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tv   KRON 4 News at 12 Noon  KRON  January 24, 2022 12:00pm-1:01pm PST

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yeah. only pay for what you need. ♪ liberty, liberty, liberty, liberty. ♪ >>streaming now from 4, the bay area's local news station. >>thanks for joining us here on kron on at i'm noelle bellow. let's get you straight to our top story this afternoon. family and friends today gathering to remember alameda county sheriff's recruit david, when when was shot and killed while driving home from work on i-580, earlier this month. kron on's charles clifford was at his funeral today. he's joining us now live. charles, i know it was a really emotional morning for his friends and family.
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>>you know, the service is wrapped up maybe a half hour ago. a really good turnout today with family and friends and deputies and officers from multiple law enforcement agencies. let's going take a look at some video from inside during the service. again, really good turnout today. a lot of speakers, lot of people reflecting on david's life. he was aspiring to be in law enforcement. he was on track to be sworn in as an alameda county sheriff's deputy next he had a long career of public service. he was in the national guard. he had been deployed to respond to wildfires across california in recent years. he also was deployed to deal with a civil unrest. it sacramento and other places. and he had been studying law enforcement and was on track to become a sheriff's deputy here in alameda county. now speaking at the service today, the sheriff of alameda county said that he was the kind of recruit that any law enforcement agency would want. it was an excellent recruit. >>it was everything you could want the future law enforcement officer. he was strong. intelligent. now, the
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tremendous love for his country, community and family. >>all right. now following today's service, davis remains are currently on their way to where he will be buried in a private ceremony. now, the investigation into his death continues. he was shot and killed along 5.80, near the bay bridge toll plaza. back on january. 4th, the california highway patrol is currently handling the investigation. that case they have not identified any suspects or a motive for the attack. anyone with information is asked to contact the california highway patrol. but for now in the east bay, charles clifford kron, 4 news. hopefully we can get some answers soon on that. charles, thank you. >>for that live report. >>new at noon, a california lawmaker is proposing a bill that would require covid-19 vaccinations for all kids from kindergarten through 12th grade. senator richard pan, a pediatrician. he announced this new bill during a news conference earlier today. the
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bill would add the covid vaccine to the list of shot. students are already required to have to start. school would also get rid of the personal belief exemption used by some parents who do not want to give their kids the covid vaccine. doctor ban says this is all in an effort to protect kids for years to come. >>to say that the children are affected by virus. you know, that's not and i and this virus, got a of it children as others that. >>if passed, this wouldn't take effect until january of 2023. kron on's ashley zavala is following the story. she's going to have more on this throughout the day here on kron. 4 news. doctor anthony fauci says he's cautiously optimistic about the future of the coronavirus pandemic, but he still hesitant to say the country has moved into the endemic phase. michael shure
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has the latest details. >>things are looking good. we don't want to get over confident, but they look like they're going in the right direction right now. doctor anthony fauci saying sunday that he is encouraged by data trending in the right direction. but many hospitals are full and deaths continue to add up with more than 2100 announced on most days. the doctors saying this week that it is too soon to say that covid has moved from pandemic to endemic. when we look historically at pandemics and other human population, they last about 2 years, the viral pandemics were about that point. now, university of nevada, las vegas medical school, dean doctor mark ali saying that there is light at the end of the tunnel, even as fauci is still necessarily cautious to have presence. but it is prepped at a level that is not to stop it. >>society and society is still disrupted from the supply chain where 17 million chinese manufactured covid tests at an delivered for days in a
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warehouse. many of the health test designated for the california department of public health, meaning schools, nursing homes, homeless shelters and child care centers. >>to the schools where a change dot org petition to change the vaccine rules in california. schools has gotten thousands of signatures. doctor jeanne noble is a co sponsor of the petition threat of covid. he's really >>really reduced with this new variant and with the advent of vaccines for kids, this reduction may be the first sign of endemic which the cdc defines as the constant presence and or usual prevalence of the disease or infectious agent and a population within a geographic area. but doctors saying even as cases drop, we aren't there yet. it's dissipating and the help that that is the trend and followed by a significant drop in the number of new cases. >>traveling to the u k is about to get easier. british
