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tv   KRON 4 News at 5pm  KRON  January 21, 2022 5:00pm-5:31pm PST

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it's around cities are kids who are middle school or high school who talked to us about how their parents just don't want to be a vaccinated or are just not motivated to vaccinated. and they literally had to quit their job. where they literally can't play sports anymore for the council over any of their friends, homes. that's a huge impact. 92 on these kids growth development that he introduced senate bill 8.66. >> that he says would grant a minor the power to make their own decisions about an fda authorized vaccine. >> he says it is vital for parents or guardians to talk with their miners about health care issues. but he has when it comes to this pandemic, california should follow the lead of other states, especially after hearing from teens. this is really about making sure the teenagers are able to protect their own
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health even if they have a >> parents who is prohibiting them from getting a vaccine because of their political views where they have parents who disagree divorced parents who disagree where their parents are just unable physically from to a vaccine site. the state senator says that he hopes to have a hearing on this. >> by next month, he adds preteens already have authority per california law on other health matters, california. we already allow 12 year-olds. >> to get hpv vaccine or to have the vaccine without their parents. as get birth control, they can get mental health care and so forth and other states already have a lower his or consent allowing teams to get vaccines. >> theresa kron, 4 news. thank you, theresa. in the meantime, while the approval of vaccines for kids, 5 to 11 years old was initially greeted with lots of fanfare. parents in general do not seem to be rushing out to get the young ones vaccinated. interesting.
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well, this is all according to a new survey from the kaiser family foundation. but first, dan kerman joins us now to run it all down for us. dan. yeah, there initial excitement during those first few weeks in november, but then a significant drop off some of the lowest numbers in january. why? well? >> infectious disease experts say it's probably due to misinformation and several myths about the vaccine. it was on november second, when the cdc signed off on allowing 28 million children in the u.s. ages 5 to 11 to get pfizer's covid-19 vaccine the shot, which is one-third the dose of the adult vaccine was initially popular. but a new study by the kaiser family foundation finds vaccinations for that age group peak in mid november and daily administer doses have declined dramatically ever since. there's tremendous amount of >> this information and misinformation. this widely available on the internet.
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another source is tragically misinform parents, uc berkeley, infectious disease expert doctor john swartzberg says >> the lack of enthusiasm on the part of parents is likely tied to a series of miss and misinformation. the first being that covid is always mild in young children. >> you know, can just get him out cold from this. but some children get a flu like illness to be pretty miserable. and some children wind up in the hospital with really serious disease and tragically some die. there's also the multisystem inflammatory condition that we see in children in that age group are not very commonly fortunately, but a terrible disease. there's also unfortunately, we see long covid medical experts say another myth is that the vaccine will cause heart inflammation in young kids well. it's not probable because they're not you're ready. and really is a tough sell you know, you're more likely to get on mission with covid. if you it. >> then with it. >> the vaccine to date less
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than 19%. a 5 to 11 year-olds in the u.s. have been fully vaccinated. and ucsf, infectious disease specialist doctor peter chin-hong says going forward that could prove to be a problem. >> that's the best we all love the we're in right now. we need to get as many people in the nicest possible. so we have come along with our lies with the lies that we aspire to. >> in terms of where california stacks up, according to the study, 23 and a half percent of those 5 to 11 year-olds eligible are fully vaccinated. live in san francisco, dan kerman kron, 4 news. thank you, dan. then niners are taking on the packers in green bay tomorrow and they're getting some reinforcements. >> i you were done. yeah. your long johns ready to go all it is not a place that trip is a business. go for the win. that's >> it's lambeau the i mean, like what an experience going
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to see your team at lambeau. for playoff game, that's a it's kind of a bucket list item. so want to miss it. i this. >> don't you love it? it's not a pleasure trip. it's all business niners are the underdogs in this game, but that they will have plenty of support to as many ticket outlets are saying niners fans. >> are actually outpacing packers fans for seats that are still available. cheap a seat on stub hub will are running about 100. 35 bucks the most expensive seats we found were from the wisconsin wbay seller ticket king and they will cost you more than $11,000. ticket >> kickoff, by the way, is just about 24 hours from now. this afternoon that i've got great news about one of their best players hands down. kron. 4 sports reporter kylen mills joins us now live with that update. and some keys to this divisional matchup. kylen. great to see you. and we're almost there almost a kickoff. >> we're almost there. grant and vicki, can you believe it?
