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tv   KRON 4 News at 8  KRON  January 24, 2022 8:00pm-9:01pm PST

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>> when fun time from the bay area's local news station. you're watching kron. 4 news heading. >> tonight at 8, a plan to reform gun control that city leaders expect to be controversial. how san jose's considering putting more responsibility into the hands of firearm owners. a lot more officers were out there and opened this weekend, but did the extra support make a difference? >> one city leader grainge the first weekend up additional resources and as omicron cases decline, hospitalizations continue to go up. what doctors and nurses are currently dealing with in bay area icus. >> and that is where we begin
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tonight on kron. 4 news at a thank you for joining us, everybody. i'm grant lotus and i'm catherine heenan in for vicki liviakis >> a record number of children statewide are being hospitalized with covid. but not necessarily because of the virus. according to federal data children younger than 5, who are not eligible yet for vaccinations have been hospitalized with covid at higher rates. then at any other point during the pandemic. but many are often admitted for a non-covid reason. and then they test you and they turns out they're positive and doctors are say about long-term effects of the covid related inflammatory condition and they're urging parents to vaccinate their children if they are eligible. here in the bay area. covid cases seem to have plateaued and local health experts say. >> that's a sign that omicron has reached its peak. but they say take note that hospitalizations tend to take longer to drop off. >> kron four's rob nesbitt
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reports on what nurses and doctors say they're dealing with these days in icus. >> the across isn't causing people to be as sick as the delta variant did. hospitals are still under an immense amount of stress because of staffing shortages and because of how contagious omicron is, it's been 2 weeks since medical staff at queen of the valley hospital in napa based the worst of the covid surge. patient numbers doubling overnight. >> we went from 12 patients in the hospital to 22 with another 2 in the icus chief medical officer. doctor amy herald says most patients weren't as sick as past surges, but more nurses and doctors have had to quarantine after testing positive for covid. it's been a long time is asking people may be able to take over time so that we have the staffing. she says that cases seem to have leveled off this last week. same thing at ucsf medical center, according to infectious disease expert doctor peter chin-hong. there are currently 108 people hospitalized with covid ucsf down from 100. 38 on january 19th before omicron. they're
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seeing. >> you know, maybe less than 5, sometimes no cases per day in the hospital. so the goat to 188 on hundrend 8 is actually a huge burden. a national survey by the american medical association shows that a high percentage of nurses ha the intention to quit health care because of covid fatigue. that's 40% 20% of physicians. also us say that which is really shocking. doctor harold works to keep morale up at queen of the valley by highlighting positives during morning huddles. >> while also being transparent about the current state of covid. >> and in health care, can't forget we have to take care of ourselves each other first to make sure there's enough people to take care of our patients. >> doctor harold says a big problem in hospitals right now is the high number of people going to the er to try to get tested for covid. she says you should avoid the er for that. instead, try to get a test by scheduling a point with your doctor or try your local pharmacy in san francisco. i'm rob nesbitt kron. 4 news.
