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tv   KRON 4 News at 8am  KRON  January 24, 2022 8:00am-9:01am PST

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>> from the area's local news station. you're watching the kron. 4 morning news at >> good morning. i'm daria. you know me all these years, well, i'm feeling old. i mean, because not you. this is the last week of january. >> and then february, that's why a month. so i am getting older. we're all getting older minute by minute. turned older this mike, you did. i did. gosh. >> that were so close in variance for the very latest area plan is all right. so >> i'm hoping that you had a wonderful birthday weekend. and now you're looking at the new year. this is your new year happy new year, john.
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still looking. 31 yeah. the new year for a and not very much of a new forecast. we're getting keeping with the same old. >> nice sunshiny skies up above right here. no cloud cover in this view. all that we do have a couple of spots of clouds right in the bay itself that really foggy morning by any means. and certainly a calmer morning than what we had both friday and saturday. so this is a nice change of pace. you just got to adjust your attire what's going to be a pretty cold feeling once you get out there freezing at 33, our coldest spot right now. take it back. fairfield, you're called a spot at 32 degrees while vallejo on up to santa rosa, not much different down in the 30's. so chilly start, but it is up for leap. pretty clear. start on our roadways. let's get you a look outside at the bay bridge and well, it is definitely a bit of a back up there at the toll plaza. it's not the worst i've ever seen, though. an 18 minute drive. what you get through the tolls over to fremont street san mateo bridge. it's packed but actually still moving at the limit of 14
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minute drive a bit of a backup at the richmond center fell bridge nice and bright and the golden gate bridge. not a cloud in the sky and moving just fine. back to you darya. all right. thank you, birthday hat. and without me, even knowing it. >> 8, 0, one right now. and here is a tragic story of a life cut short and a funeral service today for the alameda county sheriff's recruit who died driving home on the freeway. 28 year-old 28, david, when he was driving home from work earlier this month when somebody shot into his car, the bullet went through his car and into him. this was near the bay bridge toll plaza. when was just a month away from starting his career as a deputy. investigators are still looking for who did it at the time of winds killing. go ahead. whats people who knew when say, you know, looking at this, that he was an outstanding person and recruit
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and they are just so sad about what happened. >> yeah, according to the academy people, i'm highly motivated just a good. kind of a kind of a leader in the academy. so is this is tough for them. >> and right now there's a $10,000 reward out being offered for information that leads to the arrest of and prosecution of the killer. and back to today's service for david. when it begins at 10 o'clock this morning. and if you can't go out to cornerstone fellowship church in livermore, we're going to be streaming it live on our kron on app and and we wish his family friends and the whole community there. the best. it's 8, 0, 3, oakland police are looking for the person who shot somebody yesterday afternoon. this is a citizen app of the area. 11th sorry, east 12th street in fruitvale avenue this happened about 4 in the afternoon.
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police found the victim in the area of 30r% avenue and international boulevard and the victim was taken to the hospital. they're still investigating exactly how this all unfolded. >> take a look at this. a sideshow in oakland, another one last night. the citizen app shows you just how most this white car doing these donuts and for the cloud came to all the people with look at the trump there as the back of the hot car, people hit the car, lovely the card. and if the people that you could see how easily these things can spin out of control, this is the eastmont neighborhood in oakland on macarthur boulevard. >> we have no comment on the police from the police. we don't know if there are people arrested detained would have with the carson if they caught anybody or doing anything about that. >> 8, 0, 4, right now. and let's get that to another big story, which is wild f%res are rare january wildfire burning along the central coast and people and had to evacuate because of it. kron 4 sarah stinson is live with the latest on the firefighting
