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tv   KRON 4 News at 3pm  KRON  January 25, 2022 3:00pm-4:01pm PST

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by the lindt master chocolatier. >> i am standing up a a p i hate crime victims in the city and county of san francisco. >> seeking justice for himself and his community. the legal action, a san francisco man announced today against sf dha, saluting. plus, could this be the year former giants giants barry bonds taking his final shot at being inducted into the baseball hall of fame. and by by bay area, a
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new report details were people from the bay are flocking. >> now from the bay local news station. this is kron. 4 news at 3. >> the attack was the most brutal. terrifying and humiliating experience of my life. >> fighting back a san francisco hate crime victim is filing a federal lawsuit against san francisco's district attorney for his handling a hate crime instant against the asian american community. thank you for joining us here on kron. 4 news at 3. i'm noelle bellow. as you just heard an emotional testimony today from san francisco resident on lei lei said back in november of 2019, he was out on a walk in the city's chinatown when 2 men brutally attacked him with a baseball and a glass bottle and threatened to kill him during a press conference
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today with his legal team and a representative from the alliance for asian american justice ley announced a federal lawsuit against us. fda chase abou dean and the city and county of san francisco. >> the events of that day have been very painful and traumatic. because of the way my case has been handled it by the san francisco district attorney's office. justice has not been served. >> now de able dean has recently announced his office has formed an aap i elder abuse steering committee. but dean said in a release his office is committed to listening to community leaders and experts to better understand how to best serve our elderly victims. now, meanwhile, today, the san francisco police department released a number of bias motivated crimes against the aap i community at a press
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conference and san francisco's china town. mayor london breed said it's going to take more investments in public safety to reduce the number of crimes against asian american residents. kron four's haaziq has that part of our coverage. >> and we have to take responsibility. for preventing the hate. and the anti-asian violence. >> as the chinese american community in san francisco prepares to celebrate the lunar new year of the tiger, the number of hate crimes againts aap. i community members is top of mind for police chief bill scott who says there was a six-fold increase over the past 2 years. we had a >> in 2019. we had 9 in 2020 and we had 60. in 2021. that is significant. that is concerning. and that is alarming. in fact, asian-americans recorded the most significant growth in hate crime incidents over that period. >> according to preliminary
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statistical data released by the san francisco police department. more than 30 of the 60 incidents were committed by the same offender and individual. we arrested last august 4 series of burglaries in acts of vandalism. in which this person deliberately targeted asian victims. many of those par gutted 4 attacks and robberies are members of the aap i senior community. >> when i was growing up in some of the most challenging of circumstances in san francisco. it would have broken my heart. to have my grandmother. be attacked. in the way that we see so many of our seniors in the ap, i community being attacked. san francisco mayor london breed says now that the data is available, it is time to make some changes. >> it is time to change it with a number of investments we make in nonprofit agencies that help support our seniors in this community. and it is time to change it with the number of investments that we must make in the police
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department in our ambassadors programs and other things that will continue to make sure that in this year 2022 that those numbers decline just as significantly as they rose. >> so may i want to stop and thank you. fall coming to almost immediately when all this is happening as it might. kron 4 news. the california office of emergency services has pledged more than 47 million dollars to help nonprofits and faith organizations stay safe from hate crimes. the money. >> we'll go to nearly 300 community groups across the state. the grants are intended for security improvements, including reinforced doors, more security staff or alarm systems. the same program awarded 15 million dollars for safety improvements. back in 2019. other top stories today over the east bay antioch city council is expected to formalize an ordinance to put
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more restrictions on guns inside homes. owners would have to store their guns in a locked container or disable them with a safety device. california already has a law making it illegal to store a loaded gun inside a home. but the new ordinance would specifically require guns be locked up or disabled. the ordinance could be approved at tonight, city council meeting. meanwhile, 2 arrests have been made in 2 separate arson cases in contra costa county. here's a look at some of the damage done. the first incident happened friday in clayton there. police say 57 year-old kevin cooper let a large debris fire in the back of a business that ended up damaging the inside of the building. cooper was arrested after police were able to match him to some surveillance video. the second incident that happened saturday in pittsburgh. police got calls of a person reportedly opening up fire hydrants. officers found 42 year-old dennis wolf and burger at the scene where