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>> turning our attention now to san jose. the mayor there saying he believes a proposed gun ordinance will become controversial. the council will take up the measure at its meeting tomorrow. that measure includes a requirement for gun owners to carry liability insurance. kron four's terisa stasio reports. >> expect it will be contentious. now will find out said he's a mayor. sam liccardo talking at a news conference about the gun harm reduction ordinance before the council tuesday. at issue is requiring every household with a gun owner to have liability insurance coverage for each firearm and to pay an annual fee of $25. >> i think, you know, over the past year with the tragedy that occurred at bt ab issue of gun violence has come to the forefront. >> as to paralysis diekman works for next door solutions. one of the nonprofit supporting the ordinance. it was last may when a disgruntled vta worker killed 9 co-workers in a violent
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rage. >> this is not a new issue for people who work in the field of domestic violence. we have lots of stories of people who have been impacted who have been killed due to a firearm. and so we feel like it's time to sort of balance the community's approach. the mayor says that the fee paid by gun owners will directly go to support community-based organizations working to reduce gun violence. >> suicide prevention and gun safety classes. the second amendment protects every citizen's right. >> to own possess a gun it does not. mandate that taxpayers subsidize that right. >> look hard to says taxpayers subsidize gun ownership paying out about 40 million dollars a year to deal with medical police and fire services due to gun violence. he says that they are prepared for a legal fight already. the council has received several letters in opposition to the ordinance such as this one that says in part, quote, your attempt at
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gun registration seems to be a way to begin a gun registry. that is not a good idea since it endangers the legal gun owners. also this one simply put it, quote, please don't tax a constitutional right and quote, the council's virtual meeting, including this issue starts at one 30 tuesday afternoon. theresa kron, 4 news. new gun legislation might also be coming to antioch. there is a new ordinance expected to be formalized by the city council. >> it would require gun owners to keep their guns in a locked container inside the home or else disable them with a safety device. california does already have a law against storing loaded guns inside a home. but the antioch ordinance has more detail. it would specifically require guns to be locked up or disabled. oakland police launched their highly publicized new patrol district and east oakland this weekend. and in that very spot, there was some sideshow activity.
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kron four's haaziq madyun reports on how officers respond. it. >> these are videos uploaded sunday to the citizen app showing illegal sideshows taking over intersection along macarthur boulevard in east, though, then spilling over into and eastman neighborhood disrupting residential streets of the people who live there. sideshow. >> heck out the this east oakland sideshow took place over the same weekend that opd rolled out its additional policing district plan. adding 48 more officers to respond to the part of the city that receives the most calls for service. >> with this addition, we feel respond much faster to our calls for service. help reduce the violent crime and work with our community to make east open much safer. >> tsai feel any
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>> investigators say the side show started at around 05:30pm. there were about 200 vehicles and several 100 spectators. officers made to arrest, told for vehicles and recovered 3 firearms. we have had our staff members. i'm stuck in the midst of sideshows, oakland councilmember tree. the read represents district 6, also known as deep east oakland. if she were to give opd is first weekend of additional resources in that area. a letter grade. >> i mean, i think i started off in store would like everybody starts with an so we start with in that we are responding to what the community has asked for. and so we're hopeful that we will see, you know, a pattern in trends that show the reduction in violent crime. >> i fish is that opd say that before they make any assessments on how it's going, they want to give the new police district a few weeks to
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take into account the impact. the additional resources are having on the community. has it made run for news? >> nearly 300 firefighters are battling the so-called colorado fire. that's near big sur. the fire started friday night near palo colorado canyon just north of the famous bixby bridge. cal fire says 700 acres have burned. it is nearly 40% contained tonight, a building has been destroyed. no injuries reported. residents from big sur to carmel are under evacuation orders. some of them the cause is still under investigation. >> it was a pretty nice start to the workweek. time for a look at the forecast as we're looking live over san francisco from sutro tower. beautiful day. rebecca strom joins us now with what we can expect for tomorrow in the days ahead. good evening, rebecca. good evening, guys. yeah, it's been beautiful around the bay area today. temperature wise been really nice to be temperatures in the upper 50's to low 60's. that's what we're seeing today and a
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lot of sunshine. >> some haze out there, though. and that's definitely because of the smoke from the colorado fire coming through a big the big sur area. >> hopefully, though, by tomorrow, the smoke, the hayes will start to subside. a lot more in the air. quality will be a lot better. it was a little bit hazy in this shot earlier, especially during the sunset this or east bay camera on top of the berkeley hills. there. normally it's nice and clear you can see all the way across the bay today. you couldn't because of the air quality. we have a mixture of good to moderate levels today. tomorrow we are expecting it to be a little bit better and improvement. nd it's all thanks some northerly winds that we're going to be seeing, especially in the north bay. we're going to see gusts of up to 25, maybe even peaking at the 35 mile an hour mark. so it is going to be windy for you if you're going to be in this area tomorrow and a little bit along our east bay's own as well, south bay and along the peninsula. it is going to be breezy for you but not says much as what we're going to see in our north
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zone. so just keep that in mind tomorrow. we're going to see that pretty much start in the morning hours and then really pick up into the afternoon. so tonight, yep, clear start. but the fog is beginning to roll through in some spots lows tonight dropping into the 30's. it's going to be quite chilly, especially inland. and then this week, though, it's going to be much of the same as what we saw today. lots of sunshine, really nice conditions. if you like temperatures in the 60's, it's going to be a perfect week for you. clouds are going to start rolling in, though, later in the week and the getting into this weekend. we do have the possibility of a light shower or 2. i'll have those details coming up in just a bit. catherine, back to you. thank you, rebecca. coming up tonight at 8, is time to file your tax returns released. begin thinking about this. >> but don't expect to get your money anytime soon by the irs is expecting delays. college admission practices may be changing case heading to the supreme court. that argues minority students have a better shot at getting it.
