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tv   KRON 4 News at 8  KRON  January 20, 2022 8:00pm-9:01pm PST

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>> when fun time from the bay area's local news station. you're watching kron 4 news at 8. >> now at a covid cases are decreasing in bay area counties. but health experts say we are still far from being able to let down. our guard will show you how the infection rates are trending. and san francisco health officials say covid cases are trending downwards what it means moving forward and living with the pandemic. plus, a deadly shooting involving police in san francisco international airport today. officers shot and killed a man who they say had 2 guns near the bart station. what we're learning about that incident tonight. thank you for joining us for
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kron. 4 news at 8. i'm pam moore and i'm catherine heenan for ken wayne. >> bay area counties. they've been seeing a drop in covid cases, although hospitalizations are still increasing. kron four's amanda hari talked with health leaders throughout the bay area today about the current trends and what needs to be improved. >> well, everyone i spoke to is still encouraging people to stay diligent with their covid precautions. most county say they are starting to see a decrease in the number of cases reported. but there's still seeing an increase in hospitalization. our case counts are really more confident that that's reliable trend. doctor matt willis is the public health officer for marine county. he says the peak for the 7 day average of covid-19 case positivity was january 9th. >> and they're continuing to see improvement since then. every day we've had fewer cases in santa clara county. they use wastewater surveillance as a way to
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supplement their public health data. it measures the amount of virus in the wastewater accounting for those who are asymptomatic. don't test for use at home test deputy director for the health department, michael bal. yea says they're seeing a similar trend to some leveling off or maybe even some slight declines in the concentrations of virus in the wastewater are cautiously optimistic that are critical cases will start to show the same type of production. but doctor willis says it's not time to let your guard down. the other concern is hospitalizations are not dropping right back continue to increase at john muir health in contra costa county chief medical officer doctor russell rodriguez echoed his concerns. immigration numbers of approaching our highest. >> on on record for health system. he says hospitalization lags behind case positivity. >> often hitting its peak a week or 2 after the case peak. both doctors are hopeful. hospitalizations will start to go down. that encouraging. is
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that? >> as each wave passes, we have more collective immunity, better protected. we've learned better how to protect ourselves. doctor rodriguez tells me that hospitals are still very busy. he encourages people not to go to the emergency department for a covid-19 test or mild and manageable symptoms. amanda hari kron, 4 news. >> nationwide, the number of new covid cases is declining. however, exports were experts warn we have a long way to go before the surge is over. after reaching a high of more than 800,000 cases nationwide on saturday, the 7 day average has fallen 8% as of yesterday. that's according to johns hopkins university. >> well, new cases maybe down hospitalizations and deaths are rising nationwide. there are 26,000 covid patients in icus. the cdc reports that in the second week of february, they're projecting we may see more than 5,000 deaths per day.
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>> city leaders in san francisco, they've confirmed that covid cases are down after seeing an average of more than 2100 new cases. i new covid cases every day this month. the numbers have plateaued. they are dropping while protective measures are needed for several more weeks as cases and transmission rates remain high. san francisco is refocusing its attention on how to move forward and live alongside the virus. kron four's dan kerman has details. >> as san francisco enters the 3rd year of the covid-19 pandemic. finally, some good news. many of us are anxious to know when is this thing on a start dying down? well, the good news is things are starting to plateau at a news conference thursday, city leaders said cases peaked on january 9th been edging downward ever since. but they caution case numbers in transmission remain high and hospitalizations, which lag behind cases are still going up. i ask that we all hang in there for just a little bit longer. the surge is not over
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yet. well, the most transmissible variant yet omicron has proven to be mild, especially for those fully faxed and boosted as a result, hospitals have not been overwhelmed and colfax is that will set the stage for how san francisco deals with covid going forward. now, our goal is not to prevent every case of covid on the kron has proved that that's simply not possible. >> our goal >> is to prevent the worst outcomes. severe disease. hospitalizations and deaths and colfax as san francisco's health policy will reflect that by not a pending people's lives. we're not going to hold onto restrictions. and and, you know, just waiting for everything for omicron to go where covid to go away. that's not going to it's clear that that's not going to happen anymore. we overeat or of a place where covid is endemic and we're going to learn to live with this virus and are lifting of of of restrictions in a gradual way will reflect that. that new reality among those restrictions, san
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francisco would consider lifting would be that indoor mask mandate. but at this point, still too many cases, those numbers still need to come further down. dan kerman kron, 4 news. >> in the east bay concerns over what kind of mask to wear. has the oakland unified school district taking action of the district has issued a letter to says basically that kn 95 masks are appropriate for school there's been some confusion over n 95 versus kn 95 because of recent questions about supplies, including whether medical workers have enough at this point. supplies of both are considered adequate district. officials say that they are safe and offer more protection than surgical or cloth masks. the fda could approve pfizer's vaccine for children under 5 years old in the next month. that's what doctor fauci has to say. the white house chief medical adviser made that comment while talking with blue star military families.