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efforts. good morning, sarah. >> this fire burning. it started on friday, really just threw people off in that area of monterey county because, of course, you'rh not expecting to have to evacuate from a fire in january. we've seen fires in february, but this is really unprecedented. so it's a good reminder to all to prepare for a lot of fighters park at really any time, especially if you know where you live is prone to fires. take a look at video from the fire burning in big sur. you can see those ferocious flames. fortunately fire zone of season anymore. they are year round in california. at last check. the fire burning south of carmel by the sea has burned 700 acres. it's 35% contained. >> i just talked with cal fire there being briefed right now on the plane to gain more contain plan gain more containment today. they should have an update for us on any
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containment made overnight soon. so stand by for that. >> we know that this fire burning just south of carmel by the sea. it started friday night around 5 when the fire really started to pick up the win was a huge issue for firefighters working to put it out. >> especially because the terrain is so difficult in that area right off highway one. we caught up with jimmy panetta, the u.s. representative from that area. take the >> feeling confident, but that rain is really steep out there. and if you've been along highway one, which many of your view of viewers you understand how steep and rugged it is? people of that area. people to big sur are rugged. they're hearty. used to these types of a natural disasters. however, what what i think everybody should be concerned about is that this is sort of the new normal. >> and that is it is the new normal. i caught up with cal fire and they were even shocked at how intense this fire is at this time of year. truly a good reminder to all
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that you need to be prepared for a fire to spark. you also need to make sure not doing anything to contribute to a fire. we're still trying to figure out the fire. investigators know why this started over there on highway one in big sur. so stand by for that. we should be able to interview cal fire this morning after their briefing. so you can get an update on containment and saracens reporting live back to daria. all right. thanks a lot, sara. appreciate the report this morning. >> don't go anywhere. we'll talk to sarah in the neet hour as well. 8, 0, 7 right now. it was doctor fauci saying now about covid. he is cautiously optimistic about the future we face with the pandemic. he still hesitant though he's not going as far to say that we've moved on yet to where it's just kind of going to be a perennial thing we have to deal with and that we will deal with and live with in the future. more in harmony than in kind of peril. michael shure has the latest. >> things are looking good. we don't want to get over confident, but they look like they're going in the right
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direction right now. doctor anthony fauci saying sunday that he is encouraged by data trending in the right direction. but many hospitals are full and deaths continue to add up with more than 2100 announced on most days. the doctors saying this week that it is too soon to say that covid has moved from pandemic to endemic. when we look historically at pandemics and other human population, they last about 2 years, the viral pandemics were about that point. now, university of nevada, las vegas medical school, doctor mark ali saying that yhere is light at the end of the tunnel, even as fauci is still necessarily cautious to have presence. but it is prepped at a level that is not to it. >> society and society is still disrupted from the supply chain were 17 million chinese manufactured covid tests at an delivered for days in a warehouse. many of the health test designated for the california department of public health, meaning schools, nursing homes, homeless shelters and child
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care centers. >> to the schools where a change dot org petition to change the vaccine rules in california. schools has gotten thousands of signatures. doctor jeanne noble is a co sponsor of the petition threat of covid. he's really >> really reduced with this new variant and with the advent of vaccines for kids, this reduction may be the first sign of endemic which the cdc defines as the constant presence and or usual prevalence of the disease or infectious agent and a population within a geographic area. but doctors saying even as cases drop, we aren't there yet its and get the help that that is a trend and followed by a significant drop in the number of new cases.
