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tv   KRON 4 News at 9am  KRON  January 27, 2022 9:00am-10:01am PST

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and letting me join you. i'm daria. nice to meet you. even though i don't know where you've been for 23 years but there were good friends by and we're all big friends and team members here and all that together. >> except i mean, james myself have to conduct raids shifts. but johnson, the house very far away. the rain is upstairs. she's back. so that's great. covid safe covid news for you to and things are looking up. so that's some good news. let's peek at the weather. first high pay. daria. get so nice to have all of us back. even for a little more spaced out than lots of sunshine out there. half moon bay, it didn't look like this yesterday. it was very foggy the past couple of days today. it's all about the sunshine and we're going to be seeing that. >> more and more into the afternoon helping temperatures out because even though it is clear right now, it is certainly cold out there to 30's, 40's and 50's for current temps with alameda in pacifica. each in the 50's.
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meantime, dublin nevado santa rosa. you're still holding on to those 30's and you're going to be holding on your jackets because of that. now, today is going to be one of the more mild and sunny day. so do enjoy it. i'm talking a few changes in the rest of your forecast to come. first of all, it's going to rain or though it's been a minute. we're so glad to have you back. so glad to be back in. also, glad to help you get to work. this morning. we saw >> a lot of traffic throughout the morning. we're still seeing a few delays out there like in the south bay along 85 northbound camden avenue. we have an accident. so we are starting to see a slight delay. i say it may be take 87 if you're trying to get around those delays. there. also here in oakland, another accident southbound 88 hamburger road. also along 5.80, we are seeing residual delays as you're traveling along there as well. once you reach the maze, it's under 9 minutes to make it into that city to the fremont street exit. so that's the good news here. san mateo bridge about 12 minutes as you're heading across towards the peninsula traveling this morning and living with a look
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at the richmond center fell bridge about 8 minutes as you're traveling out of richmond. daria, back to you. thank you. ran a 9, 0, one. and let's get to the big story about california showing promising signs that the omicron way the slowing down. all right. enough with the commute. infection. rates and hospitalizations are falling, which is great. the states on average of more than 87,000 cases, more than 15,000 people hospitalized. listen, this positively rates are slightly down from earlier this week to 18.7% right now about just over 81% of californians are fully vaccinated. so that's all moving in the right direction. and as the number of covid cases is going down, there are questions about mandates. we're now past the peak of omicron. but the state's mask mandate is still in place at this point till february. 15th kron four's rob nesbitt has insight from health offices and ran and alameda counties. omicron spread quickly at first quadrupling in a week in some
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places. >> now that we're finally seeing a decline. health experts don't want to slow that process down by easing restrictions. there have been a lot of positive cases last 2 months, but not a lot of positive outlook when it comes to omicron in marin county, the berrien finally started to trend downward after january. 4th. >> but it's not a fast process. according to health officer doctor matt willis, our case rates are going down more slowly than you know, we're now seeing about 200, 50 cases on average per day in marin county. >> that's been the stable number for the past 3 or 4 days down 40% from the peak of omicron alameda county health officer doctor nicholas moss says omicron also peek at the beginning of the month. he's now paying attention to hospitalizations which tend to lag behind case numbers repeat with our hospitalizations. we are very similar to where we were in it with loss. surge before the first positive omicron case in the country was discovered in san francisco, the watershed, the santa clara county detected the variant doctor. sara cody
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says the vaccines help prevent hospitalizations, but they weren't 100% effective. and that's where we pair it >> so if you wear a mask and everyone around, you wears a mask about where a very important layer of >> protection masks are still required indoors, regardless of vaccination status until at least february 15th. the omicron is on the decline. health officers in the bay area say it would be a mistake to lift mandates. now we do not want to threaten the progress that we've achieved through those behaviors to those i can assure gifting them staying the course for the next few weeks, but with a positive outlook, we will have a chance hopefully, you know, as we have done over time throughout the pandemic, remove more and more the restrictions. health officers are also seeing a new subvariant of omicron called ba 2. they say that it doesn't seem to be that different from omicron when it comes to spread and cause of severe disease in san francisco. i'm rob nesbitt. kron. 4 news.
