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tv   KRON 4 News at 9  KRON  January 20, 2022 9:00pm-10:01pm PST

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injuries and was pronounced deceased. police say they tried to de-escalate the situation, but the man continued to be threatening and approached officers as some people were close to the danger. another person was struck by gunfire person experiencing homelessness who was nearby whose leg was injured by a ricochet. >> that individuals transported to a nearby hospital and is expected to recover. the gunman was first spotted by a tsa agent who noticed he was acting suspiciously. police are still trying to figure out why the man was at the airport in the first indication of this incident being involves terrorism. >> like the individual came to commit some type of act of terrorism. contained in this particular event under assembly bill 15, 0, 6, the california department of justice will investigate and independently review this case as apd says they will also be having a public town hall within the next 10 days to answer any questions about the
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shooting. >> reporting at sfo, dan thorn kron. 4 news new tonight at 9, a larger police presence is coming to east oakland. the department is reallocating 48 offices to that area because of the disproportionate number of calls for service and the violent crime in that area. >> with the addition of 48 officers, police department. am i so plan to work with our community members to bring equity east oakland to make are committee members feel safe in their own homes? >> opd says this is part of the new implementation of a 6 area patrol plan. >> a sad end to the search for a missing stanford nurse. the alameda county sheriff's office has confirmed that they have recovered the body of this man. 27 year-old michael o'dell. the body was found today in the marsh area near the dunbarton bridge in fremont. he was reported missing by his roommate tuesday morning. that's after he did not come home from his night shift at stanford hospital in palo alto. a cause
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of death has not yet been released. >> a worker at the tesla factory in fremont collapsed and died yesterday while working on a power train line. investigators are now trying to figure out exactly what happened, whether this was work-related. tesla says the power train is an improved motor and der and gearbox. that worker has been identified as 47 year-old v% rodrigo villa nueva of tracy. his death comes just about a month after a tesla employee shot and killed a co-worker, a berkeley high school student has been arrested. police say he brandished a bb gun near the campus and brought it to school. police responded to the school yesterday morning. they found 2 students trying to escape. >> after a chase police detained the 2 and found the bb gun inside one of the students backpacks. police say the boy is 15 years old. the case is under investigation. >> and the south bay san jose police shot and killed a suspected carjacker last night
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happened in the area of heading street and park avenue. police say the man was driving a stolen car. he attempted a carjacking and santa clara. they say he had a gun and was not able to take that car and they say he drove the original stolen car back to san jose. police say caused a major accident at the intersection. other drivers were injured. police say they fired at the man when he began shooting at officers. the suspect died at the hospital. the police involved were not injured. >> bay area counties have been seen a decline in new covid cases. that's even though hospitalizations are still increasing. cloud force amanda hari talked with health leaders around the bay area about the current trends and what needs to be improved. >> well, everyone i spoke to is still encouraging people to stay diligent with their covid precautions. most county say they are starting to see a decrease in the number of cases reported. but there's
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still seeing an increase in hospitalization. our case counts are really more confident that that's reliable trend. doctor matt willis is the public health officer for marine county. he says the peak for the 7 day average of covid-19 case positivity was january 9th. >> and they're continuing to see improvement. since then. every day we've had cases in santa clara county. they use wastewater surveillance as a way to supplement their public health data. it measures the amount of virus in the wastewater accounting for those who are asymptomatic. don't test for use at home test deputy director for the health department. michael bal. yea says they're seeing a similar trend to some leveling off or maybe even some slight declines in the concentrations of virus in the wastewater are cautiously optimistic that are critical cases will start to show the same type of production. but doctor willis says it's not time to let your guard down the other concerns. hospitalizations are not
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dropping right back continue to increase at john muir health in contra costa county chief medical officer doctor russell rodriguez echoed his concerns. immigration numbers of approaching our highest. >> on on record for health system. he says hospitalization lags behind case positivity. >> often hitting its peak a week or 2 after the case peak. both doctors are hopeful. hospitalizations will start to go down. that encouraging. is that? >> as each passes, we have more collective immunity, better protected. we've learned better how to protect ourselves. doctor rodriguez tells me that hospitals are still very busy. he encourages people not to go to the emergency department for a covid-19 test or mild and manageable symptoms. amanda hari kron, 4 news. >> at a news conference today, san francisco city leaders said cases pete on january the 9th and had been edging downward ever since health officials say omicron shows to