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prime minister boris johnson says the government set to remove coronavirus testing requirements. >>for vaccinated, people arriving in england currently all travelers have to take a test within 2 days of arriving in the u k regardless of your vaccine status. the u k, though, as says this new rule means travelers who are double vaccinated will be able to skip that arrivals test. the travel industry is praising the move, calling it a big a step back to normality. the change is set to take effect on february. 11th. we're just 2 weeks away from the opening of the beijing winter olympics. officials announced today of the more than 2000 people have arrived so far for the event. more than 70 have tested positive for covid-19. officials say all confirmed positive tests are from other stakeholders, not athletes or their team officials. all olympic related personnel who enter china are completely separated from the outside society. residents of the chinese capital say they're
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disappointed at not being able to attend events due to coronavirus restrictions. but many say they do understand why. back here at home, the colorado fire is continuing to burn in monterey county today. it's so far scorched 700 acres standing up. 35 1% containment right now. sarah stinson reports on some of the challenges our firefighters are facing as they work to try and contain this blaze. >>the colorado fire burning in big sur forced hundreds to evacuate its really show not only cal-fire officials, but people across california. that fire season is no longer a season. but a year round issue that we can have fire any throughout the year, whereas with maybe 10, 15 years ago, fires like this in january would have been very unusual. but here we are. things are so dry. a multiple year drought. it just means that everybody needs to be careful and watch their fire behavior.
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>>all year long, not just when it's summer. >>the colorado fire burning south of carmel by the sea has burned over 700 acres in his at least 35% contained. one building has been damaged and told it's some kind of the heartbreaking to see. >>you know, people that are having to leave their houses in the middle of the night, a man's and, you know, leaving everything behind because they have notice the wind was a huge issue for firefighters working to put out the flames in the steep, rugged terrain. >>but the wind has since calmed down helping firefighters on saturday and sunday game or containment use this fire as an example to be prepared for any fire to spark, especially if you know, you live in a fire prone area, have that go bag and make sure you're not doing anything to start in contribute. >>to a wildfire. stay tuned to kron 4 dot com for updates on this fire. for now, i'm sarah stinson reporting back to you.
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>>meanwhile, state lawmakers are pushing a bipartisan bill to increase staffing for cal fire. they're trying to meet the national standard of 3 firefighters per. and jen, the fight for firefighters. budget proposal would hire an additional 1100 full-time and seasonal workers. the bipartisan coalition will also conduct a cal fire stopping study. that's going to be submitted to lawmakers and the governor. 12, 0, 9 here. time to get a check of your forecast meteorologist dave spahr standing by on this beautifully monday afternoon. hey, dave, it noel the day, everybody. and still a bit of haze left over on the east bay shoreline of but all in all should be mostly sunny skies. we have going on to the north of us a little bit of a weak front will drop south and bring a few little clouds kind of look out for with that temperature check where in the 50's over the region. >>57 san francisco, santa rosa. 56. 57 antioch and 62. meanwhile, for san jose,
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comparison's sake were trailing by a couple degrees for now. but we're pretty close to where we were from this time yesterday. keep the sunshine going all this afternoon. i think up in the north bay, you'll see some late. they cloudiness just a touch. 49 at 7 o'clock under clear skies and still somewhat dry air. although we are recovering on that front, you can see this on future cast for the dropping of some of those scattered clouds will put that in part of the forecast. and also tomorrow morning, it looks like the redevelopment of some clouds. and some fog to greet you very early. tomorrow course, all of that mixes out. well before the noon hour. this is what it looks like of the fog returning tonight spilling across the bay. you know, carl's back and spilling into also the delta little bit as well. but again, this will mix up pretty quickly this afternoon, noting some of those scattered clouds late in the day for oakland, san francisco, mostly sunny for san jose at 65 winter question. mark. and for your seven-day forecast, we keep the trend going. got scattered clouds into friday. saturday posted note there are still watching some models that
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indicate the little chance of some rain developing here. 30's dropping here. that's a reminder. still winter. still that dry air in the clear skies do it for us in 40's the coast. well. thanks, dave. >>it is time to talk sports and trust me. there is lot to talk about. some people are calling the last couple of days the best weekend of nfl playoff games ever. kron on's. kate rooney joining us now with a recap of the action and how the forty-niners punched their ticket to the nfc championship. kate, are you calling this one of the best weekend ever for nfl playoffs? it was for me, maybe recency bias, but i enjoyed every single second of it for the second time in 3 years, the forty-niners are in the nfc title game and the matchup that sent them. there was one of 4 incredible games that football fans were treated to this weekend. but let's talk niners first. alright underdogs heading into green bay. single digit temperatures. snow flurries throughout the game and very little offense. lots of dropped forty-niners couldn't get the ground game going.
