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tv   KRON 4 News at 5am  KRON  January 26, 2022 5:00am-6:01am PST

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>> good morning. 05:00am on this wednesday morning. thank you so much for joining us. here. it is. the 26th of january is we're rounding out the final week of the month. feels like it just started. but here we are nearly at the end. we've got john start off this hour with a check of the forecast on this wednesday. what you see in john, a little bit like yesterday, james, starting off with the fog, ending the day with the sunshine eventually very similar view from the east bay hills, looking down at that pool of fog and low cloud cover. >> that is settled into the bay all the way down into the south bay and even into our inland areas. so we are seeing dense fog along route such as highway one o 1, 6, 80 and out along highway 4 into the car. keane is in the delta. all these areas subject to some lower visibility much like we did see for your tuesday skies. do clear out really nicely come the afternoon. and under those clear skies will be right back into the 60's. another cool start, though, with 30's 40's across the bay area this morning. dublin, you're at 34 degrees right now. cloverdale at 35 napa
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fairfield in concord, among other areas, dropping well into the 30's to start your wednesday. now, the bay bridge is looking at some conditions out there that are still really favorable. a 7 minute i% drive across the bridge. not a lot of traffic just yet. san mateo bridge are doing just fine as well. things moving along at the limit, their the richmond center fell. both has dense fog advisory along it as well as we did have a stalled vehicle that looks like it has been cleared out right there on that westbound span. nearing marine county. only 7 minutes to get you across there. golden gate bridge, a 20 minute drive to get you cross from 37 down to the tolls. james, thank you very much, john, to our big story this morning. it was late last night that the san jose city council passed a controversial gun liability insurance ordinance. >> it's the first gun reform law of its kind to be passed anywhere in the country and kron 4. sarah stinson is standing by live for us this morning to explain what this now means going forward. good morning, sir.
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>> good morning, james. that's right. the mayor and those council members who did vote yes on this. they're feeling proud this morning to be leading the country in a one of its kind ordinance against gun violence. how it works is now once it is implemented, it require gun owners to have a liability insurance for each gun and we'll have to pay a $25 annual fee. >> that will go to the city and to nonprofits. now some of the council members who voted yes on this. they said that the vta mass shooting was really on the top of their mind. they really wanted to create some real change to stop gun violence. and it was 8 months ago today since that devastating shooting. so this is a quick turnaround for city to create and passed a new ordinance in response. the ordinance also aims to make sure guns don't end up in the wrong hands to prevent every day crimes. everyday gun violence, crimes that we see
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how it will work. police officers will be asking for proof of insurance every time they encounter some with a gun or believe they have one. the $25 annual fee paid by gun owners will go directly to supporting community-based organizations. those that help prevent suicide. those who prevent gun violence and for gun safety classes. the mayor wrote this statement after the ordinance passing tonight, san jose became the first city in the united states to enact an ordinance to require gun owners to purchase liability insurance and to invest funds generated from fees paid by gun owners into evidence based initiatives to reduce gun violence and gun harm. he continued by thanking council members who continue to show their commitment to reducing gun violence and its devastation in our community. speaking of those one of the council members who voted yes on this, says that he wants other cities to follow, by example. >> particularly congress in washington that has been unable to do any action. and then while once, so it's
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important that local municipalities come up with plans that work in our communities i think this is a great first step in that other cities will look to our model and follow our lead. once put something in place and we show that it works. >> city council will discuss this again on february 8th and it could go into effect august 8. the thing goes smoothly. as i said yesterday when i was reporting on this, the mayor does expect some push back and they are fully ready for any legal battles that come after this. for now, i'm sarah stinson reporting live back to james. all right, sarah, thank you very much. >> 5, 0, fours the time. and let's not forget the last night's vote comes as the vta marks 8 months since last year's mass shooting at the railyard in san jose. it was on may. 26 that samuel cassidy killed 9 of his co workers, according to authorities. cassidy legally owned and registered those guns that he
