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tv   KRON 4 News at 8  KRON  January 23, 2022 8:00pm-9:01pm PST

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>> when fun time from the bay area's local news station. you're watching kron. 4 news heading. >> and they had a wet winter >> it's it's usually the quiet for fires. and it's it's hetrtbreaking. >> now at a big fire in big sur has hundreds of people evacuated in monterey county tonight. and smoke from that fire is impacting us here in the bay area. thank you so much for joining us here during kron. 4 news in prime time. i'm justine waltman. i'm jonathan mccall. the colorado fire has now burned through more than 1000 acres and is now 25% contained. >> kron four's them into
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areas. but tha day talking with folks know, helping the victims of that fire in monterey county. >> cal fire tells me there is some good news. they say the winds have died down and that has allowed firefighters to gain the upper hand on this fire. you see here they did outstanding more incredible video shows firefighters working to get a fire along the big sur coast under control. >> it's being called the colorado fire. the fire is burning in steep. rugged terrain is very difficult to it's got redwoods. it's got large brush. >> and we've also had very poor overnight recoveries. that means that overnight when the education, usually the humidity levels rise, that didn't really happen last night. all areas west of 3800 palo colorado, road to highway one and south. the bixby creek. >> were evacuated. >> part of highway one south of half moon bay was closed in both directions because of downed power lines and branches. but it's now
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reopened. we were able to an air attack going. 2 helicopters and 2 tankers. we have 3 strike teams here from units from cal fire all over the region. cal fire public information officer cecile juliette tells me the firefighters will continue to work around the clock. firefighters will be on the ground throughout the the planes will be grounded because it's going to be dark. but firefighters going to continue to fight throughout the evening. and then, you know. >> continue on through the morning. she's asking everyone who lives in or near the area to be understanding. >> of the severity of this situation asking for people. >> to be patient and also give first responders a lot of room to work so they can get this fire knocked down. you get everybody back home. she tells me 10 or 15 years ago it would be extremely rare have a fire of this magnitude. >> in january that now we have a fire year and not a fire season, but she says firefighters are prepared for
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that. >> amanda hari kron, 4 california lawmakers from both sides of the aisle say they're now working on a bill that would provide more money to cal fire. >> that money would be used to help the agency meet the national standard of having 3 firefighters per engine. the move would require hiring an additional one, 1100 full-time and seasonal workers. lawmakers are also said to be moving forward with a mandate to cal fire staffing study that would then be submitted to governor gavin newsom. >> let's take a live look outside right now here across the bay bridge toll plaza on the sunday night. calm out there. not a lot of wind today, but the smoke from that fire big sur has been impacting our air. quality is good check of where things stand right now and to get you ready to head out the door for the start of your monday, he's going 4 meteorologist mabrisa rodriguez. yeah, that's right. jonathan and justine. let's take a look at conditions out there in monterey county. were that colorado fire is burning. 48 degrees out there right now. so cooler temperatures
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calm, wind speeds and relative humidity. >> up to more than 52%. to be exact. so both of those factors certainly going to help firefighters get the upper hand with those flames. but one thing that we're going to notice here in the bay area are some of that smoke and ash particles making its way northward into the bay area a little bit smoky and hazy out there today. and tomorrow going to be very similar. so those of you with any pulmonary or respiratory issues, limit outdoor activity as much as you can tomorrow, we are going to see some calm to breezy winds out of the north. fortunately pushing most of that smoke and ash away from the bay area. and even in monterey county, most of the wind also going to come out of the north. so we're not going to see as much smoke like what we saw today, taking a live look outside at city hall still celebrating our forty-niners run from yesterday. it's lit up in red and gold this evening. and i for one not complaining. love it. so let's take a look at when tracker for out there
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right now. getting some calm, breezy winds out of the west of that cool sea breeze influence helping downtown san francisco. still stay on the mild side at 56 degrees. just to your napa. 42 degrees. so quite the temperatures spread out there. more than 10 degree difference out there starting to cool down in our inland valleys in the north and east bay. still mild or on the bay area shoreline. but one thing we are going to notice a lot of sunshine, breezy winds out of the north on thursday. details ahead. we're going to have any wind advisories reissued for north bay valleys and mountains. coming up in my full forecast in just a few minutes. back to you. jonathan. just seen risa. thank you. new at 8 o'clock tonight, oakland police try to piece together a shooting that happened this afternoon. >> it happened just after 4 o'clock at east 12th street in fruitvale avenue. this is video of that scene courtesy of the citizen app. a victim in the area of 30rd avenue and international boulevard was found the victim taken to the hospital tonight. police still searching for suspects. also
