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tv   KRON 4 News at 10  KRON  January 24, 2022 10:00pm-11:01pm PST

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mental health for health care workers. good evening, everybody. thanks for being with us tonight on kron. 4 news at 10, i'm grant lotus and i'm catherine heenan in for vicki tonight. >> a recent study says that over the past 2 years caring for covid patients and nurses and other first responders have started to report high levels of stress, depression and fatigue. kron four's. dan thorn has the story. >> friends and co-workers of 27 year-old michael o'dell are heartbroken. the travel icu nurse from oklahoma had been working at stanford hospital before committing suicide last week. michael was incredible. he fearless. it looks he's going to nursing school at 20 years old, which is a few the which i think it's been a josh, for base was best friends down as a fellow nurse. he says the stresses of the job had become overwhelming for so many in the health care field. >> believes it's important for people to tells story just
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couldn't take. it could work. >> i across the across the country, probably world vaccine statistics for 2 seconds up with health care professionals. and that's why it's so important. we talk about recent study published in the journal of general internal medicine included a survey of more than 500 doctors, nurses and other health care workers who have been treating covid patients. >> within it, they found 74% saying they were depressed. 37% reported they were experiencing symptoms of post traumatic stress disorder and 15% said they had thoughts of suicide or self-harm. i mean, it's tragic. it breaks my heart think he didn't. if you didn't feel like he had the support. stanford nurse gabby ledoux helped in the frantic 2 day search for odell who abruptly left work and went missing. last tuesday. >> the search ended tragically on thursday dell's body was found at the don edwards wildlife refuge. >> ledoux says right now, frontline workers across the country need more support.
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>> people who are not in the health care field do not understand the weight of how covid has affected all of us and we're going to mass and burnouts at other hospitals and then for losing tells colleagues are hoping employers will step up in their efforts to address the well-being of their workers. >> for parade ace hotels, death is pointing out the need for these conversations. >> and the more we talk about that more will kind of dismantle the stigma almost. >> and maybe maybe people will be. >> more inclined to speak up when hurting reporting in pleasant hill. dan thorn kron. 4 news. >> sanford health has released a statement about michael's death saying they. give their support to all caregivers and staff. and while he wasn't with them long, they added that they're saddened by his death and staying on the topic of mental health during the pandemic as we are now about 2
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years into it. we're starting to see some solid numbers about the effect it's had on mental health. yeah. just one example, a study from stanford medicine looked at more than >> 1000 health care workers who demonstrated signs of post traumatic stress more than 15% of those people that they talked to said they had considered suicide because of the added pressures of the pandemic. and that's roughly 3 times higher than the usual national numbers. >> and that's not all burnout is also continuing to rise among healthcare workers. according to becker's hospital review, 18% of all health care workers in the country have quit their jobs since february of 2020 people surveyed say not only have the longer hours and witnessing so many people dying. wait on them. they note the harassment and even violence they face from conspiracy theorists in people who refuse to believe in science.
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>> if you more when, you know is suffering with a mental health crisis, covid related or not, you can reach out to the numbers you see there on your screen. they are free. there are confidential and available. 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. part of the overwhelming workload is too do the number of people going to the hospital for covid. that's aside from all the other patients on any given day. and while seems that covid cases have plateaued in the bay area, hospitalizations do tend to take longer to begin to drop kron four's. rob nesbit reports on what nurses and doctors are now dealing with in i c u.s.. >> the a crime isn't causing people to be as sick as the delta variant did. hospitals are still under an immense amount of stress because of staffing shortages. and because of how contagious omicron is, it's been 2 weeks since medical staff at queen of the valley hospital in napa faced the worst of the covid surge. patient numbers doubling overnight.
