still in the 30's and 40's for most of the bay area, a few high passing clouds but not talking much fog this morning. and we're not talking any chance of rainfall courtesy the high pressure ridge that continues to remain in place. keeping us dry through the last weekend of january. well, into the start of february, modest
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offshore wind continues a little breezier at the coast and in our north bay mountains, but not excessively. so so just a pleasant and mild start to the weekend this afternoon. 60's for your daytime highs in san francisco as well as right along the coastline. temperatures for our bayshore cities will also be solidly in the 60's today saying carlos had a very nice 66 degrees. look at the south bay temperatures as warm as 68 in san jose in campbell, east bay. temperatures low to mid 60's for you. in temperatures from oakland over to conquer down to san ramon. all at 64 north bay temps, mostly 60's until you head to the coastline where you'll find a few upper 50's. okay. let's get your lookahead transitioning out of january on monday and into february and tuesday and you see not a whole lot of change here. we do have a few clouds this weekend not to be interrupted by any chance of rain. this dry trend of weather we've had for a few weeks continues into the new month. >> right john, thank you for that. you talked about how beautiful it is outside. oh, man, i'm enjoying this view
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back here. if you're traveling on the roads today, it's really an seen the biggest chunk of traffic right now. we have a traffic hazard, a stalled vehicle slowing folks down. southbound 6.80, north of the road. and so you see delays along 6.80, but also along. 84 as well as you're traveling there. also, let's get a look as you're heading into the city this morning. no major issues friday light here for sure. heading to that fremont street exit about 14 minutes for your drive time there. san mateo bridge heading across towards the peninsula. 92 westbound 14 minutes as you're traveling out of richmond, sandra fell. look at that. you take you a little under 11 minutes to make it and we'll leave you with the golden gate bridge. just a 20 minute drive. 37 to the tolls and hopefully you have some of those stickers for me is when i do. i do. the thing is you're 3 for europe on the 3rd so you come down. >> and you can even drop what you want. as long as you have black shot it. o k, ok, lot of parent lee, like the players know where these they don't
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wear pink ones anyway. but >> they used the black stick or nothing. whatever we're fans kind make believe tv fans, 7.17, right now for your money. this morning, us housing market gained almost 10 trillion dollars during the pandemic. and california's attorney general says illegal activity in crypto is a concern. jane king is live in new york with those stories ways that gold. are you wearing gold? was kind of a beige color. you know, didn't read to be very neutral, but yeah, it could pass for gold, though. alright awarded gold night for the >> there you go. good morning to you, daryn. happy friday. by the way, a california has received complaints about crypto fraud. no big surprise. attorney general rob bonta says that fraud and alyssa activities in the crypto space is an area of concern that he was also asked about the matter burson. he said he's a cautious, kept it. >> and he's learning about the
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dimensions of the space. he did not comment on any ongoing investigations that would encrypt were otherwise. we'll strong demand and limited supply led to a historic jump in the value of the u.s. housing market. last year. its search to 43 trillion dollars now says the aggregate value of homes has now doubled from a decade ago. and could be coming back. southwest airlines planes this spring. it did suspend alcohol service in march of 2020 due to the pandemic. what about bringing back in may? but there were some passenger disturbance is right around that time. so they decided to wait southwest exact also say they believe the worst of the omicron variant is behind us. and apple reported record quarterly revenue. the iphone maker turned a profit of 35 billion in october november december. apple have strong holiday sales, iphones, apps. all of those were big sellers, but the ipad not so much live from new york. i'm jane king it all right, thank you, jane, have a great weekend. thank you. will see money because
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changes the money. >> 7.19, right now president biden is pledging to nominate the first black woman to the supreme court. now that justice steven briar is retiring. here's a look at the possible short list of nominees. one of them, he is a california supreme court associate justice leondra kruger san jose state political science lecturer donna crane likes the short list, but says that a justice won't be able to slow the right word trajectory of the supreme court. >> this term alone, we are seeing 3, 4, 5 giant issues come before the court. and it's it's still going to be a 63 conservative majority. there is a lot going on. there's a lot of state. a lot going on runs a lot of state for this particular seat. but everyone, a list of that i'm aware of is really top of their game. they as judges or people and other senior legal
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positions that already are following these kinds of cases. there are aware of the nuances and what they get to the supreme court. of course, they will have clerks team of clerks. so i i think we will have a problem with somebody getting up to speed. >> as for any surprises says that she never rules that out. she also says that judicial nominees tend to unify parties on both sides of the aisle in a way that legislation does not. members of the california democratic threatening to pull the party's endorsement from lawmakers who reject a proposal to establish a single payer health care system in california. this warning coming ahead of an important election year. and just days before that, bill faces a key vote in the assembly next week. state lawmakers in the assembly are set to vote monday on that universal health care plan also known as cal care or ab 1400. the proposal would eliminate private health insurance and create a state-run hemlth care system in california. the vote
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on cal care comes as the party's pre indoor process begins on february. 5th. >> and any assembly member of the things they ignore the party, more labor, more people vote against us and then still get the endorsement, might find that they have a tough reelection battle ahead of them apart. >> in order to be endorsed by the democratic party delegates in each district have to be in strong agreement about a candidate progressive caucus leaders say the caucuses, many districts in the state where they have more than 40% of delegates willing to not endorse over the rejection of cal care. democrats who have either suggested they won't vote for it on the floor or who did not vote for this bill did not respond to our request for a comment. it's 7.22. and coming up on the kron 4 morning news. >> we're going to introduce you to and hear from the youngest winner of the heart's in san francisco. art competition.
