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tv   KRON 4 News at 5am  KRON  January 28, 2022 5:00am-6:01am PST

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morning, john. yeah, easy commute to get down to southern part of the state today because we are going to be looking at dry skies, mild conditions much as we are for the rest of the weekend and for the game itself. >> now here in the bay area, we're going to be looking at a really nice day, not quite as crystal clear as yesterday was, but after a fairly clear start to this morning, we are going to be holding on to sunny skies and mild conditions for yet another one. you can see a few clouds above us on radar. if you look really closely just showing up faintly otherwise, it's cold. it's clear and it's favorable for your drive. just get those heaters turned on what you get in the car. fremont livermore, dublin, brentwood in concord, in the east bay, all down in the 30's. well, fairfield are very cold. this spot right now. 33 degrees, san francisco, one of her more mild areas at 48. we've got rain back in. she's got a look at traffic. yeah, we had early-morning hot spot in the south bay. >> that has since been cleared. but we do have another accident that just popped up. this wasn't an reveal. so it's a long, 80 westbound there. just east of
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pow street. so we're going to k ep a close eye on that right now. not cosby. much of a delay traveling into the city right now, the maze to that fremont street exit, a seven-minute drive, no hazards. the air as you're traveling into the city, san mateo bridge about 12 minutes for you as you're making your way across towards the peninsula. there out of richmond heading across towards sandra fell about a 7 minute drive and the south bay along one o one. look at that. just 27 minutes for you to make it from 85 to menlo park. james, back to you. all right. thank you very much. >> it is 5, 0, one big story this morning. teachers and parents in the oakland unified school district will be finding out today which schools could possibly close this year. the closure list could impact thousands of families across oakland kron four's camila barco following that story for us live now with the latest. camilla. >> james oakland unified school district hasn't officially released the names of the schools that are possibly going to close at the end of this school year. like
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you said, they're going to do that today. however, one school board member took social media and listed the schools that are being considered too close. in a lengthy letter, the district claims has struggled financially and district leaders say that part of the reason is due to a decline in enrollment. the district is also arguing that there investing in smaller schools, then larger ones and it's preventing them from serving students and paying your teachers and staff a better salary. now my conscience and that the director for district 5 says that oakland unified school district is not in the financial crisis. he went to facebook to post the school's possibly set to close at the end of this school year. and if you look at your screen here, they are according to hand, the school district is considering to close more than 10 schools. that includes a few elementary schools like prescott and brookfield. this also includes west lake middle school on and high schools like rent stale. hutchison
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says that there's also the possibility that there could they could merge to schools like highland and rise. and there's also the chance of closing down more schools next year. now, hutchison says that there's hasn't been much notice from the district. in fact, on monday at 06:00pm the school district, the school board members will need to talk about the possible school closings and then. the board is scheduled to vote on these recommendations on february 8 at 6 p end. we're going to hear check-in in the next hour and hear what he has to say now. james, back to you. >> alright, camila, thank you very much. let's go to the south bay now are 2 cases of the new omicron sub variant have been confirmed in santa clara county. the doctors say we shouldn't be too worried just yet an infectious disease expert at stanford says that doctors have always expected to see mutations of covid-19, just like the flu virus evolves every single year. covid-19 will as well. data
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shows that this sub variant is not as contagious as the original omicron strain and from what doctors know so far masking and the current vaccines still work fairly well against this new subvariant. >> at this point we haven't seen anything a surprising yet. it is still called the variant of interest by the world health organization. and so far we know that the vaccines are still pretty against even this current variants. we know that a booster makes that protection even better. >> well, some experts do say that there is a possibility that this subvariant of omicron could re infect people who recently had the virus will have to see about that going forward. california senator alex padilla and top pediatric doctors are urging parents to get their kids vaccinated for covid yesterday. senator padilla lead a panel with some of the state's top health care providers that panel talked about data that shows many kids that are between 5 and up
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who are eligible for the vaccine are still getting sick with covid-19 senator padilla says he's a father to 3 children and that the vaccine is important for their safety. and for the normal life that they're hoping to get back to in the classroom. >> they could wait to get back to school in person they couldn't wait to start seeing their friends again, tomer extended family but they knew order to do something so safely, it wasn't just the distancing wasn't just the masks. as soon as the vaccines were approved, they i was going to be key to staying safe and healthy. >> well, officials say they're trying to do more outreach in schools and clinics and encouraging those that are hesitant. be more open to the vaccine and the science behind it and its efficacy. they say it's critical at this stage to get everybody vaccinated. who can be eligible to get a shot? well, masks will soon be able to come off for those who are