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>> we went from 12 patients in the hospital to 22 with another 2 in the icus chief medical officer. doctor amy herald says most patients weren't as sick as past surges, but more nurses and doctors have had to quarantine after testing positive for covid. it's been a long time is asking people may be able to take over time so that we have the staffing. she says that cases seem to have leveled off this last week. same thing at ucsf medical center, according to infectious disease expert doctor peter chin-hong. there are currently 108 people hospitalized with covid ucsf down from 100. 38 on january 19th before omicron. they're seeing. >> you know, maybe less than 5, sometimes no cases per day in the hospital. so the goat to 188 100 and 8 is actually a huge burden. a national survey by the american medical association shows that a high percentage of nurses have the intention to quit health care because of covid fatigue. that's 40% 20% of physicians. also us say that which is
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really shocking. doctor harold works to keep morale up at queen of the valley by highlighting positives during morning huddles while also being transparent about the current state of covid. >> and in health care, can't forget we have to take care of ourselves each other first to make sure there's enough people to take care of our patients. >> doctor harold says a big problem in hospitals right now is the high number of people going to the er to try to get tested for covid. she says you should avoid the er for that and instead try to get a test by scheduling a point with your doctor or trying your local pharmacy in san francisco. i'm rob nesbitt. kron. 4 news. >> a record number of children across the state are being hospitalized with covid but not necessarily because of the virus. at least initially federal data says children younger than 5 who are not yet eligible for vaccination have been hospitalized with covid at higher rates than any point in the pandemic. but many of them are being admitted for a non-covid reason than they
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test positive once they're there. doctors are concerned about the long-term effects covid related inflammatory condition. they are urging parents to vaccinate their children if they are eligible. >> santa clara county workers in high-risk settings had to get their booster shot by today. the county's health orders were revised last month to include the booster mandate. this applies to county employees and health care medical first response, skilled nursing facilities, jails, most homeless shelters, county workers in those jobs either have to be up to date on vaccinations or they will face reassignment. you can always find the latest covid news on kron 4 dot com. you can be taken there if you scan the qr code, it's here on your screen. other news now we're counting down the days to the nfc championship game when the niners will visit the la crowd for sports. director jason dumas joins us and he has a preview. jason.
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>> yeah, the niners. they were back in the office today. no fieldwork, mostly meetings, treatment and >> film review. this sunday we get the niners rams trilogy hopefully brings as much excitement as some of the great boxing trilogy. as we've seen over the years. and i'm just going to say it, kyle shanahan owns sean mcvay. he's 7, 3 against him and he's won 6 straight games. it's hard to be any won 6 straight times in any sport. really. mcveigh and shanahan, they go back to their washington football team days when mcveigh coach, the tight ends in shanny was offensive coordinator. so they are very, very familiar with one. another will continue to break down this matchup and preview the game tonight on a special 15 minute edition of the red and gold zone. that is starting at 10, 45 guys. >> all right. jason, thanks very much. and let's talk about ticket prices. these are the current ticket prices and stub hub, the cheapest ticket.
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we found $547 and that's for an upper coroner seat. if you want to sit on the forty-niners side, mid-level ticket that will be at least $1400 and the prime lower-level seat again on the forty-niners side at last check anyway will cost about $2000. >> happening now, we have just learned why westbound lanes of the carquinez bridge in toledo or close tonight. the chp blocked all lanes starting around 6 o'clock tonight. authorities now tell us they got a call about a 60 year-old man in a pickup truck wanting to jump off the bridge. they say the chp is golden gate crisis. response team is there on scene talking with the driver. there is no estimate as to when those westbound lanes of 80 will reopen. tonight. san francisco police are looking for help trying to find the people who litter the pacific heights neighborhood with anti semitic. flyers over the weekend and cranford jonathan mccall says
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>> that san francisco is not the only place recently target. >> san francisco police say that officers found multiple flyers containing anti semitic language littered of the city's pacific heights neighborhood on sunday. so far, police say they have not made any arrest according to the anti-defamation league in recent days, flyers were also found in chico and other states like wisconsin, texas and in florida, the mayor of miami beach tweeted out this picture of a flyer inside of a plastic bag with rocks. theresa drake is with the anti-defamation league and calls those flyers a coordinated attack station referenced. >> it in the anti semitic, flyers that they've known white supremacist group is not limited to targeting the jewish community, although certainly in the instance that we're talking about was directly targeting the jewish community. they also have gone after the lgbtq community.
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community along with other marginalized grants. the messages come just weeks after 4 people were held hostage inside of a synagogue in texas. >> to nick says that the number of reported anti-semitic incidents of hate and violence have been on the rise in recent years. in fact, she says in 2020 alone more than 2000 incidents of anti semitism was reported to the anti-defamation league. and we hope that they are now dance. >> but given the alarming rise in antisemitism that we have witnessed over the past several years. i fear that we will be waging this battle that we fight against hate for a long time to come. >> anyone with details on the flyers know urged to call san francisco police. jonathan mccall kron 4 news. >> in the south bay, the santa clara sheriff's office says that its arrested the person responsible for vandalizing 2 county courthouses.