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>> 7.25 and you got to me this little boy for mountain dew. he is contributing to a big cause through his art. he's in 3rd grade and was the first child to be selected in a very wide competition benefiting san francisco zuckerberg, general hospital kron four's ella side ammonium talks to the little artist. >> really wanted to made
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people feel safe and make think you're wearing all together. >> like many kids during the pandemic, 3rd grader, aidan decipher mountain view has had to learn from home. so to cope, he turned to art after hearing about a local friendly competition for a good cause. he created this many sculpture that he called the coronavirus circus because of all of the priorities that he had to juggle at the time. so doing classes like all on show in the computer line. >> and i was paid nose basketball. i was wearing the so which was really hard his sculpture was submitted to the san francisco general hospital foundation's. >> hearts in san francisco program making him the youngest of artists to participate. >> for nearly 2 decades, the sculptures have given artists a platform to showcase their talents while supporting the city's only level one trauma center on the second side of his piece read on painted a
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healthcare worker in a cape holding up one key to ending the pandemic. a coronavirus vaccine. they've been. >> su porting every person who been in need they are our superheroes and breed capture that beautifully. >> to date, the foundation has raised more than 3 million dollars for the hospital, but auctioning off the hearts. the latest collection will be on display at the ferry building starting february. 1st reporting in san francisco. i'm ella sogomonian kron. 4 news. all i can't wait. kron four's near the ferry building. i'm going to check out those hearts. i love hearts. 7.27 right now. and coming up on the kron, 4 morning news at north bay school district investigating. >> possible racism at a high school football game. we'll tell you what some of the players say. the other players were saying.
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>> 7.30, right now and i have an exciting picture from a friend, a new friend who's taken me into her home, which is pretty cool. titian mill valley, right? john, i gave you this sunrise shot. >> what have you? she has. she was a paradise. thanks, tish. look at first of all, i can't believe this pictures i had to that is gorgeous. just a pretty sunrise. and then she got the water there beneath now. life is good. is good. just the mill valley life, right? it is the mill valley like, but, you know, it just looked up. i'm sure it's pretty in your neck of the woods to even look at the behind me. this is nice. yeah. yeah. the sunrise gorgeous everywhere. and after a couple of foggy mornings earlier this week. thank you can get out
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there and appreciate it yourselves. and hey, if you want to share your sunrise pictures with us, go ahead and do that, too. just get out there with the jacket because it is chilly. you don't have any visibility issues. just a few high cirrus clouds rolling across the bay area. really what we've most is just how cold it is. doubling your at 33 degrees right now. petaluma at 39. same for you in san jose. oakland, you fell into the 30's earlier. now you're at 40 degrees. >> well, santa rosa at 34 little more mild towards the coast. pacifica, san francisco in bodega bay almost balmy with those 50's that it will get pretty nice and mild this afternoon. now with highs climbing into the 60's right john, a perk of being on the 3rd floor is about a pretty awesome view. appears. well, get see the sun come up in the bay bridge behind me. >> everything looks great outside. i have some good news regarding update. we were talking about along the great here. they finally opened up all the lanes. so this is southbound 6.80, north of a dry day road. we're still seeing delays there because they just open it up. so it's
7:32 am
going to obviously take some time for traffic to be able to move to the air. 84, we're seeing some traffic along there as well heading into the city right now up to 60 minutes. this is probably the longest i've seen throughout the morning, but i don't see any accidents or hazards the air as you're traveling into the city this morning, heading across towards the peninsula, about 14 minutes for your drive as you're heading along 92 westbound richmond center fell at 11 minutes heading out of richmond and the golden gate bridge. look at that. 21 minutes. 37 to the tolls. back to you. all right, thanks, ray 7.32, a north bay school district is investigating a possible racism at a high school football game. the novato unified school superintendent says that this probe involves a black player at tam high. >> who says that he was targeted with racial slurs by players at san marin. high kron four's. dan thorn has the story. >> but about a unified
7:33 am