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>> francisco is moving on with a 13 to 10 win here at lambeau and this crowd and that packers team is still on it. >> ice cold i see sad stairs. aaron rodgers walks off the field by and hello rams this sunday. we'll have it all for you. coming up. let's talk to will about it because excitement is so exciting. so coming up, we've got a look at the ticket. prices will and then we can talk about the matchups that we might see what we would prefer to happen. and all of that catch us up with what happened with the game. first. >> well, the game was incredible rate. i mean, if it wasn't for the block time, there's a good chance that jimmy g and the rest of the game with the are vacation. but unlike other employees, they want to continue working. i would be baking occasion, but there's something called the super bowl that wants them to keep. it's so they want you to come along. so called him e g like cool again. they want the game to come down to los
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angeles, but they're not going to pay for you're on your own when it comes to that. take a look at the price is not cheap, but nobody ever said winning was cheap. according to jerry maguire, the price $575 to about $10,000 depending set and area. there is a rumor that was floating around early that you had to be a los angeles area. resident to purchase your tickets. we found that 3rd party. >> they won't ask you for a if like pay pal, know, just give the money in your 50 going to talk to some people this morning. they're ready to go down to los angeles. again, was the game that got the niners into the playoffs in the first place when they came back from 17 points down. there's people playing joe montana throwing a touchdown. they would win in overtime. the niners are the hottest team in the nfl and the rams know it because the rams, they
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won the last 6 games in of course, and wins. this game goes bowl last time very of the game was so loud on the ground. that is that matthew stafford actually have to go to a silent count, which is something you do for road games, but your home game. so the niners fans down to los angeles in here. i'm sure taey will come out and full force. look at that. see a rat that this i want to ask you this question, daryn. so i have friend who is a season ticket taken over with the rams texting him this morning. yeah, has tickets for 3.75. k face value. >> and then he saw on some of those very party places. but his seat, that area goes for about $1800 $3,000 was. and what are you doing? texting may sound like you have to do it now. would you sell it? absolutely. kuz. >> it hello college, right? do you want to send your kids to college? you could will tell me you football's find a watch
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on tv isn't not crazy. >> oh, my goodness. i would sell it. i was gonna will and i we have not i would have not for that my football platter. per ticket chills and pass out and nacho overdose. and i can't believe that they're trying to keep us out of that stadium. but wait, i want to back up for one second to what could a show to kuz. so john and i as you know, will we don't care as sports fans, but we were both like, wow, it's when it's not happening but wowed jimmy g versus tom brady. >> the wind machine, the hair blowing the too good looking guys the back, the old backup face. i mean, i just would love that. the super bowl. i just you know, i don't. >> what do you think? >> i was in recession here in area. i know my coffee on working from home, the coffee. i'm going to stay out our i know. i mean, we're just judging you. but a book by its
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cover. they're good looking guys. >> we don't care about the sport were just like, wow, that be fun to be watching a movie. >> yeah. i can see why. your fantasy. i kind of watch for a first down we're all kinds are, know, know, you're right an end and whatever reason you're watching for 9 years and rams is going to be a good game. it's got it's going to >> las vegas already as the rams favored to win by 3 and a half points. okay. well, let's close. thank you will always fun to talk sports. never fun to watch him. >> all 14 is a time right now. and coming up on the kron 4 morning news. >> tensions between the u.s. and russia are high. we'll tell you why the u.s. says will act. if russia invades ukraine. and santa clara county making it easier for you to get at-home covid test. if you live there, we'll show you how.
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>> it's 17 and looking at conditions out there this morning that are pretty nice and clear. you can see the south bay right here looking nice. little bit of haze there in the distance, something that's been pretty common lately because of the high pressure ridge that been creating a cap right over the bay. at times it's contributed to foggy as well. not so much the case this morning. we're going to stay clear and dry today. ridge of high pressure is not going anywhere anytime soon has been keeping the western 3rd of the u.s. nice clear and mild while the eastern 2 thirds of the country have been dealing with bitter cold and snow fall,
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we've been just the opposite. we're a little bit windy at the start of the weekend and you can expect some breezy conditions of the coast today. winds will pick up for the north bay tomorrow, but all in all today, a npce and calm one, a really mild and sunny one daytime highs will be solidly in the 60's with san jose at 65 mill valley, oakland and san francisco. each right at 60 degrees. a look ahead in our next 7 days shows low 60's all the way through lots of sunshine, dry skies not going anywhere. and we are at the last 7 of 8 days of january in this forecast and we're end of the month without much change at all. looking at our bridges this morning, way down from where we were learning during my last check with you at the bay bridge. we have traffic moving along through the toll plaza. a okay now with the metering lights off 13 minutes to make that drive san mateo bridge a 14 minute drive. still definitely a lot of cars on the road, but you're rolling at the limit. richmond center fell is pretty empty. overall, bright skies overhead at the golden gate. 37 to the tolls taking you. 24 minutes, daryn.