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used. the shooting sparked new calls, though, for gun control measures like the one passed in san jose last night. in the east bay health officials in contra costa county say they believe the omicron variant has pete in the country. they say that the case rate actually peaked back on january 9th and hospitalizations peaked at the end of last week. however, there are still warning that hospitals are very full. the county currently has 281 covid patients that are hospitalized right now. the county expects fewer hospitalizations in the coming weeks. currently there are about 29,000 active covid cases in the county this morning. a tentative deal is now on the table between the oakland educators association and the oakland unified school district to keep teachers from walking out of the classroom. educators threat to strike and held sickouts for weeks over covid-19 safety concerns. the tentative deal calls for weekly testing at all school sites having access to n 95 and higher quality masks, better ventilation and more
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outdoor spaces for students to eat myra alvarado is with the oakland educators association. that's the union representing the teachers. and she says the biggest win for teachers and students is having access to weekly testing. >> that's a huge before used to be at and it was a really guarantee to every site that we were able to get language that will have testing out at all sites. and that's the huge win for us. >> they all students and staff will be provided with weekly covid tests. if there is a limited supply than those tests will be prioritized to those who have been exposed to the virus, the deal still needs to be voted on and approved by the union and the school board. but folks are optimistic that it will pass. so we'll see the city of san francisco. meanwhile, is taking new steps to protect people from eviction. the board of supervisors just passed an ordinance that is a first of its kind in california. kron four's camila barco live in the city. now to explain. good morning, camila. >> good morning, james. this
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is a game changer for renters. this legislation gives renters more time to prevent them from being evicted. so basically tenants have 10 days before they can be legally evicted. here's how it works. landlords are going to be required to morning 10 days before beginning the eviction process. and this gives the tenant the opportunity to fix a problem that led up to the eviction in 10 days prior to the covid-19 pandemic. a landlord could begin the eviction process after 3 days. if a renter getting pay rent or for other reasons. but now this legislation gives tense time to resolve any dispute be before landlord turns to addiction and has stayed said this is a first of its kind in california. it's going to help divert disputes between a tenant and landlord. now the author of this legislation, dean preston, he's part of the more supervisor, says it will prevent thousands of evictions. as we've heard, the
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pandemic has forced many people to lose their homes and barely make ends meet. he says the law the laws put in place to stop evictions during the pandemic have been successful. and because of that, he says data shows overall evictions in san francisco were cut in half. now, james, the san francisco board of supervisors unanimously passes legislation. this week, but it still needs to be signed by mayor london breed. for now, back to you. >> thank you very much. camila governor newsome and state lawmakers have reached an agreement to revive a law to provide workers with up to 2 weeks of paid sick leave while they recover from covid. now, california's initial supplemental paid sick leave law expired at the end of september last year. this new agreement revives paid sick leave through the end of september of this year. the legislation is likely to be fast tracked to the governor's desk in the coming weeks. it will apply to businesses with at least 26 employees. all
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right. the forty-niners begin their first day of practice today for the nfc championship game against the los angeles rams. niners have had the upper hand on their division rivals in recent memory, 6 straight games now that they've kron four's will tran live at levi stadium this morning. where will today? the morning. where will today? the work begin weekend. good morning. >> yes, they will have contact. they took a few days off to rest. i'm sure they were at the facility yesterday looking at game feel now that they needed it because they know each other very well. i mean, last time they were down there, they beat the rams, right? 27. 24. and that last when james could be a good omen 3 times since 1985, right..the team that swept the other opponent twice in the season, right? they play the 3rd time in the playoffs. 3 times that team has gone on to win the 3rd game and then get this another good omen for the
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9 news. this is the 8th time division rivals are facing each other in the playoffs. the team that won the second game, right? so the niners won the second game just a few weeks ago. they are 6 in one. so although the signs, if you're looking at anything to make you feel better about the night is going down to los angeles. i just gave you 2 things to think about. not to mention that you probably have or you can get the best coach in the nfl coach kyle shanahan. here he is talking about the opponent, the los angeles. that. >> i mean, every time or in a game where talk about and how quickly all these things can change and how quick the game can get out of hand. go back to our first game this year with detroit and being a 41 to 17 with them in a 58 left and we went by 8 points and they have the ball them or experience you get on that. you start to realize you should never be comfortable should never be comfortable to the game. and that i think it just i think it helps you stay more humble, more grounded and never get too confident until are too until you get the job
