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tv   KRON 4 News at 4am  KRON  January 26, 2022 4:00am-4:31am PST

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>> from the area's local news station. you're watching the kron. 4 morning news at 4. >> good morning. thank you for joining us on this early 04:00am hour on the kron. 4 morning news. i'm james fletcher. it is wednesday. we're halfway through the week. hope you're waking up to find this morning. once you get out on the you're probably going to notice depending on where you are. the fog, all of a sudden got pretty thick this morning. let's get the latest with john. good morning. you have another one with the fog, james. i don't even know where this shot. this is from sutro tower. we know that. but it is looking down at the blanket of fog that is sitting somewhere across san francisco at this moment. >> we are looking at fog for a lot of the bay area specially
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closer to the coast and closer to the bay itself. you can see visibility is affected all the way towards conquered as well as down the peninsula into the south bay. so another morning with those patches, a very dense fog that you'll be encountering. james, just tell me on his right to work. he hit one of those thicker areas, too. so just be mindful of it. as for radar, you can see that we do have otherwise clear skies once the morning fog burns off much like yesterday. we're in for a day full of sunshine and eventually really mild weather. it's chilly this morning, though, back down into the 30's and 40's livermore, dublin conquered as well as much of the north bay. well, down into the 30's berkeley year at 44 degrees later today, it's a return to the 60's much as we've seen so much of lately. i'll be talking anything that may disrupt the steady trend of weather. all still to come. first of all, though, let's get a look at the bridge is where we are seeing some fog. obviously, it's not blocking out the view at the bay bridge toll plaza necessarily. but you do have the low gray
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immediately overhead still below 10 minutes at the bay bridge. will the san mateo bridge at the limit just over 10 minutes, richmond center fell pretty empty. we do have a dense fog advisory issued by the chp on the sound. richmond center fell bridge. you can see the fog there. at the golden gate. a 21 minute drive from 37 down to the tolls james. all right, john, thank you very much to. let's get to our big stories this morning will start in the east bay where teachers and administrators in oakland. >> we're able to reach a deal for teachers to stay in the classroom after concerns of covid-19 protections. the deal comes after weeks, though, of protest as we know, negotiations over what educators say was a lack of covid protections on the job with corporate jonathan mccall on the story. >> a tentative deal is now on the table between the oakland educators association and oakland unified schools to keep teachers from walking out of the class. oakland unified educators threatened to strike over covid-19 safety concerns.
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>> i believe that tentative agreement we were able to reach does provide a lot >> things that we didn't have before. my alvarado was with the oakland educators association, the union representing teachers and calls the last few weeks stressful for not only educators, but also students. i'm really grateful for all the advocacy, especially on behalf of the >> given this new omicron surge. i think that that also put a lot of pressure on us on getting a deal. the tentative deal calls for weekly testing available at all school sites. >> better access to key 95 and higher quality masks, better ventilation inside of classrooms and providing enough outdoor space for students to eat. alvarado says the biggest win for teachers and students. the access to weekly test. >> yes, and that's a huge before used to be at and it was a really guarantee to
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every site that we were able to get language that will have testing out at all sites. and that's the huge win for us. all students and staff will be provided with weekly covid test. >> if there is a limited supply, the test will then be prioritized to those who have been exposed to the virus. >> for weeks, teachers have staged sickouts students even threatening to boycott classes if their concerns over better protection. we're not met by the district. the deal approved on tuesday must still be voted on and officially approved by the unions. more than 3,000 members along with the oakland unified school board alvarado says that some of the changes are already underway. >> in our tentative agreement are things that are already as speak implemented in different ways. jonathan mccall kron. 4 news. >> well, governor newsome and state lawmakers have reached an agreement to revive a law to provide workers with up to 2 weeks of paid sick leave while they recover from covid. california's initial supplemental paid sick leave
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law expired at the end of september last year. and this new agreement revives paid sick leave through the end of september this year. the legislation is likely to be fast tracked to the governor's desk in the coming weeks. it will apply to businesses with at least 26 employees. well, a big announcement now from major vaccine makers pfizer and bion-tech say that they've actually started clinical trials for an omicron specific covid-19 vaccine for 18 to 55 year-olds. that trial set to be conducted in 3 phases with more than 1400 participants. pfizer ceo, as we know, has previously said that they expect to have a vaccine targeting omicron ready by march. and beginning this friday, walgreens will start giving away free and 95 masks. there's going to be 3 masks, limited per person. and while the official start to the program is this friday, walgreens says it's actually already started rolling it out to some of the stories anyway. may take a few extra days, though, to get supplies in for every location. but try the