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>>but despite the weather, the defense, as you can see here was hot all day cup. the forty-niners within a score and then special teams stepped up a blocked field goal and this blocked punt by jordan willis with the scoop and score by the rookie. tell an oahu fonda that tied the game up and then it came down to a game winning field goal, try robbing gold was already the owner of the most career postseason field goals without a miss. adding to his record in the game as the forty-niners and of shocking the packers at lambeau field. they won 13, 10 as time expired and now they're headed for warmer climes, a trip to l a to take on the rams. but this right here was probably the game of the weekend. a dog fight in the afc divisional round pitting 2 of the best young quarterbacks in the league bills. josh allen and chiefs patrick mahomes against each other. things got really wild in the final 2 minutes, the teams traded scores with under 2 to play forcing an overtime period. and then that
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session first team to score a touchdown winds. so kansas city would end up winning the toss and then quickly find the endzone now mahomes and the chiefs will host the bengals next sunday. we, of course, are going to have tons of forty-niners coverage leading up to that nfc championship game. special editions of red and gold zone every week night at 10. 45 plus live coverage from los angeles. so make sure you keep it on kron-on and from 4 for all your niner needs. noel. i'm just really excited for the fact that we've got a california matchup here for the nfc championship, i think going to be so fun for nfc west rivalry. good to have it. not too far away from home. and i just think. >>a lot of 40 niner fans are going to head down to la and try to get some tickets for that game. so we could be seeing another sea of red in la the hour. we'll talk after the break. kate, thank you for that live report coming up here on kron on the oakland police department has deployed a new strategy to try and fight violent crime. we've got details on that. plus, a
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possible new vaccine mandate coming to the south bay. you're watching kron on. we'll have more news after the break.
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covered california. this way to health insurance. vaccinations actually, heard lineup. >>sticking in the south bay, the santa clara valley, transportation authority could potentially implement a covid vaccine mandate starting this week. it's a policy that may have a dramatic impact on its workforce. workers would have 60 days to comply with the policy once it goes into effect and those without an exemption may face termination comes after many vta operators reported positive for covid-19 causing the agency to have a shortage of light rail operators and bus drivers. the mandate may be delayed as the agency discuss details with its unions. meanwhile, the fda is also expanding the use of the antiviral drug remdesivir for treatment of mild to moderate covid-19 symptoms on
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friday. the agency expanded the use of the medicine to include everyone who tests positive for the virus. but it's not hospitalized, has mild to moderate symptoms and is at high risk of severe illness. the medicine received emergency use authorization in the 1st half of 2020 back then it was only used for people hospitalized with severe covid-19 later in 2020, it was approved to be used for anyone 12 and older who was hospitalized. the fda could soon limit monoclonal antibody treatments for covid-19 cases. according to reports, the treatments haven't been effective against the omicron variant because of that. the national institute of health recently called on clinics to advise patients against these treatments. the cdc says nearly 100% of new cases nationwide. our from omicron, however, some governors are still in support of those treatments. now to our coronavirus coverage, santa clara county has made free
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at-home covid tests available to residents there. the county purchased about 60,000 test kits and there will be handed out to those who signed up for them through the course of the week. kron on's fully chagall has details. on friday. within hours of making 15,000 appointments available for santa clara county residents to pick up for free. i hope to 19 antigen rapid test starting saturday. all appointments were booked up as this early. >>in it is. the county chose to purchase and hand out total of 60,000 test kits separate from the free tests being offered by the federal government. this as people struggle to find the kits in stores and online, i even try leafy is like they're also not anywhere. so. >>pretty getting this for free, really helpful. marshall couple park in san jose was one of were going use the opened up throughout the county, including foothill college in the los altos hills.