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done. and that job is never done until you're shaking hands with the game's over. >> so in other words, james, keep your foot on the gas pedal keep going. and that was something that the rams did not do in week 17. they take the foot off the gas and the niners game back from 17 points down to beat the rams and got themselves into the playoffs and they lost that game. we wouldn't be talking about the niners. we would only be talking about where jimmy g possibly could be headed to after the season. now we're talking about what he will do on sunday and what he could possibly do in the super bowl. let us do some housekeeping things here. i got to tell you, coach kyle shanahan will once again speak at 11. 45 then they will practice at one 15. they will practice probably with pads for the next 3 days or so as they get to the rams practice. rest speaking arrest. james, here's another good omen. well, the niners that played
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on saturday, right? they play the packers and then the rams play the bucks on sunday. the team that played on saturday going into the nfc championship or the afc championship for that matter, they're almost. in in supple when it comes to those games about. i think the record is 16 1. so all signs to the san francisco. 49. >> the more we dig into the stats, the numbers and the history of the more and more the niners. i don't know. feels like they got history on their side. the data on their side. we'll have to wait and see. i haven't checked it. are the odds makers still pretty much putting this up as a coin toss? >> it's a little bit of the rams i checked yesterday was around 5 and a half. and james, the home team gets about 3 point anyway. so that's about 2 and a half point spread for the rams winning. but i'm sure gets closer and closer. yeah, just have to wait and see. i mean, is las vegas right there? experts there become close to getting the correct score, but
5:13 am
let's face it spread is to get the gamblers in enough. i had to gamble. i'm putting my money on the san francisco forty-niners. you cannot argue 6 straight wins against the division right. i think most of those times vegas had the odds in the rams still won anyway. so there you go. >> will thank you very much. 5.13, is the time. we'll take a break. still ahead on the kron 4 moreing news. >> we have a lot more headlines here for you. coming up, home buyers still leaving the bay area in droves. we're going to tell you the story about a man should say the story about the main reason why they're leaving. also, groups of thieves are targeting local jewelry stores are going to show you what happened during some recent smash and grabs and overseas. president biden is preparing for possible war will have the latest on the brewing conflict between ukraine, russia potentially u.s..
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time. we're back with some breaking news this morning. we're learning that 3 people are hurt following a stabbing. >> in san jose police say was a triple stabbing at a home in the 2100 block of to avenue. the 3 victims are at the hospital right now with non-life-threatening injuries. investigators are also still at the scene right now collecting evidence. so we'll keep you updated as they learn more. in the meantime, let's bring it back here into the studio. john trouble with our forecast here at 5.16, and another look outside at some foggy conditions for some good morning, john. yet another
5:17 am
foggy morning. would like a lot like yesterday. honestly. >> we'll see the fog this morning. the cool temperatures to start followed by some sunshine and some really mild weather later on your view outside of the east bay right here showing you that gray that is lifted just a little bit now blocking out your view of the east bay hills today is going to be yet another dry one right back to those 60's familiar territory. we've been spending the past few weeks chillin with this high-pressure ridge that's been keeping not just us, but a lot of the west coast in general on the more mild side of things in the dryer side of things when or elsewhere in the country, not so much for us. it is going to be a calmer afternoon for the north bay. that will be a nice note for you after what was a bit of a breezy one for the north bay yesterday, south bay gets a bit warmer this afternoon. take a look at san jose. 67 degrees for your late january. hi this wednesday, freeman in mountain view at 65 while. the north bay, mostly in the low 60's mid 60's for parts of the east bay. tomorrow's temperatures will they don't change much nor will we into
5:18 am
friday saturday or sunday monday, the last day of the month does get a little bit cooler. we start february on a dry note on tuesday. as far as our bridges go this morning, still pretty empty out there. the bay bridge, nothing at the toll plaza you're rolling across at 7 minutes. san mateo bridge is foggy, but a 12 minute drive there as traffic does begin to pick up. richmond center fell bridge does have a dense fog advisory. you're doing a okay aside from that, though. and the golden gate bridge, your typical 19 minutes from 37 to the tolls. james. >> john, thank you very much. back to the headlines now in for your money this morning. a new report says that home buyers are still leaving the bay area in search of more affordable places to live. no shocker there. redfin took a look at the numbers and they say people are leaving expensive places like san francisco and instead setting their sights on more affordable metro areas. redfin economists say it's been happening for a while, but the pandemic really did ratchet up the trend. it's pretty hot right now. >> families, maybe we're home
5:19 am
