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tv   KRON 4 News at 5am  KRON  January 24, 2022 5:00am-6:01am PST

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central valley, nothing super widespread. now, as james mentioned, it's otherwise a really nice start to this day. we do have some chilly temperatures, though, happening bay morgan hill, fremont's livermore and dublin all down in the 30's. you can add most of the north bay to that list. petaluma you're down at 32 degrees right now. so definitely throw on the layers. just a cozy on what otherwise is a really nice start to what's about to be a really nice day as far as our roadways go, it is nice and clear. still at the bay bridge. not a lot of people getting on the roads this early on a monday morning. so that means you're still below 10 minutes to get you across the span. san mateo bridge also staying at the limit this morning as you are, as well as the richmond center fell, no backup there at the toll plaza just yet. and the golden gate bridge also moving at the limit. james. all right, john, thank you very much to our top story this morning, a funeral service is happening today for the alameda county sheriff's recruit killed in a freeway shooting. >> 28 year-old david nguyen
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was driving home from work early this month. when someone shot into his car near the bay bridge toll plaza. he was just a month away from starting his career as a deputy. investigators are still searching for the suspect. and what led up to that shooting at the time of the winds, murder people who knew him said he was an outstanding person and an outstanding recruit. >> yeah, according to the academy people, i'm highly motivated just a good. kind of a kind of a leader in the academy. so is this is tough for them. >> yeah, $10,000 reward is being offered right now for any information leading to an arrest and prosecution of the killer. today. the service for david and when is scheduled to begin at 10 this morning at cornerstone fellowship church in livermore. we will be streaming that service on our 24 7 news app. kron on the service, by the way, scheduled, as i said to begin at 10 this morning. so more on that throughout the day. also in the headlines this morning
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at 5, 0, one. oakland police are looking for the person who shot someone yesterday afternoon. they say it happened on east 12th street and fruitvale avenue right around 4. this is video from the citizens app but police found a victim in the area of 30rd avenue and international boulevard. the victim was taken to the hospital. police haven't said exactly how that shooting happened. and also take a look at this. a sideshow happened in oakland last night. >> this is video once again from the citizens app showing a white car here. doing dangerous donuts in front of a crowd. this happened at the eastmont neighborhood of oakland on the part the boulevard kron four's reached out to police about the side show. but so far we haven't heard that. >> another big story we're following this morning of rare january wildfire burning along the central coast is now forced people out of their homes. kron 4. sarah stinson live this morning with the very latest on this firefighting effort. bizarre to be talking about this in the month of january. sarah.
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>> james, that's right. a cover fires that happened in february. but i certainly have not covered a fire that has sparked in january. so as you can imagine, it threw off a lot of people who live in moore, monterey county, the had to evacuate. hundreds had to evacuate. this is being called the colorado fire burning in big sur can see video of how ferocious these flames are. again, a very sore sight to see in january. but unfortunately, fire still have a season in california anymore. they are year round. at last check. the fire burned 700 acres and is 35% contained all areas west of 3800 pollack, colorado, road to highway one and south of bigsby creek evacuated part of highway one south of half moon bay was even close in both directions because of downed power lines and branches that has since reopened. the wind was a huge issue for firefighters working to put it out into the steep and rugged
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terrain. but the wind has since called down helping firefighters on saturday and sunday game or contain >> the fire here in big sur. it's a reminder to everyone in california to always be ready for a wildfire in your area. >> we can have fire any throughout the year, whereas maybe 10, 15 years ago fires like this in january would have been very unusual. but here we are. things are so dry. a multiple year drought. it just means that everybody needs to be careful and watch their fire behavior all year long. not just when it's summer. >> and that's so true. so you do not only have that go bag ready, which, you know, a lot of people never have a go bag ready. every interview, people in fire said now i didn't have the go bag ready. and they said i wish i did, though. so have the go bag ready, things you may not need every day, but it would be helpful if you had to evacuate and then also make sure you don't do anything yourself to spark a
