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tv   KRON 4 News at 8am  KRON  January 27, 2022 8:00am-9:01am PST

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can see those bright skies. a big change from the fog. >> that we were seeing yesterday and the day before that. love to start off the morning like this is my favorite shot. when we got the sunny skies in the morning, you can see visibility is just fine across the bay area. we're going to be looking at conditions that way. well, through the day today enjoy it because it's one of the more mild and sunny days of this forecast. now temperatures will eventually rise to the 60's, but we're cold right now. fremont san mateo dublin livermore on up in the north bay, down into the 30's, the santa rosa, notably down at 32 degrees. we're so glad to have back with us. she's a little far away this nice. you know, 3 floors up. you've got the traffic covered is so good to be back with all of you. i miss you so much. >> and lakhdar, you mentioned, you thank you guys, offer your calls and your prayers. >> and everybody who is still going through it, you know, we're all going through it together. so it's so good to be back. the traffic. on the other hand, we've got some issues out there. so if you're
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traveling along 8.80, northbound and industrial parkway west, we have a report of a fire. so there are some delays that were seen. i would say hop on mission boulevard be are already starting to see traffic build over there as well. also here in richmond, 80 westbound just east of san pablo. you got an accident. so we are seeing delays along 80 a san pablo avenue. always a good alternate to try to get around any issues on 80 as you're heading into the city this morning to that fremont street exit from the maze about a 17 minute drive that good news. no accidents there. san mateo bridge heading across towards the peninsula about a 14, 15 minute drive. emily with a look at the richmond center fell bridge traveling out of richmond across towards center fell about 13 minutes. tara, i'll send it back to you. so good to see your face and you to not personally up its own. thank you, ray. >> all right. yeah, we made it and things are turning around. let's get to our big covid stories now for an update. california continuing to show
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promising signs that the omicron wave is slowing down, infection rates and hospitalizations are falling. recently, the state saw an average of more than 87,000 cases. more than 15,000 people are hospitalized. positivity rates are slightly down from earlier this week to 18.7% right now, just over 81% of californians are fully vaccinated. how you doing on masks as the number of cases is going down. there are questions about do we have to wear? do we we're past the peak. they say of omicron but the state's mask mandate is still in place until february. 15th kron four's rob nesbitt has insight from health officers in ran and alameda county. >> omicron spread quickly at first quadrupling in a week in some places. now that we're finally seeing a decline. health experts don't want to slow that process down by easing restrictions. there have been a lot of positive cases the last 2 months, but
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not a lot of positive outlook when it comes to omicron in marin county, the berrien finally started to trend downward after january. 4th, but it's not a fast process. according to health officer doctor matt willis, our case rates are going down more slowly than that, >> you know, we're now seeing about 200, 50 cases on average per day in marin county. >> and that's been the stable number for the past 3 or 4 days down 40% from the peak of omicron alameda county health officer doctor nicholas moss says omicron also peek at the beginning of the month. he's now paying attention to hospitalizations which tend to lag behind case numbers pete with our hospitalizations. we are very similar to where we were in it with lots of surge before the first positive omicron case in the country was discovered in san francisco, the watershed, the santa clara county detected the variant doctor. sara cody says the vaccines help prevent hospitalizations, but they weren't 100% effective. and that's where we pair it >> so if you wear a mask and
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everyone around, you wears a mask about where a very important layer of >> protection masks are still required indoors, regardless of vaccination status until at least february 15th. the omicron is on the decline. health officers in the bay area say it would be a mistake to lift mandates. now we do not want to threaten the progress that we've achieved through those behaviors to those i can assure gifting them staying the course for the next few weeks, but with a positive outlook, we will have a chance hopefully, you know, as we have done over time throughout the pandemic, remove more and more the restrictions. health officers are also seeing a new subvariant of omicron called ba 2. they say that it doesn't seem to be that different from omicron when it comes to spread and cause of severe disease in san francisco. i'm rob nesbitt kron 4 news. and as restrictions loosened, maybe you'll see rob nesbitt in the comedy club near you. >> he's a stand-up. so you never know. that could be the next thing. the california department of public health is confirming 11 cases of agnew
