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tv   KRON 4 News at 10  KRON  January 25, 2022 10:00pm-11:01pm PST

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local news station. you're watching kron. 4 news in our tentative agreement or things that are already. >> as speak implemented in different ways. >> crisis averted. educators and oakland school leaders reaching a deal to keep teachers in classrooms after concerns over omicron protections. thank you for joining us tonight on kron. 4 news at 10, everybody. i'm grant lotus. i'm catherine heenan in for vicki liviakis. >> that still tentative deal comes after weeks of protests of weeks of talks over what educators say was a lack of covid protection on the job. kron four's. jonathan mccall has the story. >> a tentative deal is now on the table between the oakland educators association and oakland unified schools to keep teachers from walking out of the class. oakland unified educators threatened to strike over covid-19 safety concerns. >> i believe that tentative
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agreement we were able to reach does provide a lot >> things that we didn't have before. my alvarado was with the oakland educators association, the union representing teachers and calls the last few weeks stressful for not only educators, but also students. i'm really grateful for all the advocacy, especially on behalf of the >> given this new omicron surge. i think that that >> also put a lot of pressure on us. i'm i'm getting a deal. the tentative deal calls for weekly testing available at all school sites. better access to k 95 and higher quality masks, better ventilation inside of classrooms and providing enough outdoor space for students to eat. alvarado says the biggest win for teachers and students. the access to weekly test. >> yes, and that's a huge before used to be at and it was a really guarantee to every site that we were able to get language that will have
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testing out at all sites. and that's the huge win for us. all students and staff will be provided with weekly covid test. >> if there is a limited supply, the test will then be prioritized to those who have been exposed to the virus. >> for weeks, teachers have staged sickouts students even threatening to boycott classes if their concerns over better protection. we're not met by the district. the deal approved on tuesday must still be voted on and officially approved by the unions. more than 3,000 members along with the oakland unified school board alvarado says that some of the changes are already underway. >> in our tentative agreement are things that are already as speak implemented in different ways. jonathan mccall kron. 4 news. >> governor newsome and state lawmakers have reached an agreement to revive a law to provide workers with up to 2 weeks of paid sick leave while they recover from covid. california's initial
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supplemental paid sick leave law that did that expired at the end of september. the legislation is probably going to be fast track to the governor's desk in coming weeks and it will apply to businesses with at least 26 employees. osha is expected to withdraw its temporary emergency covid standards for the workplace. under those standards, employees of companies with more than 100 workers had to be vaccinated or be tested weekly. but the supreme court recently said that osha could not enforce that standard while it's being challenged, adding that the challengers would probably win the case. the standard will be lifted tomorrow a big announcement from a major vaccine makers pfizer and biontech say they are starting clinical trials now for an omicron specific. >> covid vaccine. they're using it on 18 to 55 year-olds. the trial is set to be conducted in 3 phases with more than 1400 participants. pfizer ceo has previously said
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they expect to have a vaccine targeting omicron ready by march. beginning this friday. walgreens will start giving away. and 95 masks. there will be a 3 mask limit per person. well, the official start to the program is this coming friday. walgreens says it is a rolling start. so some stores may take a few extra days to get their supplies. it right now across 4 dot com. you can find all the latest covid headlines. just scan this qr code here with your phone's camera and you'll be taken directly to kron 4 dot com. >> on the peninsula, police are investigating yet another smash-and-grab robbery involving local jewelry stores. this latest happening at the 10 friend mall in san bruno. kron four's dan thorn reports. >> san bruno police say these types of crimes that happened twice at the mall in the last week. groups are rushing in and using tools to smash open cases and stealing things. but
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in one case, a store owner was actually able to fend them off. >> store owners are on high alert at the 10 for all san bruno police sharing these pictures of a group accused of smashing display cases at a jewelry store and stealing an unknown amount of merchandise monday night. it was the second time a jewelry store was targeted at the mall in less than a week. that's crazy that people would like have to resort to things like >> i don't know the solution is, but it's kind of tragic that these are happening at all. >> shoppers like ariel negga say smash-and-grab crimes have made going to the mall a little uncomfortable jewelry and high-end retail stores across the bay area have been seeing a recent increase in these robberies on that scary. think that this would happen here. police say despite one man in this group of wanna be robbers being armed with a gun on friday, a store owner was able to keep them from taking off with any of his stores jewelry. a display case was destroyed. but once the store owner drew his own gun, the group ran off. police say