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fire. we still don't know what caused this fire in big sur. >> that's still under investigation this morning working to figure out how much containment was gained overnight. james, back to the studio mall and have an emergency supply of your prescription medication and that go back to something a lot of people forget about >> equally important. thank you very much, sara. it is 5, 0, 5, state lawmakers are pushing a bipartisan bill right now to increase staffing for cal fire. >> they're trying to meet the national standard of 3 firefighters per engine. the fight for firefighters, budget proposal would hire an additional 1100 full-time and seasonal workers. the bipartisan coalition will also conduct a cal fire staffing study that will be submitted to lawmakers and the governor. doctor anthony fauci says he's cautiously optimistic about the future of the coronavirus pandemic, but he still hesitant to say that the country has moved into the less severe mc phase we have michael shure with the very latest. >> things are looking good. we don't want to get over confident, but they look like
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they're going in the right direction right now. doctor anthony fauci saying sunday that he is encouraged by data trending in the right direction. but many hospitals are full and deaths continue to add up with more than 2100 announced on most days. the doctors saying this week that it is too soon to say that covid has moved from pandemic to endemic. when we look historically at pandemics and other human population, they last about 2 years, the viral pandemics were about that point. now, university of nevada, las vegas medical school, dean doctor mark saying that there is light at the end of the tunnel, even as fauci is still necessarily cautious to have presence. but it is prepped at a level that is not to stop it. >> society and society is still disrupted from the supply chain were 17 million chinese manufactured covid tests at and delivered for days in a warehouse. many of the health test designated for the california department of public health, meaning schools, nursing homes, homeless shelters and child
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care centers. >> to the schools where a change dot org petition to change the vaccine rules in california. schools has gotten thousands of signatures. doctor jeanne noble is a co sponsor of the petition threat of covid. he's really >> really reduced with this new variant and with the advent of vaccines for kids, this reduction may be the first sign of endemic which the cdc defines as the constant presence and or usual prevalence of the disease or infectious agent and a population within a geographic area. but doctors saying even as cases drop, we aren't there yet its and get the help that that is the trend and followed by a significant drop in the number of new cases. >> he is a little high poll done by was now ski, robbie gold as it away and it is. has
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kicked a 40 diners just victory. golden like a robbery. probably goal. good as gold. >> forty-niners being the packers with a last second field goal. the divisional round of the playoffs. >> over. >> niners now moving on to the nfc championship game. getting ready to face to face their division rivals. the la rams excitement building for that matchup as well. ticket prices for the game there. so fy stadium in la are on the rise. let's just put it that way. kron four's will tran joining us live this morning with more on that and more on our there's some shenanigans down there trying to keep 49 fans i'm here in something about that. >> we're hearing about that, too, that the rams initially actually they posted this supposed to leave before face the box that if they beat the bucks and a host the nfc you know, it. if they beat the bucs only greater los angeles area, people that they are the
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ones who will possibly be able to buy the tickets. but it turns out now that i confirmed or at least it was taken down from the website. so if you are thinking about going into a lot of fans who live down in los angeles area or plan to travel that space and niners are all over california. these are the prices that you are looking for this morning and and flows. but we pulled up a 3rd party site. you are looking depending on where you plan to sit. $10,000. i know. james, you you live in a different tax bracket that's for you. i know you're 9 a span. so that's the james. what's your plan for the rest of us? if you want to go, you're looking at approximately 5.75. for the very top tier. but the bottom line is the niners and their fans. they don't care where you said let's face it because they want loud bit go. this is the last time they were there, you know, and the rams had a chance to keep.
