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tv   KRON 4 News at 12 Noon  KRON  January 27, 2022 12:00pm-1:01pm PST

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>>watch haul. streaming now from kron. 4, the bay area's local news station. >>i've made no decision except one. that person i will nominate we some of the extraordinary qualifications character experience and integrity. that person will be the first black woman ever nominate united states supreme court. >>and new at noon, president biden renews his pledge to make an historic pick for the supreme court as justice steven briar officially announces his retirement. thank you for joining us here
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on kronon at noon. i'm to recess stasio at a white house event this morning. justice briar joining president biden this morning to formalize his plan to step down at the end of the current term, briar has served nearly 30 years on the bench after he was nominated by then president clinton. he said that he is optimistic about what he described as the future of the american experiment. he called on young people in the next generation to pick his next justice. >>it's an experiment that still going on. and i'll tell you something. you know, who will see whether that experiment works? it's you, my friend. it's you. mister high school student. it's you, mister college student at you, mister law school students. it's awesome, but it's you. it's next generation. the one after that. my grandchildren and their children, they'll determine whether the experiment still works. and of
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course, >>i'm an optimist and i'm pretty sure it will. >>as for briar successor, president biden said that he will nominate a black woman before the end of the month. california supreme court justice leondra kruger is a leading contender and others on the shortlist. you can see right there in front of you. sherrilyn eiffel judge michelle childs, as well as u.s. district court of appeals judge cut on g black brown jackson. these are some of the people that are topping the short list. now, republican senators are already hinting to put up a fight senate minority leader mitch mcconnell released a statement that says in part, quote, the president must not outsource this important decision to the radical left. the american people deserve a nominee with a demonstrated reverence for the written text of our laws and our constitution. end quote. and the statement from
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democrat senator krysten sinema who holds on to a swing vote. it reads in part, i look forward to fulfilling my constitutional duty to provide advice and consent by thoughtfully examining the next nominee based on 3 criteria, whether the nominee is professionally qualified believes in the role of an independent judiciary and can be trusted to faithfully interpret and uphold the rule of law. we will continue to track this story for you closely on all of our platforms. coming up at 12. 45 a local political analyst weighs in on the future of the united states supreme court. and who could the president considered to replace justice briar? in other news for you today, today is international holocaust remembrance day to honor the 6 million jews who died during world war. 2 kron on's charles clifford is in santa rosa where there is a memorial and it's been recently vandalized. he joins
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us live with some details. hi, charles. >>hi there. this memorial here in santa rosa actually been vandalized twice. let's going take a look at some video now. the most recent incident was back on january 7th, where somebody knocked over a fountain in front of the holocaust memorial there in the santa rosa cemetery. now, that was the extent of the damage. the rest of the memorial has some really nice murals that wasn't damage. there was no graffiti or damage done to that. so that is sort of the good news here. but again, this is the second time this particular memorial has been vandalized. i talked to some folks who work there at the cemetery, sort of off camera who say they do have a problem with people sneaking into the cemetery after hours, there's no fence around it and they've had other memorials, other a grave stones around the cemetery vandalized as well. and there been no arrests made or any a motive for the attack on the from the police department so far. but there is an effort under way to repair the damage. of course, the people who put this the local congregation
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very upset and there is a gofundme page has been created. it's collected about $35,000 to hopefully fix or repair the damage and put in a surveillance system that will prevent this from happening again. now we have reached out to the congregation here in santa rosa and also to the folks are putting together gofundme page, hoping to hear from them a little later to 10 today and hopefully get their take on what has happened. but for now in the north bay, charles clifford kron, 4 news. charles, thank you for that. the jewish family and children's services holocaust center in san francisco is having an event today. >>to commemorate holocaust and remembrance day. it's set to start at one 30. we'll bring you that live here on kron on. and switching gears a little bit. let's take a live look outside side to mount tam. you can see. >>that is kind of hazy there. some peta full sunshine this morning. but now it just kind of seems a little milky out there. kron meteorologist mabrisa rodriguez joining us right now. so is a haze going to last? yeah, unfortunately it is. teresa. we're tracking
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very dry. >>and also unseasonably warm conditions. remember, this is our wet season. we're technically in winter, even though we're tracking temperatures in the upper 60's for today. so we're going to be a few degrees above average, especially for warmest inland valleys. but the big weather story today, in addition to the haze, like you mentioned, we're tracking severe drought in the bay area. so this is the latest drought monitor map. no change from last week, but we did improve either just because this is the 20th day of no rain in the bay area. and that is also contributing to the hazy skies because we should have rain that's should clean and clear out our air quality. but instead we're tracking very dry and unseasonably warm temperatures. and let's take a look. latest rain summary because this wet season, we're actually tracking above average rain. but remember, we
