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tv   KRON 4 News at 10  KRON  January 27, 2022 10:00pm-11:01pm PST

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>> now attend the california department of public health has confirmed 11 cases of the new omicron subvariant in california and at least 2 of the cases are here in santa clara county. good evening, everybody. thanks for being with us on kron. 4 news at 10, i'm grant lotus vicki liviakis kron four's amanda hari spoke with the stanford. >> infectious disease specialist about what we know about this subvariant so far. >> the doctor i spoke to tells me we don't have to be too worried about this. some variant just yet. she says doctors always expected to see mutations of covid-19 just like we see different variations of the flu virus every year. i think what's known is that viruses will mutate. i think we were pretty clear on that from the beginning. doctors are monitoring a subvariant of omicron be a 2. and we know that there are at least 2
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omicron variant's doctor, yvonne maldonado, professor of global health and infectious diseases at stanford university. >> says there's also a ba 3, but so far it's not as worrisome as ba 2 denmark study says ba 2 cases grew. 92 120% faster than ba one, which is the original omicron variant. at this point we haven't seen anything. >> surprising yet. it is still called the variant of interest by the world health organization. she says the data at of denmark isn't showing any major differences between ba 2. >> and its parent variant, although some scientists are worried it could be more contagious and somewhat harder to detect with testing, which is why it's being referred to as the stealth omicron. it has been identified in ctuntries across the world. she says from what they know so far masking and the current vaccines still work against this variant. and so far we
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know that the vaccines are still pretty. >> against even this current variants. we know that a booster makes that protection even better. some experts to believe there is a possibility that gives some variant. >> could we, in fact, people who recently had omicron. >> amanda hari kron, 4 news mask will soon be able to come off for those who are fully vaccinated in some parts of san francisco. the. >> city's health officials releasing a new order that will ease restrictions for some indoor settings starting february. 1st, people in certain settings like offices and gyms will be allowed to take their masks off. masks will still be required, though, for gatherings of 500 people or more. also starting on february, first, people who did not get a covid vaccine will be allowed to dine or work work out indoors as long as they show a proof of negative covid test today. representatives for contra costa and alameda counties
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both say they did not have immediate plans to loosen their indoor mask requirements. >> following san francisco's announcement of the new health order. the golden state warriors and chase center have released new details regarding the venues entry requirements for fans beginning february. 1st, every person entering chase must show proof of their up to date vaccination, including proof of a booster shot. if you're eligible for the booster, people must have received those shots at least one week prior to the event. the other option is to show proof of a negative covid test taken within 24 hours of showing up for the event. 24 hours for the antigen tests are you have to do within 48 hours for pcr test. the sonoma county health officer clarifying a recent health order for indoor events. a littue earlier this month. the county. >> limited indoor public events to 50 people will now as of today, indoor events can include 50 spectators in this doesn't include staff involved
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with the event or media or players or performers. the health order also limited outdoor gatherings of 100 people where social distancing cannot be accommodated. the updated health order is due to expire at 11:59pm. on february 10th. >> the berkeley city health officer is announcing new covid vaccine mandates for certain businesses in berkeley. now, employees will be required to be up to date on their vaccinations. and businesses are now going to require their customers to show proof of vaccination. the orders go into effect on february, 7th. they apply to everyone. 5 years old and older. the new mandate includes bars. entertainment venues, gyms, and any large indoor event with 500 or more people. >> how to keep kids safe during this was a topic of a statewide discussion today, california senator alex padilla met with some of the state's top health care providers to get a better picture of how children are fairing, especially are more
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infectious omicron variant as kron four's terisa stasio reports. some experts say covid is still a real threat to children's health in california. >> just since january, 8th of this year, the number of confirmed covid-19 cases among children in california grew by over half a million. >> top pediatric health care officials in california laying it out when it comes to how the pandemic continues to severely impact our children's lives over 2 thirds of our children 5 to 11 years of age remain unvaccinated. even though covid-19 is the 8th leading cause of death for children in this 5 to 11 year-old age group. >> and these deaths and many of the hospitalizations we're seeing now in our own hospitals are preventable. last week we saw by the highest peak during the entire pandemic kids admitted for covid. >> the panel was led by u.s. senator alex padilla, a father of 3 young children. they could wait to get back to school in person they couldn't