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>> it's 9, 0, 4, and the california department of public health confirms there are 11 cases of a new omicron subvariant in our state. at least 2 cases in santa clara county of this new variant called stealth omicron. it sounds scary, but actually experts say that they don't believe this new strain is causing any more severe disease and the world health organization says they're monitoring stealth and they know that they have seen it spreading in other parts of the world. already. and new this morning, the city of berkeley announcing new covid vaccines. they have a little vaccine mandates and also booster mandates. it applies to certain businesses. so let's see who applies to travelers. camila barco has that live this morning. good morning, kayla. >> good morning. joya. cnn city's health officer is requiring 2 things that businesses the first one is requiring employees at certain berkeley to be up to date on their vaccinations and the second order says that
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businesses are now going to require their customers to show proof of vaccination. so these orders go into effect starting february 7. and by then businesses, nonprofits and other organizations are going to be asking people if they're fully vaccinated. this goes for bars. entertainment venues, gyms and any large indoor event with 500 or more people. so this means if you are 5 years or older, you have to show proof that you're fully vaccinated to go inside those places. the state officer says that these are public places where the virus can spread easily by stay up to date on the vaccine's, people are less likely to get infected. and also next month, any employee who works at a certain venue in the city needs to be up to date on their vaccinations. so you take a look at your screen if you work at any of these places, you must have your covid vaccine and booster. if you're eligible, this applies to all employees, contractors and volunteers who work at restaurants, james, into
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workbench with 500 people or more adult care facilities, dental offices and public and child care facilities and you can find all of this at kron 4 dot com. you can also find out if you are up to date on your vaccination. so if you're headed out to berkeley, starting next month, be sure to have your physical or digital vaccination card. all right. back to you. ok? thanks a lot, hala. >> it's 9, 0, 7, and groundhog day again, every day we're covering the forty-niners getting ready to face the rams. will it ever happen? yes, of course it. well, the big nfc championship game is on. it's going to be sunday and we're talking the players and the coach an just the fans and just the excitement is building covers will tran live at levi stadium. think the worst things to have to cover like every single day, right? >> this is the san francisco forty-niners bureau. if you've here every day, i would love
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it. what a wonderful stadium. but the niners they won't be playing at this stadium. they will be traveling and they will not be alone. it looks like thousands of other people will be traveling as well. the niners they are facing a familiar opponent, of course, the los angeles rams. it looks like 65% of the stadium will be filled by niners fans and it will be filled by niners players. it looks like they will be at full strength later today. they will take the field full practice with the pads hitting each other because they really want to take it out on the rams come sunday little things that you need to know. trent williams, the offensive lineman, probably their mvp is part of ground and pound. he's the one who protects jimmy g. he did not practice yesterday, but all systems go. it looks like come sunday, elijah mitchell, their star running back. it looks like he's ready. deebo samuel. he took a helmet to the knee against the packers. he's good to go. he killed the
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rams in week 18. no matter who we talk about everybody else, all eyes will be on jimmy g because he knows if he wins. it's him. if he loses, fans will say it. it's him. >> think just knowing knowing yourself and knowing where you are playing big part of that because, you know, if you get lost in and start believe in some of those things that could take you down the wrong road. so. think it's just about knowing yourself as a player as a person. and i know as long as these guys in this locker room, i have faith in me and believed in me. that's all i really care about. faithful travel i mean, it's npwhen you can get your fans behind you like that on a road game and we knew it. i mean, before the game even started as a lot of red, you can see it. but once we start making plays and they started loud, it just change the momentum of the game. i think. >> the niners they will be turning to their fans because last time in week 18, apparently it was so loud for
