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tv   KRON 4 News at 430am  KRON  January 21, 2022 4:30am-5:01am PST

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out your brew view. the bridges this morning. look at the golden gate bridge from top to bottom. you can see all of it doing just fine. as far as that goes today, we're going to be talking all about the wind. so we're trade in the fog with another factor. that's kind of an inconvenience. the strong winds that will be picking up, especially later on today tonight into early tomorrow. these offshore winds will be enough for those darker orange shoes in the upper elevations of the north bay. those are high wind warnings with the rest of the bay area and the golden hues in wind advisories. again, that's from 07:00am today until 07:00am tomorrow. winds gusting at peak as high as 50 to 60 miles per hour. upper elevations, especially in the north bay, as we've already noted, fog isn't as much of a thing this morning. so really the only hurdles you got to jump through today do involve the stronger winds that do pick up later on. otherwise it's going to be a beautiful one. 30's and 40's for current temperatures right now, dublin in much of the north bay down into the 30's for numbers later on today. we're back
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into the 60's in a big way with mid to upper 60's for many of our daytime highs will be talking. what else to expect for the weekend. still to come first, though, a look at traffic which is we're in the midst of some pretty calm stuff. definitely no fog at the bay bridge. a welcome sight. after yesterday, only 7 minutes to make the drive. honestly pretty empty there at the san mateo bridge. not a lot of traffic just yet. hopefully it stays friday. light richmond center fell at around 8 minutes. also not looking at a whole lot of cars and neither the richmond center fell north of golden gate. james. john, thank you very much for 31. the time now to the latest on the new a's stadium. >> the environmental impact report we know has been approved by the planning commission. so the city of oakland is arguably it one step closer to that new waterfront ballpark out at howard terminal. so why are the team's owners still looking at a possible move to vegas with kron. 4 says magoon getting some answers. >> the environmental impact report for the oakland a's.
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new ballpark receeves a unanimous recommendation by the planning commission. i think that bodes well for us in terms of a positive, though, at city council next month. oakland mayor libby shaft is feeling good about it as well. she states in part, quote, the recommendation to send the final environmental impact report into the city council for certification is a huge win for our entire region and puts oakland one step closer to building a landmark waterfront ballpark, unquote. >> but i still feel like this, but maybe there's a sense of that and rodent in oakland for now is is that how you see well, you know, around here a little pass, you know, we're working in las vegas on a plan there as well. oakland a's team president dave kaval says he is encouraged by the unanimous vote. however, the process on the potential move to las vegas moves we a handful of sites we're down to. we've done all our market now sees down there and it's been very positive. why not just at this point, just focus
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>> well, i think we're at a point now where there are still questions about whether or not we can have a timeline and get the votes to help land before the election in the fall. >> and so we have to do everything we can to have options. >> add to that. he says the 2 sides have yet to reach an agreement on the terms for the affordable housing peas. we spent a lot of time over the holiday break different economic terms. and we just sent another revision back to the city negotiating team. so smart money says the odds of oakland getting that water football park are. >> you know, not a betting and all i can say is that we're going continue to work very hard to get to final approval and hopefully getting to the point where the city council and the elected leaders can conduct. yes, housing, let run for news. >> 4.33. the time for your money this morning. high demand from home buyers is coinciding with a historically low number of available homes. and that includes right here in the bay area. as we now,
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zillow economist says that in both the san francisco and san jose metropolitan areas, typical home values have increased more than 17% over last year. inventory remains well below pre-pandemic levels. zillow says that on average listed homes are only on the market for about 2 weeks before they're sold. >> part of that, an infinite number of people moving out with a lot of money to spend buying homes in other parts of the country. so you might think that therefore there should be a glut of homes left behind, you know, in the bay area that the demand of the lower prices might be falling in the bay area. but if in late 2020 on the market is hitting back up around san francisco around the bay. >> and meantime, rents in the san francisco metropolitan area are up 10.4% over last year in the san jose area. they're up 9.2% just keeps climbing. the wind industry's the latest now to face supply chain problems and customers may soon have to pay more for
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a bottle kron four's gayle ong explains >> the production line then family wines and santa rosa of fish and and a well oiled machine. still the cost of making each bottle going up. been very challenging the last 2 years owner kathleen inman says >> the challenges started when the trump administration put tariffs on imports. that includes an 18% duty on glass started to have to imported chinese because when the tariffs went everyone started purchasing u.s. pass. and then there wasn't enough supply for the demand. so also prices went up for us as well as it being difficult to get that on top of the tariffs, the pandemic caused a sudden spike in shipping they put on ocean surcharges now and the surcharge was a $7.30 a case