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omicron subvariant in the state. there are at least 2 cases in santa clara county. so introducing stealth omicron. that's what they're calling it. they do not believe this new strain is causing any more severe disease. the world health organization says it's monitoring stealth omicron and they know it is already spreading in other parts of the world. new this morning, the city of berkeley announcing new covid vaccine and booster mandates for certain businesses and kron four's. camila barco is following that live this morning. you have any hidden talents. rob is a comedian. reyna can saying anything. >> oh, wow. i feel left out. i think i have hit that on. i don't know. pam moore is a queen and wonderful. and ken wayne isn't a problem. pilot. >> this is crazy. >> well, i at 3 minutes long and that's a yeah. getting
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back it. health officer in a berkeley is requiring 2 things from businesses. now, the first one is for employees at certain. >> businesses in berkeley to be up to date on their vaccinations. and the second order is asking businesses to ask their customers to show proof that they're fully vaccinated and these orders are going to take effect starting feb. that in mind thendbusinesses, nonprofits and other organizations are going to be asking people if they are fully vaccinated. and this includes far your team and venues, james, at any large indoor event with 500 or more people. so this means if you are 5 years or older, you have to show proof that you're fully vaccinated to go inside those places. and the city's officer says that these are public places where the virus can spread easily. and by staying up to date on the vaccine's, people are are less likely to get infected. now,
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also next month, any employee who works at a store in venue in the city needs to be up to date on their vaecinations. so if you work in any of these places on your screen, take a look. you must have your covid vaccine and booster shot if you are eligible. so this applies to all employees, contractors and volunteers who work at restaurants, indoor events of 500 or more people, adult care facilities, dental offices, pharmacies, childcare facilities, whether they're public or private night, you go to kron 4 dot com to find out whether you are up to date on their doris, starting next month, make sure if you are going to berkeley, if you're headed out there to the restaurant to an be sure to have that physical or digital vaccination card on hand. >> back to you. all right. the very talented camila. we appreciate it. >> let's talk about what's going on as well with masks today. >> cvs and these are the
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pharmacies that are inside targets. they're going to start distributing free and 95 masks. all you got to do is walk in. you're limited to 3, 3 per customer while supplies last and all of the stores are they say they're going to have signs right out front. so you'll know, you know, do you have the mask there? because don't forget, walgreens are starting to it tomorrow. it's all part of this federal retail, a pharmacy program. the masks are provided by the federal government, which is why i know like walgreens said they start tomorrow, but it depends on the supply. did they get the supply? so same kind of thing here. but just knowing that you can go buy a cvs and walgreens and pick up those mass. the n 95, they say are the best for preventing covid 8, 0, 8, is the time in our other big story. of course, is the forty-niners get ready to face the rams in the nfc championship game on sunday and resident expert on all things sports here on the morning shows kron four's will tran all with everything on the matchup. the fans, the outlook, the odds i will.
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>> i can't wait for the game to start to feel like bill murray's groundhog day for me and the rest of the bay area. let's get going if i'm here any longer darria i will be furniture just like the helmet behind me. that's how long i've been here all week. but let's face it is the biggest sports story in the bay area. no offense to steph curry and klay thompson's return. football is king and the prize is right in front of the forty-niners. >> they just have to beat the rams and that's not a problem. the last 6 times they will have full contact drills again in a few hours from now. and that is important because they have to put in wrinkles. forget about all that coach speak, daria, when you know an opponent so well, you've got to mix it up, right? so don't be surprise to me. and trey lance takes the field. that's just my guess. you have to throw in the wrinkles. speaking of wrinkles, trent williams is not practicing. so that's iffy. but coach kyle shanahan says the offensive lineman should take the field
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on sunday and he basically is the anchor to everything he blocks jimmy g. he's part of ground and pound. so that's very important. more than likely this game will come down to just a few points that we have arguably the most kicker in all of the nfl. you can say that he's good as gold. >> you know, i've had a lot of very close games with these guys. we've had some lopsided games on both sides of the other day. it's literally about playing our brand of football do you want to see them in the playoff? sure. like there's a lot of great teams. obviously, nancy, and i'm not shocked that they're in the nfc championship by any means. and we're familiar with them. they're familiar with us to be a great game. where was the gun right at the right time? and that's what? >> that's what the whole. that's what the season's about what that football is about. as you've got to make sure your you're playing at your best, your best is and so we're going to everybody's best come sunday.