12:21 pm
>>the county will continue to pass the tests out through next saturday, a mental health therapist. so like i have to get these in some seeing people every day. the county says the accuracy of the test should be trusted, adding that if an antigen test result is positive, people shouldn't here to isolation guidance. but there is no need to report it to any agency. just took an awful mom, a school, a high school placement test. and you need to be test before attending placement test. because we need to get testing all the time. although the county says this first round of tests have been accounted for and will be claimed. >>they're hoping to order more in the coming weeks in san jose phillipe djegal all kron. 4 news. >>you're watching kron on. we'll have more news after the break.
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>>fears of a russian invasion escalate as russian troops stationed themselves on the border of ukraine. the move has prompted the u.s. to order families of all american personnel at the embassy in ukraine to leave the country. and if they entered the country, the u.s. is promising to act swiftly. basil, john has the latest from washington, dc the u.s. does not plan to act immediately, but he's waiting to see what course of action the russian president plans to take. >>u.s. officials warn american diplomats, families to leave ukraine as they provide 2
12:25 pm
paths for russian president vladimir putin. there's a path of diplomacy and dialogue, but there's also a path of its renewed aggression and massive consequences that we have been building now for many weeks. secretary of state antony blinken told cnn's state of the union the u.s. is prepared to long sanctions against russia if necessary, if they're triggered. now you lose the deterrent effect. but on cbs news face the nation, texas republican congressman michael mccall is confident putin will not change his actions. it's getting very aggressive. the noose is tightening around ukraine. president's once. he's you mention said he wants the sanctions now in his more than 120,000 russian troops are psitioned on the border of ukraine, iowa republican senator joni ernst told abc's this week the u.s. needs to stand with its european allies. now we need to make sure that democracy is prevailing around the globe. >>and that socialism, communism, the old soviet union is not regaining
12:26 pm
territory. the british government released details that russia was looking to overthrow the government in ukraine. >>to install pro-kremlin leaders, russia is rejecting this claim reporting in washington. i'm basil, john. >>meanwhile, congress is taking steps to stop the market dominance of american big tech companies. a bipartisan bill is on its way to the senate floor. it aims to prevent big tech companies from favoring their own services over rivals. the legislation was approved by the senate judiciary committee on thursday. the bill could also bring restrictions for google search engine which hosts about 90% of the world web searches. critics of the bill are pushing back saying it would harm consumers and businesses who use the tech company services. also in the headlines today, a california judge has cleared the way for repeat offenders to be released from prison early. it's an effort to reduce the prison population and it applies to inmates in prison under the state's 3 strikes law. sacramento judge gave
12:27 pm
corrections officials the green light to consider early release for prisoners with good conduct credits. those credits can reduce sentences by more than half all prisoners being considered for early release are serving time at minimum security presence for non violent offenses. you're watching kron on. we'll have more news after the break.
