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tv   KRON 4 News at 4am  KRON  January 21, 2022 4:00am-4:31am PST

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>> from the area's local news station. you're watching the kron. 4 morning news at 4. >> good morning. thank you for joining us here on a friday, celebrating the last day of this workweek. it is february 21st. i'm james fletcher. we're all excited about niners playing the green bay packers tomorrow. so we're going to be written them on all day today, talking more about that. we're also checking out the forecast to i noticed not near as much fog out there this morning for you. we'll see if there is any out there, though, with john in the weather center morning, john, that he had to difference there, james yesterday was so so foggy. look at the golden gate bridge this morning. a completely different picture, not looking
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at any fog, that bridge level right there. and as we make our way through the day, you will notice less fog. >> more winds to it today at 07:00am. we're going to see high wind advisories and high wind warnings for portions in the dark orange up in the north bay picking up across the bay area. today, winds will gust as high as 40 to 50 miles per hour peaking even higher tonight before starting to diminish midday tomorrow. these are offshore wind. so if things were drier, well, then we would be talking about fire danger. fortunately, after such a wet december, that is not much of an issue here, but it is kind of the catch as we work our way into what otherwise would have been. really nice weekend weather. speaking of fog, there is a couple spots of in santa clara valley as james noted, though, definitely not as big of an issue as where we were yesterday, 30's and 40's for current temperatures petaluma santa rosa as well as double in napa and fairfield all in the 30's. san francisco, a notable standout along with
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pacifica out in the 50's this morning after what is a fairly fog free morning compared to yesterday. do expect a windy but warmer afternoon highs climbing well into the mid to even upper 60's. i'll be talking more in this forecast. still to come. but let's get a look at the roads. we are seeing the bay bridge right here looking pretty good traffic moving along, just fine there. as for the san mateo bridge, also a really easy go right there. traffic moving along both directions without anything to slow it down. actually looks like some friday light to as for the richmond center fell bridge also on the friday right side of things. just a few cars out there this early morning commute. and finally, the golden gate just as empty and also pretty fog free, which i think is the nyces change to be seeing honor bridges right now, james. all right, john, thank you very much. let's get back to the news this morning. a big story now we have attorney general rob bonta's office. >> again confirming that will investigate a fatal police shooting at sfo. an armed man was fatally shot by police
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yesterday morning and kron four's dan thorn walks us through more. what happened? sfo becomes a crime scene after a fatal police shooting. investigators say the unknown man was armed with 2 guns near the international terminals. bart entrance when they were forced to shoot spawning officers were rendered aid to the man. >> and some in medics at the scene. the man succumb to his injuries and was pronounced deceased. police say they tried to de-escalate the situation, but the man continued to be threatening and approached officers as some people were close to the danger. another person was struck by gunfire person experiencing homelessness who was nearby whose leg was injured by a ricochet. >> that individuals transported to a nearby hospital and is expected to recover. the gunman was first spotted by a tsa agent who noticed he was acting suspiciously. police are still trying to figure out why the man was at the airport in the first indication of this incident being involved terrorism like the individual came to commit some type of
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act of terrorism. it's contained to this particular event under assembly bill 15, 0, 6, the california department of justice will investigate and independently review this case. sfpd says they will also be having a public town hall within the next 10 days to answer any questions about the shooting reporting at sfo. dan thorn kron. 4 news happening today in the south bay. police are going to be releasing more details about a fatal police shooting in san jose. that's where police shot and killed a suspected carjacker wednesday night. >> it happened in the area of heading street and park avenue. police say the man was driving a stolen car and attempted a carjacking in santa clara. they say the man had a gun and wasn't able take that car. but officers say they then drove the rich. he then drove the original car that he stole back to san jose where he caused a major accident and injured other drivers. police say they fired at that man when he began shooting at them. the suspect died at the hospital. the
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police officers involved were not injured at 10, 30 this morning. the san jose police chief is expected to identify who that suspect was and also share more facts about what led up 2 officers opening fire. a large police presence is coming to east oakland. the department is reallocating about 48 officers to the area because of the disproportionate number of calls and service requests coming from that area and violent crime too. >> with the addition of 40 at officers, police department and myself plan to work with our community members to bring equity east oakland, to maker community members feel safe in their own homes. >> opd says this is all part of the new implementation of a 6 area patrol plan. we'll be talking more about that as they roll that plan. now, meanwhile, san mateo police say they've arrested for 16 year-olds in connection with a shooting that left a man injured. police say the victim was shot in the hillsdale mall parking lot. he's been hospitalized and is expected to survive. as for the suspects, they got away. but