school and are going remote learning didn't quite know exactly what their long-term plans were had to figure things out with with work. maybe people are still switching jobs over the last year and moving into a job that is more remote friendly or allows them to move to achieve the area and keep the higher pay. so we see a lot of that happening. >> economists believe the trend will continue because working from home has become more widely accepted and maybe something that will stay with us for a while. also making headlines this morning, we have speaker of the house nancy pelosi now officially running for her 18th term in congress. the san francisco congresswoman made the announcement in the video you see here that she posted on twitter. she's the only woman in u.s. history to be elected house speaker and she did it twice. she's representing san francisco as we she's been doing it for more than 30 years. she hasn't said whether she's going to run for speaker again. but people who described her drive say it's likely. so we'll see. the
5:20 am
white house, by the way, is considering its options in the event that russia invades ukraine. president biden says it all depends on russia's next move as to whether u.s. troops will move into europe with basil. john has been following the latest developments all week long. joining us now with another update on all of this. good morning. basal. well, james, good morning. and yes, president biden emphasized the importance of monitoring putin's actions but is confident. >> that even the russian people don't know what their leaders going to do next. >> if you are moving and almost worse than the largest in the nation since world war. 2 president joe biden says right now it is difficult to figure out what russian president vladimir putin will do as military presence is still high on the border of ukraine, people to move and do be not to question those consequences would include economic sanctions and reinforce security in eastern europe. but for now, the president is moving troops. we
5:21 am
have no intention of putting american are forces in ukraine. president biden also promised personal sanctions against putin. the kremlin says the u.s. is adding fuel to the fire. but the white house pins this on russia, the aggressive behavior here >> is but on the part of the russians, this is a defensive alliance, not an offensive alliance. senate republican leader mitch mcconnell said the white house followed his advice act now and not after an invasion wants the russians. brad. >> a piece of ukraine are trying to overthrow the entire government. it's really to lead. >> now u.s. allies are actively working to resolve the situation. the french government announced a meeting today with germany, russia and ukraine to prevent a war breaking out in europe. reporting live in washington. i'm basil, john. all right, basil, thank you. will see what happens next. it is 5.21. we'll take a break. but coming
5:22 am
up on the kron 4 morning news. we have state lawmakers now trying to ban the sale of cigarettes. >> we'll tell you about some new legislation they're pushing through and what this means for tobacco companies. we'll be right back. oh, wow, barbara corcoran! good morning. sorry, we don't need any business help now. we're gigillionaires. what? we're gigillionaires now. i don't get it we have at&t business fiber with hyper-gig speeds. but i just... so thanks, but, we're doing great. i'm so happy for you! but i'm just here for my order. oh. entre-pin-eurs? yeah, my bowling team. i like it there's money in puns. do business like a gigillionaire at&t business fiber, now with speeds up to 5-gigs. limited availability
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at&t business fiber, now with speeds up to 5-gigs. 5.24. we have some state lawmakers now introducing in basically a bill to ban the sale of cigarettes and other single use tobacco products. kron four's come up capitol bureau reporter ashley zavala explains the legislation and
5:25 am
how big tobacco's responding to it. >> california lawmakers tuesday unveiled a bill that could be a big blow to the tobacco industry. but i want to be clear, this bill is not banning the sale of tobacco and marijuana in california. that's not the goal of this something member loose rebus is the author of ab 60 90. it would ban the sale of single use vapes and tobacco filters which are found in most cigarettes and cigars. local authorities will be responsible for enforcement and violators could face civil penalties of $500. lawmakers say the single use products pose environmental issues noting throughout california cigarette litter forces, public agencies to spend 41 million dollars a year on clean up the smokers. >> they smoke. >> and they talked and they risk $1000 fine ice looking a cigarette out of vehicle or throwing a cigarette out on the beach or out into the environment anywhere. and that's not to turn that all the bill mirrors. a similar effort underway in new york,
5:26 am
which california lawmakers hope helps their case. we will be working in tandem to ensure that we keep. >> our state's healthy and clean and send a message to the country. but this is the year to get the single use ban in place. officials say if passed the bill does not yet have a date for when it would go into effect. it's something they say they want to work out with stakeholders as the legislation involves representatives with altria group, one of the world's largest makers and marketers of tobacco in the world say they're in the process of reviewing the legislation at the state capitol. ashley zavala kron. 4 news. >> it is 5.26. we'll take a break. but coming up next on the kron, 4 morning news, san francisco's dha. is the subject of a new federal lawsuit. why he's accused of not doing enough to protect asian americans against hate crimes. we'll be right back.