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fully vaccinated in some parts of san francisco. that's a little bit of good news. the city's health office released a new order that will ease restrictions for some indoor settings. so starting on february, first, people in certain settings like offices and gyms will be allowed to take off their masks. masks will still be required, though, for gatherings of 500 people or more. also starting on february, first, people who do not get a covid vaccine will be allowed to dine or work out indoors, but they'll have to show proof of a negative covid test in order to get him. representatives for contra costa and alameda counties. both said that at this point, they don't have any immediate plans to loosen their indoor mask those will stay in place. but we do have some changes elsewhere in san francisco following the announcement there, the golden state warriors and the chase center have released new rules for fans beginning on the first of the month. every person entering chase center has to show proof of vaccination and that includes a booster shot and they have to get those shots at least one week prior to the event. the other option is to show
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proof of a negative covid test taken within. 24 to 48 hours, depending on the type of test. in the north bay. the sonoma county health officer is clarifying a recent health order for indoor events. earlier this month, the county limited indoor public events to just 50 people. well, now indoor events can include 50 spectators and they're not going to add in the staff that's involved with the event, the media, the players, the performers. so those folks won't be included in that count to 50 the health order. also limits outdoor gatherings to 100 people were social distancing cannot be accommodated the out the updated health order is due to expire at 11:59pm on february 10th. well, excitement is building for the nfc championship game between the niners and the rams. we've been talking about this all week long. sunday's getting that much closer. now, the niners have another day of practice today and then we'll head down to l a and so our niner fans, they're planning on traveling to cheer the team on kron four's will tran is standing by live out of sfo
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hope and have chatted with a few. have you seen any yet? i know it's little little early. will. >> it's a little early. but, you know, like our producer richard said, if they're cheap tickets, you go when you go. and so for right now, it is quiet. you can see just the lack of activity behind me. remember last week when i was here, we saw so many niners fans take off the green bay. but this time, unlike last week, they have the option to drive. but the bottom line is, james, this is probably the start of getaway weekend for niners fans either. they will be driving or flying starting today. and when they go, obviously they have their tickets on their phones or literally the paper ticket themselves because this is the hottest ticket in town, meaning they built its or whatever. here and make so fy stadium in los angeles, a home game for the san francisco
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forty-niners early estimations. it appears that 2 out of 3 fans down in los angeles come sunday will be a niners fan. speaking of the niners, they took the practice yesterday. they should be at full strength, hoping to make it 7 in a row against the los angeles rams. right now the rams are slight favorites, but only because home team. according to the so-called experts that, you know, they take to the radio, they take to the television programs and the pundits. it seems like right now, james, all indications are that the niners, if they lose, that will be a shock as far as shock. run across some sticker shock. if you're looking to get your hands on some last-minute tickets, we track down an executive at he says these tickets are on >> this is certainly in demand game to say the very least. and it's trending to be the number one on super bowl nfl playoff game in our history.
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so currently the getting price is around $600 with the average ticket price sold just over $1100. to put that in perspective, the packers and niners nfc championship game just 2 years ago here in our backyard. and levis was only 600, $70. so as the states have gone up this year and it's the 3rd match up for the night is rams prices have tripled since the week. 17 >> so the niners fans, they are rat that they cannot wait to go and some people think because the rams early on, they quickly posted it and took it down that they only wanted to sell the tickets to the los angeles residents are in that area might have poked the bear, james, that a lot of 90's fans, they will be traveling and it will be a sea of red. we will try to track down some fans. just like i said a little bit earlier, james, this time they have the option of driving down as opposed to flying to green
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bay. but we do expect a lot of fans. this is their getaway. i have no doubt, james, that they already know where the niners will be. staying at the hotel. >> and if they are leaving today, they probably will be grieving the bus once the niners reach to their hotel. this is obviously the biggest game for their fans until they reach the super bowl. of course, it not the redo it all over again. by the way, to the super bowl. we'll be in los angeles. so the niners fans, you might want to stake out a place to stay. when you come back in about 2 weeks with a to get those air bnb reservations in now, thank you very much. well, >> it is 5.11, still ahead on the kron. 4 morning news. check this out. a man caught on camera trying to steal of and in the east bay. >> with a clear view of them, we're going hear from the owner of the van and why they're worried about an uptick in that drop something better. come back at that. there you go. >> and after the break, president biden pledging to nominate a black woman to fill a vacant supreme court seat. we're going have reaction from
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local political science lectures about the nominees on the short list. and president biden also warning the leader of ukraine of a possible invasion from russia maybe as i% early as next month as the u.s. is it that locking horns with russia will have more on that in a live report from the scene.