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be relatively mild, especially for those fully boosted and as a result, hospitals have not been overwhelmed. san francisco's director of public health doctor colfax as that. we'll set the stage for how san francisco deals with covid moving forward. he says the city's health policy will reflect that by not up ending people's lives. we're not going to hold onto restrictions. >> and, you know, just waiting for everything for omicron to go where covid to go away. that's not going to it's clear that that's not going to happen anymore. we overeat or of a place where covid is endemic and we're going to learn to live with this virus and are lifting of of of restrictions in a gradual way will reflect that. that new reality. >> doctor, colfax cautions case numbers and transmission rates remain high and hospitalizations, which lag behind cases are still going up. he says masking and other protective measures must continue for a while longer. >> bay area sports bars are
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expecting a big crowd saturday when the forty-niners take on the packers and the next round of the playoffs already. of course, many watch parties are planned across the city in some venues are converting their spaces in order to reduce the chances of transmission of covid. but despite precautions, some doctors tell kron four's taylor bisacky. they expect to see a slight rise in cases. >> san francisco forty-niners fans hope to continue similar celebrations after saturday's playoff game against the green bay packers. this was the scene, a district 6 in san francisco's soma neighborhood last weekend event. organizers expect to see more fans this time around. we just sold out before we got on this call are the peas are sold out. >> our table to sold out. >> i mean, we're doing complementary entrance, but that's how we kind of gauge how many people can come in. basically director at district 6 anthony slander says >> they sold tickets for this weekend's watch party to control and limit capacity due
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to the rise in covid cases, lenders usually planning events all across the city. but since the pandemic, he's pivoted to finding more creative outdoor event spaces like district 6, where it's safer to get together. and we have a lot more flexibility because we are outdoors. >> into what we're doing is, you know, we're we're socially distancing the i believe most part they're they're they're they're diligent. but right now i know my first thing more comfortable, my staff, more comfortable being out outdoors. my friend a more comfortable. my mom comfortable. and to me that just makes more sense. as of right now, however, many sports bars across the city and bay area don't have the same space or capabilities. >> so they'll likely look like this. well, covid cases are going down again. infectious disease specialist at ucsf doctor peter chin-hong says he's still concerned about gatherings, he says will likely see that declining cases slow as more people get together to cheer on their teams. that may mean the sense from a people we still are.
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>> because you have like many spikes up to be stocked events there. so watch parties and the super bowl each time you get a little bit. >> i think we are on the way down. but again, how we go down. all depends on all behaviors. i'm taylor reporting kron. 4 news. >> in the north bay after 33 years, the marine brewing company is closing its stores. the restaurant and brewery was one of the first businesses at larkspur landing a lot has changed. since then. the owners made this announcement on social media today. they did not detail the reasons for closing, but it's believed the pandemic and the overall troubles in the restaurant industry right now, we're factors. >> to see that here in this area. it would be so heavily affected. i think they have to. changed their plan and their. doing the right thing
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in some ways. but it sent. >> the marine brewing company's for business will be january 31st. >> now that the environmental impact report has been approved by the planning commission. the city of oakland is arguably closer to a new waterfront ballpark at howard terminal. so why are the team's owner still looking at a possible move to las vegas force? has the money and got some answers. >> the environmental impact report for the oakland a's. new ballpark receives a unanimous recommendation by the planning commission. i think that bodes well for us in terms of a positive, though, at city council next month. oakland mayor libby shaft this feeling good about it as well. she states in part, quote, the recommendation to send the final environmental impact report into the city council for certification is a huge win for our entire region and puts oakland one step closer to building a landmark waterfront ballpark, unquote. >> but i still feel like this up. maybe there's a sense of that and rodent in oakland for
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now is is that how you see it? >> well, you know, around here a little cats, you know, we're working in las vegas on a plan there as well. oakland a's team president dave kaval says he is encouraged by the unanimous vote. however, the process on the potential move to las vegas moves we a handful of sites we're down to. we've done all our market now sees down there and it's been very positive. why not just at this point, just focus well, i think we're at a point now where there are still questions about whether or not we could have a timeline and get the votes to help land before the election in the fall. >> and so we have to doh everything we can to have options. >> add to that. he says the 2 sides have yet to reach an agreement on the terms for the affordable housing piece. we spent a lot of time over the holiday break different economic terms. and we just sent another revision back to the city negotiating team. so smart money says the odds of oakland getting that water