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>> doctor fauci said younger children probably will need 3 doses pfizer's clinical trial showed 2 shots did not give enough immune response in young children. pfizer said it did not identify any safety concerns with the 3 vaccine doses in children 6 months to 4 years old. >> a new study finds that the likelihood of a false positive result from a rapid antigen test is very low of 900,000 tests distributed less than one percent came back positive, less than half the positive tests. war, false positives. and you are not alone. if you're not sure want to take a pcr test rather than a rapid antigen test. yale experts say it's best to take a pcr test. if you have symptoms, if you think you've been exposed, they say a rapid test is best. when you want to find out if you are no longer contagious after being infected. >> other news now in the north bay after 33 years them are in
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brewing company is closing its stores. the restaurant and brewery was one of the first businesses at larkspur landing. of course, a lot has changed. since then the owners made the announcement on social media. they did not go into detail about why they're closing down. but the pandemic and troubles in the restaurant industry as a whole may have contributed to the decision. >> to see that here in this area. it would be so heavily affected. i think they have to. change their plan and their. doing the right thing in some ways. but it sent. >> the marine brewing company's last day for business will be january 31st. right now, kron 4 dot com. you can get the latest covid headlines. the cdc guidelines and recommendations and where to find a vaccine. scan the qr code on your screen with your mobile device. you'll be directed to our website. >> all right. time for a look at the 4 zone forecast. our rule looking live at the bet
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the bay area. this is from our camera on mount tam a beautiful day. and chief meteorologist lawrence karnow says more to come. yeah, a lot of sunshine with the winds really going to be a factor. i think as we get toward tomorrow morning whipping around parts of the bay area right now, couple patches of fog along the coastline. you see that. >> toward the golden gate bridge, some of that down below. but i think most that is going to mix out by tomorrow as we're going to those winds really kind of kicking into gear. temperatures today. very nice. 63 degrees slightly above the average in san francisco, 60 in oakland, san jose, 67 degrees live more 65. very pleasant. 64 and sunny in concord and 66 degrees in santa rosa on the satellite imagery you can see some of these clouds drifting over the top. that ridge head in the california just to our north and east of us. we're looking at a storm system, bring some snow across parts of the northern rockies. now that system going to drop almost due south. and that's going to really factor into our weather right now. we have just enough of an onshore breeze along the coastline to bring some of that fog in out toward the golden gate bridge. but
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starting to see the development of offshore wind. and that's going to be a big story here in the next 24 hours. those winds really going to start with an around the bay area, but not only here around the state. we'll watch. these winds really start to kick into gear as we take you through time. you notice all the colors beginning to fill in first in the northern parts of the sacramento valley and then watch as they race down in the bay area overnight tonight into early tomorrow morning. we're talking wind gusts 40 50 miles per hour across the mountain tops even down below, be blustery into the afternoon. and then you head up towards the sierra nevada. you want to speak up there to do a little skin. boy, it is going to be a rough go the higher peaks of the forecast as some of those gusts, 80 to 100 miles an hour across some of the peaks of some very gusty winds developing around the bay area around the state for tomorrow. how will the temperatures workout and when might we see some rain? we'll talk more about that coming up in a few minutes. thank you, lawrence. a worker at the tesla factory in fremont collapsed and died yesterday while working on a power train line. >> investigators are trying to figure out exactly what
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happened, whether this was work-related. tesla says a power train is an improved motor inverter and gearbox. that worker has been identified as 47 year-old roderick over illinois of tracy. his death comes only about a month after a tesla employee shot and killed a co-worker. >> a berkeley high school student has been arrested. police say he brandished a bb gun near the campus and brought it to school. police responded to the school yesterday morning and found 2 students were trying to escape after a chase. police detained the 2 and found a bb gun inside one of the students backpacks. police say the boy is 15 years old. the case is under investigation. >> coming up, the bay area so kamalaharris looking back after making history as the country's first female vice president. her views on a tough past year. san francisco reporting an encouraging trend covid cases appear to have plateaued in the city. but the surge isn't over. but officials expect in the coming