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wait to start seeing their friends again. tomer family members >> but they knew order to do something so safely, it wasn't just the distancing wasn't just the masks. as soon as the vaccines were approved, i was going to be key to staying safe and healthy. the group collectively talked about while those 5 and up are now eligible to get vaccinated. >> they are still seeing many in that age bracket sick with covid-19 >> currently we have 35 covid positive patients in our hospital of that 0 then vaccinated prior to coming here. and so just highlights how significant this issue is what your focus on this means it is a officials say that they are trying to do more outreach in schools and clinics to encourage. >> those hesitant parents by supplying information about the efficacy and safety of vaccines. >> so you all have either
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learn something with the information that has been shared or are to help us spread the word to recess stasio kron. 4 news in the east bay. an apartment fire led to a balcony rescue this afternoon. it happened in pleasant hill. dramatic moments. this is at the hawks in senior homes complex just south of downtown the fire. it started just before 3 o'clock this afternoon. you see images here from the scene. >> officials say they were able to evacuate all residents of the senior apartments. the person who was rescued from that balcony taken to the hospital for minor burns and some smoke inhalation. officials say this thing started as an electrical fire. >> today marks 47 years since the first murder believed to have been committed by the prolific san francisco serial killer known as the doodler and police are once again asking for the public's help to identify him. they announced the reward for information leading to a conviction. it's been increased to $200,000. police believe the doodler is
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responsible for the deaths of 6 men in the mid 1970's. all of the victims were white men believed to have identified as. the killer got his nickname due to his habit of sketching his victnms before killing them. 5 of the victims were found dead near ocean beach and golden gate park and a new investigation has revealed a 6th victim killed after being assaulted near land's end. although the 6 unsolved murders are considered cold cases, homicide detectives are actively working on them. are you ready for some football on sunday will get 2 big games. the nfc championship game is, of course, between the niners. >> and the rams down in southern california and fans here in the bay are buying up tickets. they're going make the trip they're trying to pack so 5 stadium with a budget or read once again and everybody's excited for the chance of getting down. there you have it. it's going to cost year, according to step up. >> it's a perfect storm for high ticket prices. both teams there from the same state. so
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fans can drive or get a low cost flight and might not have to spend a whole lot of money on a hotel. this is certainly. >> in demand game to say the very least. and it's trending to be the number one on super bowl nfl playoff game in our history. so currently beginning, price is around $600 with the average ticket price sold just over $1100. to put that in perspective. the packers niners nfc championship game just 2 years ago here in our backyard. and levis was only 600, $70. so as the states have gone up this year and it's the 3rd match up for the night is rams prices have tripled since the week? 17 d. >> if you want to take it, let's a take a look now at what you can expect to pay on stub hub. one thing to note here is if you're buying tickets on this site, be sure to click the filter that says show prices with estimated fees that will give you a better idea of the total price per ticket. so right now, the cheapest seats with fees, 700,
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50 bucks. >> step up a 75% of tickets sold on that site have been. but from people who live in california and of that number, 43% of people buy tickets to the niners game from northern california. tickets are selling out fast and prices are only going to get higher. the closer we get to. >> game day. but how is the weather going to be on sunday? weren't well, the price those tickets might hurt a bit, but the weather is going make it feel a little bit better as we're going to see some very nice but almost perfect football conditions. remember the game? the niners played last weekend against the packers that all that snow. you don't worry about that in southern california. you can see some winds if you're headed down tomorrow or saturday. but those winds begin to subside. and we're talking beautiful weather for game time. should see a lot of sunshine and some warm weather to go along with that. just a gentle breeze, probably 5 to 6 miles an hour. and those temperatures near 70 degrees outside the bay area. right now, we've got mostly clear
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skies. that is the way it's going to stay for tonight. i can see a couple high clouds, i think drift in early tomorrow morning. the temperatures going to get cold in spots already down to 41 now in livermore. 42 in dublin. 37 now in fairfield. 39 degrees in the napa valley. the air coming now across the bay area offshore wind that some very dry air. so. >> as the fall off in a hurry as that sunset. so we're going to see that offshore wind continuing overnight tonight. in fact, it will be blustery at times, especially over the mountain tops. you can see the colors there in the red and also some a purple showing up across the mountain tops some gusty winds there. some gusty winds in southern california. they've got high wind advisories and high wind warnings going up that extended until 10 o'clock in the morning on saturday. some of the gusts toward a san diego county, maybe 60 70 mile an hour winds, los angeles area, maybe some 40 50 mile an hour gusts across the mountain tops there. so the big picture, high pressure overhead. we've got an area of low pressure off the coastline. you can see that's we're look out here now. we're going to see some of those clouds visit the bay area by
