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tv   KRON 4 News at 6pm  KRON  January 20, 2022 6:00pm-6:31pm PST

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>> from the bay area's news station. you're watching kron. 4 news at 6. i ask that we all hang in there for just a little bit longer. >> the surge >> is not over yet. >> city leaders in san francisco confirming what many have speculated after seeing an average of more than 2100 new covid cases a day this month. those numbers have plateaued. they're actually going down. good evening, everybody. thanks for joining us for kron. 4 news at 6. i'm vicki liviakis and i'm grant lotus. well, health leaders say protective measures are still needed for several more weeks is cases and transmission. >> remain high. san francisco is now refocusing its attention on how to move
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forward and live alongside this virus. kron four's dan kerman joining us live tonight in san francisco with more. dan, eventually this thing will be endemic and we'll have to live alongside it. that's right. and the focus, a city officials say it's no longer to prevent cases as they are dead but prevent severe illness and death and hospitalizations. >> that they say will be the focus going forward. once this final surge is over. >> the light at the end of the tunnel is here. a news conference thursday, a beaming san francisco mayor london breed announced covid cases have peaked in the city city cases have been edging downward since january 10th. it's really. >> you know, hopeful for the future and hopeful that we will continue to move forward. we will see some additional improvements as the days go on. but city officials say this doesn't mean to abandon protective measures like masking just yet. >> because case numbers and transmission remain high and
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hospitalizations, which lag behind cases are still going up. >> we are urging. urging people to remain particularly vigilant for a little bit longer. cases are still very high. cases are indeed still very high, especially compared prior surges. and we all need to get well past this peak. omicron has proven to be the most transmissible variant to date. >> and yet cases are mild, especially for those fully vaxxed and boosted as a result, hospitals have not been overwhelmed. and colfax says that will set the stage for how san francisco deals with covid going forward. we need to learn to live with this virus. so we're not going to hold onto restrictions. and and, you know, just waiting for everything for omicron to go where covid to go away. colfax says that means the goal is not to prevent every case of covid but instead to prevent the worst outcomes, severe disease, hospitalization and death. and while it is certainly possible and plausible that we will be
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dealing with other variants in the future, hopefully we will be able to situate covid among the many other infectious diseases and health conditions. we have to contend with smartly but not letting them and end up end. our lives. now among those restrictions, san francisco currently has some places that indoor mask mandate. it's actually statewide. san francisco also had it. >> then they lifted it had to put it back in place. that is something san francisco would consider lifting. but again, not until those cases start coming even farther down live in san francisco. dan kerman kron. 4 news. all right, dan and doctor anthony fauci says that the fda could approve pfizer's vaccine for children under the age of 5. >> in the next month, the white house chief medical adviser making the comment while talking with blue star military families. it's a a nonprofit group that supports military families. fauci says that younger children probably will need 3 doses. pfizer's
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clinical trials showed 2 shots did not give enough immune response in young kids. pfizer says it didn't identify any safety concerns with the 3 vaccine doses and children. 6 months to 4 years old on the peninsula. san mateo county officials are admitting that they are having some issues with covid testing. people are not getting results back in a timely manner. san mateo county public health conducting more than 10,000 tests per week. but officials say because of staffing shortages, the turnaround for those testing results are being affected. that result in many people not knowing whether their covid positive or negative. san mateo county officials say that they are currently working with the private testing companies to figure out a solution is not clear when the turnaround time for these covid results are going to ramp up. marin county is trying to make it easier for people to disclose their at-home covid test results. in october, the county launched a self reporting website. >> in that time the county
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says it's received about 50,000 test results, including 2000 positive reports. >> creating this form we. allowed the residence have some level of responsibility and reporting self-report form. >> has facilitated the county's outreach and being able to focus in the areas that we're seeing high streets as positive cases. >> the cdc does not require people to report their at-home test results. but that information is very helpful, too local county so they can have accurate case numbers and we'll stay marine now after 33 years here, the we're in brewing company is closing its doors, said news for so many people who have had a lot of memories there. the restaurant and brewery was one of the first businesses there larkspur landing and a lot has changed in the decades since it opened the owners made the announcement that they're closing on social media this
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week. they didn't go into detail about exactly why they are shutting down. but one could guess that the pandemic and troubles in the restaurant industry where at least factors in the decision. >> to see that here in this area, it would be so heavily affected. i think they have to. change their plan and their. doing the right thing in some ways. but it sent. >> the marine brewing company's last day for business will be january 31st. so still time to go get a beer and a burger. still to come on kron, 4 news at 6.30, uc berkeley infectious disease specialist doctor john schwartz berg, a friend of the program will be joining us live. we have a lot of questions will be talking about a new study in particular. the claims vaccinations protect against covid hospitalization significantly more then do prior infections, protect you against severe disease. >> in the south bay, san jose police shot and killed a
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suspected carjacker. this happened last night in the area of heading street and park avenue. police say the man was driving a stolen car, attempted a carjacking in santa clara, the suspect who was armed with a gun was not able to car jacked that car. officers say that he drove the original stolen car back to san jose when he caused a major accident at the intersection and injured other drivers. when police arrived, they say that the suspect began shooting at officers. suspect was hit at least one time by police and was taken to a hospital where he later died. the police officers involved were not injured. francisco international airport to the scene of an officer-involved shooting this morning. the gunman died from his injuries that happened at the international terminal kron four's rob nesbitt reports now on the active investigation. >> and where port officials are saying tonight. >> this is where international departures get dropped off at sfo. there have been police cruisers and tactical team units in this area all thro ghout the day trying to figure out why a man came to the airport armed and ready to shoot.
