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tv   KRON 4 News at 3pm  KRON  January 24, 2022 3:00pm-4:01pm PST

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>> a rare january wildfire continuing to rage in big sur. we're checking in with cal fire on the firefight. plus, a memorial service for david win. how his family, friends and colleagues are remembering the young sheriff's cadet killed in a freeway shooting. and bring on the in state rivalry. the forty-niners taking on the la rams this weekend in the nfc championship game. what we can expect from the red and gold as they continue their quest to the super bowl. >> now from the area's local news station. this is kron. 4 news at 3.
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>> it's like that the forty-niners are off to the nfc championship game and a step closer to the super very exciting times. thanks for joining us here on kron. 4 news at 3. i'm noelle bellow after saturday's game on frigid lambeau field. the red and gold are heading to the much warmer, had much closer city of angels to face the la rams kron four's. kate rooney joining us now with a preview on that. kate, i know you're excited for this one. >> yeah. how can you not be that game? came down to the wire. got to love a nail-biter. so the forty-niners are in the championship game for the second time in 3 years. now. and this time it's against a very familiar opponent, the la rams. it took too crazy games to make this all nfc west conference title game possible. the niners kicking that field goal you saw as time expired at lambeau to eliminate green bay and then the rams did the exact same thing to the bucs in tampa
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bay. so to come from behind wins and now 2 teams that are very familiar with each other. the forty-niners have the recent edge. they beat the rams twice already this season to make it 6 straight wins in the series. and kyle shanahan is 73 all time. as a head coach against la is sean mcvay. so one more cool note here. this will be the 17th conference championship appearence for the forty-niners. that's a new record. they'd previously been tied with the pittsburgh steelers. so now just got to keep this streak against the rams alive and just got to win one more. and then you're headed to the super bowl. noel. >> hopefully they can pull out that win. thant you, kate, for that. the if you were hoping to watch the game live at the stadium. nfl has sent us this statement saying the game it's already sold out. the league spokesperson says rams fans bought all available tickets during a presale over the weekend. but there are some being resold at 3rd party websites. this is what's available on stub hub. we've
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done it a little bit looking ourselves. the cheapest tickets going for about $549 right now. so there are some options, they're going to be a little pricey for you. you have been sending us picks of your forty-niners all day long. we're going continue to show these on air and on line. love to see the niners faithful in all their gear. just go to our website to add your photos. if you'd like kron 4 dot com. well, this past weekend, the oakland police department launched their highly publicized additional patrol district in east oakland. there was some illegal sideshow activity in that part of the city kron four's has more on how the first weekend went. >> these are videos uploaded sunday to the citizen app showing illegal sideshows taking over intersection along macarthur boulevard. and he's
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though then spilling over into and eastman neighborhood disrupting residential streets of the people who live there. >> sideshow. >> this east oakland sideshow took place over the same weekend that opd rolled out its additional policing district plan. adding 48 more officers to respond to the part of the city that receives the most calls for service. >> with this addition, we feel respond much faster to our calls for service. help reduce the violent crime and work with our community to make east open much safer. opd investigators say the side show started at around 05:30pm. >> there were about 200 vehicles and several 100 spectators. officers made to arrest, told for vehicles and recovered 3 firearms. we have had our staff members. i'm stuck in the midst of sideshows, oakland councilmember tree. the read represents district 6, also known as deep east oakland. >> if she were to give opd is first weekend of additional resources in that area. a
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letter grade. >> i mean, i think i started off in school would like everybody starts with an so we start with in that we are responding to what the community has asked for. so we're hopeful that we will see, you know, a pattern in trends that show the reduction in violent crime. >> police district a few weeks before making any assessments. >> on how it's going. in the meantime, family and friends gathered today to remember 28 year-old alameda county sheriff's recruit. david, when one was shot and killed while driving home from work on 5.80, earlier this month as kron four's charles clifford reports. it was an emotional day for his family and friends. >> here in livermore on monday, hundreds of people gathered to remember david nguyen who was shot and killed back on january 4th inside the cornerstone fellowship church. hundreds of family friends,