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>> 5.14, the time. let's get over to the weather center. get another check of the forecast here at the quarter hour. we've got john looking
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outside at a chilly start to this friday morning, john. yet chilly starts, but nice mild finishes in the same is going to be true as the forty-niners take on the rams on sunday near 70 degrees down there. so by stadium looking at a game started around 03:30pm, right there. just a gentle breeze. so everything is looking pretty good for southern california this weekend. and juet as good for the bay area, too. in fact, some of our temperatures here locally under mostly sunny skies will inch near 70 degrees for us. a few clouds passing over the bay area today. so not quite as crystal clear as yesterday, but honestly, really comparable. really nice and bright one still high pressure sits in place. going to keep us dry for the foreseeable future. here. well, into the start of february, just around the corner, a bit breezy in spots up in the north bay. but nothing exceptionally windy just enough of an offshore wind to help temperatures rise as warm as they will yet again today climbing into the low 60's for most to san francisco, even some upper
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60's to mid 60's down around half moon bay along the peninsula. temperatures in the low to mid 60's with some upper 60's in the south bay for san jose. and campbell, you'll be at 68 degrees this afternoon. really mild way to be starting off the last weekend of january. oakland, 64 for your daytime high. the north bay looking at temperatures anywhere from the upper 50's at the coast to the mid 60's further inland. now, look ahead at our next 7 days. not a lot of change going on. we do have a few clouds here and there this weekend next week, growing even clear with daytime highs remaining in the 60's. the start of february has not come through with rainfall, hoping for more around the corner, though, john, thanks for that. over all the traffic this morning has been pretty light across the east bay and south bay in but >> we do have a few issues that have popped up every now and again like this one in reveal. we've been tracking this accident along 80. that's westbound 80 just east of pow
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street there. emeryville. and that accident has been there for the past. i'd say about 20t minutes or so. we're getting a look at 5, 18, 80, if you're traveling down crockett towards the maze about a 15 minute drive. so no major issues associated with that traffic collision. once you reach the maze at into the city, about 7 minutes for your drive to make it to that fremont street exit heading across towards the peninsula. westbound 92 12 minutes for you to drive there. the south bay. we started off our morning with a hot spot along one that has been cleared. now, 85 to menlo park. 28 minutes. no major delays along 27 or 82. and howie, for here, antioch, one 60, as you're traveling towards concord to 42, it will take you about 14 minutes. james, back to you. all right. thank you. reyna. >> it is 5.17, members of the california democratic party are threatening now to pull the party's endorsement for any lawmaker. her rejects a proposal to establish a single pair health care system here
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in california. the warning comes ahead of an important election year and just days before the bill faces a key vote in the assembly next week, state lawmakers in the assembly are set to vote monday on that health care proposal which is known as cal care or ab 1400. the proposal would, in essence, eliminate private health insurance and create instead a state-run health care system here in california. now the vote on health care comes as the party's pre indoor smith process begins on february. 5th. >> and then the assembly member of the things that ignore the party, more labor, more people vote against us and then still get the endorsement, might find that they have a tough reelection battle ahead of apart. >> and order to be indoors in in order to be endorsed by the democratic party delegates in each district have to be in strong agreement about a candidate and progressive caucus leaders say that the caucus has a number of districts in the state where they have more than 40% of delegates that are willing to
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not endorse anybody who rejects cal care. democrats who have either suggested they won't vote for it on the floor or who did not vote for it. this bill, they didn't respond to our request for comment. we'll see if they do at some point. president joe biden is pledging to nominate the first black woman to the supreme court. now that justice steven briar has officially announced he's retiring. so here's a look at the possible short list of nominees and one of them is california supreme court associate justice. leandra krueger san jose state political science lecturer donna crane likes the short list, but says that a justice won't be able to slow the right wing trajectory of the supreme court. >> this term alone, we are seeing 3, 4, 5 giant issues come before the court. and it's it's still going to be a 63 conservative majority. there is a lot going on. there's a lot of state. a lot going on runs a lot of state for this particular seat. but
