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tv   KRON 4 News at 530pm  KRON  January 27, 2022 5:30pm-6:01pm PST

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announcement thursday, pryor directed his remarks to younger generations saying although the country is divided, the high court helps unite it. it's a kind of miracle when you sit there and see all those people in front of you, you had the people that are so different than what they think. >> and yet they've decided. to help. so there are major differences. >> under law as one of the liberal justices on the bench right around landmark opinions from reproductive rights to health care to voting rights is a model public servant in a time of great division in this country. in the 90's, president biden presided over briar supreme court confirmation hearings when he was chairman of the senate judiciary committee. did we ever think that he would have served decades on the court and i'd be president united states with he came in retired and now the president is tasked with nominating his successor, something he plans to do by the end of february. i have made no choices except one. that person will be the
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first black woman ever nominated to united states supreme court. it's long overdue. mind. >> and the short list includes federal district judge brown jackson, who actually clerked for briar and california supreme court justice. we under krueger live in washington. i'm jessi turnure. yeah, we california on that list, jesse. so of course, we just saw this whole thing play out with justice. amy coney when she replace ruth bader ginsburg. so what do you think is going to look like this time? the process sounds like it could be very similar, actually. and this is really unprecedented when it came to bear its process from the time that president trump nominated her to the time that she was confirmed was only about a month. and the reason why republicans want to push that forward was because it was right before the election and they wanted to do that. just in case president trump lost democrats criticize that at the time. but now it sounds like they're interested in doing it the same thing, which
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means that another justice could be confirmed as early as the end of march. that doesn't mean that briar won't be able to finish his term. he's very likely to do that. which extends into the summer. all right. thank you. of course, speculation continues on exactly who will replace justice briar. political analysts have been very busy with for talk to one of them today. and our catherine heenan has more on that. she's in the newsroom tonight, catherine hype. and yet donna crane, she is calling a time like this. >> titanic by washington, dc standards, the political science lecturer having really as much fun as anybody in trying to figure out what happens next. she says there is a good working list of 5 or 6 women, black women who are ready and qualified to take over for justice briar and says the jockeying behind the scenes will get intense. but crimes says the judicial nomination process also tends to do something that people might not expect.
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>> judicial nominees tend to be unified parties in ways that broad pieces of legislation dot there. just a lot of details to pick apart of legislation. and you kind of see a little bit more wandering like mister mentioned but both on the democratic and republican sides of the aisle. what i've seen is that the people that expectation a part of leadership is that that the team will stay together. it is worth however, that when one of the nominees is one of the candidates is not what it says. the top of the was nominated for her position, the position she has now she did receive 3 republican votes, not kentucky about jacques. >> and she is talking about the fact that judge jackson already did successfully go through the senate confirmation process last year. that's when she moved to the u.s. court of appeals for the dc circuit and yes, she did get a few republican votes. meantime, donna says we should never make any assumptions on how things play out. she says she never rules
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out a wild card. >> pam and can. all right, katherine, thank you. transportation secretary pete buttigieg says that he has a plan to reduce deadly car accidents. he is releasing a strategy to reduce speed redesigned roads and boost. car safety features such as automatic emergency braking. there's also a push to study and promote the use of speed cameras, which officials say could provide more equitable enforcement. then using police stops in the first 6 months of last year, more than 20,000 people were killed in car accidents. the most victims since 2000, 6 new numbers are coming out next week. and those are expected to be even higher. a teenager charged with killing 4 students at michigan high school will pursue an insanity defense as a new lawsuit is filed in the case. >> 15 year-old ethan crumbley is charged as an adult with murder and other crimes last year's shooting at oxford high school. a new lawsuit filed by the family of one of the