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have 2 years prior to this wet season where we got little to no rain. but the good news is our drought monitor still under that severe category, not improving the not getting worse. and it's thanks to this above average rain that we've gotten so far this year. the big winner, san francisco international airport. you should be averaging 10 inches of rain. we've already exceeded that significantly. already for wet season, but we are going to see, though, exactly where we should be for this time of year. and just for the san jose wet season in general, up to 104% should be averaging about 6 and a half inches of rain for the whole wet season. but we've already exceeded that. so mother nature definitely gave us a big boost as far as rain goes. but we still have a long way to go. we are going to see that a lot of sunshine out there. hazy conditions continuing. and even as we wrap up january and start february next week, it's going to remain dry in the bay area and that dry pattern looks to continue. teresa through mid
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february. but the good news because i know you love skiing and snowboarding, that outdoor enthusiast's that you are in this going to see some light rain and snow showers making its way by next tuesday. unfortunately, that storm track going to remain to our east, not going to impact the bay area. unfortunately, wish i could not get a little bit west for, but until then enjoy the warm and dry. sunny outlook. details in your full forecast in just a few minutes. back to you. wait, did you say snow? did you say snow? i think the snow. yes. enjoy. okay. >>thank you. i feel so much better now. and other news to our coronavirus coverage. the california department of public health confirmed that there are now 11 cases of the new omicron, some variant in the state with at least 2 cases in santa clara county, dubbed stealth omicron health experts do not believe, though, that this new strain is causing a more severe
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disease. the world health organization says it is monitoring closely. stealth omicron and note said it is spreading in other parts of the world. meanwhile, the cdc says that the omicron variant is now dominating covid-19 cases across the country. according 2, their data and their metrics. 99.9% of all covid-19 cases. they are all attributed to omicron. now this comes from a look at new cases recorded in the united states last week. the delta variant now accounting for one 10th of one percent of cases. cdc data also says the case numbers are down from a peak and hospitalizations have also started to decline. the city of berkeley is announcing new covid vaccine and booster mandates for certain businesses and kron on's camila barco has that story for us. the city of berkeley's health officer is requiring businesses to do 2 things.
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>>the first one is for employees at certain businesses in berkeley to be up to date on their vaccinations. and the second order is for businesses to start requiring their customers to show proof of vaccination. these orders go into effect starting february 7 by then businesses, nonprofits and other organizations are going to be asking people if they're fully vaccinated. this includes bars, entertainment venues, gyms, and any large indoor event with 500 or more people. it means if you are 5 years or older, you have to show proof you're fully vaccinated to go inside those places. the city's health officer says these are public places where the virus can spread easily by staying up to date on the vaccine's, people are less likely to get infected. so also next month, any employee who works at a certain venue in the city needs to be up to date on their vaccinations. if you work in any of these
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places on your screen, you must have your covid vaccine and booster shot. if you are eligible, this applies to all employees, contractors and volunteers who work at places like restaurants, james indoor events with 500 or more people, adult care facilities, dental offices and childcare facilities, whether they're public or private, you can go to kron 4 dot com to find out. if you are up to date on their vaccinations. if you're headed out to berkeley next month, be sure to have that physical or digital vaccination card on hand. for now, back to you. >>camilla, thank for that. the university of california berkeley is coming back to campus monday. here is a look at the requirements that you need to know. the school is issuing these facts. first, all eligible staff and students must have their full vaccine and booster shots to return next. face coverings must be worn in all indoor settings. staff is being required to wear campus approve mask, which include
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the n 95 k n 95. okay. 94 kf 94 or a surgical mask in the school statement released tuesday, the university writes, quote, we're hopeful that the worst of the omicron surge is behind us. but want to assure everyone that plans are in place should cases rise again. 2 important announcements today from covid-19 vaccine maker moderna first. the pharmaceutical companies saying that the effectiveness of its booster shot against the omicron variant. well, that begins to diminish after about 6 months. the company says de data shows the decline happens more quickly than against the original strain. moderna also says it is now starting a clinical trial of a booster that specifically targets the omicron variant. coming up, a kron on escalating tensions in ukraine. the latest on the
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u.s. efforts to prevent russia's military invasion. plus, taking steps to remove school board members. a closer look where and why some say that this is necessary. you're wa my name is douglas. i'm a writer/director and i'm still working. in the kind of work that i do, you are surrounded by people who are all younger than you. i had to get help somewhere along the line to stay competitive. i discovered prevagen. i started taking it and after a period of time, my memory improved. it was a game-changer for me. prevagen. healthier brain. better life.