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investigators say that 37 year-old ismail de la mora that had 2 buildings. you're looking at some of the damage here. also the sa peace center, the probation department, even a san jose police department building the motive is not clear. >> and a heads up as you get ready to file your taxes. do not expect to get your return as soon as you normally would. why your money could be delayed this year. >> also, flames along the central coast. hundreds of people have been evacuated as a wildfire continues to burn near big sur. and an emotional goodbye today as a funeral was held for the alameda county sheriff's recruit who was shot and killed an east bay freeway. we'll have that story right after the break.
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covered california. this way to health insurance. >> the world's biggest and most powerful space telescope has arrived at its observation post 1 million miles from earth. this comes a month after it lifted off from french the scientists say the 10 billion dollar instrument will observe infrared light and detect the fakes. he's signals from objects in our distant universe. the first images captured are expected this summer. technology already has too much control over our lives. well, elon musk is here too. take things,
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too. and and curving level. if you're already worried. the tesla ceo says he is working to, quote, rewire the human brain with his latest business plan. he says an implant created by his company. neuralink is like a fit bit in your skull with tiny wires. is for the device to treat neurological disorders by connecting the brain to a computer. he claims this would allow a paralyzed person to control a mouse or a keyboard by generating electric signals. the company also says the chip can be used to store memories and even replay that. they had. it's been successfully tested on a pig already. musk says he wants to start human trials by the end of this year. wow. >> washington, dc and 3 states are suing google. they argue that it has been deceiving customers invading privacy by making it nearly impossible to stop location tracking. they
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say the palo alto-based company misled people into believing they can control the information that google collects about them. texas, indiana and washington state are all involved in this lawsuit. there was another warning about the sneaker waves along the bay area coast today. this was the second day in a row. the national weather service issued a beach hazard statement for sneaker waves and rip currents. it will be in effect until 01:00pm tomorrow. this covers areas in the north bay, including point reyes, national seashore, san francisco, monterey bay, big sur beachgoers are being reminded the waves really can knock you over on to the rocks, even into the ocean. >> they got to be careful there as we turn our attention to the forecasts, taking a live look here. this is not french guiana. this is the top of mount m. >> could be french. yeah, it's start. are we not kron. 4
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meteorologist rebecca strom is here with the latest. >> grand katherine, the other is a gorgeous shot. so you can see it's kind of like a blanket of lights across the bay. so far looks pretty clear. that's how we're going to start this evsning. there has been a little bit of patchy fog that's rolled through, but it's going to get thicker as evening progresses. right now, though, this really nice shot of san francisco international airport before all that fog starts to roll in. temperatures overnight getting pretty chilly in some spots. we're dropping into the 30's 40's elsewhere. but then during the daytime highs are going to be gorgeous. lots of sunshine. and if you like it, temperatures in the 60's this week is going to be perfect for you. but then once we get towards the end of the week friday, it looks some clouds are going to start rolling in. we're going to see a little bit of a cool down into the weekend with the possibility of a light shower or 2. we will keep you posted on that temperatures, though, like i was mentioning very cold, especially in london in our north bay zone. those 30's are
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popping once again. 38 degrees tonight in livermore. 36 in antioch, in concord. we're looking a low 40's along the east bay shoreline. 42 degrees tonight for the overnight low in redwood city. 33 degrees in napa. santa rosa. you'll be at an overnight low of 36 tomorrow, though, the difference said that we're going to be feeling it'segoing to be the winds. winds are going to start picking up, especially in the north bay. we could see gusts of up to 35 or so miles per hour. it's not going to pack as much of a punch as what we saw over the weekend. but still the winds are going to get a quite up there and you're really going to feel it, especially in the north and part of our east bay's own south bay and peninsula. looks like you're just going to remain pretty breezy throughout the day. it is going to be study tomorrow night. but the they might feel cooler because of the winds. numbers wise are going to be pretty much a carbon copy of what we saw today. upper 50's to low 60's, even some mid 60's on the board like antioch, a high of 65
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tomorrow. santa rosa, high of 65 as well. all more news on the possibility of that light sprinkle that i was talking about in 70 around the bay forecast coming up in just a bit. katharine graham, back to you. thank you. rebecca. >> family and friends gathered today to remember 28 year-old alameda county sheriff's recruit david win was shot and killed while driving home from work on 5.80, earlier this month as kron four's charles clifford reports today was an emotional day, as you would imagine for. >> his family and friends. >> here in livermore on monday, hundreds of people gathered to remember david nguyen who was shot and killed back on january 4th inside the cornerstone fellowship church. hundreds of family friends, officers and deputies from various law enforcement agencies across the bay area gathered to remember david knew when he was remembered as a hardworking young man who had spent his life working towards a career in law enforcement. he had been in the national guard and been deployed to help communities struggling with wildfires in
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recent years. you've also been deployed to assist with the ling with civil unrest. david was in the alameda county sheriff's office, a recruitment program on track to be sworn in as a deputy in february at monday service. the alameda county sheriff are called david as being the kind of young man that any law enforcement agency would love to have as a recruit. they was next recruit. >> it was everything you could want the future law enforcement officer. he was strong. intelligent. now, the tremendous love for his country, community and family. >> following the service here in livermore, davis remains were taken to como where he was buried in a small private ceremony. now, david nguyen was shot and killed on january 4th as he was driving home. it happened along 5.80, near the bay bridge toll plaza. so far no suspects have been identified in the shooting nor has a motive been identified. the california highway patrol is handling the investigation. anyone with information is asked to give them a call. but
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for now in the east bay, charles clifford kron, 4 news. >> still ahead, a crime crackdown in oakland where the police department is sending extra officers. >> and tax season is here. but % filing might look different this year with the details you need to know after the break.
