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tv   KRON 4 News at 6am  KRON  January 27, 2022 6:00am-7:01am PST

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pacific. only at 53 degrees. i'll be breaking down exactly what the afternoon has in store for it. still to come, first of all, on over to have very much missed reyna harvey. we go with a look at the roads. >> and i miss you, too, don. and everybody else out the air. it's so good to be back. well, we've been tracking your traffic this morning. and for the most part, roadways are pretty light. i do see an accident, though, here in san francisco. it's northbound 2.80, at cesar chavez. but you're not seen any major delays as a result of that accident. we'll keep a close eye on that. tell you how things start to progress traveling from the east bay into the city, the mesa, that freeman street exit about a nine-minute drive for easier. no accidents. the richmond center fell bridge traveling at a richmond across towards sandra fell looking at a 7 minute commute for you. the san mateo bridge. you're at 12 minutes heading across towards the peninsula. and let's check on the south bay, where looks like we're trying to slow down just a bit along one. 0 one. 35 minutes as you're heading. 85 to menlo park. we'll have
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more traffic and weather coming up. but for now, james, we'll send it over to you. good enough. thank you. rain. let's get to our top story here at 06:00am california is continuing to show promising signs that the omicron wave is slowing down. we've seen. >> infection rates and hospitalizations fall here over the last few days, recently, the state saw an average of more than 87,000 cases reported more than 15,000 people hospitalized and positivity rates down slightly from earlier this week down to 18.7% right now, just over 81% of californians are fully vaccinated and work is still happening. trying to get that number higher. as the number of positive covid cases mask mandates now are on the increase. we're past the peak. hopefully. so does that mean we can start letting up with this mask mandate? we know it's in effect until february. 15th kron four's rob fladeboe rob nesbitt taking a talk with health officials in britain. alameda county's to find out more. omicron spread quickly
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at first quadrupling in a week in some places. >> now that we're finally seeing a decline. health experts don't want to slow that process down by easing restrictions. there have been a lot of positive cases last 2 months, but not a lot of positive outlook when it comes to omicron in marin county, the berrien finally started to trend downward after january. 4th. >> but it's not a fast process. according to health officer doctor matt willis, our case rates are going down more slowly than you know, we're now seeing about 200, 50 cases on average per day in marin county. >> and that's been the stable number for the past 3 or 4 days down 40% from the peak of omicron alameda county health officer doctor nicholas moss says omicron also peek at the beginning of the month. he's now paying attention to hospitalizations which tend to lag behind case numbers repeat with our hospitalizations. we are very similar to where we were in it with loss. surge before the first positive omicron case in the country was discovered in san
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francisco, the watershed, the santa clara county detected the variant doctor. sara cody says the vaccines help prevent hospitalizations, but they weren't 100% effective. and that's where we pair it >> so if you wear a mask and everyone around you where some asked about where a very important layer of >> protection masks are still required indoors, regardless of vaccination status until at least february 15th. the one across on the decline health officers in the bay area say it would be a mistake to lift mandates. now we do not want to threaten the progress that we've achieved through those behaviors to those i can assure gifting them staying the course for the next few weeks, but with a positive outlook, we will have a chance hopefully, you know, as we have done over time throughout the pandemic, remove more and more the restrictions. health officers are also seeing a new subvariant of omicron called ba 2. they say that it doesn't seem to be that different from omicron when it comes to spread and cause of severe disease in san francisco. i'm
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rob nesbitt. kron. 4 news. >> california department of public health has confirmed that there are 11 cases of a new. >> omicron subvariant here in the state. 2 cases actually discovered in santa clara county. they're calling it the stealth omicron variant health experts don't think it's any more severe than what we've seen already with past variants. the world health organization says it's monitoring this new stealth omicron variant. they do see it spreading in other parts of the world. so the keeping an eye on it. meanwhile, new this morning, the city of berkeley has announced new covid vaccine and booster mandates for certain businesses proper following the story for us and joins us now live with the update. good morning, camilla. >> good morning, james. you know, starting next month, employers at certain businesses in berkeley must be up to date on their vaccinations. and the city is also ordering businesses to require their customers to be fully vaccinated. so this means starting february, 7th customers must show proof of vaccination. they're fully
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vaccinated before stepping inside businesses, nonprofits and other organizations that includes farce theaters, entertainment venues, jansen any large indoor event with 500 or more people. and that order applies to anyone who is 5 years or older. so you're good to go. if you are up to date on vaccinations, including your booster shot. if you are eligible now, if you were recently edgell elgible for the covid vaccines, you must be fully vaccinated by march 14th or within 60 days of becoming eligible. now, the city's health officer said that those places i mentioned is where the virus can spread easily. and by staying up to date on the vaccine's, people are less likely to get infected. the city of berkeley is also ordering all employees at the news in the city to be up to date on their vaccinations. starting february 7 workers. these places on your screen must happen. covid vaccinations and their booster shot. if they are eligible. so this includes restaurants,