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weeks. >> also, at least on paper plans for the a's waterfront ballpark of moved a step forward by the team. president says they are still eyeing other options. and the bay area's local news leader is bringing you another hour of live local news. you can watch kron 4 news at noon every weekday on kron 4 and on our free streaming app. kron on.
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now that the environmental impact report has been approved by the planning commission. the city of oakland is closer to that new waterfront ballpark at howard terminal. so why is the a's ownership still considering moving the team to las vegas? >> kron four's haaziq madyun has the answer from the team. president. >> the environmental impact report for the oakland a's. new ballpark receives a unanimous recommendation by the planning commission. i think that bodes well for us in terms of a positive, though, at city council next month. oakland mayor libby shaft this feeling good about it as well. she states in part, quote, the recommendation to send the final environmental impact report into the city council for certification is a huge win for our entire region and puts oakland one step closer to building a landmark waterfront. ballpark. quote. >> but i still feel like this, but maybe there's a sense of that and rodent in oakland for now is is that how you see it? >> well, you know, we're on parallel paths. you know,
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we're working in las vegas on a plan there as well. oakland a's team president dave kaval says he is encouraged by the unanimous vote. however, th process on the potential move to las vegas moves we a handful of sites we're down to. we've done all our market now sees down there and it's been very positive. why not just at this point, just focus well, i think we're at a point now where there are still questions about whether or not we can have a timeline and get the votes to help plan before the election in the fall. and so we have to do everything we can to have options. >> add to that. he says the 2 sides have yet to reach an agreement on the terms for the affordable housing fees. we spent a lot of time over the holiday break different economic terms. and we just sent another revision back to the city negotiating team. >> so smart money says the odds of oakland getting that water football park are. >> you know, i'm not a betting and all i can say is that we're going continue to work very hard to get to final
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approval and hopefully getting to the point where the city council and the elected leaders can conduct. yes, housing, let you run for news. >> the forty-niners are on their way to wisconsin to take on the number one seeded green bay packers. this after surviving their super wild card scare by the dallas cowboys. you see them getting on the bus today at levi's stadium heading to the san jose airport in their last postseason matchup 2 seasons ago. the niners beat the packers. they advance to the super bowl, which as you know, they lost. the team says it is more than ready for saturday's matchup and coach kyle shanahan is especially excited about wide receiver deebo samuel. >> when he says the ball, give me the ball. you guys watch how he and you know how much he means. and i mean to deebo as israel and the guys i've been around and he has a passion for this game that is making him one of the best players in this league. my
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focus is this team and how we preparing all week, too. go over here and just, you know, and play physical game and try to come out with the win. >> they will be playing at green bay's lambeau field saturday. the game 5.15, our time. >> one thing we know cat and they're certainly going to miss our weather. we're going to check on the 4 zone forecast tonight. this is a live look outside at a foggy golden gate bridge. and chief meteorologist lawrence karnow. sarah lawrence, i remember the wisconsin winters green bay are been >> yet, i really different kind of weather as you make your way across the country. let's get a board from for airlines and taking east. a 53 in san francisco right now head over the sierra nevada across the colorado rockies landing in green bay. and there you go. >> how about that game time temperature. yeah. few models want to paint 11 in green bay. i think it may be just slightly warmer than that, but not by much lambeau field. yeah. the frozen tundra got its name for a reason. it is