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officers and deputies from various law enforcement agencies across the bay area gathered to remember david knew when he was remembered as a hardworking young man who had spent his life working towards a career in law enforcement. he had been in the national guard and been deployed to help communities struggling with wildfires in recent years. you've also been deployed to assist with dealing with civil unrest. david was in the alameda county sheriff's office, a recruitment program on track to be sworn in as a deputy in february at monday service. the alameda county sheriff are called david as being the kind of young man that any law enforcement agency would love to have as a recruit. they was excellent recruiter. >> it was everything you could want the future law enforcement officer. he was strong. intelligent. now, the tremendous love for his country, community and family. >> following the service here in livermore, davis remains were taken to como where he was buried in a small private ceremony. now, david nguyen was shot and killed on january
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4th as he was driving home. it happened along 5.80, near the bay bridge toll plaza. so far no suspects have been identified in the shooting nor has a motive been identified. the california highway patrol is handling the investigation. anyone with information is asked to give them a call. but for now in the east bay, charles clifford kron, 4 news. >> also today, a procession was held for an el serino police officer who was killed on a crash on i-80 26 year-old jared bernstein died earlier this month when he crashed into a van that had lost control. a viewer shared some of that video with us. the procession for officer bernstein started at a funeral home and ended at rolling hills memorial park in richmond, california. highway patrol is still investigating the crash that killed bernstein. to the south bay. now where san jose may become the first city in the country to require gun insurance. mayor sam liccardo and other leaders gathered in support of that ordinance today. every household with a gun owner
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would be required to have liability insurance coverage and pay an annual fee. supporters hope insurance companies will provide incentives to gun owners to take safety classes and use gun safes and trigger locks. san jose city council is set to vote on the measure tomorrow. meanwhile, santa clara county workers and high-risk settings have to get their covid booster shot by today. you may remember in late december county health officer doctor sara cody revised the county's health order to include a booster shot mandate. it applies to county employees and health care medical first response, skilled nursing facilities, jails and congregate shelters. the order says any county workers in such high risk settings who are not up to date on vaccination must be reassigned to lower risk settings or otherwise be prohibited from working in the higher risk workplace. meanwhile, santa clara county is spending this week handing out free covid-19 tests to
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residents for distribution sites opened over the weekend, including this one at martial cottle park in san jose. the county chose to purchase and hand out a total of 60,000 test kits. this is all separate from those free tests that are being offered by the federal government as well. the distribution sites are going to be open through next saturday. residents to have to sign up in advance to pick up those tests. all right. time now to talk a little bit of weather taking a live look outside at the embarcadero. looks like we've got a little bit of haze out there and that flags wave in just a bit. we've got dave spahr standing by with the details a day. >> hey, good well, and everybody, we're getting a little bit of that fog trying to sneak in as well, which will be the case for tonight here that fog is back again after kind of a dry weekend. you see the live shot that we have. your lots of blue skies, though folks are experiencing. we're getting a little drop of some cloud cover to to the south. now we'll get some of that early on. but that should clear out tonight for most of the balance of the night
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again, except the bay area fog will have to contend with. and then by tomorrow morning looks like we'll get some of that redeveloping, that fog we talked about to fill up the bay. we've got upper 50's lower 60's working right now as we speak. not bad for mid-january like this. 64 san jose and santa rosa at 63 for comparison. and we're pretty close a little get bit of the way that fog and some cloud cover up to the north. again, looking ahead here generally speaking inland, staying clear now, 10 o'clock we should drop down to mid giving it to future cast for this is what we're mentioning. that clears out temporarily. then overnight, the fog redeveloped, as you can see, that will greet us tomorrow morning, mixing out to basically a mostly sunny day and we'll can see that continue. looks like for much of the week ahead. forecast again tonight noting some of that fog here. temperature report forty-five's for san francisco, 40 for oakland. 41 san jose were calling a chilly besause temperatures have been a balmy. but quite mild over the last weekend repeating