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gyms, indoor events of 500 or more people, adult care dental offices, pharmacies and childcare facilities, whether they're public and for private. and this applies to all employees, contractors and volunteers who work these news. now you're up to date on your vaccination. if it's been a lesson 5 months since you got your second pfizer or moderna shot or if you got your 3rd dose, at least 5 months after your second shot, the month since you've got the johnson and johnson vaccine or if you got your second dose of any brand, at least 2 months after that j and j shot. so if you want to know if you're i'm backs a nation's, just check your your vaccination card. and if you are, you're good to go to visit any one of those places that i mentioned earlier. jace to you. alright, camila, thank you very much. >> happening today, we have cvs pharmacies inside target stores beginning to distribute
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those free. and then the 5 masks to customers. the drug company says these masks are limited to 3 per person. and of course, while supplies last all stores will be posting signs indicating that the masks are available to all part of the federal retail pharmacy program. all these masks are being provided by the federal government. the forty-niners they're going have another day of practice today as they prepare to face the rams. this coming sunday in the nfc championship game. this morning. we have updates from the players ahead of the game and that's where kron four's will tran has been following for us. joining us live once again from levi stadium morning. well, though, it's so cold out there. >> no, i'm joining you from green bay. i'm going for the green bay for real. for us. might as well be green bay is like 44 degrees for californians. i'm freezing. so welcome to the frozen tundra of lambeau field. as far as i'm i tell you what, it's going to be a little bit warmer when the niners travel tomorrow when they go down to los angeles, they have another
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day at levi stadium. another full practice before they take off technically a road trip jays, but it's not a road trip. it's a home game because so many 90's fans will be traveling with them. no, you will not be on the team plane. you know, i travel accommodations. you're on your own, but they would love to see you down there anyway. the niners they're hoping to make it 7 straight against the la rams right now. all trends point to the forty-niners winning again. it is a horrible matchup for the rams defense on offense. they have studs on the rams but they haven't done anything. aaron. donald devos, stafford, all those guys, they've been all but shut down against the forty-niners. and that is why this is basically a pick'em game depending on where you go. one person might say rams. the other person says niners and that is not good for the rams because they have a home game and they have the better record. you know, this season. then the forty-niners, which
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is why the forty-niners with a wild card team. but the forty-niners they have gold literally. >> you know, i've had a lot of very close games with these guys. we've had some lopsided games on both sides of the other day. it's literally about playing our brand of football do you want to see them in the playoff? sure, like there's a lot of great teams. obviously, nancy, and i'm not shocked that they're in the nfc championship by any means. and we're familiar with them. they're familiar with us to be a great game. where was the gun right at the right time? and that's what? >> that's what the whole. that's what the season's about what that football is about. as you've got to make sure your you're playing at your best. your best is and so we're going near everybody's best come sunday. >> the niners, they're very happy that fred warner is able to play. remember, he was injured close to the end of the game against the packers, but he should be ready to go. trent williams, he didn't practice yesterday and he's basically lock and key for the
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niners offense. everything circulates around him are, you know, so circulate him because he's the one who blocks for jimmy g. he's part of ground and pound for that run game that they want. so it looks like he's ready to go. jimmy g's ready to go deebo samuel. he took a helmet to the knee against the packers. he will be full go as well. it looks like james, if you're wearing a night is jersey at home, you'll be pretty much exactly like 65% of the crowd in los angeles because it looks like right now, according to the website's 65% of the people in attendance, we'll be wearing red. you will get your hands on tickets as the rams. the fans to look like they will continue selling as it gets closer and closer to game time. if they win, they face either 2 teams that they play before the super bowl teams. you know this, the bengals or the kansas city chiefs so much on the line. james, let me wrap this up because it is cold to get back in the car. turn on dime. lambeau field is
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no joke. all right. we'll get inside. get warmed up. we'll chat with you again a little bit later on as we all get excited for the forty-niners. 68 is the time. still ahead on the kron 4 morning news, gavin newsom, the governor, his latest announcement. >> as he proposes spending 10 billion on electric vehicles like he says, it's going to be huge when it comes to helping with climate change. plus, controversy at a new drug recovery center in the tenderloin of san francisco. after reports of drugs being used out in the open. we'll have that story and oversees u.s.. and nato officials say they are at an impasse when it comes to russia and ukraine somewhere it could lead to war will have the latest from washington. and we are going to be seeing conditions staying clear throughout the course of the day today. so rather than a foggy start, we're actually off to a pretty nice one. its first visibility goes. >> sunny and 60's later on your forecast ahead.