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>> and an in-state rivalry heading to a championship match up. we'll have more on how bay area fans are getting ready for the big game.
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excitement continuing to build for this weekend's nfc conference championship between the niners and the rams game is sunday in la. but people here in the bay are already preparing kron four's amanda hari was that heads up sports in concord talking to some fans about the big matchup.
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>> everyone i've spoken to says they're so excited about this game. they say it's been an emotional season and this weekend is the payoff. you can tpsee around me. there's a ton of niners gear. i have this had right here on the walls. you can see even more shirts with the forty-niners on it and on the rocks. we have tons of jerseys all the year for everyone for this weekend, niners. oh, it's wonderful. you know, it's it gets. >> like a fantasy come true. the san francisco forty-niners had to win their last regular season game. >> against the rams just to make the playoffs. now they're only one more win from the super bowl appearance. we went to the game, the last home game in regular season. and couldn't be more excited than say the game was a nail-biter. the niners beat the rams. and over time seems like the team of destiny that won the last 4 games just to get with brown says she and her family have continued to be on the edge of their seats in the postseason.
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>> the team won their last game against the packers with a field goal in the final seconds, the last game we got it was over. >> again. and then it was an over here. so actually watched the game again today against green bay for us. the 4th quarter was owner of heads up sports in concord. dennis danziger says as a lifelong niners fan, this has been a great run for diehard niner fan as a kid. i worked a summer job. >> to buy season tickets at keys are stadium. he even worked at candlestick park for 40 years. now he owns this store where he gets to share niners excitement with his customers. people come and, you know, talk about it. >> everyone so happy. you know, the exciting excitement of this last weekend, i did asked some people about what they thought would happen in the game. everyone told me they think it's going to be a niners win, although they had some differing ideas of how they're going to get there. but at the end of the day, it will be a win in concord.
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amanda hari kron, 4 that's all the matters, right? the bottom line? well, there was some drama over ticket sales for sunday's game. the rams. >> were initially trying to limit ticket sales to people who lived in the los angeles area, which, of course, would have kept a lot of niners fans from being able to get in there. news nation correspondent nancy loo explains. >> i see a 9 or red greeted the rams 3 weeks ago. the last time these rivals faced off in so fi. >> to prevent a repeat la had restricted ticketmaster sales for the nfc championship to credit cards with la area, zip codes. then fans on both sides saw that restrictions suddenly disappear this morning. it's so crazy to think that they were actually trying to restrict vanessa ortiz says niner fans were figuring out plenty of trick plays around the restriction. anyway, we always find a way just like we did with the last game and we
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and allison, i'm not so much wisconsin, but world where every where's we'll find a way to be there. a trip down to la is nothing for san francisco fans. many are just getting back from green bay. rams fans are on guard for the rams. >> have not one. >> against the forty-niners and the competition is fierce. so when you have a bunch of showing. in your stadium. that could change things. >> but does location really matter? we're not really worried about home-field advantage. that's the word out of vegas where the rams are slightly favored for sunday and after the last round of epic nfl games, anything goes. we saw this past week. it. >> where the road teams won the first 3 games and worst 13 seconds away from winning alaska. what really should be kansas city yesterday with that offshore road teams winning including the forty-niners and the rams. >> well, here's a look at current ticket prices on
