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tv   KRON 4 News at 9am  KRON  January 24, 2022 9:00am-10:01am PST

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bridges. that's where it gets a little tricky up 8.80, northbound, 20th avenue in oakland. we had an incident that had shut down multiple lanes. it is back open, but you still have a delay that sending you all the way back to the intersection of 5.80, all the way down towards hayward and even further south from their 80's has been kind of a tough one all morning long. so be mindful of that. san mateo bridge has been a okay. 92. you're crossing across the bay is rolling out the limit. richmond center fell bridge is good to you are looking at an 8 minute drive and the golden gate bridge is beautiful as ever. 23 minutes from 37 down to the tolls. back over to you darya. all right. thank you, john. we'll check in with more weather, of course, throughout the morning. but first, a funeral service is happening today for the alameda county sheriffs are cute. >> who was killed while driving on a freeway. he was going home from work. 28 year-old david, when was driving home earlier this month. when someone fired a
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gun and the bullet went into his car and killed him. he was driving near the bay bridge toll plaza. he was just a month away from starting his career as a deputy. investigators are still looking for ever. did it. they're doing that. and of course, the community, his family, his friends, they are all morning. >> yeah, according to the academy people, i'm highly motivated just a good. kind of a kind of a leader in the academy. so is this is tough for them. >> a $10,000 reward is being offered for information that leads to the arrest and persecution of the killer. today. the service for david when is set to begin just an hour from now at 10 o'clock this morning at the cornerstone fellowship church in livermore. that's where it will be, but it will also be streamed live on our kron on app. so that's a way to attend. and to a 10 to, you know, saying goodbye to this
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life that was cut short, such a young age 9, 0, one right now. and oakland police are looking for the person who shot somebody yesterday afternoon. this is video from the citizen app of the area where it happened. east 12th street in fruitvale avenue. there is around 4 o'clock in the afternoon and police found the victim in the area. 33 avenue and international boulevard. they went to the hospital. and right now police are investigating just how the shooting unfolded. take a look at the side show that happened in oakland just last night. citizen app showing you just how close this >> white car doing. donuts came to the crowd. i mean, anything could happen there and we talk to police about this. the easement neighborhood near macarthur boulevard. we asked the police about the side show, you know, was anybody hurt, arrest cars that they impounded are looking for? we don't have any information on that. just my gosh, at least in the video, everybody's everybody's ok and what he was. >> hit there and that snapshot was taken at the moment.
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>> our top story that we're also following is a rare january wildfire burning along the central coast. people have been forced from their homes because of it. kron 4 sarah stinson is live covering up this morning. good morning, sarah. >> daria, that's right. hundreds of people evacuated from their homes in monterey county. and you can only imagine how thrown off they ere friday around 5 o'clock in the afternoon. they were not expecting that fires in january. not very common. we've seen happen in february january. it shows us now that fire season is no longer a season. it is truly year around. take a look at video from this fire that cal fire's calling it the colorado fire and they haven't provided us an update so far this morning. i thought it would come down by now, but we know at last check it was it has burned 700 acres. 35% contained. but of course, they worked overnight and they're working right now
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to get more contained. they just got done with a briefing. we know at least one building has been damaged. i'm told it was some kind of year, all areas west of through the 3800 pollo, colorado road highway one in south a bigsby creek evacuated friday. >> and the wind was a huge issue for firefighters working to put it out and steep and rugged terrain right off of highway one. it is intense. >> to have to fight a fire in that area. the wind calmed down, though, helping firefighters saturday and sunday to gain more containment. the tire, the timing of this fire. shocking only monterey residents but also cal fire crews. >> we can have fire any throughout the year, whereas maybe 10, 15 years ago fires like this in january would have been very unusual. but here we are. things are so dry. a multiple year drought. it just means that everybody needs to be careful and watch their fire behavior all year long. not just when it's summer.
