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tv   KRON 4 News at 530pm  KRON  January 20, 2022 5:30pm-6:01pm PST

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the only receiver in the modern era to lead his team in rushing touchdowns for the niners. daniel is the gift that keeps on giving for the opposition makes it very difficult to game plan. >> he's a dynamic player is one of the more elite players in this and they just try to find different ways to get him the ball, whether tenet off. but there's reverses in the passing game. he's a physical guy. and i think it does present some problems >> when you just aren't quite sure where he's going to line up. >> you know, they they keep the gameplay the same him. he can do. anything for them. you can do to be just like, oh, a running in the back. so you have to message. >> and samuel is a huge piece of that offensive puzzle. and i found this great stat. so the niners are 7 windy will get 6 or more carries. so they better use him. they want to see some success. that's it
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from lambeau field. lindsay polar us kron. 4 news. >> thank you, lindsay. yeah. we've got a family that serve forty-niners and then we have some packers fan. so i could be pretty ugly that they lose a sign. i know you're you're from california from our sister station in sacramento. i don't know where he grew up, but what's the weather like outside? >> here in green bay in that it's it's incredibly cool. i think we hit a high of 9 today. so very, very chilly. i didn't pack >> and so you think they'll be feeding the bow the ball, however, they can get it to him. and if it is that cold, maybe and jimmy g system is grabbing the ball as well as he might like. you think handed off to deebo a lot right? >> i mean, it has clearly been working. so why? why fix it if it ain't broke? you know, he's been lining up in the backfield a lot and they've seen a lot of i don't see why they don't keep that rolling. >> okay. well, rest be one to
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watch for stay warm. but lindsay here's what you can and we appreciate that live you. thank you. so was a breeze. >> moving on the environmental impact report. it's been approved by the planning commission for the city of oakland as the city. one step closer. now to that new water park of waterfront ballpark at howard terminal. so why the a's ownership still considering a move moving the team to las vegas from for says it made ask the team's president. >> the environmental impact report for the oakland a's. new ballpark receives a unanimous recommendation by the planning commission. i think that bodes well for us in terms of a positive, though, at city council next month. oakland mayor libby shaft this feeling good about it as well. she states in part, quote, the recommendation to send the final environmental impact report into the city council for certification is a huge
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win for our entire region and puts oakland one step closer to building a landmark waterfront ballpark, unquote. >> but i still feel like this, but maybe there's a sense of that and rodent in oakland for now is is that how you see it? >> well, you know, we're on parallel paths. you know, we're working in las vegas on a plan there as well. oakland a's team president dave kaval says he is encouraged by the unanimous vote. however, the process on the potential move to las vegas moves we a handful of sites we're down to. we've done all our market now sees down there and it's been very positive. why not just at this point, just focus well, i think we're at a point now where there are still questions about whether or not we can have a timeline and get the votes to help plan before the election in the fall. >> and so we have to do everything we can to have options. >> add to that. he says the 2 sides have yet to reach an agreement on the terms for the affordable housing fees. we spent a lot of time over the
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holiday break different economic terms. and we just sent another revision back to the city negotiating team. so smart money says the odds of oakland getting that water football park are. >> i can say is that we're going continue to work very hard to get to final approval and hopefuhly getting to the point where the city council and the elected leaders can conduct. yes, housing, let run for news. >> doctor fauci says the fda could approve pfizer's vaccine for children under the age of 5 as soon as next month. >> the white house chief medical adviser made the comment today while talking with blue star military families. fauci says younger children probably are going to
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>> expanding access to health care is an issue that unites democrats. but exactly how to do it is dividing them here in california. governor gavin newsom has his own proposal to expand access to health care, to all low income californians regardless of immigration status. that is separate from what move forward today. this single payer health care bill that some say will cost too much while others say it will pay off in the long run. >> seeing road to health care do passes, amended the push to make california the first state with a single payer health care system cleared its latest hurdle in the assembly appropriations committee thursday, ab 1400 would get rid of private health insurance and create cal care. a state-run health insurance program for all california residents. the bill passed on a party line vote with
