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tv   KRON 4 News at 4am  KRON  January 27, 2022 4:00am-4:31am PST

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>> from the area's local news station. you're watching the kron. 4 morning news at 4. >> good morning. thank you for joining us. here it is. 04:00am an early start to this thursday morning. i'm james fletcher. and if europe welcome, glad you're with us this morning. we've got john and rain up back on traffic this morning. so john, no longer having to pull double duty this morning. good morning. >> yeah, you know what? it's in the z morning there's not a lot of fog to be talking about. not a lot of wind. so cooling things down a little bit this morning is definitely chilly out there. but otherwise factors are lining up really well, 40 as you're getting out there. you're east
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bay cameras showing you the east bay hills looking really nice and clear this morning. visibility is doing all right across the entirety of the bay area. all that, you know, if we see any fog formation of points this morning, but right now, projections are that it should be a mostly clear day. so this is a nice way to start off the day that is going to remain mostly clear well towards the finish of it. now, as i noted, temperatures are pretty cold in some areas a little colder than they were yesterday at this time. dublin, you're at 35 right now. same for you in napa. fairfield in santa rosa. well, nevado allay each at 37 livermore. definitely don't forget those layers as you are stepping out the door this morning. by the time we reach the afternoon, it's well back into the 60 some of us back into the upper 60's kind of like yesterday. i'll be talking the details about that. still to come in, as james mentioned, or rain is back. so good to have you back. green up what we look at out of the road. so man, it's so good to be back and miss you guys also so much. just happy to be back in studio with uaw. >> so we're tracking your
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traffic this morning at 04:00am pretty light for the most part, still getting used to that $7 told all headed into the city from the east bay. it will be about 8 minutes for your drive this morning as you're traveling out there, traffic is pretty light. let's get a look at the san mateo bridge heading across towards the peninsula. you're looking at a 14 minute drive for you as you're out traveling this morning. no major delays or fog there as you are hitting the roads. richmond center fell traveling out of richmond across the war. sandra fell about a nine-minute drive. so still pretty quiet. and the golden gate bridge. 37 to the tolls. 21 minutes for your drive time there. james, back to you. >> all right. thank you very much, and so good to have you back. well, on a related note on the traffic front, we are following developing news on the richmond. sandra fell bridge again, all eastbound lanes open, i should say shut down after a fatal crash. that after 8 o'clock last night. one eastbound lane did briefly reopen. let cars through. we're stuck behind the
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accident. but that lane apparently now closed. we have a photo of the aftermath on the lower deck of the richmond. sandra fell bridge. one person has died. no word yet on when traffic will reopen will obviously be following that. to the tenderloin district. now it's been less than 10 days in san francisco opened its new linkage center, part of the tunnel in emergency initiative. reports of open drug use at that center have surface noun sack explains some addict. experts are now questioning how the center supposed to help people with recovery. >> play supposed to help people with recovery and wrap around services. now at the center of controversy as reports of drug use have surfaced at san francisco's new tenderloin linkage center within just 10 days of opening. the center is part of mayor london breed's tenderloin state of emergency declaration. and when asked about drug use their on wednesday, she didn't deny that it was happening. we can't control. >> who does or does not? you do do or do not use drugs at any given location. our whole
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point of why we set up this link its center is to meet people where they are and to try and get them the help and the support that they need. however, former addict and now recovery advocate tom wolf says the linkage center is doing the exact opposite in order to get somebody in recovery, you have to help find the right environment for them too. >> except that help. and how are they going to do that? if the guy sitting next to smoking met? it's really, really hard. and it's already hard enough on the street to do that. why are we making this so hard in the mckay center to wolf walked the facility on tuesday and was disappointed by what he saw that walked over to this area. this outside courtyard that they fenced off. and you can kind of see to the fence and i looked and first thing i saw was 2 guys smoking fentanyl, professor of psychiatry at stanford university. keith humphreys agrees. >> calling the center's mission and actions counter intuitive. what is the plan here? i is if they end up wanting to set up safe
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supervised drug consumption site, this is not the way to do. he would mix it with the center. wenre trying to get people the treatment that should be somewhere else. that should be, you know, through what's going to be the easiest for people to access what is going to make you know, stay on a good path. >> and i just don't just a disorganization. meanwhile, some addiction experts disagree calling the use of drugs. a reality went on the road to recovery. others have also questioned the legality of the site if illicit drug use is taking place. >> in san francisco, taylor bisacky kron. 4 news. >> well, san jose police say 3 people were stabbed early wednesday morning right around 2 o'clock. the suspect fled the scene and was killed in a car crash shortly after police responded to avenue area and found the victim suffering from stab wounds during the investigation, police discovered that the victims and the suspect were living together. and while police were searching for that suspect, the chp reported a fatal pedestrian accident right along highway 85 at the