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fortunately no one was hurt. it's unclear if these 2 cases are connected. some shopper suggest that right now people should be keeping their eyes peeled while out at the malls. just people have to watch out for other people. >> we have to say something, you know, god gave us a mouth to speak. definitely if i see something going on >> san bruno police have not identified any of the suspects. and so far no arrests have been made anyone with any information about these crimes is encouraged to give them a call reporting in san francisco, dan thorn kron. 4 news. >> in the south bay, they're getting closer to a vote. but the san jose city council is still debating a proposed ordinance that would require gun owners to carry liability insurance for each got nailed. >> and kron four's ella sogomonian has been following this meeting all night on. i know well as she saw it live in the newsroom. a word of things stand right >> katharine graham, to
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critics who say that the flawed would only penalize law abiding gun owners instead of criminals. councilman david cohen said there is so much more to gun violence and mass shootings and homicides as well as criminal activity, citing that a majority of deaths in santa clara county. we're actually linked to accidental shootings and suicides. so he believes that this ordinance would reinforce responsible gun ownership. the ordinance would require gun owners to carry liability insurance. as you mention for each gun as well as to pay an annual $25 fee. mayor sam liccardo explained that the money collected an estimated 1.3 million dollars would go to nonprofits to help with gun harm reduction services who would decide how that money is to be used. the mayor assure that there would be no public list of gun owners that a registry would only be made available to the department of justice. opponents argue there should be no fee for a constitutional right. and if existing gun laws were just enforced, crime would go down. another point of contention was what type of coverage insurance companies would
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provide. critics say the gun owners already have access to accident insurance and the mayor as well as council member. maya, as far as assured conflicting information from insurance companies that their team surveyed on whether negligent shootings within the home of the insured would be covered. so now what would force might look like if air the car to explain that if a person has some sort of contact with police, the police would then ask if they have a gun or they find out they have a gun and the gun owner should that show receipt from the nonprofit to verify that they have paid. and if a person just kind of for the $25 and they could apply for a waiver. so if council approves this ordinance tonight, they're going to head to a second reading on february 8th and then it would become effective on august. 8th. live in the newsroom. ella sogomonian kron. 4 news. hear the emotion there. a reunion 10 days in the making after. >> little t tow, the french bull dog was stolen from his owner's at gunpoint in castro
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valley. tonight, the alameda county sheriff's office return t tow to his owners. you see how grateful they are to have their pup back. investigators say they have made several arrests related to staff that they think could be connected to several other thefts in the east bay. >> investigators have identified the armed person shot and killed at sfo last week. they say it was a 37 year-old nelson sito. police responded thursday to a report of an armed person at sfo is international terminal. officers confronted him just outside the bart station entrance. police say they tried to calm him down but had to open fire when the man continued to be a threat. he was killed. a bystander was also injured. investigators are still looking into how that man got into the terminal. apple has been granted a restraining order after a woman had allegedly been stocking ceo tim cook for more than a year. the santa
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clara county superior court confirmed the restraining order today. the stalker is a virginia woman named julia lee choi. the documents say that she exhibited erratic, threatening and bizarre behavior. the kid, the county order or strange, that woman from having a gun and says she must stay at least 200 yards away from all apple employees. >> another big story we're staying on top of tonight. san francisco district attorney chesa boudin is the subject of a federal lawsuit. the alliance for asian american justice says the da's office is not doing enough to prosecute people who commit hate crimes against asian americans and pacific islanders in the city. the alliance says it's had a hard time finding victims willing to speak up. kron four's rob nesbitt now reports on one man who did have the courage to go public. >> his name is on lay and he broke down into tears at one point during tuesday's press