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everyone, a list of that i'm aware of is really top of their game. they as judges or people and other senior legal positions that already are following these kinds of cases. there are aware of the nuances and what they get to the supreme court. of course, they will clerks team of clerks. so i i think we will have a problem with somebody getting up to speed. well, as for any surprises, donna says that she never rule that out. >> she also says that judicial nominees tend to unify parties on both sides of the aisle in a way that legislation does not. we'll see if that happens. in national news. the u.s. continues to wait for a response from the russian government. now after the u.s. rejected its latest demands. meanwhile, the president's warning the leader of ukraine about what could happen next. we're basil, john, joining us once again from dc live with an update and a basil, he has little to no progress. things don't look great at the moment. james. good morning. and yes, a little progress, but that's because of how
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tense this whole situation is. over the past week. >> these tensions have soared because of those russian troops that have built up on the border of ukraine. and despite russia saying we are not going to invade the u.s. isn't taking any chances. >> we are ready for talks. >> bilaterally, nato, sce whenever they are ready. >> po itical affairs, assistant secretary of state victoria nuland says it's all up to russia as the u.s. waits for a response after rejected russia's demands, the ball is in their court. kremlin officials promised a response once russian president vladimir putin. how do have time to study the u.s. is message. we hope he will see here. >> a real opportunity for a legacy of security and arms control rather than a legacy of war. >> while the u.s. waits, president joe biden had a call with ukrainian president volodymyr zelensky and warned him that russians could invade in february but reaffirmed the
5:22 am
readiness of the united states and its allies. we still believe there's time and space for diplomacy. but far, it is not achieved the kind of results that the international community would like to see. pentagon spokesperson john kirby, 6 troops are at a heightened preparedness of needed to fill roles where necessary medical support aviation support, logistic support and of course, combat formations. now the white house says they don't know if the russians are playing games with diplomacy, but we'll be prepared for what comes next. reporting live in washington. i'm basil, john, we shall see what comes next. thank you very much for the update it is 5.22. coming up next, we're going to introduce you to the youngest winner of the heart in san francisco, art competition, which benefits a local hospital. >> more on that coming up in just. we're back at 5.25. a
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little boy from mountain view is contributing to a big cause through his art. >> the 3rd grader was the first kid to be selected in the bay area wide competition. that benefits san francisco zuckerberg, general hospital. we have kron four's ella sogomonian catching up with this very young artist. >> sure. really want it to. >> make people feel safe and >> make think wearing all together. >> like many kids during the pandemic. 3rd grader read on decipher mountain view has had to learn from home. so to cope, he turned to art after
5:26 am
hearing about a local friendly competition for a good cause. he created this many sculpture that he called the coronavirus circus because of all of the priorities that he had to juggle at the time. so all doing classes like all on in the computer line. >> i was paid nose cone basketball. i was wearing the mask. so which was really hard his sculpture was submitted to the san francisco general hospital foundation's. >> hearts in san francisco program making him the youngest of artists to participate. >> for nearly 2 decades, the sculptures have given artists a platform to showcase their talents while supporting the city's only level one trauma center on the second side of his piece read on painted a healthcare worker in a cape holding up one key to ending the pandemic. a coronavirus vaccine. they've been. >> supporting every person who been in need they are our superheroes and breed and capture that beautifully.
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>> to date, the foundation has raised more than 3 million dollars for the hospital, but auctioning off the hearts. the latest collection will be on display at the ferry building starting february. 1st reporting in san francisco. i'm ella sogomonian kron. 4 news. >> 5.26, is the time coming up next on the kron 4 morning next on the kron 4 morning news. a north bay school possible racism at a high school football game. we'll have more on what happened.