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>> thanks, john. 8.18, and fears of a russian invasion ars escalating as their troops are stationed at the border of ukraine. and this is prompted the u.s. to order families of all american personnel at the embassy in ukraine to leave the country. now if russia does invade and move into ukraine, us is promising swift action. basil, john takes a closer look from washington, dc. good morning. >> the u.s. does not plan to act immediately, but he's waiting to see what course of action the russian president plans to take. >> u.s. officials want american diplomats, families to leave ukraine. >> as they provide 2 paths for russian president vladimir putin. there's a path of diplomacy and dialogue, but there's also a path of a it's renewed aggression. >> and massive consequences that we have been building now for many weeks. secretary of state antony blinken told cnn's state of the union the u.s. is prepared to long sanctions against russia if necessary, if they're triggered. now you lose the
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deterrent effect. but on cbs news face the nation, texas republican congressman michael mccall is confident putin will not change his actions. it's getting very aggressive. the noose is tightening around ukraine. president zelinsky, as you mentioned, said he wants the sanctions now in his more than 120,000 russian troops are positioned on the border of ukraine, iowa republican senator joni ernst told abc's this week the u.s. needs to stand with its european allies. now we need to make sure that democracy is prevailing around the globe. >> and that socialism, communism, the old soviet union is not regaining territory. the british government released details that russia was looking to overthrow the government in ukraine. >> to install pro-kremlin leaders, russia is rejecting this claim reporting in washington. i'm basil, john. >> the committee investigating the january 6 riot on capitol hill has been talking with former attorney general william barr.
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>> barr was a staunch supporter, a former president trump until he resigned over the tension of trump's election claims. democratic representative bennie thompson said in an interview over the weekend, he's concerned the former president used the military to spread the false claim that the election results were rigged. the committee also wants to find out if the doj was aware of a proposal to seize voting machines in the wake of trump's loss. congress is taking steps to stop the market dominance of american big tech companies. a bipartisan bill is on its way. the senate floor that aims to prevent from favoring their own services over rivals. the legislation was approved by the senate judiciary committee last week. the bill could also bring restrictions to google's search engine, which coast 90% web searches throughout the world. critics of the bill are
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pushing back. they say that it would harm consumers and businesses that use the tech company's services out of also developing story, a california judge has cleared the way for repeat offenders to be released from prison early. this is in an effort to reduce the prison population and it applies to inmates imprisoned under the state's 3 strikes law. the sacramento judge gave corrections officials the green light to consider early release for prisoners who have good conduct credits. those credits can reduce the sentence by more than half. all prisoners being considered for early release are serving time at minimum security prisons for nonviolent offenses. a 22 and coming up, fans of the castro theater are speaking out. >> why are they concerned about a big company taking over their little? but big historic venue will have that and more when we continue. 25
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and in san francisco movie-lovers held a demonstration urging. >> the owners of the castro theater to continue offering movies and really being a grassroots community. fear. >> has come to light because the theater announced this new partnership with a big business to promote live events at the venue and host those the theater's owners are working with planet
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entertainment. so they're going to be upgrading. they're going to be modernizing the building and they're also going to be hosting live music and comedy shows and community events. and they're only going to have select screenings of movies versus, you know, all of the movies that are shown there. demonstrators are worried about the future and what this means for them. >> we're nervous because they haven't held a town hall meeting to explain directly to us if they have a commitment to keep showing the silent films, the gate films threat of losing the casters film programming when reps has already taken such a sustained beating here in san francisco is >> especially here in, you know, sort of its the grandest place of its expression is wildly concerning >> the grand reopening of the castro theater is supposed to happen in 2023. kron 4 reached out to the theater owners to ask them about this. but we haven't heard back. >> it's a 26. and coming up on the kron 4 morning news, a local museum is hosting a
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vaccination clinic for young kids and kids. if you get their shot, if you get your shot there you get a big bonus. it's going to be a lot of fun. let's go get now tell you why, actually, families are really happy about this. they say when when will show you that taken to the south bay?