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police say witness descriptions and security video helped in ultimately tracking them down. all 4 have been arrested now and booked into juvenile hall on several charges. a sad ending in the search for missing stanford nurse. the alameda county sheriff's office confirms that they did recover the body. a 27 year-old michael dell. the body was found in the marsh area near the dunbar tunbridge. he was reported missing by his roommate tuesday morning. that's after he didn't come home from his night shift at stanford hospital in palo alto. the cause of death has not yet been revealed. cal osha, meanwhile, is investigating the death of a tesla worker at the fremont factory. authorities say 47 year-old rodrigo the new way of tracy collapsed wednesday morning while working on the power train line. cal osha says that they were notified of the death by tesla. the agency is now working to determine whether the death was work-related or natural causes. berkeley police say they've arrested a 15 year-old boy for carrying a bb gun at
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berkeley high school. they responded to reports of fights involving students and say that one of the students was threatened with that bb gun officers were able to detain both students and found the gun in one of the students. backpacks, that student who does not attend berkeley high school, by the way, was arrested on suspicion brandishing a replica firearm and having a weapon on campus. also in the east bay livermore man has been arrested out connection with a number of batteries involving female joggers. police say 35 year-old willie richard originally are allegedly groped at least 4 women over the past 2 months. it happened near the running trail on east avenue and vasco road and after investigation, police were able to identify richardson as the sole suspect. he's been arrested. now was arrested on tuesday without incident and booked into the santa rita jail on several charges. investigation obviously still ongoing. well, now to our coronavirus coverage and some promising news cases are, in fact,
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beginning to decline. although experts say we have a long way to go before the omicron surge is over. but after reaching a nationwide high of more than 800,000 cases, this past saturday, the seven-day average has fallen 8%. well cases maybe down, though, hospitalizations and deaths continue to rise nationwide. there are 26,000 covid patients in icus, san francisco city leaders, by the way, say cases pete january 9th, and they've been declining ever some good news there. hospitalizations are still high, however, which is why restrictions like mask mandates won't be going away any time soon. and city health authorities are now changing their approach to containing the virus. we're not going to hold onto restrictions. and, you know, just waiting for everything for omicron to go where covid to go away. that's not going to it's clear that that's not going to happen anymore. >> we overeat or of a place where covid is endemic and we're going to learn to live with this virus and are lifting of of of restrictions
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in a gradual way will reflect that. that new reality. >> he went on to say that the goal is no longer to prevent the spread of covid but to prevent the worst possible outcomes which include severe disease hospitalizations and in the worst scenarios, death. infectious disease experts with stanford university are recommending people step up their protection against the omicron variant by wearing high filtration masks like those n 95 or kn 95 masks. they say the tight fit is the key. >> you want to make sure it feels nice and snug. then what you do is you want to press in around the nose here so that you tight knit most of these have a multiple that banned near the nose. >> and 95, made with a special material designed to b%ock 95% of harmful particles. the fibers are pressed close together in the cloth masks and have an elastic and electrostatic charge that attracts molecules to stick to the mask rather than passing through at the beginning of pandemic. these types of masks were in short supply. as you
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may remember, and they were only reserved for healthcare workers, but that's no longer the case. the biden administration is distributing 400 million of them. 2 pharmacies all across the u.s. starting next week to be handed out to the public free of charge. doctor anthony fauci says the fda could approve pfizhr's vaccine for children under 5 years old sometime in the next month. doctor fauci said that younger children will probably need 3 doses. pfizer's clinical trial showed 2 shots did not give enough immune response to younger children. the company hasn't identified any safety concerns with the 3 doses in children. 6 months to 4 years old. so looks like it may very well get approved fairly soon. the push to make california the first state with a single pair health care system cleared its latest hurdle with lawmakers voting to send the bill that would get rid of private health insurance to the assembly for a full vote. it would create cal care, a state-run program for all california residents. lawmakers estimate it would cost more than 350 billion dollars a year. it would be
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paid for with tax hikes on certain businesses and residents. san jose assemblyman or is the bill's author. and here is talking about it. >> there needs to be voters in california say, yes, this is what you want. that's always been my intention. the first thing to pass a policy. so at least the voters will know you know, hey, this is what we're going to bring to you. and then through the vote, don't know what that's going to cost. >> well, the senate or the state assembly will vote on the proposal next week because the bill was introduced last year. if it doesn't pass by january 31st, it will be considered dead for the year. california senator alex first. yeah. alex padilla announced more than 172 million dollars in federal funding for ports and waterway projects across the state. that money apparently is going to be used to move forward with plans to upgrade. a lot of that infrastructure. the money comes from recently passed bipartisan infrastructure law and a twenty-twenty to disaster relief act. we'll
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take a break. it is almost 4.12, this morning. coming up on the kron 4 morning news lawmakers turning up the legal heat on former president donald trump. >> the family members who now being asked to take part in the insurrection investigation. and today is the 49th annual march for life. and this year's theme is equity begins in the room. attendees are marching in hopes for the supreme court overturned. roe v wade will have more on their efforts coming up.