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tomorrow and they'll being nia, very nice sunset, the bay area. but really just going to keep things dry outside. so here's we go studies that is temperatures going to be overnight lows on the cold side, 30's and 40's by dave got a lot of sunshine coming your way in some high clouds up above temperatures in the 60's, almost 70 degrees on your 10 is looking very dry right now through the weekend and into next week. february's tuesday should be gusty winds that day. but staying dry all week long. >> all right, lawrence. coming up, officers and deputies in southern california. they're sounding the alarm tonight. what's causing law enforcement staffing shortages across la county ahead of the super bowl. >> and right has opened 2022. the way it ended 2021 setting a new all-time high. how other cities compared to bay area read crisis and an attempted carjacking caught on camera in the bay area where it happened and why authorities say this was not an isolated incident.
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and find out what your case could be worth. ♪ call one eight hundred, eight million ♪ >> alameda county sheriff's deputies are looking for person who was caught on home surveillance video trying to steal event from a home owner's driveway. yeah. this happened near santa maria avenue and now one neighbor sharing this video after seeing the same suspect target several cars in that area.
10:16 pm
kron taylor bisacky has the story. >> home surveillance video caught this man red-handed trying to steal this van from a neighbor's driveway in castro valley near santa maria avenue daisy who didn't want to reveal her identity or show her face out of fear says it was disturbing watching someone go after her family's belongings. it was. >> kind of scary because it's like somebody coming to our house and inviting our privacy, our belongings and, you know, we don't expect that from. >> thankfully, the car alarm scared him off this time. but the family who lives here says the same suspect continues to go after other cars in the nearby neighborhoods that >> i know all over. >> and it's the same car. same people. they're just going around, stealing cars, catalytic converters and, you know, sharing video. other people have been same person, team car and they have also
10:17 pm
filed police report as daisies family says. >> the sheriff's office believes this suspect is working with other people across the east bay. >> they said that they have footage of this guy and i believe it's like him and 2 other people. and they've kind of just been doing this over stealing catalytic converters and the car that day are driving. the black audi is still in as well. we're waiting on any updates from the sheriff's office about this case and it may be linked to other thefts in the area to social learned that others have also spotted this black audi suv with roof racks involved in similar crimes in castro valley. taylor bisacky kron. 4 news in palo alto. police are investigating vandalism at an elementary school as a hate crime. >> happened over the weekend in l carmelo elementary school on bryant street. police say administrator ys. >> contacted them after finding a racial slur directed at the african american community written on a sign anyone with information about this incident is being asked to contact pallotta police.
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for your health tonight emerging reports show too little known drugs are making new deadly contributions to america's drug overdose crisis. >> according to a government report released today, para floral fentanyl and meadow night is seen are being seen more often now by medical examiners look into overdose deaths. health officials say the 2 drugs are often taken with or mixed with fentanyl para flow. fentanyl is a synthetic opioid like fentanyl and meadow night is seen is from a class of painkillers that was developed in the 1950's but never authorized for medical treatment and the overdose crisis has not loosened its grip on the bay area. bart police say 4 people received arc and for possible overdoses within the past 3 days just yesterday by police say officers but flag down regarding a person who would possibly overdosed near 7th in market in san francisco. 2 doses of narcan were administered to the person in
10:19 pm
this incident on tuesday. officers responded to and overdose at the civic center station where one dose of narcan was given and on monday, narcan was administered at the lake merritt station as well as at the bay fair station. >> senator alex padilla, along with other state officials announcing historic campaign against big tobacco. the campaign is attempting to ban the sale of flavored products which they say peeled kids. these products, including mint menthol and the original candy flavored cigarette. the senator padilla is efforts also include changing a grade american lung association in its 20th annual state of tobacco control report, california got an incomplete for ending the sale of all flavored tobacco products. officials say, well, that is due to the referendum petition filed against sb 7.93, which was designed to restrict such sales. but the state got an a for the strength of its smoke-free workplace laws.