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>> and that is matter of fact. we have to be prepared year round, especially. you know what, if you live in a fire-prone area, got to make sure you have that go bag and make sure that doing anything to contribute or start a fire. the cause of this colorado fire down in monterey county. it's still be. >> we just lost our contact there. but we've got a full update from sarah stinson. so we appreciate that 9, 0, 5, right now. and doctor fauci, what does he have to say about covid at this point? he's cautiously optimistic about the future that we face. he still hesitant to say that we as we've moved from a pandemic and that this will be endemic michael shure explains. things are looking good. we don't want to get over confident. >> but they look like they're going in the right direction right now. doctor anthony fauci saying sunday that he is encouraged by data trending in the right direction. but many hospitals are full and deaths
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continue to add up with more than 210. announced on most days. the doctors saying this week that it is too soon to say that covid has moved from pandemic to endemic. when we look historically at pandemics and other human population, they last about 2 years, the viral pandemics were about that point. now, university of nevada, las vegas medical school, doctor mark ali saying that there is light at the end of the tunnel, even as fauci is still necessarily cautious to have presence. but it is at a level that does not just stopped. >> society and society is still disrupted from the supply chain were 17 million chinese manufactured covid tests at an delivered for days in a warehouse and many of the health test designated for the california department of public health, meaning schools, nursing homes, homeless shelters and child care centers. >> to the schools where a change dot org petition to change the vaccine rules in california. schools has gotten thousands of signatures.
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doctor jeanne noble is a co sponsor of the petition threat of covid. he's really >> really reduced with this new variant and with the advent of vaccines for kids, this reduction may be the first sign of endemic which the cdc defines as the constant presence and or usual prevalence of the disease or infectious agent and a population within a geographic area. but doctors saying even as cases drop, we aren't there yet its and get the help that that is a trend and followed by a significant drop in the number of new cases. >> francisco is moving on with a 13 to 10 win here at lambeau and this crowd and that packers team is still on it. >> okay. and if you think that
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that was loud, the crowd wild. >> imagine what's going to happen this weekend on sunday with the forty-niners and the rams. and that's the next stop. >> kron four's will tran is following this big game with our divisional rivals. that's coming up on sunday and how they're china. >> keep us out and keep us quiet. well, what's going on? >> i love how you use the word us. oh, so we and you know, when they say when you by did jimmy g to, for example. so i i know that players must be like, oh, my god. okay. just playing with you as far as the fans because i say we to i'm just as guilty everybody else. as far as the game, it will be very loud because the niners they travel. well, i'm not talking 15. i'm talking the and take a look at your screen. these are some of the prices that you're looking morning. there was a time or
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some rumor that you have to be. but the los angeles area to buy tickets. but if you go a 3rd party like a pow there, too, can spend 5.75, or $10,000 because those 3rd party sites will not ask you for your zip code. i did talk to some knights fans this morning. they already have their tickets. get the you and i are always looking for good deals, right? but if you have to book your flight, you don't have the 14 day window sticker fights going to cost a little bit more. but you have the right to be at the game. and a lot of fans were at the game just weeks ago with the post and the role. >> read it. and then a little bit later, he plays joe montana. that's best joe montana. first nation by throwing for a touchdown. and that was very important because that allow the niners to come back from 17 points to beat the rams get them even into the playoffs. right now they are staring at the super bowl and they're staring at a team that, know all too well
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feet 6 straight times. there's a little fun fact. the eu, the niners, this is first 17. >> and that's championship games. that's like this started. which ties the pittsburgh steelers. so the niners they've been here before they own the rams. but las vegas right my that is the rams. >> at 5 and a half points. i'm sure go down a little bit as a and a half points as the we get closer to time of takeoff beat him 6, 3 times so why not seven-time? yeah, 7 so charm is a is a saying, hey, so well, let's hash out the numbers that mean you because we know prices. so. >> so let's say we get the cheapest ticket for 500 bucks and then we stay in a hotel just one night. so like 300 says 800. >> and then what do you think a flight put that >> i said the place you buy it now around tripoli 3.50, threatens north think broke so no less than a grand day 50's. so you've 1500 bucks per
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person. if you want to do it, you are going you know, you're forgetting that pesky processing fee for the so you might look at another $150 just so you can get. >> by hate process >> what they're on top of that. and you know what i i wouldn't do it because bills call for me. and plus, if that was the only game in town, the only thing i can watch is that it may be. but when you connect your. trustee couch. i can just watch it. i wouldn't do it. i know you wind already. no, no, i wouldn't. but i have some of those nachos. i like little super bowl. your little football tray. >> that's very nice at that. has the aura. >> you know, as i for aaron rodgers, it's not show year. >> haha. joke. i bet i like it. like you got me on that. they do is nacho a bad. thank you will. that's funny. nacho year were so mean. all right. 9.11 right now and coming up.