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that for the week ahead, we're going to run through the forecast models and just a bit coming up later on, it looks very interesting as we get into early next week, although there's a big disagreement in terms of precipitation. noel, what? he's all right. thanks, dave. >> coming up on kron, 4 news at 3 doctor anthony fauci is hinting at the possible end to the current covid surge. we've got his timeline in just a bit. plus, how one california school district is strengthening its mask mandate to try and fight against omicron. but first, we're following the wildfire burning in big sur going to be in big sur going to be spea when a truck hit my car, in big sur going to be spea the insurance company wasn't fair. i didn't know what my case was worth, so i called the barnes firm. call the barnes firm now, and let us help you get the best result possible. ♪ call one eight hundred, eight million ♪
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>> welcome back. 3.13, on this monday. and evacuations are still in place for the colorado fire burning at big sur and monterey county. joining us now with the very latest on the containment efforts is cal fire spokesperson cecile juliette, cecile, thank you for joining us. this afternoon. i know earlier this morning we said that the fire stood at 35% containment. what is the latest right now? >> that number still holds. 35% contained 700 acres at this point. but we do expect another update this evening. hopefully those containment lines well have around, but we will keep you posted on have to wait and see if increase or decrease the number of acreage. >> over the weekend, calfire have reported the fire was at
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about 1000 acres. i see it's been reduced obviously. now the 700 was that change made due to some better mapping. you guys were able to get. >> that we were able to get the infrared light up into the air and get that data compare ground. and that's when they came up with 700 acres. >> to me about the crew's, like like you said, crews on the ground. but i assume you are also are fighting it from the air as well. >> absolutely. we're using all the tools in the tool we've got our firefighters on the ground. we've got hand crews. we have the air tankers and helicopters that has been making water drops. so it's a standard operating procedure out for these is very steep so this is an area that is difficult to access. so it is a challenge and they do have these wind gusts that happened right when the sun goes down. so that's created another challenge for friday night, saturday night sunday night.
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it's been the same sort of pattern of the winds pick up in the evening and then dissipate during the day. but we are anticipating better fire weather, more conducive to being able to suppress this fire within the next 2 days. let's get to hear i some of the images really are startling. >> this part of the coastline, of course, is absolutely are there any structures damaged at this point? what can you tell us about what's been happening in that? >> perspective? >> the only confirm structure that we do have destroyed his one year that we understand was occupied our damage. inspection teams are have arrived and they going after the firefighters once it's deemed safe for them to do their work and they're better able to determine what's burned, what was spared. and so once they do their job, but we'll know more about any other structures were damaged or destroyed hopefully not. >> as far as injuries go, what's it looking like right now? no injuries, no injuries on the spire. we're very we're really pleased and grateful
3:17 pm
for yeah. so what we are making progress definitely. >> any outlook on when you might be able to have it fully contained. >> we can't say just we meet on that very subject. of course, there are around 500 people who were asked to evacuate and those people want to get into their homes. obviously, as quickly as possible. and so we're working to do that route. blocked. but we do not have an estimate yet on when that would happen. but again, this is dynamic fluid situation. so we'll have another update tonight and hopefully some good information that. >> all right. so seal juliet with cal fire. thank you so much for joining us. giving us an update on this. we'll continue to update everyone as the day goes on. dave, i do want to bring you in now as she was talking about those winds that continue to pick up at night. one of the wet weather conditions looking like out there's a mild offshore wind that's in place which has been the case for a little while of the valley
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right there in the background here. so you do tend to get a mountain and valley wind differentiation. that's very common. and we'll probably see some of that as well. >> but the direction still remains offshore. and the separation between the temperature and the dew point, a dew point depression. they call it. that's a good 15 degrees or so. it's kind of odd for coastal location to get that. but that's what we're looking at right now. fairly dry, even though we're talking about fog in our backyard. it's a little drier down there. so in the next couple of days, the thought is will improve on all of this sfo. they're standing at about a 59 right now at this hour. there you can see lots of blue skies to be had us up to the north, though we're getting a sneaking into some scattered clouds and some fog with all of that as well. temperature check for you in the bottle with 63. 56 for san francisco. livermore comes in at 64. very nice temperatures that we have, which we will continue to experience the next couple of days. however, with the dry air we see temperatures fall in the inland locations are checking in back to the business of the 30 so we actually have temperatures jumping around quite a bit for
3:19 pm
