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tv   KRON 4 News at 9  KRON  January 21, 2022 9:00pm-10:01pm PST

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news station. >> you're watching kron. 4 news at the threat of covid. he's really >> really reduced with this new variant and with the advent of vaccines for kids. >> tonight at 9, a number of local doctors believe that the coronavirus is here to stay. so now they want the government to ease up on the mask mandates. good evening, everybody. thank you for joining us this hour of power for news. i'm pam moore and i'm catherine heenan. some san francisco doctors are now calling on state leaders to stop calling the ongoing covid problem. >> a pandemic and to instead use the term endemic. and so we adjust to living with the virus and we have treatments as immunity is going up. the doctors began a change dot org petition kron four's amanda hari talk to one of the doctors. >> the doctor i spoke to says they're planning for the post on the kron phase of covid-19.
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she says the virus is becoming end. dec, meaning we're going to have to continue to live with it. she said this next phase needs to benefit children. it feels like children have often been an afterthought in terms of our covid policy. children have had to pivot to distance learning where masks throughout the school day. >> and continuously test for covid doctor jeanne noble director of covid response for the ucsf parnassus emergency department says it's not necessary. the threat of covid. he's really >> really reduced with this new variant and with the advent of vaccines for kids, doctor, noble and 3 other ucsf doctors posted this change dot org petition directed at california leaders saying they're concerned about the state's restrictive policies on children and teens. >> she says many kids are feeling more negative impacts from asking distance, learning and testing and they are from
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the actual virus. the number of kids who >> the committed suicide in twenty-twenty in california was over 130 and the number of kids who die from covid that year was around 10. she says, well, the school shutdowns made sense early on. >> now that we've learned more about the virus, kids need to be in school in person where we are really transitioning to having an endemic disease, meaning it's not going to go away. it's here to stay. the petition asks officials not to force any for their mandates to prevent increased mistrust in the government and health officials. but doctor noble does support the vaccine. a covid vaccine is no different than our other childhood vaccines. we we mandate vaccines all the time, but they don't think excluding kids from school based on their vaccination status. >> is a feasible way to go to the kitchen proposes, making masks optional for students in school, the same time masks will be optional for adults. >> that's february 15th or at
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the latest february 24th. that will be 12 weeks after the last school age students became eligible for the vaccine. amanda hari kron. 4 news. >> ucsf, infectious disease doctor monica gandhi is hoping we might soon be able to ditch our masks. that's something that has already happened in great britain. it's because more people have been infected with the virus. so it has built up immunity either naturally or with the help of vaccines. kron four's ella sogomonian is in the newsroom with more. hi l a. >> either. catherine. so doctor gandhi says that we could be close to a world where masks are optional. she protects it may take about 3 or 4 weeks to see infection rates go further down enough for the governor to really consider lifting the indoor mask mandate statewide. this after doctor grant colfax of the public health department for san francisco said yesterday that we're nearing the point that we can all call this an endemic because the
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virus is here to stay and we have treatments for it. she pointed to a study from the niversity of college lond estimates about 50% of people worldwide have been exposed to on the kron. so if that ends up being true here in the united states soon, doctor gandhi says that's really good immunity. even if the coronavirus mutates again. so that means many of us either built up natural protection against the virus or doubled up with vaccines and boosters. >> getting omicron is like as good as getting a boost. i'm probably better. i'm not going to encouraging people get infected, but a lot of people that and then in terms of the booster, it didn't eliminate all of the of course, there are a lot of that got vaccinated. instead, they have a mild infection. >> she went on to say that getting vaccinated was still important to try to break down transmission and also to try to decrease severe disease. and as for easing up on covid restrictions, doctor gandhi explains. it's ultimately based on the hospitalization
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rates live in the newsroom. ella sogomonian kron. 4 news. thank you. ella. >> in the east bay, a teacher strike is looming and the oakland unified school district, the union and the district have yet to come to an agreement about safety protocols at the schools during the pandemic. today, parents and teachers and students held a joint news conference force. has it made you and has details? >> i want parents to be able to send their kids to school and not have to worry that that they might come back covid 7th grader alex ybarra, oakland coliseum, college prep academy is one of the student leaders who was joined usd parents and teachers that this virtual press conference. >> urging that the school district meet their 3 demands for improved safety protocols during the pandemic, which include. >> weekly testing high quality mask of addressing the staffing shortages and opened unified school district educators and parents share their experiences of becoming infected with the virus.