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>>back to the kron on news at noon. our top story now at 12 30, the oakland police department strategy to fight violent crime this weekend, oakland police moved a total of 48 officers over to east oakland. the move was in response to an increase in crime in the area and community members who have said they didn't feel safe in their own homes. the officers patrolled the area from 82nd avenue to the borders of san leandro and the oakland international airport. oakland police also released crime statistics for last week. a total of 3 people were killed in oakland and police investigated a 49 robberies. kron on's haaziq madyun is going to be speaking with police about their increased patrols. he's going to have the latest on their efforts coming up on kron, 4 news at 3. one of those 3 homicide that took place over the weekend was on east 12th street and fruitvale avenue happened around 4 o'clock
12:31 pm
yesterday afternoon. this is video from the citizen app. police say they found a victim in the area of 30rd avenue and international boulevard. that victim was taken to a hospital. police have not said how the shooting unfolded. meanwhile, take a look at this. a sideshow happening in oakland last night. video from the citizen app showing a white vehicle doing dangerous donuts in front of a pretty significant crowd out there. this happened at the eastman neighborhood of oakland on macarthur boulevard. kron 4 has reached out to police about this sideshow, trying a little bit more detail. but we have yet to hear back. down in the south bay, santa clara county sheriff's deputies have arrested a man for vandalizing multiple buildings earlier this month. officials believe 37 year-old ishmael de la mora vandalized to santa clara county courthouses with spray painted graffiti back on january. 3rd. detectives later confirming de la mora was also
12:32 pm
the suspect who had previously vandalized the santa clara county probation department. the san jose police department and the s ap center de la mora has been arrested and booked into the santa clara county main jail on multiple charges of felony vandalism and violation of probation. san jose may become the first city in the country to require gun ensurance mayor sam liccardo and other leaders gathered in support of the ordinance today. every household with a gun owner should be required to have liability insurance coverage and pay an annual fee. supporters are hoping insurance companies will provide incentives to gun owners who take safety classes and use gun safes and trigger locks. the san jose city council is set to vote on this law tomorrow. to the peninsula. now where palo alto police have arrested 2 men suspected of a string of auto burglaries. 22 year-old has already mays. and 21 year-old trey, sean villegas from
12:33 pm
stockton were booked on burglary charges. they believe 8 cars are actually broken into with backpacks and laptop bag stolen from them. police say a victim gave them location tracking data for her missing electronics. they were actually able to catch the suspects in a parking lot in el camino. real last thursday, detectives are following up to find out if the suspects are connected to any other burglaries in the area. last week's tsunami caused an estimated 6 million dollars in damage to santa cruz harbor. the tsunami was generated by a volcanic eruption and tonga experts say safety upgrades following a 2011 tsunami, though, kept the damage from being more severe. but you can see it was pretty aggressive there. those waves when that wave hit some 20 million dollars in repairs were needed down in santa cruz. officials are still assessing the damage statewide from that tsunami advisory. time to switch gears
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here now to talk a little bit about our forecast. we're just looking at those big waves today. we've got some strong waves, a suspected off the coast as well. but taking a live look at the golden gate bridge right now. not too much when the american flag there just kind of barely blowin in the wind. but we've got some beautiful, beautiful blue skies kron on meteorologist dave spahr. joining us now with more on our forecast a good afternoon. well, good afternoon, everybody. and we'll get a little bit of a breeze going on this afternoon. but that's partially driven from inland heating and also little front in our backyard. but it's going to be on shore direction. that's a good direction. we're also getting those moisture levels building as well that we need. >>still the haze you can see along the east bay shoreline. for now going back to stormtracker 4. there's you can kind of see an outline of what is dropping south. it's going throw some cloud cover our way. just a bit that more in the north bay. it looks like into the late afternoon hours. we're already the mid to upper 50's. now hope. 57, 59, livermore at 57 62 for san
12:35 pm
jose and looks like we'll be looking at lower 60's throughout much of the afternoon. 50 expected by 7 o'clock under clear skies, though. let's take a look at what's happening. long range. pretty quiet for the week. there's still some hope by the end of the week we might be able to scrounge up a shower or 2 boy, that's looking less and less optimistic than did just from the last ball run here. okay. tuesday following monday into tuesday. possibility there but not looking grand and some of the other other models don't agree with even that. so it's not looking in our favor to scrounge up some raindrops there. but we're just going to hold on that to see if anything does happen the next couple of days, 60 in the 4 zone forecast, san francisco upper 50's along the coast will do again. more of those lower 60's. we discussed along the bay side peninsula. 61 foster city, 64 milpitas. 65 san jose cupertino at 64 lower 60's along the east bay shoreline matching that tri valley. so with a nice little warm up, we have your everybody seems to be sharing that weather near the water or inland. 63 going on for walnut
12:36 pm