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>> the tensions between the u.s. and russia are growing. we'll tell you why the u.s. says it will act quickly if russia invades ukraine. and santa clara county is acting to give you covid testing. 3 of you know, it's been hard to find those at-home tests tell find those at-home tests tell you how they're giving away. when that car hit my motorcycle, find those at-home tests tell you how they're giving away. insurance wasn't fair. so i called the barnes firm, it was the best call i could've made. call the barnes firm now, and find out what your case could be worth. ♪ call one eight hundred, eight million ♪
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>> welcome back. it is 9.14,
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on this monday morning getting the week started with some sunshine, beautiful over the east bay right now and get a hold on to that. sunshine and dry skies throughout the day today, not just throughout the day, but for the rest of the month. we're on to the final week of january. now, final weekend, just around the corner. all that looks nice and dry with minimal cloud cover today. thanks to the high lressure ridge for that keeping january exceptionally dry after what was an exceptionally wet december, the western 3rd of the country has been mild and dry along with this. the eastern 2 thirds, some bitter cold. now we'd love to tap into some new snowfall this month. but our latest snow surveys still showing some really good progress for us. we didn't see really any new snowfall, but we're still sitting 100% or above above average, which is great news. we've lost a little steam since last month, hoping february kicks things back into gear. winds will be generally calm today. just touch of a breeze near the coastline. picking up tomorrow for the north bay. today's daytime highs will mostly be in the 50's at the coastline.
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i'd advise avoiding the coast today. we've got some really high swell out there. some dangerous sneaker waves. if you do want to get outside, do a little walk along the bay shore or some hikes further inland temperatures in these areas will be really nice into right at 60 degrees while vallejo pittsburgh, antioch, at 63 for your highs. santa rosa down through mill valley, all in the low 60's. here's a look ahead in our next 7 days. not a lot of change. temperature wise skies. stay nice and clear. we'll have mild days, cold evenings and no chance of rainfall until the start of february february. first being next tuesday. now as far roadways go, bridges have been fine. but leading up to the bridge is where we've had our problems bay bridge. it's only going to take you 11 minutes to get across it. but residual delays on 8.80, northbound after an incident in oakland at the 29th avenue exit earlier this morning. that's
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still sending traffic at a standstill all the way back down into hayward san mateo bridge, a 13 minute drive across that. you've been at the limit all morning long. richmond center fell sitting under the sunshine and below 10 minutes to get you across golden gate bridge. absolutely beautiful this morning, daria. thanks. a lot. time to winners and losers with the financial expert rob black. good morning, rob. >> what is starting off how's the market looking? >> awful. worst start since 2016. the numbers are shocking. the nasdaq down 15.8% for the year. that's a correction. plus, it's creeping towards bear market. s p 500 is down over 11%. the dow jones industrial average down 8.3%. it is awful day. it is a very busy week. lots of earnings. the fed meets. tuesday and wednesday and expect maybe a rate hike or they can tell us the rate hikes coming in day in first 3 months of the year. rob so there's the we've had a great
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10 years. we've had wonderful 3 years later, uber been a lending a little bit tougher. >> that's alright. this all sounds terrible. and it sounds like you're set me up for. >> like darts been a wonderful 10 years. but i'm brett. i mean. >> like is the at your league? you're acting like this is the end like it's all been great. but you know what? it all ends now, guys like it does go are going down. >> you're worrying like they give my for one k regular investment at lower cost average. i don't want to be a young last year. we're set all-time high. 70 plus times. that's too many. we need to kind of a little steam off. we this week for mental tesla, apple visa, mastercard, microsoft, another should go a long way explaining some of okay. great inflation's out there, daria. and there's there's somebody men out there right now. that's not a great time you you say i'm just like you got me a little work, as you say, inflation and you say correction. i know you put it nicely
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>> and i get a little worried. you always tell me not to, you know, but i i do. i mean, and then the woody interest rates and i just i'm worried. >> in the last 100 years we've seen war, one world war 2, we've seen vietnamese in korea. we see not see her you see high inflation. we've seen deflation seen oil 150. we've seen oil given away for free last year. we'll get through this, daria. and the best thing i can tell you is that a p 502 wgeks ago was at an all-time high. we don't get that means anyone who's ever investing last 100 years. the s p 500 through all of that crop and just less half i have done well night. they say they've hit all-time highs. they created wealth. the beach in real estate appreciation over time i thought would leverage. but over time, casey i feel much but >> and release moment. i like to thank you so much. i know there's that was huge. that really i think it helps a lot of people put everything in perspective right now. let's get the eye. you can explain sports ou below the faces of some like a watch. but i am.