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>> i've kind of a surge of covid in my classroom since winter break. >> i think i've had the first week 3, the second week. >> i have, you know, 3 small children at home. there are teachers that are out sick right now. there are administrators, principals school staff that are out right now. so who is running to school? the oakland unified school district and the union that represents oakland teachers are in the midst of negotiating the union's demands for weekly testing high quality mask and better staffing. >> us decent kron. 4, a statement that reads in part, quote, while the you memorandum of understanding between the parties covers ventilation, ppe safety supplies, covid testing contract tracing and covid safety protocols. the district is always willing to discuss new impacts as they are identified the landscape is ever changing, unquote. but
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the president of the teachers union says the clock is ticking. if we do get. >> an agreement tonight, i do have the authority to could gain a strike vote. it should be noted that the parents and educators are following the lead usd students who created the list of demands. >> followed by recent walk out of school. we also need the county to and make sure that the district doesn't forces protocols. more school won't be safe for kids. >> has it made kron? 4 news? >> a vigil was held tonight honoring the life of michelle go. the bay area n?tive who was pushed to her death in front of a new york city subway train kron four's gayle ong was at a vigil tonight in fremont. >> friends and community members gathered for a vigil in freeman friday night to honor the life of 40 year-old michelle go. even though i didn't know her i just feel like she could be any one of and i just want to be here
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supporting family through this very, very difficult time on january 15, go was waiting on a new york city subway platform in times square when police say she was pushed in front of a train in an unprovoked attack. 61 year-old simon marshall who was described as homeless and emotionally disturbed, turned himself in friends say go was a volunteer helping at risk in homeless families. she also worked as a consultant in manhattan. go was born in berkeley and grew up in fremont. >> philip j knew her since middle school. everything that they said about her. it's true. he's absolutely the best person and we've lost a really good person. >> michelle was one of fremont city council member to receive paying organized the vigil calling her death a senseless act of violence. the man accused of pushing go is charged with second degree murder. police have not classify this as a hate crime, but the asian american community say this is another attack in a string of violent
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incidents targeting the aap eye community since the pandemic is in fremont. gayle ong kron. 4 news. >> a funeral service is set for monday for the alameda county sheriff's recruit who was killed in a freeway shooting. the service for david when is scheduled to begin at 10 o'clock monday morning at cornerstone fellowship church in livermore. we will also stream that service on our kron on app. the 28 year-old cherif cadet was driving home from work earlier this month when somebody shot into his car near the bay bridge toll plaza. the win was just a month away from starting his career as a deputy, investigators are still searching for the suspect and exactly what led up to this shooting. a $10,000 reward is being offered for information leading to the arrest and the prosecution of the killer. >> cisco, an uber driver were reportedly was carjacked in the tenderloin tonight. it happened at 7th and mission. police say the suspect led them on a chase. and then
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crashed the car in the south of market neighborhood. police say that they arrested and booked that person on felony charges. attorney general rob bonta's office will investigate the fatal police shooting at sfo. it happened yesterday. police say a man was to air soft guns was spotted near the international terminals. bart entrance. police say they tried to calm him down, but it kept approaching. he continued to be threatening. that's when officer shot and killed him. another person nearby was injured by a bullet. san francisco police say they will hold a town hall meeting on the incident within the next 10 days. >> we are following developing news tonight at 9 former california governor arnold schwarzenegger was involved in a serious crash today that injured a woman who was sent to the hospital. it happened about 4.30, this afternoon at sunset boulevard and allen for avenue in los angeles. police say when they arrived, a black
