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tv   KRON 4 News at 430am  KRON  January 28, 2022 4:30am-5:01am PST

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back for 29 on the clock. let's get over to the weather center where john trimble has our half hour forecast update here with what we're seeing outside. what do you got there, john? good morning. not bad at all. james. the bay bridge, the flag, but pier 15. it all look so nice and calm to be. >> kicking off a nice friday. hopefully your mornings off to a calm start just like your forecast is we are going to be looking at a couple of patches of fog likely forming at times today, but so far so good. we're actually doing really good. as far as visibility goes and skies are partly cloudy to start. the day you'll see times of clouds and times of abundant sunshine today. current temperatures are pretty chilly. livermore, brentwood, pittsburgh, double in concord and then all across the north bay down into the 30's, fairfield, notably just one degree above freezing right now in the meantime, the late host san francisco alameda, some of her more mild spots in the 40's later today. we're all going to be in the 60's. beautiful afternoon to look forward to like yesterday was i'll be tracking what else to expect this weekend. still
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to come, reena already is a hot spot this morning. what's the latest there? the latest on this hot spot they just opened up all the lanes there. >> this is in the south bay. so san jose, we had an early-morning fatality. sadly, southbound one, 0 one or the waterloo bay parkway. they just open up all the lanes. so this will no longer be a hot spot, but that was there since around one. and this morning, if you're heading into the city right now, maze to the fremont street exit about 8 minutes for your drive time. there are no major delays along 5, a and a richmond center fell bridge traveling out of richmond. you're looking at 8 minute commute for you. and as you head across towards the peninsula view, the san mateo bridge about 13 minutes for your drive. james, back to you. all right. thank you very much. rain it. back to the headlines now. alameda county sheriffs are looking for a suspect was caught on home surveillance video. >> trying to steal a van from a home owner's driveway. this happened right near santa maria avenue in castro valley. and now one neighbor sharing this video after seeing the same suspect target multiple
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cars in the neighborhood kron four's taylor act with the story. >> home surveillance video caught this man red-handed trying to steal this van from a neighbor's driveway in castro valley near santa maria avenue daisy who didn't want to reveal her identity or show her face out of fear says it was disturbing watching someone go after her family's belongings. it was. >> kind of scary because it's like somebody coming to our house and inviting our privacy, our belongings and, you know, we don't expect that from. >> thankfully, the car alarm scared him off this time. but the family who lives here says the same suspect continues to go after other cars in the nearby neighborhoods that >> i know all over. >> and it's the same car. same people. they're just going around, stealing cars, catalytic converters and, you know, sharing video. other people have been same person, team car and they have also
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filed police report as daisies family says. >> the sheriff's office believes this suspect is working with other people across the east bay. >> they said that they have footage of this guy and i believe it's like him and 2 other people. and they've kind of just been doing this over stealing catalytic converters and the car that they are driving. the black audi is still in as well. we're waiting on any updates from the sheriff's office about this case and it may be linked to other thefts in the area to social has learned that others have also spotted this black audi suv with roof racks involved in similar crimes in castro valley. taylor bisacky kron. 4 news. east bay, a man who was shot while attempting to help a robbery victim on new year's eve. a conference sunvalley mall has died. we have video from the back when investigators were first on scene. the victim identified as a 32 year-old concord resident, kelvin crosby officers say crosby is trying
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to help a man who was being robbed inside that mall by number of suspects when shots were fired. happened around 3.45. in the afternoon on new year's eve. police say someone has been arrested in connection with the killing, but no other information has been released at this time. we're still working to try and uncover more. we'll let you know when we do. meanwhile, for your health this morning, emerging reports show that too little known drugs are making new deadly contributions. now to america's drug overdose crisis. according to a government report para floro fentanyl and mentality seen are being seen more often by medical examiners looking into overdose deaths. health officials say that 2 drugs are often taken with or mixed with fentanyl. pearl. flora, fentanyl is a synthetic opioid like fentanyl and the other drug is from a class of painkillers that was developed back in the 1950's but never authorized for medical treatment. and the overdose crisis hasn't loosened its grip here in the bay area, either. park police say 4 people received nor can for
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possible overdoses within the last 3 days. bart police say officers were flagged down regarding a person who had possibly overdosed on 7th and market streets in san francisco, 2 doses of narcan were administered to one person in that incident. and on tuesday, officers responded to an overdose at the civic center station where one dose of narcan was administered. there. and then on monday, newark and had to be used at the lake merritt station as well as the pay fair station. senator alex padilla, along with other state officials announced a historic campaign against big tobacco. the campaign is attempting to ban the sale of flavored products which they say appeal to children. so these products include meant menthol and original candy flavored cigarettes. senator, pretty is efforts also include great, given the products from the american lung association in its 20th annual state of tobacco control report, california got an incomplete for ending the sale of all flavored tobacco products. officials say that's due to