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5.30, is that i'm perfect time to get another check of the weather here at the half houi, mark with john trouble looking at some chilly temperatures out there on a friday morning. hey, john. yeah, definitely cold. james. at least not super foggy this morning. >> we do have quite our lighting up in 49 or read this morning in support of what we've got ahead of us on sunday, which is taking on the rams, which also be under some nice weather skies. a little bit aside from some cloud cover sitting above the bay area. you're not looking at that fog this morning. where are we at with temperatures? well, right now it's 30's 40's or 50's at the coastline happen. bay pacific, a bodega bay. definitely our warmer spots. in the meantime, livermore in concord, you're only at 36 degrees. fairfield only at 33 so inland, especially do bundle up. as you venture out there. but all of us have some really nice weather to look forward to. >> reyna, john, thank you for that. all right. as you're waking up pain in roads on this friday morning where friday light for the most
5:31 am
part. hopefully we stay here because we have some earlier problems. but right now as you travel into the city from the east bay will get that a stunt, the fremont street exit will take you a little under 9 minutes. you can see the metering lights are still off at this time, heading across towards the peninsula. about 12 minutes for your drive time there as you're traveling along, no hazards slowed us down out of richmond across towards center fell about 8 minutes as you're traveling and the golden gate bridge. 37 to the tolls are looking at an 18 minute commute for you. james, back to you. thank you very much. rain at 5.31. on the clock in the north bay. a school district there is investigating possible racism at a high school football game. >> the nevada school superintendent says that this probe involves a black player at hemel pius high school, who says that they werentargeted by racial slurs by players. it's amarin high kron four's. dan thorn takes a closer look at what happened. >> but about a unified schools. superintendent has hired an outside investigator to look into these
5:32 am
allegations. some center in players are accused of using hate speech during an october game at temple, pius high school. but parents of both schools say that racism has no place in marin county hate speech at a high school football games at the center of a novato school's investigation. players for temple, pius high school say a member of their team had racial slurs hurled at them by players from san marin. parents of students at both schools are disturbed by the allegations. it's upsetting. and in this day in age, i just don't understand with all the information that's out there and all the education, reflection on me as a coach. >> if this were to come out that something happened, i would take full responsibility for that. the accused players in the center and football team have denied any slurs or racism took place on the field. the referees for the game played in mill valley have also said they did not notice anything. a parent of a in high school football player tells kron 4. he's known many of the boys for a long time. he believes this investigation
5:33 am
will find the players did nothing wrong were really eager to get to the end of this and, you know, exonerate the boys because we >> do not believe that any of this happened. novato schools superintendent jen la torre derby says she hopes the investigation will be finished within the next month. the school district has also brought in speakers to talk about racism with the senator in football team. if the investigation reveals wrongdoing by the players temple, pius parents expect action to be taken. it's it's just unacceptable. it just bottom line. players on sandilands football team have been accused of using hate speech once before. >> but superintendent la torre derby says the allegations made by sandra fell high school football players and coaches during a september game could not be verified. reporting in nevado. dan thorn kron. 4 news. >> in palo alto, police are investigating vandalism at an elementary school as a hate crime. it happened over the weekend al carmelo elementary
5:34 am
in. well, as on bryant street, police say administrators contacted them after finding a racial slur directed at the african american community. it was written on a sign. we'll keep you updated as that investigation continues in the east bay. alameda county sheriffs are looking for a man who tried to steal a van from a home owner's driveway in castro valley. it was all caught on camera here. this is this was on santa maria avenue. this is the home surveillance video. you see him trying to break into the van was a very successful tries to run away crops. his flashlight after the car alarm scared them and then they picked it up and ran off the family who owns the van says that the same suspect continues to go after other cars in nearby neighborhoods to take a listen. >> kind of scary because it's like somebody coming to our house and inviting our privacy, our belongings and and kind of all over. and it's the same car. same people. they're just going around, stealing cars, catalytic converters and, you know,
5:35 am