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going to be very cold. in fact, game time, temperatures, 16 degrees. they're probably going to see some snow in the morning. they're going to get that off the field before the game starts. but these temperatures about 16 degrees and going down from there, partly cloudy skies. it will it be a bit on the breezy side. i think you combine the wind with the temperature you're talking temperatures feeling like about one degrees right there out on the field. so, yeah, that's a whole different kind of world out there. well, we've got our fog here in the bay area. tou see the out toward the golden gate bridge kind of moving in right now. very shallow lair. that's probably the mix out a bit. the national weather services issued a high wind advisory as we head toward tomorrow morning, expecting some gusty winds along the coastline over the mountain tops some very blustery winds, maybe some 40 50 mile an hour gusts above 1000 feet or so down not as windy, but it will be blustery from time to time. high pressure now building in. you see that big dome of high pressure keeping all the rain well aware away from the bay area that low pressure center
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dropping almost due south. and the difference between these pressure system is really going to crank up the winds for tomorrow, expected to be a blustery day. temperatures will be mild, though, much nicer than it is in wisconsin. put highs tomorrow. mainly in the 60's. thank you, lawrence. >> the united states senate failed to pass voting rithts legislation delivering a huge blow to democrats, but not an unexpected one. despite failing to pass the legislation several times. now, democrats promise not to give up and could decide to break up the legislation into individual bills since the 2020 election. dozens of states pass or are trying to pass laws which democrats say restrict voting earlier this week, utah senator mitt romney said democrats should instead focus on working with republicans on what he sees as the real threat to elections. and that is the corruption of the counting of the ballots. >> the certification of elections and the congressional provisions for accepting and counting a slate of electors.
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>> republicans appear open to reforming the electoral count act that would make it more difficult to overturn the results of future elections. democrats, including the white house support that bill and say they will also keep pushing to increase access to the ballot. >> it has been one year since president biden and vice president kamala harris were sworn into office. the administration has faced a challenging year in an interview today, harris talked about how they've been dealing with the pandemic and trying to improve the economy. >> now been 10, 9 americans vaccinated. 10's of millions of americans have received the 95 and upper reopened. businesses are opening back up. we have cue now child tax credit by many counts, reduce child poverty last year by almost 50%. >> trying to stress the positive. the vice president
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also argues the economy is improving and more people are working. >> the house committee investigating the january 6 capitol hill riot now wants to talk to former first daughter ivanka trump. the committee has submitted a formal request to interview her. they want to question her about a phone conversation. she let allegedly witnessed where the president pressured vice president mike pence to reject the election results right now. this is just a request, not a subpoena. a spokesperson for the former first daughter said, quote, as the committee already knows of baca did not speak at the january 6 rally. >> still ahead, despite fewer people driving during the early days of the pandemic, traffic deaths went up. how california ranks when it comes to fatalities and state safety
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across much of the state, a record number of people are dying in car crash during the 1st half of 2021, the national highway tracked transportation safety administration. >> recorded the largest increase ever in fatal traffic crashes. but as a reporter, ali, ana diaz reports the safety of your drive might depend on the laws in your state. >> despite fewer people driving during the pandemic, the number of people dying in traffic related accidents went up in 2020. that's the most recent year. data is available and up 7% from the year before. according to the
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advocates for highway and auto safety, there's a direct link between those fatalities and state safety laws. >> to make its point, the group put out this color coded map. green is good. the entire west coast made the cut as did louisiana, new york and d c yellow is caution or needs improvement. 31 states fall into that category. read, meanwhile, stands for danger. 11 states are in the red digging deeper. green states have approved at least 11 of the 16 road safety laws pushed by advocates. >> including 3 must hats the ability for police to pull over a car for anyone not wearing a seat belt, whether in the front seat or the back and a requirement that motorcycle riders wear a helmet states rated red, have one or none of those laws on the books. >> and they have 7 or fewer measures. advocates contend save lives. >> but nearly half the country falls into this category, florida, according to the criteria, is the least safe in florida. you can get a learner's permit 15 and a driver's license at 16 safety