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>> when he says everybody duryea is not just talking about the forty-niners, their staff, the training facility, the players. he's talking about the fans as well. and it looks like. the rands they, you know. poked at the bear is in a sour the bee's nest because when it was found out that that they were trying to keep the tickets away from the niners, they are coming out full force early guess is the early numbers looks like 65% of so fy stadium will be filled with forty-niners fans wearing that iconic red color right behind me. so it will feel like a road game for matthew stafford. i was just asking richard stutzman this, our producer for those who are home, he's the maestro behind the camera way you drive down there or fly because it's so there or fly because it's so close and the ticke so expensive just to save money. i probably if i had tickets would probably drive down there. and richer. thanks. a lot of people will be flying which yeah, rich, he's in my right now. richard richard, without you he's not
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going to >> he's been watching the count because we'll go to bed so early. >> just like you will. you can watch on the couch. are as counts all the way. not just for days. no lines at the bathroom. you know, one man waved because i'm calling it. >> niners will win on sunday on the road to the super bowl up. wow. your call it. i love it, ok? well. >> we see what happens on with i i i feel and i it's done. >> dot, move on. all right. we'll see who was hit that pitch it to right. we got this still ahead on the kron 4 morning news governor newsom's latest announcement. he spending 10 billion dollars wants to on electric vehicles. >> and we'll tell you why and what it means for you. if you want to drive one and a jewelry store owner fights back, pulls a gun on fees. that right, a smash-and-grab. we'll tell you what happened.
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15 right now. and firefighters are getting a handle on the wildfire that's burning in picturesque big sur. >> this wildfire is now 60% contained. it is down to 700 acres burned. investigators say that was triggered by a prescribed burn was intended to clear up dry brush. but back fire friday night because the winds suddenly got gusty and it got out of control and now they are. they're getting it under control to get a
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handle on. it is just such a beautiful area. it's sad to see it charred. but that's what can happen, it's definitely weird to see it in january for sure. but >> just a reminder that it really can happen any time of year, even after a wet december. fortunately for us, it's a calmer forecast ahead of us. unfortunately, it's not a wetter one. we're still going to remain dry into the start of february. looking out there at the golden gate bridge. it's beautiful. but this dry weather isn't moving us in the right direction. we're also not falling back into the wrong direction just yet the latest drought monitor still showing that we're in the grips of severe drought, which is way better than what you saw just a second ago, which was that exceptional drought for much of the bay area to start the season. so progress has been made, but much more progress needs to be made. so we're definitely hoping that february late february anyways, into march and april, really turn things around for us. in the meantime, it's the dry skies. again. today is going to be one of her son easton, most mild days of the forecast. now tomorrow, we're going to see partly cloudy skies, pushing
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right back in overhead. and we're actually going to remain fairly partly cloudy from friday, saturday, sunday into monday of next week. so if you enjoy the really crystal clear, blue skies today is certainly want to enjoy it tomorrow. still be mild. just not quite as blue. this high pressure. ridge doesn't want to go anywhere staying in place. so that's keeping us mild and dry for the time being. i mentioned winds being a little bit calmer and that does remain true today. it's an offshore breeze, but it is subtle. i'm like what we saw last weekend. temperatures will be in the 60's at the coastline right along the bay shore and further inland as well. in today's going bring temperatures that feel really similar as to what we had yesterday for the south bay. that means just below 70 degrees for the east bay. that means anywhere from the low to mid 60's. oakland at 64 degrees. and although most of the north bay will be back into the 60's, we do have a few 50's right along the coastline. tomorrow's highs around the same as today. it's just going to be a little cloudier. that's not to say it's going to be a gloomy day by any means. just partly
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cloudy saturday, sunday and monday will continue to be that way. monday, you may see a drop of water, too, but that's all you're going to get. this is still a dry forecast tuesday into wednesday or first days of the new month remaining dry. just a little cooler reyna. tom, thanks for that. all right. we're tracking your commute and we do have an accident. this is right there in so. >> 5, 80 westbound at 80 west in oakland. and we're not seeing much of a delay as a result of that accident. but we're going continue keeping a close eye on things there to make sure traffic does not start to back up. we'll tell you about that. what you do reach the maze. you're heading into the city. last time we checked in were at about 17 minutes. now we're back down to 13. you can see they've turned the metering lights off on the bridge. the traffic is moving along pretty nicely heading across towards the peninsula. you're at about 13 minutes for your drive. there. let's get a look at 5, 80 88. you're traveling crockett down towards the maze. about a 25 minute drive for you. we had an earlier accident in san pablo that has been cleared