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stubhub courses could change. but look that very cheapest. we found $547. that's for an upper coroner seat. if you want a mid-level seat on the forty-niners side will be at least $1400 prime lower-level seat on the forty-niners side. we'll start at about $2000. but how about the cost of flights to la? well, right now, prices hovering around 40 excuse me, $70. that's still not bad. $70 for a one-way from sfo to la x friday night. that ticket at least is fairly cheap. now to our 4 zone forecast. i let's look live at la x. that's a pretty shot in a few. 40 niner fans have already been arriving wanting to make a week of it could getting ready for sunday's game cheaper to fly there and back it in the building are from joining us now with a look at the forecast for sunday in la how we doing rebecca hayward and good. that is if you temperatures that
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feel more like summer time, a high near 70 for sunday's game. not so we're expecting. >> in la kick at 3.30, mostly clear skies. so it is going to be nice and warm air. and of course, forty-niners were used to this california weather, right? so hopefully once they take on southern california feel pretty much like home. well, back at speaking of the weather here, golden gate bridge. nice and clear shot. so far. we are going to be seeing fog roll through, but not right now. we can make out the north tower, the south tower just fine traffic's moving well into and out of san francisco. temperatures also moving pretty well. they're starting to drop slightly. we're seeing more 40's on the board and low 50's pretty much everywhere. you look at 51 degrees and downtown san jose, 50 degrees in hayward right now. 48 already in concord. 41 degrees in fairfield right now. i'm tracking 47 napa and 46 currently in nevado. those temperatures, though, going to start getting even chillier as we get into the overnight hours. but things are going to remain dry around the bay
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area. that high pressure system is going to be sticking with us in keeping all the wet weather away from the bay area and a lot of cloud cover. so we're going to see mostly clear skies for much of the week. there is a slight chance of rain that we could maybe see towards the end of the weekend beginning of next week. and it said this storm system that we're seeing that is really going to be packing a punch to the far north of us. but we might get the tail end of it and it might bring a sprinkler too much needed rain around the bay area. tonight, those low temperatures that i was talking about, 30's and 40's. 38 for livermore tonight. 36 very chilly in concord. 33 degrees in napa. and 36 in santa rosa. but to the daytime highs are going to be really nice. all be back with those in just a bit. back to the news. all right, rebecca, thanks very still ahead, interest rates are expected to go up and how that could affect the housing market. >> banning certain masks in the classroom. the new measure announced today one california school district.
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>> public schools in los angeles are banning students from wearing cloth masks starting today, the los angeles unified school district says students have to wear well fitting non cloth masks that have a nose wire at all times since schools. the
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schools will hand out the higher grade masks to students who ask the shift away from cloth masks. that was prompted. they say by guidance from county health authorities. >> the supreme court has agreed to hear a major challenge to affirmative action policies for college admissions. the case involves claims that harvard university and the university of north carolina are violating civil rights by giving preferential admissions to minority students. plaintiffs are asking the court to rule that universities cannot use race as a factor in admissions since 1978, the supreme court has upheld affirmative action practices. but the conservative makeup with the current court could mean that being overturned. >> next not expect to get your return right away. heads up as we're filing your taxes this year. why they say money could be delayed.