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>> 6.14, is the time. let's give you a quick update on that wildfire burning in big sur again. some of the latest pictures here. the wildfire now 60% contained. that's an increase from yesterday. so they're making good progress there. holding the size at right around 700 acres. so that hasn't gone up. investigators say was all triggered by a prescribed burn
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last friday. they were trying to take care of some dry brush, but then the winds picked up and it got out of hand. now we're dealing with this here. but lisa, good news. is there almost 2 thirds of the way in getting this thing. surround it. let's get to the forecast center with john trouble. he's been watching our weather here and down their big sur. thankfully, the winds are calm down, john. yes, very thankful for that for sure. and calmer. >> and clear skies this morning. you can see the quite our shading in and out of that red, which is obviously for the forty-niners as we're just a couple of days away from gameday now. and we're going to be looking at good weather for that as well as just for stepping outside the bay area today. daytime highs climbing into the 60's. lots of sunshine today is going to be our last of our crystal clear days tomorrow. we'll start to see some partly cloudy conditions. now we're not looking at any rainfall in this forecast just a little bit on the cloudier side come friday, saturday, sunday into monday of next week and a little bit cooler come the weekend in especially next week. so enjoy the sunshine in
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the mild feel that today has to offer high pressure ridge. it's still resulting in dry weather not just for the rest of this week, but on into next week in this forecast, i was hoping for a change of pace that doesn't look like model runs are projecting that to occur. so we're just going to stay dry here was bit had been breezy in the north bay, but winds calming down for the entirety of the bay area continually calmer for north bay mountains, which had been windy the past few days. today isn't going to be as much so now today's daytime highs back into the 60's. pretty familiar because we're actually repeating yesterday for a lot of spots for the south bay. you're again, one of our warmer areas with parts of the santa clara valley. back up to 67 degrees east bay. temperatures back into that range of low to mid sixties with the union city hayward, san leandro in castro valley each at 65. the late hope that he should eat at 62. well, santa rosa down through mill valley. also all in the 60's
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looking ahead of her next 7 days, a gradual slip in temperatures does eventually take us back into the upper 50's by next tuesday and wednesday evening lows continue to be really chilly, dropping into the 30's and 40's and most notably we remain dry well through february. first on tuesday rate. >> john, thank you for that. all right. we are actively tracking your traffic on this thursday morning. and we do have an accident we've been following. this is in san francisco. so as you're traveling along 2.80, northbound there that cesar chavez, we do have an accident. so we are starting to see just a slight delay. but traffic is moving along see that yellow on the map. there. let's also get a look as you're heading into the city this morning from the east bay. look at that. traffic moving along 11 minutes for your drive. the meteor lights are still off at this time. so traffic is free flowing into the city out of richmond across towards center fell about 8 minutes for your drive. the san mateo bridge looking at a 13 minute commute as you're heading across towards the peninsula. let's head to the south bay. i don't
6:18 am
see any accidents along want to one, but we are starting to see traffic pick up there as you're traveling. 85 in menlo park about 31 minutes and we'll leave you with a look at 5.80, in 80 as you're traveling crockett down towards the maze. about 16 minutes for you there. james, back to you. all right. thank you very much. ram. >> governor gavin newsome was at ford's silicon valley innovation center highlighting part of his climate change related budget. the governor wants the state to spend about 10 billion dollars over the next 5 years to invest in electric vehicles and the infrastructure that goes with it. that includes things for money for like trucks and buses and charging stations and money to help low-income buyers purchased these kinds of cars. the plan is all part of the governor's 37 billion dollars. climate action budget that he hopes will decrease the states reliance on oil and gas. >> california is on the tip. of the spear in terms of the effects of climate change in extremes. but we also all right, the leading edge of innovation leading edge of
6:19 am