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>> and we're back at 4.14, after taking a break 2 years now, karl, the fog is back on twitter. the popular pick out tweeting. >> quote, ok down there. i know it's been a while. so hope you still recognize me. i put on a few metric tons over the last 2 moved in with my parents and point rays at the start of the pandemic. the free rent was great but nothing beats hanging 6 feet away from you. so pretty funny stuff there. the national weather service chimed in on carl's returns saying we've missed, you missed and ist very clever. haha. well, looks like a karl sleeping in this morning. not too much fog out there. good morning, i hope carla sticks around to. there's plenty of room in the bay for both kinds we definitely are looking at a fog free morning. so carl's back in retirement for just a minute. maybe because yesterday was indeed a very
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foggy one. i don't think too many of us are going to be missing. that dense fog will crossing our bridges this morning. there's still a couple of patches out there, but absolutely nothing like what we saw yesterday. >> today, it's going to be more so about our clear skies, mild temperatures. but the catch today being the wind that is going to be picking up today, offshore winds working their way into the bay area really picking up later today overnight tonight into tomorrow morning. all this is accompanied by some relatively clear conditions. and overall, a lack of much of a foggy blanket courtesy of those winds. so windy but warm into the weekend if it wasn't for the wind at be a gorgeous one. just look at how winds will be picking up later on today. areas like petaluma could see wind gusts in excess of 40 miles per hour. 20 to 30 mile per hour gusts for most of the rest of the bay area. winds are expected to peak overnight tonight and starting at 07:00am this morning, much of the bay area will be under wind advisories through the day on saturday. now, as far as today's daytime highs go
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are calmer areas will be along the bay shore. so that's the way to spend the afternoon. if you want to avoid the winds as much as possible, but still want to enjoy this nice weather that we have solid mid 60's for the vast majority of the bay redwood city, palo alto, san carlos, each at 65 degrees. south bay temperatures mid 60's for you. san jose. up to 66 today. well, he word and fremont and i-65 oakland at 66 going to be a really gorgeous. stay in oakland in. you're one of our commerce spots. as far as wind goes. so not a bad day to be getting out there. the late joan benicia each at 67 for your highs today are 2 warmest of spots right there along the carquinez. now, temperatures tomorrow will be right around the same as today. winds do peak overnight tonight and start to temper a bit towards the middle of the day tomorrow after that will be calmer and just a touch cooler into next week. notice sunshine and dry skies not going anywhere likely to stay around for the remainder of the month. now, as far as our roadways go this morning, big improvement out
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there. and that could be attributed to not just the fact that it's friday light and maybe a few less people will be on the roads. but the fact karl is taking another break, we're not seeing any fog out there at the bay bridge. love to see that below 10 minute commute over at and not a whole lot of cars honestly across the san mateo bridge, can really see the bridge yesterday, mind you because it was so foggy. it's nice to see it again. 13 minutes for your drive over there. a richmond center fell bridge, not a lot of traffic just yet. same for you on the golden gate. still pretty empty for early morning. commuters. james. for 18 is the time a controversial florida bill that takes aim at critical race theory has received its first approval. >> critical race theory is a way of thinking about america's history through. a racial lens to face those hard and difficult truths about our nation's past. now, this bill would prohibit public schools and private businesses from making white people feel, quote, discomfort when they teach students or train employees about discrimination
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in the nation's past. the bill has been promoted by florida's governor. it was approved by the senate education committee. democrats argue the bills not necessary and we're just lead to frivolous lawsuits. well, hundreds of people from across the country are expected to be in the nation's capital today for the 49th annual march for life the marches held on the anniversary of roe v wade and organizers of this year's march are hoping that this will be the year the supreme court overturns that 1973 decision and work in joining us live from dc with the very latest on all of this >> good morning, james. well, over 50,000 people are expected to attend today's march and because last year's march was held virtually organizers say they are expecting high energy among the crowd. on friday. hundreds of thousands of antiabortion activists will rally on the national mall. >> urging congress and the supreme court to overturn the 1973 roe v wade decision. we march for a brighter future.