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>> very excited for the forty-niners. i really am. money. money, money. >> money, money, money, >> when we talk about the forty-niners are in new york state is increasing aggressively. okay. welcome to california. eventually. great ratings were fantastic again, right? kind of showing off the trump era rains that fell down. so so a packer fans, a very, very sad you. >> i didn't know robbie. i'm sorry. didn't realize. >> ever in the hospital by green bay packer vietnam. so that's worthy of note. all right. i digress. i'm sorry. thank you. i just try. i can't get my head off of what this means. you know, >> that we really might go to the super bowl. who knows? okay. what else you got for us. one more thing. the record i saw tickets to super bowl running about $8,000 already. i got a little bit on restaurants right now. they're asking for federal bailout again last year. the at 28.6 billion. >> for bars and restaurants. 5 million for a single
9:21 am
restaurant. 10 million. if they have like 20 or less stores, 88% of restaurants are warning that omicron has population or convince or meals in the last 3 months. so we've heard that from delta american southwest that in january and february, people are canceling. they don't want to go out because omicron the restaurant industry is brutal out ious that they've lost 600, 50,000 jobs since pandemic started. it's 45% of all jobs in the industry and they're facing just worsening conditions, higher cost of labor, higher cost of food and people who are camped kind of used cooking at home so that the trends are not friends. the restaurant industry support your local restaurant. you can buy covid has really, really changed the face of business, right? you know, >> everything, ok? thank you. so a new model for us. thank you, rob. appreciate you always rolling with the punches and all of my crazy questions. and if you have a question, i i'm sure he prefer it be more, you reasonable
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>> just, you know, a lot black dot com or reach him on facebook or twitter. always a pleasure will be right
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just ask your asthma specialist about dupixent. >> 9.24 developing story. fears of a russian invasion are rising as russian troops are stationed at the border. ukraine. >> the move has prompted the u.s. to order all american personnel and their families at the embassy in ukraine to leave the country. now, if
9:25 am
there is an invasion, the u.s. is promising swift action. basil, john has the latest from washington. good morning. the u.s. does not plan to act immediately, but he's waiting to see what course of action the russian president plans to take. >> u.s. officials want american diplomats, families to leave ukraine as they provide 2 paths for russian president vladimir putin. there's a path of diplomacy and dialogue, but there's also a path it's renewed aggression and massive consequences that we have been building now for many weeks. secretary of state antony blinken told cnn's state of the union the u.s. is prepared to long sanctions against russia if necessary, if they're triggered. now you lose the deterrent effect. but on cbs news face the nation, texas republican congressman michael mccall is confident putin will not change his actions. it's getting very aggressive. the noose is tightening around ukraine. president as you mentioned, said he wants the sanctions now in his more than 120,000 russian troops are positioned
9:26 am
on the border of ukraine, iowa republican senator joni ernst told abc's this week the u.s. needs to stand with its european allies. now we need to make sure that democracy is prevailing around the globe. >> and that socialism, communism, the old soviet union is not regaining territory. the british government released details that russia was looking to overthrow the government in ukraine. >> to install pro-kremlin leaders, russia is rejecting this claim reporting in washington. i'm basil, john. >> 9.26. we miss you, basil. in person. i like those live shots. maybe we'll have more of those coming up in the week. and coming up on kron this morning, we're going to tell you how you can get your kid a covid shot and a ticket free discovery museum for kids which is always fun. we'll be right back.