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conference when talking about his attackers and the lack of justice in his 2019 case since the pandemic, more asian-americans have had to endure encounters like these. hate crimes that often turn violent. it's why brian son helped start the alliance for asian american justice last year. going from 5 lawyers to more than 90 law firms today. we don't want to be walking down the street and have somebody yell out. >> you brought the virus here and start chopping honest with the bat. >> on tuesday, the alliance gave on lay a platform to share the story of how he was attacked while out for a walk in san francisco's chinatown saying and beat him with a glass bottle while threatening to kill him. the attack was the most >> terrifying and humiliating experience of my life. and the stay with me ever since. according to lay them and adolescents and also beat him with a bat and made death threats in addition to sharing his attack late expressed his frustration with how the san
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francisco district attorney handled his case allowed the adult male attacker to plea to a misdemeanor. with one year of probation, the alliance for asian american justice has filed a civil lawsuit on la's behalf as well as a federal lawsuit against district attorney jason dean in response to recent hate crimes. >> is one of the lawyers representing lay these attacks have left our communities in mourning. terrified. let me repeat that terrified. a further severe harm toss as the federal lawsuit isn't seeking money but is asking for restorative justice and an apology from the da's office are seeking systemic change. and we're hoping that other asian-american victims will step up because we're willing to step up with them. i've reached out to the san francisco district attorney's office for comment but have not heard back in san francisco. i'm rob nesbitt kron. 4 news. >> also tonight, how mayor london breed in the san francisco police department plan to address public safety across the city has
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specifically the asian american communities in san francisco. >> also, homeless encampments being cleared out there so far stadium just shortly before the super bowl. caltrans says it's about safety. not everybody agrees. >> also after a bay area, exodus in the middle of the pandemic, people are apparently still looking for cheapsr places to live. why experts think this trend is here to stay. and it's winter. could we finally get back to the rain? we will have your the rain? we will have your answer and your 10 coming up. and now for our high school's most admired alum. get up there. oh shut up. this is so embarrassing. guys don't make a scene! oh please you love a scene. there's no way it's me... was that good acting? that's why it's you. (giggling) you know her. you love her. you wish you could be her. ruh roh. i told her not to go up there. what are you doing here? (mouths silently)
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>> very disappointing. day for giants fans, certainly for barry bonds himself. he was not voted into the baseball hall of fame today in this is 10th. and now final year of eligibility. you've got 66% of the vote. he needed at least 75% to gain entry to cooperstown. so really wasn't close. and this is always going to be an uphill climb for the home run record holder as he became the face of a generation of players who either used or were suspected of using performance enhancing drugs. bonds, though, is a special case as many fans and hall of fame voters point to his numbers when he was younger as a pittsburgh pirate before he came to the giants and some people think he started. juicing is a case for him getting into the hall of fame. and that's not to
10:17 pm
mention the numerous records he broke in the years after coming home to san francisco. the only players selected to be immortalized in baseball history. today was boston red sox slugger david ortiz also known as big poppy, who also has performance enhancing drugs that have followed him in his career. a large contention to 40 niner fans is expected to >> head south for sunday's nfc championship game between the niners and the rams forcefully to go talk to a few who are hoping to land tickets to that highly anticipated matchup. >> to say adam fox and his son keaton would give an arm and a leg to watch the san francisco forty-niners square off against the los angeles rams at so-fi stadium in the southland might be a stretch but not too far off dry fly. >> train. >> anything the danville residents say travel wouldn't be the problem. it's just
10:18 pm
difficult. finding tickets at a decent price. and they've been looking since the niners ended the green bay packers season saturday. how much you're willing to the tickets that i'm looking at right now. >> this is like the lowest ones are after grand right now. so not exactly sure how much i'm willing to pay, but up. looking for is a little bit take its cheaper than that's for sure. candy thinly is keeping a close eye on the ticket market, but he's not concerned about getting in. >> she is a season ticket holder based in southern california routinely traveling up to levi stadium for home games. she expects to pay her way into sunday's game in the next few section i was looking at there are about 1000 because that lot. >> season tickets for the chargers this year to sail. and so on that in my section to see what they were going for. so they are like 1015 finley traveled to new orleans and miami for the niners last 2 super bowl runs and hopes
10:19 pm
the team can push past the rams and stay in la for a shot at the franchise's 6th super bowl yeah, i will be there. it being in la is a huge advantage. i think understands one thing's for certain. we know they will definitely show up. >> phillipe djegal all kron. 4 news. >> tons of tents and furniture and other items were cleared from a homeless encampment today near so 5 stadium ahead of the super bowl in los angeles. some say it is an effort to try and clean up the city's image ahead of the big game. dozens of people were apparently living in encampment. this was underneath the 4 '05 freeway. it is one of the main roads to so 5, 4, visitors who are coming in from la x. one worker said the sweep was happening today. so people don't see the homeless on their way to the game. caltrans officials are saying it was being claimed to have partly because of safety concerns. they say social workers were out there at the location offering housing options. all right. we'll get