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and in the south bay one, 0, one, as you're traveling from 85 to menlo park about 36 minutes for your drive there. daria, back to you. thanks a lot. raise 18 and for your health. the national institutes of health panel discussed drugs that on a federal level are considered criminal and are not approved for medicinal use. but one neuro scientists hopes that one day that will change kron four's. ella sogomonian has the story. >> mdma and psychedelics are often associated with partying, but researchers across america are increasingly curious about how these drugs could be helpful in a medical setting. although the federal government still classifies the substances as schedule one, meaning they are not accepted for medical use and funding for studies are not provided. scientists are given permission to conduct clinical trials, neuroscientist and ucsf. professor doctor jennifer mitchell has partnered up with maps. a psychedelic research group based in santa cruz with
8:20 am
their help. she has used these drugs with willing patients to treat mental health issues like ptsd, depression and addiction. it's a little like peeling an onion. sometimes people come in with a. >> a trauma a war related trauma in which they experienced or saw something terrible. but then once that traumas processed and released, you find that there are other developmental trauma center. nice but also need to be processed and released for that person to move on. >> although her work dates back to the early 90's, it was just this month that she was invited by the national institute of health to share her findings in the first of its kind panel. together, they explored potential benefits going as far as addressing how insurance companies could cover estimated costs. super exciting. of course, right? 30 years in coming. >> and my hope is that it will result in lots of new research opportunities. >> doctor mitchell explains. patients are first wind off of
8:21 am
antidepressants. then they're faced with the hard work of delving deep into their trauma. but the psychedelics paired with the right environment provide a clear path to recovery. looks a lot like a really comfortable living room, but it's a very safe space. it's a very comfortable space. and >> the participant is attended by 2 very well trained therapists the entire time that they're in there. it's super fun to watch, actually, because you wouldn't think it would be >> that compelling. and it really is. >> in her recent study, doctor mitchell said about 63% of 100 patients no longer met the criteria for ptsd after their sessions were complete. others had diminished symptoms or disability from depression and no evidence of addiction was found which the fda is tracking. >> governor newsome was at ford's silicon valley innovation center highlighting part of this climate change related budget. the governor wants the state to spend 10 billion dollars over the next 5 years to invest in electric vehicles, including
8:22 am
funds for trucks, buses, charging stations and money to help low-income buyers purchase electric vehicles. the plan is part of the governor's 37 billion dollars. climate action budget. that part attempts to decrease the state's reliance on oil and gas. and it is nice not having problem to tell you. >> james got a tesla fancy and controversial. there's a new drug recovery center. the tender line, san francisco. but there reports that people are using drugs there. we'll have that story coming up.
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it's a 24 in national news. the democrats want the president to take action on student debt. >> dozens of lawmakers are going public with their demands for president biden while others are working on legislation to tackle the issue. washington, dc correspondent hannah brandt has the story. >> calls to tackle student debt are growing louder. a group of 80 progressive lawmaker sent a letter wednesday asking president biden to cancel up to $50,000 of student debt for borrowers. ohio senator sherrod brown is part of that push young people's 2 years, 5 years, even 10 years out of college. >> who are so oppressed, if you will, with 30, 50 100 or more $1000 in debt. president biden did pause student loan repayment during the pandemic, but so far hasn't fulfilled his campaign promise to cancel up to $10,000 in debt are still looking at
8:26 am
administrative options. but congress can also send the president a bill. >> that would provide $10,000 in debt relief and he'd be happy to sign that bill. meanwhile, many lawmakers are holding their breath with several of them introducing bills to tackle problems related to student loans. in other ways, we've got to make it easier to pay off student loan debt. and when you pay it off, we've got to make sure you've got a clean slate. north carolina congresswoman deborah ross and other lawmakers introduced a bill that would broaden relief for borrowers who defaulted or made late payments on their student loans, making it easier to remove that from their credit history. what you pay it off. >> you should have a clean score and be able to raise your family in a home. >> be able to buy a car, be able to start a business. she's also advocating for things like increasing pell grants to make tuition more affordable so that they don't have to in the first place in washington. i'm hannah brandt. it's a 26. and coming up next on the kron 4 morning news, a
8:27 am
gun rights group is now suing the city of san jose. >> over a new gun insurance law. we'll tell you what the mayor has to say in response.