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>> tax filing season the is officially underway. as of today. irs is now accepting returns for the 2021 tax year. the deadline to get them in. it is monday. april 18th, 3 days later than usual. typically the earlier you get your returns done, the sooner you'll get your refunds. if you're eligible, that's especially true. if you file electronically. but the irs says already warning people that covid staffing problems could lead to things taking longer than normal this year. >> the best way that you can over come, you know, having to wait too long is just to make sure you file as error free of a return as you can. if file. plus direct the majority of folks can expect refunds and 21 days or less. >> line seems to be get your taxes done as soon as possible and again as error free as possible. >> with inflation, a threatening the economy, the federal reserve will likely
10:26 pm
begin raising interest rates for the first time in 3 years. some economists are concerned that the fed is already moving too late to fight to high inflation. others are worried that the fed might act too aggressively andris causing a recession. the federal reserve's first meeting of the year is set for tomorrow. some believe that this will pave the way for an interest rate hike in march, which could be the first of many. and buyers are flooding into the housing market in search of a good deal before those rates get any higher. the average for 30 year loan has been inching up. experts hope the increase in mortgage rates well, pump the brakes, at least a little bit on demand, eventually putting an end to double digit annual price growth data shows the 30 year fixed rate mortgage is expected to reach 4% by next year. >> what we're learning about the colorado fire burning tonight near big sur of accusation. orders remain in
10:27 pm
effect. is crews work to get things under control? those stories and much more when we come back.
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it my car, the insurance company wasn't fair. i didn't know what my case was worth, so i called the barnes firm. i'm rich barnes. it's hard for people to know how much their accident case is worth. let our injury attorneys help you get the best result possible. going to check the weather on this monday night as we take a live look outside at the golden gate bridge. >> and kron from meteorologist rebecca strom is back. and rebecca, pretty mild tomorrow.
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kind of warm. >> yeah, it's going to be pretty much the same as what we felt today. the only difference it's going to be a lot windier tomorrow. so might feel a little bit cooler, though. the temperatures reflect numbers wise, pretty similar to what we saw today outside right now. yeah. nice shot of the golden gate bridge. no fog in your way as of yet. but we are going to be seeing it during the overnight hours into early tomorrow morning. we're also going to be seeing, yes, those mild temperatures returned to us once again 50's much of san francisco downtown. 59 degrees tomorrow. lots of sunshine in golden gate park with a high of 57. and then some low 50's along the on terra. 52. but 58 degrees expected in el granada. 61 and breezy conditions in half moon bay, upper 50's from south san francisco in to san bruno, 60 degrees. if you're going to be in burlingame tomorrow and then lots of 60's across san carlos in redwood city. those mild conditions that continue into woodside and mountain view both coming in at 61
10:31 pm
degrees. your south bay's own yes, very mild. 63 campbell, 62 in a santa clara and milpitas downtown san jose. if you're going to be there, it's going to be sunny and 62 as well. low 60's continuing to hayward and union city. very windy as we get into of the interior valleys, livermore, 60 degrees. but it might feel a little bit cooler because said those wind speeds are going to be picking up, especially into the afternoon low 60's in the concord and walnut creek. 59 in rhondda. 62 in castro valley and very windy this entire area. if you're going to end any of these cities, just keep that in mind. 65 in fairfield. yes, it's going to be mild, but it's definitely going to feel cooler with that. little bit of wind chill factor right? and then 60's continue your north bay zone. 62 in petaluma. 54. if you're going to in stinson beach a little bit cooler there. looking i-10 at 10. so we do have a slight chance of rain, but that's not
10:32 pm
going to be until maybe the end of the month, or the beginning of next month. so as we wrap that up this weekend, we could see a raindrop or 2 late sunday or beginning on monday or tuesday. so keep that in mind. but temperatures are going remain pretty steady. we're going to see those 60's for the next 10 days or so. with that slight chance of rain. so we're keeping our fingers crossed and hoping that that actually turns into something. lots of weather back to the deuce. catherine grant. thanks for becker. >> the colorado fire continues to burn. a big serve began friday and it's caused a lot of people in that area too. evacuate their homes. the numbers of acres burned. it changed a lot over the weekend. strangely, good going down with each update for the very latest on where things stand now. we're joined live in the newsroom. >> by kron four's ella what's the latest grant and katharine? there has been some good news tonight. some progress. the acreage did go down after calfire made a