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>> 8.29 is the time right now. and i got to tell you, john, i wasn't paying no attention to the weather forecast going into the weekend and i got a little burned again a little because it was so sunny and gorgeous yesterday. and i just didn't have sunscreen around. it's just not what i'm thinking about in january. almost february. i know. i think everyone at least this week it was like you really read it. i was like got a little sunburned to enter a plea. >> is what a january to get some burned. that's for sure. because it's abundantly sunny and we're going to stay that way. >> through this last week of the month on into the last weekend of the month, which is next weekend. and you can see today is certainly no different. lots of sunshine from the east bay hills. we've seen a couple of patches of fog that really haven't made their way into anything significant. so it's a fairly free morning of any fog. it's just really cold. so you definitely want to bundle up. as you venture outside half moon bay, morgan hill, fremont as well as the inland east bay in the north bay. well, down into the 30's for fairfield,
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you're at freezing right now. 32 degrees. so definitely get those jackets ready as you're heading out there. as for our bridges this morning, still fear and really well, we are seeing the bay bridge looking great. you can see traffic is moving along just fine. there. we do have the severe incident, though, a traffic collision on 8, 80 northbound at 20th avenue in oakland that has the left lane blocked and traffic at a standstill. northbound from alameda all the way down to san leandro. so that is going to take you a minute just to get to the bay bridge. once you get there, though, you'll be doing just fine. as for the san mateo bridge, things are all right as well. it does look like a tea is not just backed up from alameda san leandro but also from union city to free month. so a lot of those feeders onto this bridge are doing as well as the span is itself. the richmond center fell bridge. is that an 8 minute drive there? and the golden gate looks lovely. that's the sunshine up about daria. >> thank you, 31. and here's a big story. you want to get a covid shot and go to museum. santa clara county is doing
8:32 am
that free covid at-home tests. first of all, for residents there, they purchased about 60,000 test kits. so as far as home testing, they're going to be handing out home test for free this week. so we're going to cover that first with kron four's phillipe djegal and then we'll have more about the deal where you can get a shot and the tickets. >> on friday, within hours of making 15,000 appointments available for santa clara county residents to pick up for free. i know covid-19 antigen rapid test starting saturday. all appointments were booked up as this early. itait is. the county chose to purchase and hand out 60,000 test kits separate from the free tests being offered by the federal government. this as people struggle to find the kids in stores and online, i didn't even try because all see is like they're also not anywhere. so. >> pretty getting this for free, really helpful. marshall couple park in san jose was one of opened up throughout
8:33 am
the county, including foothill college in the los altos hills. >> the county will continue to pass the tests out through next saturday, a mental health therapist. so like have to get these in some seeing people every the county says the accuracy of the test should be trusted. >> adding that if an antigen test result is positive, people shouldn't here to isolation guidance. but there is no need to report to any agency. just took an awful mom. >> a school, a high school placement test. and you need to be test before attending placement test. because we need to get testing all the time. although the county says this first round of tests have been accounted for and will be claimed. >> they're hoping to order more in the coming weeks in san jose filipe should all kron 4 news. all right. so that's how you get your at-home test. >> and how you get your free ticket to the museum is you get your kid a shot in san jose. the children's discovery museum as part of his deal
8:34 am
where members of the santa clara county public health department and this is the first day they did it. they were on hand administering vaccines to families and young kids and the families. they get the vaccination there. got free passes to the discovery museum. and the focus is just really to help people to make it easy for those, especially in medical to be able to get their covid shots. focus today really is on families. >> who are medical participants. so our goal is to make sure that every family in this community realizes they have access to free vaccinations actually heard and i think, sounds good and we can get a password discovery museum and has said that that i have all this. >> so if you're thinking, oh, that's a great care of for the kids, you know, to be able to say, just, you know, get the shot and then we'll have fun. they're going to do it again. february 13th. so if you missed out, there is another opportunity and we've got all
8:35 am
the details on kron 4 dot com. all these little kids are so brave. so brave 8.34 right now in the south bay. also the santa clara valley transportation authority could potentially tell workers they have to get a vaccine, a vaccine mandate, maybe as early as this week. this would have a dramatic impact on the workforce. workers would have 60 days to comply with the policy if it goes into effect and then if they don't have an exemption, they might face termination. this is because up to this point, a lot of eta operators reported positive for covid and that caused a domino effect. and there was a shortage of light rail operators and bus drivers. the mandate, though, may be delayed as the agency is discussing the details right now with the unions. the fda is expanding the use of the antiviral drug remdesivir for treatment of mild to moderate covid symptoms. and you don't have to be in the hospital friday. the fda expanded the