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>> a high level of security at sfo was one thing. but crime scene tape caught people off-guard monday. kerry yet behind these barriers in the airport's international terminal is where san francisco police say officers opened fire on a gunman after he advanced towards police armed with 2 handguns responding. officers were rendered aid to the man and some in medics at the scene. the man succumb to his injuries and was pronounced deceased. sfo spokesperson doug yakel says the incident happened near the bart station entrance while others were around person experiencing homelessness who was nearby whose leg was injured by a ricochet. >> that individuals transported to a nearby hospital and is expected to recover. >> bart service to the airport was temporarily suspended and passengers were routed around the affected area. there was no impact air travel operations. officer grace get and then says the shooting was not a quick incident and that officers attempted to de-escalate the situation before opening fire. police are still investigating why the gunman was at the airport
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in the first place on occasion of this incident being involves terrorism. >> like the individual came to commit some type of act of terrorism. contained in this particular about the gunman was discovered after tsa agent noticed him acting suspiciously. >> bickal says it's a prime example of why airports asked that if you see something, say something by that tsa employees seeing something that wasn't right. >> reporting in allowing police officers to really prevent this from spreading further into our airport. we're grateful for that. san francisco police will be having a public town hall within the next 10 days to answer any questions about the officer involved shooting as part of their commitment to transparency at sfo. i'm rob nesbitt kron. 4 news. >> and niners fans. check it out. happening today. the niners departing leaving levi stadium. the first step of the journey to green bay. you can see jimmy g there. at least part the smile on his face. overall, the team looks pretty excited, too board. the bus is set to play the game. maybe not excited to leave 65
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degrees and get to what, 15 degree. >> lambeau field. and we will have a live report from lambeau coming up in the next half hour. yeah, it's >> sunny couple weeks here in the bay area. warm temperatures out there. the sun has set. >> but it is a beautiful night here in the bay. yeah. maybe just a little windy. hot, lawrence. yeah. those winds really going to kick in overnight and i think that will really be. >> the major weather storing as we as we head into the weekend, we've got some high clouds up above up toward the coastline. the winds. yeah, they're going to be the story that's weather service to high wind advisory for much of the bay area along the coastline over the mountain tops the north of the east bay hills. we could be talking about some gusts of 50 and 60 miles per hour above 1000 feet or so. so, yeah, it's going to be blustery. i think even down below starting to see some changes now. still a bit of an onshore breeze, right? the coastline. but you had just inland and you start to see that offshore wind kicking in. that will be more of a factor, though, as we head in late
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tonight early tomorrow morning. high pressure beginning to build overhead at the same time, it start to see those clouds. see the snow begin to make its way eastward. that's all part of area of low pressure that is beginning to move in that direction. then it's going to drop almost due south and that's going to kick up some of the winds temperatures outside, not bad at all in the 50's and the 60's. now we've got some warmer days into the weekend. we'll talk more about that and the winds coming up in a few minutes. all right, lawrence parking tickets attached to a current san francisco recently became clues in a stolen vehicle case will hear from the citizen detective. >> plus, state democrats want to make sure all californians have access to health care, but they're divided on how the universal plan in our state should work. will explain why. >> and housing continues to be in high demand here in the bay area. what low inventory is doing to rent prices?