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armed robbery happened this morning around 10, 30 on international boulevard when officers got to the scene, they say that the suspect was trying to get away from them, but they were able to catch up with them a short time later. that investigation is now underway. anyone with information is urged to call oakland police. >> now to the south bay and san jose. police are investigating the city's ace fatal crash of the year. police say the hit and run happened last night around 7.30, in north jackson avenue. a pedestrian was struck by a car and then died at the hospital. police are also saying this is the city's 6 pedestrian death of the year. no details on the car involved have been released. >> chp say that speed is to blame for a deadly motorcycle crash that happened valais overnight. officers say a motorcyclist was headed east on i-80 when he lost control on the magazine street off on ramp. chp says the impact of the crash through the runner from the bike. investigators say they also have not ruled out whether or not drugs or
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alcohol also played a factor. >> a funeral is set for tomorrow for the alameda county sheriff's recruit who was killed in a freeway shooting. the service for david when is scheduled to begin at 10 in the morning at the cornerstone fellowship church in livermore. we will be streaming the service on our kron on app. the 28 year-old sheriff's cadets was driving home from work earlier this month when someone shot into his car right near the bay bridge toll plaza. when was just a month away from starting his career as a deputy, investigators are still searching for the suspect and what led to the shooting. a $10,000 reward is being offered for information leading to the arrest and prosecution of the killer. >> tonight, america's top infectious disease doctor says that the country should see a drop in the number of covid cases brought on by the omicron surge sometime by the middle of february. >> the pattern follows the trend that we're seeing in other places such as the northeast. i believe that you
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will start to see a turnaround throughout the entire country's. we'd like it to get down to that level or it doesn't disrupt us in the sense of getting back to a degree normality. that's the best case scenario. doctor anthony fauci says that the worst case would be emergence of a new variant that would be resistant to current vaccines. >> he says the best defense is to be vaccinated. boosted and to wear a mask and to social distance. >> the fda has extended the use of the antiviral drug remdesivir for treatment of mild to moderate covid-19 symptoms. the medicine received emergency use authorization in the 1st half of 2020 back. then it was only for use in people hospitalized with severe covid-19. later in 2020, it was approved for use anyone 12 and older in the hospital with covid on friday. the agency expanded the use to include everyone who test positive for the disease, but is not hospitalized. has mott mild to moderate symptoms and is at high risk of severe
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illness. patients can get the medication through an iv over a period of 3 days. meanwhile, the food and drug administration says it could soon limit. >> monoclonal antibody treatments for covid-19 cases, according to reports, the treatments have not been effective against the omicron variant. and because of that, the national institute of health recently called on clinics to advise their patients against using the treatments. the centers for disease control and prevention says that nearly 100% of all new cases nationwide are from the omicron variant. despite that news, some governors including ron desantis of florida and greg abbott of texas say they still support those treatments. meanwhile, children in the south bay today got a chance to receive their vaccines at a clinic at the san jose children's discovery museum. members of the santa clara county public health department were on hand to administer the vaccines. families vaccinated at the clinic also received passes for entry. organizers told kron 4 today that their focus
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was to provide free covid vaccines for families in rolled with medical. >> the focus today really is on families who are medical participants. so our goal is to make sure that every family in this community realizes they have access to free vaccinations actually heard and i think, okay, sounds good and we can get a password discovery museum and has said that that i have all this. >> the museum says it will also holes host another clinic on february 13th. we have more details on our website at kron 4 dot com. >> there are concerns about the future of the castro theater in san francisco. movie-lovers held a demonstration today urging the owners of the historic theater to keep it as is. it all comes after the theater's management recently announced that a new deal that would bring live shows. >> and would also require modern upgrades. kron four's.