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walgreens near sioux. maybe you get get lucky. well, right now on kron 4 dot com, you can find all details regarding the latest on covid-19. the headlines just scan the qr code that you see on your screen and it will take you right there. all right. let's head to the peninsula now where police are investigating another smash-and-grab robbery involving local jewelry stores. this latest one happening at the 10 fran mall in san bruno. and we've got kron four's. dan thorn on the story for us this morning with more on what happened. >> san bruno police say these types of crimes that happened twice at the mall in the last week. groups are rushing in and using tools to smash open cases and stealing things. but in one case, a store owner was actually able to fend them off. >> store owners are on high alert at the 10 for all san bruno police sharing these pictures of a group accused of smashing display cases at a jewelry store and stealing an unknown amount of merchandise monday night. it was the second time a jewelry store
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was targeted at the mall in less than a week. that's crazy that people would like have to resort to things like >> i don't know the solution is, but it's kind of tragic that these are happening at all. >> shoppers like ariel mega say smash-and-grab crimes have made going to the mall a little uncomfortable jewelry and high-end retail stores across the bay area have been seeing a recent increase in these robberies. and it's scary. think that this would happen here. police say despite one man in this group of one of the robbers being armed with a gun on friday, a store owner was able to keep them from taking off with any of his stores jewelry. a display case was destroyed. but once the store owner drew his own gun, the group ran off. police say fortunately no one was hurt. it's unclear if these 2 cases are connected. some shopper suggest that right now people should be keeping their eyes peeled well out at the malls. just people have to watch out for other people. >> we have to say something, you know, god gave us a mouth
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to speak. definitely if i see something going on >> san bruno police have not identified any of the suspects. and so far no arrests have been made anyone with any information about these crimes is encouraged to give them a car reporting in san francisco, dan thorn kron. 4 news. where they are getting a bit closer to a vote. but san jose city council still debating a proposed ordinance that would require gun owners to carry liability insurance for each gun with an annual fee of $25 for each gun. mayor sam liccardo explain that the money collected which is an estimated 1.3 million dollars would go to nonprofits that help with gun harm reduction services. and they would decide how best to use it. the mayor assured that there would be no public list of gun owners that a registry would only be available to the department of justice. opponents argue, though, that there should be no fee for a constitutional right. another point of contention was, well, what type of coveragt
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insurance companies would provide. critics say gun owners already have access to accident insurance. well reunion 10 days in the making after little tito, the french bull dog was stolen from his owner's at gunpoint in castro valley. the alameda sheriff's office return to go to his owners who, as you can see, we're very grateful to be reunited with him. investigators say they made several arrests related to to those theft that they think could be connected to several other thefts across the east bay. so happy ending at least to that story. investigators have identified the armed person shot and killed at sfo last week as 37 year-old nelson zito, police responded last thursday to a report of an armed person that i suppose international terminal officers confronted of just outside the bart station entrance. police say they tried to calm him down, but they had opened fire when he continued to be a threat. he died in that. altercation. a bystander was also injured.
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investigators are still looking into how the man got into the terminal in the first place. apple has been granted a restraining order after a woman had allegedly been stocking ceo tim cook for more than a year. santa clara county superior court confirmed the restraining order which alleges the stalker is a virginia woman named julia lee choi. the documents say that she exhibited erratic, threatening and bizarre behavior. the county's order restrains the woman from having a gun and says that she has to stay at least 200 yards away from all apple employees. we'll take a break. it is 4.10, coming up on the kron. 4 morning news state lawmakers trying to ban the sale of cigarettes will tell you about this. >> new piece of legislation they're pushing for and what it means for tobacco companies and president biden preparing for possible war. the latest on the conflict between on the conflict between ukraine and russia. and now for our high school's most admired alum.