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>> the niners from even going into the playoffs. it was so loud is jimmy g dropping back and drives? >> yes. the game into overtime. ultimately the niners with that got them into playoffs that this james, the niners, they have beaten the rams 6 street times. he was so loud with all the niners fans at the game that matthew stafford, it felt like a road game that he had to go to a silent count. so his wine, you know, they don't have to hear him, though. just go in rhythm before the heist. a ball. that's how loud it was for the niners fans to be there. of course, there are many fans already. here's the way, but you can still go. you can go to the rams. the website newbury only go to a 3rd party website. you pay by a pow. a pow will not asking for your zip code. rumor is even true. but if you pay with pay pal the morning asking for your zip code and then you can get tickets down there as well. so if you're part of the james, what's your plan sen $1000 to
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wear your jersey go down there? if you're part of the will tran plan, stay home to watch for free to get your nachos. >> richard is our producer 8. so people at home you can see him, but he dropped a great knowledge. she said about 67% of the time since 1970, when teams space for 3rd time and the season that the team that already won the first 2 times of the season, go on to win the 3rd game. 67% of the time your math nerd like james, your loving those odds. the niners. i'm calling it already. already know where i stand. but i think the niners they are top off with a capital t? >> no doubt about that. and for and if you're just a fan of football this whole weekend. niners and raz was just amazing to watch every gameocoming down to the final seconds. is just it was edgier seat entertainment all weekend long. will it yet to agree with that, right? and was
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stone gold has been stone cold in green bay. robbie goal just feeling the and then i you know, i your boy. aaron rodgers all the time to do is own research was going into seminole. yeah, the memes are going to be flying this morning. thank you. well, 5.11, the time we're going. take a quick break. coming up on the kron 4 morning news. tensions. >> between the u.s. and russia continue to grow, why the u.s. says it act quickly if russia decides to invade ukraine and santa clara county making it easier for people to get home covid-19 test kits. why residents say this is going to be a big help to them.
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>> we are back. quick warning. beware. big waves today. the national weather service issuing an alert for sneaker waves and rip currents until about 1 o'clock this afternoon. and that warning is for areas that include the north bay. we're talking point reyes, national seashore, san francisco, monterey, all the way down to big serve. so if you're going to be out at the beach today, be careful. these waves could easily and without warning, knock you over, pulling out to sea. there are a pretty intense the warnings go out. so be careful. let's get the forecast. john. you're talking about how today would be a nice day to go out and look at the waves. just keep your distance exactly. yet. just that extra room between you in the waves and i mean, my recommendation today is stay a little bit further inland because even though it is going to be a nice day at the coastline. >> it's going to be a little
5:16 am
bit cooler out there compared to the rest of the bay area where we're solidly going to be back into the 60's and bark and air is going to be a nice option. if you want to head into the city, we are going to see some clear blue skies and temperatures in the low 60's on the bay shore. temperatures today will rise swiftly and are some really nice and sunny conditions later on. we are cold this morning, though, down in the 30's and 40's don't forget those extra layers as you're getting outside for the time being in short order here, we do have some really nice weather this afternoon. and it's because of this ridge of high pressure built up immediately to our west. it is sending any sort of cold air in the chance of rainfall now? well, well, to the north, we do have a dip in the jet stream across the rest of the country. so while the eastern 2 thirds of the united states is seeing are really cold, bitter cold conditions here on the west coast in california. notably we're just holding out of the nice and mild stuff. we do have calmer winds today, friday and saturday were excessively windy days. one of the reasons that fire down in the big sur area did spread as fast as it
5:17 am
did. fortunately, with these calmer winds and slightly cooler temperatures, fire crews are anticipating favorable weather for getting that blaze under control and for the rest of us, it just means a really enjoyable afternoon 50's at the coastline. well, 60's along the bay shore today going to be another beautiful one. pretty familiar staff at this point, not quite as warm as over the weekend, but still mild conditions. temperatures for the south bay back into the mid 60's. san jose notably at 65 oakland on up to richmond right at 60 degrees. north bay temperatures mostly back into the 60's, although right along the coastline, that's where you'll find those 50's tomorrow's temperatures not much different than today and we stay level all the way through the last week of january into the final weekend of the month, monday of next week is the last day of the month. and all of it looks dry and mild february could bring a pattern change for hope. and so at least right now, there's a bit of uncertainty in the forecast but increase chances of rain into the first week of the new month. now, bridges
5:18 am
this morning. still really calm. it's monday light. i guess i know we use that term on friday, but it kind of looks like it out there for the start of the week, too, from the maze to fremont street were only a 8 minutes right now, hoping it stays light there at the san mateo bridge with a 12 minute drive. unadjusted just yet, even as a little bit of traffic starts to pick up. richmond center fell bridge, nothing in the way of any sort of backups there. and the golden gate bridge also looking nice and easy for you, james. all right, john, thank you very much. at 5.18. let's get to another story making headlines this morning. a california judge has cleared the way for repeat offenders to be released from prison early. >> it's an effort to reduce the prison population and it applies to inmates imprisoned under the state's 3 strikes law. the sacramento judge gave corrections officials the green light to consider early release for prisoners with good conduct credits. those credits can reduce sentences by more than half all prisoners being considered for early release or serving time at minimum security prisons for nonviolent offenses.