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>> for all of us, one that values the unborn and sees the potential in every life. this year's theme is equality begins in the. and montana republican senator steve daines says the march comes at a critical time. >> as the supreme court considers the constitutionality of the 2018 mississippi state law that bans abortions after 15 weeks of pregnancy. this is the first case in our generation. >> presents the supreme court, the united states, the best opportunity to write its historic injustice and finally overturn roe versus wade. pennsylvania. republican glenn thompson says he hopes that this year the 49th annual march for life will be the last is my prayer that this will be the last march for life. >> with roe vs wade being the law of the land that we when we march next year will be in celebration for what we've accomplished for the protection of the on board. but democrats argue that restricting access to abortion
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care for millions of women is dangerous. extreme republicans are now pushing to pass laws that not only >> dictate what happens in a doctor's office but also make it harder for patients to take a pill in their very own living room. >> the rally is scheduled to begin at noon on the national mall followed by the march across downtown to the steps of the supreme court. for now live in washington, i'm anna wiernicki. back to you. all right. thank you very much. >> it is 4.21. and we'll take a quick break. but next here on the kron, 4 morning news, excitement buzzing. is the forty-niners get ready to play the green bay packers in the playoffs tomorrow? we'll tell you how local bars are preparing. what could be big crowds. for 24 on the clock
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and bay area sports bars are expecting crowds to come out saturday as the forty-niners take on the packers in this latest round of the playoffs. >> already many watch parties are planned across the city's some venues are converting their spaces to reduce chances of covid transmission, which is ideal. despite those precautions, though, some doctors do expect this will. probably lead to a slight rise in cases. we have crawford's taylor with the story.
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>> francisco forty-niners fans hope to continue similar celebrations after saturday's playoff game against the green bay packers. this was the scene, a district 6 in san francisco's soma neighborhood last weekend event. organizers expect to see more fans this time around. we just sold out before we got on this call are the peas are sold out. >> our table to sold out. >> i mean, we're doing complementary entrance, but that's how we kind of gauge how many people can come in. basically director at district 6 anthony slander says >> they tickets for this weekend's watch party to control and limit capacity due to the rise in covid cases, lenders usually planning events all across the city. but since the pandemic, he's pivoted to finding more creative outdoor event spaces like district 6, where it's safer to get together. and we have a lot more flexibility because we are outdoors. >> into what we're doing is, you know, we're we're socially distancing the i believe most part they're they're they're they're diligent. but right
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now i know my first thing more comfortable, my staff, more comfortable being out outdoors. my friend a more comfortable. my mom's more comfortable. and to me that just makes more sense as the right now. however, many sports bars across the city and bay area don't have the same space or capabilities. >> so they'll likely look like this. well, covid cases are going down again. infectious disease specialist at ucsf doctor peter chin-hong says he's still concerned about gatherings. he says will likely see that declining cases slow as more people get together to cheer on their teams. that may mean the sense from a peak will be slower. >> because you have like many spikes up to be stacked events. watch parties and the super bowl each time you get a little bit. >> hire. i think we are on the way down. but again, how we go down. >> all depends on all behaviors. i'm taylor reporting kron. 4 news. >> 4.26. the time. we'll be right back.
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>> and we're back at 4.30, here on the kron. 4 morning news. if you are going to be heading outside here pretty soon. the good news is you don't have near as much fog to deal with this morning. let's get the latest on the forecast with john. hey there. yeah, you know, i don't think we're going to miss the fog to budge on this friday commute. james. that was a lot yesterday.
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>> dense fog really blocked out your brew view. the bridges this morning. look at the golden gate bridge from top to bottom. you can see all of it doing just fine. as far as that goes today, we're going to be talking all about the wind. so we're trade in the fog with another factor. that's kind of an inconvenience. the strong winds that will be picking up, especially later on today tonight into early tomorrow. these offshore winds will be enough for those darker orange shoes in the upper elevations of the north bay. those are high wind warnings with the rest of the bay area and the golden hues in wind advisories. again, that's from 07:00am today until 07:00am tomorrow. winds gusting at peak as high as 50 to 60 miles per hour. upper elevations, especially in the north bay, as we've already noted, fog isn't as much of a thing this morning. so really the only hurdles you got to jump through today do involve the stronger winds that do pick up later on. otherwise it's going to be a beautiful one. 30's and 40's for current temperatures right now, dublin in much of the north bay down into the 30's for numbers later on toda


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