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suv that you can see on your screen was on top of another car which appears to be a red prius. police would not confirm that. what's the nader was involved in that crash. however, pictures from the scene to show the actor politician at the crash site, the los angeles fire department says a woman was taken to a nearby hospital to be treated for, quote and abrasion to her head. police are investigating the cause of the accident. they do not believe drugs or alcohol were involved. well, the state's largest power company is close to ending its probation, but a judge says that pg and e is a continuing menace to california. the company has been blamed for sparking several wildfires, including the deadliest and most destructive in state history. kron first and foreign is hearing from wildfire victims and has this report. >> u.s. district judge gives a blistering report as make a utility company pg and e is getting out of probation. >> judge william alsup who has
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been supervising the company says pg n a has failed and while on probation pg and e has said at least 31 wildfires burned nearly one and a half million acres burned. 23,000, 956 structures and killed 113 californians. some of those fire victims and critics of pg and e say the conditions of the probation should have been strengthened only because pg e is a corporation that they are in charge keeping our lights on in northern california. >> that they largely have been given a pass. will abrams lost his home in the 2017 tubbs fire storm abrams says pg needs structural changes and that finances for the company should be showing money going towards risk mitigation, not profit since 2015 state fire officials have blamed pg and e power lines for sparking the butte camp. kincaid zogg and dixie fires. >> the judge did not extend
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the probation because the u.s. attorney did not ask for one the fires that they have are not mentioned. >> in their wildfire mitigation plan, they have not identified. how are they are going to stop the types of fires that they've had in the happening in the future, judge alsup suggested the company be split into 2 separate utilities, one for the areas at high risk for fire and the other servicing everyone else pg and e has argued they have become a safer company under this probation. but abrams says pg and needs to be held more accountable for the fires that continue to happen because of them. every time it pg breaks probation. >> causes another fire and goes down. this past victims suffer the five-year probation period expires on january. 25th reporting in san francisco, dan thorn kron. 4 news. all right. time for a look at the 4 zone forecast as
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we look live over the embarcadero, the bay bridge in the background there it so windy out windy friday night, laura. yeah, we're blown right out of town. >> and enjoy that, too. as we're getting ready for the weekend to as high pressure in control, those have been really gusty out there today in some spots, especially over the mountain tops of the winds gusting to 62. >> at mount diablo, they continually gust now in the past few hours over 50 miles per hour. and i think that will increase overnight tonight just above son, old snow ridge. 44 mile an hour gust, the oakland hills gusting to 41 today. fairfield, right downtown at 40 miles an hour. 36 mile an hour gusts in the bottle downtown san francisco to 25 so blustery in spots. the wind advisory has been lifted a little bit for much of the bay area now mainly confined to the mountaintops, got some high wind warnings, though, in the north bay and marine sonoma and napa county area going to see some gusty winds 50, 60 plus miles per hour overnight tonight, maybe even some higher gusts across on
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the highest mountain peak. so, yeah, it's blustery out there now and it continues to be so overnight tonight models are picking up on. you can see all the colors out there and kind of ramping up overnight. tonight. you see some of those gusts of 50 and 60 miles per hour, especially in the north bay. but it's going to be gusty along. the coastal range is over the oakland hills. the diablo range, of course, going to be very blustery there as well. and then by tomorrow afternoon, looks like things begin to subside. you'll still fairly breezy in the north bay, but those winds coming way down by tomorrow evening. i've got another gusty night ahead. and same winds those offshore winds that relief and these temperatures and brought them up in the 60's. even the 70's 71 in santa rosa de 67 degrees in oakland. 68 in san jose and 67 degrees in concord. we did have one record at 69 degrees in canfield today. i think tomorrow afternoon should be another nice day. enjoy these temperatures while they last long range forecast starting to paint little rain coming back to the bay area. good
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light. vice president kamala harris visited southern california. she was in san bernardino today to talk about the federal money for wildfire prevention and mitigation. she announced the federal government will provide california 600 million dollars to help the state recover from wildfire season. >> harris's speech was the first to feature the recently passed infrastructure bills. 5 billion dollar allocation. that money is aimed at combating preventing and preparing for wildfires. last year's wildfire season was among the worst in california's history. fire scorched nearly 2.6 million acres. >> so some much of what we are doing today is about an announcement that is about a federal, state and local collaboration around preparedness and what we can do. to engage and resilience, meaning what we can do to strengthen communities. so if they are hit that they can bounce back. and before that, what can we do to help