5:19 am
congress is taking steps to try to stop the market dominance of american big tech companies. a bipartisan bill is on its way to the senate floor right now. that aims prevent big tech companies from favoring their own services over rivals. the legislation was approved by the senate judiciary committee on thursday. the bill could also bring restrictions to google search engine, which, by the way, host about 90% of the world's web searches. critics of the bill, though, are pushing back, saying it would harm consumers and businesses who use these tech companies services. the committee investigating the january 6 riot on capitol hill has been talking with former attorney general william barr. barr was a staunch supporter of former president donald trump until he resigned over tensions. that's around trump's election claims. democratic representative bennie thompson said in an interview over the weekend that he's concerned the former president used the military to spread the false claim that the election results were rigged. the committee also wants to find out if the department of justice was aware of the proposal floating
5:20 am
around to seize voting machines in the wake of trump's loss. overseas, fears of a russian invasion are escalating as russian troops are stationed themselves along the border with ukraine. it's a move that's prompted u.s. officials now to order families of all american personnel at the embassy there in ukraine to leave the country if they enter the country. the u.s. is promising to take swift action. it's a story that basil, john is standing by in dc with the very latest on good morning. basal. well, james, good morning. and we actually have just learned that nato is now sending ships in jets. >> to eastern europe and has put its forces on standby as this threat from russia continues to escalate. and now the u.s. is considering what their next options will be, depending on what the russian president plans to do. >> u.s. officials want american diplomats, families to leave ukraine as they provide 2 paths for russian president vladimir putin. there's a path of diplomacy and dialogue, but there's also
5:21 am
a path of a it's renewed aggression and massive consequences that we have been building now for many weeks. secretary of state antony blinken told cnn's state of the union the u.s. is prepared to long sanctions against russia if necessary, if they're triggered. now you lose the deterrent effect. but on cbs news face the nation, texas republican congressman michael mccall is confident putin will not change his actions. it's getting very aggressive. the noose is tightening around ukraine. president zelinsky, as you mentioned, said he wants the sanctions now in his more than 120,000 russian troops are positioned on the border of ukraine, iowa republican senator joni ernst told abc's this week the u.s. needs to stand with its european allies. now we need to make sure that democracy is prevailing around the globe. >> and that socialism, communism, the old soviet union is not regaining territory. >> now over the weekend, the
5:22 am
british government released details that russia was looking to overthrow the government in ukraine and replaces leader with one that is pro-kremlin. but russia has rejected that claim reporting live in washington. i'm basil, john. all right, basil, thank you. we'll be keeping an eye on what's happening in that part of the world 5.22. is the time. we'll take a break. but coming up on the kron, 4 morning news fans of the castro theater speaking out against their new partnership. >> why they say the theater should keep showing movies. we'll be right back.
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back at 5. 25 and in san francisco movie-lovers held a demonstration urging the owners of the castro theater to continue offering movies in the future. and this is all after the theater announced that it's going to be entering a new partnership to reinvent the theater is a live events venue. the theater's owners are working right now with planet entertainment. upgrade and modernize the building. the theater plans to host live music and comedy shows and community events and they say they will still screen select movies. demonstrators, though, are worried about the future of cinema there at that venue. we're nervous because they haven't held a town hall meeting. >> to explain directly to us if they have a commitment to keep showing the silent films,
5:26 am
the gate films threat of losing the casters film programming when reps has already taken such a sustained beating here in san francisco is >> especially here in, you know, sort of its the grandest place of its expression is wildly concerning >> well, the grand reopening of the new castro theater has been proposed for 2023. kron. 4 reached out to the theater for some comment on yesterday's demonstration. we haven't heard back but will continue helping this conversation along. coming up next on the kron 4 morning news. the transit agency in the south bay is considering a vaccine mandate will tell you how the policy could dramatically impact the work force there. >> we'll be right back.