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>>the south bay one lawsuit has already been filed against the city of san jose and more could be coming this after city leaders passed a controversial ordinance requiring gun owners to have liability insurance and pay a
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small fee. opponents contend that violates a gun owners first and second amendment rights kron on's felecia gaal reports for us. >>if it passes all of the legal hurdles ahead, an ordinance requiring san jose gun owners secure liability insurance and pay an annual $25 fee will become law in 6 months. is there anybody saying in california anymore the national association for gun rights is committed to preventing that from happening. san jose resident mark sykes and the country's largest gun rights group filed a lawsuit against the city shortly after the city council passed the ordinance tuesday night. we didn't immediately because we wanted to make it very clear that there were ramifications. the passing. >>america's most insane gun control. the ordinance will authorize police officers to ask for proof of insurance when they see or suspect someone is in possession of a firearm on the streets or in a home. >>for now, mayor sam liccardo
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spines and other administrative actions could be taken against violators. but without the passage of supplemental, a state laws, officers will not take guns away unless there's a reasonable belief it will or has been used for violence. i'm confident that we're going emerge from this litigation. with an ordinance that survives constitutional scrutiny and we'll be able to implement this. the city says the annual fees collected from the ordinance will be used by non-profit organizations working to reduce gun violence, suicide prevention and gun safety classes. the fact that the city of san jose >>is forcing citizens exercising a constitutional right to bear arms, particularly in their homes. they're taxing that and giving the tax money to nonprofits to then use it for speech that we all know is going to be used to criticize that very constitutional right. that is
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a violation of the first amendment. the ordinance does not specify how much insurance will cost, but the mayor says staff research shows most people will incur little to no cost at all. >>phillipe djegal all kron. 4 news. >>now to a follow-up on a smash-and-grab robbery that happened on the peninsula. a jury store owner who fought back is now talking to kron on after he kept would be robbers from taking his livelihood. kron on's dan thorn has the story for us. >>store owners here at the 10 for all are on high alert over the last week, robbers have been targeting the malls, jewelry stores, but one business owner was able to keep the smash-and-grab thieves from stealing his merchandise. and he's hoping the group doesn't come back. >>store security video from last week captures the moment a would be robber smashes a jewelry case with a crowbar. the store's owner is seen running over to defend his business before drawing a gun on the masked man who was a bad experience. i mean, everybody is giving thumbs up, but it's not. i mean, i don't
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really feel good about it. boseman behind. he says smash-and-grab robberies have become a menace for business owners across the bay area behind. he is legally permitted to carry a gun and should he need to protect his business? he's pretty hopeless at at that moment that i will feel good have been able see people are really. >>you know. >>time protect themselves and others rather than just back off. you know, the security video and the pictures from police show one of the suspects wanted in connection with this attempted robbery was armed just days after this happened, a second jewelry store at the 10 for and mauled was hit. >>the brazen nature of these crimes has mall workers worried. oh, my god, really those kavanaugh. what days we have to keep ourselves safe. san bruno police were seen going store to store wednesday giving employees tips on how to protect against robberies. >>police have also released these 2 sets of pictures showing people wanted for
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committing these crimes. the attempted robbery is something behind. never wants to experience again. he's hoping those who are responsible are caught and punished. i would like to reach out to, you know, like. >>lawmakers, please do something. i mean feat. everybody has a right. but when it comes to the small business, you don't have no right. >>last month, governor gavin newsome and attorney general rob bonta announced steps to address a smash-and-grab thefts. a three-part plan included bolstering law enforcement response ensuring prosecutors hold perpetrators accountable and getting guns and drugs off of our streets. reporting in san bruno, dan thorn kron. 4 news. >>voters are casting their ballots early in special elections in san francisco. a big matter on the ballot is the recall of 3 commissioners on the school board kron on's has spoke to supporters of the school board recall and one of the commissioners being recalled.