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when a truck hit my car, the insurance company wasn't fair. i didn't know what my case was worth. so i called the barnes firm. i was hit by a car and needed help. i called the barnes firm, that was the best call i could've made. i'm rich barnes. it's hard for people to know how much their accident case is worth. let our injury attorneys help you get the best result possible. ♪ the barnes firm injury attorneys ♪ ♪ call one eight hundred, eight million ♪ >> 29 right now and time flies. so grab it. >> and then like own go to the
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next minute. so what's going on right now has things changing. it's always changing it. is it a big change from yesterday for sure. darlie yesterday it was foggy to start. so was your tuesday morning. >> this morning is just the opposite. crystal clear. love this sunrise view at half moon bay, which is actually one of her more mild spots this morning. visibility has been a okay for the bay area. whether you're at the coast or further inland, we're going to hold on to those clear skies of the day will happen. bay in pacifica are hanging out around 50 degrees. most of our inland areas, a lot colder than that. even bayshore cities like san mateo and fremont in the upper 30's santa rosa, you're sitting at 32 degrees right now. wherever you're at it, don't forget the jackets and look forward to a comfortable. and sunny afternoon, reyna harvey back with us. so glad to see it. how are the roads? all right. glad to be back. unfortunately, we are starting to see some delays out there. if you're traveling. >> through the maze 5.80, westbound, 80 west that connector. we do have an accident there right now. so we're keeping a close eye on things out on the highway to see how they're moving out there. as you can see, just a
8:31 am
slight delay a little further back, a long 5.80, also as you're heading into the city, we're seeing some improvement there. let's get a look at the bay bridge about 12 minutes for your drive. you are pretty backed up earlier. now. traffic is moving along now that they have turned those metering lights off. at this hour, san mateo bridge about 13 minutes as you're heading across towards the peninsula. there. also traveling along 8.80, san leandro to 38 to milpitas to 37 about a 35 minute drive with a little slowness there. daria, back to you. thank you, 31 and voters are casting their ballots early in special elections in san francisco. one of the big issues is the recall of 3 commissioners on the school board kron four's haaziq madyun has more. >> one of the fundamental issues for the yes on recall, the san francisco school board campaign is from their perspective, the board of education wasted time on other issues during the pandemic. instead of focusing on reopening schools, see the raj
8:32 am
and other blue engine started. the recall effort. >> so the schools are open, right? so i mean, the the ultimately and that's what you want. it then was and go for with the recall. >> so there are a couple reasons. the one big one is learning loss of these board members don't believe learning loss happened and if they don't play that happened, they you know, they haven't measured it and they haven't come up with a plan to address it. >> and, you know, it is for every community from black. it is that, you know, patrons, every off that, you know what to think of it talking about this that you guys have not focused on academics for a kid's francisco school board. president gabriela lopez and 2 former vp follow good. really good. and alison collins r the commission is being recalled. >> this is allison collins, first television interview says the recall begin make your best case. >> why you should retain your seat on the san francisco board of education. >> i was elected. really help the district. hold its
8:33 am
promise. 2 families specifically around ensuring that each and every student has access to a safe school. and that's not just some kids, but that's all kids. in addition, yes, on recall advocates say that san francisco schools are in a crisis that covers equity budget and leadership. you need to get confidence. debate is in the community that we have good leadership. >> on the school district that can actually run things about focus on education. otherwise you're not going to get those back. and, you know, can you to see the spinal to what's, you know, more and more cuts as more and more families need the district. >> those against the recall are concerned that there may be other motives if you don't like the policy choice, you vote for a different candidate. but if we're going to disrupt and up and our whole electoral our whole process democratic process in san francisco, any time people with wealth and influence, you know, political influence have the ability to do so. we're
8:34 am
putting our city at risk, the san francisco special municipal election, which includes the school board recall, will take place on february. 15th 2022. >> has it made you kron 4 news? >> in san francisco, less than 10 days since a new lincoln center opened in the tenderloin, there are reports of open drug use at the center. the linkage center is supposed to be a place where people get help recovering and they have wrap around services to support them. it's part of the mayor's tenderloin emergency initiative. mayor breed is doesn't confirm or deny the allegations, but she says that they cannot control who uses drugs at such a location. some attic experts are now questioning how the center is supposed to help people recover. >> to get somebody in recovery, you have to help find the right environment for them too. except that help. and how are they going to do that? if the guy sitting next to smoking met.