8:36 am
use of remdesivir to include anybody who test positive for the virus and he's not hospitalized, has mild and moderate symptoms and a high risk of severe illness. you remember at first from does vary got emergency use authorization. that was in the 1st half of 2020. and at that time you had to be in the hospital to get it and have severe covid and they give you that treatment. then later in 2020, it was approved for anybody who 12 and older. but again, still in the hospital. so this is a big change because you do not need to be to the point of hospitalization to get that therapy. now. and what about monoclonal antibody treatments for covid cases? according to new reports, the treatments have not actually been effective against the omicron variant. and because of that, the national institutes of health recently called on clinics to advise patients against getting that kind of monoclonal antibody treatment. the cdc says nearly 100% of new cases nationwide are a
8:37 am
crime. however, some governors are still in support of that particular form of treatment, even though they're saying it's not great for omicron. well, this is great. if you own a home, not so good. if you're looking. recent data firm, zillow shows that is just not a lot of houses for sale. now significantly dropping in the inventory the past 2 years. data showing says nationwide plunged across the u.s. more than 40% down. as far as what's out there to buy the numbers are not as dramatic in the bay area, but still there is an inventory squeeze and we're seeing it affect prices. >> for the bay area, san francisco in san jose were down about a 5th from this time last year in terms of active listings. >> so what's that mean if you own a home? well, the drop-in availability paired with a high demand from buyers is causing home prices to steadily rise. experts say that home values have gone up about 17%.
8:38 am
>> year-over-year and gosh, normally a good year, you'd be like, oh, my home values up like for i don't know 5%, but 17%. today is the first day of the 2022 tax filing season. so you've got to look at everything from twenty-twenty want to get it all started organize and my cpa said, fill this out i'm getting there. get james already done. of course, the irs is warning things are going to be more complicated this year because of covid. firstly, they're saying that you have to deal with well, they have an unprecedented backlog because a lot of their workers with the irs are on sick leave because of covid. in addition, there's new tax issues for taxpayers that we have to sort through like, for example, some people who are eligible to get the child tax credits, but they already got an advance payment from covid relief packages. then you could see a small return. all my got has your cpa, the tax deadline. i was like, well
8:39 am
expand it at this point since april 18th. so instead of the 14th, 15014th, i don't remember normal tax day, 15 okc. we have 3 more days. april 18th, his tax d-day. maybe extend it when that be nice. i love to procrastinate as i can on taxes. and my dad was a cpa. i'm sorry, dad. 8.39, right now. still ahead, a bay area native is being honored in times square. we're going to show you why one artist says it's really important for all of us to remember people like michelle cow. >> and we just can't stop talking talking football and a lot of you couldn't stop watching football. this is so exciting and sunday sunday. we'll see if john and i will be exciting enough that we even wait. >> we'll watch the niners and the rams will see.
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when a truck hit my son, i had so many questions about his case. i called the barnes firm. it was the best call i could've made. call the barnes firm now and find out what your case could be worth. ♪ call one eight hundred, eight million ♪
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when a truck hit my car, the insurance company wasn't fair. i didn't know what my case was worth, so i called the barnes firm. i'm rich barnes. it's hard for people to know how much their accident case is worth. let our injury attorneys help you get the best result possible. >> time now is 8.42. and from coast to coast. people are remembering bay area native michelle, go. it was more than a week ago that she was pushed in front of a moving subway in new york and killed. and now there's a tribute to her in times square. jean king has the story. >> michelle go's life >> michelle go's life remembered forever through massive billboards at new york's times square vigils on the east coast in san francisco for the 40 year-old who was killed after a homeless man pushed her onto the subway tracks 61 year-old
8:43 am
simon marshall charged with second-degree murder in the random attack. we all deserve to be safe. illustrator jonathan chain drew the images of the bay area native, along with images of many victims of racially motivated violence. he spoke for the first time on the condition. we don't show his face because of ongoing asian hate and he wanted to focus on the victims of these violent crimes. >> i actually feel like in a way. i do try to. get through this by, you know, paying tributes to these victims. no way where, you know, i feel so powerless that we could have helped them in their time of need. you know, some something about like when i'm drawing these portraits. i feel like, you know, i'm honoring them in the way and i'm hoping share their stories like, you know, some of victims like they'll never die as long as we we remember what happened to them. remember story. >> chang lives in los angeles. his main job creating illustrations for entertaining clients, but his passion project over the past year, although emotionally draining
8:44 am
has given him new meaning, you know, my intention for drawing. these is just to raise awareness. >> on the stories are happening and i just want people to know that. you know, asian hate israel, like, you know, this is something that's going to happen. our community right now. >> and our hearts go out support them in every way possible. say 44, we'll be right back.