addressing with a resilient mindset, these anxieties not just for the country, but for the globe. >> the event came just hours before the state assembly budget committee began weighing the governor's overall spending plan. it was its first hearing. they didn't make any decisions, but we'll keep tracking its progress. all right. let's turn our attention overseas now where u.s. officials say that russia's latest demands with regards to ukraine and nato offer no real change. so status quo, no improvement basically. basil, john joining us live from dc with an update on all of this. you know, most most times, no good. no news is good news. but not in this case. we need some forward movement is happening. well, james, good morning. and yes, that is correct. and nothing has been progressing. but that's because of how >> sensitive this entire situation is because one decision could affect everything. so russia had demanded a a written message
6:20 am
from the u.s. and from nato. and this latest message from the both of them. it could set the stage for potentially a war to break out in europe. there's no change. there will be no change in a letter to the russian government. the u.s. refuses to give in to moscow's demands. we make clear that there are core principles that we are committed to uphold and defend. >> secretary of state antony blinken says the u.s. and nato will hold their policies in place and not allow russia to dictate how the situation is handled, including ukraine's sovereignty and territorial integrity and the right of states to choose their own security arrangements and allies. the u.s. has already delivered military assistance to ukraine with ammunition, an anti armor systems. more deliveries are expected in the days to come. blinken echoed the message that any military aggression into ukraine will be met with consequences and economic costs as part of our response. we're also prepared to impose export controls that will have a longer term effect. >> the 9 russia products that
6:21 am
it needs to fulfill its key to have visions. >> and white house press secretary jen psaki says russian president vladimir putin needs to think about the consequences his country would face. that includes business and economic interests of president putin and the leadership of the russian government. >> now, blinken says the 8500 u.s. troops are still on standby as the u.s. continues to push to resolve this situation through diplomacy reporting live in washington. i'm basil, john. all right, basil, thank you very much. 6.21. is the time. we'll take a break. coming up next on the kron, 4 morning news. a jewelry store owner fights back when thieves try to rob the store. he takes out a gun will have a shocking video coming up in just a minute.
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6.24. is the time a panel discussed drugs that on the federal level are considered criminal and are not approved for medical use. but one neuro scientists is hoping that one day that could all change with kron four's ella sogomonian with more on this story. >> mdma and psychedelics are often associated with partying, but researchers across america are increasingly curious about how these drugs could be helpful in a medical setting. although the federal government still classifies the substances as schedule one, meaning they are not accepted for medical use and funding for studies are
6:25 am
not provided. scientists are given permission to conduct clinical trials, neuroscientist and ucsf. professor doctor jennifer mitchell has partnered up with maps. a psychedelic research group based in santa cruz with their help. she has used these drugs with willing patients to treat mental health issues like ptsd, depression and addiction. it's a little like peeling an onion. sometimes people come in with a. >> a trauma a war related trauma in which they experienced or saw something terrible. but then once that traumas processed and released, you find that there are other developmental trauma center. nice but also need to be processed and released for that person to move on. >> although her work dates back to the early 90's, it was just this month that she was invited by the national institute of health to share her findings in the first of its kind panel. together, they explored potential benefits going as far as addressing how insurance companies could cover estimated costs. super
6:26 am
exciting. of course, right? 30 years in coming. >> and my hope is that it will result in lots of new research opportunities. >> doctor mitchell explains. patients are first wind off of antidepressants. then they're faced with the hard work of delving deep into their trauma. but the psychedelics paired with the right environment provide a clear path to recovery. looks a lot like a really comfortable living room, but it's a very safe space. it's a very comfortable space. and >> the participant is attended by 2 very well trained therapists the entire time that they're in there. it's super fun to watch, actually, because you wouldn't think it would be >> that compelling. and it really is. >> in her recent study, doctor mitchell said about 63% of 100 patients no longer met the had diminished symptoms or disability from depression and no evidence of addiction was found which the fda is tracking. >> well, coming up next on the
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kron, 4 morning news, a gun rights group is suing the city of san jose over the controversial gun insurance law that recently passed. we'll tell you what mayor sam liccardo had to say about that. we'll be right back.
