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tv   KRON 4 News at 4am  KRON  January 25, 2022 4:00am-4:31am PST

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>> from the area's local news station. you're watching the kron. 4 morning news at 4. >> good morning. thank you for joining us here on the kron. 4 morning news as we're waking up. to what is wednesday tuesday tuesday? well, most of thinking it we're further along in the week tuesday morning. thank you for being with us here on the kron. 4 morning news. john, standing by in the wings, keeping the square on what and keeping us updated on the weather to good morning, john. good morning. last tuesday of the month to do so. we have february insight now and at the january one to really continuously dry, though, your view outside at the embarcadero this morning showing relatively
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still conditions at this very moment. we will have some winds from time to time, but nothing like we had earlier this past weekend, a little bit breezy for north bay mountain tops now along the coastline. fog has been a huge issue. we have seen a couple of spots. a low cloud cover forming right on the peninsula. but honestly hasn't really blocked out visibility just yet. so we're fared pretty well this morning. as long as you don't mind the cold feel to it again, back down into the 30's for morgan hill, livermore dublin, as well as across the north bay, santa rosa, you're at 34 right now. the les hill at 39 fairfield. you're at 35 degrees. so definitely a cold start much as we saw yesterday later on today, though, much as we saw yesterday as well. we've got the 60's sticking around and lots of sunshine also like yesterday, roadways. they're doing pretty good looking at the bay bridge. it is also v.ry empty this morning. not seeing anything that slow you down out there. the maze to fremont street. a nice 7 minutes. san mateo
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bridge, not a lot of traffic just yet for you and just empty there at the richmond center fell not a lot of early commuters just yet golden gate bridge. also looking at a nice, easy commute. 21 minutes from 37 to the tolls. james. all right, john, thank you very much. it is for a one covid-19 cases in the bay area seem to have plateaued some good news here. health experts say that that's a sign the omicron variant has potentially reached its peak, but they say hospitalizations will take a while to drop off. we spoke with some local nurses and doctors to see what they're dealing with in the icus kron four's. rob nesbitt has that story. the across isn't causing people to be as sick as the delta variant did. hospitals are still under an immense amount of stress because of staffing shortages. and because of how contagious omicron is, it's been 2 weeks since medical staff at queen of the valley hospital in napa faced the worst of the covid surge. >> patient numbers doubling overnight. >> we went from 12 patients in the hospital to 22 with another 2 in the icus chief
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medical officer. doctor amy herald says most patients weren't as sick as past surges, but more nurses and doctors have had to quarantine after testing positive for covid. it's been a long time is asking people may be able to take over time so that we have the staffing. she says that cases seem to have leveled off this last week. same thing at ucsf medical center, according to infectious disease expert doctor peter chin-hong. there are currently 108 people hospitalized with covid ucsf down from 100. 38 on january. 19th. >> before omicron they're seeing, you know, maybe less than 5, sometimes no cases per day in the hospital. so the goat to 188 on and run 8 is actually a huge burden. a national survey by the american medical association shows that a high percentage of nurses had the intention to quit health care because of covid fatigue. that's 40% 20% of physicians. also us say that which is really shocking. doctor harold works to keep morale up at queen of the
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valley by highlighting positives during morning huddles. >> while also being transparent about the current state of covid. >> and in health care, can't forget we have to take care of ourselves each other first to make sure there's enough people to take care of our patients. >> doctor harold says a big problem in hospitals right now is the high number of people going to the er to try to get tested for covid. she says you should avoid the er for that and instead try to get a test by scheduling a point with your doctor or try your local pharmacy in san francisco. i'm rob nesbitt. kron. 4 news. >> well, a record number of children statewide are being hospitalized with covid, but not necessarily because of the virus. federal data shows that children younger than 5 who aren't yet eligible for vaccination have been hospitalized now with covid at higher rates than at any point in the pandemic. many are often admitted for a non-covid reason. and then once they're there, it's discovered their positive for covid-19 doctors are concerned about the long-term effects of covid-related inflammatory
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conditions. they're urging parents to vaccinate their children. if they are eligible. california lawmakers are set to consider a bill that would require all school children in the state be vaccinated for in-person learning regardless of their personal beliefs. but the proposal is getting some push-back from force. ashley zavala explains. >> vaccination is the cornerstone of ensuring our schools will be open. state senator richard pan rolling out his push to get rid of the personal belief exemption for those who tried to opt out of california's covid-19 vaccine mandate for school children and is offering a bill that supporters say closes a loophole in the state's covid-19 vaccine requirement for students to learn in the classroom. the mandate was part of an executive order. governor newsom signed last year. those who don't comply would have to be home schooled or get independent instruction to be sure children are educated our schools. and that's really what this bill is about. keeping schools open and safe and providing that certainty that that's going to happen. some school districts have tried to take similar steps on their own. courts have said they don't have the power to do so. but the
