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tv   KRON 4 News at 530pm  KRON  January 26, 2022 5:30pm-6:01pm PST

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>> u.s. supreme court justice steven briar retirement announcement today will give president biden his first court pick. but is there any way the biden's nominee could be blocked from joining the court earlier today, we talaed with a constitutional law experts kron four's catherine heenan has more from the newsroom catherine? yeah, well, the short answer, ken and pam, very unlikely a biden nominee will be blocked. >> the republicans, of course, don't control the senate. unlike when president obama nominated merrick garland, for example, there may be delay tactics, but any nomination is probably safe. justice priors announcement does give the president time to pick a replacement before the end of june. and biden has promised to choose a black woman for the job. uc hastings professor rory little says california
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supreme court justice leondra kruger is among the possible nominees. >> the trigger is absolutely fantastic. i think she would be great on the supreme court and i would applaud president biden if you were to nominate her. i think she would be confirmed. she is a moderate. she is not a a radical left progressive type. she's a moderate democrat. she's got experience in front of the supreme court. she's obviously been on the california supreme court now for a number of years. so she'd be great. there are other nominees. there's a judge in dc who is also talented and has a lot of claim. and she clerked for justice briar. that particular judge judge a good time g jackson. there's a judge in south carolina has been nominated for the appellate court down there has said. and as melissa mary melissa mary used a black woman who used to be the dean at berkeley, she is now in new york. i think she's a leading candidate as well. so they'll probably be other names in the next few weeks. >> replacing briar with another liberal will not
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change the right word trajectory of cases on abortion and gun rights. for example, it does, though, give the president a chance to put his stamp on the court. and democratic leaders are saying they will move quickly to begin any confirmation process. pam. >> as tensions continue to escalate between russia and ukraine. the u.s. santa diplomatic proposal to moscow today. the letter is the latest effort to try to deter president putin from invading ukraine and u.s. officials say what happens next is up to him. secretary of state anthony blinken made the u.s. position clear to president putin in a long-awaited written response to his demands. putin has demanded guarantees that nato will never admit ukraine as a member and that the alliance will roll back its military presence in eastern europe. blinken said the document reiterate, these are nonstarters. it sets out a serious diplomatic path forward. >> should russia chooses? it remains up to russia to decide
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how to respond. we're ready either way. >> biden administration says it's preparing other options to deter putin this week the u.s. sent several deliveries of defensive military assistance to ukraine and put up to 8500 troops on standby for a potential deployment to join the nato response force. president biden also said he would personally sanctioned his russian counterpart if an invasion occurs. >> well, let's check on our weather. a live look outside as we search for a drop of rain. this is looking out over. >> the bay and you can see is pretty hazy. but it doesn't appear to be wet. it looks more like a southern california horizon with the air pollution out there, lawrence. yeah. kind of feeling that way to as high pressure sits over head. it is dry out there right now. looking from the east bay hills. the sun has set 5.27 the official sunset time now. and yeah, the days grow longer. but now no rain right now inside. look at the numbers so far this where we stand so far as we've seen santa rosa at 126% of normal
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downtown san francisco. 16% all you get the idea we're looking at a good rainfall totals considering the fact that has rain really since first week in january. lori forecast look a lot more impressive yesterday today. not so as we're seeing the clouds sim may be coming our way, but they kind of fall apart. they run that ridge of high pressure. the storm system looks like it might be impressive. there it goes. yesterday was painting some rain coming into the bay area. now he's backed off into dry. in fact, maybe just bring a slight chance of some sprinkles in the north bay. i think as we head in monday, but that is about it behind that high pressure begins to take over again. and guess what? we just see that dry conditions as we head toward the first week in february as well. so here's we're at right now. we're going to keep those temperatures on the mild side. highs again with dry conditions. lot of 60's around the bay area. some places near 70 degrees and the next 7 days keeping things mostly dry, slight chance of showers on monday.