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6.29 the time. and we're back with another check of the weather here as we take a live look outside behind me. >> still dark. but getting to the touch, brighter. you can see the bridge, though. that's
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an improvement. we've got john with our weather. good morning, john. definitely seeing things. is that nice start to the day. the bridge among those we are looking at clear skies looking down from the east bay hills out across the east bay and eventually all the way up to the coastline. and if you look really close, you can see the golden gate. all this a big change from where we were the past 2 mornings when we've been in the midst of so much fog. now, skies will remain clear throughout the course of the day today and temperatures will remain in the 30's to 40's for just a couple more hours before we do eventually work our way back up into the 60's later on dublin in santa rosa, each at 33 while the 37 degrees. san francisco in pacifica in the upper 40's to low 50's are more mild spots right now. we've got rain harvey back. so glad to see you how are the roads? so yeah, i'm really glad to be back in. see you as well. and everybody at home. >> okay. so we do have a couple of accidents out there. a new one just popped up in the south bay. this is in san jose. so montague expressway. we have an accident there. we are seeing a slight delay been no major traffic and back up
6:31 am
at this early hour, another one in san francisco, a northbound 2.80, is cesar chavez here. and we are seeing just a slight delay along to a as you're traveling through the city this morning, heading from the east bay mason that fremont street exit about a 12 minute drive for you there heading into the city, richmond center fell about 8 minutes as you're traveling out of richmond this morning and we'll leave you with a look at the san mateo bridge about a 30 minute drive for you as you're heading across towards the peninsula. james, back to you. thank you very much. it is 6.31. voters are casting their ballots early in special elections in san francisco. >> and one of the big issues on the ballot is the recall of 3 commissioners on the school board. crawford says he do now speaking to supporters of the recall and one of the commissioners being recalled. >> one of the fundamental issues for the yes on recall, the san francisco school board campaign. it is from their perspective, the board of education wasted time on other issues during the pandemic.
6:32 am
instead of focusing on reopening schools, see the raj and other blue engine started. the recall effort. >> so the schools are open, right? so i mean, ultimately and that's what you want. it then was and go for with the recall. >> so there are a couple reasons. the one big one is learning loss of these board members don't believe learning loss happened and if they don't play that happened, they you know, they haven't measured it and they haven't come up with a plan to address it. but >> and, you know, it for every community from black. it is that, you know, asian every off that, you know what to think of it talking about the think you guys have not focused on academics for a kid's francisco school board. president gabriela lopez and 2 former vp follow good, really good. and alison collins r the commission is being recalled. this is allison collins, first television interview since the recall begin make your best case. why you should retain your seat on the san francisco board of education. >> i was elected. really help
6:33 am
the district. hold its promise. 2 families specifically around ensuring that each and every student has access to a safe school. and that's not just some kids, but that's all kids. in addition, yes, on recall advocates say that san francisco schools are in a crisis that covers equity, budget and leadership. you need to get confidence. debate is in the community that we have good leadership. >> on the school district that can actually run things well and then focus on education. otherwise you're not going to get those fans back. and, you know, can you to see the spinal to you know, more and more cuts as more and more families need the district. >> those against the recall are concerned that there may be other motives if you don't like the policy choice, you vote for a different candidate. but if we're going to disrupt end, our whole electoral our whole process argument. democratic process in san francisco, any time people with wealth and
6:34 am
influence, you know, political influence have the ability to do so. we're putting our city at risk. the san francisco special municipal election, which includes the school board recall, will take place on february. 15th 2022. >> has it made you cry? >> in san francisco, less than 10 days since a new linkage center opened up in the tender line. we have reports now open drug use at that center. the linkage center is supposed to be a place to help people with recovery and wrap around services. it's all part of mayor london breed's tenderloin emergency initiative. the mayor has neither confirmed nor denied the allegations but says that they can't control who uses drugs at places like this. some addict experts are now questioning how the center supposed to be helping people with recovery. >> to get somebody in recovery, you have to help find the right environment for them too. except that help. and how are they going to do that? if the guy sitting next
6:35 am