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communities so that not only are we dealing with for us, but we are talking with homeowners and reaching out to communities to figure out how we can support them. >> wildfire prevention projects will begin this year. and part of that plan will focus on the sierra nevada mountains. >> intel announced a 20 billion dollar investment to build a new computer chip factory in ohio. president biden is calling the announcement a huge sign of progress. a washington correspondent basil john reports on what this means for the country and the economy. >> good evening. the an expert see this as an important step. >> to boost u.s. production and reduce reliance on other countries with chip shortage is disrupting supply chains all over the world. >> friday tech giant intel announced plans for new semiconductor factories near columbus, ohio. this is about national security, economic security. and it's about jobs. announcement as a
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groundbreaking step to address the growing need for semiconductor chips, which are essential for smartphones. cars, appliances, medical equipment, and more today, we believe produce 10% of the computer shipped despite being a leader in chip design. research. >> we don't have the ability to make the most advanced chips. now right now >> semiconductor chips are produced and exported out of east asia. but intel's announcement along with similar plans from at least 2 other manufacturers will change that to be able to say maine, ohio made in america. we used to always be able to say 25 30 years ago after the pandemic negatively impacted the semiconductor industry experts for see this move boosting the u.s. economy and eliminating supply chain issues. a great rethink around manufacturing supply chain and so forth. >> as for nc to expedite their innovations to the marketplace. >> this announcement also sets
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the stage for future public. private partnerships, encouraging lawmakers to support innovation. i manufacturers are strongly behind the passage of you seek out. and that not only is helps would help this go faster, but also help invest in worker training. the new factories would add 7,000 construction jobs and 3,000 permanent jobs. completion is expected in 2025. reporting in washington. i'm basil, john. >> as the biden administration heads into its second year. democrats still trying to pass the build back better package hasn't worked so far, but they say some version of can become law. some legislators argue it should include provisions for things like fighting climate change and controlling prescription prices. republican say the long list would only make inflation a lot worse. >> because the crime families are faced with extra expenses, the child tax credit is a tangible benefit that inflation was created. fueled.
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>> by this incredible spending spree that the democrats >> have been on. >> democratic senators, manchin and sinema are >> also concerned about inflation. the bill, of course, cannot be passed without their support. >> even with the frigid temperatures, thousands of people marched to the u.s. supreme court today for the annual march for life rally. this is the 49th march for life held every year since abortion was legalized back in 1973. >> ralliers came from all over the nation to advocate against abortion for a lot of the pro-life marchers this year feels different because they believe the conservative majority on the supreme court may be ready to overturn roe versus wade. the justices are currently considering a mississippi law which bans abortions after 15 weeks. >> year 2022, his changed
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pretty confident that we might in the in generation for the first time see the scourge of abortion leave. >> the court's anticipated ruling could lead other states said more restrictive laws. a decision is expected around june. coming up this hour on kron 4 news, a carjacking suspect killed by san jose police department says about the incident and what they recovered from the suspect. >> also, the lawmaker who wants to make it easier for teenagers to get vaccinated without their parents permission. >> and knew him or information in the murder investigation of gabby petito let the fbi reportedly uncovered and brian laundrie's belongings. new
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details in the gabby petito death investigation. the fbi says that her then fiance brian laundrie left writings behind when he died, admitting that he was responsible for her death. petito's body was found in that heat on national forest back in september after the couple had been on a road trip, coroner's determined that she died by manual strangulation after a grueling national manhunt, laundrie's body was found a month later in a florida nature reserve preserve. his death was called a suicide. the investigation did not lead the fbi to the involvement of any other individuals. the fbi says the investigation is now closed.