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>> thank you, lawrence has been a week and a half since the volcano erupted near the pacific island nation of tonga. air quality remains poor on the island. and even though some help has arrived, much more needs to be done to help the people who are living there fortune. well, bellow has more on a bay area company working to send more aid. >> lots of ash. we're getting a lot of complaints about the air quality when kron 4 for spoke with cecilia poe who last week she and her co-workers at sf enterprises and logistics have been unsuccessful and making contact with their crew, friends and family in tonga. now a week and a half later, communication is still spotty. >> i mean, once we get a little connection, it's only really about, you know, a minute 2 minutes. so, you know, make contact. everyone is okay. our facility, they're >> as of enterprises and logistics is located in oakland, but they have a facility there in tonga. she says right now masks are much
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needed as ash from that volcanic eruption is still falling. >> we'll clean up the group outside own going to take years work, come back out and actually there they were happy. we had mass headed there already. water and food are other big needs over the weekend. australian and new zealand military planes were able to deliver large amounts of drinkable water. >> but more will be needed in the coming weeks. we're really focused on our on getting as much water. there possible if you have no props props were ruined. >> so they're kind of depending on nonperishable food at the moment until they can get the forms back. >> as enterprises next shipment to tonga heads out february 6. those looking to donate water masks or dry. nonperishable foods can drop them off at the facility in oakland. they'll be accepting donations through wednesday, february 2nd, the who says they're also starting to think about long-term needs as the island rebuilds. we're putting a limit on it. we're doing it for the next 4 feeling just to get people on their feet.
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>> but then we also have to look at the long term to help economy. after all this apd san francisco, noelle bellow kron, 4 news. >> coming up on kron, 4 news at 5 after the nfc championship game ticket controversy in l a one online ticket retailer saying rams fans may still be outnumbered after all. plus, a toxic chemical could be found in the clothes carpet and cookware in your house. aftbr the break, we'll tell you which products to watch out for to avoid.
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>> for your health tonight, water and stain resistant products that you use every day could be damaging your health. the materials contain toxic chemicals known as phase. the faa said linked to a number of health concerns include including immune disorders, heart and liver damage and cancer. a new study commissioned by the group toxic free future found phase in a variety of different household products, including nonstick cookware carpeting, cell phones and more once products are treated with the water resistant chemicals they can emit phase over the course of their lifetime. the study did not find any pfa some materials not marketed as staying or water resistant. you might want to unplug once in a while engaging in leisurely activities can have positive effects on your long-term mental health. >> researchers from ohio state university found that being productive all the time as a
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negative effect. and those who took brain breaks for happier and healthier in the long run. the study also found that in addition to not participating in leisurely activities, those who thought they were a waste of time were less likely to be happy. they're also more likely to express symptoms of stress, anxiety and depression. >> coming up, paying tribute to a legend today marks 2 years since the helicopter crash that claimed the lives of kobe bryant, his daughter and 7 others. how f what can i du with less asthma? with dupixent, i can du more....beginners' yoga. namaste... ...surprise parties. aww, you guys. dupixent helps prevent asthma attacks...