sharing video. other people have been same person, team car. >> kron 4 is waiting on any updates right now from the sheriff's office about this case. and if it's linked to other thefts in the area in castro valley. so we'll let you know when we can get more information from him. also in the east bay, a man who she was shot while attempting to help a robbery victim on new year's eve in congress. sunvalley mall has unfortunately died. here's video from the scene back when it happened. the victim has been identified now as 32 year-old concord resident, kelvin crosby officers say that he was trying to help a man who was being robbed inside the mall there by a number of suspects. and that's when shots rang out. it happened around 03:45pm in the afternoon on new year's eve. police say someone has been arrested in connection with this killing, but no other information has been released. we're trying to get that for you. it's been 47 years since the first murder believed to have been committed by the prolific san francisco serial killer. only known as the doodler police are asking once again for your help in
5:36 am
identifying him. they've announced that the reward for information leading to a conviction has now gone up to $200,000. police think the doodler is responsible for the deaths of 6 men back in the mid 70's. all of the victims were white males believed to have been the killer got his nickname because of his habit of sketching his victims before killing them. 5 of the victims were found dead near ocean beach in golden gate park and a new investigation has revealed a 6th victim killed after being assaulted near land's end. and although the 6 unsolved murders are considered cold cases, homicide detectives are actively working them. so if you have any information that may shed new light on this case, definitely give him a call. senator alex padilla, along with other state officials are announcing a historic campaign against big tobacco. the campaign is attempting to ban the sale of flavored products which they say appeal to children. the products include meant menthol and original candy flavored cigarettes. senator, pretty as efforts also include changing,
5:37 am
agreed, given the products from the american lung association. in its 20th annual state of tobacco control report, california got an incomplete when it came to ending the sale of all flavored tobacco products. officials say that's due to the referendum petition filed against sb 7.93, which was designed to restrict the sale of products like this. however, the state did get an a for the strength of its smoke-free workplace laws. we'll take a break. 5.37 is the time. still ahead on the kron 4 morning news. the forty-niners. >> we'll get excited. they got one more day practice before heading to la to face the rams. this coming sunday. we're going hear from coach shanahan about that rivalry and how it's playing out in the heads of both head coaches and the warriors to official all-star starters on the roster. now we're going to have a look at which 2 players made the cut. and we also have highlights from last night's game which they want a at the coastline today. we've got some 60's free, a mostly sunny, a small craft advisory, though, in part because of some strong winds out there
5:38 am
near the coastline. at times today. >> 60's as well for inland and bay shore areas. plenty of sunshine, really mild feel. sunshine, really mild feel. i've got your forecast. ♪ at usaa, we've been called "too exclusive" because we only serve those who've honorably served. all ranks. all branches. and their eligible family members. yep, that is exclusive. and we're fine with that. ♪
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and we're fine with that. when a truck hit my car, the insurance company wasn't fair. i didn't know what my case was worth, so i called the barnes firm. i'm rich barnes. it's hard for people to know how much their accident case is worth. let our injury attorneys help you get the best result possible. >> and we're back at 5.40. let's talk basketball right now. the warriors on a four-game winning streak with the latest victory over the minnesota timberwolves last
5:41 am
night. >> and the warriors, they were down at the half. but well, they got hot. the 3rd. there's an example right there, steph curry with the 3. he ended scoring 29 points. andrew wiggins chipped in 19. talk more about him in a minute. and klay thompson scored. 23 for the warriors. in total, the warriors hit. 21 3 pointers as a team. it was raining threes. final score. one. 24 1.15. warriors with the win and before the game against the timberwolves last night, the nba all-star starters were announced and the warriors were well represented. steph curry, of course, making the cut. >> this will be his 8th all-star game appearance and he'll be joined as a starter by teammate andrew wiggins. i said we get back to him. he'll be playing in his first all-star game. and head coach steve kerr says this is perfect. isn't perfect. timing for wiggins. >> we just felt like he was still a young player and could fit into our system with time that he learn how to play with with steph and klay and adapt
5:42 am
to some of the things you know, we did and then add some things you know, we didn't have his ability to get get to the rim. but i think most of that is because wigs just comes in and works every single day. and he's earned not only the all-star spot, the position he mans on our team, which number one perimeter defender night in and night out and a key cog in our offense. i think that what's the secret put in the work? the all-star game. it's just few weeks away. it's on february 20th. we'll be right back. >> mookie is. we've got to do the work.