10:20 pm
to the weather, lawrence, but you were with us yesterday. i know you're a huge football fan. could you believe those games over the weekend? probably the most amazing playoff games i've ever really? yeah. one got better than the last look for that. and then it just top it off with the kansas city in the buffalo game weekend. it was for sports sun and fun. fun. >> all right. but how about the weekend one? guys. yeah. finally, i'm able to talk about at least a chance of some rain. it has been weeks since we've seen a chance at all. right now, we've got almost a spring or summer like fog rolling into san francisco. see lights from down below the red, the distance there. that's the golden gate bridge. all right. lori forecast for you. here we go. we've got high pressure that is just been a semi permanent feature, almost all of january after that really was a rock in december. but things are trying to switch gears just a little bit. you see one area of low pressure trying to undercut that. you
10:21 pm
got that next front that runs into the ridge begins to fall apart. but it's a warm right behind it. that's the one i'm watching. that comes a little bit later in the week there saturday. you can finally see the ridge of high pressure starts to shift a little further to the east. and that is a good sign. then this model wants to try and bring this in maybe on sunday afternoon, we start talking about some rain back in the bay area. that's about as impressive as i've seen. look in quite some time, although it is hard to get one of these for systems, the role, the way through that ridge of high pressure, especially after has been dominant for so long. now, the downside after that, it looks like things get back to dry, dry, dry. we may not be talking about rain until the middle of hope that is not the case. temperatures outside right now getting chilly in spots. we've got a bit of an offshore wind developing and some drier air moving in so many places already sneaking down low 40's. we've seen some 30's out there as well. a spike just a little bit back up in santa rosa. they dropped to 39 now. 43 degrees. but overnight lows going to be the 30's and 40's all around the bay area. so it's going to be a chilly start to the day
10:22 pm
tomorrow and your 10 to 10. how about this looking out as we get toward the end of this month, the beginning of the new one least. we've got a slight chance of showers on sunday. after that, we turn to dry weather. thank you, lawrence. there is a new report which says that home buyers are still leaving the bay area in search of more affordable places to live. >> redfin says they are leaving expensive places like san francisco looking for homes and more affordable metro areas redfin economist says this has been happening for a while, but the pandemic really heated up the real estate market and it has stayed hot >> families, maybe we're home school and are going remote learning didn't quite know exactly what their long-term plans were had to figure things out with with work. maybe people are still switching jobs over the last year and moving into a job that is more remote friendly or allows them to move to a cheap area and keep the higher pay. so we see a lot of that
10:23 pm
happening. >> he says he believes this trend will continue up partly because working from home has become more widely accepted. still ahead tonight, state lawmakers are trying to ban the sale of some cigarettes will tell you about the new legislation. >> and what this means for tobacco companies. >> but first, the traditional as it examines changing students will be able to ditch their pencils for their key ports. fire officials say it will help make the college admission process more fair. oh, wow, barbara corcoran! good morning. sorry, we don't need any business help now.
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some changes are coming to the s a t to bring it into the digital age of this. >> starts in 2023 for international students. 2024 and the u.s. the new digital as say it will also be shorter, will shrink from 3 hours to 2. it will include shorter beating passengers. students will be allowed to use a calculator on the math section. testing will still happen at a test center or school, but students will be able to choose between using their own devices, including a tablet or laptop or the school's device us. still to come here on kron, 4 news at 10, a san francisco mayor london breed continues to try to get a handle on crime in the city in general today, she in the san francisco. >> police department, the chief focused on anti asian
10:27 pm
american crimes and hate valley to dedicate more time and resources to better protect that community. that story and much more after the story and much more after the break. and now for our high school's most admired alum. get up there. oh shut up. this is so embarrassing. guys don't make a scene! oh please you love a scene. there's no way it's me... was that good acting? that's why it's you. (giggling) you know her. you love her. you wish you could be her. ruh roh. i told her not to go up there. what are you doing here? (mouths silently) it's anna gomez! (cheering) what? who? our first gigillionaire! gigloni... giggly-a-what? man: with at&t fiber, anna's got the fastest internet with hyper-gig speeds. so her family has crazy-fast gaming and they stream movies in 8k. i watch so many movies. yeah! give it up for anna.