to smoking met. >> what is the plan here? i is if they end up wanting to set up safe supervised drug consumption site, this is not the way to do you would next with the center. we're trying to get people the treatment that should be somewhere else. that should be, you know, through. >> meanwhile, some addiction experts say the use of drugs is a reality. when on the road to recovery, others have also questioned the legitimacy of the legality of the site if illicit drug use is taking place. there. we'll keep following the story. in the south bay won. lawsuits already been filed against the city of san jose. just one day after that city passed a controversial gun control law. so the new law, as we've reported, requires gun owners to have gun liability insurance and pay a fee. it's the first gun reform law of its kind anywhere in the u.s.. its goal is to promote safer gun ownership. the mayor says officers won't take away guns unless there's a reason a belief that it will be or has been used in violence. but
6:36 am
opponents say that the law violates their constitutional right to bear arms. >> the city of san jose is forcing citizens exercising a constitutional right to bear arms, particularly in their homes. they're taxing that and giving the tax money to nonprofits to then use it for speech that we all know is going to be used to criticize that very constitutional right. i'm confident that we're going to emerge from this litigation. >> with an survives constitutional scrutiny and we'll be able to implement this. >> and more lawsuits are likely to be filed. the ordinance does not specify exactly how much the insurance will cost, but the annual fees collected from this ordinance we're told, is going to be used by non-profit organizations that are working to reduce gun violence. now to a follow-up on a smash-and-grab robbery on the peninsula, a jewelry store owner who fought back is now talking to kron 4 after he kept. those would be robbers
6:37 am
from taking the jewelry in his store with kron four's. dan thorn with the story. >> store owners here at the 10 for all are on high alert over the last week, robbers have been targeting the malls, jewelry stores, but one business owner was able to keep the smash-and-grab thieves from stealing his merchandise. and he's hoping the group doesn't come back. >> store security video from last week captures the moment a would be robber smashes a jewelry case with a crowbar. the store's owner is seen running over to defend his business before drawing a gun on the masked man was a bad everybody is giving thumbs up, but he's not. i mean, i don't really feel good about it. boseman behind. he says smash-and-grab robberies have become a menace for business owners across the bay area behind. he is legally permitted to carry a gun and should he need to protect his business? he's pretty hopeless at that moment. but i will feel good have been able to see people are really. >> you know. time to protect themselves and others rather
6:38 am
than just back off. you know, the security video and the pictures from police show one of the suspects wanted in connection with this attempted robbery was armed just days after this happened, a second jewelry store at the 10 for and mauled was hit. >> the brazen nature of these crimes has mall workers worried. oh, my god, really those kavanaugh. what days we have to keep ourselves safe. always san bruno police were seen going store to store wednesday giving employees tips on how to protect against robberies. >> police have also released these 2 sets of pictures showing people wanted for committing these crimes. the attempted robbery is something behind. he never wants to experience again. he's hoping those who are responsible are caught and punished. i would like this. >> reach out to, you know, light to those lawmakers. please do something. i mean, everybody has a right. but when it comes to the small business, you don't have no right.
6:39 am
>> last month, governor gavin newsome and attorney general rob bonta announced steps to address smash-and-grab thefts. a three-part plan included bolstering law enforcement response ensuring prosecutors hold perpetrators accountable and getting guns and drugs off of our streets. reporting in san bruno, dan thorn kron, 4 news. >> for your health this morning. health care coverage for a drug to treat alzheimer's disease is at risk of getting caught and this could impact more than 6 million americans that are living with that disease last year. the food and drug administration approved the drug for the treatment again of alzheimer's called out to help. but the centers for medicare and medicaid services is now considering cutting coverage of that drug and now it only wants to cover it. if it's part of a clinical trial approved by the cms itself or by the national institutes of health, this is concerning for people like bud and claudia, the area who you see here, they live in oakland 53, but is living with alzheimer's and is in a current trial right
6:40 am
now. but the couple says the medicine has been really giving them their life back. >> we do know that. he seems to be in better spirits. he's, you know, we're both just enjoying life. a lot more and it's a lot. let's a lot more peace of mind. and that stress that's everything gives us hope for the future. so not having that is really frightening. >> and it is absolutely crucial that we not only develop more drugs as best as we can >> but that we casts a shadow on the things that are working now. >> and the cms reported doubts about whether the possible benefits of out of home outweigh the safety risks, which at this point include headaches and dizziness. and in worst case, brain bleeds but says he'll stay in the trial and keep getting a drug for another year. but after that, they just don't know.
6:41 am
>> still ahead on the kron, 4 morning news, the forty-niners preparing for their big matchup sunday in the nfc championship game against the rams. what this coach kyle shanahan have to say about practice so far. we'll take a listen. >> we'll practice. and in some weather out there that's going to be pretty similar to what we've got on game day, which is going to be some mild conditions and some sunshine or another. really nice day ahead of us. and starting the day off a whole lot here than we have been recently. i've got your forecast ahead.