schools. superintendent has hired an outside investigator to look into these allegations. some center and players are accused of using hate speech during an october game at temple, pius high school. but parents of both schools say that racism has no place in marin county hate speech and a high school football games at the center of a novato school's investigation. players for temple, pius high school say a member of their team had racial slurs hurled at them by players from center in parents of students at both schools are disturbed by the allegations. it's upsetting. and in this day in age, i just don't understand with all the information that's out there and all the education, reflection on me as a coach. >> if this were to come out that something happened, i would take full responsibility for that. accused players in the center and football team have denied any slurs or racism took place on the field. the referees for the game played in mill valley have also said they did not notice anything. a parent of a sandbar in high school football player tells kron 4. he's known many of the boys
7:34 am
for a long time. he believes this investigation will find the players did nothing wrong were really eager to get to the end of this and, you know, exonerate the boys because we >> do not believe that any of this happened. novato schools superintendent jen la torre derby says she hopes the investigation will be finished within the next month. the school district has also brought in speakers to talk about racism with the senator in football team. if the investigation reveals wrongdoing by the players, hamill, pius parents expect action to be taken. it's it's just unacceptable. it just bottom line. players on sandilands football team have been accused of using hate speech once before. >> but superintendent la torre derby says the allegations made by sandra fell high school football players and coaches during a september game could not be verified. reporting in nevado. dan thorn kron. 4 news. >> it's 7, 34 and in palo alto. police are investigating vandalism at animal elementary
7:35 am
school as a hate crime. it was discovered over the weekend at el carmelo elementary on bryant street administrators contacted the police. they found a racial slur directed at the african american community and it was written on a sign. in the east bay. alameda county sheriff's looking for a man who tried to steal a van from a in castro valley. the home is on santa maria avenue and they have some surveillance and they could see this guy walking up. he tried to break in to the van. and then it was actually you can hear there. but to alarm that scared him he went back and his flashlight. >> the family that lives there, they say this same man. >> it has been spotted going after other cars and the neighborhood area. >> kind of scary because it's like somebody coming to our house and inviting our privacy, our belongings and and kind of all over. and it's the same car. same people.
7:36 am
they're just going around, stealing cars, catalytic converters and, you know, sharing video. other people have been same person, team car. >> so as we look at it again, actually, yes, and the flashlight, i mean, it was a flashlight on his phone. so he didn't want to leave that behind but, you know, there are plenty of clues. they're investigating and they're checking to see if this is linked to other thefts around the area of castro valley as so they're hoping to catch if this is a ring or a, you know, they're doing this repeatedly around town and they have a description that getaway car, by the way, too. >> also in the east bay, a man was shot while attempting to help a robbery victim on new year's eve at concord sunvalley mall. and now we as we have a follow that good samaritan has died. here's video from the scene, the mall where this happened, the man who died who tried to help 32 years old from concord, his name, kelvin crosby. he was
7:37 am
trying to help another man, a stranger. he just saw a guy you know, try to rob this guy inside the mall. i'm actually was a number of suspects that were attacking this guy trying to rob him and shots were fired. and calvin was hit. this is about 3.45 in the afternoon on new year's day. police say that someone has been arrested in connection with this. we don't have any other information at this time. just knowing that that good samaritan who tried to help you can see him being rushed to the hospital that day. that has now died. it's been 47 years since the first murder believed to have been committed by the prolific san francisco serial killer called the doodler and police are once again asking for your help in identifying him. the announced there's a were reward now for information leading to a conviction and it's higher. now it's. >> $200,000. that's the reward for solving this case. police believe that the doodler is responsible for killing 6 men.
7:38 am
>> in the mid 1970's. >> all of victims were white men, white game. and so he killed 6 men back in the 70's and they still haven't caught him. >> he got his name. the doodler because he would sketch the victims before killing them. 5 of the men who were killed were found dead near ocean beach in golden gate park. a new investigation recently revealed a 6th victim who was killed after being assaulted near land's an. and although the 6 unsolved murders are considered cold cases, the homicide detectives are actively working on this case. and as you heard, there's now a new reward number, it's up a lot more money at right now. what would i tell you that it's a $200,000, guys. let's see asked richard, if that's correct. it too. $200,000 to try to solve the case of the serial killer. >> 7.38 right now. and still
7:39 am
ahead on the kron 4 morning news. the forty-niners get another day of practice in minutes on the la to beat la beat the rams. this sunday. we're going hear from coach shanahan about the rivalry. and more sports. the warriors have to official all-star starters. now on the roster. >> we'll take a lake. you look at who made the cut and have highlights of last night's game.