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>> well, we're back at 4.13. there's some new information about that wildfire burning in big sur investigators say was triggered by a prescribed burn which they say probably wasn't the best of ideas. given that high winds were part of the forecast, the day that they lit those fires, it was intended to clear up dry brush. but obviously that backfired friday night when the gusty winds began. that fire now has since burned 700
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acres. it is 45% contained, which is a little better than yesterday when it was 40%. there are still mandatory evacuation orders in place, however, and highway one is still shut down there around bixby bridge. let's get a check of the forecast. luckily, it's still true, john winds were supposed to calm down quite a bit this week. is that still the case? yeah, definitely in the central coast for sure. still was breezy in the north bay yesterday, but nothing like we saw this weekend. >> was not the time for prescribed burns. indeed. we're talking about those very strong offshore winds as we work our way into the weekend. that's exactly what we did see your view outside their your berkeley hills camera shows you the gray that we do have still in place right across the bay area. today is going to be another gray start followed by another sunny finish much as we saw yesterday, keeping those skies nice and clear into the afternoon in skies. unfortunately, on the drier side of things, even though has been such an enjoyable last few weeks. we have also been seeing ourselves slipping
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out of that weather pattern that we needed to see. so hopefully february turns things around. it looks like we are going to be seeing some changes in the february here just around the corner by late thursday into friday, you will see an increase in cloud cover, but really no chance of rainfall in sight just yet this high pressure ridge is starting to loosen its grip a little bit, at least showing signs of weakening. and that means that temperatures should start to slide downward into next week. we're still going to remain dry and clear all this week. now, as far as the north bay goes, not as windy as yesterday. we are going to be seeing a couple windy spots that are upper elevations, but all in all a nice and calm one today. now temperatures today will be pretty solidly in the 60's, even for coastal areas from daly city, down to half moon bay low to mid 60's can be expected. temperatures elsewhere across the bay area actually pretty unchanged from where they were yesterday. mountain view at 65 san jose. in campbell, a little warmer at 67 degrees. 2 of our warmest of spots. well, 3
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months in union city at 65 oakland and berkeley. a nice 63 degrees this afternoon. north bay temperatures not quite as warm, but also you've got the tradeoff there because you're not quite as breezy as you were yesterday. so today's going to feel just as nice now, tomorrow, temperatures right around the same as today and we're going to remain in those low to mid 60's through sunday monday of next week. we day of the month and tuesday, your first day of february. no chance of rainfall just yet. but temperatures getting a little bit cooler. now, as far as we go on our bridges, definitely a foggy impacted again. visibility is fine at the bay bridge toll plaza. but there are spots in the vicinity that aren't so great. as far as visibility goes so slow your roll, give yourself that extra time this morning. san mateo bridge, a 12 minute drive at the limit. definitely an easy commute across the richmond center fell where chp has issued a dense fog advisory and for the golden gate bridge, 20 minutes across at 37 to the tolls anyways and
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not a lot of traffic, but there is some fog to be noted. james. all right. thank you very much, john. 4.16, is the time. a new report says that shark attacks have increased for the first time in 3 years. according to the >> international shark attack file over 100 shark bites were reported last year, including 9 fatalities. this is actually an increase from 2020, which only had 52 reported shark attacks in the u.s. great white sharks. you see there on the screen were responsible rity of deaths. however, researchers say the annual number of deaths from shark attacks and actually diminished over the years. that's little comfort, though. if you happen to be snorkeling and you see those things swimming beneath right. all right. for 17, the time the district attorney in fulton county, georgia, has been granted a special grand jury to help investigate former president donald trump for criminal election interference. the prosecutor says a grand jury was needed for subpoena powers because
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several possible witnesses have refused to cooperate with the investigation. that includes georgia secretary of state brad raffensperger. president trump asked him to find and those were his words, find enough votes to overturn president biden's win in that state last january. last week, former president trump said he didn't do anything wrong during that phone call. the da will be allowed to see to that special grand jury on may. 2nd. speaker of the house nancy pelosi is officially running for her 18th term in congress. the san francisco congresswoman making the announcement in this video that you see on your screen. she posted on twitter. pelosi is the only woman in u.s. history to be elected. house speaker. she was elected twice. she represents san francisco in congress has been doing that for more than 30 years. she hasn't said whether she'd run for speaker again, but people who described her drive expect that that's probably likely. all right. in
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other national news, the white house right now is considtring its options in the event that russia invades ukraine. president biden says the next move really does sit on the russian president's next move as to whether the u.s. is going to send troops into europe or not. basil, john is live for us in dc were basically been following this story as we've been tracking it this week. how are tensions this morning as it's still pretty high? will james? good morning. and yes, tensions are still high and nobody knows where it's going to go at this rate. and president biden emphasized the importance of monitoring putin's actions. >> but is confident that even the russian people don't know what their leader is going to do next. >> if you are moving and almost worse than the largest in nation since world war. 2 president joe biden says right now it is difficult to figure out what russian president vladimir putin will do as military presence is still high on the border of ukraine,
4:20 am
people to move be not to question those consequences would include economic sanctions and reinforce security in eastern europe. but for now, the president is moving troops. we have no intention of putting american are forces in ukraine. president biden also promised personal sanctions against putin. the kremlin says the u.s. is adding fuel to the fire. but the white house pins this on russia, the aggressive behavior here >> is but on the part of the russians, this is a defensive alliance, not an offensive alliance. senate republican leader mitch mcconnell said the white house followed his advice act now and not after an invasion. the russians. >> and brad. a piece of ukraine are trying to overthrow the entire government. it's really to lead. >> now u.s. allies are actively working to resolve the situation. the french government announced a meeting today with germany, russia and ukraine to deter a new war starting in europe, reporting
4:21 am
live in washington. i'm basil, john. all right. thank you very much. basil will be tracking it. thank you for the update. will be. >> getting a more updates from you throughout the week and throughout the morning. thank you. again. it is for 20. we'll take a quick break. still ahead on the kron 4 morning news. >> homeless encampments cleared out here. so by stadium just weeks before the super bowl, caltrans says that the cleanup was done because of safety issues, but not everybody agrees.