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gayle ong has the details. >> movie lovers left messages on the sidewalk outside san francisco's historic castor theater at its very best. this is, you know, >> the best place to see a movie in san francisco been coming to the castro theater for about 50 years. and i'm very concerned that they will be showing movies anymore or film festivals have been coming to the film festivals in particular long time to vote like bruce oats are concerned about changes to the venue. >> after the theater announced a new partnership to bring shows to the neighborhood and reinvent the theater has a live event venue. the theater's owners are working with planet entertainment to upgrade and modernize the building. we're not against change. >> what word against is the lack of communication. that's why michael patrol is speak out sunday afternoon. >> calling on the owners to keep showing movies. according to a statement that theater plans to host live music and comedy shows and community events. the theater will still
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screen select movies were nervous because they haven't held a town hall meeting to explain directly to us if they have a commitment to keep showing the silent films, the gate films we won, know if they will guarantee. >> continue drag queen shows here are the threat of losing the casters film programming. when reps has already taken such a sustained beating here in san francisco is >> especially here in, you know, sort of its the grandest place of its expression is wildly concerning to know those of us who i love the castro specifically but in general. >> there are plans to improve the sound system lighting and the iconic marquee along with tech upgrades. the grand reopening has been proposed for 2023 kron. 4 reached out to the castro theater for comment on sunday's demonstration but have not yet heard back in san francisco, gayle ong kron. 4 news. >> still ahead, 8 o'clock
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tonight, a record number of guns confiscated by the tsa. why officials are seeing more people carrying weapons while they travel.
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>> welcome back, everyone. gun confiscation, zed american airports have now hit a 20 year high. many of those guns found fully loaded. tsa agents say they found all of those guns in cary on bags
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discovered his passengers went through airport screening as michael shure reports, many of the passengers say they simply forgot. >> that they have the guns with them. >> the transportation safety administration reporting a sharp increase in firearms confiscated at airport security checkpoints last year with cases up over 80% from 2020 across 268 airports nationally. but it will show an increase from. >> the 4,432 that were detected in 2019 prior to the start of the pandemic. when many more people were so farbstein spokesperson with the tsa says that most passengers say they forgot that they had their fire on, but it goes further than that last year. 86% of those guns were loaded. so people are telling us that they forgot that loaded gun with them. it's almost unbelievable. that's crazy. i don't understand why somebody would even think >> that you could get away with doing this day and that's
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great. the tsa saying passengers can travel with firearms but they must be checked. unloaded packed in a hard-sided case and kept separate from their ammunition, which itself is required to be in its original packaging. you shouldn't be one of the ones losing your gun. you should be one of the ones flag going to sh x o i just i'm personally no sympathy for atlanta airport is by far the side of the most confiscation is over 500 tsa and even passengers saying that the responsibility should fall to gun owners. it really is a matter of if you own a firearm, you need to know where these at all times. >> you seem to know your car keys are his team to know where you are. is that deadly weapon at a time when mask mandates and canceled flights are already a stress on flyers and airport personnel. >> these figures are concerning. and according to the tsa avoidable, michael shure news nation. >> changed up and take a live look outside here across the city of san francisco city hall and red and gold for the
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forty-niners got another big weekend football ahead of us next week. we're also hoping for some rain. what do you think? >> cross our fingers and hope that it comes our way we know things are going to be dry at least for this week. but we are tracking some rain and we're also tracking some strong waves. for folks heading down to the beach as well. >> yeah, that's right, jonathan. just dean were actually tracking some dangerous surf along our bay area coastline because of these rip currents could get as high as 3 to 6 feet for so boaters and even those of you who just plan on going swimming out there on the coast and enjoying the mild weather, especially for those of you in the north bay heads up because these are the type of currents that can literally pull you into the ocean. if you do get caught in one in this northwest swell going to continue through monday afternoon before it's allowed to expire by 1 o'clock. but when tracker for going to keep an eye on the winds, especially for those of you in