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more than the glass actually costs. ultimately the whole bottling process now more expensive, what it means for customers is that prices are going to be going out on on why inman says costs could go up anywhere from 3 to $5. a bottle and the spike in material costs prompting her to reluctantly. consider raising the prices on her wine. i haven't done that yet. i kept my prices steady for number of years in and says she's not the only winery dealing with supply chain issues. it's really related to imports that are backlog. >> at the ports. scott defy president of glass packaging institute says while there is no shortage of glass in north and is really high. >> and it's not easy to just switch your supply chain, you know like that. i mean, it takes time to change suppliers and 2 to get in up production. >> lying. but frontman who has recently dealt with wildfires and droughts. she's choosing to look at the glass as half full now making the best of a challenging situation. but
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there's a lot lot of moving parts and making wine. >> get along. kron 4 news. >> in what's turned out to be a bad week for former president trump. yet another criminal investigation has been launched this time in his efforts to overturn the 2020 election results in georgia. we've got christine up a sushi with the story. >> major developments on multiple fronts when it comes to former president donald trump's legal troubles. the latest on thursday, georgia's fulton county district attorney fani willis requested a special grand jury to help her investigate this. i just want to fly. >> 11,000, 7, 1980. love this. >> during the call, trump appears to pressure the georgia secretary of state to overturn the 2020 election results. willis wrote that witnesses have refused to cooperate without being subpoenaed. the grand jury can help with that. it's the charges in this matter. if they're ever to be filed, you can be sure that donald trump
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will hire. army of the defense team. it is unlikely even if convicted that he would see any jail time based on the nature of the potential charges. >> also developing the january 6 house select committee investigating the attack on the capitol has asked vodka trump to testify. rep adam schiff is on that committee. she, according to was present for a conversation on the phone on january 6. >> where the former president was trying to courses vice president into ignoring the constitution and refusing to certify the winner of the election. the former president's daughter and adviser responded with this in part that she says she didn't speak at the january 6th rally. >> and urge people to be peaceful. this is a supreme court green-lighted the handing over of the 4th tranche of key documents. you know, obviously hundreds of documents coming your way, call at the white house and their notes pertaining to
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speeches. we need to have a full accounting of those responsible for the first ever attack on the citadel of our democracy. i can't even explain to you the feelings that i had that day watching his life be put in danger. >> by the person that he was so loyal to his entire tenure as vice president. olivia troye vp. mike pence is advisor for 2 years and a lifelong republican says her former boss feared for his family january 6th. i think it the culmination. >> of working for someone who is basically a madman. >> that was christina pascucci reporting. prosecutors say they're also investigating a phone call between georgia secretary of state and republican sen lindsey graham. at 4.39. to minnesota now where jury selection has started in the federal trial of 3 former police officers charged in the death of george floyd thomas lane. jay alexander kueng and toy sow
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are all accused of violating floyd's civil rights. all 3 have pleaded not guilty. a state jury convicted derek chauvin who killed who kneeled on floyd's neck of second degree murder last april chauvin pleaded guilty to separate federal charges just last month. governor newsome visiting the site of a recent train theft and around southern california, the governor highlighted the statewide effort to crack down on railway theft, which apparently has spiked over the last year, especially during the holiday season. the crimes that left tracks and surrounding areas littered with empty packages. as you can see. he has he helped clear the debris along the tracks. the governor called on the state to step up. >> we'll see what everybody seen asking myself what the is going on. we looked like a 3rd world country. these images. we need all of us to recognize our collective and individual spots ability to do more. >> experts say because of the global supply chain delays which have caused congestion at ports and a long train routes. los angeles has become
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incredibly vulnerable to running up. a long trains have stopped on the tracks and just well, the push to ban members of congress from trading stocks is picking up a little bit of steam on capitol hill. but the effort faces a major hurdle. speaker nancy pelosi objects to the ban saying that she doesn't think insider trading is happening on capitol hill because it's already illegal, but she's well. she leaves the door open to raising penalties against members who don't make their trades public. a business insider report recently revealed that 54 lawmakers failed to properly disclose their trades last year. >> do come down always in favor of trusting. our members said to be the has initiation committee review all the bills that are coming. >> missouri republican senator josh hawley says that speaker pelosi is objecting to the effort in order to protect her own wealth. that's his charge. and many lawmakers say fines aren't enough. right now, both democrats and republicans are
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pushing legislation to force members and their spouses to move their investments to blind trusts or mutual funds during their time in the legislature. coming up on the kron 4 morning news. >> only one day left until the forty-niners take on aaron rodgers and the packers in green bay. kate rooney as some final thoughts from coach shanahan and the team.