10:33 pm
correction. >> when crews used infrared cameras and he got more accurate reading originally reported that more than 1000 acres, the colorado fire is now down to 700 and at last check tonight, it's now 40% contained. that's up from 35 earlier. we still don't know what caused this yet. somehow this fire was ignited in monterey county early friday night. highway one still shut down from kara potter creek, 2 points or and all types of traditional firefighting tactics are being used to put this thing out. hand crews air tankers and helicopters included now big challenge explained over the weekend were really strong wind gusts, the clocked in up to 50 miles per hour. and of course, that steve to rain, which is hard to get too well, fortunately, weather conditions, as we just saw are going to be in firefighters favor this week. >> this is an area that is very difficult to access. so it is a challenge and they do have these wind gusts that happened right when the sun
10:34 pm
goes down. so that's created another challenge for friday night, saturday night sunday night. it's been the same sort of pattern of the winds pick up in the evening and then dissipate during the day. but we are anticipating better fire weather, more conducive to being able to suppress this fire within the next 2 days. >> and pictures of the iconic bixby creek bridge were captured. but this time with flames just behind it on a hillside. fortunately, that fire did not reach the bridge and it remains unscathed by the kent. this fire. so one year we did learn, though, was burned by the blaze. thankfully, nobody has been hurt. meantime, 500 households are still waiting to hear back if they can go home. but an evacuation order remains in place for communities just south of carmel by the sea. live in the newsroom. ella sogomonian kron. 4 news. thank >> san jose's mayor is introducing a proposed new gun ordinance. he is bracing for controversy. it includes requiring gun owners to carry
10:35 pm
liability insurance. kron four's terisa stasio has that story. >> expect it will be contentious. now will find out said he's a mayor. sam liccardo talking at a news conference about the gun harm reduction ordinance before the council tuesday. at issue is requiring every household with a gun owner to have liability insurance coverage for each firearm and to pay an annual fee of $25. >> i think, you know, over the past year with the tragedy that occurred at bt ab issue of gun violence has come to the forefront. >> as to paralysis, deep men works for next door solutions. one of the nonprofit supporting the ordinance. it was last may when a disgruntled vta worker killed 9 co workers in a violent rage. >> this is not a new issue for people who work in the field of domestic violence. we have lots of stories of people who have been impacted who have been killed due to a firearm. and so we feel like it's time
10:36 pm
to sort of balance the community's approach. the mayor says that the fee paid by gun owners will directly go to support community-based organizations working to reduce gun violence. >> suicide prevention and gun safety classes. the second amendment protects every citizen's right. >> to own possess a gun it does not. mandate that taxpayers subsidize that right. >> look hard to says taxpayers subsidize gun ownership paying out about 40 million dollars a year to deal with medical police and fire services due to gun violence. he says that they are prepared for a legal fight already. the council has received several letters in opposition to the ordinance such as this one that says in part, quote, your attempt at gun registration seems to be a way to begin a gun registry. that is not a good idea since it endangers the legal gun owners. also this one simply put it, quote, please don't
10:37 pm
tax a constitutional right and quote, the council's virtual meeting, including this issue starts at one 30 tuesday afternoon. theresa kron, 4 news. >> antioch city council is expected to formalize an ordinance to put more restrictions on guns inside homes. owners would have to store their guns in a locked container or disabled with a safety device. california. those already have a law making it illegal to store a loaded gun inside a home. but this new ordinance would add some detail and require specifically that guns be locked up or disabled. the ordinance could be approved at tomorrow night's city council meeting. this past weekend. the oakland police department launched its highly publicized additional patrol district. >> in east oakland, 10, there was sideshow activity in that part of the city over the weekend. crowd forces eecm and yoon reports on how officers responded.