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>> welcome back. 8.46, a beautiful, clear day so far. and that's the way we're going to stay today is not going to stay quite as cold as we are this morning and are all the sunshine temperatures will really quickly climb over the next few hours here. taking us right back to the 60's where we've spent so much of january thus far later on today, you'll see a few passing clouds, but skies remain nice and dry. little cooler and a little bit breezier near the coastline side venture further inland. if you want to spend the day 2 of the hikers somethin inland east bay bayshore areas and across the marine had been should be pretty good options for you. calm winds this morning picking up at the coastline later today. north bay winds tomorrow will be a bit more of a thing than what we have today. now, today's daytime highs back into the 60's for the south bay will be 65%. jose oakland, san francisco in mill valley right at 60 degrees. a look ahead of next 7 days shows low 60's all the way through some 30's for your evening lows and through the end of january, staying dry before. well, hopefully is some rainfall into the new month. now, the bay bridge
8:48 am
this morning is doing a-ok to get to the bay bridge. that is another problem, though. we do have residual delays after severe traffic incident on 8, 80 northbound at 20th avenue in oakland. all lanes are back open, but we are delayed all the way back to the intersection with 5.80, after what was a very, very tough time getting through that earlier just a few minutes ago, the san mateo bridge, 13 minutes to get you across. 92. not bad at all. richmond center fell looks great below 10 the golden gate bridge move in at the limit. daria. >> thank 48 right now let's talk a force. the worriers hung in to beat the jazz and then also everybody's talking about the get big game this weekend with the niners facing the rams for a chance to move on to the super bowl. that's what we're really going for here. kate rooney has the latest. >> some people are calling this the best weekend of playoff football we've ever had ever. we're going to get to that. but you think the nba is going to stop just because
8:49 am
a few nfl kickers had their seasons on the line? no. so let's talk. >> warriors a big one at chase center. the utah jazz were in town and a possible postseason preview. steph curry without his splash brother. klay thompson was a late scratch due to some knee soreness. hope nothing serious. >> late in the second warriors of one jordan poole drops jordan clarkson and hits the 3 20 points in the game for pole. he's been stepping it up when needed this season. 4th quarter now, 2 point warriors lead pull shot doesn't go this time. but come on. loney puts it back in 10 points for the big man. curry fired up for that. so we go to the final seconds of the game. bojan bogdanovic is 3. it out and the put back will not fall as time expires. so the warriors hang on to win. 94 92 really close game. all right. now to the nfl divisional playoffs today. rams at bucs tom brady
8:50 am
looking to get back to yet another super bowl. the bucks back from a 27 to 3 deficit. brady goes deep to mike evans. that in for a 55 yard. touchdown in tampa would eventually tie it at 27 27. but that stafford rally his team help from his favorite target cooper kupp making the 44 yard catch down to the bucs 12. so that day can win it from 30 yards out and his kick is good. the rams advance to the nfc championship final score 30 to 27. they will now take on the forty-niners for the right to go to the super bowl in the nfc championship. that game is next sunday at sofi stadium in la and all right. we go to the afc now bills at chiefs, buffalo. >> up 3 with just over a minute left. this is a crazy finish. patrick mahomes over the middle to tyreek hill. turns on the jets. and he is gone even gives the defense
8:51 am
the peace sign as he goes in for the 64 yard. touchdown. 33, 29 teams. but back come the bill. 17 seconds left. josh allen. but gabriel davis from 19 yards out. it's 36. 33 bills with 13 seconds left, but believe it or not, that was too much time from the homes. a 25 yard completion to travis kelsey put kansas city in field goal range harris and butler from 49 yards out makes the kick a 36. 36 tie and we are headed to overtime. chiefs won the toss and got the ball first and so mahomes didn't even give allen a chance hitting kelsey for the game winning touchdown. buffalo's offense to even get the chance to touch the ball in ot and the chiefs win it. 42 to 36. so they're going to host the cincinnati bengals in the afc championship game. just a wild, wild day of sports. >> that is it for us. oh boy. wow. everybody was busy. guess all of you watching all of these games now. what's next for the warriors? they play