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>> we're back at 4.45? let's get another check of the forecast with john shrable standing by in the weather center now with a look at much clear start to the day. good morning, you have picked yesterday, james. we're looking at winds today instead of fog. so we're switching one factor out that may interrupt you a little bit for another, but otherwise weather is looking really nice. and it certainly is beautiful. the taking this view right here from berkeley where skies are nice and clear. so is james mentioned fog. not as much of a thing this morning. a couple of patches in the santa clara valley. overall, it's a quiet and cool start to this morning throughout the course of the day today, you will notice abundant sunshine. really nice weather to start the weekend and we're going to hold on to these dry skies, clear skies on to tomorrow on into sunday. well, through next week and honestly, through the end of the month, this high pressure ridge is ensuring that any chance of rainfall is not going make its way our
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direction. but we are in the midst of a bit of a shift in the big low to our east and the high to our west is really going to be kicking up some offshore winds today and after a calm one yesterday today peak wind gusts for parts of the north bay could rise to 40 miles per hour. much the same into tomorrow. tonight will bring the windiest of conditions. now, i know it's sunny and i know it's mild. so it's very tempting to get outside. and as you should honestly make sure to do so in some of those calmer areas near the bayshore areas like petaluma and sonoma are going to be very windy this weekend. so if you're heading up there, maybe to enjoy some wine tasting, just make sure be ready for those strong winds. 60's for high temperatures across the boards mid 60's near the coastline as well as right along the bay shore south san francisco at 65 foster city. at a nice 64 south bay temperatures right back to around where you were yesterday. also in the mid 60's today, temperatures in the east bay not much different than that livermore. you'll be at 61 while oakland and san leandro calmer than
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much of the rest of the bay. and at 66 great options for getting outside later on today. the in benicia are 2 warmest spots at 67 degrees. some of her windiest spots will be in the north bay. now tomorrow's temperatures right around the same as today we will see are breezy east of conditions tonight. winds tomorrow in the morning and then tempering towards the middle of the day on saturday. and after that, we should be a whole lot calmer for the rest of this forecast. temperatures next week remain mild. skies remain clear and drive as far as bridges go. haven't seen any issues yet so far, which is certainly a nice note on a friday hoping that everything cooperates for all are commuters out there. mother nature certainly helping from the maze to fremont street. it's going to take you 7 minutes across the bay bridge, san mateo bridge rolling at the limit as you are as well at the richmond center fell bridge and at the golden gate bridge, nothing slowing you down either most, especially no fog to be noted. back to you. james, thank you very much, john. the forty-niners
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now in green bay getting ready to face the packers tomorrow. >> the divisional round playoff game will be a bit chilly, though. let's not forget that the niners say they're prepared. kate rooney standing by with a look at that. >> the forty-niners took off from team headquarters making their way to green bay for saturday's divisional playoff game against the packers. jimmy garoppolo clutching that food box with his injured right hand. that's got to be a good sign. he's dealing with that thumb issue. plus, a sprained shoulder. george kittle with a wave. is he headed toward the bus? now? more good news, jimmy g and fred warner are no longer on the injured list. they were full participants in practice so they should both be ready to go full throttle saturday night. now, nick bosa situation is a little more tenuous. he suffered a concussion when he collided with dj jones last sunday against the cowboys. now he's cleared all but the final step of concussion protocols and head coach kyle shanahan says
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he's confident bosa will be cleared to play the latest forecast, meanwhile, has kickoff temperatures at lambeau field as warm as a ball need 20 degrees as chilly as one degree shanahan was asked about preparing his team for the cold. >> i'll talk to some of the guys about. i think each person is me personally. it's not about getting used to. it's about going out and doing it for 3 and a half hours and make to get your mindset that i can do this for 3 and a half hours and focus on the game and everything. i don't think you go out and freeze the day before and i think that your body is going to be more used to it the next day. i'm expecting to be layered up and i'm expecting the ball to to not fly as far and expecting to have a really fun atmosphere plan. there's nothing like playing at lambeau. and i'm the sort of should be a playoff. should be. >> cowboys are some forty-niners and packers versus forty-niners and it's awesome to be a part of it. >> to the hardwood now warriors hosting the pacers. it was kayak clay bobblehead night chase center. picking up