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advocates say it's better to bump those ages up to 16 for learners and 18 for full permit. florida has a rear seat belt safety law. but drivers can't be pulled over if that's their only violation. and in florida, you can ride a motorcycle with your hair blowing in the breeze. no helmets are required in the sunshine state. and critics say they should be. >> that was only on monday as reporting coming up with a plan to make california a single payer healthcare state. it's getting a lot of push back how the bill is splitting democrats and health care lobbyist. a man pleads guilty to abusing a 4 month old puppy. how animal service agents found out about the owners violent behavior. >> also, police shot and killed an armed man that has so they say he had 2 guns in the international terminal. a m
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and killed by police today at sfo. officers were responding to a 911. call that came in around 07:30am. the shooting happened inside the international terminal near the airport's reflection room for us. rob nesbitt reports on the active investigation now being conducted by the california department of justice and what airport officials have to say tonight. >> this is where international departures get dropped off at sfo. there have been police cruisers and tactical team units in this area all throughout the day trying to figure out why a man came to the airport armed and ready to shoot.
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>> a high level of security at sfo was one thing. but crime scene tape caught people off-guard monday. kerry yet behind these barriers in the airport's international terminal is where san francisco police say officers opened fire on a gunman after he advanced towards police armed with 2 handguns responding. officers were rendered aid to the man and some in medics to the scene. the man succumb to his injuries and was pronounced deceased. sfo spokesperson doug yakel says the incident happened near the bart station entrance while others were around person experiencing homelessness who was nearby whose leg was injured by a ricochet. >> that individuals transported to a nearby hospital and is expected to recover. >> bart service to the airport was temporarily suspended and passengers were routed around the affected area. there was no impact air travel operations. officer grace get and then says the shooting was not a quick incident and that officers attempted to de-escalate the situation before opening fire. police are still investigating why the gunman was at the airport
8:32 pm
in the first place on occasion of this incident being involves terrorism. >> like the individual came to commit some type of act of terrorism. contained in this particular about the gunman was discovered after tsa agent noticed him acting suspiciously. bickal says that's exactly why airports make announcements for everyone to be aware of their surroundings. is that idea of if you see something, say something? if you see suspicious behavior. >> report that suspicious behavior. and that's exactly what we had happen here today. san francisco police will be having a public town hall within the next 10 days to answer any questions about the officer involved shooting as part of their commitment to transparency. >> at sfo, i'm rob nesbitt kron. 4 news. >> in the south bay, san jose police shot and killed a suspected carjacker last night. that was in the area of heading street and park avenue. police say the man was driving a stolen car and attempted a carjacking in santa clara. they say he had a gun. he was not able to take that car. and police say he drove the original stolen car back to san jose and caused a
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major accident at that intersection, injuring other drivers. police say they fired at the man when he began shooting at them. the suspect died at the hospital. the police officers involved were not injured. >> a 27 year-old stanford nurse has been found dead. that's after being missing since early tuesday morning. traveling nurse michael o'dell was reported missing by his roommate after he did not come home from his night shift at stanford hospital in palo alto. according to the roommate using the find my friends app, downs phones, last location. pained was tuesday at 8 in the morning near the dumb barton bridge toll plaza in fremont heading east chp haywood later recovered hotels car at that location. the coast guard was out on the water searching for him yesterday. now that they have the information on what happened. the chp is still asking if anyone has information to let them now.