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they say he admitted to starting a fire near a business. thankfully that left no damages. he's facingt charges for our son and for tampering with a utility, both cooper and wolf and burger are both booked into the martinez detention facility. now to the latest on the colorado fire burning up in big serve. the fire is standing at 45% containment. it's since grown to 700 acres. it started just 3 days ago. it's shut down highway one around bixby bridge. fire crews still working to contain this blaze. they say strong winds over the weekend really made it difficult to fight. and though officials are hopeful the weather is going to be more co-operative this week so that folks who are still under evacuation orders can get back into their homes. taking a live look at conditions out on the san mateo bridge this afternoon. definitely a little clearer than it was earlier today. we have lots of fog to deal with. it started to lift
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in most parts of the bay kron. 4 meteorologist dave spahr standing by with a look at our forecast aol and this is a live shot coming in to the east bay shoreline, kind of the same kind of issue as well. a little bit the way some pollution here at work. >> we're in the moderate category for of air quality and that's going to continue. it looks like for the week ahead towards the end of the week will be a little change coming with some scattered clouds thrown in here for good measure. it's about all that can kind of pierce through this pattern of sending the storm track kind of away from us early in the following week. little chance of picking up a little shower here. now, mid 60's off to the far east bay. they were not impeded at all. by the way of fog going on. that rig lingered into the early afternoon. we saw that in the east bay shoreline and numbers. they're only in the 50's. 64 fremont. 63 santa rosa. 62 for san jose. we did have some offshore winds at work. they'll be around early this afternoon or early this evening, rather. and then by tonight that will really start to subside with the fog expected to return again. but for inland locations, 63 drops
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to 49. 44 by 10 o'clock. and we're looking for in locations again to repeat in 2 the 30's while little bit more mild into around the immediate bay. we'll take a look at your forecast. we expect for tonight in just a bit. well, thanks, dave. >> new at 3 speaker of the house, nancy pelosi is officially running for reelection. the san francisco congresswoman made the announcement in this video posted to her twitter. pelosi is the only woman in u.s. history to ever be elected to speaker of the house. she has represented san francisco in congress for more than 30 years. well, not everyone wants to stay in san francisco, though, in fact, seems like homeowners all across the bay area are leaving for greener pastures yet again. kron four's charles clifford joining us now with more on some new data from redfin. charles, what are they saying? where are people going? >> well, you know, when the pandemic started almost 2 years ago, a lot of people left san francisco of some of
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the coastal cities looking for some more space, a little more affordability and ability to work from home made that all possible. well, again, almost 2 years later, we have evidence that that still happening. according to real estate brokerage company, redfin homebuyers continue to leave expensive places like san francisco, new york and washington, dc. >> and they're looking to buy homes and more affordable metro areas with better weather. after analyzing millions of search results on their redfin website. the company determined that las vegas, phoenix, miami and sacramento are among the most popular destinations. this has been a trend for i mean. >> at least 5, maybe 10 years. taylor mars, the deputy chief economist at redfin. he says that the shift from expensive coastal metro areas to more affordable locations has been going on for a while. but the pandemic really heated up the real estate market. he says it has stayed hot because it takes time for home buyers to figure things out. but a lot of families. >> maybe we're home school and are going remote learning
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didn't quite know exactly what their long-term plans were had to figure things out with with work. maybe people are still switching jobs over the last year and moving into a job that is more remote, friendly or allows them to move to a cheap area and keep the higher pay. so we see a lot of that happening. >> looking forward, more is reluctant to make any predictions but believes the trend will continue because working from home has become more widely accepted their stuff. >> permit critical juncture, a more flexible work dispersed workforce is even within large companies. and so i think there's a lot of technology adoption that happened during the pandemic. that will result in some of this long-term relocation and arrangements to make cheap areas will sustain. >> all right, back live. now there are 2 forces that could sort of slow down this trend. one is that there could be interest rate hikes over the course of next year. the fed has said it wants to possibly raise rates to slow down inflation that inflation that