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the rams that according to deebo samuel, that the rams started pumping in their own artificial noise whenever they took the field just to get the rams fans all excited. the niners, not only their fans will be traveling. it looks like a lot of their legends will be down there as well, including frank gore and staley. they will be down there as well. the niners, they're the underdogs, but i don't think they're the underdogs because they beat the rams 6 straight times. they are looking for number 7 and if they win, they will be going to the super bowl. >> jimmy g he could be down to his last few days with the forty-niners because let's face it. you don't trade up to draft trey lance and have him on the bench. >> again next season he fully knows it. but he is almost invincible in the playoffs. back to you, by the way, is requesting a little bit earlier. yeah, i don't care what i mean. you can i don't feel sorry for jimmy g one bit because he so much money. he
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knows the pressure. but when you get a pay 126 million dollars and people have you and blame you. you know what? it is the look, daria yet. >> positive hit, right? right. is all i like this whole the fake crowd thing. i think they remember they got used during covid all the sports team has pump that in. but what they won't need will as any of the fake covid cut out crowds. and i know that you've been tracking us to bob is saying this is the best seller shaping up to be the best selling football game in stub hub history. playoff game. >> i believe that we were talking about this on monday. i have a friend who's an la rams fan and for his face value, he was paying about 3.75. any looked on monday duryea for his section which is relatively close. it was going for $81800, but he wasn't going to sell it. believe me. i would sell it in a heartbeat. law $100 each. wow. yeah. that says a lot of
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>> all right. it skies watching on tv thank you. will nothing tv. comfortable at home. it's also comfortable the stadium, though i-70 degrees will be just fine there. at least you avoided the green bay game. >> we're looking outside of conditions that are nice and clear this morning. it's been cold, but we do have a lots of sunshine helping to warm us into the 60's later today. more details in your forecast. oh, wow, barbara corcoran! good morning.
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>> ny 14. and while you're having your >> the most boring breakfast every day. just saying it's easy to cook. you call the cooking, i boil. i boil with the best of them. you know what? yours so help you go. so nobody is thinking and my body is they gave me. all right. well, thank you for the forecast because it looks awesome. oh, my you can't beat this view. it was beautiful with a little bit of fog and it's just as beautiful without it. beautiful at the golden gate bridge. and we are seeing. a continuation have the dry weather that unfortunately we have seen january october was a great month. we saw a helping atmospheric river. then we dry out november. then december helped us out even more. and now january has really been a dry one. we haven't taken a step back. as far as drought goes these past couple of weeks. yeah, i mean any progress either, though. so we
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absolutely do need to see rainfall kicking back into gear and at least mid february. of right now, this high pressure ridge is keeping us dry for a multitude of more days, at least through next week. so today is going to be one of more mild than clear days of this forecast. get out there and enjoy it. it's not that we're going to cool down or necessarily get gray from this point forward. but tomorrow we will conditions out there. just partly cloudy. quite as crystal clear blue is today. just as mild, though, after that temperatures will begin to slide just a few degrees. it's still going to be mild with above average daytime highs for this time of year. the high pressure ridge is certainly going to keep us dry to winning out any chance of rainfall that some models were projecting for next week, all but 7 gone now. now we do have a couple of windy spots in the north bay, not an exceptionally windy day. in fact, a little calmer than yesterday was for the north bay. so today, all in all as another really pleasant one, 60 solidly for san francisco in for a lot of our coastal spots. temperatures along the bayshore back into the 60's as
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well. and our warmest spots in the south bay, like santa clara campbell, san jose and milpitas again, getting close to 70 degrees on this late january day for oakland, you'll be at 64 degrees of allay at 62. well, sandra fell you around us out at 62 degrees, too. now tomorrow's temperatures around the same as today. i did allude to the fact have a few more clouds tomorrow. that's not to say it's going to be gloomy. just not as crystal clear friday, saturday, sunday and monday, all bringing some cloud cover, but also some sunshine monday, a slight chance of maybe a drop of water to it's not going to be a rainy day or anything close to it. this forecast just stays dry. reyna. john, thank you for that. all right. so we've been tracking the traffic on a thursday morning and we are seeing. >> an accident down in the south bay. this is a long 85. if you're traveling down there. so that's right. just north of camden avenue. if you're trying to get around that you could take 87 or 17 as good alternative to try maneuver around that accident