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football park are. >> you know, not a betting and all i can say is that we're going continue to work very hard to get to final approval and hopefully getting to the point where the city council and the elected leaders can conduct. yes, has it lead kron. 4 news. >> for your money tonight, high demand from home buyers is coinciding with a historically low number of available homes and that includes the bay area. zillow economist says in both the san francisco and san jose metropolitan areas, typical home values have increased more than 17% over last year. >> inventory remains well below pre-pandemic levels. zillow says on average listed homes are only on the market about 2 weeks before they're sold. >> sort of a an infinite number of people moving out with a lot of money to spend buying homes in other parts of the country. so you might think that therefore there should be a glut of homes left behind, you know, in the bay
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area that the demand of the lower prices might be falling in the bay area. but if in late 2021, the market is hitting back up around san francisco around the bay. >> meantime, rents in the san francisco metropolitan area are up 10.4% from last year in the san jose area. they are up 9.2%. >> the wine industry is the latest to face supply chain problems and customers might soon have to pay more for a know four's gayle ong explains. >> the production line family wines and santa rosa of fish and and a well oiled machine. still the cost of making each bottle going up. been very challenging the last 2 years owner kathleen inman says >> the challenges started when the trump administration put tariffs on imports. that includes an 18% duty on glass started to have to imported
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chinese because when the tariffs went everyone started purchasing us fast. and then there wasn't enough supply for the demand. so also prices went up for us as well as it being difficult to get that on top of that era's, the pandemic caused a sudden spike in shipping they put on ocean surcharges now and the surcharge was a $7.30 a case more than the glass actually costs. ultimately the whole bottling process now more expensive, what it means for customers is that prices are going to be going out on on why inman says costs could go up anywhere from 3 to $5. a bottle and the spike in material costs prompting her to reluctantly. consider raising the prices on her wine. i haven't done that yet. i kept my prices steady for a number of years him hnd says she's not the only winery dealing with supply chain issues. it's really related to imports that are backlog. >> at the ports.
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>> scott defy president of glass packaging institute says while there is no shortage of glass in north and is really high. >> and it's not easy to just switch your supply chain, you know like that. i mean, that takes time to change suppliers and 2 to get in production. >> line. but frontman who has recently dealt with wildfires and droughts. she's choosing to look at the glass as half full now making the best of a challenging situation. but there's a lot lot of moving parts and making wine. >> get along. kron 4 news. >> all right. now to our 4 zone forecast. we're looking live at the view from the top of mount tam and chief meteorologist lawrence karnow says get ready for some windy weather. yeah, whole on this friday. these winds really going to be whipping around the bay area in the offshore winds right now. enough of an onshore breeze. look at the fog. it is very cool. looking just kind of rolling in across the golden gate bridge right now. you can see right down
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there on the surface, right at the road level all the way up to the tower. the celtics down below. if you're traveling across the golden gate bridge right now. but the fog lights on. >> headed across. there's that thick lair continues to move there. but overnight tonight, i think that ball goes away as we're going to see more of an offshore wind kicking in and that wind will really be the big story, i think in the next 24 hours weather-wise temperatures today. nice day above average. 63 degrees in san francisco. 60 in oakland today. 67 very pleasant in san jose. live more checking it. 65 64 in concord and 66 degrees in santa rosa. national weather service has issued a high wind advisory starting tomorrow morning and continued until saturday, expecting some very strong gusty winds of 40 50 miles per hour. maybe even higher than that across some of the higher peaks. i think even blustery down below in some by tomorrow afternoon. high pressure. it continues to build in this. that's a ridge that has brought us really the dry since after the first week in
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january. that ridge is just been kind of a semi permanent feature. the jet stream moving well to the north. that's keeping the rain line. well, north of the bay area to not tomorrow, high pressure continues to build in to the north of the same time. you see this low here that's going start to dive almost directly south of that is going to really crank up the winds that the pressure difference between these 2 systems here really going to make for a windy day around much of the bay area, especially over the mountain tops. it's really going to be whipping in the oakland hills. yeah, it's really be flying up there, too about that. here's the forecast overnight tonight. you see generally an offshore when trying to develop in some spots inland already, but fairly light. but then late tonight, you really begin to see those colors filling in. you start to see the orange and love the purple. look up to our scale. those winds gusting over 40 miles an hour. even i think down in the urban areas tomorrow. i think from time to time it's going to be blustery around parts of the bay area that continuing into the afternoon. look at the colors kind of filling in across the entire bay area throughout the afternoon in the evening hours. so plan on a bit of a windy one for