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the referendum petition filed against sb 7.93, which waso designed to restrict such sales. however, the state did get an a for the strength of the it smoke-free workplace laws. so progress on that front. members of the california democratic party are threatening to pull the party's endorsement from lawmakers to reject a proposal to establish a singer pair health care system here in california. the warning comes ahead of an appoint important election year and just days before the bill faces a key vote in the assembly next week, state lawmakers in the assembly are set to vote monday on that health care proposal. also known as cal care or a b 1400. the proposal would eliminate private health insurance and create instead a state-run health care system here in california. the vote on health care comes as the party's pre indoor spent process begins on february. 5th. >> and any assembly member of the things they ignore. the party, more labor, more people
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vote against us and then still get the endorsement, might find that they have a tough reelection battle ahead of apart. >> well, in order to be endorsed by the democratic party delegates in each district have to be strong to be in strong agreement with the candidate. progressive caucus leaders say that the caucus has many districts in the state where they have more than 40% of delegates willing to not endorse. if the person has rejected cal care, democrats who have either suggested they won't vote for it on the floor or who did not vote for this bill did not respond to our request for comment. the kind of interesting to follow as the election draws closer and closer. for your money this morning, rent prices are just soaring here in the bay area. they're increasing all across the country and it's due say it's true. according to zumper the rent in boston, massachusetts could be more expensive than san francisco. believe it or not. brian entin explains. >> joe, fully, he has pretty much what everyone would consider a very good job. he's an icu nurse at one of the most prestigious hospitals in
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south florida. he lives in miami with his wife and 2 kids, but can no longer afford the rent. but what i hear someone like you, icu nurse, that's a great job. it's kind of shocking that you you can't afford a place here. yes, i have a great job and probably the best paying hospital in the city of miami. i love my job. i love my >> i think it's more you know, bigger problem, systemically one call from joe's landlord. joe's right went from 17. 25 a month to $2400. ma landlord said to me, oh, it's not. first of all, i'm like, well, when you're dealing with people's homes, it is personal. this is joe's apartment where the red basically went up. 39% overnight. he says he likes the place, but he says there's nothing really special or fancy about it. no real amenities like a pool or gym or anything like that. what happened to joe is happening from coast to coast. these are the top 5 cities with the highest rent prices in new york. the average one-bedroom will cost you about 3200
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bucks. san francisco was 2800. >> boston, 2700 san jose. 2300 and miami. also $2300. but of all the cities, miami saw one of the biggest average percentage increases for rentals 26% year over year. so a lot of people are starting to have to, you know, rent an air bnb. stay with friends. in the meantime. >> or or family, what will they find a place to rent? and it's it's tough to watch unless you're willing to move way out into the suburbs. realtors say it's almost impossible to find affordable rentals. getting a roommate is becoming more popular in some cities. others have even seen an increase in mobile homes as a cheaper option. how does this play out for you and your family can can you stay here? it looks like it's a strong possibility that we're going to have to we're going to run for another year here and re evaluate things. but you know it it will be one of those most painful things over to me to to leave miami. >> well, that was brian entin reporting for us this morning.
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rent a problem all over the country for 39 u.s. supreme court justice steven briar has formally announced his retirement and the focus has shifted to his possible response replacement. president biden saying that he'd like to nominate the first black woman to our nation's highest court. washington correspondent jessi turnure takes a closer look. >> the 83 year-old departure from the high court won't change its conservative 6, 3, majority, but it will give president biden his first supreme court nominee. >> this is a complicated country. justice steven briar reflected on everything he's witnessed during his nearly 3 decades on the u.s. supreme court bench. people have come to accept this constitution and they've come to accept the importance of the rule of law. during his official retirement announcement thursday, pryor directed his remarks to younger generations saying although the country is divided, the high court helps unite it. it's a kind of miracle when you sit there and see all those people in front of you, you had the people that are so different than what they think.
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>> and yet they've decided. to help. so there are major differences. >> under law as one of the liberal justices on the bench briar, a landmark opinions from reproductive rights to health care, to voting rights is a model public servant in a time of great division in this country. in the 90's, president biden presided over briar supreme court confirmation hearings when he was chairman of the senate judiciary committee. did we ever think that he would have served decades on the court and i'd be president states with he can retire. and now the president is tasked with nominating his successor, something he plans to do by the end of february. i have made no choices except one. that person will be the first black woman ever nominated to united states supreme court. it's long overdue in mind. >> the short list reportedly includes federal district judge kentucky brown jackson, who clerked for briar and california supreme court justice leondra kruger in washington. i'm jessi tenure.