8:35 am
>> what is the plan here? i is if they end up wanting to set up safe supervised drug consumption site, this is not the way to do. he would mix it with the center. we're trying to get people the treatment that should be somewhere else. that should be, you know, through. >> meantime, some addiction experts say that the use of drugs is a reality when on the road to recovery. others, however, also question the legality of the site. if illegal illicit drug use is taking place. it's a 35. and in the south bay, one lawsuit is all been filed and more against san jose after city leaders passed a controversial gun control law. the new law would require gun owners to have gun liability insurance and pay a fee. it's the first gun reform law of its kind in the country that aims to promote safer gun ownership. the mayor says officers are not going to take guns away and this is a reason to believe that the gun has been used for violence, but
8:36 am
opponents, believe that the law is a violation of their constitutional right to bear arms. >> the city of san jose is forcing citizens exercising a constitutional right to bear arms, particularly in their homes. they're taxing that and giving the tax money to nonprofits to then use it for speech that we all know is going to be used to criticize that very constitutional right. i'm confident that we're going to emerge from this litigation. >> with an survives constitutional scrutiny and we'll be able to implement this. >> it is possible that more lawsuits are going to be filed. they say that's likely the dew ordinance, by the way, doesn't specify how much the insurance is going to cost. but the annual fees collected from the ordinance would be used by non-profit organizations working to reduce gun violence. >> this morning, we're hearing from the jewelry store owner who fought back and pulled a gun.
8:37 am
>> again, some smash-and-grab robbers that went into a store is an update to a story we first told you about yesterday on the kron. 4 morning news. remember, we are the chant fran mall in san bruno where there was a second. there was just a second jewelry store robbed. but in this case, this jewelry store owner prevented his store from being hit when the drug. and as you can see there against the masked men. >> it was a bad everybody is giving the thumbs up, but it's not. i mean, i don't really feel good about it. i'm pretty hopeless at that moment. but i will feel good have been able to see people are really, you know. time to protect themselves and others rather than just back off, you know, and of course, he's thankful that nobody got hurt. >> just 2 days after that happened at his store, then we told you about there was a second jewelry store, smash and grab robbery at that. and fran mall last month, governor newsome and attorney general rob bonta announced steps to address these type of fast, a
8:38 am
three-part plan, including bolstering law enforcement response. it's 8.37 right now. and still ahead, health care coverage cuts to a new all timers drug. >> our big concern for some bay area families that say it's saving their lives will have that and more. when we come back in a force for more on the forty-niners and jimmy g and the gang get ready to face. the rams were here from coach shanahan.
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>> for your health this morning, health care coverage for a drug that treats outsiders disease is at risk of being cut. and that could impact more than 6 million americans who are living with the disease last year. the fda approved drug for the treatment of alzheimer's. it's called at the helm, but the center for medicare and medicaid services now considering cutting medicare coverage of that particular drug. now it wants to cover the drug in clinical trials approved by the cms itself or by the national institutes of health. and that's a concern for. but and claudia vieira. they live in oakland and but shes 53. but he's living with alzheimer's and he is in a current trial and the couple says the medicine has really given them their life back. >> we do know that. he seems
8:42 am
to be in better spirits. he's, you know, we're both just enjoying life. a lot more and it's a lot. let's a lot more peace of mind. and that stress that's everything and gives us hope for the future. so not having that is really frightening. >> and it is absolutely crucial that we not only develop more drugs as best as we can. >> but that we casts a shadow on the things that are working now. >> you can imagine if that were taken away, he says, you know, that he'd be really concerned. the cms reported doubts about whether the possible benefits do helm outweigh the safety risks, though, and they say the risks include headaches, dizziness and brain bleeds. but it is going to stay in the trial and keep getting this drug for another year. but after that. i don't know what's going to happen. it's a 42. we'll be right back.