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>> today, the san francisco police department released the number of hate crimes against the asian american community. at a news conference in
10:30 pm
chinatown, mayor london breed said it will take more investment in public safety to reduce the number of crimes against asian-american residents. crown forces june reports. and we have to take responsibility. >> for preventing the hate. and the anti-asian violence. >> as the chinese american community in san francisco prepares to celebrate the lunar new year of the tiger, the number of hate crimes againts aap. i community members is top of mind for police chief bill scott who says there was a six-fold increase over the past 2 years. we had 8. >> in 2019. we had 9 2020 and we had 60. in 2021. that is significant. that is concerning. and that is alarming. in fact, asian-americans recorded the most significant growth in hate crime incidents over that period. according to preliminary statistical data released by the san francisco police department more than 30
10:31 pm
of the 60 incidents were committed by the same offender. >> and individual we arrested last august 4 series of burglaries in acts of vandalism. in which this person deliberately targeted asian victims. many of those par gutted 4 attacks and robberies are members of the aap i senior community. >> when i was growing up in some of the most challenging of circumstances in san francisco. it would have broken my heart. to have my grandmother. be attacked. in the way that we see so many of our seniors in the ap, i community being attacked. san francisco mayor london breed says now that the data is available, it is time to make some changes. >> it is time to change it with a number of investments we make in nonprofit agencies that help support our seniors in this community. and it is time to change it with the number of investments that we must make in the police department in our ambassadors programs and other things that
10:32 pm
will continue to make sure that in this year 2022 that those numbers decline just as significantly as they rose. >> so may i want to stop and thank you. fall coming to almost immediately when all this is happening as it kron 4 news. >> in the south bay, 16 year-old san jose boy has been arrested and charged with the murder of a 12 year-old san jose girl who fatally overdosed on fentanyl. according to the santa clara county da's office back in february of 2020, the 12 year-old girl died after purchasing and snorting what's known as an m 30 pill, which is a counterfeit fentanyl-laced opioid pill. they say she bought it from the suspect's. the boy was arrested and booked into a juvenile detention center. the girl, the youngest person in the county to die from an overdose in 2020. in the east bay. 2 arrests have been made
10:33 pm
in 2 separate arson cases in contra costa county. the first happened friday in clayton there. police say 57 year-old kevin cooper, little large debris fire in the back of a business that ended up damaging the inside of the building. cooper was arrested after police say they matched him to surveillance video. the second incident happened saturday in pittsburgh. police got cause of a person reportedly opening fire hydrants. officers say they found 42 year-old dennis wolf and burger at the scene where they say he admitted to starting a fire near a business. thankfully that fire didn't do any damage. he's facing charges for our son and for tampering with the utility. >> there is new information tonight on the wildfire in big sur. investigators now saying it was triggered by a prescribed burn. some argue a very bad idea during a time when high winds are part of the forecast, it was intended to clear up dry brush. but backfired friday night when the gusty winds kicked in.