coastal location in some cases, 25 degree and separation like that. you only see stuff used a lot of times in the desert. that's a pretty good jump there from the mid 30's tonight in the east bay up to santa rosa. 37 41 meanwhile for san jose. but again, we'll make up for tomorrow afternoon. so tonight, clear start some bay fob redevelops again lows at about 40. that's for the bay. now in chillier, mostly sunny, a nice for the whole week ahead, lower to middle 60's going on might start to see some scattered clouds on friday. little post-it note, maybe a sprinkle or 2, but for the weekend it's variable clouds and mild. now, let's run through that. we talked about this coming into us by thursday. more be friday saturday. and there it is kind of their whatever. but we get past the weekend and on into the early part of next week. this is kind of interesting because it doesn't look very impressive. but the models are in some agreement, particularly up to tahoe to get some snow up there. so looks like this couple opportunities. and those folks haven't seen some snow either. so if you're headed up there this weekend, you might have
3:20 pm
maybe potentially some issues by sunday night into early to later by monday with some new fresh snow coming, which has been a while for those folks there that will be continue to be watched as well. your seven-day forecast is coming up in a bit. well, thanks, dave. >> san francisco police are investigating a homicide case that started as a bar fight. officers say the deadly encounter happened friday night inside a bar located on mission street between cesar chavez. and 26. they say a man died during the fight but no other details on how it all unfolded. meanwhile, palo alto police have arrested these 2 men in connection to a string of auto burglaries. officers say they believe 22 year-old azari maze on your left. and 21 year-old trishaun villegas on your right. broken to 8 different cars and stole backpacks and laptops. police were able to track them down last thursday after one of the victims gave them location tracking data for her missing electronics. detectives are following up now to find out if the suspects are connected to any other burglaries in the area. santa clara county
3:21 pm
sheriff's deputies have arrested a man for vandalizing multiple buildings earlier this month. officials believe 37 year-old ishmael de la mora vandalized to santa clara county courthouses with spray painted graffiti back on january. 3rd, detectives later confirming de la mora was also the suspect who had previously vandalized. the santa clara county probation department. the san jose police department and the s ap center del has been arrested and booked into the santa clara county main jail on multiple charges of felony vandalism and violation of probation. still ahead here on the kron, 4 news at 3 tensions continuing to escalate between russia and ukraine. have united states is responding to a possible russian invasion? >> and more than just a daily boost where some researchers are turning cof welcome back.
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many mornings and sometimes throughout the day, all starts with a cup of coffee. in fact, is the drink of choice for 100, 50 million americans every day. and now researchers are saying in addition to waking you up, it could also hold the key to creating a more sustainable future. steffen reals has more on a project which is now opened a number of possibilities to help potentially reduce the 2 billion tons of waste the world creates every year. >> most the way taking to the land deeper ocean so you can
3:25 pm
cause a severe inbound, the pollution. so it's a researcher we try to find way to treat the ways something as simple as a cup of coffee could be the answer. >> at least according to the scientists at the cannes palmer research center, most people like coffee. so with huffy, the kind of the chance. >> so we with idea. how do we use that? we've cut the ground. she >> once this is ground up and used drink the ground can then be put into a battery to score an impressive amount of energy to feel things like electric vehicles in the future. so this has researchers at psu looking to other options to kill as well that we can use coffee grounds. we can use virtually anything hawaii's to buy products. those are all things that we can use to make. >> potential electrodes for batteries. kprc is now looking to nature to provide a new power source. >> more specifically the maple leaf. why in the world would you just that that's full of materials that can be used? so >> why don't we set up systems and look at how we could use
3:26 pm
that thanks to the carbon found in organic materials. a new form of recycling is on the horizon. >> with batteries lasting over 10 years and 10,000 charging cycles. we're getting lots of contacts from across the nation around. hey, what can we do? a ground ball base content mathilde. how can we recycle materials? we don't want going into the landfills. we certainly don't want to go in the ocean. so it's really important. does try to keep a clean environment as well. >> pretty interesting stuff there. that was stephon reels reporting for us. stick with us. coming up next at 3.30, san francisco's historic castro theater getting a major makeover. >> but not everyone excited about it. we're going to tell you why next. plus, the nation's top infectious disease expert offers an outlook on the surge of the outlook on the surge of the omicron va mmm. hey jack, how'd you get this spicy cluck sandwich to have the perfect amount of spice? i call it, jack's spice squad. who's in the squad? [whispering] it's me.