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>> welcome back. 8.45 on this thursday morning inching closer to the weekend. you can see it just like you can actually see the view this morning. unlike the past few days when it was foggy out there, it's nice and clear this morning. love that view of the golden gate bridge. of
8:46 am
course, 11 on any day. but especially when the sun shining on it. now, unfortunately, we had a little bit too much sunshine. it's kind of been an on and off winter. october was great. the november drive out december was great. how january's been super dry for us, too. and it does look like we're going to stay dry into that first week of february, we have an inch any further back into drought. this past week. your new drought monitor is showing that we're exactly the same as last week still in the grips of severe drought, it's kind of a halfway there moment. we made some progress. we've got a lot more work to do, though. so keeping those fingers crossed that late february gets us back into gear could certainly use some more rain and snow, of course, now skies today are crystal clear and dry today is going to be a pairing of some of her most mild temperatures and some of her clearest of sky. so do enjoy a tomorrow is still going to be just as mild, but partly cloudy conditions can be expected. those partly cloudy skies will stay around into saturday sunday and monday of next week. so it's just not going to be quite as blue as the as today is going
8:47 am
to be still going to be rather bright, though, not a gloomy day by any means into tomorrow. high pressure, ridge responsible for all of it. sitting with us keeping the west coast, mild and dry all the rest of the country sees actual winter weather. we're looking at some windy spots up in the north bay mountains today, but not exceptionally so. certainly nothing like the last weekend was now today's daytime highs will be solidly back into the 60's low 60's for san francisco and low to mid 60's along the coastline. temperatures for bayshore areas will also be low to mid 60's and our warmest spots yet again being the south bay with milpitas san jose campbell and santa clara flirting with the 70's late january day at 67, much the same for the east bay similar to yesterday with low to mid 60's for you and for the north bay. it will be that same range until you head to the coastline. that's where you'll find a couple 50's. now, as i mentioned tomorrow, we will see a few passing clouds, bright skies and they're just not as crystal clear as today. monday, you may see a drop of water, too,
8:48 am
but that really is it. this is not a rainy forecast tuesday into wednesday, clear skies and cooler daytime highs to start the new month. >> reyna, john, thanks for that. all right. so we're starting in the south bay where we are seeing an accident. this is a long 85 northbound. it's right near camden avenue. so you are starting to see a slight delays. you're traveling along. 85. that's a good alternate would be 87 if you're trying to get around that delay, but you can still maneuver through it just is going a little slower long, 85 because of that accident heading into the city right so that fremont street exit about 11 minutes for your drive time there. a lot of improvement from the last hour. we are at about 17 minutes. san mateo bridge heading across towards the peninsula. 13 minutes at this hour. highway for improving as well. last time we checked in, we were at about a 30 minute drive. now. look at the 17 minutes, one, 16 concord at 2.42, if you're traveling there, if you're taking highway 24 from walnut
8:49 am
creek to 5.80, it will take you a little under 15 minutes to make that drive darya back to you. thanks. a lot of rain. a 48. let's talk football. the forty-niners all ready to face the rams in the game on sunday. we're just >> not there yet. we're getting updates from the players and coaches. in the meantime, on both sides in crown for sports. director jason dumas says more. >> the niners were on the practice field for the first time this week as they implement their game plan for sunday left tackle. trent williams did not practice his status remains in question. but kyle shanahan is feeling optimistic that he will play good thing for the niners, even if he can't play, they know they can still win without him. they did. so back in week, 17 against the rams. coincidentally enough. >> besides this group is as confident as ever that 3 of 5 team is a distant memory and you know what they say teams usually take on the personality of its leader and
8:50 am
no matter what you think of his play on the field. jimmy garoppolo is one of this team's leaders, kyle shanahan as coach them hard. and he says jimmy takes it all in stride and despite knowing his replacement is in the same building, which can be awkward, his confidence and added to has never think just knowing knowing yourself and knowing where you are plays a big part of that. >> because, you know, if you get lost in and start believe in some of those things that could take you down the wrong road. so. think it's just about knowing yourself as a player as a person. as long as these guys in this locker room, i have faith in me and believed and that's all i really care about. jimmy's fun to coach. he's never he knows the answer before i get to i mean, he knows the nation about that ball. go. >> he had utterly, but he people are in the pocket and he try to get there early, which he knows that that he was just used to aggressive on that play. but that's something you work with. all those guys on. it's going to happen at times with a quarterback. but the ones that