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>> he so dramatic. rock superstar meat loaf has people loved him. the singer whose real name is marvin a day died last night. his operatic, very distinctive voice behind hits, including paradise by the dashboard light. and i do anything for love. his 1977 album bat out of became one of the top selling albums and history. he also worked as an actor. made appearances in movies and tv over the years. his films included roles in fight club and the rocky horror picture show meat loaf was 74 years old. >> also, actor and comedian louie anderson has died. the 68 year-old had been battling blood cancer for some time. anderson was considered a force in comedy, but it became a household name in 1999 when he got the job hosting family feud. after that, his acting
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career took off. he later took home an emmy for his role in the fx hit baskets. anderson tas also a bestselling author with 5 books to his credit. he is survived by his 2 sisters. >> coming up next, new developments on the attempted carjacking that led to a deadly police shooting in san jose. and have people in santa clara county can get free home covid testing kits soon. san
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jose police have identified the carjacking suspect killed in a police shootout this weekend. they say they now tell us that he had been caring. >> a ghost gun and had several warrants out for his arrest. police say roberts of carter was shot and killed after he stole a vehicle and then attempted to steal another but holding the driver of that car at gunpoint. well, for us, rob nesbitt has details on what we learned today. >> taken from a helicopter above san jose. police say this was a scary moment that robert seth carter tried to steal a person's car in santa clara. >> and pointed the gun them. the driver exited the car. and ran away as carter entered the new vehicle. >> according to chief anthony mata, carter was unable to steal the car and continued in the vehicle. he was already driving a stolen toyota camry. carter drove the camera to san jose where he eventually crashed the car and fled on foot. a shootout occurred when several officers were able to catch up with the suspect for
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officers in total. >> fired their weapons. carter continue to hold the handgun and was struck more than once by the officers wrong. >> he was taken to a nearby hospital where he was later pronounced dead, according to chief mada. this was the 9 millimeter ghost gun that carter was using during the shooting. one of the many illegal firearms that the san jose police department work each year to remove from the streets. carter is >> prohibited from possessing any firearms due to prior felony convictions. carter is a san jose resident. currently have 5 felony warrants for his arrest. and he's on probation for battery. the shootout between carter and police occurred in the area heading street and park ad. >> san jose councilmember dev davis spoke with several residents who live in that area all saying the same thing tonight, any loss of life is tragic. and we're glad that there wasn't more injury or or harm that happened to this incident. chief model says the for san jose police officers involved in the shooting were not injured and have all been
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placed on administrative leave. rob nesbitt kron. 4 news. >> while some bay area health agencies are reporting positive case rates of the omicron variant have crested. researchers are working around the clock to examine the possible need to add another booster shot to the recommended schedule of vaccines. people with weakened immune systems are already approved for up to 4 doses of the covid vaccine. but for now u.s. authorities have not recommended the 4th set for the general public doctor dean blumberg with uc davis. health says it won't be feasible for the public to expect to get a booster shot every 6 months. and at this point, he says it's still unclear if the current vaccines and boosters will be as effective against future variants of covid. >> calling the first 2 as the primary series and then the 3rd doses a booster dose. you know, it's possible that maybe 3 doses initially are the appropriate primary
9:32 pm
immunization schedule. and then the boosters will then be done on a yearly or every other year basis. we just don't know. we're just learning as we go along. >> overseas, israel has already approved a 4th vaccination against the virus as a booster shot. but new research claims that might not be enough for the omicron variant researchers at the cdc and in the united kingdom reached similar findings. santa clara county is boosting its efforts to get people access to at-home covid tests. we know some can come through the mail from the federal government, but the county has bought. >> 60,000 tests they will be handed out free next week. residents can make an appointment on the county website, s c c free tests dot org. people will not be able to get up to 4 free tests at several drive-thru locations. and actually, they talk about next week. but that will start tomorrow. >> at home testing is another tool in our tool box to help
9:33 pm
fight the ongoing surge to help keep our community safe and healthy. >> the tests are the eye health, at-home antigen tests. people will not be required to report those results. >> another big story tonight, allowing young people to call the shots on their own covid vaccination. that is the new push by state senator scott wiener. his bill would allow pre teens to get vaccinated without parental permission. >> kron four's terisa stasio talk to the senator today. >> there are teams now they're almost a million 12 to 17 year-olds in california who are not vaccinated for covid. >> state senator scott wiener of san francisco saying with high numbers of those 12 to 17 still not vaccinated against covid-19 in california. it is causing major disruptions in their lives. >> right now we've been working with a number and then work of teen vaccine. i think
9:34 pm
it's around. cities are kids were middle school or high school. talk to us about how their parents just don't want to hear a vaccinated or are just not motivated to get vaccinated. and they literally had to quit their job. where they literally can't play sports anymore for the council over any of their friends, homes. that is a huge impact. 92 on these kids growth and development that he introduced senate bill 8.66. >> that he says would grant a minor the power to make their own decisions about an fda authorized vaccine. >> he says it is vital for parents or guardians to talk with their miners about health care issues. but he has when it comes to this pandemic, california should follow the lead of other states, especially after hearing from teens. this is really about making sure the teenagers are able to protect their own health even if they have a >> parents who is prohibiting
9:35 pm
them from getting a vaccine because of their political views where they have parents who disagree are divorced. parents who disagree where their parents are just unable physically from to a vaccine site. the state senator says that he hopes to have a hearing on this. >> by next month, he adds preteens already have authority per california law on other health matters, california. we already allow 12 year-olds to get hpv vaccine or to have the vaccine without their parents. >> and if you get birth control, they can get mental health care and so forth and other states already have lower his or consent allowing teams to get vaccines. theresa kron, 4 news. >> still ahead at 9.40, niner fans excited about tomorrow's matchup with the packers. regardless of those subfreezing temperatures. >> and we're going to check on that forecast in green bay. plus, the bay area, the winds blowing around. we'll talk about your 4 zone forecast coming up and is boards good
9:36 pm
news for the niners. one of their stars was officially cleared to play against the packers tomorrow. our kylen mills has details coming up.