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in the 2nd quarter. steph curry. pulled up from 34 feet for the 3 pointer warriors led by 8 at the half. dozen got type, though on to the fort steph, to a cutting gary payton, the second he dunks and go to the who then head butts. gp 2. take another look there at that one. but tod z. is the jet did warriors down to? and steph curry like that result jta here almost throws it away. but staff makes a great save attacks the basket and puts it in to tie it at one. 0, 6, steph, with 39 points. look at that face dogs up 3 with seconds left. they don't foul. and justin holiday nailed the three-pointer with 5 seconds left tied at one 10. so we're headed to overtime in that extra period. keifer sykes with a nice drive to the basket to put the pacers up 5. they're celebrating that chase. 21 seconds. left
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warriors down 3 after the jordan poole miss from the corner step gets a clean look on the reload 3, but it hits the back rim pacers, get the rebound and indiana without its top 4 scorers and playing the second game of a road back-to-back shocked the warriors won 21 to one 17 in overtime. the host, the rockets on friday. let's go to the ice. the sharks in seattle taken on the kraken, 3rd period is where we'll start seattle up by one cali yarn croak lights, the lamp that extends the crack in his lead to 2 as the sharks fall 3 to 2. they'll come back home to host the tampa bay lightning on saturday and that'll do it for sports. >> all right, reporting kickoff for tomorrow's playoff game between the niners. the packers is at 5.15. we'll all be watching. go niners. all right, 4.51, the upcoming super bowl halftime. big tease with the cinematic style trailer. be seen it. the
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promotion is directed by straight outta compton filmmaker f gary gaey and features 5 stars and some of the best known hits the trailer moves from amman and snoop dogg, mary j blige and kendrick lamar and talk to dre calls on them to gather at sofi stadium in inglewood. the director says the visuals serve as a tribute to the impact that each star has had on music and pop culture. pretty cool check it out. >> we'll take a break. your forecast to be right back.
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>> welcome back for fifty-five on this friday morning. feels good to say that also looks nice to be looking actually see the bay bridge in the distance after such a foggy start to the morning yesterday. today's going to be a beautiful one. lots of sunshine out there. daytime highs rise into the 60's. the catch. well, that will be windy at times for a lot of the bay area. so anticipate that james, thank you very much, john, at 4.55, the pride parade is coming back to san francisco this year. the event was canceled, as you may remember, for the first time since 1970, for the past 2 years because of the pandemic. >> well, now the lgbtq community is welcoming back party goers from around the %% world to celebrate love and identity in person. >> the is the pride festival everyone to a live in-person
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event this coming june 25th and 26th. >> with a sunday morning parade at 10 like they've always done. the announcement is just the first step. most details are still being worked out right now. but organizers expect everything that was, you know, part of the tradition to return. and that means you can look forward to the endless floats along market street with a huge party ending up around city hall where they'll be about 2 dozen stages complete with performances. we're about 5 months out. so they'll be working pretty closely with public and officials for covid guidelines and we'll get more information from them as we get closer to the date. but it's nice to know that they're planning on bringing it back this year. we'll take a break at 4.56. coming up in the next hour of the local morning news. the forty-niners off to a >> well, hopefully a great start there in green bay. now, warming up, get ready for tomorrow's playoff game against the packers. we're going to be talking to fans in a live report later this morning. so stay tuned. plus, there's a new well, there is new legislation that will
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allow pre teens to get vaccinated without parental consent. how many are reacting all to all of that coming up in the next hour. wake up with wendy's and get a free drink with any breakfast sandwich. hot coffee or diet coke? free. frosty-ccino? that's cool. and free. if it comes in a wendy's cup, it's free when you buy a breakfast sandwich. choose wisely. choose wendy's.
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>> from the area's local news station. you're watching the kron 4 morning news far. >> good morning, everybody. thank you for joining us here on the kron. 4 morning news. it is 05:00am on this friday,
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january 21st. just take a moment. let that sink in. it is friday. we've made it through the workweek. we made it through all that dense fog that we had to battle yesterday this morning. your reward. fairly clear skies. we got john trouble starting off with the forecast morning, john. yet carl took friday off after his first day at work in 2 but yes, yesterday was the foggy one. and then today we're taking a step back from it. >> you can see the golden gate bridge free of any fog. this morning. we're trading in the fog for some strong winds and we do have high wind warnings in upper elevations of the north bay in the dark orange. and then in the golden hue across the rest of the bay area, we do have wind advisories that take effect at 07:00am this morning last through 07:00am tomorrow. winds peaking overnight tonight and gusting as high in the north bay around 50 miles per hour. so was taking a step back from the fog. not as much of a visibility issue this morning, but the catch today as you enjoy what will be an otherwise beautiful day will be that strong wind just giving you a heads up


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