10:38 pm
>> these are videos uploaded sunday to the citizen app showing illegal sideshows taking over intersection along macarthur boulevard. and he's though then spilling over into an eastman neighborhood, disrupting residential streets of the people who live sideshow. >> this east oakland sideshow took place over the same weekend that opd rolled out its additional policing district plan. >> adding 48 more officers to respond to the part of the city that receives the most calls for service. >> with this addition, we feel respond much faster to our calls for service. help reduce the violent crime and work with our community to make east open much safer. >> tsai feel any or 3rd. >> investigators say the side show started at around 05:30pm. there were about 200 vehicles and several 100
10:39 pm
spectators. officers made to arrest, told for vehicles and recovered 3 firearms. we have had our staff members. i'm stuck in the midst of sideshows, oakland councilmember tree. the read represents district 6, also known as deep east oakland. if she were to give opd is first weekend of additional resources in that area. a letter grade. >> i mean, i think i started off and of like everybody starts with an so we start with in that we are responding to what the community has asked for. so we're hopeful that we will see, you know, a pattern in trends that show the reduction in violent crime. >> i fish is that opd say that before they make any assessments on how it's going, they want to give the new police district a few weeks to take into account the impact. the additional resources are having on the community. has it made kron 4 news?
10:40 pm
>> police in new york. they're taking down an alleged scam artist. thanks to a quick thinking, grandma. the plot involved her pay $8,000 in cash to rescue her grandson. she told the guys sure come by and come get your money. and then she called police after she handed him an envelope. the alleged scam or taken down, arrested that envelope. krim up, put paper towels. it not money. elderly americans get built out of billions of dollars in scams every year. but not this time. not this grandma now to new jersey. there that little guy went on quite a shopping spree with his mom's phone. and bought more than $1700 worth of furniture from walmart. does he think he needs it? the family's youngest boy. 22 month-old started clicking away on his mom's pfoa. she
10:41 pm
had the walmart at open. the mom had several items in her cart. she was reviewing them when the little guy hit the big order button for everything. the family only realized what happened when they started getting big old package is in the mail. the coup mar say they plan to return. most of the items that the baby. but but they're going to be keeping a closer eye on their son. they're also very grateful. they say for walmart return policy. okay. that's pretty cute. they're saying to the pandas. these are. >> 20 panda cubs making there public debut at a nature reserve in southwestern china. the panda toddlers range in age from 100, 20 days to 100, 90 days. the debut ceremony marks the year of the tiger. also, of course, the upcoming beijing winter olympics. this particular nature center now has 300 56 panda us. in the
10:42 pm
meantime, getting group photos is never easy. they say little pandas just just keep wandering off to play. and that's it for kron. 4 news at 10 o'clock. the news is done, but don't go anywhere because sports director jason dumas says the red and gold zone. that is next. >> well, the very latest from that 9 years headquarters as they begin preparations for the nfc title showdown with the rams. it's coming up sunday. >> jason will be with you right after the break. coming up on the red and gold zone. don't go anywhere.