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the north bay. very calm conditions out there right now. but as i fast forward to tuesday afternoon, through tuesday night could see sustained winds in our north bay valleys, 20 to 30 miles per hour and throughout the highest peaks of the north bay mountains. we actually could see gusts upwards of 40 miles per hour or less. fortunately not going to be as strong as wind storm that we saw friday through saturday. but just something to keep an eye on for the days ahead. and we are going to see very mild dry conditions for this upcoming week with rain returning to start up the first week of february, more my full forecast in just a few minutes. jonathon, just in back to you. thank you. we're getting new details tonight about the 2 new york police officers who were shot in harlem. one of them died. >> the other still fighting for his life in the hospital. reporter jennifer bisram has the latest. >> and we're learning more about both of those officers who were shot friday night here in harlem. officer rivera being remembered as a hero and officer more remains in
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critical condition fighting for his life with his family, by his side where we are outside of the 3, 2 precinct in harlem. and you can see lots of flowers, lots of candles. people have been here all day long, praying and just doing the best they can to show this precinct and the city support. >> law enforcement from all across our region, including westchester county and the hudson valley at the 32nd precinct in harlem this paying their respects with food wreaths and any support they can. all of them bonded together by that blue line. it's very important that we do something like this. >> because the community needs to know that, although we all were different patches and >> use all the officers here, there's probably about 100 officers here from all throughout the hudson valley that we're standing shoulder to shoulder patch bypass, but we're all part of the same family. >> it happened right after officer jason rivera's body was taken to riverdale funeral home. hundreds of first responders saluting and these
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heartbreaking words from his brother in the middle of it officer rivera's family were immigrants to the u.s.. and the 22 year-old was the first among them to wear an nypd baggage in this letter to the academy and why he wanted to become a cop. he wrote he wanted to help better. the relationship between the community and police have a but >> he used to work at a local pharmacy here. he said that the to the church and he she's seen him at the station comes from can see this as his partner officer wilbert mora continues to fight for his life. >> undergoing more surgeries for swelling in his brain after he too, was shot friday night back at the precinct where bunting ceremony also took place this morning. the american flag is at half-staff and people have been lighting candles and leaving flowers all day. now with gun violence at the center of the spike in crime this month. mayor adams says he will implement a modified plainclothes anti-gun unit immediately. we're going
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to re used newer version of in plain modified plain clothes. >> anti-gun unit. again. officer mora is still in a critical condition with his family at his bedside. funeral arrangements are now being made for officer rivera. >> in harlem, new york, jennifer bisram news nation. >> a bay area native killed in a tragic scene being remembered tonight nationwide. still to come, we'll talk with the artists launching a billboard in honor of from ever.
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>> from coast to coast tonight, people are remembering bay area native michelle go more than a week after she was killed when someone pushed through in front of a moving subway train in new york city. now her image shines bright at the crossroads of the world. amid renewed efforts to stop ap. i hate the person who pushed her has been arrested, but activists now want her death investigated as a hate crime. >> reporter jean king spoke with the artist who created this billboard. >> michelle go's life remembered forever through this artwork displayed on massive billboards at new york's times square vigils on the east coast in san francisco for the 40 year-old who was killed after a homeless man pushed her onto the subway tracks madness 61 year-old simon marshall charged with second-degree murder in the random attack. we all deserve to be safe.
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illustrator jonathan chain drew the images of the bay area native, along with images of many victims of racially motivated violence. he spoke for the first time on the condition. we don't show his face because of ongoing asian hate and he wanted to focus on the victims of these violent crimes. >> i actually feel like in a way. i do try to. get through this by, you know, paying tributes to these victims in a way where, you know, i feel so powerless that could have helped them in their time of need. you know, some something about like when i'm drawing these portraits. i feel like, you know, i'm honoring them in the way and i'm hoping share their stories like, you know, some of victims like they'll never die as long as we we remember what happened to the murder story. >> chang lives in los angeles. his main job creating illustrations for entertaining clients, but his passion project over the past year, although emotionally draining has given him new meaning, you know, my intention for drawing just to raise awareness.