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could discourage people from buying homes and also as the pandemic eases, not everyone's going to get to work from home. a lot of people will have to go back to the office and that could prevent them from moving to where they might want to. but for now in san mateo county, charles clifford kron, 4 news. >> all right. thank you, charles. well, for those of you who are homeowners in the bay area, if you're struggling with your mortgage payments, some relief is on the way. senator alex padilla talked about a new program today. it's called the california mortgage relief program. and it's part of the american rescue plan to qualify. you must have been at least 2 payments behind on your mortgage by the end of last year. among some other requirements, senator padilla says the program is aimed at those hit hardest by the pandemic. >> we know that the covid-19 pandemic hit especially hard in communities of color and everybody, communities and low income communities. both from a health perspective and an
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economic perspective. so i'm encouraged to see that to the agencies involved in implementing this program already working hard to identify and engage with the community, experiencing the most need when it comes to mortgage assistance. >> if you want to see if you qualify for this mortgage assistance, we do have all the information for you along with the story on our website. kron 4 dot com. all right. coming up on kron, 4 news at 3 breaking down the matchup between the rams and forty-niners ahead of this weekend's big game. we've got to. >> a live report. plus trials starting for a new covid vaccine. details on what it could be available. but first, a live report on the tensions a live report on the tensions in ukraine. sti i was injured in a car crash. a live report on the tensions in ukraine. sti i had no idea how much my case was worth. i called the barnes firm. when a truck hit my son, i had so many questions about his case. i called the barnes firm. it was the best call i could've made. your case is often worth more than insurance offers.
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>> welcome back. 3.16, on this tuesday afternoon in the united states and its nato allies are now rushing to prepare for a possible war as conduct military drills near ukraine. ukrainian leaders are trying to maintain some calm saying a russian invasion is not eminent. washington correspondent jessi tenure joining us live from dc with the latest. jesse? noel. president biden said today that he's not even sure the russian people know exactly how president putin is going to act. but he reiterated that the u.s. >> stands ready. >> it would change the world
3:17 pm
if russia invades ukraine. the white house is still considering a wide range of options. but on tuesday, president biden made one thing clear. we have no intention of putting american are forces in ukraine. the pentagon announced monday it's preparing to send as many as 8500 troops to join the nato response force on the eastern flank in an effort to deter president putin. they're going to be serious economic consequences if you move to keep couldn't guessing. the biden administration is not disclosing exactly what financial punishments it has ready. well, they could cut russia off from u.s. dollars in international banking. president biden said they will also include personal sanctions against his russian counterpart. we see that the kremlin said the pentagon strip announcement shows the u.s. is feeling this conflict. but white house press secretary jen psaki push back the aggressive behavior here is that on the part of the russians, this is a defensive alliance, not an offensive alliance. that appears to administration move in the right direction. senate republican leader mitch mcconnell said the white house
3:18 pm
seems to be following his advice. >> act before not after a potential invasion. the russians have grabbed a piece of ukraine are trying to overthrow the entire government. it's really to lead. >> and the pentagon still hasn't identified which units based in the u.s. could potentially be going overseas. officials are still notifying the troops and their families live in washington. i'm jessi tenure. >> thank you, jesse, for that. meanwhile, citing an abundance of caution, the u.s. state department has ordered all family members of u.s. embassy personnel out of ukraine. evan lambert has the story of 2 americans who are now working to get themselves out. >> i'm definitely nervous americans in ukraine telling news nation the mood has changed quickly in the last few days. there. the movement of russian troops at the border leading to fears of an invasion, an american from california who asked us to call him ryan for his safety
3:19 pm
says he's been in ukraine with his dog bandit for more than a year. now he's making plans to leave temporarily. i have a plan to this. it's a neighboring and the next few days and >> that's sort of a you know, tested out kind of thing on sunday. the state department telling americans in ukraine they should not expect a u.s. sponsored evacuations and to leave while commercial flights are available. >> also reiterating a do not travel warning this time, quote, due to increased threat of russian military action. i was driving my daughter into school. >> when i got some information. the text message and i turned the car around. went back to apartment. we are renting and we started packing. we be left wednesday. an am. >> young mas. but who grew up in new jersey says she isn't taking any chances. moving last week from kiev to western ukraine, closer to the border of other countries that