creek. 64 fairfield, 62 for napa and santa rosa at 63. go to stay that way for the next couple of for some cloud cover here on friday. in the uncertainty, let's hope they get some rain up there. overnight lows dipping into the upper 30's. it looks like still with us showing some dry air lingering a touch, but it is still winter and 40's cover us at the coast know. thanks, dave. >>for your money now, the dow jones industrial average has dropped more than 1000 points today alone. today's decline comes as investors are worried about how the federal reserve might act to cool rising inflation. federal reserve policy makers are set to release their latest statement on wednesday. well, excitement is building for the matchup in the nfc championship game against the rams and the forty-niners. but as will tran reports, if you want to travel to la to watch the game, ticket prices in los angeles are quite high. >>unlike the rest of us who
12:37 pm
would love to go on vacation. the san francisco forty-niners, they want to put off vacation for now. they want to continue working and we know that their office will be in los angeles this sunday to face the rams for the 3rd time this season and they're inviting you that there was a rumor floating around yesterday even before the rams started to play their game against the bucks that and they made the nfc championship game that they would not be selling tickets to anyone outside of the los angeles area. but we found out we're not even sure of the rumor is true. but we found out if you go through a 3rd party sites like ticketmaster, they use pay pow and pay pal does not ask you for your zip code. you will be able to purchase tickets. we saw some of the price us this morning. they range anywhere between 500, 75 to $10,000. of course, the price range depends on where you want to sit and it could fluctuate as the week moves on
12:38 pm
the san francisco forty-niners. they want to sweep the rams this season and if the rams lose, they have no one to blame but themselves because they had a chance to keep the san francisco forty-niners out of the playoffs altogether. but they folded in week 17 after being i had 17 points deebo samuel to the right. zigzags makes his way into the end zone. and then a little bit later deebo does his best jimmy g impersonation throws a touchdown got you know the game back into hand went into overtime with the san francisco forty-niners ultimately won the game. get this according to the statistics out there since 1970, there have been many teams playing each other 3 times in a season. the team that won the first 2 games. they have won 67% of the 3rd game. so 2 out of 3 times, the team that won the first 2 games ends up winning the 3rd game. kickoff is late in the
12:39 pm
afternoon on sunday. we do expect a lot of 90's fans to show up. of course, the niners fans who live down in los angeles, many others will travel. it will be very loud and you don't have to remind the rams quarterback matthew stafford of that in week 17. it was so loud that he actually had to go to a silent count, which is something you do for road games, not home games. >>some tech news now for parents. facebook's parent company just launched 2 new online games designed to help kids learn how to read people's emotions online. sloane glass has more on the new game and how it's helping parents teach online safety to their kids. formerly known as facebook. metta is working to safely launch kids into the digital world. >>the company launching pledge planets and activity for kids to learn internet safety through messenger. kids, their
12:40 pm
pledge be kind, be respectful, be safe and half and author of the book had to have a kid and a life. a survival guide. ericka souter knows how important it is to teach kids how to be safe online. what i find is that so many parents don't try to teach their kids these important lessons until there's a problem or until there's something alarming. but what we need to do is kind of get there from beginning and start heating up in the beginning. what is acceptable, what they should say, what they should say, what other people should say and send them on the internet as well. i mean, these are really important critical life skills at this just rolled out the first episode be kind through 2 games in one game, refer views. players must help match the correct online response to customers reviews. souter has already tried out refer views with her youngest did. >>he's looking at it and trying to learn what is
12:41 pm
acceptable and what's not acceptable when it's nice and what is not nice. and he's at that age where those lessons are really important in another game. order up, players build an emoji sandwich selecting the emoji's. that best respond to a customer's mood. one really amazing thing about this app and how it's created is that they used to visors and internet safety expert ken parenting experts to put this together to make sure that children were getting the best possible learning tool. >>that was sloane glass reporting for eta is set to roll out other pledge planet games sticking to the theme be kind, be respectful, be safe and how fun. all right. speaking of metal, let's talk about the met, a verse a couple from india is actually planning a huge wedding that they want to be held in the metaverse. what a strange, right? because the pandemic has put limits on the size of
12:42 pm
gatherings. the couple is deciding to hold their special day online. they're going to have a traditional ceremony in the morning with their limited guests, but they expect to have 2000 people for their digital reception in the evening since their big harry potter fans. as you can tell by they even spent $1400 to create a castle like digital space inspired by hogwarts. i would have no idea where even begin creating something like that. but if you can do it, i say go for it. all right. coming up here on kron on opening arguments started today in the trial of the 3 officers accused of violating george floyd's civil rights during his deadly arrest. for during his deadly arrest. for now you're watchin everyone needs health insurance.