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>> on the stories are happening and i just want people to know that. you know, asian hate israel, like, you know, this is something that's going to happen. our community right now. >> that was jean king reporting for us tonight. >> investigating the january 6 insurrection. still to come tonight. >> house committee members are now talking to about the attack on the capitol. >> and rosa cooling down almost 10 degrees from yesterday's daytime highs in the mid 70's down to mid 60's. but still about 10 degrees above average detail. the what you can expect for your workweek forecast ahead in just a few minutes.
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>> let's take a live look outside right now at san francisco international airport after such a lovely weekend. >> kron 4 meteorologist mabrisa rodriguez here tonight with a look at what's on the way for the start of your monday. >> yeah, we're going to see a gradual cooling trend taking place to start your work week monday already noticing chillier temperatures out there this evening for your sunday night. 8 o'clock hour. crystal clear skies and also we are noticing a lack of marine layer and calmer winds. so that's what's contributing to our cooler temperatures out there right now. already seeing widespread 40's with an app of 42 degrees about 13 degrees warmer in downtown san francisco at 55 degrees and overnight lows tonight. going
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to be even chillier, especially for those of you in santa rosa. cooling down into the mid 30's at 37 degrees with upper 30's for concord and livermore. a little bit milder, though, around the bay area shoreline with low to mid 40's downtown san francisco cooling down to 45 degrees and temperatures tomorrow going to be near seasonable along the coast and east bay shoreline, upper 50's to low 60's. 59 degrees of peace for downtown san francisco in half moon bay, 60 degrees for oakland, but still about 5 degrees above average for most of our inland valleys, especially santa rosa and san jose. 65 degrees. so we are going to see those some changes in our extended forecast. this upcoming workweek going to stay dry but to start out february, we're going to see some very light showers on february. first on tuesday, february 2nd storm, an actual rain going to make its way into the bay area. bringing snow showers to the sierra as well. so it's looking very promising to start out that your e-book from now until
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then going to end january. on a dry note. back to you, jonathan. just seen the thank you. in washington, dc the committee investigating the january 6th riot on capitol hill has been talking with former attorney general william barr. >> barr was a staunch supporter of former president donald trump until he resigned over trump's election claims. there are concerns that the former president use the military to promote the big lie that the election results were false. the committee also wants to find out if the doj was aware of a proposal to seize voting machines in the wake of trump's loss. >> south dakota's governor is pushing to ban most abortions in the state. the changes would be similar to bill in texas where abortions are banned once a fetal heartbeat is detected. that's typically around 6 weeks. governor kristi noem says that she won south dakota, have the strongest a pro law pro-life laws on the books. if the measure is passed, anyone who
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doesn't receive an abortion assist in one or performs one could be fined. >> still ahead tonight, lawmakers on capitol hill are trying to push for new laws to ensure that there's fair competition among big tech companies will explain how they plan to do this. >> plus, the new protocols for covid-19 have now been released ahead of the upcoming winter olympic games. we'll show you how officials are hoping to squash the surging omicron variant before becoming a global stage for we learn about covid-19, the more questions we have. the biggest question now, what's next? what will covid bring in six months, a year? if you're feeling anxious about the future, you're not alone. calhope offers free covid-19 emotional support. call 833-317-4673,
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or live chat at today.