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>>one of the fundamental issues for the yes on recall, the san francisco school board campaign is from their perspective, the board of education wasted time on other issues during the pandemic. instead of focusing on reopening schools, see the raj and other blue engine started. the recall effort. >>so the schools are open, right? so i mean, ultimately and that's what you want then was and go what with the recall? >>so there are a couple reasons. the one big one is learning loss of these board members don't believe us happened. and if they don't play that happened, then they you know, they haven't measured it and they haven't come up with a plan to address it. but >>and, you know, it is for every community from black. is that, you know, asian every off that, you know what to think of it talking about the think you guys have not focused on academics for a kid's francisco school board. president gabriela lopez and 2 former vp follow good liga and alison collins r the commission is being recalled.
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this is allison collins, first television interview says the recall begin make your best case. why you should get a new seat on the san francisco board of education. >>i was elected. really help the district hold its promise. 2 families specifically around ensuring that each and every student has access to a safe school. and that's not just some kids, but that's all kids. in addition, yes, on recall advocates say that san francisco schools are in a crisis that covers equity budget and leadership need to get confidence. debate is in the community that we good leadership on the school district that can actually run things well and then focus on education. otherwise you not to get those back. and, you know, can you to see the spinal to you know, more and more cuts as more and more families need the district. >>those against the recall are concerned that there may be other motives if you don't like a policy choice, you vote for a different candidate.
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>>but if we're going disrupt end, our whole electoral our whole process argument. democratic process in san francisco, any time people with wealth influence, you know, political influence have the ability to do so. we're putting our city at risk, the san francisco special municipal election, which includes the school board recall, will take place on february. 15th 2022. >>has he let you run for new? you're watching kron on. we'll have more news after the break.
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>>health care coverage for a drug that treats all cymru's disease is at risk of getting caught. this could impact more than 6 million americans living with the disease last year. the food and drug administration approved the drug for the treatment of alzheimer's. it is called to helm, but the centers for medicare and medicaid service. he's now considering cutting medicare coverage of the drug. now, it only wants to cover the drug in clinical trials approved by the sea and asked itself or by the national institutes of health. this is concerning for a couple in oakland dealing with alzheimer's. the couple says that the medicine has given them a life back. >>we do know that.