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>> and now kron 4 sports. >> the forty-niners are just 2 wins away from playing in super bowl. 56, however, this divisional round is going to be in very difficult. lambeau field is one of the toughest places to play in the nfl. the
9:39 pm
predicted are forecasted temperature for kickoff in that game. >> 12 degrees. a ball may 12 degrees in northern wisconsin. so it is going to be tough conditions for the forty-niners. we do have some good news to report. the forty-niners announced that star defensive end nick bosa has cleared concussion protocol. so we'll be able to play both to finish the regular season. 4th in the nfl in sacks with 15 and a half. he will be critical in pressuring aaron rodgers in that game. the key for the forty-niners offense will be finding success on the ground. the packers run defense is suspect allowing an average 4.7 yards per carry, which is 3rd worst in the nfl running back. elijah mitchell and wide receiver turned runningback or partial running back deebo samuel will both need to have huge games. here's head coach kyle shanahan of the match up. >> many guys are a little tired at the beginning of the week, but i think we're ready to don't mind the travel and you get a. in a hotel room a
9:40 pm
lot more. you get a long plane ride. let me rest when you're at home, too. but people do have family and stuff that, you know, it's it's art or sit there and zone out when whole around your whole said this in a hotel room. so i think our guys get the sleep. we catch up and and we there's nothing like more than being at home and be in in our our own stadium with their fans and the noise and stuff. but besides that, there's we don't mind on the road either. >> all right. on to the golden state warriors, they are looking to bounce back in their game against the houston rockets are worries. president and coo rick welts has been added to walk of fame. by the way, the needing a big one. steph getting his pocket picked by kevin porter junior who kept the dunk on the other end. >> 17 zip rockets on turnovers. in the 1st half, they were up 11 at the break. 3rd quarter after hitting 2
9:41 pm
free throws jordan poole drives gets the and one. that's 5 points for j p one possession words finally of the lead. 5 seconds left tied one '03, one of 3. curry with a step back that will fall the warriors and winning a very close game one. 0, 5, 1, 2, 3, the final score. i also want to mention quickly the second-ranked stanford women beat palette, maples pavilion, the final score. 97. 74. >> haley jones had 26 points and 10 boards to lead stanford. a very impressive performance from her freshman jayda curry had a 30 piece for the bolts in paris.