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>> the surge in omicron cases is now forcing the food and drug administration to put off on domestic inspections until february 4th. the fda says it will still provide effective oversight of food safety, drugs, medical products and tobacco. in the meantime, the agency says it will still use remote tools and import operations surveillance instead of using in-person inspections previously planned for inspections will still take place, but others will be rescheduled. returning to regular operations for foreign surveillance inspections sometime in april. >> new zealand is implementing new covid restrictions which is forcing the country's prime minister to postpone her own wedding. prime minister jacinda ardern announced the new code red restrictions will go into effect tomorrow. this means people have to wear masks and there will be limits on group gatherings. only 9
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cases of omicron have been confirmed in the country. this is their first outbreak of the variant. the prime minister says she feels for everyone who's plans have been affected by the pandemic. i just joined many other new zealand is to have had an experience like that as a result of the painting may contain any one who is caught up in that scenario. i'm so sorry, but we are all resilient. and i know we understand that we doing this for one another. and i know that will help continue on. about 93% of all people in new zealand are fully vaccinated. >> chinese officials in beijing are being asked to help mitigate covid-19 as the city gets ready to welcome olympic athletes for the upcoming winter games. residents and so-called risky areas of beijing are now being asked not to leave. many are urged to stay away from large gatherings as cases of omicron in beijing are nowhere near where they are here in the
8:38 pm
united states. just yesterday, the country identified 9 locally transmitted cases. there. trying to, though, is taking no chances. athletes are now being required to remain in a very strict bubble during the games. and the general public is not allowed to attend at all. the winter olympics set to get underway next friday. sports is up next. as we >> cap off a crazy divisional playoff weekend in the nfl. plus, the warriors hosting the utah jazz. the game coming down to the wire. sports director jason dumas has the highlights on the way. >> we will take you inside a cheese lover's paradise. okay.
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hand if you like cheese. 2 hands up. >> both in tonight's dine and dish of some cheese. i know it's so good vicki liviakis takes us to change school. take notes. >> when you think of cheese, you think of the stuff on top of your pizza or maybe the orange drizzle on your nachos when it comes to cheese. apparently there's a lot to learn. >> and that's what brings us here to the cheese school. it is our passion and our job to educate as many people as we can about. she's located in san francisco's gear, a daily square where you can crack the cheese manuals and taste and smell all sorts of cheese and wash it down with a glass of wine. we do pairing classes.
8:42 pm
we do cooking with our teachers is eagan. his passion. everything cheese. you could like work and cheese try all the cheese is the whole wide world. and you never finished because there's always something new to learn. >> you have to warm up. let it come to room temperature. otherwise you won't get any of the flavors. >> jeanine will taste you through exotic cheeses from around the >> it is a good week me. lee. delicious, spectacular goat cheese from our own backyard sonoma. yeah, this is our local, humble fog goat's milk. the goats milk with the national line running right through it. >> classes range from tasting and pairing workshops to farm tours. we can. we put the goats and we hold the goats and we want the people, not the goats. >> and if you're really ambitious. you make your own cheese. and at the end of it all, you can mark the occasion with a group photo where
8:43 pm
everybody says the safety is here. cisco, vicki liviakis kron, 4 news. >> we're always looking for great places to dine in or get takeout in your neighborhood. so scan this qr code screen right now. so you can go right to the dine and dish web page and you can submit your favorite. say cheese. he's alright. john, what your favorite cheese project pepper jack. keep it simple. just got to go. i got to go parmesan. sharp cheddar. for bree. always good. in either one. you don't like no. what's your favorite? interesting whether >> whenever i tell people my name, they a so i have to tell them think like brie a so that's my favorite because it helps with my name but american. she's not my favorite. my least favorite. but sheen but doesn't love cheese, right? theresa bree
8:44 pm
like to have a brief party i know that should be my theme for my party. there you go. thank you. justine. i mean, when it's cheese, every day's a party, right? so let's take a look at your bay area board has we're tracking your getaway forecast for those of you heading out to sierra snowpack, even though we haven't seen any snow showers recently. >> still averaging 111% of normal. so this year snowpack still doing great above 100% whole range. just what we want to see radar for very dry, clear conditions in the bay area. and even for those of you in the sierra as well. but we are going to see a little changes from now up until february. first, when we start to finally see that storm door reopen not just for the bay area before this year as well. going to see snow showers from now. until then very mild weather mid to upper 40's south lake tahoe warming up to 48 degrees tomorrow. the