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my new spicy cluck sandwich with a bigger, crispier and better-than-ever spicy fillet. bigger pickles, more sauce, and the perfect amount of spice to get your taste buds tingling. try my new $6.99 spicy cluck sandwich combo. order on the jack app today. >> things are looking good. we don't want to get over confident, but they look like they're going in the right direction right now. >> the nation's top infectious disease expert says he is cautiously optimistic. the united states appears to be emerging from the omicron surge with cases nationwide. having dropped by 10% in the last week. speaking on abc's this week, doctor anthony fauci said most states we'll hit their highest point of infections in february and cases should start dropping off after that.
3:30 pm
>> the pattern follows the trend that we're seeing in other places such as the northeast. i believe that you will start to see a turnaround throughout the entire country's. we'd like it to get down to that level or it doesn't disrupt us in the sense of getting back to a degree normality. that's the best case scenario. >> doctor fauci said the worst case would be the emergence of another new variant. the vaccines are less effective against, he says are best defenses remain. vaccines, boosters mask and social distancing. a record number of children statewide are being hospitalized with covid but not necessarily because of the virus. according to federal data children younger than 5 who are not yet eligible for vaccination have been hospitalized with covid at higher rates than at any other point in the pandemic. but many are often admitted for a non related reason. and then they test positive once their their doctors say they're concerned about the long-term effects of a covid-related
3:31 pm
inflammatory condition and they're urging parents to vaccinate their kids as soon as they're eligible. down in southern california. public schools in los angeles are banning students from wearing cloth masks starting today. the la unified school district says students must wear a well-fitted non cloth masks with a nose wire at all times. the school's going to be handing out higher grade masks to students who need one. the shift away from the klaas cloth masks was prompted by guidance from the county health authorities. national news today, a federal court heard opening statements in a trial against 3 former police officers accused of depriving george floyd of his civil rights without due process. kelsey, current scene has more on the proceedings. a federal trial against 3 former minneapolis police officers. >> charged in the killing of george floyd, jay alexander king thomas lane and 2 tao are
3:32 pm
all charged with violating floyd's civil rights. when derek chauvin kneeled on his neck for more than 9 minutes killing him and may of 2020. king was kneeling on floyd's back lane holding down floyd's legs. well, kept others from intervening. the defense's argument is too full. number one, that they did not willfully. >> try to violate the rights of mister floyd. and secondly, that they had no part in what mr chauvin was doing. however, floyd's family attorneys wrote in a statement the 3 men directly contributed to floyd's death and fail to intervene to stop the senseless murder. the indictment also says the men failed to provide medical aid to floyd when he clearly needed it. the judge has stressed the jury must make the decision solely on the evidence in the case, not the guilty plea by shows an. that was kelsey current scene reporting for us. the michigan
3:33 pm
high school where 4 students were shot and killed is back open for the first time. >> since the november tragedy, school officials welcome students back to oxford high school today. those students have been attending classes at other buildings since coming back from winter break. that shooting, of course, happened back on november. 30th investigators say 15 year-old ethan crumbley opened fire on his classmates, killing 4 of them and injuring 6 students and a teacher crumbly has been charged with murder and other crimes as parents are also facing charges. all right, bring it back here at home. time to get a check of your weather forecast. taking a live look at downtown san francisco this afternoon. definitely a little hazy out there. as dave's been saying,f we're starting to get some fog creeping back in. dave, what's latest? >> this is what we're looking at right now on the east bay shoreline. we see the sun get a lower in the sky. there you see some of the haze referenced and also that will be for fog for us. in lynn
3:34 pm
clear skies, we drop to 50 pretty quickly at 7 o'clock by 10 work. 44 and inland again, another night of chilly temperatures back to the fog. this is what it looks like that will cover up the bowl of the bay. it looks like yet again mixing out. it looks within just a couple of hours after sunrise temperatures again will be chilly when you get more in like san jose at 41, we'll call that shelley because it's pretty nice in the afternoon into the mid 60's. 45 san francisco. 44 meanwhile for oakland a little bit more impacted by the fog. so that's no surprise, wind, futurecast, humidity, it's all green all over the place. we've had that moisture marine layer spill on in. not unusual, but by the afternoon that will mix out very nicely in those inland valleys dropping. as you can see, the humidity levels and even challenging a little bit along the east bay shoreline off towards the coast. now we do see something kind of interesting as we get into tuesday now to kind of fortified that, if you will, into tuesday afternoon, looks like a little bit of an offshore wind redevelops. those statements with this. but you can see up here to the
3:35 pm
north bay through solano county. the winds do pick up a little bit from that more of northerly direction, drier, inland direction. that is, but it doesn't last for long. and as we go into tomorrow night into wednesday, looks like that's funny subsided. the drought map looks better, but we're still in a drought. as you can see, the total area coverage is listed as severe forecast highs tomorrow, lower 60's, but some areas may pop to near about 65. for example, santa rosa and a quick look into that 7 day forecast. keep the 60's train go one all week long. friday, saturday posted note there for maybe adding a couple raindrops on their upper 30's. we can see furloughs that continues for the balance of the weekend. the coast will hang in the 40's. well. >> thanks, dave. there are some concerns about the future of the castro theater in san francisco. theater's management recently announced a new deal. it's going to bring live shows and modern upgrades to the theater. but as kron four's gayle ong shows us some movie lovers want the historic theater to stay as it is.