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>>he seems to be in better spirits. he's, you know, we're both just enjoying life. a lot more and it's a lot less a lot more peace of mind and that stress, that's everything. and it gives us hope for the future. so not having that is really frightening. >>and it is absolutely crucial that we not only develop more drugs as best as we can. but that casts a shadow on the things that are working now. >>the c m s reported doubts about whether the possible benefits of at helm outweigh the safety risk, which includes headaches, dizziness and brain bleeds. you're watching kron on. we'll have more news after the break. our
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top story now at 12, 30 senator alex padilla, along with other state officials announcing an historic campaign against big tobacco. the campaign is attempting to ban the sale of flavored products which they say appealed to children. now these products include meant he meant fall. and the original candy flavored cigarettes. senator padilla is efforts also include changing
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a grade given the products from the american lung association in its 20th annual state of tobacco control report, california got an incomplete for ending the sale of all flavored tobacco products. officials say that's due to the referendum petition filed against sp 7.93, which was designed to restrict such sales. however, the state got an a for the strength of its smoke-free workplace laws. in national news matters and ukraine continue to heat up u.s.. officials say that russia's latest demands offer no significant changes to the current situation. basil, john reports for us. russia demanded a written response. >>and this latest message from the u.s. and nato could determine if war breaks out in europe. >>there's no change. there will be no change. >>in a letter to the russian government, the u.s. refuses to give in to moscow's demands. we make clear that there are core principles that we are committed to uphold and
12:32 pm
defend. secretary of state antony blinken says the u.s. and nato will hold their policies in place. >>and not allow russia to dictate how the situation is handled, including ukraine's sovereignty and territorial integrity and the right of states to choose their own security arrangements and allies. the u.s. has already delivered military assistance to ukraine with ammunition, an anti armor systems. more color is expected in the days to come. blinken echoed the message that any military aggression into ukraine will be met with consequences and economic costs as part of our response. we're also prepared to impose export controls that will have a longer term effect. >>the 9 russia products that it needs to fulfill its key to have issues. >>and white house press secretary jen psaki says russian president vladimir putin needs to think about the consequences his country would face. that includes business and economic interests of president putin and the leadership of the russian government. blinken says the 8500 troops are still on standby as the u.s. continues. its push to resolve the
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situation through diplomacy >>reporting in washington, i'm basil, john. >>and an update now on the colorado fire burning in big sur. firefighters are getting a handle on the blaze. the wildfire is now 65% contained and is down to 700 acres. investigators say was triggered by a prescribed burn. the fire was intended to clear up dry brush but backfired friday night when gusty winds began. now, let's get a check of our forecast with kron on meteorologist mabrisa rodriguez say think that it's fantastic that we're seeing these beautiful blue skies. i have a big question, though. what's it going to look like down south for the forty-niners game? yeah. even warmer, drier and more beautiful trees. so we're going to see temperatures near the low 70's when kickoff starts at 3.30. and we're tracking. >>calmer winds speeds so they are going to see santa ana winds gusting tonight through saturday. but the good news
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for forty-niners, they're going to see just a gentle breeze out there as they take on the los angeles rams. i love again nor cal socal battle. so let's go forty-niners. let's take a live look outside. beautiful weather for us here. closer to home in the bay area. in fact, are going to see a lot of great beach and outdoor weather not just today but lasting all weekend long air quality, though, still a little bit hazy out there. so we are tracking moderate air particles from north to south coast to the valley. so everyone is going to notice that haze we've had above average temperatures and the lack of rain not really cleaning out our air mass out there. hence the moderate air particles but radar for tracking very dry, clear conditions. we did see a little bit of that dense fog, not as bad as yesterday morning where we were under an advisory, but still very chilly night overnight. and temperatures already starting to rebound out there. mid 60's, a piece for pacifica and half moon bay downtown san francisco. little cooler. 59
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degrees. seasona weather, though, nonetheless, with san jose at 61 degrees and mid 60's for sam a tail. so right now that is easily the warmest city out there right now in the bay area, 10 degrees cooler for those of you. a nap at 57 degrees. but petaluma and even for those of you in our valleys in the north bay tracking cool temperatures there. but novato just to your south at 61 degrees. so very unique microclimate forecast there because of that change in wind direction. so let's take a look at where the winds are right now out of the east in nevada. and we're going to see more of a north, an easterly flow to throughout today. but then for friday's forecast, winds out of the east, widespread at 20 miles per hour or less. and kronon planner forecast tracking widespread low to mid 60's today. usually about 2 to 8 degrees above average and little change on saturday. so if you love tomorrow's forecast, you're certainly going to love this weekend. a little bit more sunshine out there for the 2nd half of the
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weekend. but as you could see, teresa bone dry, as we say goodbye to january and hello to february. first, starting on tuesday. back to you. >>ok, quick question. so it's 61 degrees ish that's going to happen on sunday. so we've got to bundle up. to watch the game outdoors right? and then we can. if we're going to get on a plane, we've got to take that jacket off to to go down. watch the game with the rams, right? yeah. pretty much. we're going to notice temperatures in the 70's out there this weekend for los angeles county for us here in the bay area. here we go. widespread low 60's, maybe a few mid 60's for innermost valleys. but >>still a few degrees above average. i miss the rain. teresa. >>i miss the rain. i miss the snow. the s thank you very much. appreciate that. keeping with the forty-niners the forty-niners are prepping for the big game. the team is having another practice today say get ready to face the rams in the nfc championship game, which happens on sunday. kron on's will tran at levi stadium with more on the exciting
12:37 pm
matchup. >>the niners they are facing a familiar opponent, of course, the los angeles rams. it looks like 65% of the stadium will be filled by niners fans and it will be filled by niners players. it looks like they will be at full strength later today. they will take the field full practice with the pads hitting each other because they really want to take it out on the rams come sunday little things that you need to know. trent williams, the offensive lineman, probably their mvp is part of ground and pound. he's the one who protects jimmy g. he did not practice yesterday, but all systems go. it looks like come sunday, elijah mitchell, their star running back. it looks like he's ready. deebo samuel. he took a helmet to the knee against the packers. he's good to go. he killed the rams in week 18. no matter who we talk about everybody else, all eyes will be on jimmy g because he knows if he wins.
