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tv   KRON 4 News at 530pm  KRON  January 24, 2022 5:30pm-6:01pm PST

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they're very, very excited about this game. they say it's been an emotional weekend or emotional season and this weekend is the payoff for all of that. is a time of year here. i put on a hat we've got starts on the we have even more shirts and jerseys on the racks to so much gear. and the san francisco forty-niners had to win their last regular season game just to make it to this playoff. now they're only one more win from the super bowl appearance. everyone tells me this has been quite a year to be a niners fan. the owner of heads of sports tells me he's been a lifelong fan as a kid. he worked just so he could earn money to buy season tickets. now he gets to share all of its customers. joy, as the team prepares to take on the rams in the nfc conference championship game. >> oh, it's wonderful. you know, it's it's like a fantasy come true. we were pretty nervous and all the games at leading up to this. >> i'm so excited. a lot of
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emotions in our house. >> know. >> the heads of sports owner tells me he's had people calling all day about niners gear and they have plenty of it here. i've been asking people hear about who they think is going to win the game this weekend. everyone said the niners, although they all had different ideas about how they're going to get there. the run game. special teams. but everyone thinks that the end of the day it's going to be a win for them live in concord. amanda hari kron, 4 that's certainly what we hope for. and they seem to have the rams a number and all and just curious out of all the jerseys and we're going back to the niners super bowl days of the >> 80's and 90's. but right now, i'm just wondering what jersey has been the most popular, which play early identifying with. >> right now a lot of people are asking for deebo samuel jerseys. unfortunately, most stores here in the bay area don't have them. the owner tells me he's talked. other
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store owners. no one has them. but that's people looking for. there are a lot of other jerseys up. take a look over here again. you can see they've got a ton of a jimmy g jerseys here. so you have some other options. i have a jersey at home. so you have lots of options and you can picking up someone else and still get something even the throwback jerseys are pretty popular. some montana and steve young and jerry rice and all those jerseys out there, too. >> amanda, thank you for that. have fun out there. fans are pumped up for that and for more coverage of the sunday game, tune in to kron 4 tonight for red and gold zone. it's hosted by our own kate rooney. that starts tonight at 10. 45? >> in national news now the u.s. supreme court has agreed to hear a major challenge to affirmative action policies for college admissions. the case involves claims at harvard university and the university of north carolina are violating civil rights laws by giving preferential admissions to minority students. plaintiffs are asking the court to rule that
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universities cannot use ways as a factor in admissions since 1978, the u.s. supreme court has upheld affirmative action practices at colleges. however, with the conservative makeup of the current time court, this precedent could be overturned. the omicron variant spread rapidly across the country, causing a spike in hospitalizations and affecting businesses and many different areas. and now some lawmakers are discussing the possibility of yet another round of pandemic relief. >> some ideas include more help for small businesses and a new push for paid leave because of the ongoing pandemic. some white house economic advisers say they are unsure if more federal aid is needed as last year's 1.9 trillion dollar american rescue package was designed to deal with immediate and long-term needs of the american people. there could be specific areas. >> where more recent steps sources are needed, particularly on things that are for specific lee covid
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related always keep an eye on what needs to be done. >> to meet the kitchen table needs of the american people. >> for now, fears of inflation are limiting any consideration of more stimulus. republicans say they think the government already spent too much if additional pandemic relief can get support and would likely be included in next month's government funding package. >> u.s. troops are on high alert tonight for potential deployment. this is because of the heightened fears of a russian invasion into ukraine. our washington correspondent jessi tenure joins us now live with the latest on the pentagon's big announcement. jesse? good evening, ken and pam, this does signal a shift for the biden administration that really? >> which up until now is taking more of a restrained approach when it came to ukraine out of fears for russia, retaliation, retaliating. >> it's very clear that the russians have no intention right now de escalating.