3:36 pm
>> movie lovers left messages on the sidewalk outside san francisco's historic castor theater at its very best. this is, you know, >> the best place to see a movie in san francisco been coming to the castro theater for about 50 years. and i'm very concerned that they will be showing movies anymore or film festivals have been coming to the film festivals in particular long time to vote like bruce oats are concerned about changes to the venue. >> after the theater announced a new partnership to bring shows to the neighborhood and reinvented theater has a live event venue. the theater's owners are working with planet entertainment to upgrade and modernize the building. we're not against change. >> what word against is the lack of communication. that's why michael patrol is speak out sunday afternoon. >> calling on the owners to keep showing movies. according to a statement that theater plans to host live music and comedy shows and community events. the theater will still
3:37 pm
screen select movies were nervous because they haven't held a town hall meeting to explain directly to us if they have a commitment to keep showing the silent films, the gate films we won, know if they will guarantee. >> continue drag queen shows here are the threat of losing when reps has already taken . i- such a sustained beating here in san francisco is >> especially here in, you know, sort of its the grandest place of its expression is wildly concerning to, you know, those of us who i love the castro specifically but in general. >> there are plans to improve the sound system lighting and the iconic marquee along with tech upgrades. the grand reopening has been proposed for 2023 kron. 4 reached out to the castro theater for comment on sunday's demonstration but have not yet heard back in san francisco, gayle ong kron. 4
3:38 pm
>> magical, mystical merritt. stick with us for details on the couple creating something new for their >> plus, a sweet incentive from krispy kreme is offering anyone donating blood to the american red cross. we've got details on that. but first, the image of a bay area native killed in new york city shining bright at the crossroads of the world. coming up, we're hearing from the artist behind the work and his efforts. >> to stop hati crimes against
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>> welcome back. 3.40, on this monday afternoon and here at home, people are continuing to remember michelle, go. the east bay native was killed more than a week ago when someone pushed her in front of a subway train in new york city. now her image is shining bright at the crossroads of the world amid renewed efforts to stop hate crimes against the asian american community. jean king spoke with the artist who created this billboard. >> michelle go's life remembered forever through this artwork displayed on massive billboards at new york's times square vigils on the east coast in san francisco for the 40 year-old who was killed after a homeless man pushed her onto the subway tracks 61 year-old simon marshall charged with second-degree murder in the random attack. we all deserve to be safe. illustrator jonathan chain drew the images of the bay area native, along with images of many victims of
3:42 pm
racially motivated violence. he spoke for the first time on the condition. we don't show his face because of ongoing asian hate and he wanted to focus on the victims of these violent crimes. >> i actually feel like in the way. i do try to. get through this by, you know, paying tributes to these victims in a way where, you know, i feel so powerless that we could have helped them in their time of need. you know, some something about like when i'm drawing these portraits. i feel like, you know, i'm honoring them in the way and i'm hoping share their stories like, you know, some of victims like they'll never die as long as we we remember what happened to the murder story. >> chang lives in los angeles. his main job creating illustrations for entertaining clients, but his passion project over the past year, although emotionally draining has given him new meaning, you know, my intention for drawing. these is just to raise awareness. >> on the stories are happening and i just want people to know that. >> you know, asian hate
3:43 pm
israel, like, you know, this is something that's going to happen. our community right now. >> that was gene kang reporting for us. coming up next at 3, thousands of u.s. troops are on alert and ready to deploy over fears russia could invade ukraine message. the white house is hoping to sen
3:44 pm
3:45 pm
>> 3.45? and now we've got the latest developments on the russia-ukraine border.