12:38 pm
it's him. if he loses, fans will say it. it's him. >>think just knowing knowing yourself and honor you are playing big part of that because, you know, if you're lost in and start believe in some of those things that could take you down the wrong road. so. think it's just about knowing yourself as a player has a person. and i know as long as these guys in this locker room, i faith in me and believed in me. that's all i really care about. >>the niners they will be turning to their fans because last time in week 18, apparently it was so loud for the rams that according to deebo samuel, that the rams started pumping in their own artificial noise whenever they took the field just to get the rams fans all excited. the niners, not only their fans will be traveling. it looks like a lot of their legends will be down there as well, including frank gore and staley. they will be down there as well. the niners, they're the underdogs. but i don't think they're the underdogs because they beat the rams 6 straight times.
12:39 pm
they are looking for number 7 and if they win. >>they will be going to the super bowl. >>jimmy g he could be down to his last few days with the forty-niners because let's face it. you don't trade up to draft trey lance and have him on the bench. >>again next season he fully knows it. but he is almost invincible in the playoffs. >>back to you. will tran. thanks for that. we're coming up on kron-on lawmakers making some big demands about student loans. we'll
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>>is my intention? my intention to announce my decision before the end of february. >>the countdown is on to find out who might become the next supreme court justice. this morning, president biden officially announcing the resignation of justice steven briar, who has served nearly 30 years on the bench. donna crane with san jose state university joins us now to weigh in on the changing of the court. this is really quite significant, donna. >>the kinds of events are they worked in washington for 25 or so years. you set everything aside when the supreme court vacancy becomes a >>so let's talk about this a little bit more packet for people. one thing that really kind of comes to mind is the simple fact that the president is seeing some pretty dismal poll numbers. is this a chance for him to pick up some attention, some positive move
12:43 pm
the needle, especially with black voters >>it absolutely is. i was one of the first things that occurred to me when i heard the rumors you know, he's he's gone through a couple rough corridors and in the last 6 months. and this is an opportunity for him recently to find his base to unify. and there will be broad consensus support. i'm sure for whichever candidate chooses. it's also likely that there will be almost probably universal support in the senate, most of the democrats for the nominee. so this is, you know, this is a good piece of news for the biden administration. >>but that said, i mean, there's the 2 wild cards in the senate regards to mister mansion as well this cinema. so do you think that he will be able to pick them up? >>yeah. so these are important things to keep in mind. my experience with just a personal experience is judicial nominees tend to be
12:44 pm
unified parties in ways that broad pieces of legislation dot. there are just a lot of details to pick apart of legislation due see a little bit more wandering like mister mentions both on on the democratic and republican sides of the aisle. what i've seen is that the people, the expectation is a part of leadership is that the team will stay together. it however, that i'm one of the nominees, is one of the candidates is i love it says the top of the was nominated for her position because this is just now she did receive 3 republican votes, not kentucky jackson. >>and that was going to be a leading into my next question. who do you like on there? if you're looking into the tea leaves are looking into the crystal ball. don, tell me what your thoughts are. >>well, i don't have to look into the tea leaves i actually have to live a short list. well, i was working in washington because you always want to be ready for a day like this. so that like i had
12:45 pm
in mind a high 5 or 6 names of prominent african-american attorneys, highly accomplished top of their field. i would say the 2 that really rise to the top of that list are 10 times brown jackson. she is judge on the dc circuit court. she is the one who did receive 3 republican votes when she was confirms to that position. and i would say this second contender is leandro krueger who is from our own golden state. she's a judge on the california supreme court and both of them have clerked for supreme court justices in the past. they're deeply experience with both that institution and the law. so i think he's quite a nice bunch to >>and the path when we look at jackson, i mean, she not only clerked it for the supreme court, but that is a path tapping from the district court. that is the path that we have seen before. >>oh, yes, it is widely considered to be the quarter