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>> people around the world are remembering the late kobe bryant today. it's been 2 years now since that helicopter crash claimed his life and that of 8 others, including his daughter, gianna. erin myers has more from los angeles. >> it's now been 2 years since 9 people, including lakers legend kobe bryant and his daughter gianna lost their lives in that tragic helicopter crash were outside of crypto dot com arena, the former staple center and home of the lakers who kobe bryant played his entire career with his death left loved ones and fans devastated. the 41 year-old and his 13 year-old daughter were traveling to a basketball tournament on january. 26 2020 when their helicopter crashed, family and friends also mourn the loss of the other passengers which include john altobelli, his wife, keri and their daughter, alyssa, christina mauser, sarah chester and her daughter payton and are as a bye in the official cause of the crash was largely blamed on pilot error. this comes as the trial
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for a lawsuit filed by kobe bryant's widow. vanessa draws near the suit alleges that graphic photos of kobe bryant and his daughter were shared on many la county sheriffs devices. and by los angeles county firefighters. and according to people magazine recently filed court documents say some of those photos were close up. vanessa bryant is seeking millions of dollars in damages for emotional distress. today, though, many honoring bryant, including jerry west, who told the new york times he was just one of those unique players that comes along. he had a big personality. he was very bright. he was going to be a bigger success off the court than on the court. he was taken away too young. and just last night a bit bittersweet. lebron james tied kobe bryant for all-time games played. the 25th is also the day 2 years ago, the day before kobe bryant passed away that lebron james pass a lakers legend on the all-time scoring list. kobe bryant had so many career highlights, though, including 5 time nba champion and 2 time nba finals. most valuable
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player. kobe bryant was also an academy award winner and helped launch the mamba sports academy. now the sports academy. and of course, he was a husband and father. that's the very latest here in downtown. i'm erin myers. >> rams fans may be swimming in a sea of red and gold this sunday at the nfc championship game. one online ticket reseller says the majority of fans 5 will be rooting for the forty-niners. vivid seats is projecting 65% of the fans in englewood will be support in san francisco. that is 5 percentage points above their projection for the january 9th game when the forty-niners fans took over. so fi rams coaches, players and even the players, wives have been pleading with la fans not to sell their tickets this week. but with the least expensive ticket on the going for $512. that is within without including any of the fees. it appears rams fans appear to be
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cashing take a look at this display in sacramento, a replica forty-niners football field. the official forty-niners logo. >> jerseys hanging on the garage. even a model golden gate bridge. the owner of this house has been putting on this forty-niners themed di play since the 1990's each year. he puts it up around thanksgiving in time for the holidays. but this year, he says he's keeping it up to bring the niners some good luck in the playoffs says it's, of course, about rooting on his beloved team. but also about bringing joy to the neighborhood. >> yeah. maybe lightning up to out of here people's out. you know that we feel right now. it is. but it is pretty dark times right now. hopefully help this and plus a plus we're supporting forty-niners. don't forget that. haha. >> like a sweatshirt. if you thought the outside was impressive. let's take a look inside the home. this is the room that bruce ellsworth calls the forty-niners man cave. it's decked out with memorabilia. he has collected over the years. he says he intends to keep all of this up
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until the forty-niners win the super bowl. hopefully hopefully in a couple of weeks. well, san francisco will soon be showing love to the forty-niners all over the city. starting tonight. quite. how are you see here? the conservatory of flowers and golden gate park band show will be lit up in red and gold in honor of the team. >> and they will stay that way. as long as the niners remain on their quest for their 6th super bowl win. all right. big 40 niner fan lawrence karnow joins us now with a look at the game day forecast in i'm cheering on the niners to even raider fan. it's going to be a great day for the game. the weather down there. that's going to be perfect as it usually is at this time of year. >> in los angeles, a beautiful stadium there, downtown game time beginning at 03:30pm, in the afternoon. the temperature just about perfect, 70 degrees outside sunny skies and warm. >> and just a very light breeze. so should be a great game in southern california back in the bay area. we've got beautiful sites along the