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traveling into the city right now, the maze 2, that fremont street exit just a little under 11 minutes. so not seen any major delays at this hour. we had some traffic backing up us up just a bit in the last hour. but now we're starting to recover out there. san mateo bridge heading across towards the peninsula. you're at 12 minutes there. the golden gate bridge. 20 minutes as you're traveling. 37 to the tolls and we'll leave you with a look at the richmond. sandra fell bridge traveling at a richmond across towards sandra fell about 7 minutes for your drive. daria, back to you. it's time to talk winners and losers with our financial expert rob black morning, rob. >> o well, where official now you've got the jacket that well wide of the suit jacket back on what happened to the sweaters, mister rogers. >> it's going to ebb and have like 3 spy, only only 3 slider. are all well, this is this go get em this as slick high is that what's happening in the markets here? mover shaker today. not we're starting the year off in a
9:19 am
transition. and we're moving more towards vio. so it's painful. the transitions like your watch football or if you know 10, 15 years you see that went from running back into a quarterback in this is going from across can provide a game. >> last time it last too many all-time highs and is too much fun. so we're paying a little rice at start of the year. gdp for the 1st quarter at 6.9%. we were looking down 500 start today and we saw that number. that's an amazing quarter. think we have a good problem, higher interest rates because hotter economy hotter economy creates inflation. inflation's. the problem too much is not good. we needed more. goldie locks in just right. southwest said people in january, february state home, but they're coming back out march mastercard said covid looks like it's peaking because we start to see more spending and more international travel has been booked. and today we get apple learning. so it it's not good news. it's not bad. it is. and sometimes i'd races is up in
9:20 am
my opinion. so we're digesting last year's games, ok? all right. very good. >> and then would you think it's good or bad news for tesla? because i know we're talking about tesla today. there's so many good things going on with the electric cars and everything. but then they said no new models. and i just got to show you, you know, i'm sure james told you, james finally got a tesla. i mean, he's on top of the world and i'm still driving by 2010 acura. i pull in each morning and this is where i parked too close to as they get so like our as 203,000 miles on it. it's filling up with gas. he's driving in style and he has a deposit on that cybertruck which looks like it's not going to happen this year. how hot will it he would be so cool. drive the market in this. >> you know, it's funny as he probably doesn't have retirement plan, but he's got a it right. i'm not to my good friend when i say that. it's expensive luxury to say the what a quarter. they talked
9:21 am
about robots to talk about updates. they talked about payroll taxes because he on musk options worth billions of dollars that the company and massive amount of income tax you an ideal. but they also had to pay payroll tax and social security and other issues. no cybertruck this year. note car for $25,000 or last. not going to happen maybe 20 23 $25,000 car, which would compete with other carmakers cybertruck moving in 2023. is a big win for 40's. got their new f one, 50 electric vehicle right. interesting note. they said autonomous driving will be ready by the end of 2022. and that we will be doing robo taxis and that service business model is already starting to work in phoenix with waymo. he thinks he's you can pull it off in san francisco. so we'll see. he also has a robot that he's building called optum s that's going to be the debut this year. we think can do jobs that we don't want to do or maybe jobs are dangerous. so high expectations and he
9:22 am
delivered with the fund conference call last night. oh, my gosh. okay. so james is this is spending his money like it's going tesla. maybe you'll get easy is next. and i know >> talking about you got to talk about easy as today. >> i'm sorry. i think is a true philanthropist and a true the gap relationship really hasn't worked out. they've only did the baby to products zipper list. puffer jacket in the last 2 years is hot. one. he's looking for a price point under $100 with the county equality he did for adidas. he made at 1.7 billion dollars year in annual sales for shoes. he's not doing it with gaps. the gaps get a little upset with them. it's taking too long of know the most offensive headline of the morning i think was a con a model west is going to use homeless people as models for his clothing store. coming up on skid row i came skid row. try to think of the name of that company. it's clothing skid row fashion. so is homeless people as models. and that just sounds cringe worthy. but you know what?