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>> we're back. it is for 23. and with the super bowl just weeks away, there's a push to clean up the area right around. so fy stadium where it's going to be played and that means removing the large homeless population from the area, tons of tents and furniture and other items were carted away over the last couple of days. caltrans says it's just routine cleanup. christina, as coaches, though, has more. some don't agree. >> don't say she's been living beneath the 4 '05 freeway all century boulevard in a new light on and off for one and a half years. i understand it to next. and what i don't understand is the displacement people. caltrans crews cleaned up homeless encampments in trash along the 4 '05 near manchester. and century about a mile and a half from sofi
4:25 am
stadium. dozens of and house have been camping here for years. >> did they give you a having that actually meantime, we're in i'm to give streets right now i come in know so you know, i'm not some believe with the super bowl 3 weeks away. the cleanup area located directly along the corridor from la fy stadium is no i don't see how bad the homelessness problem is. he said that maybe this cleanup was happening because of the supe bowl. do you think that that is not and that is they don't want out here and see the mayor of inglewood mayor, but says the last 3 years caltrans is done rolling cleanups on the state run properties. caltrans says people living here had been starting fires to warm up threatening public safety. they posted tris notice of removal days prior to the cleanup began notice. last wednesday and they showed up
4:26 am
yesterday morning. they're just doing a job. a caltrans supervisor says social workers gave out 40 vouchers for housing on there is some told us late tuesday they still don't know where they will go. >> i really 2 years. i mean, are you and see said he knew dawn said she is ready to get off the streets and thankful that on tuesday, the la homeless services authority said they we're able to find your housing. and i a lot very much july. so and look out and you nobody's and that that we go to. >> that was christina pascucci reporting for us this morning. it is 4.26. we'll take a it is 4.26. we'll take a break. be right back. when a truck hit my car, it is 4.26. we'll take a bthe insurance company wasn't fair. i didn't know what my case was worth, so i called the barnes firm.
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now with speeds up to 5 gigs. i was hit by a car and needed help. i called the barnes firm. that was the best call i could've made. i'm rich barnes. it's hard for people to know how much their accident case is worth. let our injury attorneys help you get the best result possible. back at 4.30, checking the weather here at the half hour. mark, as we once again, take a look outside with john trouble and see. see what we can john. >> not much. yeah, it is a definitely still a view of coit tower there which actually does look like it has that reddish glow to it lit up for the niners this morning, which nice thing to see on what's otherwise. a pretty the morning. we are seeing visibility being affected along parts of the bay short closer to the coastline as well as out through the
4:30 am
carquinez. so just taking a little bit slower this morning. your member yesterday, how very fogty it was at this point. we've got a little bit of practice with the fog. so it's nothing unfamiliar to us. 30's and 40's for our current temperatures with livermore morgan hill, dublin conquered all sitting in the 30's for the east bay and south bay north bay joining the and areas like novato napa and up to cloverdale one of our coldest spots at 35 degrees right now later on today, it's all about the sunshine in the 60's all over again. almost becoming a something to be expected at this point. we'll be talking about any changes in the rest of our forecast. still to come, let's get a look at the roads, though, which are definitely on the foggier side. but the empty side still this morning, not a lot of people taking the bay bridge just yet. still just a 7 minute drive there. no backup san mateo bridge, a 12 minute one for you. and also pretty empty this morning, richmond center fell is under a dense fog advisory and we will be looking at visibility issues on a lot of our bridges, not just for you. the


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