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>> 5.30, the time. another check of the forecast here with john as we hit the half hour. mark johns on this monday. what are we looking for for today? and then i guess the week ahead, go pretty familiar stuff, james. we're going have another nice afternoon ahead of us this morning. it is pretty chilly, though. so definitely don't forget the extra layers you're venturing outside this early morning, especially 30's 40's right now for a lot of us. your view outside at the berkeley hills looking good. nice and clear. only a couple of spots. a brief fog on the peninsula near the bayshore and further inland. nothing super widespread. so honestly, a pretty cooperative morning as far as weather goes,
5:30 am
fremont livermore, dublin, brentwood as well as morgan hill all down in the 30's in the east bay right now, the north bay are very cold. us, though, napa, just one degree above freezing. same for you in fairfield, both at 33 degrees. so definitely get those jackets ready to go. as you venture out now, as you are getting out of the roadways, expect some pretty calm conditions. still, we haven't had too many incidents just yet from the maze to fremont street on the bay bridge. certainly nothing that's slowing you down. still below 10 minutes to get you across into the city. san mateo bridge a little over 10 minutes. get you across the bridge there and nothing slowing you down just yet either. even as traffic picks up, richmond center fell in 8 minute drive in the golden gate bridge from 37 in marine to the tolls in san francisco. only 19 minutes, james. john, thank you very much. back to our big story this morning. santa clara county has made free at-home covid tests available. >> 2 residents there is the county's now purchase 60,000 test kits. we're going to be handing those out to people who signed up for them over
5:31 am
the course of this week. kron four's phillipe djegal takes a closer look at how it's all going to work. >> on friday, within hours of making 15,000 appointments available for santa clara county residents to pick up for free. i know covid-19 antigen rapid test starting saturday. all appointments were booked up as this early. it it is. the county chose to purchase and hand out 60,000 test kits separate from the free tests being offered by the federal government. this as people struggle to find the kids in stores and online, i didn't even try because all see is like they're also not anywhere. so. >> pretty getting this for free, really helpful. marshall couple park in san jose was one of opened up throughout the county, including foothill college in the los altos hills. >> the county will continue to pass the tests out through next saturday, a mental health therapist. so like have to get
5:32 am
these in some seeing people every or the county says the accuracy of the test should be trusted. >> adding that if an antigen test result is positive, people shouldn't here to isolation guidance. but there is no need to report to any agency. just took an awful mom. >> a school, a high school placement test. and you need to be test before attending placement test. because we need to get testing all the time. although the county says this first round of tests have been accounted for and will be claimed. >> they're hoping to order more in the coming weeks in san jose filipe should all kron 4 news. >> time now is 5 32 children in the south bay got a chance to receive their vaccines at a vaccine at should say clinic at san jose children's discovery museum members of the santa clara county public health department are there to administer the shots yesterday families vaccinated at that clinic received free passes to the museum. organizers tell us that their focus was to provide free covid vaccines for families who are enrolled in medicare.
5:33 am
>> the focus today really is on families who are medical participants. so our goal is to make sure that every family in this community realizes they have access to free vaccinations actually heard this and i think, sounds good and we can get a passport discovery museum and has said that u.s.. >> the museum also be holding a clinic on february 13th. and you can find more about that on our website. the kron 4 dot com. in the south bay, the santa clara valley transportation authority will be potentially will potentially implement a covid vaccine mandate starting early next week. a policy that may have a dramatic impact on its workforce. workers have 60 days to comply with this policy. once it goes into effect and those without an exemption, they may be facing termination. this comes after a lot of eta operators reported positive for covid-19
5:34 am