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when a truck hit my son,
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i had so many questions about his case. i called the barnes firm. it was the best call i could've made. call the barnes firm now and find out what your case could be worth. ♪ call one eight hundred, eight million ♪ we want to check out the weather is just is beautiful all around my friends. just send me a beautiful shot of that balloon over napa and >> i know you all of your traffic cams. they're not like my fancy volusia. it's just a great day to get out and enjoy it. it is. yeah, it's going to only get nicer and nicer to daria. already beautiful out there. you can see at the embarcadero skies are nice and beautiful. crystal clear. >> we don't have really any
9:30 am
fog to be talking about. as you can see, skies in radar are showing much for cloud cover either. current temperatures are starting to climb. we were in the 30's for almost all the bay area inland in the north bay this morning. we're all climbing out of it. now, fairfield in santa rosa are 2 lingering holdouts in the 30's, barely there at 39 degrees right now. now, as far as those traffic cameras go there looking great. the bay bridge has been smooth for the most part this morning. we did have a backup about an hour and a half ago. that is really long since cleared out. you've got 11 minute drive across the bay bridge. san mateo bridge is also looking good. we are seeing 12 minutes to get you across. their richmond center fell below 10 minutes only 7 minutes and it's just been beautiful at the golden gate this morning and rolling at the limit as well. back to you, darya. thank you, john. 9.30. and let's take you now to santa clara county. they are making free at-home covid tests. >> available to everybody lives year. there they have 60,000 test kits and they're going to be handed out if you
9:31 am
signed up through the course of the week on forcefully call, takes a look at how to work. >> on friday, within hours of making 15,000 appointments available for santa clara county residents to pick up for free. i know covid-19 antigen rapid test starting saturday. all appointments were booked up as this early. it it is. the county chose to purchase and hand out 60,000 test kits separate from the free tests being offered by the federal government. this as people struggle to find the kids in stores and online, i even try because all see is like they're also not anywhere. so. >> pretty getting this for free, really helpful. marshall couple park in san jose was one of opened up throughout the county, including foothill college in the los altos hills. >> the county will continue to pass the tests out through next saturday, a mental health therapist. so like have to get
9:32 am
these in some seeing people every or the county says the accuracy of the test should be trusted. >> adding that if an antigen test result is positive, people shouldn't here to isolation guidance. but there is no need to report to any agency. just took an awful mom. >> a school, a high school placement test. and you need to be test before attending placement test. because we need to get testing all the time. although the county says this first round of tests have been accounted for and will be claimed. >> they're hoping to order more in the coming weeks in san jose filipe should all kron 4 news and there is a way in the south bay for kids to get a covid vaccine and a free ticket. >> to go to san jose children's discovery museum, the santa clara county public health department is doing this. you can see it's for ages 5 to 11. you get the shot there and get free passes to the museum. and this is all because organizers really want to focus on reaching families, enrolled in medi-cal.