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>> 41. let's talk basketball. the worriers on a four-game winning streak. the latest victory over the minnesota timberwolves last night. the worriers with down at the half. >> but they got hot in the 3rd. steph curry ended up with 29 points. andrew wiggins shift in 19. klay thompson had 23 and in total the worries hit. 21 3 pointers. >> win final one. 24 to one and think enough. i just said wiggins before the game against the t wolves. the nba all-star starters were announced and steph curry, of course, made the cut his 8th all-star game and he'll be joined by andrew wiggins playing in his first all-star game. so that's pretty cool. hats off to them. >> hats off to you. top of the morning and anything fashion that nobody says anymore 7.42. we'll be right
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>> some 45 right now james e. >> okay. so this is funny because james give us gives us that the delight of the day, the picture of the day on his commute home. he went out of his way for this one, even got out of his car. and this isn't on his way home to the east bay palace of fine arts. it
7:46 am
is, you know, my neck of the woods. he's going to for the gold did over the golden gate. but maybe he did. he said this is creating for him. a beautiful morning where he leaves work and he goes looking for beautiful pictures and he appreciates nature and he takes photos and well, how great is this working out of this? makes me actually want to get up in the morning of my gosh can is that's exciting. and this is the most of the most are like outdoorsy james will be because this weekend will be on the couch watching the niners. you know that like there's no, he's just on the couch. it is. i love forty-niners all the way for james. but he's serious about it. and you probably are too. so i guess what you give the forecast, john, for saturday like today and saturday and forget sunday. yeah, he's nobody's going to like everybody on their couch. yeah. because on sunday outside. >> you're probably watching from a patio. we are looking at coit tower this morning.
7:47 am
clear skies. nice morning. as you saw in james's picture there just a second ago. we do have temperatures that are rise into the 60's later on today, which is certainly a nice thing to be looking forward to, especially after such a cold morning. we have a few high cirrus clouds that have made their way in across the region. these clouds won't be blocking out any sunshine today. it's going to be staying nice and clear throughout the course of this friday ahead of us. and we're going to stay that way through the weekend to high pressure ridge in place from lee. keeping us dry into the start of february. we love to see a switch up. that brings us back into a wetter weather pattern. not just yet, though, we've seen a decent offshore wind the past couple of days. nothing that's been too much of a nuisance. it will be breezy at times at the coastline in the north bay mountains, but not an exceptionally windy day. just enough to give temperatures a little extra of to take him back up into the 60's highs in the 60's for san francisco in right along the coastline. temperatures for our bayshore cities in the low to mid 60's today with foster city at 64 degrees mountain view at 66 degrees. san jose and campbell
7:48 am
again, are most mild. the places today, each at 68 degrees for the east bay. you're seeing that range of mid 60's to low 60's. there going to be a pleasant one for sure. north bay temperatures mid 60's to low 60's as well. and for the coast, a few 50's just really right along the coastline there. a look ahead at our next 7 days shows temperatures that will remain pretty mild all the way to the start of the new month. so definitely something to be looking forward to as far as what it feels like goes. and as far as the game goes, here's your niners forecast down in la cage, aux dari, i joined put them on. so does that i had to do this while i was talking about weather and i didn't realize how difficult that was about. oh, they might be backwards and they're all of i can't tell his tv messes things up, but they are go towards the camera to get out there. there you go. >> there are they what the heck? i don't you know what it
7:49 am
is? what to say? >> i don't know. you don't know what really just get over you know, we don't go niners i thought you were going to the gym shooting at number ground. haha looking at traffic this morning. rain. and i'm iraq in mind as daria. so she wrote them go. you know, we're representing right now. super proud of the forty-niners we're going to be watching and rooting. >> and hopefully they win. but anyways, we're also tracking your friday traffic and let's hope we have some lighter conditions out there. remember, we had an issue along 6.80, that was out in and now we're looking at traffic there. so about 23 minutes. so traffic is improving as you're heading from dublin to fremont, it will take you under 30 minutes. we were starting to get up there heading into the city. traffic is picking up a bit. last time i checked in, we were a little under 14 minutes now. we're about 16 as you're heading to that fremont
7:50 am