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legislature could. we're certainly hoping that the state legislation. >> i can can be passed in a quick manner. but fans proposal was met with immediate pushback from republicans monday. i think you'll see >> you know, bipartisan opposition, you know, to this proposal because a gross overreach, the new vaccine bill comes just days after some lawmakers filed a proposal allowing teams to get the covid-19 vaccine without parental vaccine and schoolchildren related legislation has been at the center of intense parent. look, protests at the state capital, including this scene in 2019, the vice chair of the stnate health committee expects to see this kind of reaction again. and they don't want the state government interfering with their child's health care and interfering with their role as a parent. >> you know, deciding what is best for their child. governor newsom's office would not comment specifically on the legislation monday. this bill must first go through the state's legislative process. the soonest it could go into effect is january. 1st of 2023
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at the state capitol. ashley zavala kron. 4 news. >> well, staffing problems are leading to service disruptions for buses in san francisco. muni says nearly a dozen lines now could have long wait times the lines affected. you can see them at the bottom of your screen. the problem boils down to omicron which has led to a lot of staff are staying home. the agency says that 100% of its staff is vaccinated. so these are breakthrough cases. santa clara county workers in high-risk settings are now required to be boosted against covid. yesterday was the county's deadline for workers to get that extra shot. the county's health orders were revised last month to include the booster mandate and it applies to county employees and health care medical first response, skilled nurses, facilities or nursing facilities, jails and most shelters, county workers in those jobs either have to be up to date on vaccinations or they'll face reassignment. happening today. the warriors are going to be hosting a free
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vaccine clinic. it's going to be held in thrive city. that's the intersection of warriors way. and terry francois boulevard, it starts at 3.30. you do have to register for a shot online to make sure you do that. you can find the links to register on the warriors website. and this comes a week before the chase center is going to start requiring fans to show proof of a booster shot. so they're doing their part to try and get as many shots out there as possible. again, if you want to be part of today's clinic, if you can't be part of today's clinic, it's also going to be held on saturday as well. well, in the north bay, members of the marin and sonoma county bus operators union are authorizing a strike set for this coming weekend. not clear whether it will actually happen. but the union is hoping that this move will to authorize a strike will help get some stalled contract talks moving forward. union leaders say that there have been they've been in talks now for 7 months and still no contract. a spokesperson for the golden gate bridge district says that they're hopeful that there will be the namic ul full resolution soon. we'll see. now to the latest
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on the wildfires burning to our south of the colorado fire in big sur began on friday and forced a lot of people in the area to evacuate their homes. cal fire says that the fire now is 40% contained. it's about 700 acres in size and highway one is still shut down from a drop in a creek. >> 2 points are all types of traditional firefighting tactics are being used right now to try and stop the flames. some big challenges over the weekend, though, where the wind gusts, which were clocked up to about 50 miles per hour at times. >> and monterey counties, steep terrain, of course, doesn't help. fortunately, weather conditions are in the firefighters favor this week. we'll see if that continues. >> this is an area that is very difficult to access. so it is a challenge and they do have these wind gusts that happened right when the sun goes down. so that's created another challenge for friday night, saturday night sunday night. it's been the same sort of pattern of the winds pick up in the evening and then dissipate during the day. but we are anticipating better
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fire weather, more conducive to being able to suppress this fire within the next 2 days. >> well, thankfully, no one has been hurt. meantime, 500 households are still waiting for the green light to go back home. evacuation order remains in place for communities just south of carmel by the sea. well, san francisco police need help finding the people who littered the pacific heights neighborhood with anti semitic. flyers over the weekend. san francisco wasn't the only place that seen these types of flyers recently, according to the anti-defamation league in recent days, flyers are also found in chico and in states like wisconsin and texas and florida, theresa dremc with the anti-defamation league calls the flyers a coordinated attack. >> station referenced it in the anti semitic fires that they've known white supremacist group. is not limited to targeting the jewish community, although certainly in the instance that we're talking about was directly targeting the jewish
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community. they also have gone after the lgbtq community. community along with other marginalized grants. >> again, no arrests have been made in the san francisco case. anyone with details on these flyers are urged to call san francisco police. we'll take a break at 4.11, but coming up on the kron 4 morning news, a gun ordinance in the south bay is up for a vote. will tell you why it's facing some pushback this morning. >> plus. u.s. putting thousands of troops on high alert will tell you why they have to be ready in case russia makes a move on ukraine. plus, the stress of the pandemic is burning out, nurses and doctors, how local nurses death is highlighting the importance of mental health services for health care workers. we'll be right care workers. we'll be right back. i was hit by a car and needed help. care workers. we'll be right back. i called the barnes firm. that was the best call i could've made.