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>> for your money tonight, rent prices are just soaring here in the bay there increasing basically across the country. yeah, it's true. according to zumper rent in boston, massachusetts actually could be more expensive. and san francisco reporter brian and has more. joe, fully. he has pretty much what everyone would consider a very good job. he's an icu nurse at one of the most prestigious hospitals in south florida. >> he lives in miami with his wife and 2 kids, but can no longer afford the rent. but what i hear someone like you, icu nurse, that's a great job. it's kind of shocking that you you can't afford a place here. yes, i have a great job and probably the best paying hospital in the city of miami. i love my job. i love my >> i think it's more you know, bigger problem, systemically one call from joe's landlord. joe's right went from 17. 25 a month to $2400. my landlord said to me, oh, it's not personal. i'm like, well, when you're dealing with people's homes, it is personal. this is
10:21 pm
joe's apartment where the red basically went up. 39% overnight. he says he likes the place, but he says there's nothing really special or fancy about it. no real amenities like a pool or gym or anything like that. what happened to joe is happening from coast to coast. these are the top 5 cities with the highest rent prices in new york. the average one-bedroom will cost you about 3200 bucks. san francisco was 2800. >> boston, 2700 san jose. 2300 and miami. also $2300. but of all the cities, miami saw one of the biggest average percentage increases for rentals 26% year over year. so a lot of people are starting to have to, you know, rent an air bnb. stay with friends. in the meantime. >> or or family, what will they find a place to rent? and it's tough. it's tough to watch unless you're willing to move way out into the suburbs. realtors say it's almost impossible to find affordable rentals. getting a roommate is becoming more popular in some cities. others have even seen
10:22 pm
an increase in mobile homes as a cheaper option. how does this play out for you and your family can can you stay here? it looks like it's a strong possibility that we're going to have to we're going to run for another year here and re evaluate things. but you know it it will be one of those most painful things over to me to to leave miami. >> it was brian entin reporting for us tonight. >> the cdc says the omicron variant is now dominating covid cafes across the country. the county for 99.9% of all covid cases. this comes from the new look cases recorded in the u.s. last week. the delta variant barely their accounting for one 10th of one percent of new cases. cdc data also says case numbers are down from a peak and hospitalizations have started declining. >> 2 important announcements today from the covid-19 vaccine maker moderna first. the pharmaceutical company says that the effectiveness of its booster shot against the
10:23 pm
omicron variant. it actually starts to diminish after about 6 months. company says that data shows the decline happens more quickly then against the original strain. moderna also says it has started a clinical trial of a booster that specifically targets the omicron variant. >> california has now surpassed 8 million covid cases since the start of the pandemic. that's equivalent to about one out of every 5, california. it's some encouraging news, though. health officials say there are signs that the omicron variant has finally peaked. but covid related deaths have increased in recent weeks. la county recorded 91 deaths yesterday daily positivity rates are also at an all-time high in la the county down. they're averaging 32,000 new cases a day. >> the la area is preparing to host the big game on february 13th. that does require a lot of security at super bowl and >> many members of the la county sheriff's department and l a p d are currently out
10:24 pm
sick or quarantining because of covid partner alex cover. rio explains how the department is addressing the problem. >> nearly 2500 los angeles police department and los angeles county sheriff's department personnel are either home sick or quarantining due to the coronavirus. lapd says it's looking into how staffing shortages will impact deployment numbers as the city near super bowl week. we just don't have the manpower to keep our regular citizens safe. now the magic people coming into the city to the super bowl. we can't keep them safe either. 82% of lapd staff and 64% of la sheriff's department staff are fully vaccinated. but despite those vaccination rates breakthrough cases have been surging. lapd says the biggest issue is the delay in covid test results. it's taking sometimes up to 10 days to get those results back. and when they're positive, that officer has been on the field contacting the public, working with other officers in the station and the black and white. and now those officers are getting
10:25 pm
sick with with covid to ensure public safety. some plans for the lapd include eliminating days off, cutting vacation short and potentially asking nearby police agencies to send over officers to assist. that's a strategy deployed during the la riots in the northridge earthquake. it's not just a major incident that's happening. this likely a natural disaster or civil unrest. this is covid it's not a job. we have so many people out right now. >> and that was alex cap or reporting for us tonight. still ahead, was justice briar announcing his retirement? all eyes? how on president biden, speculation building on just cool. he will nominate to fill the soon to be empty seat on the u.s. supreme court. u.s.