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thank you very much. jessie. coming up next year on the kron, 4 morning news officers and deputies in southern california are sounding the alarm and asking for help. >> well, you what's causing law enforcement staffing shortages across la county ahead of the super bowl. we'll be right back. all right. we
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are back here for 45 getting
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another check of the weather with john here as we take a live look outside. let's see if there's any fog out there's one thing i did notice stepping outside this morning, john. >> it was really really cool. like we're talking mid 30's up my neighborhood. yeah. definitely 30's for some of our inland spots. james mid 30's out to the east bay. we've got some low 30's up in the north bay. >> for bass shore areas, mostly the 40's. regardless of where you're getting out, though, you definitely want to bundle up your east bay hills camera, looking down at a nice clear you space so far. so foggy hasn't been much of an issue. we do have a few high passing clouds sitting well above the area right now. today will be a day with both son and a little bit of cloud cover. but still plenty bright tomorrow will bring partly cloudy conditions saturday. still looking at some bright skies, though, through those clouds and still quite mild. in fact, this mild and dry trend of weather is going to continue through the weekend. well into the start of february, which now is just around the corner. that high pressure ridge isn't going anywhere. just yet. so very familiar picture here for the
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west coast as we remain in our winters break. well, the rest of the country sees the bitter cold in the snow today will be breezy at times for just a few spots. nothing exceptionally windy, though, just an offshore wind that will continue to aid in temperatures being as warm as they will be even all the way out to the coastline. areas like half moon bay, up to 66 degrees today, burlingame at 64 and temperatures further south on the peninsula. even warmer than that, saying carlos palo alto and mountain view each at 66 in campbell in san jose in the south bay at 68 degrees today. even warmer than the past 2 days have been mid 60's pretty solidly for the east bay. so it may be a very cold start. a look at this mild weather you have this afternoon, you'll be able to take off those jackets and just enjoy with some t shirts and jeans later on. if you want to get outside, just get that nice break from winter. feel in full force now tomorrow, just as nice as today. just a few clouds and just as mild sunday, we cool things down just by a few
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degrees. and we'll keep on that slightly cooler trend into the start of the new month. staying dry through tuesday, wednesday and thursday. your first 3 days of february reyna. john, thanks for that. all right. let's get a look at your bridges this morning as you're traveling into the city. >> no major delays or issues along 5.80, as well as you're heading to emeryville, berkeley and into oakland again, about a 7 minute drive for you from the maze to that free mostyn exit. let's go ahead. get a look at the san mateo bridge heading across towards the peninsula about a 13 minute drive this morning. richmond, sandra fell as you're traveling at a richmond about 9 minutes at this hour. and it's nice and light along the golden gate bridge. 20 minutes for you as you're traveling from 37 to the tolls, james. >> rana, thank you very much. which is 4.47. the forty-niners have one more full practice today in santa clara before the nfc championship showdown against the rams on sunday. more video. the team practicing yesterday during their warm-up drills forty-niners playing
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the rams again for the 3rd time this season. we've got the better of him. the first 2. we'll see what happens this weekend. the matchup is going to be pretty intense, though. forty-niners head coach kyle shanahan and rams head coach sean mcvay. they used to be co-workers. if you want to wear. but shanahan, those that isn't worried about past losses against the niners. if they're only focused on the game ahead, the playoffs again, course, also a very different ballgame to than the regular season. a question like that is. just giving sean and myself way too much credit. i'm >> or coaches. thank watch what's going on on that field and some of the players out there and the people that are competing and i think that it's about shot and i i mean, i know he doesn't feel that way and he knows i don't feel that way. >> yeah. the nfc championship game will be played in la at sofi stadium kickoff. don't forget at 3.30, question. i forget. everybody's got their calendars marked in their alarms. set. nobody wants to miss. so that showdown.