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tomorrow. overall, though, it continues to remain dry as well. that ridge of high pressure just too strong and that is sending the jet stream north. now the bay done so over the last 2 weeks, winds not much out there right now. it is fairly light. i think that changes, though. not only here, if you plan on traveling around the state for tomorrow, you plan on driving up. the tahoe will be extra careful. those winds moving right through the sacramento valley. look at the colors filling in as we head through time. those gusts as high as 50 miles an hour in kirkwood area over the mountain tops the beaks. and this year we could be gusting as high as 100 miles an hour. thank you, lawrence. >> governor newsome was in los angeles today. he was visiting the site of a recent train, looting and derailment. the train derailed in the neighborhood of lincoln heights and thieves just looted shortly. afterwards. and this is an area where there have been many train loadings. newsom says the state will tie try to provide more protection against
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trespassing. he says there will be a special chp team to patrol the area union pacific says rail thefts increased by 100, 60% in la county in the last year and over the holidays alone, more than 90 containers were >> the push to ban members of congress from trading. stocks is picking up steam on capitol hill. but the effort faces a major hurdle. speaker nancy pelosi objects to the ban. she says she does not think insider trading is happening on capitol hill because it is already illegal. but she leaves the door open to increase penalties against members who do not make their trades public. a business insider report recently revealed 54 lawmakers failed to properly disclose their trades last year. >> do come down always in favor of trusting. our members said to the has initiation committee review all the bills that are coming.
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>> missouri republican senator josh hawley says that speaker pelosi is objecting to the effort in order to protect her own well, and many lawmakers say fines are just not enough. right now, both democrats and republicans are pushing legislation to force members and their spouses to move their investments to a blind trust or to mutual funds. >> a west virginia reporter was hit by a car on live tv. she is okay. but the video is a little bit hard to watch. >> unfortunately, in freeze thaw we see this water main breaks. >> i just we're all i'm ok? yeah, you know, that's live tv for you. all good. >> tory yorkie was reporting live from the scene of a water main break in west virginia. hit by a car and we heard her
9:21 pm
say she was ok, a lot of people can't believe that you just bounce back and continued reporting viewers were not always happy with the anchors saying that he unconcerned, although some people say he didn't have a monitor. so he was and seeing what we're seeing now, he could only hear the audio. >> coming up one year into president biden's term in the white house. more americans are unhappy with the job he's doing. we'll breaw down the numbers in a new poll. >> also, children under 5 might soon be able to get the covid vaccine. what doctor anthony fauci is saying about a timeline and coming up and dine and dish vicki liviakis. we'll take you inside a cheese lover's paradise right here in san francisco.
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>> today is national cheese lovers day. some people argue it should be every day because everybody likes change. and that's why tonight on dine and dish. our vicky liviakis is taking us to the cheese school to study up. >> when you think of cheese, you think of the stuff on top of your pizza or maybe the orange drizzle on your nachos when it comes to cheese. apparently there's a lot to learn. >> and that's what brings us here to the cheese school. it is our passion and our job to
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educate as many people as we can about. she's located in san francisco's gear, a daily square where you can crack the cheese manuals and taste and smell all sorts of cheese and wash it down with a glass of wine. we do pairing classes. we do cooking with our teachers is janine, passion. everything cheese. you could like work and cheese try all the cheese is the whole wide world. and you never finished because there's always something new to learn. >> you have to warm up. let it come to room temperature. otherwise you won't get any of the flavors. >> jeanine will taste you through exotic cheeses from around the >> it is a good week me. delicious, spectacular goat cheese from our own backyard sonoma. yeah, this is our local humboldt fog goat's milk. the goats milk with the national line running right through it. classes range from tasting impairing workshops to
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farm tours. we can. we put the goats and we hold the goats and we want the people, not the goats. and if you're really ambitious. you make your own cheese. and at the end of it all, you can mark the occasion with a group photo where everybody says beyond being a safety is here. cisco, vicki liviakis kron, 4 news. >> coming up next, why the committee investigating the january 6 attack on the capitol wants to question the trump. >> and the omicron on slot raging across america of the lingering effect long covid is having on a lot of patients.