8:45 pm
warmest day of the week. a little bit of a roller coaster ride cooling down on tuesday, dipping into the low 40's, but not going to last long because then by wednesday going to see a nice midweek. warm-up warming back up into the mid 40's. back to you, jonathan. just seen. the rays. do you think that there's going to be time k what's going on so the stretch, jaw camera to a also. >> oh, i didn't know with with this year. just see us. no question. the snow that's there. now, what i'm hearing from peoule who are lucky enough to get theirs, it's really icy. i what's going on. well, we they've had very cool during the overnight hours. so luckily it hasn't melted too much for that slushy snow that we don't like to see out in the slopes. but >> i'm so excited for february. you guys. it's like 9.10, days away. i can't believe we're already at the end of january. do you get to start talking about
8:46 pm
valentine's day now? are too soon. i still to get over the fact that like february is right around the corner. one thing at a time. i'm just excited for the rain to be hot this and when you say rain, how significant do we think it's going to be? well, there's an actual storm coming. so it is going to be pretty impactful. we are going to see light scattered showers february first on tuesday, but that is just the appetizer because then the main event going to arrive on wednesday, february are actually going to get some decent rain so far. no word yet on rain totals. but i'm just so excited to actually use the r word again because i've been kind of feeling like a debbie downer lately with mild and dry, enjoy the sun. dry january is about to come to an end or you taking part in that. no comment. i have been but not on there you go. i know a lot of people are it's really healthy. jonathan. alright, february, bringing forward to it. all right, lisa, thank
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you. all right. we're going to do some news now because tensions are growing as russia appears to be edging closer to an invasion against ukraine. tonight the u.s. state department is asking families of diplomats to leave the country. >> the country is also urging americans not to travel to the ukraine. president biden is reportedly considering american troops and weapons to the country. >> alexandra limon has the latest developments from our washington, dc bureau. >> good evening. the british government says it has intelligence that russia is plotting to overthrow the government in ukraine and replace it with leaders who are supportive of the kremlin. >> we've been warning about just this kind of tactic for weeks, more than 120,000 russian troops are stationed along ukraine's border on cnn state of the union, secretary of state antony blinken said the united states will not tolerate any russian forces entering ukraine. that would trigger a swift.
8:48 pm
>> a severe and united response from us and from europe. >> american officials say a russian invasion of ukraine would be the most serious threat to global peace since world war 2, if he's able to go into ukraine and there's very little push-back from the united states or from nato, it allows him to move into other countries in eastern europe while urging diplomacy. the u.s. says nato will not meet russian demands to be in ukraine from future membership. russia's other demands include that nato pull back forces from eastern europe. the kremlin denies it is plotting to overthrow ukraine's leader here at home. some like congressman michael mccaul say the u.s. shouldn't wait to find out. it's getting very aggressive. >> the noose is tightening around ukraine. president zelinsky, as you mentioned, said he wants the sanctions now but secretary blinken says the u.s. would lose leverage of sanctions are implemented too soon. >> and the biden
8:49 pm
administration says it is already acting by sending aid to ukraine. that includes about 200 million dollars worth of what's called lethal aid or military equipment that ukraine has just received in washington. alexandra limon. >> for your money tonight, congress is taking steps to stop the market dominance of american big tech companies. a bipartisan bill is on its way to the senate floor. it aims to prevent big tech companies from favoring their own services over rivals. the legislation was approved by the senate judiciary committee on thursday in the bill would also bring restrictions for google search engine, which host about 90% of the world. world's web searches. critics say the bill would harm consumers and businesses who use the tech company's services. america's largest car company, gm says it is hoping that a new investment will spark their electric car division. >> general motors says it plans to spend more than 6 billion dollars to hire 4,000 workers for 2 michigan
8:50 pm