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at&t business fiber, now with speeds up to 5-gigs. when a truck hit my car, the insurance company wasn't fair. i didn't know what my case was worth, so i called the barnes firm. i'm rich barnes. it's hard for people to know how much their accident case is worth. let our injury attorneys help you get the best result possible. >> all right. it is for 14. let's get another check of the forecast here with john trouble as we take a live look outside here on a tuesday morning. good morning. john de james. good morning. it is a beautiful tuesday morning. as long as you don't mind a little bit of a chill to it much like yesterday. temperatures are right back down into the 30's to start this one off. so layer up and you will be good to go. otherwise your view outside of the east bay hills looks nice and clear and we're going to keep that around throughout the course of the day today. another sunny one, another dry
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one, eventually a mild one. once we get rid of these 30's that we're in the midst of futurecast shows you that we do have clear skies this afternoon. tomorrow is going to bring weather much the same wednesday thursday into friday, keeping the weather the very similar throughout your work week into the weekend. not much of a change just yet either big. a big picture set up shows that high pressure ridge steady in about the same location. it was yesterday. jet stream is sent to our east meaning the eastern 2 thirds of the country continues to see the bitter cold and even the snowfall. what we remain mild here in california, even amidst these mild and dry conditions this past month may have set us back a little bit, but we're still sitting above 100% of snow pack all across the sierra nevada. so that's a bit of good news. i know that we do need to kick that snow and rain back into gear. but even after taking a month off in january, we're still sitting. all right. and our upper elevations as far as winds go today, a little bit breezy spots up in those upper elevations, especially of the north bay. at times. but for
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the most part remaining pretty calm across the bay area for your tuesday. today's daytime highs will mostly be back into the low 60's, although we do have a fair share of upper 50's near the coastline and a few mid 60's mixed in as well. if you like the feel of yesterday today is going to come along with a very similar field. so definitely get outside and enjoy it for a bit. san jose campbell, santa clara among spots at 63. well, 3 months on up to hayward, each at 62 degrees. oakland right at 60 conquered walnut creek at 63 degrees. north bay temperatures among warmest napa and fairfield each at 65 well, santa rosa, the very warmest spot today at 66 degrees. sounds so nice tomorrow and thursday, temperatures leveling out with all that sunshine continuing friday, a few clouds here and there, but still staying dry as we roll into saturday sunday and monday, the very last day of january roadways. still nice and empty this morning. bay bridge only taking a 7 minutes to get
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across there and nothing even close to a backup, even starting to form san mateo bridge, a 12 minute drive across there and not seeing traffic picking up just yet. sure it will. within the next hour, richmond center fell bridge an 8 minute drive and looking at a nice one across the golden gate, too. fog free on all these routes. james, thank you very much, john. for 17. the time happening today in the south bay, san jose mayor. >> sam liccardo is introducing a proposal. it's a new gun ordinance and it's well, they're braced for some controversy. it includes requiring gun owners to carry liability insurance. proffers theresa stasi explains. >> expect it will be contentious. now will find out said he's a mayor. sam liccardo talking at a news conference about the gun harm reduction ordinance before the council tuesday. at issue is requiring every household with a gun owner to have liability insurance coverage for each firearm and to pay an annual fee of $25. >> i think, you know, over the
4:18 am
past year with the tragedy that occurred at bt ab issue of gun violence has come to the forefront. >> as to paralysis, deep men works for next door solutions. one of the nonprofit supporting the ordinance. it was last may when a disgruntled vta worker killed 9 co workers in a violent rage. >> this is not a new issue for people who work in the field of domestic violence. we have lots of stories of people who've been impacted who have been killed due to a firearm. and so we feel like it's time to sort of balance the community's approach. the mayor says that the fee paid by gun owners will directly go to support community-based organizations working to reduce gun violence. >> suicide prevention and gun safety classes. the second amendment protects every citizen's right. >> to own possess a gun it does not. mandate that taxpayers subsidize that right. >> look hard to says taxpayers subsidize gun ownership paying
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out about 40 million dollars a year to deal with medical police and fire services due to gun violence. he says that they are prepared for a legal fight already, the council has received several letters in opposition to the ordinance such as this one that says in part, quote, your attempt at gun registration seems to be a way to begin a gun registry. that is not a good idea since it endangers the legal gun owners. also this one simply put it, quote, please don't tax a constitutional right and quote, the council's virtual meeting, including this issue starts at one 30 tuesday afternoon. theresa kron, 4 news. >> well, antioch city council is expected to formalize an ordinance to put more restrictions on guns inside homes. owners would have to store their guns in a locked container or disable them with a safety device. california already has a law making it illegal to store a loaded gun inside of the home. but this new ordinance would