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republicans rejecting. >> democrats approving and one democrat, something member, a q a web are not voting. the committee approval came with conditions contingent on a statue to create revenue mechanisms to fund health care. >> the fiscal report on weather com care can be implemented in further approval for the legislature. assembly is the bill author. i think the appropriations committee. >> and it up perfectly as far as i'm concerned, sending this to the fore. and now we have to try to get off the floor of the state assembly within the next 10 days. the latest committee analysis estimates cal care could cost about 356.5 billion dollars a year. >> in a statement assembly budget, vice chairman vince fong wrote in part the jaw dropping price tag of the singular program is more than the entire budget proposal of 286 billion dollars proposed by the governor. the bill is linked to a proposal that would fund health care with the set of tax increases on businesses and workers called aca 11. those increases would require 2 thirds vote from lawmakers and need final approval from voters ahead of
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thursday's approval. more than 120 medical and business groups sent a letter in opposition of cal care. there needs to be. voters in california say yes, this is what want. that's always been my intention. the first thing to pass a policy. so at least the voters will know you know, hey, this is what we're going to bring to you. >> and then through the vote, don't know what that's going to cost. >> ab 1400 now heads to the assembly floor for a final vote in that chamber. it must pass by january 31st or else it's dead for the year reporting at the state capitol. ashley zavala kron. 4 news. >> all right. weather time. we've got a beautiful sunset out there for you tonight. looking good, beautiful skies out there. in fact, nice and clear for most of the bay area. that's what's going to stay tonight. winds are going to be a major factor as we head into friday. in fact, wind advisory being posted by the national weather service starting at 7 o'clock tomorrow morning until 7 o'clock on saturday. very gusty winds over the mountain tops. we can easily see some 50 and some 60 mile an hour gusts over the
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mountains and that includes the oakland hills. also, the diablo range and much of the north bay to so blustery wind conditions setting up now high pressure off the coastline. got this low just to the east of us. low is going to drop almost due south. and so as high pressure builds in behind that of a sudden, you get things set up for a very strong gusty wind event that offshore flow going to kick in, going to be very blustery around, not only the bay area around much of california. fact, you're going to watch these colors begin to fill in as we take you through the night tonight and tomorrow, you'll see colors really start to ramp up as we head through time as that wind is really going to start to kick in moving to the central valley and then really spreading southward across much of central california and the sierra nevada. look at that. boy, some very gusty winds. we could easily see some gusts, maybe 70 miles an hour the higher peaks locally. you watch the winds begin to switch in overnight tonight. you'll see that as they begin to pick up by tomorrow morning starts get blustery in parts of the north. even by around 5, 6 o'clock in the morning.
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some very gusty winds over the mountain tops in the north bay. then as we head through the day, even down in the urban areas tomorrow, it's going to breeze and a blustery day, even down below. but very gusty across the mountain tops. watch out. things are going to how a bit otherwise the temperatures are going to hold steady mainly in the 60's. all right, lauren. still ahead, a new study that links children's attention spans to cheating. >> we'll give you those details. and for body aches, chills, fever. a new study says some of the common side effects from >> the covid vaccine are all in your head.
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>> a new study shows some people might be imagining side effects from the covid-19 vaccine. 2 groups were part of a study at the beth israel medical center in boston. one group got a placebo version of the covid vaccine. the other group received the real one. researchers found 2 thirds of those from the placebo group reported symptoms like headaches and fatigue after the second dose, the placebo reported less fewer symptoms. well, the vaccinated group reported more. experts say the findings suggest that people might mistake certain body sensations as side effects because of anxiety and work. >> and a new study finds high school students with attention problems are more likely to cheat than are their peers. researchers from ohio state university found a connection between inattentive students hyperactivity and a tendency to cheat more in class,
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although some children receive an official diagnosis for adhd. the team says many others never actually get that diagnosis and therefore do not get the help they need in school between 79% of kids, 17 and younger are said to have adhd. however, researchers say 3 times as many students could have problems with their attention spans. >> still ahead, it was a violent and deadly bar rampage that shocked the nation. the newly released body cam videos showing the chaos and horror of the borderline massacre what can i du with less asthma? with dupixent, i can du more....beginners' yoga. namaste... ...surprise parties. aww, you guys. dupixent helps prevent asthma attacks... ...for 3!... i can du more of the things i love. dupixent is not for sudden breathing problems. it's an add-on-treatment for specific types
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>> more than 3 years after a deadly shooting at a california bar packed with college students were getting a glimpse into the terror and chaos that night and a warning some people could find this video disturbing. there is a a new report on the deadly borderline bar and grill attack with never before seen body camera footage of the mass shooting. rick chambers says details on the night. 12 people were killed and more than a dozen were hurt. >> no. and reporting i've heard some gunshots on board it was just after 11 o'clock on november, 7th, 2018. >> when former marine ian david long dressed all in black walked in the front door, the borderline dance hall and immediately opened fire on the more than 200, 50 people inside.