and that's causing agency now to have a shortage of light rail operators and bus drivers. the mandate may be delayed as the agency discuss. details with its unions will see what they come up with. meanwhile, the fda is also expanding the use of the antiviral drug remdesivir for treatment of mild to moderate covid-19 symptoms on friday. the agency expanded the use of that medicine to include everyone who test positive for the virus. but he's not hospitalized. and if you've got mild or moderate symptoms and at high risk of severe illness, the now you're eligible to take it as well. the mess and received emergency use authorization during the 1st half of 2020 back when it was only used for people who are hospitalized with severe covid-19. and then later in the year it was approved for use for anyone 12 and older who was hospitalized. and now they're actually opening up to people that have mild or moderate symptoms that our hospital eyes. the fda could soon limit, though, the monoclonal antibody treatment for covid-19 cases, according to reports, this treatment doesn't seem to be very
5:35 am
effective against the omicron variant. so because of that, the national institutes of health recently called on clinics to. advise patients against these treatments. the cdc says that nearly 100% of the new cases nationwide are omicron. however, some governors are still in support of the treatments. recent data firm zillow shows available housing inventory significantly dropping over the past 2 years. that data shows listings plunged across the u.s. by more than more than 40%. and although the numbers aren't quite as dramatic here in the bay area, there are still significant. >> for the bay area, san francisco and san jose were down about a 5th from this time last year in terms of active listings. so 5th, about 20%. >> the drop in availability paired with a high demand from buyers is causing home prices too steadily rise as they always seem to do here. experts say home values have risen about 17% over the last year. well, today's the first day of the 2022 tax filing season and the irs is warning that things will be a bit more complicated this year due to
5:36 am
the pandemic. firstly, the agencies dealing with an unprecedented backlog because a lot of their workers are on sick leave because of covid. in addition, there are new issues for taxpayers to sort through this year. for instance, some people who are eligible to receive child tax credits. but i've already received advance payments from covid-19 relief packages could see smaller returns and they were expecting the tax deadline this year is on april 18th. don't forget. still ahead on the kron 4 morning news, a bay area native honored in times square. >> why one artist says it's important to remember people like michelle go and nfl playoff game stole the show over the weekend. we'll have details and the highlights coming up in sports. and we are looking at conditions out there this morning. nice and clear. you can see. >> that we will have some sunshine in short order. and once we get there, temperatures will rise quickly back into the low 60's for most of the bay area. i've got your forecast ahead.
5:37 am
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>> 5.39 the time from coast to coast. people are remembering bay area native michelle go more than a week now after she was pushed in front of a moving subway train in new york. now there's a tribute to her in times square. jane can has the story.
5:40 am
>> michelle go's life remembered forever through this artwork displayed on massive billboards at new york's times square vigils on the east coast in san francisco for the 40 year-old who was killed after a homeless man pushed her onto the subway tracks 61 year-old simon marshall charged with second-degree murder in the random attack. we all deserve to be safe. illustrator jonathan chain drew the images of the bay area native, along with images of many victims of racially motivated violence. he spoke for the first time on the condition. we don't show his face because of ongoing asian hate and he wanted to focus on the victims of these violent crimes. >> i actually feel like in a way. i do try to. get through this by, you know, paying tributes to these victims. no way where, you know, i feel so powerless that. we could have helped them in their time of need. you know, some something about like when i'm drawing these portraits. i feel like, you know, i'm honoring them in the way and i'm hoping share their stories like, you know,
5:41 am
some of victims like they'll never die as long as we we remember what happened to them. remember story. >> chang lives in los angeles. his main job creating illustrations for entertaining clients. but his passion project over the past year, although emotionally draining has given him new meaning, you know, my intention for drawing. these is just to raise awareness. >> on the stories are happening and i just want people to know that. you know, asian hate israel, like, you know, this is something that's going to happen. our community right now. >> we'll be right back.