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>> and a new bill could cause controversy among parents. your children could be required to be vaccinated against covid to attend school and thousands of u.s. troops are on high alert over tensions in ukraine. moreover,
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>> this is officially the first day of the tax season. this year, though, your tax returns might look a little different and come later than
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usual. the irs warns that things will be more complicated this year because of the pandemic. so many workers are out on sick leave. there's an unprecedented backlog. they say new problems facing taxpayers include the fact that some of the people eligible to get child tax credits. >> could see smaller returns. >> kron four's washington correspondent hannah brandt explains what to expect. >> this year tax season comes with a warning. your refund going to be delayed. so just expect that. that's partly because the irs is still behind on last year's returns. the irs right now is unacceptable backlog. plus, the agency is understaffed and underfunded agency is not going to quit with the resources it needs to adequately served taxpayers in normal times, let alone during the pandemic to avoid extra long delays. the irs suggests people file early and make sure the returns are accurate and include all of the necessary documents. the best way that you can over come, you know, having to wait too long is just to make sure you file as error free of a return
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as you can. and irs spokesman clay sanford says the agency is really encouraging people to file electronically this year. if file, plus direct the majority of folks can expect refunds and 21 days or tax expert mickey sued with jam you tax and financial points out this year. you may need to bring into extra tax documents. the irs is sending out a letter to families who got child tax credit payments and anyone who got the $1400 stimulus payment, all the typical documents, but bring those extra 2 documents because if you don't do that, your refund will be held. the stimulus money just needs to be reported. it won't impact your return. but families who got the child tax credit will see a smaller return. you can have your cake and eat it, too. if you've got during the year. >> expect that amount less at the end of the year when you file your tax return in washington, i'm hannah brandt. >> with inflation, punishing consumers and threatening the overall economy, the federal reserve will likely begin raising interest rates for the first time in 3 years.
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>> some economists have expressed concern that the fed is already moving too slowly and is too late to combat high inflation. other say they're worried the fed may act too aggressively and risk causing a recession. the federal reserve's first meeting of the year is set for tomorrow. some believe that will set the groundwork for an interest rate hike in march, which will likely be the first of several. buyers are flooding the housing market in search of a good deal before rates cut 2 high. as of today, the average for a 30 year loan is up to 3.5, 6%. experts hope the increase in mortgage rates will pump the brakes on demand over time, putting an end to double digit annual price growth data shows the 30 year fixed mortgage rate is expected to reach 4% by next year. some fear the increase could put the american dream of owning a home further out of reach. >> california lawmakers are set to consider a bill that would require all school
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children to be vaccinated for in-person learning. that would be regardless of personal beliefs. kron. 4 capitol bureau reporter ashley zavala has that story. vaccination is the cornerstone of ensuring our schools will be open. state senator richard pan rolling out his push to get rid of the personal belief exemption for those who tried to opt out of california's covid-19 vaccine mandate for school children and is offering a bill that supporters say closes a loophole in the state's covid-19 vaccine requirement for students to learn in the classroom. the mandate was part of an executive order. governor newsom signed last year. those who don't comply would have to be home schooled or get independent instruction to be sure children are educated our schools. and that's really what this bill is about. keeping schools open and safe and providing that certainty. >> that's going to happen. some school districts have tried to take similar steps on their own. courts have said they don't have the power to do so. but the legislature could. we're certainly hoping that the state legislation. >> i can can be passed fit in
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a quick manner. but fans proposal was met with immediate pushback from republicans monday. i think you'll see >> you know, bipartisan opposition, you know, to this proposal because a gross overreach, the new vaccine bill comes just days after some lawmakers filed the proposal allowing teams to get the covid-19 vaccine without parental vaccine and schoolchildren related legislation has been at the center of intense parent led protests at the state capital, including this scene in 2019, the vice chair of the senate health committee expects to see this kind of reaction again. and they don't want the state government interfering with their child's health care and interfering with their role as a parent. >> you know, deciding what is best for their child. governor newsom's office would not comment specifically on the legislation monday. this bill must first go through the state's legislative process. the soonest it could go into effect is january. 1st of 2023 at the state capitol. ashley zavala kron. 4 news. >> the santa clara valley