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5.45? keeping an eye on the forecast this morning. i'll tell you right off the bat. it's clear. >> but it is cold. it was around. 34 34 degrees as i walked outside to get in the car. so had to had to have the heater on just a little bit. we've got john with a better look at where things are right now. good morning, john. i hope that test that he is keeping it's definitely a one to turn on the car heater this morning. it is cold out there, especially inland temperatures. well down in the 30's as james mentioned. but it is clear. look at this beautiful view from the east bay looking out towards the peninsula in the distance. all
5:46 am
of it is fog free, which is little bit of cloud cover overhead. now skies will be partly cloudy at times today, but mostly sunny at other times. just not as crystal clear as yesterday was, but still just as mild tomorrow. another partly cloudy day remaining dry just as we will through the weekend on into sunday and monday of next week. eventually into tuesday, your first day of february. now in sight, high pressure ridge continues to be built up for us. keeping us dry, keeping this trend of weather. very steady. that's not going anywhere anytime soon. a bit breezy at times today. it's an offshore wind. so that's actually going to be keeping temperatures on the mild side. and one of the reasons that we'll have 60's clear out towards the coastline, areas like half moon bay up to 66 degrees today. temperatures along the bayshore ranging anywhere from the low 60's to the upper 60's down in the south bay, san jose and campbell at 68 degrees today, east bay temperatures around the same as yesterday low to mid 60's for most of us. well,
5:47 am
the north bay looking at temperatures also in the low to mid 60's until you get to the coastline, those of us out this direction, mostly in the upper 50's. now tomorrow's temperatures will remain in the mid 60's on average will cool a little bit towards the latter part of the weekend and into next week. but as you can see here, still no chances of rainfall ahead of us keeping this multi week streak of dry weather going into the new month. reyna. yeah, john. so we've been actively keeping an eye on your traffic on this friday and it looks like we have some road work going on in the south bay. >> along one, 0, one. you can see it's just an uptick in traffic there because of that construction. so this is a long 1. one northbound between mckee road and 8, 80 south in san jose looks like the left lane in the shoulder going to be closed until 06:00am. so that's set to open in just a few minutes. but you can see we have an uptick in traffic. 38 min as traveling towards menlo park from 85. let's go ahead and get a look as you're traveling into the city right
5:48 am
now. a little under 10 minutes for your drive time. there's a traffic moving along pretty nicely as you're heading into the city. the san mateo bridge heading across towards the peninsula about 12 minutes for your drive time there out of richmond heading across towards san rafale. you're looking at a 7 minute drive and let's check on highway. 24 westbound. 24, as you're traveling from walnut creek to 5, a, it will take you about 11 minutes. james, back to you. all right, randi, thank you at 5.48, let's talk about the forty-niners. they have one more day of full practice today. >> in santa clara and then they'll head down to los angeles for the nfc championship showdown against the rams on sunday. we have team video here. this is them on the practice field yesterday doing warm-up drills. the forty-niners are playing the rams for the 3rd time this season. niners have had the upper hand on the rams in the 2 that we've already played in the regular season. but that was a regular season. forty-niners head coach kyle shanahan says that the postseason it's a whole different ballgame. a question
5:49 am
like that is. just giving sean and myself. we too much credit. i'm >> or coaches. thank watch what's going on on that field and some of the players out there and the people that are competing and i think that it's about sean. i i mean, i know he doesn't feel that way and he knows i don't feel that way. yeah, they're not getting in each other's heads. they're too focused on just. managing the players and winning the game. the nfc championship game again in la down at sofi stadium kickoff is at 3.30. >> in the afternoon sunday sunday, sunday and 40 niner fans from all over the country are heading there as well representing the red and gold one forty-niners fan club in la says it's. >> not all about the competition, though they make a point to have fun with rams fans even joining them sometimes to celebrate. >> a rams be in the i ever
5:50 am
>> i owner of the bar there, one of the members of the la chapter, the forty-niners fan club where they all get decked out. don't they? club members say they're going to be there. so fy stadium cheering on their team this sunday. that could be a whole lot read. i think up in the stands and a whole lot of red to on kron 4 dot com. we have a lot of fan pictures coming in. people dressing up well. it sells their kids, dressing up their pets, all of it there. keep those pictures coming in. it's been really fun to watch. the slideshow get bigger and bigger to use the kron 4 app to send us the pictures you can also e-mail it to us. breaking news at kron 4 dot com. we'll put it in the slideshow. and if you're lucky, we'll show it on the air as well. it's 5.50, and as we get closer to the game, kron 4 has placed a friendly wager with our nexstar sister station down in l a take a look. >> james and ari, it looks like you guys haven't learned your lesson after the dodgers beat the giants in the nlds last year. but that's okay
5:51 am
because we're game. we are. thank you. first of all, for the sour dough bread bowls with clam chowder. >> that we enjoyed from that. that this time we have a hankering for doughnuts. so when the rams beat the forty-niners this weekend, we'd like you to send us some of those famous apple fritters from bob's doughnuts and pastries on polk street. maybe some other donuts. just give us a variety pack. and also please wear los angeles rams hat on the air. good luck, guys. you're going to need it. >> well, well, well, we've made again this time niners rams. i think i think we may have played them before for what might have some video that, you know. yeah, >> we want last time. and then there was that time before that, too, we won that matchup as well. yeah, we've got a pretty good track record going on as we head towards sunday in the nfc championship game. not to mention. can we just talk about jimmy g just for a second? i mean, the guy.