3:20 pm
provide an easier exit. i feel really lucky that we left. we did not that there has been a mass exodus anywhere. >> and i still feel that. >> from my level of that we left, that probably just the right time. >> that was evan lambert reporting for us. the u.s. embassy is holding a town hall with americans in the country today. state department officials also urging americans in ukraine to register with them in the event they need to get in touch if things worsen. >> back here at home, time for a check of our weather forecast. taking a live look at the golden gate bridge from our sutro cam that karl, the fog making his re entrance. i don't know if he ever reallr, really left from the golden gate today, because he's been around all over the bay, he lifted for a bit. but of course, you know, the golden gate bridge always has a little peek of carl davis far as got a little bit more detail on our forecast a day. >> and well, it looks okay if you see along the highway,
3:21 pm
it's all right. but from a distance there, you can see the fog rolling back in again as it will for tonight. now looking pretty good, half moon bay, lots of sunshine as it has been the case all day today. the major storm track of everything since everything up and around us by the end of the week, we'll see some scattered of plow gathering of cloud cover and then early into the following week are looking for a little chance of precipitation. back to that fog. now as we get into tonight, not much happens here comes that fog. there we go across. you can see the delta spilling into the central valley. again, mixing out as the morning wears on the 4 tonight lows. pretty much around the immediate bay, aided by fog will be in the lower 40's here. looks like san jose may be about 40 mostly clear to cool the some of that fog may spill in there. but you get the outlining areas with the clear skies. temperatures falling mid 30's. she see off to the east bay as well. maybe a 40 again for san jose. and coming up a little bit wet, course, that extended forecast and mentioned more about some of that precipitation early into next week
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>> thanks, dave. still ahead here, good news for workers. worried about losing pay after testing positive for covid-19 and next, why some california lawmakers want to ban the single use vaping filters. we got that and now for our high school's most admired alum. get up there. oh shut up. this is so embarrassing. guys don't make a scene! oh please you love a scene. there's no way it's me... was that good acting? that's why it's you. (giggling)
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now with speeds up to 5 gigs. afternoon out of oakland where the teachers association and the school district have reached an agreement on covid safety protocols. the unions still has to vote.
3:25 pm
>> on this agreement, some of the terms, though, include expanded testing more outdoor spaces for lunch times and assemblies as well as the distribution of kn. 95 masks will continue to follow this breaking news today. be sure to tune in with us on kron. 4 news at 5, 6 for the very latest. today, some state lawmakers introduced an effort to ban the sale of cigarettes and other single use tobacco products. ashley zavala explains the legislation and how big tobacco is responding. >> california lawmakers tuesday unveiled a bill that could be a big blow to the tobacco industry. but i want to be clear, this bill is not banning the sale of tobacco and marijuana in california. that's not the goal of this some of the member loose rebus is the author of ab 60 90. it would ban the sale of single use vapes and tobacco filters which are found in most cigarettes and cigars. local authorities will be responsible for enforcement and violators could face civil
3:26 pm
penalties of $500. lawmakers say the single use products pose environmental issues noting throughout california cigarette litter forces, public agencies to spend 41 million dollars a year on clean up the smokers. >> they smoke. >> and they talked and they risk $1000 fine ice looking a cigarette out of vehicle or throwing a cigarette out on the beach or out into the environment anywhere. and that's not to turn that all the bill mirrors. a similar effort underway in new york, which california lawmakers hope helps their case. we will be working in tandem to ensure that we keep. >> our state's healthy and clean and send a message to the country. but this is the year to get the single use ban in place. officials say if passed the bill does not yet have a date for when it would go into effect. it's something they say they want to work out with stakeholders as the legislation involves representatives with altria group, one of the world's largest makers and marketers of tobacco in the world say they're in the process of reviewing the legislation at the state capitol. ashley zavala kron. 4 news.
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>> coming up next here on kron, 4 news at 3. how our bay area hospitals dealing with the current omicron surge. we're checking in on those numbers. and will you need another vaccine shot? we'll have details on a new trial did you know that even after you sanitize a surface, every touch can leave new bacteria behind? that means, you could be right back where you started. break the cycle with microban 24. just spray once and and your surfaces are protected against bacteria all day. microban keeps killing 99.9% of bacteria touch after touch for up to 24 hours*. these leading disinfectants do not. microban 24. touch after touch, microban doesn't give up.