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supreme court justice steven briar today formally announcing his retirement. >> and quickly, the focus shifts to his possible replacement says and biden says he will nominate the first black woman to our high a court. washington correspondent jessi tenure reports. good evening. the 83 year-old departure from the high court won't change its conservative 6, 3, majority. >> but it will give president biden his first supreme court nominee. >> this is a complicated country. justice steven briar reflected on everything he's witnessed during his nearly 3
10:29 pm
decades on the u.s. supreme court bench. people have come to accept this constitution and they've come to accept the importance of the rule of law. during his official retirement announcement thursday, pryor directed his remarks to younger generations saying although the country is divided, the high court helps unite it. it's a kind of miracle. when you sit there and see all those people in front of you, you had the people that are so different than what they think. >> and yet they've decided. to help. so there are major differences. >> under law as one of the liberal justices on the bench briar, a landmark opinions from reproductive rights to health care, to voting rights is a model public servant in a time of great division in this country. in the 90's, president biden presided over briar supreme court confirmation hearings when he was chairman of the senate judiciary committee. did we ever think that he would have ierved decades on the court and i'd be president united states with he came in retire
10:30 pm
and now the president is tasked with nominating his successor, something he plans to do by the end of february. i have made no choices except one. that person will be the first black woman ever nominated to united states supreme court. it's long overdue in mind. >> the short list reportedly includes federal district judge kentucky brown jackson, who clerked for briar and california supreme court justice leondra kruger in washington. i'm jessi tenure. >> political analysts have been having a field day, of course, speculating on what might happen next. kron four's catherine heenan spoke to political science lecture donna crane, who says this whole process he's tied 10 tick by washington, dc standards. she agrees the justice briar successor will not be able to do much to slow the supreme court's rightward trajectory. but she says she likes the short list of potential nominees and underlines how high the stakes are right now. >> this term alone, we are
10:31 pm
seeing 3, 4, 5 giant issues come before the court. and it's it's still going to be a 63 conservative majority. there is a lot going on. there's a lot of state. a lot going on runs a lot of state for this particular seat. but everyone, a list of thai'm aware of is is really top of their game. they as judges or people and other senior legal positions that already are following these kinds of cases. there are aware of the nuances and what they get to the supreme court. of course, they will have clerks team of clerks. so i i think we will have a problem with somebody getting up to speed. >> as for any surprises stun a crane says she never rules that out. she also says that judicial nominees tend to unified parties on both sides of the aisle in a way that legislation does not. >> vice president kamala harris attended the inauguration of honduras's first female president tomorrow. castro won a landslide victory promising to address high unemployment
10:32 pm
violence. another issues that are prompting mass migration of hondurans here to the u.s. the vice is looking forward are looking to make honduras, a partner in efforts to tackle the root causes of migration from central america. harris will meet with the new president at the inauguration ceremonies. the east coast is preparing for a bomb cyclone this weekend that could bring nearly 20 inches of snow to some areas. right now the forecast models are fluctuating wildly with. >> just a couple days to go, one model has new york getting one inch of snow. this is the city new york city. another. shows 13 inches either way. the main event is slated to arrive friday night. the system we'll bring frigid temperatures. and could bring white out conditions. residents aren't taking any chances. some trying to leave town on last-minute flights. they don't want any part of it. others, though, are getting ready hitting the
10:33 pm