9:23 am
well, it's and he's a genius and he's worth billions and lie and lie, right? was it was a cringe worthy. i mean, maybe like they will be homeless. he's going to give the modeling job this. is this how he's going to give back on people jobs? yeah. >> and and you can see how cool you can. anybody can look fancy right with you. if you wear the right thing. >> will you wear a trash bag? puffer jacket? >> i have to admit i saw the car dash ins wearing this kind of thing to look like trash bag. it was a windbreaker. have lived in mine is like brand. but like i love it and i i wear it proudly. and i kind of think it looks glad bag like it. >> un james. yeah. he has a task you back a follower. thank you, rob. see, i rob. this is what you should do. have a good one. if you have a question you asked you can region on facebook or twitter. we'll be right back. it's
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9.26. and firefighters get a handle on the wildfire that's burning in picturesque big sur. the wildfires now 60% contained. it's estimated at 700 acres burned and it turns out was triggered by a prescribed burn. the controlled fire got out of control. it was supposed to clear up some dry brush. but then friday night, the winds began really gusting. and that's when things got out of control. but they're starting to get a handle on it. so that's good. it's 9.26. right
9:27 am
now. and coming up, a gun rights group is suing the city of san jose over a controversial. >> gun insurance law. we'll see what the mayor has to say.
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after my car accident, i wondered what my case was worth. so i called the barnes firm. when that car hit my motorcycle, insurance wasn't fair. so i called the barnes firm. it was the best call i could've made. at the barnes firm, our injury attorneys work hard to get you the best result possible. call us now and find out what your case could be worth. you might be surprised. ♪ the barnes firm injury attorneys ♪ ♪ call one eight hundred, eight million ♪ >> 9.29 right now and we're looking at gorgeous weather. you can see it's clear behind
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me. and wow, all of your live cameras look the same, john. so pretty, daria, definitely different than yesterday was obviously it was kind of gray out there which was pretty in its own right. but they all take this morning. look at that. a half moon bay, beautiful, nice and clear skies out there. >> we're going to see a lot more of that today with crystal clear skies. some of the most mild temperatures of your forecast, too. we're still cold this morning, though. so just don't forget the jacket just yet. 40's and 50's for current temp specific our warm spot currently at 57. well, our cold spot will that still use? ana rose at 39 degrees. our last remaining 30 of the morning. the rest of us in the 40's or 50's and only getting warmer from here. the rest of the forecast. we'll start to get a little cooler actually. and i'll keep you updated on that. still to come, we've got back in so excited about that. how are the roads? yeah. excited to be back, john. and just grateful to be here. >> we're also looking at a little traffic like a new accident. this one just popping up out in hayward. so if you're traveling along 8.80, southbound south of
9:31 am
little road, there is an accident there. so we are seeing delays, mission boulevard would be a good alternate if you're trying to avoid that back up, traveling into the city so that free must re exit a little under 11 minutes. no major delays or accidents tear. that's the good news about a 30 minute drive for you as you're heading across towards the peninsula. the of the san mateo bridge. let's look at a richmond center fell commute as you head to richmond. you're at about 7 minutes there and the south bay where we had an earlier accident along one. 0, one. look at that. 34 minutes as you're traveling. 85 to menlo park. daria, back to you. it's 9.31, of the big story. supreme court justice steven briar is retiring and now president biden. >> is going to make his first supreme court pick. the president has pledged in the past to fill the seat with the first black woman to the high court kron four's theresa takes a look at the short list. >> let the speculation race began. president biden now
9:32 am
focused on placing his pick on the united states supreme court following justice priors retirement from the bench. joe biden said when he was running for president that he was going to nominate a black woman. he was going to make a historical nomination of a black woman to the supreme court. there has not >> a black woman. there is a woman of color. sonia sotomayor is there and there have been women, but i think is going to stick to that pledge, which narrows the field down to a few people. >> professor roy little with uc hastings law school says that if president biden does stick to that pledge, several names stand out. for example, one leading contender, california supreme court justice leondra kruger. >> i think we have a crew. there is absolutely fantastic. i think she would be great on the supreme court and i would applaud president biden if you were to nominate her. i think she would be confirmed. she is a moderate. she is not a a radical left progressive type. she's a moderate democrat.