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sports news this half hour. san francisco giants legend barry bonds has been snubbed
3:30 pm
from the national baseball hall of fame. the baseball writers association of america >> just announced their 2022 class and bonds was not. and it spawns got 66% of the votes, which was a bump up from his 61.6% last year. but it's still wasn't enough. this with 762 total. it seems like the former giant should be a shoe and based on talent. many riders, though, have not voted for him due to ties with the 2007 steroid investigation. now, bonds never actually tested positive while playing, but he was implicated in a separate investigation. bon still does have a chance to be inducted by the today's game era committee which meets twice every 5 years. so i guess we will wait and see. big news today for anyone who
3:31 pm
test positive for covid in california. covid sick pay is coming back. governor gavin newsome and state lawmakers have reached an agreement to revive a lot to provide workers with up to 2 weeks of paid sick leave while they recover from covid-19. california's initial supplemental paid sick leave law expired at the end of september 2021. a law la times reports the legislation's likely to be fast tracked to the governor's desk in the coming weeks and it will apply to businesses with at least 26 employees. meanwhile, a major announcement from covid vaccine makers pfizer and biontech say they are starting clinical trials for an omicron specific covid-19 vaccine for 18 to 55 year-old. the trial is set to be conducted in 3 phases with more than 1400 participants. pfizer ceo has previously said they do expect to have a vaccine targeting omicron to be ready by march. if you've been waiting to get
3:32 pm
vaccinated because you're worried about it affecting your fertility. some new evidence shows getting a covid-19 vaccine does not impact the couple's chance of having a baby researchers with the national institute of health have found getting vaccinated against coronavirus does not hurt fertility in men or women. however, it did find covid infection could potentially affect a man's fertility for up to 60 days. researchers say men experienced a slightly lower chance of conception after being infected with the virus. the findings are published in the american journal of epidemiology. covid-19 cases here in the bay area seem to have plateaued health experts saying it's a sign omicron has reached its peak. however, hospitalizations are going to take a while to drop off right now. hospitals are still under an immense amount of stress due to staffing shortages. and because of how contagious the omicron variant is at queen of the valley hospital in napa. it's been 2 weeks since they faced the worst of this or current covid surge cases at
3:33 pm
ucsf have also leveled off. doctors say, though, emergency rooms are still being overwhelmed. the people who are looking to get tested for covid at the er. doctors say you should avoid the er. if you're just trying to get tested, try other means like scheduling an appointment with your doctor or try and find a testing site using your counties. health department website. a recent study says over the past 2 years of caring for covid patients, nurses and other first responders are reporting high levels of stress, depression and fatigue, friends of a stanford nurse who committed suicide last week say his death is bringing attention to the importance of mental health for health care workers. kron four's dan thorn has that story. >> friends and co-workers of 27 year-old michael o'dell are heartbroken. the travel icu nurse from oklahoma had been working at stanford hospital before committing suicide last week. michael was incredible. he fearless. it looks he's
3:34 pm
going to nursing school at 20 years old, which is a few the which i think it's been a student just for base was best friends down as a fellow nurse. he says the stresses of the job had become overwhelming for so many in the health care field. >> believes it's important for people to tells story. i think you just couldn't take it could work. >> i across the across the country probably world that exit statistics for 2 seconds up with health care professionals. and that's i think it's so important. we talk about this. a recent study published in the journal of general internal medicine included a survey of more than 500 doctors, nurses and other health care workers who have been treating covid patients within it. they found 74% saying they were depressed. 37% reported they were experiencing symptoms of post traumatic stress disorder. >> and 15% said they had thoughts of suicide or self-harm. i mean, it's tragic. it breaks my heart to think he didn't. if you didn't
3:35 pm
feel like he had the support. stanford nurse gabby ledoux helped in the frantic 2 day search for odell who abruptly left work and went missing last tuesday. >> the search ended tragically on thursday dell's body was found at the don edwards wildlife refuge. >> ledoux says right now, frontline workers across the country need more support. >> people who are not in the health care field do not understand the weight of how covid has affected all of us and we're going to mass and burnouts at other hospitals and then for losing tells colleagues are hoping employers will step up in their efforts to address the well-being of their workers. >> for parade ace hotels, death is pointing out the need for these conversations. >> and the more we talk about that more will kind of dismantle the stigma on wheels. >> and maybe maybe people will be. >> more inclined to speak up when hurting reporting in pleasant hill. dan thorn kron. 4 news.