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golden gate bridge. skies are staying clear. now you see the flag. boeing will in the when they're actually going back toward the coastline that is the offshore wind that has been keeping skies nice and brought us some very nice temperatures around the bay area of the one thing that has suffered a bit their quality. you've seen that the haze out there today as high pressure sits over head, not much in the way of wind down below sure, not see much mix in the atmosphere and that leads to some poor air quality. moderate amounts includes building up and the north bay, the east and the south bay still looking good. some fresh air along the coastline. the meantime, though, expecting those winds to continue offshore overnight tonight. here's a look at the computer models. you're going to see some stronger gust develop over the mountain tops again in the north bay kind like we saw last night, some 20, maybe some 30 mile an hour gusts across the highest mountain peaks down below some very light breezes out there early on that as we head through the day tomorrow, looks like that staying mainly offshore that can lead to another just gorgeous day outside these numbers tomorrow. again in a san francisco, 61 degrees downtown, maybe even a little bit warmer along the coastline. 60's out there,
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downslope winds, mid 60's in the pacifica and half moon bay about 66 and sunny in burlingame in brisbane. beautiful down the peninsula. 69 degrees in san carlos. 66 in foster city. 68 in woodside, the south bay enjoying plenty of sunshine with some 60's and 70's a real possibility about 68 in livermore. 67 in fremont 70 degrees possibly in union city. 68. it was creek about 64 degrees in san leandro and 62 in the winds breezy at times overnight tonight in the north bay, but fairly mild temperatures in the afternoon that dry air, though, will lead to some cold temperatures tonight. overnight lows will be in the 30's and the 40's. but by day, we're looking good temperature wise, looking a very nice few more clouds come our way. probably late the day on thursday and into friday and over the weekend right now, just a slight chance of rain next monday. >> all right, lawrence, thank you.,coming up, apple's air tags are great at finding your keys or your luggage, but they are also being used to track
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people and steal cars when we come back. rich tomorrow will give us some tips on how to stay safe. in tonight's tech smart. protecting yourself and
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your property from apple's air tags. the tiny trackers are showing up in suspected crimes around the nation from theft to stocking. rich demuro explains how to keep yourself safe in today's tech smart.
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>> apple's air tags are tiny trackers handy for locating your keys. backpack in luggage. more and more people are finding on watching their tags that have been placed on their cars. and at this point, police don't really know what to do about it. but reportedly there are also being used to stalk people and steal cars. this is a digital tracking media, but it visible security implications. doctor chris pearson is ceo of black cloak, a company that helps protect people from cyber threats. they're easily affordable, join easily track and monitor has really created more of an escalation in terms of the amount of tracking that may be going on. a circular gadgets are about the size of a quarter and constantly broadcasting a signal to nearly a billion apple devices on the company's find. my network, the signals are translated into a gps location. really? the power is in the simplification of that unit and the power of the network behind owners can keep track of where their air tags are by using the find. my app,
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the trouble starts when these tiny tags turn up on wanted. if an air tag us slipped into your stuff. your iphone is supposed to notify you and your tag will begin to church. but that can take hours or days. if you have an android phone, you won't get a notification, but you can download apple's free app called tracker detect. they can scan for unknown air tags nearby. you can also tap any air tag with an nfc enabled phone to bring up owner information and the serial number, which can be reported to police to not go home with the device battery still in there to disable an air tag instantly. take the battery out by firmly pressing both sides and twisting counter clockwise. this is not a problem. this is a societal problem. >> that was rich demuro reporting for us tonight. switching gears now, check out this amazing sight off the coast of newport beach in orange county. thousands of dolphins jumping out of the water near whale watching tour boat. this is video from
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newport landing in davey's locker whale watching passengers were all struck by this scene. no one knows exactly what caused what's called this a dolphin stampede. they may have been trying to evade a predator or just trying to catch up to some food source. but it was great to watch how what a sight. >> so raising that wraps up. kron. 4 news at 5, but we have a lot more ahead on kron. 4 news at 6 o'clock as another covid variant is emerging. top medical officials say we will need a universal coronavirus vaccine while learning to live with covid long term and the retirement plans. the u.s. supreme court justice steven briar, democrats promising to
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>> from the bay area's news station. you're watching kron. 4 news at 6. >> we'll go into that space for we may be certainty that it's the question is which mandates and when. >> now it's 6 as covid cases are on the decline across the bay area. questions are mounting about when to lift the mask mandates. thank you for joining us for kron. 4 news at 6. i'm pam moore and i'm ken wayne. we're now past the peak of omicron. that's according to officials. but the state mask mandate is still in place until february. 15th kron four's rob nesbitt talked with health officers in marion and alameda counties. he joins us live with more about wh


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