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the forty-niners just 2 wins away from playing in super bowl. 56, however, we know this divisional matchup is going to be a very, very top one. 0st, i want to talk about the conditions at lambeau field. that's going to be tough as it is. i hope you can see this on my phone. but right now in green bay, it is 15 degrees. it feels like temperature is 2 degrees overnight. low negatives 9. so no, the niners are in california anymore. that much is clear. we do have some good news to report, though this evening. the forty-niners now the star defensive end. nick bosa has cleared concussion protocols and will be able to play both to finish the regular season for nfl in sacks with 15 and a half, he will be critical in pressuring aaron rodgers tomorrow. the key for the forty-niners offense will be finding success on the ground. the packers run defense is suspect allowing an average of 4.7 yards per carry, which is 3rd worst in the nfl running back elijah mitchell and wide receiver turned runningback basically annual both the huge
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in this game. here's what head coach kyle shanahan had to say about the upcoming match up. many guys are a little tired at the beginning of the week, but i think we're ready to >> don't mind the travel and you get a. sisseton hotel room a lot more. you get a long plane ride. let me rest when you're at home, too. but people do have family and stuff that, you know, it's it's is sit there and zone out when whole around your whole said this in a hotel room. so i think our guys get the sleep. we catch up and and we there's nothing like more than being at home and be in in our our own stadium with their fans and the noise and stuff. but besides that, there's we don't mind on the road either. s> that green bay will come into this game with a slight edge because they're more well rested. they didn't have to play on the super wild card weekend while forty-niners a tough game against the cowboys. however, we know there is history between these 2 teams, players on both teams are going to be very fired up.
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green bay just barely beat the forty-niners week. 3 of the regular season niners play them really tough. so i don't think it upset is out of the question. you guys should be a really fun one. and you love to hear that niners nation is traveling wall for this one to send it back to you in studio. >> kylen the niners are what? roughly 5 point underdogs in this game. it's obviously going to be frigid. do have a prediction. a final score. >> i think that the forty-niners were going pull off a huge upset. i think they're teamed up for one. they're totally different team that when they played green bay in week 3, they they're clicking right now. everything is working as far as the final score. that's so hard. i feel like it's going to be a high scoring affair just because you have aaron rodgers and the forty-niners offense has been saw also lightly. let me get back to you on that one grounded back tonight on the final score. i got to really think through my prediction here till 7 time, you can tweet it out as well and >> yeah, a lot of points. i would agree with that. kylen
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mills live for us tonight. appreciate that, kyra. i love that. with time. fog in san francisco, nothing new. but check out this amazing. >> time lapse video of the dense fog will roll into the bay area this morning. it shows the fog literally spilling into the region. the tops of skyscrapers, you know, visible in a sea of fog there that get swallowed up there while it is gorgeous to look at. the fog certainly made for some dangerous conditions. visibility was about a quarter of a mile or less in some areas. and as a result, there were a couple of accidents this morning. san jose police have released the name of a man who was killed wednesday night during an officer-involved shooting. robert seth carter was shot and killed after police say he vehicle and then attempted to steal another one by holding the driver of that car up at gunpoint. today, police released images of the attempted car jacking conference. rob nesbitt has the story of how the victim
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got away and what led to the shooting that killed carter. taken from a helicopter above san jose. police say this was a scary moment that robert seth carter tried to steal a person's car in santa clara. >> and pointed the gun them. the driver exited the car. and ran away as carter entered the new vehicle. >> according to chief anthony mata, carter was unable to steal the car and continued in the vehicle. he was already driving a stolen toyota camry. carter drove the camera to san jose where he eventually crashed the car and fled on foot. a shootout occurred when several officers were able to catch up with the suspect for officers in total fired their weapons. >> carter continue to hold the handgun and was struck more than once by the officers wrong. >> he was taken to a nearby hospital where he was later pronounced dead, according to chief mada carter had 5 felony warrants for his arrest and was on probation for battery. this was the 9 millimeter ghost gun. police say he was using during the shootout. one of the many illegal weapons collected by the san jose