9:33 am
she's got experience in front of the supreme court. she's obviously been on the california supreme court now for a number of years. so she'd be great. >> others on the shortlist. >> there are other nominees. there's a judge in dc who is also talented and has a lot of claim. and she clerked for justice briar. that particular judge judge ketanji jackson. there's a judge in south carolina has been nominated for the appellate court down there has said. and as melissa mary melissa mary used a black woman who used to be the dean at berkeley, she is now in new york. >> court followers have also mention naacp legal defense fund professor sherrilyn eyeful little says with bryars early announcement he plans to leave after the session in june. president biden will have the time to get the votes he needs for confirmation to the court. terry says stasio kron 4 news and we're actually waiting live right now in dc for president biden and justice briar. >> to come out and have a
9:34 am
statement. we don't know if they're going to take questions. we don't know what you know, what is going to be said at this official? >> press conference. but we have seen the podium. it's all set up. so as soon as that happens, it happens in the next half hour here we will take it live for you. so stay tuned for that. >> 9.33 right now in san francisco, less than 10 days since the new linkage center opened in the tenderloin, there are reports of open drug use at the center and the linkage center is supposed to be a place where people go to help with recovery and wrap around services not to use drugs. it's part of the mayor's tenderloin emergency initiative. the mayor hasn't commented confirming or denying these allegations, but she says they can control who uses drugs at such a location. some attic experts are now questioning, though, how this center is supposed to help people with recovery. >> to get somebody in recovery, you have to help find the right environment for them too. except that help. and how are they going to do that? if the guy sitting next to smoking met.
9:35 am
>> what is the plan here? i is if they end up wanting to set up safe supervised drug consumption site, this is not the way to do. he would mix it with the center. we're trying to get people the treatment that should be somewhere else. that should be, you know, through. >> meantime, some addiction experts say that the use of drugs is a reality when on the road to recovery and others, they're questioning the legality of the site. if illicit drug use is taking place there. it said 9.35 in the south bay won. lawsuits already been filed and more are probably coming against the city of san jose. a day after they decided to pass a controversial gun control law, the new law would require gun owners to have gun liability insurance and pay a fee. it's the first of its kind reform like this in the nation aiming to promote safer gun ownership. the mayor says officers are not going take away guns unless it's a reasonable belief that the gun has been used in violence, but
9:36 am
opponents, they believe that this law violates their constitutional right to bear arms. >> the city of san jose is forcing citizens exercising a constitutional right to bear arms, particularly in their homes. they're taxing giving the tax money to nonprofits to then use it for speech that we all know is going to be used to criticize that very constitutitnal right. i'm confident that we're going to emerge from this litigation. >> with an survives constitutional scrutiny and we'll be able to implement this. >> again, they do expect more lawsuits and the ordinance does not specify how much the insurance would cost, but the annual fees collected from the ordinance would be used by nonprofit organizations. >> 9.36 right now and it is happening. let's listen to the president speak about here today is hiring. just is right to do justice. steven briar. >> for his remarkable career in public service. clear eyed
9:37 am
commitment to making our country's laws work for its people. our gratitude extends to test price family. for being partners in his decades of public service, particular want to thank his wife, joan doctor. joy browne, who is here today and who has stood by him for nearly 6 decades. with her fierce intellect. good. you are an enormous heart. i thank country owes you as well. and steven bryant, public service started early. he served in the united states army as a teenager. and in all 3 branches of the federal government before he turned 40, you know. and as he was a law clerk supreme court justice goldberg. a prosecutor in the department of justice. remember the watergate prosecution to you? i first met steven brier when i was a senator on the judiciary committee. and he started office. taking care of one of
9:38 am
the subcommittees for teddy and became chief counsel through tenure as a has it chairman chairmanship of the judiciary committee. beyond his intellect and hard work and legal insight. he was famous for biking across washington. virtually every day for face-to-face meeting with the republican chief counsel, the ranking republican council and over breakfast, they discussed what would they do for the country together? most days we try to do things together. that spirit stuck with me. when i took over the judiciary committee chair after senator kennedy's tenure and it was my honor to vote to confirm justice prior to serving the united states supreme court the court of appeals. first in 1980. and then 14 years later in 1994, i got to preside as chairman of the senate judiciary committee over a supreme court confirmation hearings. joking with one another. we wanted we ever
9:39 am