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victims and witnesses accused of school officials and crumbley's parents of negligence. the teens parents are charged with involuntary manslaughter after authorities say they bought the gun that was used in the attack days before the attack and made it available to their son and then resisted their sons removed from a school just prior to the deadly shooting. take a live look outside a view of downtown san francisco on this thursday evening. and chief meteorologist lawrence karnow standing by. and i'm like these beautiful son says he's not because of pollution, right? yeah, a little it's not as hazy as it was yesterday, but it does add to the colors of the atmosphere. how about that? almost like a lion sunset out for tonight. a few high clouds in the distance there. otherwise. >> we've got mostly clear skies. curtis, of those offshore winds. here's a long-range look at the forecast. we've been trying to get some rain coming in here. ridge of high pressure overhead. right now you see a little weak disturbance. this little low off the coastline that starts to wander toward
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the coastline ever. so slowly moving in to southern california, not bring us any rain. but you know, if that's on saturday, remember game and southern california on saturday. don't think we'll see much in the way of rain in los angeles. but we're talking about some partly cloudy skies and dry conditions here. and then as we head through the weekend, what looked like a promising a storm system a couple days ago, really stay fading away. now and not much in the way to talk about rain just kind of pulled out the forecast now keep things dry and partly cloudy into monday. the high pressure ridge does build in then looks like it's going to hold on. i think now we're looking at maybe the middle february before we start talking about some significant rain returning to the bay area, air quality deaths been suffering a bit. we're going to moderate amounts of pollutants again in the north bay, the east and the south bay still in good up toward the coastline. we have had some very cold nights out there overnight lows dropping off in the 30's in the 40's. chilly out there early on the morning hours. but by the middle of the day in the afternoon, looking good. high clouds and some sunshine and temperatures running up in the
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60's. maybe even some low 70's in the morgan hill in the next couple days. keep things nice right through the weekend. just a couple clouds floating by dry through the middle of next week. there's something different. power zone% are making a splash on the oregon coastline. again, they're often referred to as c pickles. >> these colonies of creatures are composed of several small organisms known as zo is each zo. it is about size of a grain of rice. you can usually find them in tropical waters. but experts say currents are the likely explanation for how these creatures ended up in oregon. >> we've been getting some big storms, especially from the south. so the pirates sums while they are found off the oregon coast in the summer usually in the winter, we will see him unless we get these big, big winter storms. >> it is safe for people to pick them up and hold them in. check them out. they're harmless. but marine experts say don't let your pets eat them since power is oems can make them sick.
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thank the gods. don't thank them too soon. kick pain in the aspercreme. >> for your health tonight, gas are a bigger risk to
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public health and the environment than researchers previously thought. that's what a new study is showing. researchers at stanford university say that even when the stoves are off, they still leak methane and nitrogen oxide. the researchers estimate 2.4 million metric tons of methane are released into the air that way. that is equivalent to the amount of pollutants emitted by a half million cars, every 3 and a half hours. researchers say to solve the problem, people should switch to electric stoves if they can. >> many people see their diets after they lose a certain amount of weight. and a new study finds metabolism may be to blame. researchers at the university of alabama say the body's metabolism slows as a way to balance a lower amount of calories are being consumed and that metabolic adaptation during weight loss to make it harder for people to achieve their goals. they found that dieting took one day longer for every 10 calorie drop in resting metabolic rate. the
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researchers focused on patients who are losing weight by dieting alone with a maximum just one day per week of exercise. >> plastic toxins that are absorbed into our bodies can actually cause weight gain. at least that's according to new research out of the norwegian university of science and technology scientists. their study, 34 plastic products. many of them were items. people touch every day such as food wrappers, water, bottles, kitchen, sponges and more. they found that 11 of these classic items contain chemicals that cause metabolic issues, which can lead to weight gain among people who absorbed those toxins. previous research has shown that humans consume anywhere from 39,000 to 52,000 microplastic particles every year. >> still ahead, the white house is celebrating another sign of a rebounding economy. when we return, we'll tell the
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grew last year at the fastest pace since the mid 1980's, according to the department of commerce. but our washington correspondent reshad hudson tells us that growth was not the same for all americans. >> the white house is celebrating another sign of a rebounding economy. there's a lot of good news in the economy right now. us gross domestic product, a measure of economic activity grew last year at the fastest pace since 1984, brought ramamurti with the national economic council