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ends up. police arrived on scene determined that the person who died was the suspect in the stabbing. they were investigating. police say they're still investigating the motive behind it. >> the investigation is still ongoing. we don't know what precipitated or or what motivated this individual that to commit the stabbings during the investigation. we were in the process of obtaining an arrest warrant for him for attempted murder for this incident. >> the 3 victims are in the hospital right now. they're recovering from their wounds. police haven't released the identity of that suspect who died in a car crash. as for the crash that still under investigation as well. well, now to a follow-up on a smash-and-grab robbery in the peninsula, a jewelry store owner who fought back is talking to kron 4 now after he kept would kept, those would be robbers from taking his livelihood records. dan thorn has the very latest on the story from san up. >> store owners here at the 10 for all are on high alert over the last week, robbers have been targeting the malls,
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jewelry stores, but one business owner was able to keep the smash-and-grab thieves from stealing his merchandise. and he's hoping the group doesn't come back. >> store security video from last week captures the moment a would be robber smashes a jewelry case with a crowbar. the store's owner is seen running over to defend his business before drawing a gun on the masked man was a bad everybody is giving thumbs up, but he's not. i mean, i don't really feel good about it. boseman behind. he says smash-and-grab robberies have become a menace for business owners across the bay area behind. he is legally permitted to carry a gun and should he need to protect his business? he's pretty hopeless at that moment. but i will feel good have been able to see people are really. >> you know. time to protect themselves and others rather than just back off. you know, the security video and the pictures from police show one of the suspects wanted in connection with this attempted robbery was armed just days
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after this happened, a second jewelry store at the 10 for and mauled was hit. >> the brazen nature of these crimes has mall workers worried. oh, my god, really those kavanaugh. what days we have to keep ourselves safe. always san bruno police were seen going store to store wednesday giving employees tips on how to protect against robberies. >> police have also released these 2 sets of pictures showing people wanted for committing these crimes. the attempted robbery is something behind. he never wants to experience again. he's hoping those who are responsible are caught and punished. i would like this. >> reach out to, you know, light to those lawmakers. please do something. i everybody has a right. but when it comes to the small business, you don't have no right. >> last month, governor gavin newsome and attorney general rob bonta announced steps to address smash-and-grab thefts. a three-part plan included bolstering law enforcement response ensuring prosecutors hold perpetrators accountable
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and getting guns and drugs off of our streets. reporting in san bruno, dan thorn kron, 4 news. >> well, california is continuing to show promising signs that the omicron way the slowing down as infection rates and hospitalizations continue to fall. the state saw an average of more than 87,000 cases reported more than 15,000 people hospitalized. positivity rates are slightly down to from earlier this week down to about 18.7% right now just over 81% of californians are fully vaccinated. well to our coronavirus coverage here. more of it who got health officials in contra costa county saying that they believe the omicron variant has peaked. they say the case rates actually peaked in the county back on january 9th with hospitalizations peaking at the end of last week. however, there are still signs of the hospitals, our full. we keep saying that the throughout the week press that point the county currently has 281 covid patients in the hospital. and although the county expects fewer hospitalizations in the coming weeks are still on guard.
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currently, there are 29,000 active covid cases in contra costa county. well, as the number of positive covid cases decreases questions about mandates are still on the rise. we're now past the peak of omicron but the state's mask mandate is in place until february. 15th kron four's rob nesbitt spoke with health officers in moran and alameda counties and reports on what they're saying when it comes to lifting mask mandates early. omicron spread quickly at first quadrupling in a week in some places. >> now that we're finally seeing a decline. health experts don't want to slow that process down by easing restrictions. there have been a lot of positive cases the last 2 months, but not a lot of positive outlook when it comes to omicron in marin county, the berrien finally started to trend downward after january. 4th, but it's not a fast process. according to health officer doctor matt willis, our case rates are going down more slowly than you know, we're now seeing about 200, 50 cases on average per day in marin county.