think that he would have served decades on the court and i'd be states when they became retired. i and he looked at it anyway. said. but i was proud and grateful to be there at the start of this distinguished career in the supreme court. and i'm very proud to be here today. i'm his announcement of his retirement. you know, during his confirmation hearings, way back in 1994. nominee steven brier said, quote, the law must work for the people. he explained us his faith that are complex legal system has a single purpose tell people. who make up our country. it was a different time. of course, but his brilliance values, a scholarship for white judge. brian became justice prior by an overwhelming bipartisan vote. this time. today just as prior announces his intention to step down from active service after for decades, for decades
9:40 am
on the federal 28 years on the united states supreme court. his legacy includes his work as a leading scholar and jurors to administrative law freeze brilliance to bear, to make government run more efficiently and effectively. it includes his stature as a beacon of wisdom on our constitution and what it means and through it all, just as priors were tireless to give faith to the notion logs is to help the people. everyone knows his team has been exemplary justice. for the party before him courteous to his colleagues, careful in his reasoning. he's written landmark opinions on topics ranging from reproductive rights, health care and voting law laws protecting our environment of the laws that protect religious practice. his opinions are practical, sensible and nuanced. reflects his belief that the job of a judge is not to lay down a rule but to get it right to get it right. just as priors
9:41 am
law clerks and his colleagues as many the pressure know, describe him and his work ethic, his desire to learn more as kind as to those around him and his optimism for the promise of our country. and he has patiently sought common ground and build consensus. she can bring the court together. i think he's a model public servant in a time of great division in this country. just as priors been, everything's country could have asked. and he's appeared before when he appeared before the community almost 3 decades ago. we all had high hopes for the marquee would leave on history, law and the constitution. and he's exceeded those hopes in every possible way. today is his day. our day to commend and his life of service and his life on the court. let me say a few words about the critically important work of selected his success. tuesday, some of the city, the supreme court. i believe, is one of
9:42 am
the most serious constitution responsibility. a president asks. our process is going to be riggers. i will select a nominee worthy of justice priors legacy of excellence and east. in studying candidates, backgrounds and rights. i've made no decision except one. i will nominate we some of the extraordinary qualifications character experience and integrity. and that person will be the first black woman ever nominated to united states supreme court. it's long overdue in mind. i made that commitment during the campaign for president. i will keep. i will fully to what i i will fulfill my duty to slide to justice. not only with the senate's consent, but with advice. heard me say another nomination process ease that use the constitution seek the advice and consent. the advice as well. the senate. i would invite
9:43 am
senators from both parties, offer their ideas and points of view. also consult with leading scholars and lawyers. and i'm fortunate to have advised selection process. he's president kamala hires. she's an exceptional lawyer, former attorney general, the state of california, former member of the senate judiciary committee. i will listen carefully to all the advice i'm giving. and i'll study the records and former cases care. i meet with potential nominees. it is my intention. my intention to announce my decision before the end of february. i have made no choices. once i select a nominee, the senate to promptly on my choice in the end, i will nominate story. kennedy, some of those were the of just as priors legacy and someone who like justice prior providing credible service on the united states supreme just as prior behalf. all the american people. i
9:44 am
want to thank you and your family and your family for your tremendous service to our nation. i really for you to justice. thank you. thank you, mister president. that. really nice and the believe me. the drive here. it's one and i thought about what i might say to you. and i'd like to say something. i enjoyed talking to high school students. >> grammar school students, college students. even last come around and ask you what, what what is the what is that you find particularly meaningful about your job? what sort of gives you a thrill? and that's not such a tough question for me to answer. this is same thing. they won almost. up today. i don't know how many, but but the what i say to them is, look, i sit there on the bench
9:45 am
and after we hear a lot of cases. and after wall, the impression it takes a while. i have to. but the impression you get is, you know, as you well know, this is a complicated country. there was more than 330 million people in my mother used to say it's every race, every religion and she would emphasize this. and it's every point of view possible. it's a kind of miracle. when you sit there and see all those people in front of you, you should the people that are so different than what they think. and yet they've decided. so there are major differences under law. and when the students get too cynical, i say, go, go look at what happens in countries that don't do that. and that's there. i can't take this around job people have come to accept this constitution and they've come to accept the importance of the rule of law.