3:46 pm
thousands of u.s. troops are now on high alert for potential deployment amid heightened fears of a russian invasion into ukraine. washington correspondent jessi tenure joins us live now with the very latest on the pentagon's announcement. jesse? >> good while this does signal a shift for the biden administration, which up until now was taking a more restrained approach to ukraine. i have mid fears really of provoking russia. >> it's very clear that the russians have no intention right now de escalating. that's why the pentagon is preparing to send as many as 8500 u.s. troops to join the nato response force. no decisionssto deploy the inmate. so this is about getting units advanced heightened alert. that doesn't mean they're necessarily going anywhere. the decision is ultimately up to nato to activate the 40,000 total troops from allied countries. the pentagon spokesperson john kirby says this tells russian president vladimir putin that he cannot weekend the nato alliance. this is about
3:47 pm
sending a strong that we're committed to nato and we're committed to assuring that our allies have the capabilities they need in case they need to defend themselves. president biden met with his european counterparts this afternoon on the escalating situation at the russia-ukraine border. we've always said we would reinforce our allies on the eastern flank. white house press secretary jen psaki says the commander in chief has still not ruled out any response, including diplomacy, sanctions and military action. the president has been direct that military action by russia could come at any one at any time. >> and from the state department side officials have ordered that all families of american personnel at the u.s. embassy in ukraine leave the country. ukrainian officials have called that move premature. but some u.s. allies have been following live in washington. i'm jessi tenure. all right, jesse, thank you for that. >> time to bring it back home. talk about our forecast. look
3:48 pm
at this. this is a live look outside san francisco and what would be the golden gate bridge if not for karl karl is back. he made his parents a little a few days ago and definitely back with a vengeance again this afternoon. kron 4 meteorologist dave spahr back with the details. david, we're going to see carl a lot more this week. >> looks like we into the bay area. we're seeing this along the east bay shoreline, some of the haze off towards the distance as well. now the temperature check, not bad inland. we're looking at 64 livermore lower to middle 60's up to the north bay. 58 for oakland, 64 san jose in lynn remains clear. however, it looks like for tonight going about. 44, so 10 o'clock, however, those and then temperatures will be quite chilly by tomorrow morning. now the fog across the bay will filter on through. we'll see a lot of that and central valley a little bit as well. good news is it will mix up very nicely in the late morning hours again, temperature check because of some of that. well, plenty control from the ocean. you see temperatures only in the 40's contrasted with 30's
3:49 pm
inland to the east bay. also up to the north bay 8, in course, by the fact that still fairly dry one on even though we've had a little recovery from humidity from what we had over the weekend. so tonight, the clear start. but the fog redevelops for the bay now lows around 40 for this week, mostly sunny and nice. lower to middle 60's with some clouds developing on friday from the system we're watching. and then for the weekend variable clouds, mild and the shower question mark. actually the more interesting into the following week. so let's get through the end of this we get to around thursday friday. okay. there it is. and let's hope for something better. whatever. now we get to early the following week and this is actually some model agreement here in terms of setting some snows off to talk little bit, not on a major storm or anything, but those folks haven't seen some snow for a while. so that holds together, we get some mountain snow is going on and that will start on monday. and it looks like maybe another hit as we get to around wednesday if this continues to improve in that general direction. well. >> thanks, dave. while i didn't even know the metaverse
3:50 pm
was accessible yet, but it turns out it is couple from india is planning a huge wedding to be held inside of it. >> this is their invitation here because the pandemic has put limits on the size of gatherings. the couple has decided to hold their magical day and the metaverse. they'ee going to have a traditional ceremony in the morning with limited guests, but they expect to have about 2000 people for their digital reception in the evening. and since their big harry potter fans, as you could probably guess, they even spent $1400 to create a castle like digital space inspired by hogwarts, a metaverse marriage. hey, if you can do it, do it. i like it. well, stick with us. facebook is out with new games for young users. how the social media company is helping kids. company is helping kids. >> learn how to behave online. when that car hit my motorcycle, company is helping kids. >> learn how to behave online. insurance wasn't fair.