grocery shopping carts. it's like beginning of covid. our chief meteorologist lawrence karnow is tracking that storm system. he's here with more large. we would always stock up for plenty of french toast and hot they're going use love that hot cocoa. i think across the northeast as this storm system just beginning to wind up this another forecast model showing you really kind generating itself off the carolina coastline. and here comes to see that swirl in the atmosphere working its way up along the entire coastline. now, if that was bulls just a little bit, the state's further on the atlantic, of course. >> you stay a dryer with less snow. but should that remain right along the coastline? is current forecast have been staying? well, then this could be a messy storm. that's going to be a big one. you're talking about some very heavy snowfall, some places, maybe 18, maybe 22 inches of her snow and maybe some isolated places with more than that. and the goal along with that, the see the circulation around that low. you're going to see some very strong gusty winds, 50, maybe 60 miles an hour
10:34 pm
near the coastal areas, likely going to see some coastal flooding to go along with that, too. so a winter storm watches and warnings up all along the coastline as it could be in for a very rough go here as we head in toward the weekend as a storm system begins to move in. let's get you back out west and we're looking at entirely different scenario. we've got high pressure along our coastline, keeping us dry. we're seeing more of an offshore wind again tonight. is that offshore wind that's ushering in some dry air. so temperatures dropping off down the 30's 40's around much of the bay area. you get a forecast for you if you're headed out of town. san francisco, oakland, san jose airport all looking good right now. the monterey bay, some sunshine there. how about 71 degrees? they're going to be digging out of snow on the east coast. we're talking 60's and 70's here, southern california dealing with some of the santa ana winds. but look at the number. 74 in downtown los angeles for tomorrow. 75 in anaheim. 71 in pasadena, in the high country. the certainly a lot of snow up there, although it's been dry for a while. some spring-like
10:35 pm
skiing conditions by the afternoon. temperatures expected to be in the 40's and we're sticking around for the weekend. should stay dry out there as well. just partly cloudy skies into saturday. otherwise you're looking good. high pressure overhead along the west coast. you can see the big dip in that trough headed toward the east coast. and that's why they're getting all that active weather. we're just kind of keeping things calm here. tomorrow is going to be another dry day as we've seen a dry weather pattern setting up releases after the first week in january. so here we go. we're going to keep things dry for a while. in fact, the temperatures are going to stay very mild outside plan on highs in the 60's and some 70's around the bay area. you're 10 a 10 keep things a little bit cooler in the weekend with a few more clouds. i think some gusty winds on tuesday dry first week in february. all right, lawrence. coming up next, one south bay man refuses to give up his love of playing tennis. >> even at 101 years old, how long he plans to keep serving it up.
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covered california. this way to health insurance. >> was not just lovely music, of course, has the power to bring people together. and adam olsen, while staying home during the pandemic. that guy musician andy thor and realize that. that little fox walked into his colorado yard almost every day and one day and he was playing that banjo out on his deck in, he says clearly
10:39 pm
the fox took a liking to it. >> a lot of people say, oh, this is my favorite thing on social media. or these videos brighten my day or something like that. and that's really why we're doing it. just because it's fun. people seem to really appreciate it. >> music's nice people like animals. i was getting hurt. it's beautiful scene there in the valley. what's not to like? andy thorn says the fox keeps coming back for an encore. very sweet. yeah. >> you know, one year ago we brought you the story of lloyd lettis lloyd. lloyd 100 years that the time he's in mountain view, man who was defying the odds on the tennis still here, we're happy to report, mr. letta celebrated his 100st birthday this fall and he has an hung up the racket. not yet kron. 4 sports reporter kylen mills shows us how he's holding up on the court.