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>>today, a federal court hears opening statements in a trial against 3 former police officers accused of depriving george floyd of his civil rights without due process. kelsey current son has more on the proceedings. >>a federal trial against 3 former minneapolis police officers charged in the killing of george floyd. jay alexander king thomas lane and 2 tao are all charged with violating floyd's civil rights. when derek chauvin kneeled on his neck for more than 9 minutes killing him and may of 2020. kim was kneeling on floyd's back lane holding down floyd's legs. well, kept others from intervening. the
12:46 pm
defense's argument is too full. number one that they did not willfully. >>try to violate the rights of mister floyd. and secondly, that they had no part in what mr chauvin was doing. however, floyd's family attorneys wrote in a statement the 3 men directly contributed to floyd's death and fail to intervene to stop the senseless murder. the indictment also says the men failed to provide medical aid to floyd when he clearly needed it. the judge has stressed the jury must make the decision solely on the evidence in the case, not the guilty plea by shows an. the committee investigating the january 6th riot on capitol hill has been talking with former attorney general william barr bar was a staunch supporter of former president donald trump until he resigned over the tension of trump's election claims. >>democratic representative bennie thompson said in an interview over the weekend, he's concerned the former president use the military to spread the false claim. the
12:47 pm
election results were rigged. the committee also wants to find out if the doj was aware of a proposal to seize voting machines in the wake of trump's loss. you're watching kron on. we'll have more news after the break.
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12:49 pm
>>i'm joe winners and losers with the financial expert rob black. good morning, rob.
12:50 pm
mourning. diana, what do you start off how's the market looking awful. worst start since 2016. the numbers are shocking. the nasdaq's down 15.8% for the year. >>that's a correction. plus it's creeping towards bear market. s p 500 is down over 11%. the dow jones industrial average down 8.3%. it is not often day. it is a very busy week. lots of earnings. the fed needs. tuesday and wednesday and expect maybe a rate hike or they can tell us the rate hikes coming in day in first 3 months of the year. so there's the we've had a great 10 years. we've had wonderful 3 years later, uber been lending a little bit tougher. >>yes, sorry. this all sounds terrible. and it sounds like you're set me up for. >>like darts been a wonderful 10 years. but i'm brett. i mean, like is you're leaving. you're acting like this is the end like it's all been great. but you know what? it all ends now, guys like it does go are going down. >>you're worrying like they
12:51 pm
give my for one k regular investment at lower cost average. i don't want to be a young last year. all time high. 70 plus times. that's too many. we need to kind of a little steam off. we this week for mental tesla, apple visa, mastercard, microsoft, another should go a long way explaining some of okay. inflation out there, daria. and there's there's somebody men out there right now. that's not a great time. why are you? you say i'm just like you got me a little work, as you say, inflation and you say correction. i know you put it nicely. >>and i get a little worried. you always tell me not to, you know, but i i do. i mean, and then the would be interest rates. and i just i'm worried. >>in the last 100 years we've seen war, one world war. 2, we've seen the anomalies in korea. we see not a sight see her we see high inflation. we've seen deflation seen oil 150. we've seen oil given away for free last year. we'll get through this, daria. and the best thing i can tell you is that a p 502 weeks ago was at
12:52 pm
an all-time high. we don't get that means anyone who's ever investing last 100 years. the s p 500 through all of that crop. i just i have done well night. they they they hit all-time highs. they created wealth. they've beaten real estate depreciation. over time i thought would leverage. but over time, i feel much by >>and release moment. i like to thank you so much. i know there's that was huge. that really i think it helps a lot of people put everything in perspective right now. let's get the eye you can explains for still you're below the faces of still like watch. but i am very excited for the forty-niners. i really am. >>money, money, money, money, money, money, my money. >>when we talk about the forty-niners are li na in new york state is increasing aggressively. okay. welcome to california. eventually, ok, i'm ready. ratings were fantastic again, right? kind of showing off the trump era ratings that i down south. so
12:53 pm