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>> in san francisco man has pleaded guilty to abusing a golden retriever puppy named charlie animal control. officers rescued the little dog after neighbors and a veterinarian reported it was being abused by brian michael cook. this was in 2020. the dog died shortly afterwards. and during the investigation, the agency found that in charlie's short 4 months of life, he had suffered bone fractures. other injuries and they say another dog owned by the same man died also died of similar traumatic injuries. cook pleaded guilty to what some fortunately, only a misdemeanor animal cruelty charge. it includes one year probation, 50 days in county jail and a provision he cannot own an animal for 5 years. for your help. tonight, the effort to eliminate private health insurance and establish a state-run health care program for california. residents move forward at the state capitol today. >> force ashley zavala explains what's next. and the
8:35 pm
key deadline approaching soon for this bill. >> governor gavin newsom has his own proposal to expand access to health care, to all low income californians regardless of immigration status. that is separate from what move forward today. this single payer health care bill that some say will cost too much while others say it will pay off in the long run. >> seeing road to health care do passes, amended the push to make california the first state with a single payer health care system cleared its latest hurdle in the assembly appropriations committee thursday, ab 1400 would get rid of private health insurance and create cal care. a state-run health insurance program for all california residents. the bill passed on a party line vote with republicans rejecting. >> democrats approving and one democrat, something member, a q a web are not voting. the committee approval came with conditions contingent on a statue to create revenue mechanisms to fund health care. >> report on weather com care can be implemented. the legislature assembly is the bill author. i think the
8:36 pm
appropriations committee. >> and it up perfectly as far as i'm concerned, sending this to the fore. and now we have to try to get off the floor of the state assembly within the next 10 days. the latest committee analysis estimates cal care could cost about 356.5 billion dollars a year. >> in a statement assembly budget, vice chairman vince fong wrote in part the jaw dropping price tag of the singular program is more than the entire budget proposal of 286 billion dollars proposed by the governor. the bill is linked to a proposal that would fund health care with the set of tax increases on businesses and workers called aca 11. those increases would require 2 thirds vote from lawmakers and need final approval from voters ahead of thursday's approval. more than 120 medical and business groups sent a letter in opposition of cal care. there needs to be. voters in california say yes, this is what want. that's always been my intention. the first thing to pass a policy. so at least the voters will know caltrans one. 0, 8, this is what we're going to bring to you. >> and then through the vote, don't know what that's going to cost.
8:37 pm
>> ab 1400 now heads to the assembly floor for a final vote in that chamber. it must pass by january 31st or else it's dead for the year reporting at the state capitol. ashley zavala kron. 4 news. >> still ahead, despite the calls to ban sitting members of congress from trading stocks, speaker nancy pelosi is pushing back. >> housing continues to be in high demand in the bay area. what the low inventory is doing to rental prices.
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>> for your money tonight, high demand from home buyers is coinciding with a historically low number of available homes and that includes the bay area. a zillow economist says in both the san francisco and san jose areas, for example, typical home values have increased more than 17% over last year. inventory does remain well below pre-pandemic levels says on average listed homes are on the market about 2 weeks before getting sold. >> sort of a. >> an infinite number of people moving out with a lot of money to spend buying homes. >> in other parts of the country. so you might think that therefore there should be a glut of homes left behind, you know, in the bay area that the demand of the lower prices might be falling in the bay area. but if in late 2021, the market is hitting back up around san francisco around the bay.