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>> a san francisco woman helped track down someone else's stolen vehicle all through a couple of parking tickets. katie lyons says that her license plate was stolen earlier this month in the marina district soon after she started racking up parking tickets at locations, her car had never been after following the trail of parking violations, she found her stolen plate on another car, almost identical to hers. she then called police who discovered that the car was stolen. >> just driving down california and saw a white audi with my plate on it. same
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car. the thing that surprised me is how reason it is since car was stolen from ocean beach. my plate was stolen from the marina and good on the stolen car and parked and not pill. >> good detective work. their alliance has since installed an added layer of protection on her new license plate. and so far, police have not given an update on who the thieves are. >> governor newsome was in los angeles today visiting the site of a recent train theft and derailment in the lincoln heights neighborhood of la the train derailed. last weekend. we reported on this and thieves ransacked it shortly after the governor says the state is now working on providing more trespassing technology and a special chp task force that will patrol the area. union pacific says rail thefts increased by 160% in la county last year. and just over the holidays, more than 90 containers, they say
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were compromised every day. >> for your health tonight, the effort to eliminate private health insurance and establish a state-run health care program for california residents. it moved forward. the state capitol today kron four's ashley zavala explains what's next. and the key deadline approaching soon for the bill. >> governor gavin newsom has his own proposal to expand access to health care, to all low income californians regardless of immigration status. that is separate from what move forward today. this single payer health care bill that some say will cost too much while others say it will pay off in the long run. >> seeing road to health care do passes, amended the push to make california the first state with a single payer health care system cleared its latest hurdle in the assembly appropriations committee thursday, ab 1400 would get rid of private health insurance and create health care. a state-run health insurance program for all california residents. the bill passed on a party line vote with republicans rejecting. >> democrats approving and one democrat, something member, a q a web are not voting. the committee approval came with
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conditions contingent on a statue to create revenue mechanisms to fund health care. >> fiscal report on weather com care can be implemented and further approval for the legislature. assembly is the bill author. i think the appropriations committee. >> and it up perfectly as far as i'm concerned, sending this to the fore. and now we have to try to get off the floor of the state assembly within the next 10 days. the latest committee analysis estimates cal care could cost about 356.5 billion dollars a year. >> in a statement assembly budget, vice chairman vince fong wrote in part the jaw dropping price tag of the singular program is more than the entire budget proposal of 286 billion dollars proposed by the governor. the bill is linked to a proposal that would fund health care with the set of tax increases on businesses and workers called aca 11. those increases would require 2 thirds vote from lawmakers and need final approval from voters ahead of thursday's approval. more than 120 medical and business groups sent a letter in
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opposition of cal care. there needs to be. voters in california say yes, this is what we want. that's always been my intention. the first thing to pass a policy. so at least the voters will know caltrans one. 0, 8, this is what we're going to bring to you. >> and then through the vote, don't know what that's going to cost. >> ab 1400 now heads to the assembly floor for a final vote in that chamber. it must pass by january 31st or else it's dead for the year reporting at the state capitol. ashley zavala kron. 4 news. >> thailand wants to get the economy going again and new at 6 tonight. that country is restarting its no quarantine program for vaccinated travelers. the country originally suspended that program back in december after a jump in omicron cases from tourists. ty leaders say infections now remain stable and hospitals are not overwhelmed. visitors will be required to undergo 2 covid tests after they arrived. but if they're negative, they don't have to quarantine applications for. these is start at the beginning of february. now to our 4 zone
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forecast and we take a live look outside it. sfo are i guess planes will be going to thailand >> you know, usually you see a bunch of there. and there are certainly a lot of fog this morning. kron first chief meteorologist lawrence karnow joins us to talk about that. and the lack of us. rain. yeah, usually see a lot of rain right this time of year. this could go down. >> as a very dry january here in the bay area's high pressure, just kind of settled in after that first weekend is taking over. continue to look like that is going to be the case. not only for tomorrow, but in the weekend. the big story will be the winds, though, as high pressure continues to move in along the coastline. look at the jet stream staying well to the north and just not a chance for these storms really to push through with that ridge in that location. in fact, for tomorrow, that ridge still to build a little toward the north and that low case all the way down to the south. and that is going to lead to some very gusty conditions all around the bay area. fact models begin to pick up on overnight tonight. winds will
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really start kicking in the north bay early tomorrow morning. look at that. even gust of 36 miles an hour in petaluma 30 and a 30 atlas peak. but you see the winds even apart the spin u.s. coastline start to see those winds kind of whipping and everybody is going to feel it as we head throughout the day tomorrow. it is going to be one of those blustery days outside, especially over the mountain tops, get about 1000 feet or so. get out some a bay area bridge. you got to watch our talking about some very gusty winds developing outside. not only there, but if you're traveling around the state tomorrow, but head up into the tahoe area be ready. very gusty winds likely to move across the sacramento valley and into the high country to and i know a lot of folks want to get up there. enjoy some of the skin there. but look at kirkwood. look at the winds there. 50 miles an hour as we head toward tomorrow evening. so it's going to be a blustery day around the bay area. gusty winds across much of the high country. the temperatures go to stay mild, though and dry into the 60's. >> thank you, lawrence. still ahead, a warning for anybody who orders their groceries online. what a new study finds at some sites are lacking.