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don't stop steroids unless told by your doctor. tell your doctor if you have a parasitic infection. may cause headache, injection site reactions, back pain, and fatigue. ask your asthma specialist about a nunormal with nucala. >> 5.29 the time. let's start the half hour with a check of that forecast. if you have to head outside right now, you can't wait. stick around in just a few seconds. john's got a preview of what we expect today, john. yeah, and stick around a little bit longer and you'll eventually get to some sunshine. but yeah, for this morning it is definitely foggy
5:30 am
in some spots, some areas of fog year than others. some of us are just sitting beneath the great. but regardless do anticipate it as you do eventually venture out. now, skies will clear out nicely this afternoon, setting us up for some 60's later on today. in the meantime, though, it's still some 30's and 40's to kick off this morning. feels pretty familiar because we were right around here yesterday, the les hill at 39 concord at 37 right now in dublin, only at 34 degrees. now, as far as we go in our bridges, we're still looking at some clear conditions there at the bay bridge toll plaza. in fact, a little improved from where we were just a few minutes ago. we are going to be looking at a very foggy one along the san mateo bridge. this has been one of our foggiest so far this morning. we do have a dense fog advisory on the richmond center fell bridge. something to note there as we do look at just an easy commute, but definitely that fog does have an impact on it. now, we also do have something that i want to note on. 1, that just popped up a severe traffic alert as we do have a traffic collision with injuries on
5:31 am
california. 85 northbound at south to anza boulevard in san jose. this is one o one right here. it's still relatively unaffected by this incident. but along 85, we do have that back up that you can see having formed a just north of saratoga in south of cupertino right now. let's take you 32 minutes to get from san jose to mountain view. i'll keep you updated on how this backup progresses, james. all right, john, thank you very much. back to the headlines this morning on the peninsula. police are investigating another smash-and-grab robbery this time involving local jewelry stores. the latest happened at the 10 friend mall in san bruno. proper is dan thorn takes a closer look at what happened. >> san bruno police say these types of crimes that happened twice at the mall in the last week. groups are rushing in and using tools to smash open cases and stealing things. but in one case, a store owner was actually able to fend them off. >> store owners are on high alert at the 10 for all san bruno police sharing these
5:32 am
pictures of a group accused of smashing display cases at a jewelry store and stealing an unknown amount of merchandise monday night. it was the second time a jewelry store was targeted at the mall in less than a week. that's crazy that people would like have to resort to things like >> i don't know the solution is, but it's kind of tragic that these are happening at all. >> shoppers like ariel negga say smash-and-grab crimes have made going to the mall a little uncomfortable jewelry and high-end retail stores across the bay area have been seeing a recent increase in these robberies. that scary. think that this would happen here. police say despite one man in this group of wanna be robbers being armed with a gun on friday, a store owner was able to keep them from taking off with any of his stores jewelry. a display case was destroyed. but once the store owner drew his own gun, the group ran off. police say fortunately no one was hurt. it's unclear if these 2 cases are connected. some shopper suggest that right now people
5:33 am
should be keeping their eyes peeled while out at the malls. just people have to watch out for other people. >> we have to say something, you know, god gave us a mouth to speak. definitely if i see something going on >> san bruno police have not identified any of the suspects. and so far no arrests have been made anyone with any information about these crimes is encouraged to give them a call reporting in san francisco, dan thorn kron. 4 news. >> well, the alliance for asian american justice filed a federal lawsuit now in response to hate crimes against the asian community in san francisco and district attorney chase with dean is the subject of that lawsuit. the alliance says the da's office hasn't done enough to prosecute those who are committing hate crimes against asian americans and pacific islanders in the city since the pandemic began, asian americans have had to endure encounters that sometimes turn violent on lee experience this back in 2019 while walking in chinatown, he says a man beat
5:34 am