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>> that's been the stable number for the past 3 or 4 days down 40% from the peak of omicron alameda county health officer doctor nicholas moss says omicron also peek at the beginning of the month. he's now paying attention to hospitalizations which tend to lag behind case numbers pete with our hospitalizations. we are very similar to where we were in it with lots of surge before the first positive omicron case in the country was discovered in san francisco, the watershed, the santa clara county detected the variant doctor. sara cody says the vaccines help prevent hospitalizations, but they weren't 100% effective. and that's where we pair it >> so if you wear a mask and everyone around you where some asked about where a very important layer of >> protection masks are still required indoors, regardless of vaccination status until at least february 15th. the omicron is on the decline. health officers in the bay area say it would be a mistake to lift mandates. now we do not want to threaten the progress that we've achieved
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through those behaviors to those i can assure gifting them staying the course for the next few weeks, but with a positive outlook, we will have a chance hopefully, you know, as we have done over time throughout the pandemic, remove more and more the restrictions. health officers are also seeing a new subvariant of omicron called ba 2. they say that it doesn't seem to be that different from omicron when it comes to spread and cause of severe disease in san francisco. i'm rob nesbitt. kron. 4 news. >> well, the cvs pharmacy stores inside target will be distributing free and 9 n 95 masks starting today. the drug company says that masks are limited to 3 per person while supplies last. all the stores will be posting signs to indicate n 95 masks are available. it's all part of the federal retail pharmacy program. all the masks are provided by the federal government. well, the california department of public health confirmed that there are now 11 cases of the new omicron subvariant in the state with at least 2 cases in santa clara county, dubbed
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stealth omicron health experts do not believe that this new strain is causing any more severe disease and pass trains. the world health organization says it's monitoring this stealth, omicron and notes that it is spreading in other parts of the world as well. we will take a break here at 4.13 coming up on the kron 4 morning news. a group of democrats are asking president biden to cancel up to $50,000 worth of student death. >> det, i should say. we'll tell you what he had to say about that and the u.s. and nato will be holding up their policies concerning ukraine amidst russia has rejected demands will be back with that just a minute. we're back at
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4.16. >> quick update on big sur. fire fighters are actually getting a better handle on the colorado fire burning right near bixby bridge. that wildfire is now 60% contained. so they're better than halfway getting around it. still about 700 acres in size. so they're holding that steady. investigators say was triggered by a prescribed burn. that fire was intended to clear up dry brush. but obviously backfired last friday night when the gusty winds really started to roll in took that fire and took it out of control. well, 4.16, let's get to the weather center because john's follow
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in the forecast there. and as firefighters were hoping the weather has calmed down terms the wind so they are able to get a better handle on that, john. yeah, that was super welcome to see james. and it looks like we should remain that way throughout the rest of the week. so hoping that that progress continues out there. >> this is your look outside of the golden gate bridge this morning. look at that. some really clear conditions, maybe not golden, but lit up in red is coit tower. getting a look at coit tower this morning in our weather graphics. we do have conditions out there along quite hour that are lit up for the san francisco forty-niners. let's get over to the weather graphics, weather graphics will eventually show you what we do have out there, which is going to be conditions today that are going to be favorable for venturing outside a little bit later on. definitely on the chilly side of things. this morning, though, we're in the midst of some 30's and 40's right now later on today, back to the sixties. we go. futurecast shows that we do have clear skies today on into tomorrow. we're going to hold on to some more of those clear skies. just a little bit of
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cloud cover moves in later on in the day friday into saturday morning. but overall, we're going to hold on to bright conditions for much of the weekend. high pressure ridge not weakening its winning out. so i alluded to the potential of a switch up next week in your forecast that could have brought a chance of showers for your first week of february. that is not such the case. pretty much all model runs at this point are showing that we're going to remain mild in common. this forecast. you can see especially calm for areas further south in the bay. a couple of breezy spots here and there in the north bay mountains. but nothing to be too concerned about today's daytime highs. very similar to yesterday's climbing right back up into the 60's overnight at 63 degrees today. san bruno at 61 brisbane. 62 along with millbrae. well, looking at mid 60's from san mateo down through mountain view inn for the south bay temperatures in the upper 60's campbell, santa clara milpitas and san jose, each at 67 degrees from fremont hayward. we've got some mid 60's while oakland at 64 north bay.