10:40 pm
>> they say h. is just a number. i don't mountain views. lloyd lettuce is proof of that. i think my dad's going to keep going for another 5 or 10 years. he just never. >> looks at himself as being old at 101 years. young lettuce still makes his way to los altos. high school 3 days a week to play tennis. and fact that they don't haha the oldest of the group by a decade. let us attacks each forehand with all he had its keep my eye on the haha. >> and i love that he plays tennis 3 times week. i hate that. he drives here by himself and doesn't take uber. lettuce is son bill with a bit more cautious can't convince him to a stop driving that he. >> very where and he said he enjoys driving still. so let
10:41 pm
us enjoy studying astronomy, playing competitive bridge in attending cal football games every season i went to the big game. >> it was a really nice cal berkeley is where lettuce met his wife of 75 years. the couple has 4 children, 14 grandchildren and 23 great grandchildren that he loves his family. and it's one thing i think that keeps him going still going and going strong. he never stops the. >> it reminds me of the rod stewart song forever young. another year older. >> another year wiser and still playing tennis. >> don't continue playing tennis lose highland hills kron, 4 sports. >> it's got to mean back sure. does a mean sense if you are ging here, there kind of hard to hear. but he said he went to the big game is a cal fan and he said that cal played a
10:42 pm
really good game for a change. all right. jokes that i got it, i got it. he still roll. so my fellow cal bear, i don't know a happy birthday. it and that's it for kron. 4 news at 10. thanks for joining us. everybody. yeah, appreciate you spending the night with us. don't go anywhere, though. >> because the red and gold zone is just getting ramped up from 4 sports director jason dumas. he's in the room is the latest from today's practice. jimmy g getting ready. kyle shanahan. is he in rams coach sean mcvay's head. they used to work together. could be an interesting dynamic. 6 wins in a row for the niners over the rams. can they make it 7 on sunday? the red and gold zone is next.
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it's hard for people to know how much their accident case is worth. let our injury attorneys help you get the best result possible. >> hello and welcome to another edition of the red and gold zone. i'm your host jason dumas, championship preparations continued in santa clara today. the buzz is palpable and it's impossible for the players to tune everything out. they hear the noise. they are excited, but they still have a job to do and they have to be laser-focused him. they are and the work this week. i mean, it's pretty straightforward as you see jimmy g there. this team has formed an identity. they know exactly what they have to do
10:46 pm
to win. they also know their opponent inside and out now we spoken at nauseum this week on the relationship between the 2 head coaches. we know sean mcvay kyle shanahan. they used to be co-workers in our nation's capital. now their rivals and it's been a pretty one-sided rivalry on shanny side. so much so that someone asked mcveigh if kyle was in his head something kyle shanahan, they really think was very appropriate. a question like that is. >> just giving sean and myself way too much credit. i'm or coaches. thank watch what's going on on that field and some of the players out there and the people that are competing and i think that it's about shot and i i mean, i know he doesn't feel that way and he knows i don't feel that way. the fact we're here and that we've earned the opportunity to play in this game. >> saw some so definitely, you know, i think guys are i don't want to say more locked them,
10:47 pm
but there's a different type of focus. everyone's doing a lot. you know, whether it's things on lives, everything just kind of amplified at this moment. but guys doing a great job. just focus on getting better every single day locked in the meetings. i'm locked into getting better. his focus on the game plan. and i know our boys be very ready to come sunday. i'm ready to roll to george. >> meanwhile, down and sunny la, so beautiful down there and just beautiful weather. the rams continued to prep. this rams team is loaded with big name scott players up in down the roster on paper. they certainly have more talent than the forty-niners. some people might get mad at me. but it is what it is and what i meant to say up there with star players. but what about this matchup? is it that the rams have struggled with aaron donald? he couldn't tell you, but he is ready to put those losses behind him. and he insists that things this time around will be different.