5:42 am
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>> and we're back at 5.43. with another check of the weather. we've got john trouble looking outside and actually looks pretty clear out there, john. yeah, it's definitely a clear morning that some of ours last week were when we were talking about so much fog. and then the weekend came, we're talking about so much wind and we're pretty much eliminating both of those factors for the vast majority of the bay area. so that means a pretty easy go this morning. your view outside at our cameras situated towards soma and the financial district looking clear enough, we are still seeing obviously some dark scar as skies. so not really looking at much of a view just yet. radar is otherwise looking at dry conditions, though, and we're going to stay that way through the remainder of the month today. the last week of january starts the last week of january. that is and next
5:45 am
weekend last weekend of the month. and all of it looks clear and dry much as we have been high pressure ridge responsible for all of that, that hope to result in the windy conditions we had friday and saturday. one of the reasons the fire down in big sur spread as fast as it did. winds have calmed down, though in temperatures are actually going to be a little cooler today. so that should give fire crews the upper hand down on the central coast here in the bay area. that just means a really pleasant day for us. lots of sunshine continuing to remain dry, which we would love to see switching up but might as well enjoy the dry weather while we've got it. some 50's right along the coastline and then it will be low to mid 60's elsewhere. south bay temperatures today in the mid 60's for san jose campbell and santa clara. that means 65 degrees for you. from fremont on over into the tri valley, it will be 63 while oakland up to richmond each at 60 degrees, north bay temperatures mostly in the low 60's until you get to the coastline. that's where you'll find some mid 50's a little cooler out that way. we also have a high surf advisory due
5:46 am
to some a pretty high breakers out there along the coastline. so they just want to stay further inland. temperatures remain steady all the way through the rest of this forecast. something we've got use to lately is the dry weather. not a whole lot of movement with temperatures. so as you do get outside this morning, bundle up and look forward to a comfortable feel later on. as far as our roadways go still nice and light out there. the bay bridge has been an easy go all morning. we don't have the metering lights on just yet. so we haven't seen the backup form at the toll plaza. only 8 minutes from the tolls and over to fremont street san mateo bridge, a 12 minute drive there. traffic moving along, just fine. even as we start to see a few more cars taken to the roads. richmond center fell bridge a 7 minute drive and still pretty empty. just like you're seeing out at the golden gate, james. all right, john, thank you very 5.46, let's talk warriors. they hung on to win against the utah jazz. >> we're also celebrating forty-niners winning over the weekend. so they're now going to face the rams in the nfc championship game. we have
5:47 am
kron four's kate rooney with the very latest in sports. >> some people are calling this the best weekend of playoff football we've ever had ever. we're going to get to that. but you think the nba is going to stop just because a few nfl kickers had their seasons on the line? no. so let's talk. >> warriors a big one at chase center. the utah jazz were in town in a possible postseason preview. steph curry without his splash brother. klay thompson was a late scratch due to some knee soreness. hope nothing serious. >> late in the second more years of one jordan poole drops jordan clarkson and hits the 3 20 points in the game for pole. he's been stepping it up when needed this season. 4th quarter now, 2 point warriors lead pull shot doesn't go this time. but come on. loney puts it back in 10 points for the big man. curry fired up for that. so we go to the final seconds of the game. bojan bogdanovic is 3. it out
5:48 am
and the put back will not fall as time expires. so the warriors hang on to win. 94 92 really close game. all right. now to the nfl divisional playoffs today. rams at bucs tom brady looking to get back to yet another super bowl. the bucks back from a 27 to 3 deficit. brady goes deep to mike evans. that in for a 55 yard. touchdown in tampa would eventually tie it at 27 27. but that stafford rally his team help from his favorite target cooper kupp making the 44 yard catch down to the bucs 12. so that day can win it from 30 yards out and his kick is god. the rams advance to the nfc championship final score 30 to 27. they will now take on the forty-niners for the right to go to the super bowl in the nfc championship. that game is next sunday at sofi stadium in la and all right. we go to the afc now bills at chiefs, buffalo.
5:49 am
>> up 3 with just over a minute left. this is a crazy finish. patrick mahomes over the middle to tyreek hill. turns on the jets. and he is gone even gives the defense the peace sign as he goes in for the 64 yard. touchdown. 33, 29 teams. but back come the bill. 17 seconds left. josh allen. but gabriel davis from 19 yards out. it's 36. 33 bills with 13 seconds left, but believe it or not, that was too much time from the homes. a 25 yard completion to travis kelsey put kansas city in field goal range harris and butler from 49 yards out makes the kick a 36. 36 tie and we are headed to overtime. chiefs won the toss and got the ball first and so mahomes didn't even give allen a chance hitting kelsey for the game winning touchdown. buffalo's offense to even get the chance to touch the ball in ot and the chiefs win it. 42 to 36. so they're going to host the
5:50 am
cincinnati bengals in the afc championship game. just a wild, wild day of sports. >> that is it for us. >> well, the warriors play the mavericks tomorrow night out of the chase center. tipoff at 7 o'clock. and of course, we're all week for the forty-niners to face the rams this coming weekend on sunday. also in the world of sports, chinese officials are asking beijing residents to help mitigate covid-19. is that city is preparing to welcome olympic athletes. residents in what are called risk. areas of the city are being asked not to leave your to stay home. many are urged to stay away from mass gatherings. cases of omicron in beijing are nowhere near where they are here in the u.s.. that's if we can count on beijing's numbers being accurate. they identified 9 new locally transmitted cases on saturday. but china is taking no chances. athletes are required to remain in very strict bubble environments during the games. and the general public is not allowed to attend the games at all. the winter olympics are set to begin next friday. we'll be right back.