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>> fans who were not already in wisconsin were headed out of sfo today for saturday's 40 niner packer matchup, a lot of ticket outlets are telling us that niner fans are outpacing the packers fans. everybody braced for the icy temperatures at green bay's lambeau field. they are expected to be in the teens and then there's going to be wind chill. fans say they can handle it. >> it's lambeau the i mean, like what an experience going to see your team at lambeau. for playoff game, that's a it's kind of a bucket list item. so want to miss all. this you said that you saved up for a special occasion. yeah. i've been sitting on points to the pandemic travel anywhere. so been waiting for
9:45 pm
something is some good to spend a month. >> the forty-niners are probably our best of best competition. i think they've got a really solid team. they match a raid against says, but it's going to be fun game. that's for sure. >> people say they're ready for the brutal temperatures. wisconsin native say that is not always how to our 4 zone forecast we're looking live over the city on, i think could fairly windy night already. chief meteorologist lawrence karnow joins us with that as well as the football forecast. yeah, we're going to on kron. 4 airlines were. yeah, everybody is flying first-class. you get free drinks and >> yeah, we don't get those little bags of peanuts. we low jump in the big bags you want to head on out 60's in the san francisco right now headed east, though. boy, we are running in some very cold weather and look at that as you make your way into green bay. the game time forecast on our computer models, setting it 12 degrees at 5.15,
9:46 pm
tomorrow afternoon. you notice the snow out there. i think tonight they're going to see a nice, a dusting of snow. so the frozen tundra really living up to that name is we're going to see some very cold temperatures. a cousin, the food packed with the niners today -8 degrees when he got up this morning. how about that? looking out toward game time? i think the temperatures may be just slightly warmer, probably about 16 degrees or so right about kickoff time. it will be partly cloudy out there. it is going to be cold and breezy and those winds strong enough to probably bring down the wind chill factor. feeling more like about a degree on the field, right about game time. all right. get it back out to sfo. we yeah. here we go in the bay area. the winds have been kicking up outside. not causing any issues with the air travel and temperatures go. oakland or san jose. if you are flying out the big game, get away forecast to stick around california. not a bad place to be on a saturday. how about this? 69 degrees in monterey, 70 in salinas. 67 degrees in carmel valley, about 60 degrees in watsonville,
9:47 pm
southern california. 70's into downtown los angeles. 72 in anaheim, 69 degrees in pasadena, in the high country. watch out for some gusty winds. if you're traveling up there early tomorrow morning and probably pretty breezy in the afternoon. so a lot of folks want to get up there. do a little skiing. police temperatures looking good 30's and low 40's about 47 degrees in reno. and if you stick around in the tahoe area for the weekend, i think those winds will continue to subside and the temperatures looking very nice for skiing. you're looking at numbers hovering in the low 40's out there. that's pretty good weather. get up there. do little scheme. high pressure overhead. this rigid dominate our weather. you see that low now that manage dive all the just south of us now to the east. and that continues to be the case for tomorrow. that low is going to move a little further south. so i think as we start to widen things out, as far as the pressure systems. but the wind should begin to decrease by tomorrow afternoon, a little bit anyway. so it will blustery in some parts of northfield. but tonight, very windy in spots. maybe some 50 60 mile an hour gust across parts of the north bay hills
9:48 pm
down below, though it's going make for some nice temperatures. highs running up well in the 60's would be surprised to see a couple 70's pop up by tomorrow afternoon. a slightly cooler but less windy on sunday and monday, partly cloudy, but dry next wednesday. thank you, lawrence. we have a breaking news to tell you about out of monterey county. >> the office of emergency services reportedly monitoring a fire in big sur dubbed the colorado fire. you're looking at a part of the scene there. this is happening along the big sur coast near rocky creek and powell, colorado canyon officials now telling drivers avoid highway one south of carmel. it's windy, too. that is part of the problem. there. >> well, today we are celebrating 20 years of our morning anchor james fletcher being here at kron 4 and i love this is family decided to put together a video to celebrate. >> we interrupt your regular broadcasting with some breaking news. i'm jeff
9:49 pm
fletcher and i'm calling fletcher and our james fletcher, this guy right here. has been working for trump for 20 years today. so with the help of a mom, karen, we've put together a short video to show our dad just how much his co-workers and the community appreciate him. that's right. roll the tape. >> well, the time is now 6.35. time to get our check on road conditions again. and they'll do that for television or radio announcements. it's at that point. you can buy one at your local grocery store. mean they've got a great variety. but why not? also place? it's got lots of pumpkins. i mean, lots of pumpkin. >> james e this is where we have so many heart to heart talks. the truth says. >> you're an amazing friend and i told care and i wasn't going to do this with makeup because i don't want to cry 20 years. i remember when you first showed glimpses of wanting to be on the air really, you're in my ear and