him with a glass bottle while threatening to kill him. and then the manson. the lee with a bat made death threats. lee says that he's frustrated with how the da's office has handled this case. >> the adult male attacker to plea to a misdemeanor. with one year of probation. the attack was the most brutal. terrifying and humiliating experience of my life. >> the alliance for asian american justice filed a civil lawsuit on these behalf. they say the suit isn't seeking money. instead, it's asking for. restored of justice and an apology from the da's office. we reached out to the da's office for comment, but so far haven't heard back. well, as the chinese american community in san francisco prepares to celebrate the lunar new year, the number of hate crimes against members of the ap. i community is top of mind for police chief bill scott at a press conference in the city's chinatown. chief scott says that there's been a six-fold increase over the past 2 years. 8 incident says
5:35 am
were reported in 2019, 9 were reported in 2020. and then last year, a huge jump with police investigating 60 crimes against the ap. i community san francisco mayor london breed says it's time to make some changes. >> it is time to change it with the number of investments we make in nonprofit agencies that help support our seniors in this community. and it is time to change it with the number of investments that we must make in the police department in our ambassadors programs and other things that will continue to make sure that in this year 2022 that those numbers decline just as significantly as they rose. >> chief scott says more than half of last year's incidents were committed by the same person who, by the way, police arrested last august. investigators have identified the armed person who was shot and killed at sfo last week as 37 year-old nelson zito,
5:36 am
police responded last thursday to a report of an armed person there at the airport's international terminal. officers confronted him just outside of the bart station entrance. police say he tried. they tried to calm him down but that they had to open fire when he continued to be a threat. he was killed. a bystander was also injured. investigators are still looking into how the man got into the terminal. well, apple has been granted a restraining order after a woman allegedly has been stalking ceo tim cook for more than a year. the santa clara county superior court confirmed the restraining order. the alleged stalker is a virginia woman named julie and lee choi. the documents say she exhibited erratic, threatening and bizarre behavior. the county's order stranger now from having a gun and says she has to stay at least 200 yards away from all apple employees. >> in the east >> see their reunion. 10 days in the making. this was in the east bay, french bulldogs
5:37 am
stolen from his owner's at gunpoint in castro valley was found. alameda county sheriff's office returned it to its owners. you can see here the reunion was pretty heartwarming. investigators say they made several arrests 2 related to t toes theft that they think could be connected to several other dog thefts in the east bay. so they're looking into that. we'll take a break at 5.37, coming up on the kron. 4 morning news fans around the bay area making their way to la the watch that matchup between the forty-niners and the rams this weekend. >> we'll tell you what we can expect as the team hits the field today and its first day of practice and after the game, walgreens is going to start handing out free n 95 masks will tell you how you get your hands on some and can't see much of anything at your cell phone camera right now. just a couple lights there in the bottom of the screen. >> it's just so foggy and patches. so be mindful of that as you're getting outside this morning, skies clear out. really quickly, though, back to the sunshine in the 60's later on your forecast. details are ahead.
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>> and we are back time now. 5.40, happening today. osha is expected to withdraw its temporary emergency covid standards for the workplace. under those standards, employees of companies with more than 100 workers had to be vaccinated or be tested weekly. but the supreme court recently said that osha can't enforce a standard like that
5:41 am
while it's being challenged, adding that the challengers would likely win the case. so osha is changing its policy for the moment beginning this friday, walgreens will start giving away free and 95 masks. there's going to be 3 mask limit per person. and while the official start of the program is actually this% friday, walgreens says it's a rolling start. so some stores may take a few extra days to ve to pplies and we'll see check your local walgreens and see if maybe they already have them. well, sonoma county will be hosting a large scale vaccine clinic several. i'm actually starting to saturday. they say it's part of an effort to expand access to vaccines and booster shots. the clinics are going to be held in the garrett building at the sonoma county fairgrounds. and they're going to be every saturday and sunday for each of the next 4 weekends. it will be from 9 in the morning until 4 in the afternoon. the county says that appointments aren't required, but they do suggest you make one to guarantee you got a spot you can sign up on the website listed there on your screen. my turn, dot ca
5:42 am
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we are back here at 5.44. john, an eye on camera. we're just looking at the image behind him in the big monitors were heading over to the weather center now for an update and that fog still pretty thick out there, john. yeah, definitely just a blanket over the sea of it sitting in the bay this