8:41 pm
>> meantime, rents in the san francisco metro area are up 10.4% over last year in the san jose area. there are up 9.2%. >> it is >> the forty-niners take off for green bay and saturday's divisional playoff against the packers. k really has final thoughts from coach shanahan and the team coming up. >> and the ncaa changed its policy regarding transgender athletes. why some experts say the new rules are not fair. >> and
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comcast business. powering possibilities. >> the ncaa has made changes to its rules for transgender athletes. that's in an attempt to align his policies with international competition standards instead of an and double. see it and see double a specific approach for college athletics. >> these new rules will defer to each sport's national and international governing bodies. janel forte talked to some experts about that. >> university of pennsylvania swimmer lia thomas is on a roll posting some of the best times in the country in the 200 yard and 500 yard women's freestyle senior competed on the men's team. her first 3 collegiate years, but is now competing for the women this season after transitioning success cresting ncaa rules on transgender athletes back into the forefront yesterday the ncaa releasing a new policy
8:45 pm
affective immediately a sport by sport approach making eligibility requirements for transgender athletes determined by each sport's national governing body, organization in line with the u.s. and international olympic committee's the previous policy with the uniform hormone therapy requirement across all sports, the new rules specifically targets athletes who are trans women, those who are assigned male at birth, but who now identify as female? the long debate over if they should be allowed to compete bill by questions about whether trans women have an unfair physical advantage over cisgender women in sports in a statement, ncaa president mark emmert said, quote, approximately 80% of u.s. olympians are either current or former college athletes. this policy alignment provides consistency and further strengthens the relationship between college sports and the u.s. olympics. the rule change garnering push-back from both sides. the piece that is
8:46 pm
really shocking is the way in which the ncaa has really left. >> undermine process here and we're him and the policy and program director for athlete ally says in the past 2 years, 10 states have adopted laws restricting transgender athletes from participating in school. sports. some even affecting collegiate play of the competitive club and intramural levels. trans athletes are being banned from sport to the state level. they're now going to have to also interact with the ncaa policy, which is not going to be able to be implemented. a uniformly implemented across every state. there's going to be a whole lot of confusion for many trans and non-binary athlete about. >> if they can play when they can play and what contact can they play sports on the other and those who are against trans woman competing sables down to fairness and safety. >> caitlyn jenner says this new policy fails to address either posting this tweet last night saying, quote, i've said
8:47 pm
from the beginning, biological boys should not compete against biological girls. this apwoke world we're living in right now. is it working? and that was janel forte reporting. >> and now kron 4 sports from the 18 t fiber sports desk. >> the forty-niners took off from team headquarters today making their way to green bay for saturday's divisional playoff game against the packers. jimmy garoppolo clutching that food box with his injured right hand. that's got to be a good sign, right? he's dealing with that thumb issue. plus, a sprained shoulder. george kittle gave away this. he headed toward the bus. more good news, jimmy g and fred warner are no longer on the injured list. they were full participants in practice today. so they should both be ready to go full throttle saturday night. nick bosa situation a little more tenuous. he suffered a concussion when he collided with dj jones last sunday against the cowboys. now he's
8:48 pm
cleared all that the final step of concussion protocols and head coach kyle shanahan says he's confident both so will be cleared to play. now the latest forecast has kickoff temperatures at lambeau field as warm as a balmy 20 degrees and as chilly as one degree shanahan was asked about preparing his team for those frigid temps. >> i'll talk to some of the guys about. i think each person is me personally. it's not about getting used to. it's about going out and doing it for 3 and a half hours and make to get iour mindset that i can do this for 3 and a half hours and focus on the game and everything. i don't think you go out and freeze the day before and think that your body is going to be more used to it the next day. i'm and i'm expecting the ball to to not fly as far and expecting to have a really fun atmosphere plan. there's nothing like playing at lambeau. and i'm the sort of should be a playoff. should be. >> cowboys versus forty-niners and packers versus forty-niners and it's awesome to be a part of it.
8:49 pm
>> robbie gold actually said he's going to wear a scuba suit on the top half of his body to try to stay warm. okay to nba warriors back in action tonight hosting the indiana pacers at chase center golden state trying to win back to back games for the first time since the beginning of the month. if you can believe that. all right. here's where things stand. 2 point deficit for the dubs at the 3rd quarter. it's winding down there heading to the 4th. hopefully the words can we take a lead. they had an eight-point lead at the half. not shooting. so great tonight from the three-point arc, though. all right. some college hoops. now the saint mary's gaels hosting the santa clara broncos in the 2nd half. >> gill's up by 6 jalen williams. >> knocks down the tray he lead with 18 points. santa clara within 3. but in the final moments, tom, mike hughes. with the clutch layup, that would end up being the dagger to put saint mary's up by 6.17, points for cues off the bench.