9:33 am
>> focus today really is on families who are medical participants. so our goal is to make sure that every family in this community realizes they have access to free vaccinations actually heard this and i think, sounds good and we can get a passport discovery museum and has said that that i come on us. >> so news is going to do this also again, on feb research and that we it information uncovered a calm. but i was just thinking like, >> even if you can't, if somebody is that is the little boy, if you can't get a free museum ticket, you know, you can always say you get an ice cream after you get this shot because nobody wants a shot, right? so fun. you can do it. president over. i don't know. teddy bear 9.33. right now and the santa clara valley transportation authority could potentially inland implement a covid vaccine mandate starting this week for workers that
9:34 am
would have a dramatic effect on the workforce because workers would have. >> 60 days to comply with the policy. once it goes to in effect. and then if you didn't get an exemption from the worker could be fired. this comes after a lot of the tea operators tested positive for covid and that caused the agency to have a shortage of light rail operators and bus drivers. >> this mandate, though, might be delayed because the agency right now is talking to the union. they got to work out the details. >> how? but if you get covid what you can get to help. the fda is expanding the use of the antiviral drug remdesivir. it's for treatment now for mild to moderate covid symptoms. and you don't have to be in the hospital friday. the agency expanded the use of this medicine. so it includes everybody who test positive and he's not hospitalized. you don't have to be in the hospital mild to moderate symptoms are okay and a high risk of severe illness and you can use this. the medicine got emergency use authorization. 1st half of 2020. and remember that time it was only for people who had severe covid and they were hospitalized and then later in 2020, it was
9:35 am
approved to be used. you saw to be in the hospital, but was anybody over 12 and now the remdesivir is approved to even if you're not in the hospital. what about other circle of therapies like monoclonal antibody treatments? the fda has reports now and they've just decided they're saying that that treatment is not effective against omicron. they've looked at it. it's not working against omicron because of that. the national institute of health recently called on clinics to advise advise patients against the treatments for if they have covid with omicron. the cdc says nearly 100% of cases in this nation are omicron. so they say that's not going help. but still, some governors are still in support of the monoclonal antibody treatments. all right. let's talk a little bit money for and home values. zillow shows available housing inventory is significantly down over the past 2 years. there just aren't a lot of homes on the market. and this is a u.s. why
9:36 am
the nation-wide thing that the availability of homes, homes for sale is down 40%. it's not as dramatic in the bay area, but we're still seeing a big effect. it's significant. >> for the bay area, san francisco and san jose were down about a 5th from this time last year in terms of active listings. >> so what happens if there's not a lot of houses on the market, will that paired with a high demand from buyers means that your home value, if you own a home, it's going up. experts say home values have gone up by about 17% over the last year. that's a dramatic rise. more about your money. today is the first season i say like this because i'm already dreading it. >> taxes start thinking about it. the irs is warning things could be different. a little more complicated may be for you because of the covid pandemic. the agency is dealing with an unprecedented backlog. first of all, because
9:37 am
irs workers are on sick leave like everybody with covid and everything. so that affects their processing. and in addition, there are some extra issues to sort through if you're a taxpayer, for instance, some people who are eligible to get child tax credits. well, then they already got advanced payments from covid relief packages. well, that means you could see a small are return. and so these are things to work out. i would say with your cpa because my dad was cp and i was like, dad, can you do this? i can. turbotax is another way and the date is april 18th, not the 15th this year. that's d day for texas. april 18th put it in. tell syria from it. 9.37. and i will give a reminder right now a lot of people are going to be watching big game on sunday for the niners after this wonderful game. >> and we've been following all morning long. we're going to talk about the matchup that could pave the way to the super bowl and fans of the castro theater are wondering about the future of the theater. now that
9:38 am
>> the owners are in sort of. partnership with a big company. what will this mean? why is this guy saying save the castro from what will tell you? and we are seeing some cool conditions at the coast today. also a beach hazards advisory. >> due to some sneaker waves out there and some rip currents possible maybe stay a little bit further away from the water if you want. some 60's will head further inland from there, you'll be in the 60's for bayshore in inland cities well into the afternoon. another nice day. i'm talking more details in
9:39 am
9:40 am
9:41 am
>> 9 40 and in san francisco movie-lovers held a demonstration urging the owners of the castro theater in san francisco to keep offering movies. >> stick with the community of supported. this after the theater announced a new partnership. >> with a big company because they want to some live events of becoming a different sort of venue. the theater's owners are working now with planet entertainment. they're going to be upgrading and modernizing the building. and also they're going to be hosting live music and comedy shows and community events and only going to be screening selected movies versus so many movies like, you know, we're used to some demonstrators are worried about the future of the cinema. we're nervous because they haven't held a town hall meeting. >> to explain directly to us if they have a commitment to keep showing the silent films,
9:42 am
the gate films threat of losing the casters film programming when reps has already taken such a sustained beating here in san francisco is >> especially here in, you know, sort of its the grandest place of its expression is wildly concerning >> the grand reopening of the castro theater supposed to happen in 2023. at kron 4 did reach out. and as the theater owners about the situation and working, you know, with the bigger company and how that might affect the community and the product and all of that. we haven't heard back from them. we will keep you posted. >> the it's 9.42. we'll be back with more in just a few minutes.