5:45 am
morning. if you look really close, you can see the sales force tower right there. >> you can also see the golden gate baidge, the very top of it. just a couple of lights sitting right over on that side. morning to take a little slower as you do encounter those foggy patches. really just remember what it was like yesterday. and if you're driving through some areas that were clear, then all of a sudden ran into that low visibility. that's what today's looking a lot like to now later on today. once that fog lifts and burn-off, we do have another day providing a whole lot of sunshine. in fact, going to be a beautiful afternoon all over again. we've had a lot of those afternoons lately. multiple weeks and it doesn't look like this is going anywhere. anytime soon. there was a chance of a low pressure area breaking through this high into next week. that could have resulted in a shake-up for us. but it looks like the high pressure ridge is going to win now. and that means this week and next week, your first week of february are now trending, drier and a little bit more mild. certainly nice to step outside in. but as we know in california, we need that rain this time of year. now, as far as we go with
5:46 am
winds today, it is going to generally be a calmer one today than yesterday was was a breezy one for the north bay yesterday. while the rest of us were nice and calm today, all of us are on the calmer side of things. 60's for daytime highs with your at the coast or further inland. the biggest change in temperatures that we have yesterday is a slight cool down for the north bay and a little bit of a warm-up for the south bay that will us in the santa clara valley to near 70 degrees. san jose campbell and santa clara at 67 for your highs, east bay temperatures right around the same as you were low to mid 60's. again, that's where we spent the day yesterday. the north bay will be less windy but also a little less mild sonoma at 62 today while santa rosa still comfortable at 63 tomorrow, right around the same as today, friday, saturday and sunday. keeping that going monday and tuesday of next week, still likely to be edging out into the 60's. this is not going to be the start of february. that's going to be bringing us any chance of rainfall just yet. hopefully we'll kick it into gear. later, though, as for
5:47 am
the south bay this morning, we have a major traffic incident and that is holding up travel on 85 right now. let's get a look at the traffic cams and you can see that we do have a closure on northbound. 85 in san jose in the area. this is because of a traffic collision with injuries on california. 85 northbound at south to and out of de anza boulevard. all lanes are closed. officials are urging you to avoid the area. if you're traveling from the south bay, like down from 7 trees or from morgan hill and trying to get on to the peninsula, take route such as 2.80, or one. 0 one, because 85, which is not an option right now until we can get that cleared. we are looking at the bay bridge doing just fine, though. 8 minutes to get you cross it from the maze to fremont street and the san mateo bridge, a 12 minute drive right there. very foggy, a dense fog advisory in the richmond center fell but not enough traffic yet to be slowing you down. and the golden gate bridge also in the fog, 18 minutes from 37 to the
5:48 am
tolls. james. john, thank you. 5.47 the time. a large contingent to 40 niner fans are expected to >> make their way south for sunday's nfc championship game between the niners and the rams. we did have a chance to speak with a few who are hoping to land some tickets for the match up. kron four's phillipe djegal has the story. >> to say adam fox and his son keaton would give an arm and a leg to watch the san francisco forty-niners square off against the los angeles rams at so-fi stadium in the southland might be a stretch but not too far off dry fly. >> train. >> many think the danville residents say travel wouldn't be the problem. it's just difficult. finding tickets at a decent price. and they've been looking since the niners ended the green bay packers season saturday. how much you're willing to the tickets that i'm looking at right now. >> this is like the lowest ones are after grand right now. so not exactly sure how much i'm willing to pay,
5:49 am
looking for is a little bit take its cheaper than that's for sure. candy thinly is keeping a close eye on the ticket market, but he's not concerned about getting in. >> she is a season ticket holder based in southern california routinely traveling up to levi stadium for home games. she expects to pay her way into sunday's game in the next few section i was looking at there are about 1000 because that lot. >> season tickets for the chargers this year to sail. and so on that in my section to see what they were going for. so they are like 1015 finley traveled to new orleans and miami for the niners last 2 super bowl runs and hopes the team can push past the rams and stay in la for a shot at the franchise's 6th super bowl yeah, i will be there. it being in la is a huge advantage i think understands one thing's for certain. we know they will definitely show up. >> phillipe djegal all kron. 4 news.