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specifically require that guns be locked or disabled. the ordinance could be approved by the city council tonight. we'll let you know what they decide. in national news. the u.s. has ordered 8500 troops now to stay on high alert for potential deployment to eastern europe. they join nato forces as the threat from russia rises. even though russia says they aren't planning on invading ukraine. basil, john has the very latest from dc. >> good morning. the federal government says military actions from russia could come at any time. and the best thing to do is to stay at the ready even as we continue to prioritize diplomacy and dialogue, we must also increased readiness, the u.s. and its european allies remain on high alert as russia continues its military operations on the border of ukraine. the united states has taken steps to heighten the readiness of its forces at home and abroad. so they're prepared to respond to a range of contingencies. pentagon secretary john kirby says 8500
4:21 am
u.s. troops are prepared for deployment if nato activates its response force, no decisions have been made to deploy any forces from the united states at this time, president joe biden met with european leaders on the russian military buildup and the response to a potential invasion. >> i had a very, very, very good meeting. total unanimity with all the european leaders, the state department emphasized that the u.s. is working on multiple solutions to reach a favorable outcome just because we are ready. >> and engaged in the process and path of diplomacy and dialogue doesn't mean we aren't preparing with defense and deterrence. federal officials are still encouraging u.s. citizens to leave ukraine at this time and some allied countries have advised the same reporting in washington. i'm basil, john. thank you, basil, for 21 that i'm coming up next on the kron. 4 morning news of fallen sheriff's recruit. >> laid to rest in alameda county. >> how friends and family are remembering david
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our lineup of melts, grilled to please. the time. family and friends are remembering 28 year-old alameda county sheriff's recruit david nguyen. >> he was shot and kilyed
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while driving home from work on 5.80, earlier this month. his funeral was an emotional day for those close to him. kron four's charles clifford was there. >> here in livermore on monday, hundreds of people gathered to remember david nguyen who was shot and killed back on january 4th inside the cornerstone fellowship church. hundreds of family friends, officers and deputies from various law enforcement agencies across the bay area gathered to remember david knew when he was remembered as a hardworking young man who had spent his life working towards a career in law enforcement. he had been in the national guard and been deployed to help communities struggling with wildfires in recent years. you've also been deployed to assist with the ling with civil unrest. david was in the alamedc county sheriff's office, a recruitment program on track to be sworn in as a deputy in february at monday service. the alameda county sheriff are called david as being the kind of young man that any law enforcement agency would love to have as a recruit. they was next recruit. >> it was everything you could
4:26 am
want the future law enforcement officer. he was strong. intelligent. not a tremendous love for his country, community and family. >> following the service here in livermore, davis remains were taken to como where he was buried in a small private ceremony. now, david nguyen was shot and killed on january 4th as he was driving home. it happened along 5.80, near the bay bridge toll plaza. so far no suspects have been identified in the shooting nor has a motive been identified. the california highway patrol is handling the investigation. anyone with information is asked to give them a call. but for now in the east bay, charles clifford kron, 4 news. >> well, still ahead on the kron, 4 morning news, there's a bigger police presence in east oakland. we'll tell you how ex-officers help the department responded. crime over the weekend.
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at&t business fiber, now with speeds up to 5-gigs. time. let's get another check of that forecast with john trimble who standing by in the weather center who i like the shot behind you, john. good morning. yeah. the quick time we got a little forty-niners glow to it today which is. >> nice. to get in the spirit on that tuesday morning. we are seeing some bright -kies ahead of us today. a little bit of fog at the coastline, but that's not going to do much as far as most of the bay area's concern for the majority of the stay skies dry
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for yet another one. and that's the way we're going to stay for the rest of the month. the final 7 days of them up. now ahead of us, 30's and 40's for current temperatures. we've got morgan hill fremont livermore, dublin, you sitting in the 30's this morning, most of the north bay there with us. santa rosa are very cold dust of spots and only 33 degrees right now. fairfield not far behind that at 34 degrees currently. so as we work our way into the afternoon, temperatures again rise back into the 60's. these cold clear mornings followed by clear and mild afternoons. it's just the way we're going to stay for a little while ahead of us. now, as far as our roadways go, for the most part we're doing all right out there. the bay bridges. okay. this morning, traffic moving along just fine. there. we do have a closure up in the north bay leading into the east bay, though, with police police activity in the closure on i-80 westbound at the carquinez bridge in valais home. all lanes are blocked. so the recommendation there is to get off at 6.80 and then drive down the benicia


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