12:46 pm
are likely to community college to the supreme she clerked for it is also sort of a fun thing to note for people who follow washington political intrigue, the that around jackson has a right now on the dc circuit court. she got because america garland had it and he was nominated to be attorney general about is in that position and we might all remember that he got that position because he was denied a his nomination to the supreme court and mcconnell a few years back. so does quite a little game of a game of certainly the chairs yet. however, there's a lot that can happen in the next. let's say, i believe the president was saying that he wants to announce his. >>the nominee by the end of february. so a lot can happen in that next couple weeks. right? >>oh, that's absolutely right. and there couple of interesting notes about that. but first, i just want to remark that i wonder what's going to mcconnell's head right now that he could have
12:47 pm
merrick garland on the court, but now he's facing the very real prospect that coming up quite progressive. very young african-american woman on the bench since that. oh, my the decisions he made and the consequences of that. so, yeah, i think there's a struggle within the next several president biden will be working with his team to put together a short list of candidates. usually what happens is the president will meet with some are between one and 4 of the top contenders make a decision making announcement and then we go forward from there. >>and i was going to say there's always so many. i mean, i feel like we're in the middle of a chess game, right? i mean, that is the epitome of being in dc. you and i have both been there watched all of this up close and personal. so there's so much that's going to be going on behind the scenes in the next couple of days. i even after the announce took place because it was kind of peppered out there before the president even made the comment. but at the same
12:48 pm
time, there could be a wild card out there right? >>no question. i actually went to the white house to the rose garden ceremony. president obama nominated merrick garland. i was invited and i showed up that morning. absolutely certain it was going to be a different person. so even those of us who are working on the issue until 5 minutes before, you know, we did the surprise there. there's a good i think that's good working list of 5 or lot women who are highly accomplished in their field and serve ready for this next step. and a couple of the women that we haven't discussed are actually being advocated for by really critical senators write, these are senators who will probably vote for whomever might come next. but still, they're influential people like durbin and chuck schumer and the clothes are and biden is a senator himself. he will probably take those recommendations seriously. so there will absolutely be lobbying and shocking behind the scenes to by different people, different camps to put their preferred candidate. former.
12:49 pm
>>giant issues big giant chapter and the president's president say thank you very much, donna. really appreciate your insight into all of this. and no doubt we're going to be talking to you again. >>great events. a time. democrats want the president to take action on student debt today. dozens of lawmakers are going to go public with their demands for. >>president biden, others are working on legislation to tackle the issue. washington, dc correspondent hannah brandt has the details for us. >>calls to tackle student debt are growing louder. a group of 80 progressive lawmaker sent a letter wednesday asking president biden to cancel up to $50,000 of student debt for borrowers. ohio senator sherrod brown is part of that push the young people's 2 years, 5 years, even 10 years out of college. >>who are so oppressed, if you will, with 30 1500 or more $1000 in debt, president biden did pause student loan repayment during the pandemic, but so far hasn't fulfilled his campaign promise to cancel
12:50 pm
up to $10,000 in debt are still looking at administrative options. but congress can also send the president a bill. >>that would provide $10,000 in debt relief and he'd be happy to sign that meanwhile, many lawmakers are holding their breath with several of them introducing bills to tackle problems related to student loans. in other ways, we've got to make it easier to pay off student loan debt. and when you pay it off, we've got to make sure you've got a clean slate. north carolina congresswoman deborah ross and other lawmakers introduced a bill that would broaden relief for borrowers who defaulted or made late payments on their student loans, making it easier to remove that from their credit history. let you pay it off. >>you should have a clean score and be able to raise your family in a home, be able to buy a car, be able to start a business. she's also advocating for things like increasing pell grants to make tuition more affordable so that they don't have to in the first place in washington. i'm hannah brandt. >>governor newsome wants to
