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tv   KRON 4 News at 6pm  KRON  January 21, 2022 6:00pm-6:31pm PST

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>> from the bay area's news station. you're watching kron. 4 news at 6. just look at the matter. is there for everyone involved. >> we're the surviving family. mister carter. for the involved officers who have families to get home to. and for our community. >> san jose police identifying the carjacking suspect killed in a police shootout this carrying a ghost gun and had several warrants out for his arrest. good evening, everybody. thanks for joining us for kron. 4 news at 6. i'm vicki liviakis and i'm grant lotus. police say robert carter was shot and killed after he stole a vehicle and then tried to steal another vehicle by holding the driver of that car at gunpoint. we've got a glimpse today of what that attempted car jacking look like. according to police kron four's rob nesbitt reports. >> taken from a helicopter above san jose. police say this was a scary moment that robert seth carter tried to steal a person's car in santa clara. >> and pointed the gun them.
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the driver exited the car. and ran away as carter entered the new vehicle. >> according to chief anthony mata, carter was unable to steal the car and continued in the vehicle. he was already driving a stolen toyota camry. carter drove the camera to san jose where he eventually crashed the car and fled on foot. a shootout occurred when several officers were able to catch up with the suspect for officers in total. >> fired their weapons. carter continue to hold the handgun and was struck more than once by the officers wrong. >> he was taken to a nearby hospital where he was later pronounced dead, according to chief mada. this was the 9 millimeter ghost gun that carter was using during the shooting. one of the many illegal firearms that the san jose police department work each year to remove from the streets. carter is >> prohibited from possessing any firearms due to prior felony convictions. carter is a san jose resident. currently have 5 felony warrants for his arrest. and he's on probation for battery. the shootout
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between carter and police occurred in the area heading street and park ad. >> san jose councilmember dev davis spoke with several residents who live in that area all saying the same thing tonight, any loss of life is tragic. and we're glad that there wasn't more injury or or harm that happened to this incident. chief model says the for san jose police officers involved in the shooting were not injured and have all been placed on administrative leave. rob nesbitt kron. 4 news. attorney general rob bonta's office will investigate a fatal police shooting at sfo. >> investigators say a man armed with 2 guns was seen near the international terminals. bart entrance yesterday morning. police say they tried to de-escalate the situation, but the man continued to be threatening and approached officers. that is when police fatally shot that man. another person who is near the danger was struck by gunfire. the at pd says that it will also be having a public town hall within the next 10 days to answer any questions about the shooting.
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another big story tonight, letting kids call the shots. there is a new push by state senator scott wiener is from san francisco. >> that would allow kids as young as 12 to be able to get vaccinated for covid and other things like measles without parental permission. kron four's terisa stasio spoke with the san francisco democrat today. >> there are teams now they're almost a million 12 to 17 year-olds in california who are not vaccinated for covid. >> state senator scott wiener of san francisco saying with high numbers of those 12 to 17 still not vaccinated against covid-19 in california. it is causing major disruptions in their lives. >> right now we've been working with a number and then work of teen vaccine. i think it's around cities are kids who are middle school or high school who talked to us about how their parents just don't want to hear vaccinated or are just not motivated to get them vaccinated. and they literally had to quit their job. where they literally can't play
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sports anymore for the council over any of their friends, homes. that's a huge impact. 92 on these kids growth and development that he introduced senate bill 8.66. >> that he says would grant a minor the power to make their own decisions about an fda authorized vaccine. >> he says it is vital for parents or guardians to talk with their miners about health care issues. but he has when it comes to this pandemic, california should follow the lead of other states, especially after hearing from teens. this is really about making sure the teenagers are able to protect their own health even if they have a >> parents who is prohibiting them from getting a vaccine because of their political views where they have parents who disagree are divorced. parents who disagree where their parents are just unable physically to take them to a vaccine site. the state senator says that he hopes to have a hearing on this. >> by next month, he adds
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preteens already have authority per california law on other health matters, california. we already allow 12 year-olds. >> to get hpv vaccine or to have the vaccine without their parents. and if you get birth control, they can get mental health care and so forth and other states already have a lower his or consent allowing teams to get vaccines. >> theresa kron, 4 news. in the meantime, while the approval of vaccines for those ages, 5 to 11 was greeted initially with a lot of fanfare, parents seem not to be rushing out to get the young ones vaccinated. this is according to a new survey from the kaiser family foundation. but first, dan kerman has that part of the story. >> a new study by the kaiser family foundation finds initial enthusiasm over allowing 28 million children in the u.s. ages 5 to 11 to get pfizer's pediatric covid-19 vaccine has diminished significantly over the last 2 and a half months. millions of people that could