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>> nationwide covid cases are declining, although experts warn there's a long way to go before the omicron surge is over. after reaching a high of more than 800,000 cases nationwide saturday, the 7 day average has fallen 8% while cases might be down. horpitalizations and deaths are rising. the nationwide a nationwide. there are 26,000 covid patients in icus. the cdc is projecting that into second week of february, there could be more than 5,000 deaths a day. >> even when the primary covid symptoms fade, things such as the loss of taste and smell. a lot of people infected with the virus continue to suffer lingering effects in the form of long covid and reporter shelby know some talk to
9:30 pm
doctors and has details on what's happening. >> loss of smell and taste brain fog. the list of symptoms goes on after being infected with covid-19. you never realize how much you love your smile and you don't have it anymore. it took ruby valentine nearly a year to regain her smell after she thought she'd lost it for good. but my sense is in the kitchen. >> making like fried baloney or something. he was burning and i didn't know i could smell it into our heard the smoke detector go off. i'm not going to realize if there's a fire i can smell would have to wait for alarms to go off and then there are other symptoms like brain fog, which can alter thinking memory and concentration >> a recent study led by uc san francisco finding potential clues and how the virus affects the brain. researchers found that in some patients with cognitive symptoms and who had covid-19 abnormalities were detected in their cerebral spinal fluid similar to patients with other infectious diseases. and we're seeing lots and lots of
9:31 pm
younger people. >> they're showing up with partial or complete loss of smell after happening. >> covid doctor christopher churches, the director of the sinus and allergy center for loma linda university. health. he says the virus ultimately impacts an enzyme on the surface of cells that line the nose when eleanor's die. >> they are unique in the body and that they're about the only nursed at can grow back. and when they do go back and take some time sometimes and also sometimes the connections may not be right. it can take days or months to get your small back. some people never get it back at all. but there's something he says you can do a small exercise called olfactory training. >> get 4 different items with distinct smells could be coffee, essential oils, anything that you're familiar with. you choose one of those odors and you smell it for about 15 seconds, trying to remember what it smells like you rest for about 10 seconds into the second one for 15 offer tended to you've done all for you. do this twice a day time.
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>> where our hope is that this will the census tell you that are stronger, recover. >> that was shelby nelson reporting for us tonight. well, the fda could approve pfizer's vaccine for children under age 5 in the next month. that's what doctor anthony fauci says. the white house chief medical adviser made that comment while talking with blue star military families as a nonprofit group which supports military families. doctor fauci said that younger children probably will need 3 doses pfizer's clinical trial show that 2 shots did not give enough immune response in young children. pfizer said it did not identify any safety concerns with the 3 vaccine doses in children. 6 months to 4 years old. for your health tonight, the effort to eliminate private health insurance and establish a state run health care program for california residents. >> moved forward at the state capitol today. found force actually zavala explains what's next. and the key
9:33 pm
deadline approaching soon for that bill. governor gavin newsom has his own proposal to expand access to health care, to all low income californians regardless of immigration status. that is separate from what move forward today. this single payer health care bill that some say will cost too much while others say it will pay off in the long run. >> seeing road to health care do passes, amended the push to make california the first state with a single payer health care system cleared its latest hurdle in the assembly appropriations committee thursday, ab 1400 would get rid of private health insurance and create health care. a state-run health insurance program for all california residents. the bill passed on a party line vote with republicans rejecting. >> democrats approving and one democrat, something member, a q a web are not voting. the committee approval came with conditions contingent on a statue to create revenue mechanisms to fund health care. >> fiscal report on weather com care can be implemented in further approval for the legislature. assembly is the bill author. i think the
9:34 pm
appropriations committee. >> and it up perfectly as far as i'm concerned, sending this to the fore. and now we have to try to get off the floor of the state assembly within the next 10 days. the latest committee analysis estimates cal care could cost about 356.5 billion dollars a year. >> in a statement assembly budget, vice chairman vince fong wrote in part the jaw dropping price tag of the singular program is more than the entire budget proposal of 286 billion dollars proposed by the governor. the bill is linked to a proposal that would fund health care with the set of tax increases on businesses and workers called aca 11. those increases would require 2 thirds vote from lawmakers and need final approval from voters ahead of thursday's approval. more than 120 medical and business groups sent a letter in opposition of cal care. there needs to be. voters in california say yes, this is what want. that's always been my intention. the first thing to pass a policy. so at least the voters will know caltrans one. 0, 8, this is what we're going to bring to you. >> and then through the vote, don't know what that's going to cost.