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neither time. all right. the la area, by the way, preparing to host the big game, february 13th. and that requires a lot of security and many members of the la county sheriff's department and the la police department are currently out sick or being quarantined because of covid. we've got alex carper, a low explaining how the department is addressing the problem. >> nearly 2500 los angeles police department and los angeles county sheriff's department personnel are either home sick or quarantining due to the coronavirus. lapd says it's looking into how staffing shortages will impact deployment numbers as the city near super bowl week. we just don't have the manpower to keep our regular citizens safe. now the magic people coming into the city to the super bowl. we can't keep them cases have been surging. lapd says the biggest issue is the
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delay in covid test results. it's taking sometimes up to 10 days to get those results back. and when they're positive, that officer has been on the field, contacting the public, working with other officers in the station and the black and white. >> and now those officers are getting sick with with covid to ensure public safety. some plans for the lapd include eliminating days off, cutting vacation short and potentially asking nearby police agencies to send over officers to assist. that's a strategy deployed during the la riots in the northrfdge earthquake. it's not just a major incident that's happening. this likely a natural disaster or civil unrest. this is covid it's not a job. we have so many people out right now. >> all right. well, let's talk basketball. the warriors are on a four-game winning streak with their latest victory over the minnesota timberwolves last night. the warriors were down at the half but got hot in the 3rd with steph curry ending up scoring 29 points. >> wiggins, andrew wiggins, chipping in 19 points as well as klay thompson scored. 23
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for the warriors. in total, the warriors hit. 21 3 pointers as a team. warriors 1.15. well before the game 24 - against the timberwolves last night, the nba all-star starters were announced and the warriors were well represented. steph curry, of course, making the cut his 8th all-star game appearance and he'll be joined as a starter by teammate andrew wiggins, who will be playing in his first all-star game. head coach steve kerr says this is the perfect season for wiggins to make his debut as an all-star. >> we just felt like he was still a young player. and could fit into our system with time that he learn how to play with with steph and klay and adapt to some of the things you know, we did and then add some things you know, we didn't have his ability to get get to the rim. but i think most of that is because wigs just comes in and works every single day. and he's earned not only the all-star spot,
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the position he mans on our team, which is number one perimeter defender night in and night out and a key cog in our offense. >> well, the all-star game is still just a few weeks away. that will be on february. 20th this where see them play on that team. >> we'll take a break at 4.52. for minute.
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>> welcome back. it is 4.54 on this friday morning. nice to say that. always if you're heading out to the coastline today, look forward to some comfortable weather were solid mid 60's out there. it's already a clear start to the morning in half. moon bay can see much just yet. but you will be able sun comes up. there's your 60's for coastal areas. we do have a small craft advisory along the shoreline today. so if you do plan on getting out on the boat, do anticipate some rather breezy conditions at times that's going make docking a little bit tricky. and we're also going to see little bit higher swells because of some of those a stronger winds in some spots. now, dailies are other rather inland. your day planner today is showing some 60's to mild afternoon. plenty of sunshine today. really good day to be getting outside. take a look at the south bay, san jose getting hopefully up to 68 degrees on this final friday of january, james. all right,
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john, thank you very much. we'll take a quick break here as we come up on 4.56. >> ahead in the next hour, teachers and parents in oakland. well, they're finding out which schools could be closed this year. we'll have details on that coming up in a live report. plus, the forty-niners are playing against the rams this sunday. and we, of course, getting live reaction from fans out at sfo. was there heading down to the southland and a new sub strain of the omicron variant detected here in the bay area. local doctors are sharing what they know about it so far. so we'll hear from them coming up in just a minute. stay to the kron. 4 morning news at 5 will begin in just a couple minutes.
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>> from the area's local news station. you're watching the kron 4 morning news far. >> good morning. thanks for joining us here. 05:00am on a friday. always great to be a friday. always great to be a friday before a niner game. what a big one we've got coming up this weekend or that i hope you've got your niner gear going as you're sending good vibes to the team is they'll head out for so fy stadium probably later on today. maybe early tomorrow. we'll be tracking him. you might be heading out there today. we've got crawford's will trend out of sfo. we'll chat with him in a little bit as he's talking to fans that are heading down pate sofi stadium in red and gold in the meantime, though, let's get a check of weather and traffic before we get to all that. we're starting off with john
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in the weather center. good morning, john. yeah, easy commute to get down to southern part of the state today because we are going to be looking at dry skies, mild conditions much as we are for the rest of the weekend and for the game itself. >> now here in the bay area, we're going to be looking at a really nice day, not quite as crystal clear as yesterday was, but after a fairly clear start to this morning, we are going to be holding on to sunny skies and mild conditions for yet another one. you can see a few clouds above us on radar. if you look really closely just showing up faintly otherwise, it's cold. it's clear and it's favorable for your drive. just get those heaters turned on what you get in the car. fremont livermore, dublin, brentwood in concord, in the east bay, all down in the 30's. well, fairfield are very cold. this spot right now. 33 degrees, san francisco, one of her more mild areas at 48. we've got rain back in. she's got a look at traffic. yeah, we had early-morning hot spot in the south bay. >> that has since been cleared. but we do have another accident that just popped up. this wasn't an reveal. so it's a long, 80


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