3:36 pm
>> if you or anyone, you know, is suffering with a mental health crisis covid related or not, you can always reach out to the numbers there on your screen. the national suicide prevention hotline and the national helpline. they are free, confidential and they are available. 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. all right. it's time to get another check in of our forecast. taking a live look at downtown san francisco from our sutro camera. nice and beautifully clear there. as you look towards the east bay kron, 4 meteorologist dave spahr here. he's been tracking those numbers a day. >> okay. this is a shot of our winds now going on here. kind of a little slap snapshot, if you will zoom, dana touch. we still that still see those offshore winds continuing off to the east bay. they're kind of hodgepodge in terms of direction, but favoring on shore down to the coast as you notice and the peninsula. now, that will be what we expected tonight. and that's helping the fog come back into the bay area, which is definitely in the forecast and blue skies continue at half moon bay as well, at least for now. a look
3:37 pm
ahead. we're looking at 49 quickly inland happening by 7 o'clock. as soon as you lose the sun, this fairly dry air temperatures to tumble. 44 at about 10 o'clock and should remain clear, although around the immediate bay, we expect that fog to redevelop again and spill into the central valley. this will be a morning phenomena and that will probably clear out around the noon hour or so. bay fog returns. mild 40's covered the bay 30's, though, inland here this week. it's mostly sunny and nice. lower to middle 60's clouds develop on friday. this is what's left over from this system. we're putting all their chips on hoping that something was going to happen here. not likely sun and clouds mixture for the weekend. short, dry and nice. early into next week, there's the possibility of start to see maybe some rain showers develop. more potently, though it looks like some snows in the mountains are runn ng through all of that. here's what we're hoping on. okay. nothing okay for the weekend, boom. here's a little quick opportunity. but this will be more importantly, mountain
3:38 pm
snows up in the bank account will take a look at that extended forecast in just a bit. noel. >> it's been a month, but if you're still not ready to say goodbye to christmas, yeah. well, we're taking a look at how many people are still trying to keep the spirit alive. plus, just how much will you have to spend if you want to attend this weekend's 49 ers game in l a we've got the prices coming up next. and what recent research says about the ties between income and brain development.
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>> 3.40, for your money. now the latest victim of the supply chain crisis baby formula parents across the country say it's been difficult to find a can of formula at the store. some report they've had to drive hours away to find a store. and even then they're still finding limited stock and some cases they can't find it at all and have to settle for an alternative. major retailers say they're working with suppliers to try and cover the demand. meanwhile, a new study suggests income and an infant's brain development are in fact linked. researchers recruited new mothers from for metropolitan areas. each reporting a household income about $20,000. now they were all randomly assigned either received 300, $30 a month or $20 a month to spend. however, they please, researchers returned to the families when the infants were about one
3:42 pm
years old, using special caps to measure electrical signals in brain cells and babies from those homes receiving the higher amount of money actually showed faster activity in key brain regions. the forty-niners are gearing up for a huge nfc championship game this how's the team feeling about the matchup against the rams? we've got sports reporter kylen mills explaining after the break.