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transportation authority could potentially implement a covid vaccine mandate starting this week. it's a policy that may have a dramatic effect on the workforce. workers would have 60 days to comply with the policy once it goes into effect at people without an exemption could be fired. this comes after many vta operators who recently got covid has to miss time causing the agency that a shortage of light rail operators and bus drivers. the mandate may be delayed as the agency discusses details with its unions. staffing problems relating to service disruptions for buses in san francisco. muni says that. >> nearly a dozen lines could dozen different lines could have long lines of people waiting to get on. that problem could be affected the problem areas that could be affected, they say are on the bottom of your screen, although i don't see so check our website. but the problem boils down to the omicron which has led to a lot of staff are staying home. the
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agency says that 100% of its staff at least is vaccinated in the north bay members of the marin and sonoma county bus operators union are authorizing a strike this weekend. not clear yet whether this will happen or not. but the union is hoping that the moved to authorize a strike will help get stalled. contract talks moving again. union leaders say that there have been talks for 7 months, but no new contract. a spokesman for the golden gate bridge district says it is hope there will be what they call an amicable resolution and soon. a sneaker wave warning expired this afternoon. according to the national weather service. >> offshore buoys were reporting wave heights of >> 7 to 8 feet at 17 to 18 seconds, which they say presents a threat of sneaker waves and rip currents. this was from big sur all the way up to the north bay, though the warning has expired. experts remind people that
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sneaker waves are not predictable events and not to turn your back on the ocean. >> we're continuing to follow what's being described as a severe traffic alert near the carquinez bridge. the chp says that all lanes are blocked on westbound 80 at the bridge and home. this is because of police activity here looking at part of the scene, although it's hard to tell exactly what they're doing. but there is police activity which began about 2 hours ago right now, there's no estimated time for road reopening the chp suggesting in the meantime, not surprisingly avoid this area. take another route and called for meteorologists. rebecca strom has a a closer look at traffic conditions in general right now. rebecca. >> now we're following this. so full freeway closure westbound 80. the car come is bridge. shut down at. yeah. it happened just after 6 o'clock tonight. chp not telling any more details other than it's a police activity. but what you
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can do to get around the closure, if you are going to be taking this over the next little bit because there's no estimated time is to reopen. you want to hop on the 7.80, and take the benicia bridge instead and that can get you back to highway 4 and then you could re-enter over to the westbound. 80 side are road sensors right now showing a pretty much no movement at all. so avoid the car. come is bridge tonight, if you can, because again, no estimated time as to when these lanes will be reopened. but we will bring you more details as it comes into our newsroom. >> the good news is at least some of the roadways are dry for you. no rain right now, though, we do need around the bay area. at least it's dry. if you're going to be driving tonight right now, conditions at san francisco international airport said nice and clear so far the airport, we were seeing some fog creek ttrough parts of the bay area that will continue during the overnight hours. an increase as we get towards of the latter part of the evening. in waking up tomorrow morning, visibility not going to be the greatest. some folks, if you're going to be along the
8:38 pm
coast or along the east bay shoreline getting into work or school just to take your time. but then the good news is clearing is going to start to happen tomorrow. and we're going to open up to a lot of sunshine, very similar to what we saw today. in fact, temperatures going to be almost a carbon copy of what we saw this afternoon. 50's and 60's tomorrow with sunshine to enjoy. 59 in san francisco. 59 in oakland and 62 degrees in san jose. that's a look at the weather. back to the news. >> thank you, rebecca. and still ahead, china has been taking really some drastic measures to keep covid under control. what it's doing ahead of the olympics. opening ceremony in beijing. >> the label is right. but the ingredients are wrong. a new recall that's pulling thousands of boxes of mac and cheese off the shelves. >> and an emotional goodbye today in alameda county sheriff's recruit laid to rest after he was shot and killed on east bay freeway. will have
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there was a funeral in livermore today for 28 year-old david win. >> he was the alameda county sheriff cadet killed this month near the bay bridge toll plaza, friends and family. a lot of colleagues were there to remember david, he was described as a hardworking young man on a path to a successful career and law enforcement. he also served in the national guard deployed in recent years to help communities dealing with
8:42 pm
wildfires and civil unrest. the alameda county sheriff says david, when was the kind of recruit any law enforcement agency would love to have. >> was an excellent recruiter. it was everything you could want the future law enforcement officer. he was strong. intelligent. now, the tremendous love for his country, community and family. >> winds remains were taken to a cemetery in coma. he was buried today in a private ceremony. a procession was held today for an elsa police officer killed in a crash on interstate 80. >> 26 year-old jared bernstein died earlier this month when he crashed into a van that had lost control. a viewer shared this video with us. the procession for officer bernstein started at a funeral home and ended at rolling hills memorial park in richmond, the california highway patrol is still investigating the crash that killed him.