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temperatures you'll be at 62 napa. 64 degrees today while santa rosa at 65. here's a look ahead at next 7 days. so today and tomorrow, some of her most mild of the forecast. we do see temperatures cooling just a couple of degrees into the start of next week in the start of the new month on tuesday, we will have some cloud cover over the weekend, but nothing that break this dry streak. we've been on and early next week. we fall into the upper 50's. so back to thicker jackets for some of us, but still remaining unseasonably dry as we move into the new month. looking at our roads this morning, we've got rain. harvey back. how's it going out there? it is pretty nice and light here on a thursday morning. >> again, we're hitting the roads and if you're traveling from the maze 2, that fremont street exit a little under 8 minutes for your drive. time out there. no major accidents or delays. no weather conditions slowed us down as reading across towards the peninsula via the san mateo bridge, looking at a 12 minute drive for you. there. so conditions are moving along
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pretty nicely. checking out the richmond, sandra fell bridge out of richmond across towards center fell about 9 minutes there and in the south bay along our highways, one, 0, one. 85 to menlo park about a 27 minute drive. 82 17. i don't see any accidents. the air highway 4. it's about 14 minutes. if you're traveling from one 60 to conquer to 42. james, back to you. all right. thank you very much. rain it. let's turn to international news now. u.s. officials say that russia's latest demands in regards to ukraine and nato. >> offer no change to the current situation with basil. john has been following the developments from dc for us all week long. and basil doesn't look like much progress has been made. good morning. well, james, good morning. and yes, not a lot of progress has been made, but this sets up the stage for what could happen next. russia demanded a written response and his latest message from the u.s. and nato. >> could determine if a war breaks out in europe. there's
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no change. there will be no change in a letter to the russian government. the u.s. refuses to give in to moscow's demands. we make clear that there are core principles that we are committed to uphold and defend. >> secretary of state antony blinken says the u.s. and nato will hold their policies in place and not allow russia to dictate how the situation is handled, including ukraine's sovereignty and territorial integrity and the right of states to choose their own security arrangements and allies. the u.s. has already delivered military assistance to ukraine with ammunition, an anti armor systems. more deliveries are expected in the days to come. blinken echoed the message that any military aggression into ukraine will be met with consequences and economic costs as part of our response. we're also prepared to impose export controls that will have a longer term effect. >> the 9 russia products that it needs to fulfill its key to have visions. >> and white house press secretary jen psaki says russian president vladimir putin needs to think about the consequences his country would
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face. that includes impacting >> business and economic interests of president putin and the leadership of the russian government. >> now, blinken says the 8500 u.s. troops are still on standby as the u.s. continues. its push to resolve the situation through diplomacy. reporting live in washington. i'm basil, john, let's hope they can find a path forward. thank you very much, basil, for the update. >> 4.22 is the time. we'll take a quick break. but next up on the kron, 4 morning news, a gun rights group is suing the city of san jose over the controversial gun insurance law that they recently passed. we'll tell recently passed. we'll tell you what the mayor h when a truck hit my son, recently passed. we'll tell you i had so many questions about his case. i called the barnes firm. it was the best call i could've made. call the barnes firm now
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for 24 the time in the south bay won. lawsuits already been filed against the city of san jose and more are expected all this after city leaders passed a controversial ordinance requiring gun owners to have liability insurance and pay a fee. opponents contend it violates a gun owners first and second amendment rights kron four's fleet recall explains. >> if it passes all of the legal hurdles ahead, an ordinance requiring san jose gun owner secure liability insurance and pay an annual $25 fee will become law in 6 months. is there anybody saying in california anymore? the national association for gun rights is committed to preventing that from happening. san jose resident mark sykes and the country's largest gun rights group filed
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a lawsuit against the city shortly after the city council passed the ordinance tuesday night. we didn't immediately. >> because we wanted to make it very clear that there were ramifications. the passing. america's most insane gun control. the ordinance will authorize police officers to ask for proof of insurance when they see or suspect someone is in possession of a firearm on the streets or in a home. >> for now, mayor sam liccardo spines and other administrative actions could be taken against violators. but without the passage of supplemental state laws, officers will not take guns away unless there's a reasonable belief it will or has been used for violence. i'm confident that we're going to emerge from this litigation. with an survives constitutional scrutiny and we'll be able to implement this. the city says the annual fees collected from the ordinance will be used by non-profit organizations working to reduce gun
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violence, suicide prevention and gun safety classes. fact that the city of san jose >> is forcing citizens exercising a constitutional right to bear arms, particularly in their homes. they're taxing that and giving the tax money to nonprofits to then use it for speech that we all know is going to be used to criticize that very constitutional right. that is a violation of the first amendment. the ordinance does not specify how much the insurance will cost, but the mayor says staff research shows most people will incur little to no cost at all. >> felipe goal kron, 4 news. for 27. the time. we'll be right back.
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>> 4.30, on the clock. and let's get another check of the forecast here with john. before we get back to the news this morning. find out what it's like outside of our member. it said it's a little bit clearer right than it was earlier this he definitely clear james, a little colder, but that clear sky that's going help us out a lot as you're getting out there and actually taken to the roads. >> looking outside at your east bay hills camera, you can see all the way up to the golden gate bridge kind of hard to see that far. but you look really closely. you can see the lights out for visibility. look at all full visibility up to that a limit of 12 miles. so that's really nice to be seeing out there to start the morning. definitely beats the fog, the dense fog we've had at times the past couple of mornings skies will stay clear throughout the course of the


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