3:43 pm
3:44 pm
3:45 pm
>> jazz about to be 3.45 this afternoon. and it's a big week for the forty-niners of that. as the team prepares to take on the la rams in the nfc championship game today, the players are resting and recovering from that battle in green bay over the weekend. we've got an update on several key injuries this afternoon. kron 4 sports reporter kylen mills. joining us now with the latest. what's compound? >> hey, noel. well to mixed bag on the injury front for the forty-niners head coach kyle shanahan says all pro offensive tackle trent williams is dealing with an ankle sprain. his status is unclear for the nfc championship. losing him would be a huge blow to this o line. meanwhile, starting cornerback ambry thomas is recovering quickly from a bone bruise in his knee. there's a good chance he will play this weekend after sitting out against green bay. shannon said he's hopeful thomas can practice in some capacity tomorrow. that would be a big boost to the secondary. as for the matchup against the rams, the forty-niners are fairly confident heading into this
3:46 pm
game. they've won 9 of their last 11 games, including an overtime win over the rams in la just 2 and a half weeks ago, they were down 17 zip at one point that game but managed to battle back the rams have not beaten the forty-niners since 2018 losing the last 6 straight. shannon says playing division rival who they play so often presents a unique challenge. it will be all about winning individual battles. >> we've been through this so over the last 2 years. so it's not much seeing the 3rd time as it was a second time. there also is the first time, you know, just with the coach just as being the same. i don't think there's many there's not much things we can surprise them with and staying with them. what doesn't which i think is kind of the most fun way as 2 really good teams. but the really good football game were can't really trust each other. you got to go out and get to go out and beat somebody. >> shannon also said on that media call yesterday, the
3:47 pm
mental toughness of this team has been critical in their success this season, even when they were on the brink of not making the playoffs at all. he says they never doubted themselves. that's going to be key. that confidence heading into this game. now they are one win away from the super bowl. noel, back to you. got to love a good california rivalry. think skyland for that? yeah. >> a large contingent of forty-niners fans are expected to head south for sunday's nfc championship game kron four's phillipe djegal all spoke with a few who are hoping to land some tickets to the highly anticipated matchup. >> to say adam fox and his son keaton would give an arm and a leg to watch the san francisco forty-niners square off against the los angeles rams at so-fi stadium in the southland might be a stretch but not too far off. drive fly train. anything the danville residents say travel wouldn't be the problem. it's just difficult. finding tickets at a decent price. and they've been looking since the niners
3:48 pm
ended the green bay packers season saturday. how much you're willing to the tickets that i'm looking at right now. >> this is like the lowest ones are after grand right now. so not exactly sure how much i'm willing to pay, but up. looking for is a little bit take its cheaper than that's for sure. candy thinly is keeping a close eye on the ticket market, but he's not concerned about getting in. >> she is a season ticket holder based in southern california routinely traveling up to levi stadium for home games. she expects to pay her way into sunday's game in the next few section i was looking at there are about 1000 because that lot. >> season tickets for the chargers this year to sail. and so on that in my section to see what they were going for. so they are like 1015 finley traveled to new orleans and miami for the niners last 2 super bowl runs and hopes the team can push past the rams and stay in la for a shot at the franchise's 6th super
3:49 pm
bowl yeah, i will be there. it being in la is a huge advantage i think one thing's for certain. we know they will definitely show up. >> phillipe djegal all kron. 4 news. we are keeping an eye on those ticket prices for you. they are spiking ahead of the big game this weekend. one thing to note, if you're buying tickets on stubhub. >> make sure to click the filter that says show prices with estimated fees that's going to give you a better idea of the total price per ticket because there's always some hidden fees somewhere right now, cheapest seats are hovering around $1300. once you factor in all those fees. but if you've got the money to spare and you're a big fan, hey, i say, go for it. all right. let's talk about our forecast. taking a live look outside of the bay bridge toll plaza. it has cleared up to be an absolutely beautiful day out there. nice blue skies kron. 4 meteorologist dave sphar here with all the details. ok, well, we're sending it out of the south
3:50 pm