12:51 pm
make california. >>better when we talk about electric cars and it is all part of his state spending plan. the governor met with state lawmakers to decide how to move forward with his proposal. our capitol bureau reporter ashley, those that was of allah explains. >>ford stood tall with the state of california standing outside of ford, silicon valley innovation center. governor gavin newsome. thank the automaker and others from moving in a new 0 emissions direction. and we are on a mission. >>to accelerate the electric adoption. the governor wants the state to spend 10 billion dollars over the next 5 years to invest in electric vehicles, including funds for trucks, buses, charging stations and money to help low income buyers purchase the cars. lawmakers last year already approved about 4 billion dollars for this purpose. newsom is requesting an additional 6 billion dollars. the plan is part of the governor's 37.6 billion dollar total proposed climate action package that in part
12:52 pm
attempts to decrease the state's reliance on oil and gas. california is on the tip. >>of the spear in terms of the effects of climate change in extremes. but we also are in the leading edge of innovation, leading edge of addressing with the resilient mindset, these anxieties not just for the country, but for the globe newsom's event. wednesday came just hours before the state assembly budget committee began weighing the governor's overall spending plan in its first hearing. revenue coming. >>2, sacramento is not our money. it's the money earned by we need to ensure measurable results that we can with. the investments are being made. the state's non-partisan legislative analyst's office said lawmakers should focus on doing some oversight into the already big investments passed last year. >>including those related to climate change. we recommend that the legislature be cautious about creating new programs for significantly
12:53 pm
expanding its existing wants. the committee did not take any action wednesday. >>in sacramento, ashley zavala kron, 4 news. you're watching kron on. we'll have more news after the break.
12:54 pm
hi, i'm debra. i'm from colorado. i've been married to my high school sweetheart for 35 years. i'm a mother of four-- always busy. i was starting to feel a little foggy. just didn't feel like things were as sharp as i knew they once were. i heard about prevagen and then i started taking it about two years now. started noticing things a little sharper, a little clearer. i feel like it's kept me on my game. i'm able to remember things. i'd say give it a try. prevagen. healthier brain. better life.
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>>well, fighting crime and has stood.
12:56 pm
>>fighting crime, delivering food. one south dakota police officer did. after stopping a car nearby and arresting the driver. officer sam clemens realize that the person worked for doordash and there was food in the car that needed to be delivered. so the officer finished the delivery. the video has since gone viral and gain more than 2 million views. he would have a smile on his face, too. well, we are seeing an amazing sight off the coast of newport beach in southern california. got to see this for yourself right? thousands of dolphins jumping out of the water near whale watching tour boat. this is video from newport landing and davey's locker. well watching now, passengers were awestruck, understandably so by the scene. no one knows exactly what caused all. dolphin water stampede. they may have been debating a predator catching up. for a few source or, you know, just trying to show off. right either way was an amazing sight. thank you for watching
12:57 pm
kron on at noon. i'm theresa we'll see you back here at 3. >>the news continues on kron on grab your phone and scanned the qr code on your screen to download the kron on app. also available on roku. amazon fire stick and apple tv.
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>> judge tanya: you discovered that he had drug parties at your place. >> i was seeing drugs. >> judge tanya: marijuana. >> ♪ i'm trouble ♪ >> i also saw white drugs. >> judge michael: how do you explain that? >> nobody's perfect. it was my day off. >> judge patricia: come on. >> ♪ i'm trouble ♪ >> announcer: "hot bench." judge tanya acker. judge patricia dimango. judge michael corriero. three judges. three opinions. one verdict. "hot bench." >> sonia: your honor, this is case number 35, raad vs. pena. >> judge tanya: thank you, officer montejano. mr. raad, you are a grad student in mechanical engineering. and winter break came up, so you were gonna hightail it out of town and sublease your student apartment to the defendant. you subleased it to him for a


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