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>> we are back here on the kron. 4 morning news at 6.43. start to see some color. they're coming into view behind me as our live picture there, the bay bridge. we've got john in the weather center with more on how the morning shaping up weather john. hey there, james, getting a little bit of that color that the bay bridge still looks dark and this perspective at the golden gate bridge. but you're about to lighten up to and you can see that skies at least are free of any fog this morning. we're going to stay that way throughout the course of the morning. so a much different start than what we had yesterday and the day before that, which is very great. we're keeping the brightness around all day long today and don't take it for granted because today is going to be the clearest of the next couple of days tomorrow. still just as mild as today is about to be. but you're about to see an increasing cloud cover into your friday. partly cloudy skies friday, saturday, sunday
6:45 am
into monday. so today's crystal clear conditions going to be beautiful. not that the weekend won't be just not quite as crystal clear as today. high pressure ridge continues to be built up, going to continue to keep us dry on into next week. any chance of rainfall being pushed out by that high pressure ridge, which continues to win out. we will remain calm today. just the cherry on top of this. otherwise really comfortable forecast much like yesterday. daytime highs almost across the board will be in the low to mid 60's with just a few upper 60's for the same spots as yesterday, which is the santa clara valley, san jose. one of those areas up to 67 degrees getting close to 70 on the slate january day, pleasanton and livermore at 62 while oakland at a nice 64 north bay temperatures mostly in the low 60's pittsburgh in antioch. it 61 center fell at 62 looking ahead to tomorrow. temperatures will be right around the same as today's but still a little more cloud cover that will be pushing across the horizon. we'll keep those partly cloudy skies
6:46 am
around into monday of next week. could see a sprinkle on monday. but that's all we're talking here into the next week and the next month, tuesday and wednesday looks like skies should remain dry. we've got rain and back with us today and she's got a look at the roads. and john, thank you for that. yet we've been tracking your traffic on this thursday morning. and we do have an accident. >> in the south bay, this is northbound. 1, 1, in montague expressway down in san jose. and so we're seeing just a slight delay. there's also a traffic hazard. >> along one o one at rock. so again, we're keeping a close eye on those delays that were seen there as you're traveling in the south bay. >> heading into the city this morning, traffic picking up just a bit at 13 minutes as you're traveling from the maze. 2, that fremont street exit again heading across towards the peninsula. about 13 minutes for your drive delays or closures. we had some issues yesterday along the richmond center fell bridge, all lanes open eastbound and westbound here to traveling at a return across towards sandra fell.
6:47 am
you can see about a 10 minute drive for you as you're traveling in the city. northbound 2.80, at cesar chavez, another accident or seen conditions start to clear out from that delay in san francisco. we'll have more traffic coming up. but for now, james, we'll send it back to you. all right, ray, thank you very much. and let's talk more about the forty-niners. they're getting ready to face the rams this sunday in the nfc championship game. >> and excitement is bubbling over here among the faithful this morning, we have updates from the players and the coaches from both sides. for sports. director jason dumas has the story. the niners were on the practice field for the first time this week as they implement their game plan for sunday left tackle. trent williams did not practice his status remains in question. >> but kyle shanahan is feeling optimistic that he will play good thing for the niners, even if he can't play, they know they can still win without him. they did. so back in week, 17 against the rams. coincidentally enough. >> besides this group is as
6:48 am
confident as ever that 3 of 5 team is a distant memory and you know what they say teams usually take on the personality of its leader and no matter what you think of his play on the field. jimmy garoppolo is one of this team's leaders, kyle shanahan as coach them hard. and he says jimmy takes it all in stride and despite knowing his replacement is in the same building, which can be awkward, his confidence and added to has never think just knowing knowing yourself and knowing where you are plays a big part of that. >> because, you know, if you get lost and then start believe in some of those things that could take you down the wrong road. so. >> think it's just about knowing yourself as a player as a person. as long as these guys in this locker room, i have faith in me and believed in me. that's all i really care about. jimmy's fun to coach. he's never he knows the answer before i get to him. i mean, he knows the nation about that ball. go. >> he had utterly, but he people are in the pocket and he tried to get there early,
6:49 am
which he knows that that he was to aggressive on that play. but that's something you work with. all those guys on. it's going to happen at times with a quarterback. but the ones that are responsible for it and sometimes the best plays a sack. jimmy have always believe in. you bro. >> all right. now a lot has been made of this niners rams rivalry in the recent dominance by san francisco. we know some of the numbers, six-game winning streak about a 9 x won both matchups this season. and kyle shanahan. he is 7 in 3 against sean its pretty lopsided. if you ask me so much so that kit this. it prompted a reporter today asked sean mcvay, it's kyle shanahan in your head. >> what i what i do have is respect for these guys. they've done a great job. you know, you look at you got to play well and that 3 and a half hour window that were a lot of you look at the last time that we play and didn't finish the game. but but this