8:52 am
the mavericks tomorrow. the chase center tipoff. >> as at 07:00pm, if i have to watch, i watch the worry is because it's shorter and just so actually act. but boy, those football games all ended with a lot of action. so on, i guess i could sit through that too. we'll be right back. be
8:53 am
8:54 am
aware of the highways today along the coast. to the side effects. >> the national weather service issued an alert for
8:55 am
sneaker waves and rip currents until 1 o'clock today. the warning is for areas in the north bay, including point reyes, national seashore. san francisco, monterey bay and down the coast, a big sur. so if my kids were here, i'd say don't surfing today, but i can tell you what to do if you are a good that the beach just be careful side to say plus the water's freezing. you want to be in danger. but it looks so cool from a distance, a safe distance. 55 right now and ahead, the hype is buil%ing for the nfc championship game between the niners and the rams were going to talk about our kron our chances with our kron. 4 sports fan extraordinary will tran coming up. >> and wildfire still burning along the coast of big sur. we'll tell you why this shocking and it's scary for a lot of people sarah's on that. and today, a funeral service for david when his life was cut short, heading home from work earlier this month. shot
8:56 am
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my new spicy cluck sandwich with a bigger, crispier and better-than-ever spicy fillet. bigger pickles, more sauce, and the perfect amount of spice to get your taste buds tingling. try my new $6.99 spicy cluck sandwich combo. order on the jack app today. >> from the area's local news station. you're watching the kron 4 morning news. at know. >> it is the finest hour. it monday which some people
8:59 am
viewed as not the because, you know, you want to get to friday. but every day is the final beginning in the first day of this weekend. so enjoy it. now. just be careful. john just told me is going to run it. just be careful. be careful, especially if you have bad knees. just be careful. i know it's my first run-in like a couple months and i know the beaches limping around i can't resist. the weather is going to be so nice. look at this. quite our looks beautiful. lots of sunshine. >> and temperatures today are going to be really comfortable. super good, jogging weather. we're not seeing a lot of fog this morning. not even really out into the central valley. so that's been a nice note. we are going to be looking at sunshine through the day. and even though we're still only in the 30's and 40's, we do have some 60's just around the corner. pacifica europe at 51 degrees right now. you're about to be one of our cooler spots this afternoon. a santa rosa petaluma and nevado at 39 in fairfield still sitting at freezing and only 32 degrees now are they've been all right
9:00 am
this morning getting to our bridges. that's where it gets a little tricky up 8.80, northbound, 20th avenue in oakland. we had an incident that had shut down multiple lanes. it is back open, but you still have a delay that sending you all the way back to the intersection of 5.80, all the way down towards hayward and even further south from their 80's has been kind of a tough one all morning long. so be mindful of that. san mateo bridge has been a okay. 92. you're crossing across the bay is rolling out the limit. richmond center fell bridge is good to you are looking at an 8 minute drive and the golden gate bridge is beautiful as ever. 23 minutes from 37 down to the tolls. back over to you darya. all right. thank you, john. we'll check in with more weather, of course, throughout the morning. but first, a funeral service is happening today for the alameda county sheriffs are cute. >> who was killed while driving on a freeway. he was going home from work. 28 year-old david, when was driving home earlier this month. when someone fired a


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