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that's why the pentagon is preparing to send as many as 8500 u.s. troops to join the nato response force. no decisions to deploy the inmate. so this is about getting units advanced heightened alert. that doesn't mean they're necessarily going anywhere. the decision is ultimately up to nato to activate the 40,000 total troops from allied countries. but pentagon spokesperson john kirby says this tells russian president vladimir putin that he cannot weekend the nato alliance. this is about sending a strong that we're committed to nato and we're committed to assuring that our allies have the capabilities they need in case they need to defend themselves. president biden met with his european counterparts this afternoon on the escalating situation at the russia-ukraine border. we've always said we would reinforce our allies on the eastern flank. white house press secretary jen psaki says the commander in chief has still not ruled out any response, including diplomacy, sanctions and military action. the president has been direct that military action by russia could come at any one at any time.
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>> officials have ordered the families of all american personnel at the u.s. embassy in ukraine to leave the country. ukrainian officials have criticized that move as premature, but some u.s. allies have already been following suit live in washington. i'm jessi tenure. >> jessie, thank you for that report. well, let's take a live look outside here at the he can see very much because of the fall. we're going to show you the golden gate bridge, but is hiding somewhere. >> all of that fog, maybe somebody stolen are all just back a strong here. not talking about just the fog, but just how chilly it's going to get. yeah, guys going to get really chilly. and actually it's going to be a lot of fog years. we get to towards the latter part of tonight. and you can already start to see some of that fog. even in this shot, the marine layer starting to roll through here. san francisco international airport. it's clear here, far away the hills there. you can definitely see it start push through like it is right here in san francisco
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over the golden gate. and like i was mentioning, yes, that bay fog will start to develop. and those lows are going to get really chilly into the 30's and 40's, especially if we're going to be into when the interior valleys. we're going to see a very chilly 30's on the board this week, though, during the day, it's going to be a lot of sunny and nice weather. very spring-like we are going to see a lower to mid 60's and then it looks like clouds are going to start to develop as we get towards the end of the week into the weekend, we're going to see those clouds continue into saturday and sunday. the possibility maybe a shower or 2 are very light. sprinkle. but talking about chilly temperatures, look at all the 30's that i am tracking. 36 degrees for the overnight low in downtown san jose loops. there we go. 38 in livermore that we're expecting tonight. 36 in very chilly in concord, in antioch, along the east bay shoreline. we're looking at low 40's and into what your north bay, 33 degrees for the overnight low in napa. but the days are going to be
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beautiful. have those temperatures coming up in just a bit. pam, back to you. all right, rebecca, thank you. >> many mornings, of course, start with a cup of coffee. in fact, it is the drink of choice for 150 million americans every day. but besides waking you up, coffee might also hold the key to creating a more sustainable future. in fact, this was the basis for a masters project pittsburg state university in kansas, a project which now has opened a number of possibilities to help potentially reduce the 2 billion tons of waste. the world sees every year. reporter reels reports. >> the land deeper ocean. they can cause us again by the politicians to that's a researcher who tried to find way to treat the something as simple as a cup of coffee could be the answer. at least according to the scientists at the cannes palmer research center. most people like coffee. so fees that kind of the so we with idea of how do
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we use the the ground? >> to convert >> once this is ground up and used drink the ground can then be put into a battery to score an impressive amount of energy to feel things like electric vehicles in the future. so this has researchers at psu looking to other options. the bill as well. we can use coffee grounds. we can use virtually anything of ways to buy products. those are all things that we can use to make. >> potential electrodes for batteries. kprc is now looking to nature to provide a new power source. more specifically the maple leaf. >> why in the world would you just that that's full of materials that can be used? so why don't we set up systems and look at how we can use that thanks to the carbon found in organic materials, a new form of recycling is on the horizon with batteries lasting over 10 years and 10,000 charging cycles. we're getting lots of contacts from across the nation around. hey, what can we do around ball base content mathilde? how can
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we recycle materials? we don't want going into the landfills. we certainly don't want to go the ocean. so it's really important. does try to keep a clean environment as well. >> well, let's hope that works. that was the phone real supporting tonight. and coming up, junk mail jackpot. the nearly missed email that led one woman to become a billionaire us. we've always suspected it. now science is backing it up. there's more on the new study out of stanford claiming they have proof that men and women's brains. >> really do work different hi, i'm debra. i'm from colorado. i've been married to my high school sweetheart for 35 years. i'm a mother of four-- always busy. i was starting to feel a little foggy. just didn't feel like things were as sharp as i knew they once were.