3:51 pm
so i called the barnes firm, it was the best call i could've made. call the barnes firm now, and find out what your case could be worth. ♪ call one eight hundred, eight million ♪
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but it's so absorbent, you can use less. so it's always worth it. now, what did we learn about using less? you've got to, roll it back everybody! we all go, why not enjoy the go with charmin. season is officially here. you can start filing individual tax returns today. and if you can start, you really should and that way like i do, the treasury department is already warning taxpayers to expect delays due to a worker shortage and paperwork backlog. the irs is urging taxpayers to file as soon as possible and to do so electronically. that's going to be the fastest way to do this tax filing season will
3:54 pm
and on april 18th, it will literally come faster than usual this rather than the usual deadline of april 15th. that's when emancipation day will be observed in washington, dc. so we do get a few extra days. but again, do not wait too long, especially if you want return to come back in a timely manner. some tech news now for parents. facebook's parent company met up just launched 2 new online games designed to help kids learn how to read people's emotions online. sloane glass has more on the new game and how it's helping parents teach online safety to their kids. >> formerly known as facebook metta is working to safely launch kids into the digital world. the company launching pledge planets and activity for kids to learn internet safety through messenger. kids, their pledge be kind, be respectful, be safe and half and author of the book had to have a kid and a life. a
3:55 pm
survival guide. ericka souter knows how important it is to teach kids how to be safe online. what i find is that so many parents don't try to teach their kids these important lessons until there's a problem or until there's something alarming. but what we need to do is kind of get there from beginning and start heating up in the beginning. what is acceptable, what they should say, what they should say, what other people should say and send them on the internet as well. i mean, these are really important critical life skills at this stage managed just rolled out the first episode be kind through 2 games in one game. rough reviews. players must help match the correct online response to customers reviews. souter has already tried out refer views with her youngest did. >> he's looking at it and trying to learn what is acceptable and what's not acceptable. what is nice and what is not nice. and he's at that age where those lessons are really important. >> in another game, order up,
3:56 pm
players build an emoji sandwich selecting the emoji's. that best respond to a customer's mood. one really amazing thing about this app and how it's created is that they used to visors and internet safety expert ken parenting experts to put this together to make sure that children were getting the best possible learning tool. >> that was sloane glass reporting for will be rolling out other pledge planet games sticking to the theme be kind, be respectful, be safe and have fun. speaking of fun, how does free doughnut sound from krispy kreme? you can get not just one but a dozen of them by donating the gift of life. january is national blood donor month. krispy kreme is found a tasty way to help relieve what the american red cross is calling. it's, quote, worst blood shortage in over a decade from today through next monday. donate blood. take your proof of donation to a participating krispy kreme location and you can get a dozen glazed donuts for free. be nice to eat a doughnut
3:57 pm
outside right now it is still pretty nice. how their day. >> and you to replace that sugar in your body to after losing the blood there. yeah. thank goodness for helium thank goodness for helium fusion cards. yes. 45 sa francisco. 44 for oakland, 41 san jose. tonight we call that chilly after looking at lofty highs in the lower 60's school, quite chilly inland. looks like tonight. also up in the north bay, east bay as well. here's the deal for the 7 day lower 60's as we head on to the end of the week. watch out some scattered clouds, maybe a sprinkle. noel, back to you. all right. that's it for kron. 4 news at 3. thanks for joining us here. we'll see you back here at 5
3:58 pm
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>> today on an all new "dr. phil"... she has millions in in a trust. >> i need major repairs for the house. >> we have kids living in unsafe conditions. >> but no control over her money. >> i'm told i have brain damage and am unable to handle my finances. >> she can't manage a checkbook but you can manage four children. it's her money she has the right to do what she wants to do with it. >> let's do it. >> have a good show, everybody. here we go. >> this is a safe place to talk about hard things. >> stand by, we'll count you down. >> today is going to be a changing day in your life. >> five, four... >> get ready to take care of you. [cheers and applause] ♪ ♪


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