a packer fans on very, very sad day. >>i didn't know robbie. i'm srry. didn't realize. >>ever in the hospital by a green bay packer and i've on. so that's where they've now. digress. i'm sorry. thank you. i just try. i can't get my head off of what this means. you know, that we really might go to the super bowl. who knows? okay. what else you got for us. one more thing for the record. i saw tickets to super bowl running about $8,000 already. i got a little bit on restaurants right now. they're asking for federal bailout again plastered at 28.6 billion. for bars and restaurants. 5 million for a single restaurant. 10 million. if they have led 20 or less stores. >>88% of restaurants are warning that omicron has population or tenants or meals in the last 3 months. so we've heard that from delta american southwest that, you know, january february, people are canceling. they don't want to go out because omicron the restaurant industry is brutal
12:54 pm
out us that they've lost 650,000 jobs since pandemic started its 45% of all jobs in the industry. and they're facing just worsening conditions, higher cost of labor, higher cost of food and people who are kind of used cooking at home so that the trends are not the friends. the restaurant industry support local restaurant can buy covid has really, really changed the face of business, right? you know, across everything, ok? >>thank you. so new model for us. thank you, rob. appreciate always rolling with the punches and all of my crazy questions. and if you have a question, i i'm sure he prefer it be more, you a just little around black dot com or reach him on facebook or twitter. >>today's the first day of the 2022 tax filing season, the irs is warning things are going to be a bit more cmplicated this year due to the pandemic. first, the agency is dealing with an unprecedented backlog because a lot of their workers are on sick leave due to covid. in
12:55 pm
addition, there are new issues for taxpayers to sort through this year. for example, some people who are eligible to receive child tax credit, but it already received advance payments from covid-19 relief packages could be seeing a smaller return. they're also encouraging everyone to file as early as possible because it might take longer for you to get those taxes back. the tax deadline this year is april 18th for your money. california has one of the lowest quit rates in the nation. and what's the highest paying jobs here in the state? jane kings in new york with those stories and more. do you want to make a lot of money in california? >>timing a the beer labor statistics says it is the top paying job on average $225,000, texas. by the way, the only state that did not have a position of some sort at the top of their highest-paid occupation list. will california's resignation
12:56 pm
people voluntarily quitting their jobs is low among states will have said its 45th lowest in the nation. a 2.3% now compare that to the highest, which is alaska at 5.2% companies across the u.s. dealing with unusually high rates of people quitting their jobs lately. and it has slowed down a little bit the past couple of months. and apple has begun requiring requiring students and teachers in the u.s. verify that they are educators before they can take advantage of the company's discounted education pricing. so this and does close a longstanding loophole that a lot about anybody to save some money on apple devices, funds. they just said they were involved in education. however, apple took off that verification from their website. so it's unclear where the new policy stance at this point and add another notch on superman. no way home long list of box office achievements of the weekend. the movie became the 6th highest grossing film in history worldwide. with 1.7 billion at the box did surpass rest world and lion king over
12:57 pm
the weekend. thanks for watching. kron on at noon. i'm noelle bellow. we'll see you back here at 3 o'clock. have a good one. >>the news continues on kron on grab your phone and scanned the qr code on your screen to download the kron on app. also available on roku. amazon fire stick and apple tv.
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i'm greg, i'm 68 years old. i do motivational speaking in addition to the substitute teaching. i honestly feel that that's my calling-- to give back to younger people. i think most adults will start realizing that they don't recall things as quickly as they used to or they don't remember things as vividly as they once did. i've been taking prevagen for about three years now. people say to me periodically, "man, you've got a memory like an elephant." it's really, really helped me tremendously. prevagen. healthier brain. better life.
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>> judge tanya: he physically assaulted you? >> yes. at this point, i had found out that i was pregnant. >> judge tanya: by him? >> i told him to calm down. >> it's fabrication. >> no! >> judge tanya: a lot of very disturbing things. >> announcer: "hot bench." judge tanya acker. judge patricia dimango. judge michael corriero. three judges. three opinions. three judges. three opinions. one verdict. captions paid for by cbs television distribution >> sonia: your honor, this is case number 79, beaumont vs. mcadoo. >> judge tanya: thank you, officer montejano. so, ms. beaumont, you're suing the defendant for $513. you allege in your complaint that you loaned him some money to buy a rare pair of air jordans. you were dating.


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