9:35 pm
>> ab 1400 now heads to the assembly floor for a final vote in that chamber. it must pass by january 31st or else it's dead for the year reporting at the state capitol. ashley zavala kron. 4 news. >> the house committee investigating the capitol hill riot now wants to talk to the former president's daughter ivanka trump members are making a formal request. it's not a subpoena, but they're asking her to cooperate with the investigation. the committee says that she witnessed a telephone call where the former president tried to pressure vice president mike pence into rejecting election results during her father's time in baca did to serve as one of his chief advisers. so far there's been no official reaction from her. an atlanta-area district attorney wants a special grand jury to help investigate a former president trump for criminal election interference da funny willis says that it is needed for subpoena powers. she says
9:36 pm
a lot of possible witnesses have refused to cooperate, including georgia, secretary of state trump called him last january, asking him to find enough votes to overturn biden's win. there. trump has insisted he did nothing wrong >> president biden and his first year in the white house with a clear majority of americans for the first time disapproving of his handling during this presidency. according to a new poll from the associated press, more americans disapprove than approve of how he is handling his job as president. 56% disapproving of the job. as of now, just 28% of americans say they want biden to run for reelection in 2024, including only 48% of the democrats. 45% approve of his handling of covid. 28% say they have, quote, a great deal of confidence in biden to effectively manage the white house and 38% in the poll have hardly any confidence.
9:37 pm
>> still ahead, the party back on usc. there is a catch, though. what fraternities will now have to do before hosting a big bash. >> and the weather been very nice around here. when we come back, get you on kron. 4 airlines and head out to green bay. big game. coming up, we'll check out those weather conditions next. >> and in sports, the warriors pacers game gets tight tonight. kate rooney has highlights. plus the latest on the forty-niners coming up.
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>> and now kron 4 sports. >> the forty-niners took off from team headquarters making their way to green bay for saturday's divisional playoff game against the packers. jimmy garoppolo. boy, he was clutching that food box with his injured right hand. so that's got to be a good sign, right? got some gripped. he's still dealing with that thumb issue. plus, a spring shoulder as well. george kittle toward the bust and more good news. jimmy g and fred warner are no longer on the injured list. they were full participants in practice today. so they should both be ready to go full throttle on saturday night. nick bosa situation a little more 10 us he suffered a concussion when he collided with dj jones last sunday against the cowboys. now he's cleared all but the final step of concussion protocols and head coach kyle shanahan says he's confident both so will be cleared to play. let's talk the latest
9:41 pm
forecast. it's got to kickoff temperatures at lambeau field as warm as 20 degrees and it is chilly as one degree shanahan was asked about preparing his team for the frigid temperatures. >> i'll talk to some of the guys about. i think each person is me personally. it's not about getting used to. it's about going out and doing it for 3 and a half hours and make to get your mindset that i can do this for 3 and a half hours and focus on the game and everything. i don't tiink you go out and freeze the day before and i think that your body is going to be more used to it the next day. i'm expecting to be layered up and i'm expecting the ball to to not fly as far and expecting to have a really fun atmosphere plan. there's nothing like playing at lambeau. and i'm the sort of should be a playoff. should be. >> cowboys versus forty-niners and packers versus forty-niners and it's awesome to be a part of it. >> agree about the gold nba. now warriors hosting the pacers. it was kayak clay bobblehead night at chase center. well, to get up in the 2nd quarter, steph curry pulls
9:42 pm
up from 34 feet for the 3 pointer warriors led by 8 at the half. this got type that we go to the 4th step to a cutting gary cain, the second he doesn't go to the type c. who then head butts gp to take another look at that one. but hot ends up getting ejected. warriors down to. alright jta. almost throws it away here. but steph makes a great save attacks the basket and puts it to tie it at one. 0, 6, steph. with 39 points in the game. look at that face right now. just right now, the pacers hit a 3 pointer to tie the game at one 10. so this one is headed to overtime. all right. to the ice we go. the sharks in seattle taking on new team, the kraken, 3rd period, seattle up one cali yarn, croc lights, the lamp that extended the crack in his lead 2. and so the sharks end up falling 3
9:43 pm
to 2. they will come back home to host the tampa bay lightning on saturday. that'll do it for sports. more news coming up after the break.