10:48 pm
>> the past is the past. so this is this is a different type of football years going notice we know this is this is one game within the super bowl against the opponent both we used to. we know this, but we just got to play we've got to find a way to finish. they they beat us in ways that, well, i'm not going run talk about it, but they did this my mindset is there's no way we're going to lose this game. deafening. these, you know, stu. remains super light means super >> and do what i got to do is we can do, you know, was ultimately go. i don't know. i don't want to zoom in here after teasing you. >> you know what? they sound like? they sound like a dude trying to get their girl back. we're going to be different this time around a promise it will see on sunday. all right. coming up, we have a chat with the radio voice of the rams will also happens to be a bay area native. we'll be right back. welcome back to the red
10:49 pm
10:50 pm
10:51 pm
and gold zone. the forty-niners and rams have a long history. they've met 145 times dating back to 1950, but >> few are as tap into this rivalry has jb long. he is the
10:52 pm
radio voice of the rams for espn, 7.10, los angeles and he grew up in the bay area. a niners fan, our very own kate rooney chatted with jb about what he expects to see from 2 teams. he so well. >> the current win streak in the series kind of a senator and the forty-niners county this past season tribute that to why the niners been able to get over on the rams so much in the recent history of the series. >> okay. i think they're really good team. a really good roster with excellent coaches and they know the rams forward and backward. not just because they play twice here in the same division, but because their coaches go all the way back to kind of their beginnings and come off the same coaching tree. so it's it's a bit like playing yourself in the mirror. i think when sean mcvay and the rams and kyle shanahan and the niners get together and to their credit. more times than not, san francisco's been the more committed to more physical. the more determined team they've been able to play, keep away and limit the opportunities that mcvay and goff used to get and that
10:53 pm
mcveigh and now matthew stafford have been able to get. i don't think any of the 6 windsor flukes. i the forty-niners to my i have been very convincing. if anything, it's just a puzzle as to why they haven't played every other team in the national football league the way that they take on l a >> what do you expect the rams to do in terms of adjustments when it comes to how they have played the forty-niners the last couple times out. we think we can expect to see this time around maybe a little bit different. >> well, i really don't think that there are many wrinkles that either coach coordinator or offense can throw at each i really do think that this is one of those who does that matter most to who can rise to the occasion who can deliver on those 2 or 3 turning points per game. and then when you do get that opportunity to put the game out of reach and we all know the rams had a couple of those at the end of the 1st half and certainly at the end of regulation in week 18 who's got the right play call and the best execution to make sure that the opponent doesn't get the chance. yeah, the rams
10:54 pm
have to find a solution to deebo samuel who has one games receiving rushing and even throwing against the mets. no mystery. and we'll spend most of this week trying to come up with better solutions for those questions. but in those 4 quarters in those 3 hours on sunday, this is the will power game. i truly believe that. >> another thing to watch for is whether there will be another sea of red at sofi stadium this weekend. that's something that the room is really want to boy and the 49 er fans have. we're pretty proud of after that week, 18 matchup. what are you expecting? just from someone who is into every game the last several seasons. >> well, i think for the past 6 years we've had to settle into the reality of what professional football looks in my los angeles right now for this generation. and it's at once thrilling and concerning an unnerving but also advantageous at san francisco deserves credit. the forty-niners faithful i've known in my entire life. i know what they're capable of. their one of the proudest,
10:55 pm
most storied franchises in the entire game. and this means a lot to them now for los angeles. i think there's a challenge here and there's a response. and i do think that here in late maybe the fan base is in a different position in terms of travel and public health and all the other excuses they probably offered. but i actually take a longer lens on this case. and as i'm the parent of young children, you can understand this. i think coming back to la after a 2 decade absence. the charge of the organization and to me as a member of it is, how do we engage and inspire? and generate loyalty from that next generation of fans. and so i've got boys 5, 2, believe me. i know where they stand and i see what their peers are interested in. but it is very much a factor in this game and all finished by saying these are the moments that matter. if you want to win over the southland, if you want to be la is dominant sports franchise. when you have san francisco at so fi stadium for the nfc championship game,
10:56 pm
that's when you need to back a lot riding on this match up a lot. i going to be on the game on sunday to you on. thank you so much for joining us to help. >> give us this preview. and we look forward call >> thank you for the invitation k and all my best to you and your family and my family and loved ones in the bay area as well. >> great interview kate. all right. here we go. baby forty-niners rams 3.30, sunday. so fy stadium in inglewood, california. >> we will have all the highlights after that one and see how it all went down. now, guys, i've been asked all week long for my prediction this sunday in my heart. i want to forty-niners to win. i want the best for my bay area brother in. i want to see you guys. happy. but in my mind, it's going a different way. good thing for niners fans before you guys cursed me out on twitter, instagram in my dms, i picked the forty-niners
10:57 pm
to lose week 17 to the rams and not even make the playoffs and they prove me wrong. let's see if they'll prove me wrong again. i do not see san francisco winning this game. i think it will be a close one for sure. i think the rams will prevail. i think they have the better quarterback and there's no rhyme or reason to this. i just think it is hard to beat a team 7 straight times, especially when you've been reminding that team all week that they've lost to the forty-niners 6 straight. we're going to get their revenge. i hope i'm wrong. we have a good night. go niners.
10:58 pm
10:59 pm
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