5:52 am
>> i think that matt stafford, who is it doesn't me. >> he literally is from the movie. he looks like superman. he's cool as a cucumber heat. it can leap tall buildings in a single he's going to lead us to victory what happens when we went to make a you know, i really kind of enjoyed those donuts last time. i know we've got those as a consolation prize when the giants lost taken again. we're all big fans. so okay. if the niners win, you've got to send us those donuts. once again, that would be delightful. we look forward you guys. good luck. >> we'll see. we'll see who wins. it's going to the niners. we'll take a quick break. be right back. 5.55,
5:53 am
5:54 am
5:55 am
the time the white house says unveiled their new addition to their pet family. meet. >> willow, a 2 year-old gray and white farm cat from pennsylvania. she was named after the first lady's home town. willow grove and willow is apparently settling in quite smoothly there in the white house has their favorite toys with her treats plenty of room to explore and she's not alone to member commander the dog, german shepherd puppy. he's going to keep her company. they got lots of play time together. pretty cool. all right. we'll take a break. it is 5.55. coming up in the next hour.
5:56 am
>> teachers and parents in oakland that coconut unified school district they could find out which schools might be shut down this year. we'll details on that coming up in a live report and a new sub strain of the omicron variant has been detected here in the bay area. and local doctors are sharing now what they know about it so far to want to stay tuned for that. plus the forty-niners we've been talking about it all week. they're still getting ready for their church playoff game against the rams. this coming sunday. fans starting to show up at sfo as they fly down to support the team. we've got kron four's will tran out there and we'll get a live report from him coming up in just a minute.
5:57 am
5:58 am
5:59 am
>> from the bay area's local news station. you're watching the kron. 4 morning news at 6. >> good morning. 06:00am on the kron. 4 morning news on this friday, january. 28, the last friday of the month of january as we are really speeding along here in 2022, let's get to john triple. he start off the hour with a check of the weather outside on this chilly day. good morning, james, yet definitely chilly out there, but at least not super cloudy, nor foggy. you can see all of the golden gate bridge from top to bottom north to south. all of it is in clear view. so pretty easy drive to work this morning. we are seeing a couple of pockets of fog out into the delta, but nothing widespread. now current conditions out there are clear and cold. so first and foremost, just make sure to layer up double. you're at
6:00 am
34 degrees right now. fairfield at 33 in santa rosa below freezing at 31. not the only spots in the 30's, oakland here. also there at 39 degrees. in the meantime, pacific of bodega bay. nice in the 50's compared to the rest of the day. you're feeling all right. i'll be talking about some 60's this afternoon in your forecast. first, though, a look at traffic with reyna. is it anything close to friday? light all you know what? it is looking very light for us on this friday. thankfully, that's the good news there. >> as you're traveling from the east bay right now, heading into the city about 8 minutes drive for you right now. no major delays along you're 80 as well as you're traveling along. let's get a look at the san mateo bridge heading across towards the peninsula. will take you 12 minutes. 92 westbound there moving along pretty nicely out of richmond v the richmond, sandra fell bridge. a 7 minute drive for you. and we had some earlier construction along one o one. they just clear that off of one. 0 one. so now we're looking at a


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