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9:44 am
9:45 am
>> i-44 and what a place we live in. first of all, we want to talk about all these beautiful crashing waves. the national weather service actually has a warning about it. sneaker waves and rip currents could be debt. so watch out until 1 o'clock today. and this goes for point reyes, national seashore, san francisco, monterey bay and down the coast to big sur. and this, you know, can be dangerous. i love looking at from a distance so i just love the so nice. powerful, an amazing and >> i want to share with you this shot that my friends, pam and an angler waking up and not of this morning and they went out and saw this beautiful. there are balloons over now for 8 now and they snap what i think looks like a national geographic shot and
9:46 am
now get to seek some kind of line. so i wanted you to blow it up on the big screen there. >> are they? they're not in the blue. and obviously they took the pen. know, they're not taking the balloon ride, but they are like family to me. their neighbors who became family and actually, they just gave me the san francisco like journal that you can journal and write and it just inspired me. and then the shot came in this morning. i wow. >> more inspiration. yeah. this is such a nice way to start of monday. only a little jealous of whoever is up there that allow yeah. as long as they're bundled up beautiful morning. lots of sunshine and pretty calm too. all that winds. you went weren't able to put the balloons up on friday and saturday. things come down yesterday and this morning it's just been perfect out there. we're going to be looking at clear skies. well, through the course of the day today. so that's the cherry on top of what's already going to be our mild conditions later on. a little chilly to start, though, this high-pressure ridge, budget, and that means
9:47 am
the rest of the month, which is only 8 more days now is going to continue to remain both mild and dry much as the western 3rd of the u.s. has been. we have lost a little bit of steam is first snowpack goes. but after such a wet december, we're still sitting at 100% or above average, which is really good news. so even though january is kind taking us out of that weather pattern, we're still fearing really well in his longest february march, april, kick things back into gear. we should be good to go. but just got to keep our fingers crossed that spring in late winter does exactly that for us. calm winds right now. as we've noted, winds will pick up at the coast later on today and for the north bay tomorrow, it starts to get a little bit breezier again. today's daytime highs will be in the 50's near the coast and 60's further inland. we just talked about those sneaker waves along the coastline. we have that ocean advisory. make sure that if you are heading out to the ocean, you give yourself that extra room. my recommendation is though, stay further inland. look at those mid 60's in the south bay low to mid 60's across the east
9:48 am
bay. great day for a hike in the east bay hills where daytime highs from concord down to san ramon. we'll each be at 63 north. the bay going to be a beautiful place to fairfield and vacaville each at 64 a little cooler at the coast line. if you do want to see the breakers, stinson beach up to point rays, egypt. 56 for your highs. tomorrow's temperatures don't change much. we will be a bit breezier tomorrow, especially in the north bay, though, stay steady all the way into the weekend last weekend of the month with monday being the last day of the month next week and still going to be dry as far as bridges go. they've been smooth pretty much all morning long. we did have a modest back into the bay bridge earlier. that's long gone now and it's taking you below 10 minutes to get across it. san mateo bridge there's there's literally nothing and they just cycles of these cameras. there's no i just want to happy birthday. the weekend and i didn't even realize it was james 20th anniversaries. as like. >> you know, this all means, you know, we didn't want to
9:49 am
steal his thunder. your birthday. yeah. first day, that's a big deal. wasn't a big one. have see they're all big every day's a birthday. you wake up and say, is a golden gate is beautiful. think it so happy birthday lines. coming up to were both aquariums. the worriers hung on and they beat the jazz and the niners are going to be facing the rams this sunday. create rooney has a look at sports. >> some people are calling this the best weekend of playoff football we've ever had ever. we're going to get to that. but you think the nba is going to stop just because a few nfl kickers had their seasons on the line? no. so let's talk. >> warriors a big one at chase center. the utah jazz were in town in a possible postseason preview. steph curry without his splash brother. klay thompson was a late scratch due to some knee soreness. hope nothing serious. >> late in the second more years of one jordan poole drops jordan clarkson and hits