bay just to check out their blue skies there, too. and they're busy crane. it's in the way here as well. but that's a fog. >> made its way in the santa clara valley as well. and temperatures you see in the 50's still at this hour, we've got 60's inland now know it's never been that much as that warm along the east bay shoreline for today. really warm up nicely because it had the intrusion of fog up to the north bay 50's and 60's for tonight. the fall comes back. >> around the immediate they will look for about 43 san francisco open. 42 40 now for san jose on bound to go ahead and call that mostly clear in como stuff. august is going settle around the delta and spill into the sacramento valley, 30's off to the east bay there, of course, with the fog developing a kind of a put a damper on temperatures falling that much. but, you know, tri valley at 37. 35 of the santa rosa looks like 43 san francis going 40 for san jose. again, a look at this wide picture we talked about maybe some rain showers at the end of the week. that's not really happening. some cloud cover now early in the next week. we have a shot and will
3:51 pm
be some mountain snows as well. not a lot with all of this because it's hard for the systems to make its way over the high pressure, which is still kind of interfering with all of this going on. it's a dry january after that bonanza start to our season. here's what it looks like in the seven-day forecast. lower to middle 60's expected. here's the interference. we talked about cloud cover to get into the weekend early into next week. more to look out for now. your nightly lows inland are going to take the continue to feel like january with the middle to upper 30's at work here and the 40's stick around the coast. well. >> and coming up next, we're gonna tell you how twitter is cracking down on bots who are spoiling the popular game online. i don't like the people he butts. >>
3:52 pm
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dawn powerwash now available in free & clear. >> well, a new report says shark attacks have increased for the first time in 3 years. according to the international shark attack, file over 100 shark bites have been reported last year, including 9 fatalities. this is an increase from 2020 which only had 52 reported shark attacks in the united states. great white sharks were responsible for the majority of the fatalities. however, researchers say the annual number of deaths from shark attacks have diminished over the years. meanwhile, a take a look at this. the world's largest v ken berger, a meat producer and northern ireland. despite it, wow, this front decided to break the world
3:55 pm
record his meat free burger weighs more than 300 pounds. the toppings include 20 pounds of tomatoes and 15 pounds. a vegan cheese. it took nearly 10 hours to cook the patty. and it was all verified as 100%. the gun is bigger. always better. i don't know. you decide. well, twitter is tackling butts who are spoiling online game. word it's my new obsession. i played every single day. the social media company has suspended one account yesterday for spoiling the game. the boat was automatically responding spoilers to any tweet mentioning the game players get one new puzzle every day. the answer is the same for everyone. this means the bot was often spoiling the game for thousands of players. the account has since been banned. twitter warns users to always report butts if they see them online. i thought about maybe
3:56 pm
giving us a clue for today's word. but i'm not going to do that because i would be just as bad as the bot. so i'm not going to do that. good luck again. you get 6 chances to guess today's word. if you still have your christmas tree up, you're not alone. even though we are exactly a month since christmas holiday decor site treat o p a surveyed about 3500 people to find out how long the christmas trees stay up after the holiday. the country averages just under 3 weeks. arizona, illinois and maryland go for the longest about 4 weeks. so if you're here in california, you're on par with them. according to survey californians leave their trees up to just over a for just over 3 weeks after christmas. but i got to tell you, i have several neighbors that i've driven by that. i seen still have all of their decorations up their trees still up. but yes, it's been a month. it's it's about time to to go ahead and take it down. i know it's sad, but but it's time. >> time now also check in with newsnation to see what they're working on tonight.
3:57 pm
>> tonight and dan abrams live on news nation. a heavyweight champion steps into the octagon to take on the ufc where the fighters make peanuts compared to boxers. now, one stars being told he can't switch over to try to make the big bucks. now, here's ashley with a look at bands. >> thanks, dan. tonight on banfield, secrets revealed becki falwell on the pool. boy, the pictures and a personal toll. and is it really cheating if you hide money from your spouse, america weighs in and you better buckle up. plus, man versus bear. you live to tell the tale and he's live tonight on banfield. >> all right. that's all the time we've got here for kron. 4 news at 3. thanks for joining us. we'll be back here at 5 o'clock.
3:58 pm
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>> today on an all new "dr. phil"... >> psychologically there is a fear of missing out that is motivating a lot of people to get in. what's the deal here? >> it's a scam. bitcoin doesn't do anything. it's not a currency. >> the intrinsic value comes from the energy. >> i don't understand how you can disregard the need for it. >> the future is in bitcoin. >> go to vegas, the food is better. >> dr. phil: let's do it. >> have a good show, everybody. here we go. >> dr. phil: this is a safe place to talk about hard things. >> stand by, we'll count you down. >> dr. phil: today is going to be a changing day in your life. >> five, four... >> dr. phil: get ready to take care of you. [cheers and applause] ♪ ♪


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