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police department last we. >> seized over 900. fire illegal firearms. the shootout between carter and police occurred in the area heading street and park ad san jose councilmember dev davis spoke with several residents who live in that area all saying the same thing tonight. all the neighbors concerned, but they're also very grateful to the police department for acting so quickly in for the officers. bravery, chief model says the for san jose police officers involved in the shooting were not injured and have all been placed on administrative leave. rob nesbitt kron. 4 news. >> still to come on, kron, 4 news at 5. why this year's march for life in washington, dc feels different for advocates in the pro-life movement. and after the break, we'll be speaking with professor of medicine, doctor monica gandhi with her thoughts on what our mask mandate could and and her opinion on what it means to be fully vaccinated. >> gusty friday around the bay area looking at a gorgeous
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sunset outside. what about the weather for the weekend? we'll talk about it coming up. >> and a programming reminder, the bay area's local news leader is bringing you another hour of live local news. you can watch kron 4 news at noon every weekday on kron 4 and on our free streaming app. kron on keep it here. kron 4 news at 5. we'll be right chase first banking. a debit card for kids, and a set of tools to help them learn good money habits. by creating allowances and assigning chores, they can practice earning every day. with a debit card just for them,
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>> and welcome back. we're taking a live look right now. a gorgeous shot of san francisco looks was still out there. but man, was it windy? yeah, not all sunsets are created equally and and he's fun. sure is. picturesque. it is lovely. chief meteorologist lawrence karnow is here for mentioned the winds, lawrence, you don't see anything there clearly. but, you know, just today taking the kids to school. it was just ripping out that yeah. and some spots really just howling out there. but the sunset you're right on friday, they look a little bit better, don't they? and the rest of the week. but out there tonight, a gorgeous shot. this we've cleared out your skies. those winds have really been howling in parts of the bay area today, especially over the mountain top, some very gusty winds. now they had a gust of 62 miles an hour. snow ridge. 44 miles an hour, the oakland hills, 41 miles an hour in fairfield downtown. 38 miles an hour nevado 36 miles an hour. even in the san francisco. some 25 mile an hour blustery out there. now. it's going to stay that way
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overnight. tonight >> a high wind advisory has been posted for much of the bay area. high wind warning for some extremely strong winds. parts of the north bay are in napa and sonoma counties. we could see some gusts in excess of 50, 60 miles an hour. maybe even occasional 70 mile an hour wind across some of those higher peaks. there, not down in many of the urban areas, but much of the bay area now covered in that advisory is we're going to see those gusty winds continuing through tonight and through tomorrow, at least in the morning. anyway, see the model's picking up on that offshore flow, really kicking into gear. you see the colors in the reds in the purple showing up in the north. they also part of the east bay in the coastal range overnight tonight probably then to start to entertain some gusts, maybe 50, maybe 60 miles an hour. look at some of those gusts tomorrow as we head in toward the morning hours. 58 in calistoga. i'm not going to get that right down in town, but you'll see that above the mountain tops 50 near sonoma, 50 near petaluma. you get the idea some very strong gusty winds around the bay area. a lot of sunshine expected for the weekend. we'll have more
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on that in a few minutes. they now santa clara county is ramping up efforts to get more people tested for covid-19. >> the county has purchased 60,000 at-home covid antigen tests which they plan to hand out for free over the course of the next week. starting today, residents can go online. it s c c free test dot org and then make an appointment to receive 4 free home covid tests for those who may not have access to a computer. the county is also going door to door to deliver some of these tests. the county will have for drive-thru locations to pick up test beginning tomorrow. those locations are on our website at kron 4 dot com. >> in the east bay, there's been an arrest with that animal abuse case. video of and stomping on a duck went viral earlier this week. the video was posted by the alameda county sheriff's office via storyful. and there's an image showing the moments before the man stomps on the ducks had happened at the san lorenzo community
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center park this morning. the alameda county sheriff's office announced that it had made an arrest in the case. the sheriff's office calling the incident disturbing and they say the man has been seen at the park harming ducks on 2 other occasions. >> in national news tonight, the fbi revealed today that brian laundry was the only person involved in the death of gabby petito. the agency reports the laundry had written statements in the notebook claiming responsibility for petito's death. the fbi also says they found several texts sent between laundry and he does phones dated after her death. petito was reported missing last september. laundry was named a person of interest in her disappearance while she was still considered missing. and then he later went missing. her remains were later found in utah. then weeks later laundrie's remains were found in florida with that notebook. still ahead on kron 4 news, an amazing story of survival from the tonga volcanic eruption. the massive
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eruption swept a disabled man out to sea. how long he swam in the water before finally reaching land again. >> and the ncaa releasing new guidance for transgender athletes allowing individual sports to make their own rules. but people on both sides of the issue are raising concerns.