plants. state officials in michigan are set to approve a new incentive package tuesday after it watched ford announced plans to build plants and other states while electric cars only account for 3% of new cells last year. experts say that number will rise and the years to come. >> and now kron 4 sports. >> lost and what may have been the best divisional playoff round in nfl history is the fact that the dubs had a big matchup of their own. today at chase center, the utah jazz were in town and a possible postseason preview to the upper echelon teams in the western conference there, steph curry without his splash brother tonight, klay thompson was a late scratch, was soreness, but check this out late in the second. oh, my lord. jordan poole just drops jordan clarkson. jordan on jordan crime and he hits the
8:51 pm
3.20 points for pool 4th quarter. now 2 point dubs lead. >> can't get the lay in the go. but there you see looney of big fella with the put back korea fired up final seconds of the game, though. this was a close one. bojan bogdanovic 3 rims out o'neale can't get the put back. the warriors hang on to win 94 to 92. all right. let's go to that divisional nfl playoff round. i was talking about one of the good ones. tom brady looking to get back to another super bowl. this is 47 playoff game. he goes deep here to mike evans. and he's in for the score. the bucs were down. 27 three-day came back and tied it. but in overtime can't let this happen. cooper cup and actually this wasn't even over time. i'm sorry. this was this was right before the end of regulation staffer brings him down matt and that let's go
8:52 pm
home. that sets the stage next week. forty-niners rams. so fy stadium that's going to be a good one. winner goes to the super bowl. all right. the other divisional game today, another gem bills at chiefs. buffalo, up 3 with get this just over a minute left pat mahomes over the middle to tyreek hill. he hits the burst but in on the ps 2 and he had gone, i should say, ps 5 out and play playstation probably since ps 2 64 yards and he's gone. but josh allen wasn't done either. he finds gabriel davis, his 4th touchdown. catch of the day. an nfl record. my view 13 seconds left bills up 3. let's celebrate. too much time for patrick mahomes. the 5 travis kelsey. they end up tying it right here. let's go to overtime to plays 13 seconds. mahomes is a magician. the chiefs got the ball first in overtime. here's the walk-off
8:53 pm
mahomes to travis kelsey game over breaks the heart of central and western new york. no tables will be broke today. they host the cincinnati bengals in the afc championship game next week. all righty. that's your look at sports. back to you guys. >> you know what if the super bowl is anywhere close to that game in kansas city and that was a great game. probably the best game all season. all the games this weekend were intense. they were nuts in that chief bills game. i didn't have a dog in the fight, but you had to feel bad for josh allen he played so well. didn't even get an opportunity in overtime and even though we're just like that, that's what happens when you face a guy like mahomes who's? unlike anything we've ever. yeah. you know what? they had 13 seconds left. and then, you know, you saw those players on the bills in the sideline gain and kind of high 5. and i was like it still too much time for patrick
8:54 pm
buffalo's probably miserable right now. it's probably cold, this going to be a tough plane ride in the next 6 months as well as they get ready for the next season as well. you have a prediction for the niners who's going to take it next weekend. >> it's going to be tough. it's going to be tough just being, you know, i'm going to save my prediction for later in the what i can predict, though, there's going to be a lot of forty-niners fans down there in southern california. that stadium is going to be a lot of fun. was there something where the rams that ticket sellers there? yeah, are trying to restrict people that don't have la zip codes from purchasing tickets because they don't want a lot of. >> forty-niners fans to be buying tickets to the game. yeah, that's exactly what's going on for so through the rams official when you go to buy tickets, if you don't have a mailing address on your credit card in the la area, one of those la zip codes, it will cancel the purchase. so now the only way for forty-niners fans who are trying to travel from out of town to get those tickets is
8:55 pm
to go to secondary, take web sites which are way more expensive than going straight to the source. so something tells me forty-niners fans are still going to find their way in the building, but just might be a little more inconvenient. now, savage move, savage moves. but now, you know, you poke the bear that now they're really going to get in there. thanks, jason. thanks, jason.
8:56 pm
8:57 pm
>> that wraps up kron. 4 news at 8 o'clock tonight. still going to wear kron. 4 news at
8:58 pm
coming your way in just
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>> when fun time from the bay area's local news station. you're watching kron. 4 news at know. we all have a little here. see you when we live in an area. >> that sam has a tendency to have fires. any time we hear of anything happening, we just all get very nervous, very scared. >> there's a big fire burning in big r


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