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be vaccinated and that is could be protected and they're not getting protected area. infectious disease experts say a series of miss and misinformation. >> are contributing to parents, lack of enthusiasm. myth number one, kids still get very sick >> this is been updated on pride of forces. some states like the northeast. he's been % up to 4 times increased hospitalization of kids this still. not a lot of dying, which is a good thing but simple. you know, any kid going to the hospital is a cause for alarm. and in parents, medical experts say another myth is that the vaccine will cause heart inflammation in young kids. this was not probable because they're not you're ready and really is a tough sell you know, you're more likely to get on mission with covid the patch. it. >> then with it. >> the vaccine to date less than 19% of 5 to 11 year-olds in the u.s. have been fully vaccinated. an infectious
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disease experts say going forward that could prove to be a significant issue, but things get better. i think we're going to probably see less and kuz for vaccination. and that may be a mistake. and i think it likely would be because i think we are going to face. >> new. >> variance and we're going to need that vaccine protection in terms of where california stacks up in all of this. according to the study, 23 and a half percent of all eligible 5 to 11 year-olds are fully vaccinated in the state. dan kerman kron, 4 news in the south bay, santa clara county is ramping up efforts to give more people access to at-home covid test. >> santa clara county is purchased 60,000 of them, which they plan to hand out for free over the next week. so if you're a resident, you can make an appointment at the county's website as cc free tests dot org. people who sign up can receive up to 4 at home test. the county says it's going to hand them out at several drive-thru locations starting tomorrow.
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>> at home testing is another tool in our tool box to help fight the ongoing surge to help keep our community safe and healthy. >> the test being given out are the eye health. at-home antigen tests. health officials say that anyone who uses at-home does not after report the results to the county. >> all right. let's talk football, forty-niners and packers fans headed out of sfo today for tomorrow's match up in green bay. many ticket outlets are saying that niners fans are buying up more tickets on the secondary market. then our packers fans. there was a ton of red in la a couple weeks ago and then plenty of rain in dallas last weekend. niners won both those but fans are going to be chilly over. they're going to be exceedingly bundled up tomorrow night. temperatures at lambeau field, wisconsin expected to be in the teens at kickoff tomorrow night. maybe
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down to the single digits by the end of the game. and we haven't even factored in the wind chill fans we talked to earlier today say they're not scared. >> it's lambeau the i mean, like what an experience going to see your team at lambeau. for playoff game, that's a it's kind of a bucket list item. so want to miss it. i can call this. you said that you saved up for a special occasion. yeah. i've been sitting on points to the pandemic travel anywhere. so been waiting for something is some good to spend a month. >> the forty-niners are probably our best of best competition. i think they've got a really solid team. they match a raid against says, but it's going to be fun game. that's for sure. >> certainly big matchup. we're all excited for it. this time tomorrow night. they'll be playing. we'll have a lot more on the niners game coming up later on kron 4 news at 6.45? we'll have sports and stick around for a live report from green bay. that's also coming up in our next half hour now to the 4 zone fore ast as we talk about the
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bay, all those fans were. boarded. the planes there. san francisco international. yeah. first chief meteorologist lawrence karnow here talking about the local weather really windy. yeah. i mean, it is really whipping around parts of the bay area today. still, thos strong gusty winds remain. >> clear. not skies pretty well. nice and clear the coastline, just some high clouds up above. >> beautiful sunset here in the bay area. but the winds and they are really kicking up outside 62 mile an hour gusts being reported in mount diablo snow 44 mile an hour gusts across the ridge there, oakland hills, 41 mile an hour gusts fairfield, right downtown. there. 38 miles an hour. 36 in the bottle and even san francisco checked in with a 25 mile an hour gust and you probably have some gusty weather in your neighborhoods as well. so overnight tonight, we're going to see that continuing. we've got advisories for when the mainly over the mountain tops now national weather service just dropped a for lower locations, but over the mountains to get the diablo range. oakland hills and the
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north bay, you've got a high wind warning. some of these gusts, maybe 50 60 miles an hour in parts of napa and sonoma counties. very gusty over the mountain tops specially about 1000 people down below. it's going to because the 2, in fact, overnight tonight and watch the models picking up on it. even a stronger winds expected overnight tonight, especially over the mountains. even briefly, some of those wind gust, the 60 miles per hour. those winds expected to subside by tomorrow afternoon. >> els in the gabby petito investigation. what the fbi revealed today about her murder that was in her fiance is notebook. plus, could another booster shot be around the corner? we'll hear from the bay area infectious disease expert who says >> that's up in the air. and parents, teachers and students at oakland unified speaking out today ahead of a possible teachers strike. >> we'll hear what can i du with less asthma? with dupixent, i can du more....beginners' yoga. namaste... ...surprise parties. aww, you guys.