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>> let's get a check on our 4 zone forecast. a live look outside tonight at the san francisco skyline. a beautiful picture. you can some clouds behind the. all those buildings there. but it's still what a pretty picture. alright, lawrence is u n b
9:46 pm
people with tickets, but won't they be freezing at lambeau yeah, it's just going to be a little bit cold out there. let's check out some of those temperatures. let's get your board kron. 4 airlines and. >> yep. serving up some peanut free drinks if you want to head out and there you go right across the sierra nevada 50's here. >> you make your way across the rockies and land in green bay. oh, my goodness. look at that temperature game time on saturday, 11 degrees. according to our computer model. you can see some of spots here in color. that is some snow moving. but i think you're going to see some snow actually in the morning before game time. i think actual game time temperature going to be slightly warmer, but not by much. my forecast called for 16 degrees at 5.15, partly cloudy skies cold and the winds are going to be kicking up just a bit. maybe 10, maybe 14 miles an hour or so. and that is going to give it a wind chill down to about one degree help. there for the game. so very cold temperatures there. if you're lucky one to head out, but
9:47 pm
back in the bay area. yeah, we've got some nice weather compared to that. some fog selling in along the coastline. very thin layer. but it is thick if you're crossing the golden gate bridge overhead, though, high-pressure. yeah. still trying to build in here. we've got this system that is dropping to the south, bringing some snow into the great lakes. but that is going to drive further south for tomorrow. that could lead to some gusty winds out there expected to be breezy even in the san francisco. 64 degrees downtown san francisco about 66 in daly city. 65 degrees in half moon bay, it will remain dry again for tomorrow in these temperatures running above the average outside. but it is going to be windy at times all around the bay area, especially over the mountains. if you're driving across some of the bridges tomorrow, the high price for a profile vehicle be extra careful. hold on to that will bubble and the winds are going to be within 66 downtown san jose about 66 also in pleasanton, maybe as high as 68 and live more gusty winds across the diablo range and the oakland hills, north bay. you're going to be blustery to 40 to 50 mile an
9:48 pm
hour winds across some of the mountain tops there down below. not as windy but gusty at times. temperatures running well above the average in many spots tomorrow. those winds continuing, but some citing a little bit into saturday, a clear skies, dry conditions through the weekend, staying dry to the end of next week. >> thank you, lawrence. well, fraternity parties are returning to usc, but with strict new rules. this follows last year's allegations of drugging abuse. >> reporter kareen wynter explains. >> strict rules for fraternities ahead of spring recruiting. but some students say it will take more than enhanced security measures to fully protect those on campus. >> big changes on the campus of usc with the start of the new semester following the scandal involving abuse allegations at several fraternity houses. while some fraternities remain suspended, most of%them will be allowed to have parties again in march. but there are new policies in place. usc announced security guards must
9:49 pm
be posted at stairs or hallways near bedrooms before it was up to each chapter to hire private security to manage entrance is now security vendors will be selected in consultation with the university. there's a lot of measures that you can do to to try to fix the problem. but i think i agree it's kind of. >> it's in the institution. it's something that needs to be rooted out its source rather than just kind of like. creating all these provisions. these new mandates follow recent allegations of abuse and reports of victims being drugged at some frat houses. university leaders also announce at with spring recruitment rush right around the corner. all frat members must undergo specific training for violence prevention. there were a number of people involved in creating these new policies, including safety experts, student government leaders and faculty members, some students, a more stringent changes are needed personally. i think that the whole system needs to be abolished, but that's just me from our security. you're saying that's not always the best answer. >> i mean, i just think it
9:50 pm