10:34 pm
that fire has since burned 700 acres. it is 45% contained. there are still a mandatory evacuation orders in place. highway one is still shut down around bixby bridge. >> all right. 4 zone forecast time as we take a live look here. san francisco's trans america pyramid on a tuesday night. >> and lawrence is back on talking about a nice forecast. yes, we're going the offshore winds, not like the kind of fan those flames and big serve. but still going to offshore overnight tonight will be breezy in spots, especially over the north bay hills right now, enough of an onshore breeze. we're seeing some fog moving along the coastline. even some of that sneaking inside the bay right now. in fact, it's going look for you as you from what looks like a san francisco covered in that fog. you see some lights down below in the distance. there you see some more lights that is actually the golden gate bridge getting covered up by some of that fog right now. temperatures running a little bit chilly outside. you've got dry air inland. you got 42 degrees
10:35 pm
little more. 43 in concord right now. 42 in the napa valley and 43 degrees in santa rosa. 45 in palo alto speaking those offshore winds. here's the forecast model showing you the winds gusting over the tops the hills, mainly above 1000 feet or so going to be gusty overnight tonight, maybe some 20 near 30 mile an hour gust. but you'll see those all moving offshore. and that continues throughout the day tomorrow. even those winds begin to subside. it's those offshore winds that's going to bring us some very nice weather around the bay area and clear out skies as well. so tomorrow we're talking mostly sunny skies in the san francisco, very comfortable day and temperatures right on the mild side for this time of year in the 60's, probably a little bit about the average 63 of pacific about 61 in el granada. dry weather continuing inside the bay. 64 in millbrae should be a beautiful day. there. 65 degrees. and sunny in redwood city. 64 in mount view, a little bit of a cool start in the santa clara valley. but while by the afternoon looking very nice 60's, maybe some places getting close to 70 degrees in santa clara east bay. temperatures also starting out chile, but you're
10:36 pm
very comfortable by the afternoon. 64 degrees in danville about 62 in brentwood and our friends in the napa valley. join 63 degrees and sunny skies. so looking good as you approach the coastline, just a little bit cooler. some mild temperatures away from the beaches, though, on these staying nice through about friday. on saturday, a few more high clouds come by ppsunday. there's a chance we could be talking about a few rain drops and back to some dry weather as we head toward the first of february. >> thank you, lawrence. some state lawmakers today introduced an effort to ban the sale of cigarettes and other single use tobacco products. kron four's capitol bureau reporter ashley zavala explains the legislation and how big tobacco is responding. >> california lawmakers tuesday unveiled a bill that could be a big blow to the tobacco industry. but i want to be clear, this bill is not banning the sale of tobacco and marijuana in california. that's not the goal of this something member loose rebus is the author of ab 60 90. it
10:37 pm
would ban the sale of single use vapes and tobacco filters which are found in most cigarettes and cigars. local authorities will be responsible for enforcement and violators could face civil penalties of $500. lawmakers say the single use products pose environmental issues noting throughout california cigarette litter forces, public agencies to spend 41 million dollars a year on clean up the smokers. >> they smoke. >> and they talked and they risk $1000 fine ice looking a cigarette out of vehicle or throwing a cigarette out on beach or out into the environment anywhere. and that's not to turn that all the bill mirrors. a similar effort underway in new york, which california lawmakers hope helps their case. we will be working in tandem to ensure that we keep. >> our state's healthy and clean and send a message to the country. but this is the year to get the single use ban in place. officials say if passed the bill does not yet have a date for when it would go into effect. it's something they say they want to work out
10:38 pm
with stakeholders as the legislation involves representatives with altria group, one of the world's largest makers and marketers of tobacco in the world say they're in the process of reviewing the legislation at the state capitol. ashley zavala kron. 4 news. >> now to the latest developments on the rising tensions in ukraine. the u.s. and its nato allies are now rushing to prepare for a possible war is russia continues to conduct a military drills near ukraine. >> ukrainian leaders have been trying to maintain calm. they say a russian invasion is not imminent. correspondent kellie meyer has the latest. >> today, russia putting its military might on display releasing video of troop exercises along the border with ukraine as the world waits for what many expect will be an imminent invasion. this as president biden ramps up u.s. forces preparations. should moscow move ahead with an attack? overnight, sending more u.s. military equipment
10:39 pm
to kiev and promising to do everything possible to support ukraine but ruling out american boots on the ground. but the president is taking steps to beef up u.s. forces in nearby countries that are part of nato. adding to the 60,000 u.s. military already stationed in europe, mainly in germany and italy. if americans get involved in the region, how would it impact everyday life here at home, 8500 troops currently on u.s. soil are on standby, ready to be sent to eastern europe. and the pentagon isn't ruling out sending more capabilities if needed cyber attacks. the department of homeland security is warning of russian cyber attacks against the u.s.. should washington respond to a russian invasion of ukraine? the attacks could be against anything from planes to hospitals to gas stations. thank the colonial pipeline hack from last may that shut down the country's largest fuel pipeline. an increase in gas prices. that means already spiking prices could go up even higher. russia is the number 2 oil producer in the world. and the