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pandemic had many of us shopping online more than ever. and in many cases that included groceries. but a new study finds. >> that could leave as missing some important information. the study published in public health nutrition found that more than one in 10 food items online did not show nutritional information. federal regulations call for packaged foods in brick and mortar stores to list ingredients and nutrition facts. but it's not required online. the study also found that nearly 2 thirds of foods with common allergens did not list thos. >> uncertainty over the prolonged pandemic may be factoring into an extreme drop in a homes available for sale in the bay area news. zillow report shows that well, home values are soaring. not many of them are being listed on the market but forcefully to call spoke with an economist who believes this may be setting us up for a very busy spring housing market. >> high demand from home buyers coinciding with the historically low amount of homes available for sale is
6:25 pm
contributing to a rapid appreciation in home prices across the nation. and the bay area is no different. i think the rise of the omicron variant. >> could have contributed to a bit of a pullback by sellers this winter. it is no secret that many bay area residents have flocked to other parts of the country looking for more space and financial flexibility while the virus circulates through communities. this has some employers have made working remotely an option. but senior zillow economist jeff tucker says that has not translated to a sharp increase in homes available on the market. instead, what is available is selling at lightning speed. bay area homes are typically spending just 2 weeks on the market before going pending people with big pockets are closing quickly. while the average buyer is left behind for the bay area. san francisco in san jose were down about a 5th from this time last year in terms of active listings, tucker says
6:26 pm
it's possible and even likely sellers are trying to time the market wait and see how the virus plays out and then possibly list their homes for sale. >> in a typically busy spring in real estate. meanwhile, rates in the san francisco metro area. >> are up 10.4% from last year. and in the san jose metro area rents are up. 9.2% as this for sale sort goes on to kind of backs people up to stay in the rental market and contributes to those rising rents renters. and buyers demand is high and tucker says it may just be a matter of time before supply catches up. >> phillipe djegal all kron. 4 >> next up, covid vaccinations versus prior infections will go over claims of the new study with uc berkeley infectious disease expert doctor john swartzberg >> and the journey to green bay, the niners one against cowboys meeting. the packers are up next after the break. we have a live report from
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when that car hit my motorcycle, insurance wasn't fair. so i called the barnes firm, it was the best call i could've made. call the barnes firm now, and find out what your case could be worth. ♪ call one eight hundred, eight million ♪ >> they're on their way. the niners are in route to the frozen tundra ahead of saturday night's divisional round matchup with the green bay packers. this is the 9th time the seams are meeting in the playoffs. lindsey poole r us is already at lambeau field that she joins us now live with more on what's awaiting the niners in green bay. besides blistering cold winds, inc.
6:30 pm
>> well, grant, vicki, that's exactly what we're talking about. what is waiting for them below freezing temperatures today in green bay. we didn't get above 9 degrees and the sun was out all day. now it's supposed to be a little warmer on game day. it's busby, 15 degrees at kickoff with that wind chill. it's going to feel more like 6 degrees. the team departed from levi stadium at around 3 o'clock pacific time. they're flying out of san jose international airport. so they are in the air as we speak. now, these 2 teams have not played at lambeau field since the 2018 regular season. so a lot for a lot of the younger guys on this roster. this is the first time they're playing at this venue and it's a big first. >> we're going over to there. to historic stadium. plan them on saturday night play our at lambeau versus packers. aaron rodgers, all of them. so we already know what type of game that's going to be. the atmosphere is going to be. >> very excited.


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