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>> next today, thousands of u.s. troops are on alert tonight, ready to deploy over concerns russia could invade ukraine. the message the white house is trying to send 2 president hu looking to help avoid an attack. >> and sports the forty-niners get ready for their nfc title showdown with the rams sports director jason dumas has reaction from kyle shanahan on
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o> developing news tonight, thousands of u.s. troops are on high alert for potential deployment and they have heightened fears of a russia invasion into ukraine. kron four's washington correspondent jessi tenure has the latest on the pentagon's announcement. >> good evening. this signals a shift for the biden administration which until now was taking a more restrained approach to ukraine, out of fear of provoking russia. >> it's very clear that the russians have no intention right now de escalating. that's why the pentagon is preparing to send as many as 8500 u.s. troops to join the nato response force. no decisions to the plate inmate. so this is about getting units advanced heightened alert. that doesn't mean they're necessarily going anywhere. the decision is ultimately up to nato to activate the 40,000 total troops from allied countries. the pentagon spokesperson john kirby says this tells russian president vladimir putin that he cannot weekend the nato alliance. this is about sending a strong
8:47 pm
that we're committed to nato and we're committed to assuring that our allies have the capabilities they need in case they need to defend themselves. president biden met with his european counterparts this afternoon on the escalating situation at the russia-ukraine border. we've always said we would reinforce our allies on the eastern flank. white house press secretary jen psaki says the commander in chief has still not ruled out any response, including diplomacy, sanctions and military action. the president has been direct that military action by russia could come at any one at any time. >> and the state department has ordered the families of all american personnel at the u.s. embassy in ukraine to leave the country. ukrainian officials have criticized the move is pretty much are, but some u.s. allies are following suit in washington. i'm jessi tenure. closed door meetings began in norway today between the taliban and western diplomats. those talks are aimed at easing afghanistan's humanitarian crisis. >> they are the first talk since the taliban took control of the country in august.
8:48 pm
discussions included a focus on a taliban restrictions. a lot of them directed at women. also the group's demand for the release of nearly 10 billion dollars us dollars frozen by the u.s. and other western countries. millions of afghans are facing the risk of starvation. >> authorities in beijing are testing 2 million people ahead of the winter olympics. and that's after. >> a few dozen covid cases were reported in neighboring districts. they will even test people who have been buying cold or flu medicine recently, chinese officials have been taking drastic measures to try to isolate every infection before the games begin. february 4th athletes must also be vaccinated or quarantine upon arrival in china and they have to undergo daily testing. the warriors are hosting 2 vaccination clinics this week to try to help fans get ready for the new booster shot requirement at chase center, which takes
8:49 pm
effect. >> february first fans can register now for the first clinic which is happening tomorrow at thrive city. the district surrounding chase center, the clinic will offer either dose of a 2 shot vaccine or a booster shot. both pfizer and moderna doses will be available. that clinic will take place tomorrow from 3.30, to 07:30pm. the second booster clinic will take place on saturday, january 29th and will run from 2 o'clock to 6 o'clock for both booster clinics. eligibility will be confirmed on site and attendees will be required to bring proof of vaccination record or be able to look up their vaccination record on site for more information and a link to register for the clinic. you can head to our website kron 4 dot com. >> baker in dixon giving out special traits and honor the 49 ers. a big game this weekend sunday. the solano county baking company will hand out a free donut to every customer who comes in wearing
8:50 pm