9:50 am
the 3 20 points in the game for pole. he's been stepping it up when needed this season. 4th quarter now 2 point warriors lead pull shot. doesn't go this time but come on. loney puts it back in 10 points for the big man. curry fired up for that. so we go to the final seconds of the game. bojan bogdanovic is 3. it out and the put back will not fall as time expires. so the warriors hang on to win. 94 92 really close game. all right. now to the nfl divisional playoffs today. rams at bucs tom brady looking to get back to yet another super bowl. the bucks back from a 27 to 3 deficit. brady goes deep to mike evans. that in for a 55 yard. touchdown in tampa would eventually tie it at 27 27. but that stafford rallied his team help from his favorite target cooper kupp making the 44 yard catch down to the bucs 12. so that day can win it
9:51 am
from 30 yards out and his kick is god. the rams advance to the nfc championship final score 30 to 27. they will now take on the forty-niners for the right to go to the super bowl in the nfc championship. that game is next sunday at sofi stadium in la and all right. we go to the afc now bills at chiefs, buffalo. >> up 3 with just over a minute left. this is a crazy finish. patrick mahomes over the middle to tyreek hill. turns on the jets. and he is gone even gives the defense the peace sign as he goes in for the 64 yard. touchdown. 33, 29 teams. but back come the bill. 17 seconds left. josh allen. but gabriel davis from 19 yards out. it's 36. 33 bills with 13 seconds left, but believe it or not, that was too much time from the homes. a 25 yard completion to travis kelsey put kansas city in field goal range harris and
9:52 am
butler from 49 yards out. makes the kick a 36. 36 tie and we are headed to overtime. the chiefs won the toss and got the ball first and so mahomes didn't even give allen a chance hitting kelsey for the game winning touchdown. buffalo's offense to even get the chance to touch the ball in ot and the chiefs win it. 42 to 36. so they're going to host the cincinnati bengals in the afc championship game. just a wild, wild day of sports. >> that is it for us. they think that game was loud. just wait for the game against the rams on sunday. there's going to be so many niners fans there. they will be able to straight little and throw the ball right? okay. and warriors have taken of averages tomorrow night at the chase center. it's 92 and >> chinese officials. this is more sports because it's, you well, it's covid olympic related. >> so they're kind of keeping the worlds apart when it comes to beijing and of a athletes
9:53 am
in olympic world that's coming into beijing right now. residents who live in the risk areas of beijing are told basically the lockdown urged to stay away from mass gatherings, too. they're trying to keep covid out of the olympics and the olympics at a covid. does that sound right? it makes sense. beijing identified 9 new locally transmitted cases. that's what they're saying. so they're saying you know, the covid cases are low there, but they're not chicken taking any chances. the athletes are required to remain in a strict bubble in the games and then anybody who lives in beijing has to keep their distance to the winter olympics begin next friday, it's 9.53. we'll be right back.
9:54 am
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covered california. this way to health insurance. >> almost done for monday morning. but they never stop on kron on. let's go to noel in the newsroom for an update. good morning. good morning, daria. today the bay area is going to be paying its respects to alameda county sheriff recruit david, when who was shot and killed on the freeway earlier this month. the funeral service begins in just a few minutes. we're going to be live streaming the entire thing right here on kron on. and we're going to have a live report from there on our brand new noon newscast. so too, catch all of that to get real time updates as well on local and national headlines today. grab your phone, scanned the qr code that you see on your screen. it's going to take you straight to your app store. you can download kron on for
9:57 am
free. back to you. thank. you know, always nice to see your shining face and the shining sun. all my gosh. it's beautiful out there. get out, enjoy it. and it looks like we've got that kind of weather lingering for the rest of the week. of it. it's not going anywhere. the rest of this month, which is only 8 more days of it are, you know, i should call the rest of the month of forecast right here. >> haha. >> so you see into the future, folks we're going into february next week. so we're going to >> get every bit of sunshine at a we'll see you back here tomorrow. haha.
9:58 am
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