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says this proves president biden's economic agenda is working. >> more jobs, higher wages, fast economic but jeff lee with the truman national security project says not all americans are feeling the economic growth. black homeownership is the lowest it's been since the 1960's and treasury secretary yellen just said last weekend, according to their gate of the white families have 8 times the average wealth of black families. and lee says many americans are still being squeezed by inflation. the white house says much of that is connected to supply chain disruptions. so the more we can address our supply chain and smooth things out the morning, we'll see progress on the inflation side. lee is calling on lawmakers to extend the child tax credit to help people, especially women. get back into the workforce. 75 1% of women are the caregivers and their family. they're still having harder times entering the market. now democrats are considering a smaller build back better bill that would include economic
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help for families reporting in washington, reshad hudson. >> if you're thinking about heading down to los angeles to try and get into the nfc championship game on sunday. take a look at this. ticket prices are spiking ahead of this game. one thing to note, if you are buying tickets on stubhub com, make sure to click the filter that says show prices with estimated fees that will give you a better idea of the total price per ticket. right now the cheapest seas are hovering around $750 and the most expensive tickets being listed right now are going for more than $5,000 for your money. if you want to participate in the game this weekend but can't make it to la another option is buying or selling some sports cards. remember those that used to come in a cereal box? well. >> recently, they have had a resurgence in or so. and some of them are worth quite a bit of money. so let's check it out. some of the prices of jimmy garoppolo rookie card last sold for $70. one of
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deebo samuels rookie card sold for more than 100. 50 $1. and george kittles phoenix rookie card sold $480. if you're interested in investing in some rams players, hopefully not triple crown winning wide receiver cooper kupp one of his rookie cards last sold at 150 bucks. defensive lineman aaron donalds rookie card. so for just over $200 and if you want to spend a lot more rams quarterback matt stafford's rookie bowman chrome card just sold for almost $900. most of the sales are done on e-bay. >> let's check on our weather with a live look outside tonight at sfo. pretty clear here. and maybe you're one of those folks who are flying to los angeles to sunday's game in the weather should be good there to chief meteorologist lawrence karnow has the details. yeah. looking like a great day for that game in los angeles. couple clouds going to be drifting overhead at the stadium. you're going to see some partly cloudy skies should be warm, though. these temperatures going to be near 70 degrees out there with just very light breeze. so
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>> that should not any of the game. time conditions out there at all should be a beautiful day for that. 49 or victory in los angeles out there tonight. we've got mostly clear skies. the sun has set few high clouds there in the distance. we're going to see more of these high clouds tomorrow that will be streaming overhead. i think tonight sunset was beautiful. tomorrow sunset you want to keep the camera handy. take pictures. it's going to be gorgeous out there. the golden gate bridge. a little busy out there right now. people coming and going from san francisco and elsewhere. the winds are still blowing offshore. you see the flag waving in the wind out there right now that offshore wind has kept the fog away. and that's where we sit right now. i think that will chntinue overnight tonight. so temperatures very comfortable in many spots. still, 64 degrees in palo out of this evening. 63 in oakland and san francisco. 61 degrees in it's currently 62 degrees in santa rosa overnight tonight to see these high clouds beginning to creep in a little bit closer. so you wake up tomorrow morning and just see some of those high clouds drifting up above. so it's going to be filtered. sunshine around the bay area. but as we get toward
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the evening hours, we're going to see a beautiful sunset with some of those high clouds drifting on by by tomorrow night. temperature wise should be very nice outside numbers in the 60's in san francisco, mild. 66 in pacifica. 65 degrees in millbrae. 63 in san bruno about 69 degrees. very nice in san carlos. just a bit on side, some 60's, maybe couple 70's begin to pop out in south bay, a spate going to see those temperatures running up near 70 degrees in places like livermore about 69 in walnut creek. 64 degrees for a high in san leandro. some high clouds. and as you make your way into the death of looking like some nice weather to 69 in antioch, 63 in pittsburgh, 64 degrees in fairfield back along the coastline. those temperatures hovering in the 60's and mild beautiful day around much of the bay area tomorrow. temperatures going to be a little bit warmer and then we're going to cool down a little bit on saturday and sunday. couple clouds coming our way right now. we'll keep it dry through monday. in fact, more sunshine and dry through the first week of february. thank you, lawrence.