a jersey pretty good. another promotion is called valentine's day heartbreakers. bakery talked about the promotions today. >> heartbreak ers and they're really popular for valentine's day, but we're also doing them for the sunday game. so if you get a touchdown or you know, you don't like to call flagged national. the big screen recommends a pre ordering the heartbreaker at least a couple of days before sunday. >> and now kron 4 sports from the 18 t fiber sports desk. >> catherine, now i'm hungry. acting. go for a heartbreaker right about now the niners. they were back at their hq today prepping for the nfc championship game. mondays are typived for film review meetings and treatment. the biggest news of the day is trent williams and that ankle. the team have called it an
8:51 pm
ankle sprain and said there could be component because that injury with. >> one point to some of the ankle ligaments that he's torn in half years. most paul williams, the best tackle in the league. i say he's one of the best players in the league regardless of position, especially because plays like that. so of course, it would be a huge loss if he couldn't play on sunday, especially against a rams team with aaron donald and von miller rushing the passer. as for the match up, the coaching staff has just started started studying that tape, but really with the rams, there isn't much to study at this point. >> we've been through this so over the last 2 years. so it's not much seeing the 3rd time as it was a second time. but also as the first time, you know, just what the coaches that's been the same i don't think there's many there's not much things we can surprise them with and staying with them. what doesn't which i
8:52 pm
think is kind of the most fun way as 2 really good teams was a really good football game you can't really trust each other. you got to go out and got to go out and beat somebody. >> the warriors were able to get a big win on sunday night against the jazz. >> the dubs won with their defense. but after the game, the topic was mostly about step and he's continued shooting struggles he went just 5 for 20 on sunday and he's now shooting 37% from deep, which is a career low. it was probably the worst stretch of his career of the last 6 weeks or so. remember, those staff has that very high bar. this is also, you know, have a very tough part of the season. they call it the dog days of the season. and steve kerr and the stance. >> you know, as a coach, you you you try to recognize when the team is is especially tired or fatigued in. you give
8:53 pm
them as much space as possible. we won't have a shoot around tomorrow. for example, we want you guys to be able to sleep and stay off their feet and we've we had a good practice today which we really needed. but we hardly practiced it all last week with all the games. so you just try to figure it day today. >> the warriors are back in action on tuesday. they take on the dallas mavericks. they'll be at chase center and then also thursday against the minnesota timberwolves. back to you guys. all right. appreciate it. jason. >> you will be watching jason >> now, a good reminder to keep a close eye on what your kids do on cell phone. no matter their age. the big tab one toddler racked up. that's after the break.
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>> a recall alert for people who buy vegan pasta. amy's kitchen is recalling more than 15,000 cases of its vegan mac and cheese. the problem they say trace amounts of milk which does matter to some people. so if you have an allergy or a sensitivity to milk, you have to take note. it is the vegan organic rice mac and cheese. the lot number supposedly at the bottom of your screen. there it is. you kind of see it. but we'll have it on our website. customers are being told to throw this away or return it for a full
8:57 pm
refund. new jersey toddler went on a shopping spree with his mother's cellphone. look at him sitting there looking very innocent. but he ended up buying more than $1700 worth of furniture from walmart. he's just under 2 years old and apparently began clicking on the phone while the walmart app was open. the mother had some things in her car. she was going to review them, but he hit order for the whole thing. and the family only realize what happened when they began getting those huge boxes in the mail. the kumar say that they will return most of this and we'll keep a closer eye on this little boy and they are grateful they say for walmart's return policy. >> the better frame that picture by that's hilarious. a new survey from auto insurance dot com shows 73% of drivers in the u.s. admit to texting while driving in fact, 26% of those drivers said they do it regularly. those who say they
8:58 pm
text regularly while driving tend to be younger. 34% of people under age. 35 say they text and drive while only 4% of people over the age of 55 say they do one in 20 people surveyed admit that they have caused the crash because they were distracted on their phones. texting and driving is banned in 48 states including california. and that wraps up kron. 4 news today. but don't go anywhere. kron.
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