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news tonight, the fbi revealed that brian laundrie was the only person involved in the death of gabby petito. >> the agency today reporting that laundry head written statements in the notebook claiming responsibility for petito's death. the fbi also says that they found several texts sent between laundry and potatoes, phones dated after her death. petito was reported missing last september. laundry was named a person of interest in her disappearance while she was still considered missing. and then later went missing himself. her remains were later found in utah. and
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then weeks later laundrie's remains were found in florida with that notebook. the fbi also said that they are getting really ready to close their investigation. >> here in the bay area, funeral service is set for monday for that. alameda county sheriff's recruit killed on a freeway shooting. the service for david quinn is scheduled to begin at 10 o'clock monday morning at cornerstone fellowship church in livermore. we will stream it on our kron on app. the 28 year-old sheriff's cadet was driving home from training earlier this month when someone shot into his car near the bay bridge toll plaza. investigators are still searching for the shooter. there. a $10,000 reward is being offered for any information about that crime. >> more coronavirus news tonight. you no longer internet access to order your free at-home covid tests. the white house has launched a hot line to order your test kit. the phone numbers on your screen there. it's 800, 2, 3, 2, '02, 3, 3, all u.s. residents are allowed to
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request up to 4 at home tests per household. you can still order them online at covidtests dot gov. the white house says the tests are expected to ship out in about 7 to 12 days after they are requested. well, some health agencies across the bay area are reporting positive case rates of the omicron variant have crested. >> researchers are working around the clock now examining the possible need for another booster shot as we deal with this vaccine situation crowd forcefully to call spoke with an infectious disease specialist who says that's still up in the air. >> people with weakened immune systems are already approved for up to 4 doses of covid-19 vaccine. 2 full doses. a supplemental. those 28 days later and then a booster shot for now, neither the state department of public health or centers for disease control and prevention are recommending a similar series for those of us who are we're suggesting that a second booster shot for the general
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public is necessary. but professor and chief of pediatric infectious diseases at uc davis health doctor dean blumberg reminds us we are still relatively early on in the pandemic. and scientists are still developing the right approach. we were calling the first 2 as the primary series and then the 3rd doses a booster dose. >> you know, it's possible that maybe 3 doses initially are the appropriate primary immunization schedule. and then the boosters will then be done on a yearly or every other year basis. we just don't know. we're just learning as we go along doctor longer does not believe it would be feasible for the public to do expected to get a booster shot every 6 months at this point. he says it's still unclear if the current vaccines and boosters will be as effective against future variants of covid-19. c> maybe they'll need to be updated similar to what we do every year with influenza vaccine, where the vaccine changes every year. israel has
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approved the 4th vaccination against the virus as a booster shot. but new research claims that might not be enough for the omicron variant researchers at the cdc and in the united kingdom reached similar findings. phillipe djegal all kron. 4 news. >> the alameda county superintendent of schools responded to a potential strike today. the statement reads in part after some teachers have threatened to strike the omicron surge has produced some of the most difficult days we have faced in public education yet it is cause significant disruption for our schools and districts as a county office of education supporting 18 school districts as well as our own schools where partnering with educational leaders, teachers, school staff, students and families to provide a host of resources and services. we will have more on this story. some background about what they're talking about coming up.