10:40 pm
u.s. is threatening severe economic sanctions. the likes of which russia has never seen. that could impact russia's energy exports driving worldwide oil supplies down and prices up and safety and security. today, president biden says if putin attacks it will be the largest invasion since world war. 2 and attack creates political uncertainty in the world that has already been shaken by a global pandemic. that was kelli meyer reporting. >> people in ukraine have been training in local protection militias. in fact, that's something they've done for the past 8 years since russia annexed the crimean peninsula. speaker of the house, nancy pelosi. she is officially running for her 18th term in congress. san francisco congresswoman made that announcement in this video posted to twitter. pelosi is the only woman in u.s. history to be elected. house speaker. she has represented san francisco in congress for more than 30 years. she has not
10:41 pm
said whether she would run for speaker again if she's elected. but people who described her drive say that is likely. today marks 50 years since u.s. representative shirley chisholm became the first democratic african american woman to run for her party's presidential nomination. the brooklyn congresswoman who died in 2000, 5 had already broken. a lot of barriers, including having been the first black woman elected to congress. oakland congresswoman barbara lee tweeted out this message saying shirley chisholm broke down barriers and paved the way for me. and so many other women in politics. i'm thankful for her. incredible legacy. and i carry her values of being an blocked and an bossed with me every day in my work. and that's it for kron. 4 news at 10 o'clock. but don't go anywhere. because the red and gold zone is next with the very latest from the forty-niners says they continue preparing.
10:42 pm
>> for the nfc title showdown with the rams sports director jason dumas says all that much more coming up on the red and more coming up on the red and gold zone. any parent will tell you the second you have a kid, it's like your heart is living outside of your body, which means you never, ever stop worrying. that's why we got health insurance and for way less than we thought was possible. the kids' doctor and dental check-ups are free, and i get screenings for my cholesterol and my blood pressure. don't get me wrong, i still worry. just a little less. covered california. this way to health insurance. enrollment ends january 31st at
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>> hello and welcome to the brand in goes on. i'm your host, jason dumas. the
10:45 pm
countdown to sunday continues. not much of an update today as tuesday's are always a scheduled day for the forty-niners. but guess what? it's a good thing that i haven't gotten tired of talking about tickets and fans get this according to the secondary tickets site, vivid seats. 65% of fans at so fi on sunday. well, in fact, b forty-niners fan, the faithful that even more than the site projected for the week, 17 matchup between the 2 teams and we know what went down on that day. niners fans flooded so far. look how annoyed they are so much so that it prompted players wives to take the twitter pleading rams fans to buy some tickets for this game. this time around. kelly stafford was simply dumbfounded that her husband had to go to a silent count in his own building. the organization they actually restricted ticketmaster sales to credit cards with l a zip
10:46 pm
codes. they denied it. and then they a day later that restriction suddenly disappeared. you know what i say? stand on your actions. cowards. some other nfl news. let's go around the league. sean payton, this guy, he's calling it quits. he announced that he is stepping down as saints head coach after 16 long years in his first year in the big easy, he was named coach of the year. for years later, he won a super bowl in 2010. he beat peyton manning in them down in rainy >> remember that game? the colts gave up a touchdown late on a pick 6. >> he stressed that retirement is not the right word for this. but he says he does not plan to coach another team in the 2022 season. all righty. we're good. getting red and gold zone after the break. >> i caught up with la spectrum reporter timothy parker. his perspective in
10:47 pm
thought on this sunday title game. he covers the rams closely. you won't want to miss what he had to say.
10:48 pm
10:49 pm
>> welcome back to red and gold zone. we're joined by a special guest, tim parker, a spectrum l a tim has been
10:50 pm
great enough to join us from his car. you know how that southern california traffic is. tim, let's get right into it because everyone up here in the bay so excited about this matchup. obviously the forty-niners play before the rams this weekend. they had a saturday night game who were rams fans rooting for the niners for the packers. >> honestly, i think but the niners because you know, you get a home game. if you play the miners. that's the first thing. so everybody was excited. they wanted the bottles to lose that way. goal the game will be given that in a minute. but also i believe people really believe the forty-niners is the better match up this fight losing to san francisco place this year. >> right now, as you know, you like me were philadelphia transplants on the west coast, but we can kind feel the big brother little brother, inferiority, complex might even say relationship between san francisco and l a la is
10:51 pm
the big hollywood tinseltown city, san francisco, a little up north. how do they view this forty-niners team in the forty-niners fan base down in southern california. >> you know, i think there's respect for the forty-niners fan base. obviously little disrespect because a lot of people would say, you know, going the years before the super bowl. you guys had its emphasis go that the fake nowhere to be stadium in santa clara. it was it's 50. that's the perception that forty-niners that fans have reported spans based on what happened free belhw pretty super bowl all that obviously the forty-niners fan base is lab and now they believe when they come, 5. so i think there's a respect for the fans, also a little a bite. you guys are kind of what's the word? frontliners.