5:50 am
>> well, the holiday season may be over but football season is not. and that's why one 40 niner fan has kept his niners themed light display up as a good luck charm ahead of sunday's game. check it out. yeah. this out of sacramento, this homeowner puts up a replica forty-niners football field. the forty-niners logo, the jersey up on the garage. even a model golden gate bridge too. the owner of the house has been putting up this forty-niners team display since the 1990's back in the golden age of the forty-niners in each year. he sets it up around thanksgiving just in time for the holidays. this year, though, he says he's keeping it up to bring the niners some good luck in the playoffs and to bring a little bit of joy to the community. >> i like people to enjoy it. i just feel like i'm i'm helping. yeah. maybe lightning up to out of here people's out. you know that we feel right now. it is. but it is pretty dark times right now. hopefully help this and plus a plus we're supporting forty-niners over. get >> right. you thought the outside was impressive, you're
5:51 am
going to have to take a sneak peek inside to check it out. >> this is the room that bruce ellsworth calls his forty-niners man cave. as you can see, is decked out with a whole lot of memorabilia there that he's collected over the years. ellsworth says he intends to keep up the display until the forty-niners when the super bowl. there you go. we have to keep the faith alive. >> and show us your 49 or pride, by the way, is where gearing up and get ready for sunday's big game. send us you. >> yourself all decked out in your fan. gear, your kids, your pets, your stuffed animals. we love it. all. just use the kron 4 app or you can e-mail it to breaking news at kron 4 dot com and we'll share it on air and we'll also add it to our growing slide show here at kron 4 dot com. well, the warriors are rolling again after a blowout win over the dallas mavericks at the chase center, klay thompson was back in the starting line-up. he missed last 2 games because of a stir soaring need. but boy, he he got things gone. let's pick up the action here in the
5:52 am
2nd quarter. klay gets the ball, putting it it in 3 pointer there. he 15 points on the night. >> steph curry also setting up his teammates to for some pretty good looks. he put up 18 points himself by jonathan. coming up, led the warriors. he had 22 points overall warriors beat the mavericks final score. one 30 to 90 to a blowout here. steve kerr talking about it. >> the balance was great. you jordan as the 6 having a really good scoring clay just playing or come. klay thompson game, you know, just moving the ball. i'm taking the open shots, not forcing anything. making a couple great moves to the basket. but you know, moving the ball on. and i thought everybody really did a good job of just, you know, spacing the floor. >> and the warriors are going to be hosting the minnesota timberwolves tomorrow night. tipoff is it 7 o'clock? we'll take a break at 5.52. we'll be
5:53 am
right back.
5:54 am
5:55 am
>> we're back at 5.55. legendary giants slugger barry bonds was snubbed from the baseball hall of fame in his final year of eligibility. he got just 66% of the votes. he needs 75% to get into cooperstown. it was always going to be an uphill climb for the home run king, as we know, he became the face of a
5:56 am
generation of players who either used were suspected of using performance enhancing drugs. and that's always been a cloud hanging over his record. bonds still has an outside chance of getting into the hall of fame. they have a committee comprised of players, executives and media who are charged with evaluating overlooked candidates and that committee. we'll be meeting to vote in december. that would be berries. last chance to get in. all right. coming in the next hour in the next in the next hour, the kron 4 morning news. the city of san jose passing a controversial gun ordinance. we've got proper. sarah stinson on the story for us break it down. >> in a live report and san francisco's board of supervisors passes new eviction protections for renters out. gives writers more time to. keep from being evicted. and the forty-niners, as we've been saying, getting back to work today on the practice field, preparing for the nfc championship game down in southern california this weekend. will tran is out at levi stadium will get an update from him coming up in update from him coming up in just a moment.
5:57 am
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>> from the bay area's local news station. you're watching the kron. 4 morning news at 6. >> it is 06:00am yes, indeed. thank you for joining us here on this wednesday morning. i'm james fletcher with john trouble standing by with a check of the forecast. here to start the hour. and we've been talking about how fog it's been all morning long. >> let's get the latest up there right now. good morning,
6:00 am
john. yeah, very foggy. >> james, you can see much of that just a few moments ago. you still can't see much but a the low gray in there. dense e- fog across much of the bay area resulting in lower visibility along the bayshore further inland into the north bay and out along the coastline. so much like yesterday, maybe clear from time to time or you're at. but you will be running into some lower visibility spots. so slow things down out there, 30's and 40's for our current temperatures. we do have 30's for livermore. brett would as well as dublin in concord of the east bay. then across the north bay to right now, cloverdale showing up as one of our coldest spots sitting at 34 degrees. now you want to be especially careful in the south bay because we actually do have severe traffic incident and this is highway 85 northbound completely closed at the moment. this is a traffic collision with injuries on 85 northbound at anza boulevard in san jose itself. all lanes are closed. officials are urging you


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