8:51 am
are responsible for it and sometimes the best plays a sack. jimmy have always believe in. you bro. >> all right. now a lot has been made of this niners rams rivalry in the recent dominance by san francisco. we know some of the numbers, six-game winning streak about a won both matchups this season. and kyle shanahan. he is 7 in 3 against sean its pretty lopsided. if you ask me so much so that kit this. it prompted a reporter today asked sean mcvay, it's kyle shanahan in your head. >> what i what i do have is respect for these guys. they've done a great job. you know, you look at you got to play well and that 3 and a half hour window that were a lot of you look at the last time that we play and didn't finish the game. but but this is a really good football team. we have a lot of respect for him. you know, we're competing and prepared to the best of our ability to go out and see if we can advance. but this is a really good team 1000. excellent coach. they
8:52 am
got great players, great coaches, good schemes. and so so either in the nfc championship, they have a tough team. >> you know, they have very physical a physical team. everybody out there tyne and fullback. you know, quarterback even receiver seen. i just tough physical team. you know, we've i want to go out there to try to get my best every time year. we had our chances. last time we played them to win the game. whether it was a, you know, foreman situation for us on offense. but 2 minute situation on defense and we still have a shot in overtime as well. so, you know, it's a really good football team is to really good football teams going after each you know, seeing each other twice this year, going to see each other for a 3rd time. i'm not a bunch of secrets. just who can step up to the plate making plays and we need to make them. >> 52 is right now and i just checked on stubhub, actually, richard, my producer did. as far as the tickets go on, the fans and everything best-selling football playoff game instead history at this point. so everybody is buying up these tickets like they're
8:53 am
going out of style and like they're not an average of 1200 bucks a ticket, which is what they are average ticket price right now going on stub hub for 1000, $200. almost for this game. and really it's already shaping up to be the best selling football playoff game of all time in history. and so, wow, what a game this is going to be. as for the cheapest seats like we look at vivid, for example, it was about just over 500 bucks, maybe 5, 12, 5.15, at that point. >> but everybody is really into it. and those people who want to go say it's totally worth it. and it whether or not you're going to go. it's >> free to show your pride, right? especially if you already own a jersey like these people or maybe buy some new gear and you want to show it off. show off your pet in the hat. i love that. are yourself in a selfie and how beautiful you are like on the right. and we put so we push for pictures with your pride with your gear. how you did up your house, the pats to kids, the families. and we're just really enjoying keep the pictures coming to kron four's
8:54 am
app and also to a breaking news at kron 4 dot com. you can e-mail us as well and we'll continue to show you these great slide shows throughout the morning and online. we'll be right back. when a truck hit my car, the insurance company wasn't fair. i didn't know what my case was worth, so i called the barnes firm. call the barnes firm now, and let us help you get the best result possible. ♪ call one eight hundred, eight million ♪
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when a truck hit my son, i had so many questions about his case. i called the barnes firm. it was the best call i could've made. call the barnes firm now and find out what your case could be worth. ♪ call one eight hundred, eight million ♪ >> 08:56am coming up in the next hour. berkeley is now enforcing a new covid vaccine and booster mandate and it
8:57 am
applies to certain businesses will see if that means you and covid cases and hospitalizations are on the decline. that's good news. what does it mean for the bay area?
8:58 am
8:59 am
>> from the area's local news station, you're watching the kron 4 morning news. at know.
9:00 am
>> and thanks for joining us and letting me join you. i'm daria. nice to meet you. even though i don't know where you've been for 23 years but there were good friends by and we're all big friends and team members here and all that together. >> except i mean, james myself have to conduct raids shifts. but johnson, the house very far away. the rain is upstairs. she's back. so that's great. covid safe covid news for you to and things are looking up. so that's some good news. let's peek at the weather. first high pay. daria. get so nice to have all of us back. even for a little more spaced out than lots of sunshine out there. half moon bay, it didn't look like this yesterday. it was very foggy the past couple of days today. it's all about the sunshine and we're going to be seeing that. >> more and more into the afternoon helping temperatures out because even though it is clear right now, it is certainly cold out there to 30's, 40's and 50's for current temps with alameda in pacifica. each in the 50's.


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