9:46 am
i want to make another point to them. i want to say, look. of course, people don't agree. but we have a country. that is based on human rights democracy and so forth. but i'll tell you what lincoln thought. but washington thought and what people today still think it's an experiment. it's an experiment. that's what they said. and you an udpate each of our grandchildren, a certain amount of money to memorize the gettysburg the reason the reason that but we want them to pick up their what i want the students to pick up. if i can remember the first 2 lines is it for 4 score and 7 years ago our fathers brought created upon this here, a new country, a country that was liberty and the proposition that all men are created equal conceived in liberty. those are his words and dedicated to the proposition that all men are created equal few minutes. we
9:47 am
are now engaged in a great civil war. to determine whether that nation. or any nation so conceived. and so dedicated and long. those are the words i want. an experiment. and that's what he thought. it's an experiment. and i found some letters that george washington wrote re said the same thing. it's an experiment. that experiment existed then because even the liberals in europe, you know, they're looking over here and there say the great idea in principle, but it will never work. but we'll show them. it does. that's what washington off. and that's what lincoln park. and that's what people still think today. and i said all i want you, i'm talking to the students now. i said i want you to pick just this up. it's an experiment that still going on. and i'll tell you something you know, who will
9:48 am
see whether that experiment works? it's you, my friend. it's you. mister high school student. it's you, mister college student at you, mister law school students. it's us, but it's you. it's next generation. the one after that. my grandchildren and their children, they'll determine whether the experiment still works. and of course, i i'm an optimist and i'm pretty sure it will. does it surprise you that that's the fall off that comes into my mind today. i know that you've ever. and the white house lincoln bedroom. invite both of you to come and stay. the lincoln bedroom has. >> against the wall between the windows. you now. a hand written. of the gettysburg address written by link. that
9:49 am
us state. and so you've got to come and see it mean if you can't come and stay for your grandchildren so they can see as well. thank you all. so very, very much for being here. i'm not going to take any questions. think it's inappropriate to take questions with justice here. still sitting on the bench and but you'll have plenty of opportunities to get me later today and the rest of the week next week, too. so thank you very much. thank you. >> okay. well, that was the news from the president and from justice briar and we'll wait to hear more now about all of the >> a replacement contenders that the president might thank u.s. wasn't the time to talk about it right now. he said
9:50 am
9:51 am
9:52 am
>> welcome back. 9.52. on this thursday morning. getting close to the weekend and a much clear start to this thursday than what we've seen the past couple of days. golden gate bridge isn't the only spot sitting under that sunshine. we're going to remain that way throughout the course of the day today. now, tomorrow is going to be just as mild as today's about to be. but you will see an increase in cloud cover as we do move into your friday. partly cloudy skies through the weekend into early next week. now as we move into the start of february, this high pressure ridge is not loosening its grip on us. that
9:53 am
means we're likely to remain dry well, over the course of the next week and a half here a little bit on the calmer side than where we kicked off last weekend. remember how breezy those offshore winds were? we do have a decent, offshore wind. but that's not going to interrupt you getting outside and enjoying what will be a pleasant one. san jose at 67 redwood city mountain view hayward at 65 san francisco at 63. >> here's your look ahead of the gradually cooling forecast. a few clouds this weekend. but staying bright and most notably staying dry. stay with us. we have more after the break.
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>> 9.55. almost done for the morning here on the kron 4 morning news. but they never stop on kron-on. and theresa is in the newsroom with a preview wearing red, i guess for the niners. yeah. and gold. >> i'm hoping that the more red and gold that we wear, it will help. so they say that's the case. that's wh%t they say that they tell me that in a stick with we are tracking several local stories, including how santa clara officials are talking about a new variant and today as the holocaust remembrance day and in the north bay, there is a memorial that has been vandalized several times. kron on's charles clifford is going to be covering that story for us to stay up to date. a local and national headlines. grab your phone, scanned the code. take it straight to the app stores and you can download kron on for free dark. all right. thanks a lot to risa. and as we continue to follow the niners on their journey this weekend. >> we also want to keep you up
9:57 am
to date on the covid journey. that's been a big story. it will still be big tomorrow. we'll have all the very latest numbers and what's going on with the man days. but what i can tell you that we've learned from today's show is that the numbers are going in the right direction. so i think i think and i was hitting end is near because it's not a bad thing. i think that we're almost through the skies. hang in there. we'll see you back here tomorrow morning. have a good day.
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