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>> hello and welcome to the red and gold zone. i'm your host, jason dumas. it every day this week at 10. 45 kron 4 will be the place to be for all things niners as we get you ready for the nfc championship game. the niners will look to punch their ticket to the super bowl for the second time in 3 years. standing in the way that pesky team from the city just 6 hours south of us call the city of angels pesky because they've becn the source of a lot of the bay area's frustration in the sports world in the past calendar year, the lakers beat the warriors in the plane last season. it the dodgers beat the giants. as i hate to remind you in the nlds back in
10:46 pm
october, hopefully the 3rd time is a charm here in the bay. the niners were back at their hq today prepping for the nfc championship game. >> mondays are typically reserved for film review meetings and treatment. the biggest news of the day is trent williams and that ankle injuries. team has called an ankle sprain. kyle shanahan said >> there could be components to that injury, which would point some of ankle from ankle ligaments that he's in the most always the best tackle in the league for players like that. >> i he the best regardless of position. one of the best that is so course it would be a huge loss if he can't play on sunday, especially against a rams team with aaron donald and von miller. as you can see ahat pass rush is something different. as for the match up the coaching staff, they've just started studying the tape. but really with the
10:47 pm
rams, there isn't much new to study at this point. >> we've been through this so over the last 2 years. so it's not much seeing the 3rd time as it was a second time. but also as the first time, you know, just what the coaches that's been the same i don't think there's many there's not much things we can surprise them with and staying with them. what doesn't which i think is kind of the most fun way as 2 really good teams was a really good football game you can't really trust each other. you got to go out and got to go out and beat somebody. >> down in tinseltown to rams were doing the same thing as the niners. a lot of prep where they are coming off of one of its best wins of the season and they very well could have been the squad to send tom brady off into the sunset for good that walk-off field goal. but they haven't had much luck with the niners liked at all. san francisco had beaten the rams 6 straight
10:48 pm
times. most recently in the final week of the regular season. the niners came back from 17 to 3 to clinch a playoff berth. the rams, in fact, could have won the nfc west with a win. sean mcvay those kyle shanahan extremely well and vice versa. they worked together before and shanahan. he respects all that. the niners bring to the table. >> they do a great job. they have excellent personnel there. they're really well you can see and they can do an excellent job of applying pressure with a four-man rush. there's a real by and a commitment to a philosophy what they play with their the way that they play with their front 4. i chris considered does an outstanding job with those guys and then they've got great personnel. they've got great speed on the second level. i think war is one of the best players in this, you know, in this league, especially at this because at that position, then there are x on the back in early sound to a great job. all 11 tack on this defense side and jimmie ward, a phenomenal player. obviously both sen armstead have been outstanding. i've been really impressed with
10:49 pm
what sampson, jones on the interior. so they've got great players. they've got a great scheme. they're really sound and they play with the relentless fanatical ever every single snap. and you can see there's a real commitment to a philosophy and you earn every yard. you get again, some those previous you know, they they found a way to get it done. and a lot of instances, you know, those second games, each of the last few seasons have come down to the wire. but >> they're going to get any excuses. i mean, they've great job. they found a way to win that window of time and every single game is its own separate entity. you know, there's going to be a lot of similarities in terms of the players, the personnel, some of the schemes, but they do a great job playing our best ball for full 4 quarters. and if we need another extra quarter to do that and so be it. >> all right. so this is like the trilogy of a title fight. ali frazier got the ward pack. yeah, we're alice. you get the point. all of them were must-see tv in. this will be the same. their storylines galore. let's check out the top 5 starting with 5. the coaching matchup. kyle
10:50 pm
shanahan sean make they there you see bo baby face there back in 2000, 13, both were with the washington football team mcvay coach. the tight nds for washington and kyle shanahan. he was the offensive coordinator. they played each other a lot. get this 10 times. but as i said earlier in the show, this guy hasn't had much success. he's 3, 7 verse kyle shanahan and shannon have won 6 in a row. in fact, john mcveigh is sean mcmahon dead. >> he used to be. >> with the forty-niners on their staff going like i've never seen so many of the opposing team's fans. thank you for bringing us topic. >> number 4, the fans in southern california forty-niners fans are everywhere. that was matt stafford's wife saying how jarring it was seeing all this red in so fy stadium. expect that again this week.