street exit from the maze heading across towards the peninsula. about 13 minutes for your drive as you're traveling there in the south bay. look at this. we do have an uptick in traffic along one. 0, one. i don't see any accidents or hazards there. so as you're heading from 85 in menlo park, it will be about 44 minutes starry and you have yours on. i do. i just realized that % you know, well, i don't care about football or the game. i love the infectious energy. so let's go niners forty-niners have one more full practice today. it said to clara and then it's the big showdown in la against the rams on sunday. here's video. >> of the niners yesterday doing some warm up drills, milling around. and they're get going. the forty-niners play the rams for the 3rd time this season and well get the upper hand on him in the last 2 matchups during the regular season. so what could possibly go wrong? forty-niners head coach kyle shanahan and rams head coach sean mcvay used to be co-workers. now they're on the opposite side. that shanahan says that he knows
7:51 am
mcveigh isn't worried about pass losses against the niners. the playoffs are a whole different game. >> a question like that is. just giving sean and myself way too much credit. i'm or coaches. thank watch what's going on on that field and some of the players out there and the people that are competing and i think that it's about shot and i i mean, i know he doesn't feel that way and he knows i don't feel that way. >> she any the end. the nfc championship game is in la at sofi stadium it's a 3.30, and boy, the fans from the bay area are supposed to overwhelm the rams fans so it should be loud and proud. and, you know, the niners players have talked about how this kind of spirit. >> is infectious to them and gives them a good energy kron. 4 has placed a friendly wager of our own with our next our sister station in la. so let's take a look at what's on the line.
7:52 am
>> james and ari, it looks like you guys haven't learned your lesson after the dodgers beat the giants in the nlds last year. but that's okay because we're game. we are. thank you. first of all, for the sour dough bread bowls with clam chowder. >> that we enjoyed from that. that this time we have a hankering for doughnuts. so when the rams beat the forty-niners this weekend, we'd like you to send us some of those famous apple fritters from bob's doughnuts and pastries on polk street. maybe some other donuts. just give us a variety pack. and also please wear los angeles rams hat on the air. good luck, guys. you're going to need it. >> well, well, well, we've made again this time niners rams. i think i think we may have played them before 4 foot minus some video that, you know, yeah, >> we want last time. and then there was that time before that, too, we won that matchup as well. yeah, we've got a pretty good track record going on as we head towards sunday
7:53 am
in the nfc championship game. not to mention. can we just talk about jimmy g just for a second? i mean, the guy. >> i think that matt stafford, who is it doesn't me. >> he literally is from the movie. he looks like superman. he's cool as a cucumber heat. it can leap tall buildings in a single he's going to lead us to victory what happens when we went to make a you know, i really kind of enjoyed those donuts last time. i know we've got those as a consolation prize when the giants lost taken again. we're all big fans. so okay. if the niners win, you've got to send us those donuts. once again, that would be delightful. we look forward you guys. good luck. >> the stakes are so low for us. i love it like they want to go. the niners want to go to the super bowl. we just want some doughnuts. >> keeping the bar low we'll right back. some 56 right now.
7:54 am
7:55 am
7:56 am
and coming up next, teachers and parents in oakland. are going to find out which schools might close this year. we're going to have the details in a live report. >> and a new sub strain of the omicron variant. he's made it to the bay area. we're going to tell you what local doctors know so far about stealth.
7:57 am
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7:59 am
>> from the area's local news station, you're watching the kron. 4 morning news at >> she's having to get up and good morning to friday, d say january 28th and tu. thanks for letting me into your home. i'm daria and >> like i said, you can call me dr. you got me out. you got me. whatever you want. my dad's name was ow.
8:00 am
>> but let's take a look at the weather and traffic. it is going to be a beautiful weekend. looks like a absolutely gorgeous. we had that fog earlier this week. none of that this morning. just beautiful, clear skies. >> get out there. enjoy it. and just to do with the jacket, ready to go. fog is not a thing this morning. just a little bit of high cirrus clouds pushing in across the bay area, 30's and 40's for our current temperatures. fremont, you're at 38, dublin. our chilliest spot at 33 degrees. in the meantime, san francisco bodega bay pacifica and half moon bay right along the coastline by far most mild areas. all in the 50's. more in your forecast is still to come. reyna harvey upstairs with us this morning. you actually sit front of that sunrise. so, yeah, i've been able to catch it all morning long pretty gorgeous up here. >> we are seeing a couple accidents out the air, one in richmond, another one a little further down in hayward, 5.80, eastbound west of central avenue. you've got an accident. so we are seeing delays on the eastbound side.


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