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>> audience of one music has the power to bring people and
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animals together while staying home during the pandemic, musician, andy thorn realized this fox walked into his colorado yard just about every day and one day he was playing the banjo on his deck and clearly the fox seems to have taken a liking to it. >> a lot of people say, oh, this is my favorite thing on social media. or these videos brighten my day or something like that. and that's really why we're doing it. just because it's fun. people seem to really appreciate it. >> and apparently so does the fox storm says the fox keeps coming back for an encore maybe walking his family for a whole cuts how cool is that? they're cool. one year ago we brought you the story of lloyd letter. so 100 year-old mountain and defying the odds on the tennis court tonight, we're happy to report that mr. letta celebrated his 100st birthday this fall and he still hasn't hung up his racket. not yet kron. 4 sports reporter kylen mills shows us how he's holding up on the court. >> they say h. is just a
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number. i don't mountain views. lloyd lettuce is proof of that. i think my dad's going to keep going for another 5 or 10 years. he just never. >> looks at himself as at 101 years. young lettuce still makes his way to los altos. high school 3 days a week to play tennis. and fact that they don't haha the oldest of the group by a decade. let us attacks each forehand with all he had its keep my eye on the haha. >> and i love that he plays tennis 3 times week. i hate that. he drives here by himself and doesn't take uber. lettuce is son bill with a bit more cautious approach. should can't convince him to a stop driving. but the >> very aware and he said he enjoys driving still. so let
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us enjoy studying astronomy, playing competitive bridge in attending cal football games every season i went to the big it was a really nice which >> cal berkeley is where lettuce met his wife of 75 years. the couple has 4 children, 14 grandchildren. and 23, great grandchildren. but he loves his family. and it's one thing i think that keeps him going still going and going strong. he never stops the. >> it reminds me of the rod stewart song forever young. another year older. >> another year wiser and still playing tennis. >> don't continue playing tennis lose highland hills kron, 4 sports. >> what an inspiration for all of us hopefully will be seeing that story again next year was honored to absolutely. and that wraps up kron 4 news that if i have a lot more ahead on kron. 4 news at 6, a positive
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sign in the fight against omicron masks will soon be able to come off in certain settings. in san francisco, the city released a new order that would ease some restrictions indoors for going. explain the changes and a good samaritan has died in the east bay. the man was shot while trying to help a robbery victim at a mall in concord. we have the latest details on the investigation just in to the kron. 4 news room.
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>> from the bay area's news station. you're watching kron. 4 news at 6. big news tonight masking rules are being eased in san francisco starting february. first next tuesday, you'll be able to take off your mask inside public places such as offices and gyms. >> if you're up to date with their vaccinations, thanks for joining us tonight at 6. i'm ken wayne and i'm pam moore. this is happening 2 weeks ahead of when the state's indoor mask mandate is set to expire on february. 15th. >> kron four's rob nesbitt joins us live know was how some business owners are reacting to the rule. changes are up. pam. now that omicron is past its peak in san francisco. gym owners are happy to see the city easing restrictions. not every gym owner is able to make changes because of a lack of boosters among members. >> omicron did not make december and january easy for gym owners like danielle wh


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