10:51 pm
forty-niners fans are all over the state la rams. the rams don't have much of a presence in that city right now. number 3. the rams defensive line. a bunch of studs on that line headlined by aaron donald, who you saw just there getting that sack. >> and von miller, they had 3 total sacks against tom brady and the bucs last week. they have 5 sacks in the postseason. that is good for 3rd of all teams. the forty-niners, by the way, are first with 10. but, you know, they're just our study. it von miller, aaron. donald, when you hear those names, you think of all pros to the best in the game. so they are going to get after the forty-niners, especially if trent williams is hobbled in that game. all right. number 2. >> coming up right about now, we've got the run game, which is paramount for the forty-niners. >> 137 yards per game in the
10:52 pm
playoffs. they are doing that on the ground have deebo samuel elijah mitchell. here's a live view right here. getting to the edge quick. kyle shanahae has said all season long, 30 attempts is his goal. when they get the 30 attempts, they usually win and they've been running it well, all season long. elijah mitchell, just a rookie sixth-round pick. but he's playing like a seasoned veteran. and then you know what their quarterback he was in the muck it up to look at jimmy g in his hometown in chicago earlier this season. this is the key for the niners they have to control the run game as we see deebo samuel right here. deebo is like weapon x in the nfl this year. and number one story line of the game for me is jimmy garoppolo. we need good, jim. we can't have these play from jimmy escaping the pocket. just throw it away. don't force feed it into george kittle for a turnover. jimmy g
10:53 pm
is averaging 139 pass yards per game. that's second to last in the playoffs. right in front of jalen hurts. plays like these have hunted haunted. i'm sorry. the forty-niners all season long. all postseason long. they ran away with that cowboys game. then you have good jimmy g this was against the rams. the final week of the season, bringing them back, getting them in the playoffs is like jacqueline hide. you get the good you get the bad. we don't need jimmy g just to be tom brady reincarnated. just don't turn the ball over. make sound plays. feed the ball to deebo samuel elijah mitchell in the run game. get it to george kittle in the pass game and they will be ok, no, know throws. so those in a 5 story lines for the game on sunday. my top 5, i'm sure there will be some other ones and people in my twitter mentions telling the upper got about something. but they do that. well, the win this game. all right. we
10:54 pm
still have more for you here on the red and gold zone after the break. >> we continue to break down the ticket so by stadium and we're calling up the ramp at the cowards. they are.
10:55 pm
10:56 pm
♪ ♪ >> announcer:'s movie meltdown. >> i want to speak to the person
10:57 pm
who made this drink. speak of what we learned about the various dad who threw a smoothie at the teenage staff. >> i am calling the police. >> at what point did he throw this movie at you? >> by he says he went nuts. >> announcer: then, hello. it's at a la. >> hi bright how are you? >> her apology to her to her fans. >> announcer: and the race to manufacture top-of-the-line n95 masks. >> employees are working around-the-clock care, shipping out about a million masks a day. >> announcer: then... that's my dog! the search for georgie the stolen french bulldog. >> she's wearing a gray shirt, black hoodie wrapped around her waist. >> announcer: and beauty and the bandits. for shoplifting crime wave cleans out a beauty store. then... secrets of a "playboy" magazine empire. the new documentary revealing what life was like at the playboy mansion. >> we have to come forward with
10:58 pm
the truth. plus... america's epic football weekend. could this be the end of tom brady? and aaron rodgers? ♪ ♪ now "inside edition" with deborah norville. >> mary: hello, and thanks for joining us, i am mary calvi entity for deborah. it's an epic meltdown in a smoothie store as a dad claims he was given a drink with peanuts in it when his son has a peanut allergy. things escalate and the dad hurls things at the workers as they call 911. steven fabian is at the smoothie store with the latest. speak it with the customer tirade that is making national headlines. he is in such a rage, he throws his smoothie at a teenager working behind the counter. >> i'm calling the police! >> i didn't stop there. so why did he get so upset over a smoothie? >> the customer claims when he ordered this movie, he told the staff that his son is allergic .
10:59 pm
but he said that when his own drink the smoothie at home, he had a life-threatening allergic. 911 was called and he had to be rushed to the hospital. >> my son is having allergic reaction. >> i want to speak to the [bleep] person who made this drink. >> the video was a shot with the customer drove to the smoothie shop in fairfield, connecticut, to complain. that is when he throws the drink. he also yells a racially charged slur. >> hypocrite blank. >> i have a customer who was out of control. he's been yelling racist things at us. >> the angry customer had left the store by the time cops got there but after the video was posted in social media, he was quickly i deed. "i've identified this man as james, goes this tweet. he turned himself in and was charged with intimidation based on bigotry and breach of the piece. and get this. he's a financial advisor at merrill lynch.
11:00 pm
>> the bottom of my hair was all messed up from the smoothie. >> i spoke exclusively to the young woman who this movie was thrown out. >> did you know a thing about the allergy? did he say that when he ordered the smoothie? >> when he came in, he ordered a peanut smoothie but he did ask for no peanut butter. >> kind of weird to order a peanut butter smoothie. >> for someone who has such a severe allergic reaction. >> there was no answer when i tried to get his side of the story today. but he tells us in a statement, "my actions at the smoothie store were wrong and i deeply regret them. i feel terrible that i lost my composure so completely." he says he was out of my mind with fear for her stricken son. >> mary: merrill lynch said in a statement that the company does not tolerate behavior of this kind, adding that the father is no longer employed at the firm. singer adele continues to face backlash for canceling her las vegas shows the very day she was scheduled to go on stage but adele


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