needs to go. university officials say this is a critical partnership. >> and that the community must work together to end assault on its campuses. there are currently a number of investigations being conducted involving abuse allegations that some usc fraternities like sigma nu, which was suspended last year following reports that some people were drugged and sexually assaulted at parties at the chapter house. the startling allegations prompted protests with many pushing for changes to ensure your safety for students. >> about 4,000 students participate in fraternity and sorority life here at usc students will return to in-person instructions on monday. >> that's latest here at usc. kareen wynter. >> new york's attorney general released video today of former cnn commentator chris cuomo's testimony to state prosecutors. that testimony came as those prosecutors were investigating. his brother, former new york governor andrew cuomo, chris cuomo openly admitted to advising his brother on how to navigate
9:51 pm
the harassment scandal that he was up against. he gave the advice while working, though, as a journalist for the cable news channel. >> have you observed the governor touching members of his staff? what kind of touching? >> the >> customary touching for him and hellos and the advice. >> can you tell us what is the customary touching for governor cuomo for hellos and goodbyes? hand on the arm. the men, women. >> chris cuomo gave the testimony in july of last year and a transcript was released in november. he was fired by cnn in december, just days after the transcript was released, revealing that he had secretly aided the defense of his embattled older brother.
9:52 pm
>> new at 9, a controversial florida bill that takes aim at critical race theory has received its first approval critical race theory as a way of thinking about america's history through our racial lands. the bill would prohibit public schools and private businesses from making white people feel, quote, discomfort when they teach students or train employees about discrimination and the nation's past. the bill has been promoted by florida's governor. it was approved by the senate education committee. democrats argue that bill is not necessary and would lead to frivolous lawsuits. >> coming up next, an emotional adele canceling the opening weekend of her las vegas residency. the pop star taking to social media to explain why. disappointing
9:53 pm
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9:55 pm
news for adele fans. the superstar singer and songwriter is canceling the opening weekend of her las vegas residency. it was supposed to start tomorrow. >> in an emotional video posted on her social media account today, was apologizing to fans. she says the pandemic has made getting those shows ready in time. impossible. >> he tried absolutely everything we can. to put it to give all in time. and for it to be good enough for you.
9:56 pm
but we've been destroyed by. delivery delays and covid hoffman crew. team covid they and has been impossible to finish the show. kong if you right got it caught it and i'm sorry, meant it. we've been a white crow before. yeah, i was not trying to figure we want to have time i'm so upset and armenian bar so so that everyone traveled >> dell says the shows will be rescheduled. so not a disaster. weekends with the dow was announced in late november. it was scheduled to have the singer perform 2 shows each weekend for 12 weeks. actor sidney poitier was a legend of the silver screen, but he actually got
9:57 pm
his start on the stage in new york city. and that is why broadway dimmed its lights last night. all theaters went dark for one minute at exactly 7.45. pushing a started acting with the american theater and made his broadway debut 75 years ago. >> he was nominated for a tony in 1960, went on to become a huge movie star, an icon. he was the first black person to win the oscar for best actor. died earlier this month at the age of 94. and that wraps up kron. 4 news tonight at 9. but our primetime coverage continues at the top of the hour, including police officers opening fire and killing a man after they say a man at sfo with 2 guns threatening them by attorney general rob bonta is now getting involved in this investigation. >> and the supply chain crisis now taking toll on the wine industry. but it isn't about grapes. how much your next bottle of wine could cost you? the news at 10 is next.
9:58 pm
9:59 pm
10:00 pm
>> when fun time from the bay area's local news station. you're watching kron. 4 news by the tsa employees seen something that wasn't right. >> reporting in allowing police officers to really prevent this from spreading further into our airport. we're grateful for that. >> now at 10, a scare at sfo today as an armed man is shot


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