9:50 pm
you're coming in from a bump shot as a producer telling me, hey, the bay bridge is partly clear. the sun rising and i'm like, ok, thank you. and you're either a pilot or you're just giving me what i want to say. like with your radio voice and then you made your wasn't a face for radio and you look pretty good on tv. you have changed my life for the better and i would not want to be here. >> with uso. never leave that seat. >> james, i can't believe it's been 20 years for you at kron. i know during that time you have been such a positive force for so many people coming through kron and i can only speak for myself, but every day that i come in with that smile on your face and the energy that you share with us and of course, of serious you take your drive and sharing the most important information with their viewers. it's so refreshing and so inspiring. congratulations on your 20
9:51 pm
kron. james, it's amazing to get be with you there every day just as it is for all of us to get to work with you can't say enough how much. we appreciate it. mister fletcher. >> tis the ghost of newscast past. i had an amazing privilege of working with you for 16 years. you one of the greatest anchors, producers, weather casters i've ever worked with and i know dozens of other people who would say the exact same thing about you. you're a man who can do it all and do it. well. it's your smarts, your work ethic, your compassion, your willingness to always help others. and along with your dashing good looks, that makes us all lucky to know you and congratulations, james fletcher for 20 years on kron 4. james, i just want to wish you a happy 20th anniversary. we're so fortunate to have you on our air. but i will say i feel fortunate. >> but i get to work alongside you and be given the opportunity to get to know you and your wonderful family. happy 20th, fortunate to count you among my coworkers and
9:52 pm
friends here at kron. >> first of all, his sons are just too adorable, right? i was going to say, okay, my first observation, those sons are darling and then they look like their and how sweet of them to put this together. and certainly we love and appreciate james. he is really a class act and we're so glad he's with one of the nicest people in the building. i have never heard james fletcher say a bad word about anybody. and he said really a deer guys. quite a professional. so congratulations, james. 20 more to come. >> and coming up next, a small dog rescued after being missing for today show her owners we'll show you how her owners were able to lure her out of a dangerous situation.
9:53 pm
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9:55 pm
>> now for what is likely the cutest rescue story, you'll hear all night. a british dogs love of sausages got her out of a scary situation. millie, a 3 year-old jack russell with that mix slipped out of her lease well on a walker owners say they could not find her for 4 days. they finally spotted her on a mud flat. but the tide was rapidly rising around her. so rescuers decided to get creative. they reportedly tied a sausage to a drone to lure her out. and it worked really was taken to a vet to be checked out. she's going to be just fine. okay. that is pretty cute.
9:56 pm
>> then there's this people in toronto dealing with the big blizzard yesterday, but it did not stop that hungry man from heading to a restaurant. you see him there trudging and heavy snow and then discovering the place was closed. that when he dropped to his knees, very frustrated. he eventually just kind of wandered off looking sort of disappointed and sad. the owner of the restaurant saw this video. he says if that man decides to try again, his meal will be free. that wraps up kron. 4 news at 9 o'clock. of course, we'll be right back kron. 4 news at 10 over the police cracking down on the violence in the streets across the city. the announcement opd made after the 8th homicide. there. >> also why local doctors want everybody to stop using the word pandemic. >> we'll explain. when fun
9:57 pm
9:58 pm
9:59 pm
time from the bay area's local news station. you're watching kron. 4 news. he's absolutely the best person. and we've lost really good person. >> now at 10, her death still deeply felt in the bay area. how the community of fremont came together to honor the life of michelle go. thank you for joining us on kron. 4 news at 10. i'm catherine heenan and i'm pam moore. tomorrow will mark one week since michelle go was killed, she was show up to her death in front of a subway in new
10:00 pm
york's times square. >> that attack has reminded people of the rise in acts of violence against people in the asian american community. michelle lived in new york, but she did go to high school in fremont. >> kron four's gayle ong reports on a vigil held for her there tonight. >> friends and community members gathered for a vigil in freeman friday night to honor the life of 40 year-old michelle go. even though i didn't know her i just feel like she could be any one of and i just want to be here supporting family very, very difficult time on january 15, go was waiting on a new york city subway platform in times square when police say she was pushed in front of a train in an unprovoked attack. 61 year-old simon marshall who was described as homeless and emotionally disturbed, turned himself in friends say go was a volunteer helping at risk in homeless families. she also worked as a consultant in manhattan. go was born in berkeley and grew up in fremont.


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