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official the brains of men and women do work differently. researchers at stanford university say that it all comes down to the genes. they say they have identified specific chains which have to do with creating specific typical behaviors. for instance. >> they say that there are genes that can program a man's quick determination of a stranger's or a woman's receptivity to mating the team. also catalog james that are risk factors for brain disorders in either men or women. >> a woman in michigan made a life changing discovery when she checks the spam folder in her email account to inside. she found a message congratulating for winning 3 million dollars. laura speer says she had randomly bought a lottery ticket online win. the mega millions jackpot became huge and then she forgot about it. but turns out her in entry had enough correct numbers to win her 3 million dollars.
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lottery officials to try to contact her. but apparently that message went straight to the spam folder after this discovery. she verified the e-mail was legit and has since accepted her winnings. she says she plans to share that with her family and retire early. >> tax season is here. but filing may look a little different for you this year. i'll explain why in washington i'm hannah brandt. that story
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>> it's officially the first day of tax season. but this year, your tax returns might look a little different. our hannah brandt explains why. >> this year tax season comes with a warning refunds are going to be delayed. so just expect that. that's partly because the irs is still behind on last year's returns. the irs right now is unacceptable backlog. plus, the agency is understaffed and underfunded agency has not been equipped with the resources it needs to adequately served taxpayers in normal times, let alone during a pandemic to avoid extra long delays. the irs suggests people file early and make sure the returns are accurate and include all of the necessary documents. the best way that you can over come, you know, having to wait too long is just to make sure you file as error free of a return as you can. and irs spokesman clay sanford says the agency is really encouraging people to file electronically this year. if file plus direct the majority of folks can expect refunds and 21 days or less
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tax expert nicki sued with jam you tax and financial points out this year. you may need to bring into extra tax documents. the irs is sending out a letter to families who got child tax credit payments. >> and anyone who got the $1400 stimulus payment, all the typical documents that bring those extra 2 documents because if you don't do that, your refund will be held. the stimulus money just needs to be reported. it won't impact your return. but families who got the child tax credit will see a smaller return. you can have your cake and eat it, too. if you've got during the year. >> expect that amount less at the end of the year when you file your tax return in washington, i'm hannah brandt. >> let's check on our weather on this monday night. looking outside along the barca darryl in san francisco. and there's the exploratorium and there's the bucky ball as well. you can see it. the fog match routing that right now a key ball named after buckminster let's check in with rebecca strom. see what's happening. >> well, guys, you senate to definitely starting to see the
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fog rolled through that marine layer coming through and it's been a little bit hazy around the bay area might have noticed that as you're out and about today, in fact, we can still kind of make it out here with our east bay camera. normally it's a lot clearer in the show. you can see all the way across the bay typically and sometimes on a really good clear day, you can actually make out the golden gate bridge towers right around that area. but not today. we have been seeing of the hazy skies because of the colorado fire that is burning in the central on along the central coast in the big sur. the good news is the wind speeds are very low. last check about 4 miles an hour there. and the humidity levels are very high. so that is really good. but the air quality here in the bay area with that, we've seen a mixture between good and moderate and then tomorrow we're expecting it to actually get better and better thanks to the winds that are going to start picking up, especially coming out of the north bay as we get to right around lunch time, it's really going to start get into the 20's, maybe even 30 miles an hour. as far as those wind gusts start to develop. and we're going to continue to see it throughout
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the entire day tomorrow. so expected to be very windy. if you're going to be in these areas along the east bay shoreline, a little bit calmer, but you're still going to feel breeze in the air. very similar to what we felt over the weekend. if you're going to the north bay, temperatures outside right now, in the 50's that i'm starting to i don't really see the 60's right now. 56 currently in hayward. 59 in fremont. 54 degrees in alameda and downtown oakland. 53 right here in san francisco. 56 in the late home and 55 degrees currently in nevado. things are definitely going to start picking up as far as the fog. yes, it's going to start rolling through during the overnight hours. it's going to ing up, especially along our coastal spots and along the east bay shoreline. the good news is visibility is going to start to clear out as we get into tomorrow, we'll see mostly sunny skies, but it is going to be quite chilly during the overnight hours. i'm tracking 30's and 40's on the board, our inland valleys, livermore. you'll be at a low of 38 during the overnight hours. 36
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in concord and a chilly 33 degrees and napa. the good news is though, look at the highs that were going to be seeing again, very spring-like weather over the next 7 days. 60's are going to hold pretty steady across the board all the way towards said the beginning of next week. and again, those overnight lows going to be sticking with us as well. very chilly. we're going to remain in the 30's. that's a look at the weather. back to the news. >> we're at one of the first time hotels in america to support a new feature that lets you use your apple wallet as your hotel room. key. we'll show you why it's better than a nap and we'll test it out.