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>> the ncaa is changing its rules when it comes to transgender athletes now
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adopting a sport by sport approach. that leaves the decision of whether to allow transgender athletes to compete up to each individual. sports governing body. and the new policy comes at a time when transgender athletes continue to be a focus of national debate. janel forte has more on what this means for the future of the ncaa and transgender athletes. >> university of pennsylvania swimmer lia thomas is on a roll posting some of the best times in the country in the 200 yard and 500 yard women's freestyle. the senior competed on the men's team. her first 3 collegiate years, but is now competing for the women this season after transitioning success cresting ncaa rules on transgender athletes back into the forefront. the ncaa releasing a new policy effective immediately a sport by sport approach making eligibility requirements for transgender athletes determined by each sport's national governing body, organization in line with the u.s. and international olympic
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committee's the previous policy with the uniform hormone therapy requirement across all sports, the new rules specifically targets athletes were trans women. those who are assigned male at birth, but who now identify as female? the long debate over if they should be allowed to compete bill by questions about whether trans women have an unfair physical advantage over cisgender women in sports in a statement, ncaa president mark emmert said, quote, approximately 80% of u.s. olympians are either current or former college athletes. this policy alignment provides consistency and further strengthens the relationship between college sports and the u.s. olympics. the rule change garnering push-back from both sides. the piece that is really shocking is the way in which the ncaa has really left. >> undermine process here and we're him and the policy and program director for athlete ally says in the past 2 years, 10 states have adopted laws
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restricting transgender athletes from participating in school. sports. some even affecting collegiate play of the competitive club and intramural levels. trans athletes are being banned from sport to the state level. they're now going to have to also interact with ncaa policy, which is not going to be able to be implemented. a uniformly implemented across every state. there's going to be a whole lot of confusion for many trans and non-binary athlete about. >> if they can play when they can play and what contact can they play sports on the other and those who are against trans woman competing sables down to fairness and safety. >> caitlyn jenner says this new policy fails to address either posting this tweet last night saying, quote, i've said from the beginning, biological boys should not compete against biological girls. this woke world we're living in right now. is it working? that was, you know, fort reporting for us tonight. doctor
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>> we are less than 24 hours away from the niners and packers in the divisional round of the playoffs. and tomorrow will be san francisco's 6th road game in 8 weeks. so they have their suitcases allude up and in addition to play in enemy territory, they will also tomorrow be facing harsh weather conditions where they ever lindsay polar as said joins us now with more on what the team is up we notice said
5:28 pm
you've got your head, your ears covered, probably unwise thing islands. >> and there. yeah, i'm i'm all bundled up even though i'm inside. it's so cold out here. so in addition to the challenge that aaron rodgers and the green bay packers, the forty-niners are going to be battling below freezing temperatures on saturday. temperatures for kickoff are expected to be 15 degrees. but with that wind chill, it is going to feel like we are in the single digits here in green bay prior to departing to the frozen tundra. niners head coach kyle shanahan said that he would give his team at the opportunity to take in the elements if they wanted, but he didn't think it was going to help in terms of game planning. >> me personally, it's not about getting used to. it's about going out and doing it for 3 and a half hours. make to get your mindset that i can do this for 3 and a half hours and focus on the game and everything. i don't think you go out and freeze the day before and think that your body is going to be more used to it the next day. that's me
5:29 pm
personally. but i'll talk to our players here a little bit on the plane. we've got a couple options and what we can do. we can go outside. we have plenty of room in the hotel with the barman something walk through. we just never last saturday which will be friday walk through, not too big of a deal to let the players decide on. >> turns out that the team did want to test out the brisk weather here in green bay and they opted to do their day before the game. walk through at a local high school. that was a closed practice. so unfortunately, i cannot get a camera in there. but what you saw where the facilities that the team used, there's not much you can do to get acclimated to this weather, but they certainly are live from lambeau field. lindsay kron. 4 news has, but he says like their coach, one of the hotel ballroom in the players let's let's test it out. so >> we shall see. know lot of excitement looks like things are picking up behind you now, too. >> we have we have a lot of a niner fans are coming i'm actually at. there's actually
5:30 pm
this is the tail end of a tailgate here at lambeau field. things are actually dying down. this place was. >> filled out about maybe 30 minutes ago. so i think people are going home rest up before the game. >> rest up and warm up lindsey players live for us to green bay. thanks, lindsey. thanks, lynn, have a good night. for your health tonight with covid cases on the decline here in the bay area. recently. >> many people are wondering when the latest mask mandate in the bay area will. and of course, you remember, you know, dating back to when almost everyone who wanted to get vaccinated. you know, of 2021, a lot of things were loosened up. then we had delta and then now thanksgiving omicron presented itself and everything changed. >> indeed it did. ucsf infectious disease specialist doctor monica gandhi thinks that it could be soon, especially, you know, since u k just lifted the mask rules. good evening, doctor.


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