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>> right now, time for the 4 zone forecast as we get a live look outside right now at the bay bridge toll plaza. >> chief meteorologist lawrence karnow joins us now. cheers to the weekend, lawrence. yeah, here we go a friday night and looking all right out there now, windy in spots. there's no getting around that. but the temperatures today very, very nice. and i think the weekend is looking better. we're going to see a little less wind as we head in toward saturday afternoon. still up for the golden gate bridge. you've got some clear skies around the bay area's the flag kind of whipping in the wind out there right now. just a little bit. but temperatures today really nice. 67 degrees. almost 10 degrees above the average in san francisco. 66 in oakland, 68 degrees in san jose. 65 degrees. in little more. 67 conquered and 71 degrees. one of the warm spots in santa rosa courtesy of that offshore wind, high pressure still in control. but here's some good news. i'm starting to see this on long range forecast models looks like we could be returning to some wet weather again. still a little ways out, but it may be in the
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first month here. looks like the models are starting to switch up a bit, get back into some rain. so enjoy the nice weather while we have those that will be the big story today. it's pretty gusty out there and not only here but around much of the state. look at the mountain tops near kirkwood of those winds gusting to 50 plus miles an hour, looking at some 60 plus mile an hour gusts across the u.s. here today. and as we take you through the night tonight, it looks like it is going to continue to howl around much of the state over the mountain tops, especially about 1000 feet even locally here. and then as we head through the day tomorrow, those winds begin to subside, still hanging on some gusty winds in the north bay. but by tomorrow evening, looks like those winds. we'll start to calm down a little bit at least across the rest. the bay area before calming down in the north bay overnight on saturday night into sunday. so our clouds are concerned. yeah, going to see a couple high clouds. i think that's about it. otherwise skies will be mostly clear. i think as we head to the day tomorrow, looks like a gorgeous day. enjoy that sunshine as temperatures again, going to be very nice highs tomorrow, running up well into the 60 some places near 70 degrees by tomorrow afternoon. thanks,
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lawrence. what we just heard from the alameda county school superintendent about how they're trying to support. >> teachers, students, staff families with a host of resources and services as omicron surges. there's a whole new challenge and that is because there's a teachers strike that could be happening in the oakland unified school district. the 2 sides, the union and the district of yet to come to an agreement on safety protocols. today, parents, teachers and students held a joint press conference crown forces it. but reports. >> i want parents to be able to send their kids to school and not have to worry that that they might come back with covid 7th grader alex ybarra, oakland coliseum, college prep academy is one of the student leaders who was joined usd parents and teachers that this virtual press conference. >> urging that the school district meet their 3 demands for improved safety protocols during the pandemic, which include. >> weekly testing high quality mask in addressing the
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staffing shortages and unified school district educators and parents share their experiences of becoming infected with the virus. >> i've >> kind of a surge of covid in my classroom since winter break. i think i've had the first week 3, the second week. >> i have, you know, 3 small children at home. there are teachers that are out sick right now. there are administrators, principals school staff that are out right now. so who is right? school, the oakland unified school district and the union that represents oakland teachers are in the midst of negotiating the union's demands for weekly testing high quality mask and better staffing. >> us decent crowd for a statement that reads in part, quote, while the you memorandum of understanding between the parties covers ventilation, ppe safety supplies, covid testing contract tracing and covid
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safety protocols. the district is always willing to discuss new impacts as they are identified the landscape is ever changing, unquote. but the president of the teachers union says the clock is ticking. if we do do it. >> an agreement tonight. i do have the authority to could mean a strike vote. it should be noted that the parents and educators are following the lead usd students who created the list of demands. >> followed by recent walk out of school. we also need the county to and make sure that the district doesn't forces protocols or school won't be safe for kids. >> has it made kron? 4 news? >> coming up, babies can apparently tell who has close relationships with them. will explain the results of a new study. plus the tiktok weight-loss trends that doctors say is gross and does not work.
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>> a new study suggests that sharing food and giving kisses are 2 ways that babies can identify who's going to take care of them. the common denominator there is saliva and the study by researchers at mit observed babies and toddlers as they watched staged interactions between a puppet and actors. the babies were drawn to the interactions that involve sharing food or sharing a kiss rather than the ones that involve playing with toys or other activities. the findings suggest that saliva sharing. helps infants learn
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about social relationships. a popular tiktok trend promises an easy way to drop a few pounds, ok? >> just add lemon, tea or coffee. and watch that weight melt away. okay. at least that's what tiktokers are promising. however, the cleveland clinic where they actually know what they're talking about says there's nothing to back up those claims dietitians, their say nothing in lemon juice helps burn fat. and while coffee, they say can suppress your appetite and give your metabolism a boost. it should not be the main ingredient in your meal plan. besides all that, people who have tried the lemon coffee combo say. it just doesn't taste very good, either. you. lebanon, water now that that i can get would the forty-niners are getting ready to go to cheesehead ville taking on the packers tomorrow in the playoffs. we have a live report from lambeau. >> where plenty of bay area
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fans were spotted today and vice president kamala harris makes a visit here to california, promising to help prevent wildfires. what the white house is doing to stop fires
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