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>> a new feature lets you use your iphone as a hotel room key and the creators say it's better than anything you've tried in the past or or explains in tonight's tech smart. >> i'm here at the high and long beach, one of 6 hyatt hotels in america that using a new iphone feature, one that lets you store your hotel room key right inside apple wallet. and if you've ever used an app to store your hotel room key, this is a whole lot easier because there's nothing to open. you just tap and go. let's try it out. now. what's the first thing you do when you get to a hotel, you go to the front desk check in with this new feature you can check in from your phone even before
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you arrive at your hotel room. key when it's ready right here says add your room key to apple so we are going to happen there for author eyes, my device showing to authorize your phone once room key and apple wallet? i'm going to say yes for sure. ok? so now i'm going to tap check in so here's my check. and let's continue. and let's say continue here. agree. got a notification that my room is ready inside the apple wallet. you can see my room number has appeared 16. 36, let me turn on express modes that weight off to unlock my phone. every time i want to use this key now for the fun part, let's go find my room. so here's the first test. my phone screen is off and i need to hold my card next to the reader. it recognizes it instantly. and now i can press my floor. that
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was really you just literally hold it here. it recognizes the fact that you're at the hyatt long beach and unlocks the door and we can go. so this is a moment of true seeing what the room looks like. it is pretty nice. i think the game in the best view in the house. they really thought of everything. even if your phone battery goes that you can still use that digital key for up to 5 hours for the feature called power reserve. and when it's time to leave your room, you might forget your plastic in there, but you're never going to get your phone or if you have an apple watch. it works in the very same way. sorry. can't run on the treadmill for you. that was so fast and easy. let's talk decidir money. the general manager here said that was so easy where customer saying about this, the average against love this state love the safety. the fact that his contact list and the ease of use speed listen check in to check out and said, do you think you can give me one more plastic? he is a all right. thanks so much.
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>> all right. so right now, t%is feature is iphone. only if you're on android, you can still use the mobile app as or digital key in long beach. i'm rich demuro and you are tech smart. >> that wraps up 4 news at 5. we have a lot more ahead on kron. 4 news at 6, including dozens of extra police officers patrolling east oakland over the weekend. how one city leader grades that first weekend of additional resources and the niners and rams facing off of the 3rd time this season. but this time there's a tip to the super bowl on the line will have live team coverage previewing the matchup between the division rivals and the effort by the rams to keep the 40 niner faithful out of so 5
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>> from the bay area's news station. you're watching kron. 4 news at 6. >> an effort to prevent crime in oakland is apparently beginning to show progress as officers encountered illegal sideshows over the weekend. thank you for joining us tonight on kron. 4 news at 6. i'm pam moore and i'm ken wayne. over the weekend, the oakland police department launched its highly publicized additional patrol district in east oakland. kron four's haaziq reports on how it's trying to help curb crime. >> these are videos uploaded
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