5:51 am
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for severe eosinophilic asthma. not for sudden breathing problems. allergic reactions can occur. get help right away for swelling of face, mouth, tongue, or trouble breathing. infections that can cause shingles have occured. don't stop steroids unless told by your doctor. tell your doctor if you have a parasitic infection. may cause headache, injection site reactions, back pain, and fatigue. ask your asthma specialist about a nunormal with nucala. we're back at 5.53 mountain view man is proving that age just a number at 101 years old. he continues to play tennis and isn't ready to hang up the rock to just yet. kron. 4 sports reporter kayla mills has that story. >> they say h. is just a
5:54 am
number. i don't mountain views. lloyd lettuce is proof of that. i think my dad's going to keep going for another 5 or 10 years. he just never. >> looks at himself as being old at 101 years. young lettuce still makes his way to los altos. high school 3 days a week to play tennis. and fact that they don't haha the oldest of the group by a decade. let us attacks each forehand with all he had its keep my eye on the haha. >> and i love that he plays tennis 3 times week. i hate that. he drives here by himself and doesn't take uber. lettuce is son bill with a bit more cautious can't convince him to a stop driving that he. >> very where and he said he enjoys driving still. so let us enjoy studying astronomy, playing competitive bridge in
5:55 am
attending cal football games every season i went to the big game. it was a really nice which >> cal berkeley is where lettuce met his wife of 75 years. the couple has 4 children, 14 grandchildren and 23 great grandchildren that he loves his family. and it's one thing i think that keeps him going still going and going strong. he never stops the. >> it reminds me of the rod stewart's on forever young. another year older. >> another year, wiser and still playing tennis. >> don't continue playing tennis lose highland hills kron, 4 sports. >> 5.55, is the time. still ahead, the hype is building for the nfc championship game between the niners and the rams were going to chat with kron four's will tran about ticket prices where they are now in maybe some efforts to keep niner fans so fi stadium
5:56 am
and wildfires still burning along the coast of big sur y it's shocking to have a fire like this so early in the year. and today, funeral services for david when the alameda county sheriff's recruit who died earlier this month near the bay bridge after someone shot into his car. we're going to preview of the service.
5:57 am
5:58 am
5:59 am
>> from the bay area's local news station. you're watching the kron. 4 morning news at 6. >> good morning. thank you for joining us here at 06:00am on the kron. 4 morning news. i'm james fletcher. and as we kick off this monday morning, let's find out what kind of weather you can expect once you step outside for that. we'll say good morning to johns. they there, james, just a little bit chilly out there this morning. aside from that, not a lot that's going to be holding you up as you venture outside for this monday clear skies looking outside from your east bay hills down into the east bay. a couple of catches that of a fog formed in the portion of the bay itself and out into the central valley. honestly, though, aside from that, we're actually pretty fog free this morning and should have a pretty easy go as you get out there just in to sup 8. that cool. feel to it. a lot of us are in the 30's, including half moon bay, morgan hill. fremont livermore, dublin and brentwood. north bay temperatures are cold us
6:00 am
though. santa rosa sitting right at freezing at the moment. now, we do have one incident on the roadways that i want to tell you about. that is on one. 0, one down in the south bay. let's get a look at our roadways and you can see that we do have a traffic collision with injuries and an overturned vehicle on us one. 0, one southbound ramp 2, 8, 80. that's in san jose. the right shoulder is blocked there again. that's the one. 0, one southbound ramp to 80 south and that is resulting in a bit of a slowdown, both northbound and southbound right there around downtown san jose. just something to note for southbound commuters, a bay bridge is still doing just fine. no, i'm a slowdown at the toll plaza. metering lights not on just yet. san mateo bridge, a 12 minute drive there. and looking at the richmond center fell bridge with the 7 minute drive over the span golden gate bridge still pretty empty. and still only 19 minutes from 37 to the tolls. james. john, thank you. at 6 o'clock and our top story this


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