8:50 pm
>> saint mary's winds, the local team coming in strong with a 73 65 final score. and that's it for sports. more news coming up after the break. >> thanks, kate. and coming up, a special memorial this weekend and alameda on the uss hornet honoring the lives of 4 naval aviators who disappeared during the vietnam war. when that car hit my motorcycle, insurance wasn't fair. so i called the barnes firm,
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it was the best call i could've made. call the barnes firm now, and find out what your case could be worth. ♪ call one eight hundred, eight million ♪
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when a truck hit my son, i had so many questions about his case. i called the barnes firm. it was the best call i could've made. call the barnes firm now and find out what your case could be worth. ♪ call one eight hundred, eight million ♪ >> the uss hornet will host a
8:53 pm
special memorial this weekend. it is to honor for navy aviators who disappeared during a mission during the vietnam war. it involves the dedication of a historic plane. >> kron four's ken wayne has that story. >> it is the job of america's fighting men and women to go into harm's way. that means they might not comesback. irwin templin junior, robert senate, edman friend, the 8 and william foreman set out on a mission in their best to track or anti submarine aircraft from the deck of the uss hornet on january. 22nd 1966. >> we know if it was an accident or a fair shot down to, you know, anything at all. >> yeah, that's the thing with missing in action cases there just isn't that closure. and, you know, human beings need to have answers. can't get him. it's it's hard to heal. >> incredibly, this film shows that plane and her crew getting ready for launch from the hornet on that very day. >> yeah, it was when he disappeared. and i it's.
8:54 pm
>> anywhere between a 50% chance that that is the day of their last flight. the navy has 2 tracker was built to find enemy submarines. >> during the vietnam war, the uss hornet was conducting anti submarine warfare operations in southeast asia. >> and they also assisted in search and rescue operations for downed pilots. yes to tracker and 4 crewmen have been missing for more than half a century. >> but another has to was donated to the uss hornet museum and over the last 2 and a half years, it's been restored and he's even painted in the exact color scheme and markings of the long-lost aircraft. >> this aircraft has been restored with loving care to be a place for the families of those airman. have a place as a marker where they can know that. they can remember their family members here on the ship where they last. took their breath. >> this saturday, family members of the missing crew members will gather on the deck of the foreign aid for a
8:55 pm
memorial service to honor the sacrifice those men made 56 years ago to the very day. >> it's going to look essentially as it did in 1966, as is 1966. >> and to the day, 56 years later, we have family members there. we're painting the names of >> chairman right by the window. they were last in. ken wayne kron. 4 news. >> again, the ceremony for the missing crew man and the dedication of the plane will be held aboard the uss hornet. yeah, that event is open to the public. it starts saturday at one in the afternoon. >> and that wraps up kron. 4 news at 8 the news continues at the top of the hour. up next at 9, new developments on the fatal shooting at sfo. house state investigators are now getting involved. >> and more police officers are coming the east oakland. we'll have details on the new plan to try to keep residents. they're safe next at 9.
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>> when fun time from the bay area's local news station. you're watching kron. 4 news at know. >> now at 9, an update on the fatal shooting at sfo today. the california department of justice is now among the agencies investigating has after police shot and killed an armed man at the airport this morning. good evening, everybody. thank you for joining us at 9. i'm pam moore and i'm catherine heenan for ken wayne. >> we have been following this developing story throughout the day. kron four's dan thorn has the latest. sfo becomes a crime scene after a fatal police shooting. investigators say the unknown man was armed with 2 guns near the international terminals. bart entrance when they were forced to shoot spawning officers were rendered aid to the man.
9:00 pm
>> and some in medics at the scene. the man succumb to his injuries and was pronounced deceased. police say they tried to de-escalate the situation, but the man continued to be threatening and approached officers as some people were close to the danger. another person was struck by gunfire person experiencing homelessness who was nearby whose leg was injured by a ricochet. >> that individuals transported to a nearby hospital and is expected to recover. the gunman was first spotted by a tsa agent who noticed he was acting suspiciously. police are still trying to figure out why the man was at the airport in the first indication of this incident being involves terrorism. >> like the individual came to commit some type of act of terrorism. contained in this particular event under assembly bill 15, 0, 6, the california department of justice will investigate and independently review this case as apd says they will also be having a public town hall within the next 10 days to answer any questions about the


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