6:50 am
is a really good football team. we have a lot of respect for him. you know, we're competing and prepared to the best of our ability to go out and see if we can advance. but this is a really good team 1000. excellent coach. they got great players, great coaches, good schemes. and so so either in the nfc championship, they have a tough team. >> you know, they have very physical a physical team. everybody out there from tyne and fullback. you know, quarterback even receiver seen. i just tough physical team. you know, we've i want to go out there try to get my best every time year. we had our chances. last time we played them to win the game. but it was a, you know, foreman situation for us on offense. but 2 minute situation on defense and we still have a shot in overtime as well. so, you know, it's a really good football team is to really good football teams going after each you know, seeing each other twice this year, going to see each other for a 3rd time. i'm not a bunch of secrets. just who can step up to the plate making plays and we need to make. >> well, the rams fans may be swimming in a sea of red and gold come sunday down in la
6:51 am
one online ticket. reseller says the majority of fans at sofi stadium may very well be rooting for the forty-niners. we've heard from vivid seats. they're big secondhand market seller tickets and they're projecting 65% of fans are going to be supporting san francisco. that's 5%. higher than the projection last january night when we were down there and it looked like niner fans have taken over the stadium. so we could be looking at some pretty loud and enthusiastic. 40 niner faithful rams coaches, players, even the players. wives have been pleading with la fans not to sell their tickets this week. but when you have the cheapest tickets going for more than $500. looks like a lot of the locals there giving up their tickets and taking the cash. so we shall see that with just a lot more niner fans to buy up seats. show us your pride. we know you're excited. and here are just some of the pictures of people have already sent in of themselves wearing or niner gear. the kids, the dogs, everybody send them our way. you can use the kron. 4 mobile
6:52 am
app or you can e-mail it to us. and breaking news at kron 4 dot com and we'll put them on our growing slide show here at our web site. and we'll also share it here on the air. we'll be right back. we are bac
6:53 am
6:54 am
this out. this is the oldest believed to be the oldest living aquarium. fish in the
6:55 am
world. and it's right here in san francisco. this is matthew. a 90 year-old australian lungfish named after a character in the bible. you may be familiar with. no is grandmother to who was said to have lived to the ripe old age of 900. 69 and this fish is well on its way. it came to california is academy of sciences in sanford. just go back in 1938. and back then researchers knew that she was probably pretty old at that point. we know for a fact that she got here in 38, but we don't know how old she was when she got here. >> based on the pictures that are seen in the size of her. when she arrived, she was a young then either. so i want to say maybe tack on maybe 5, 6, years just time to us here. >> yeah, pretty cool. australian lungfish are believed to be the evolutionary link between fish and amphibians because >> they can breathe oxygen outside of water. but there's a list handlers say that she's very mellow. she loves to have belly scratches and back rubs and you can see patting her on the head. she also loves to
6:56 am
eat figs, but only the fresh ones. her handlers say she doesn't like the frozen ones because it 90 some odd years old, you can choose the kind of fix you want to eat at that point. pretty cool. all right. coming up in the next hour of the kron, 4 morning news berkeley now enforcing new covid vaccine and booster mandate for certain businesses will tell you what that means for. >> business owners and residents alike plus covid cases and hospitalizations are actually on the way down. a little bit of good news. we'll have an update from some bay area health officers about the state of the pandemic and the forty-niners can't get enough of it were prepping for this sunday. the nfc championship game will have player reaction in a live report from levi stadium.
6:57 am
6:58 am
6:59 am
>> from the area's local news station. you're watching the kron. 4 morning news at 7. >> good morning. and thanks for allowing me and daria to join you this morning and get you through a thursday remember, everything will be ok when you're ok with everything and not a moment sooner. so i'm okay with the morning. i mean, i hope you are too yesterday, foggy today, not it's all good, john. yeah. >> however, it goes. at least you're getting up and doing something this morning. and in this case, you're just doing it under some clear skies than you were yesterday. your view outside at your east bay hills camera looks nice and bright all the way out to the coastline. pretty big switch
7:00 am
up for sure. because having any visibility issues out there at all. now, one thing that is the same is that temperatures are chilly. we're well down in the 30's livermore at 34 dublin at 33 degrees novato 36 and santa rosa below freezing at 31 a little bit more mild for spots like alameda, san francisco and san mateo, all in the 40's. i'll be talking about another sunny and 60 degree afternoon. still to come, first of all, go over to rain. that is back. and we're so glad to see it. yes, and i'm so glad to be back in to see daria you in studio and you as well. john. >> and we're going to get you guys to work this morning on this thursday. traffic has been light for the most part. we've had a few issues, but that accident in the south bay has been cleared out. now. now, as you're traveling into the city, you can see they the metering lights on there. so it will take you about 12 minutes to make it from the maze to that fremont street exit. no major issues along 5.18, 80's are traveling this morning.


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