10:52 pm
>> well, see, the bay can't shake that front runner titled a warriors fan base had that as well. now, what do you make about all the fans forty-niners fans being at so fi on week 17 of that game. i know matt stafford's wife, she came out and says she's seen nothing like it. what did you make of that? >> i was surprised because was a chargers game. i wouldn't be a bit surprise because the chargers, you know, it's still going to fan base. it used to other opposing teams coming in. but for that game of that magnitude, a thing, it could go to the super bowl. it was i never use that to charges game. that was. it was 80% forty-niners fan. it was shocking and i think kind off the but kelly stafford talking about how want to style and cal and the whole game that doesn't set. but i think it was surprising. that's why the
10:53 pm
the fans, everybody must nice for you today. others live this morning and last night talking about. how the everybody's trying to get the forty-niners fans not to buy. think it's the ticketmaster. want to take it. came out. you want to sell to la zip codes. so it's clearly a point let's look for that saying some talked about it. it was this was one of the cars. it is a big deal. and fans will find sunday of month. don't take the money because they are that you can take it all does this. so think it's because the prices up 8 times the face value, take it. so will the fans and that way the loyal or take the that's the question. tim, let me tell you, that has been a point of contention up here in the bay area. >> now shifting to the game as someone who is not only just someone who covers the rams, but also a football fan. from
10:54 pm
your point of view, your expertise when you look at this forty-niners team, what keeps you up at night the most as someone who covers the rams and would like to see their season continuing coverage. super bowl. >> people, fayetteville, i mean that that that because there's no match up like that because what the forty-niners do with it, put it of the white out. you have to tell that you're going to be the wallace was, i don't robert the display more week. so what you can do with how do you gameplan for that? because as he can about that. but he powers choice of what he does on mind. there's no answer for him. look at that. and you know, obviously when you're talking about matchup with the secondary, yeah, ramsey. but when it comes to what they can do, so many things would be a vote that scares because we hear anybody. i just the note people saying is the most dangerous player. on that
10:55 pm
scene, including both the >> well, we've got some jimmy g disrespect. i think he's used to that. all right. on the flip side, tim, for the rams who is someone that they are counting on to have a good game if they win this, i guess who makes the rams go? we know they're headlined by von miller and and matthew stafford, jalen ramsey aaron. donald, the names up and down that list. odell back on cooper cup. but out of all those guys who who have to perform well for this team to get a w. >> i that's that's a very tough. not of actually is a question. effort, because you know what you want to get with odell back. even though he's still learning the offense l a if you don't know what to get, want to get open. he can the route all that stuff up. but he's blocking of what midst of robert because was the effect of the spray of the block or early in the season? it will
10:56 pm
be days. did you get some cats? get some cup is automatic. he's a great ride. one of these precise get open. he knows how to play football. if matz, that effort, no one can trust that. matt stafford can be excellent. you know, he can be, but you can't trust. that will be here going to be a or excellent that the her. but as well, i think there's no debate that the won the super bowl, but you just can't trust that mess that will play well. >> all right, tim, one more before i let you go. this is straightforward and easy. who do you have on sunday? who do you think will be representing the nfc in the super so 5 stadium. >> i think the lions are better. honestly don't remember the first matchup because it's ago, but that but that second matchup, the mayor's with dominating in kind of collapse. and again, it at polls. that was what happened against tampa bay. i will help people sort. i think the rams went but the caviar, this mess that.
10:57 pm
>> all right. there you have it. that's my guy, timothy parker covering the la rams for spectrum. la does great work for them. look them up on instagram and twitter. you will appreciate his work. all right. that's all we have for the red and gold zone.
10:58 pm
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