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>> everybody stand out. this body cam footage shows police units on the scene in less than 2 minutes as 911 dispatchers fielded more than 90 calls for help. i've been i've been i believe the everywhere. >> people running everywhere. my friends are inside. this surveillance video shows sergeant ron he one of the first officers on the scene. >> leading an entry team to the front door, then cautiously moving in sweeping his rifle from side to side the shooter by then had made his way to an office where he was still firing and throwing smoke grenades into the panicked crowd. the ventura sheriff's office writing hundreds of patrons scrambled to get out of the bar or hide any way they could many through table tops and chairs through windows while others hurled themselves through plate glass windows to avoid certain death. 128 bar patrons were injured in the stampede to get out. dozens of them ran
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into responding officers. is anybody this with head her hands up where everybody can see it? >> those who couldn't escape hit in the bathrooms and the and call their loved ones. and police getting up >> i don't know what investigators found that during his attack long who had a 45 caliber handgun and a half dozen large capacity magazines, wood fire. 61 rounds into the bar killing 11 people. unfortunately by the time those backup officers reached sergeant, he listen to the front door. he had been shot by the suspect and caught in friendly fire. he would die at the scene. 20 minutes after the massacre erupted long would take his own life while sitting on the office floor. that was rick chambers reporting for us tonight. >> all right. switching gears here for a moment. we're taking a live look outside right now. a beautiful shot there of the golden gate
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bridge off the distance sets from our sutro tower. we have another shot of the bridge from the ground. >> lawrence karnow. is there large that that flag is blowing a a bit in the breeze? but you can tell the winds not raging. yeah, not yet. tomorrow. it is going to be whipping. we're talking about a very strong northerly word. offshore wind kicking in some mountain tops, maybe 50 and 60 mile an hour gusts. we could even see higher gusts than that even down below. i think it will be blustery tomorrow as high pressure builds in across the bay area. the same time low pressure kicking in to the east of us. >> dropping just south of nevada. so it's going to be a blustery day for tomorrow. temperatures today. hey, not bad. we had 63 degrees in san francisco. that's above the average. 60 in oakland. 67 degrees. a beautiful day in downtown san jose. 65 in lemore. 64 in concord and 66 degrees in santa rosa. we do have couple clouds along the coastline. some patchy fog there. then things kind of a quiet out there. as far as our rainfall is concerned, staying dry for us. still showers
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continue to move up in the pacific northwest and some snowflakes of dropping the cascades well. they're going to see more of that overnight tonight keep things dry here, high pressure building in and they're going to see these winds really get going right now. more of an on shore breeze starting to get the effects, though, that offshore wind started to develop inland that will be kicking into gear overnights. i'm getting very blessed years. blustery starting out the north bay overnight tonight into early tomorrow morning. temperatures not all that bad outside right now. the 62 degrees in berkeley, a very comfortable 60 and lay. also napa. 61 degrees in fairfield. cool off. 55 degrees in nevada right now. but here you go. here's your big dome of high pressure that ridge is going to start to build into the same time. here's a slow to the east of us near idaho. yeah, that begins to drop further and further south. and there you go. the difference between those 2 pressure systems really making for a windy day across the bay area. so expect some with the winds out there. be careful driving around the high profile vehicle, a van, a truck. it's going to be a pretty gusty out there, especially across some of the bridges and over the ridges as temperatures 60's,
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though, in the pacific, a mid 60's in the millbrae. 66 in burlingame for the south of temperatures. very nice. it's going to be very mild day out. there are some numbers approaching 70 degrees, but windy again. the diablo range, the oakland hills, north bay hills, also going to be .ery gusty winds throughout the night tonight and into tomorrow, probably into saturday morning, too. then those winds begin to calm down. staying dry, though, for the next 7 days. all right, lawrence, some heartbreaking news for adele fans, the superstar singer and songwriter. >> she's canceling the opening weekend of her las vegas residency of supposed to start tomorrow in an emotional video posted on our social media account today, adele apologized to fans saying that the pandemic is making those shows impossible. >> we've tried absolutely everything that we can. to put it together all in time. and for it to be good enough for you. but we've been destroyed by. delivery and covid hoffman crew. team covid they and it's been impossible to finish the
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show. kong if you right got it. it and i'm sorry, meant it. we've been away over hours, not trying to figure we want to have time eat. i'm so upset and armenian bar so so that everyone traveled to ken. >> yeah, very emotional del promise, though, that her shows will be rescheduled weekends with adele. it was announced in late november it was scheduled to have the singer performed 2 shows each weekend for 12 weeks. still ahead on kron, 4 news watch out for fake websites that look like the real government site for free covid tests which road tells us how to avoid being s
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hi, i'm steve and i live in austin, texas. i work as a personal assistant to the owner of a large manufacturing firm.
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qr code on an item you like to have it sent in your size to a fitting room to try on a touch screen in the fitting room will also let you request different sizes or styles delivered to the room. amazon says the store will have about twice the number of styles as a typical clothing store of its size. amazon style opens later this year. if you haven't already order your free covid tests from the government website. beware of bogus sites that look like the real thing the official website that will get you for free at-home covid test sent to your door is covid tests dot gov. that will bring you to a special usps website where you can put in your shipping information. now. lots of look-alike sites are popping up that are not associated with a government program. many of them are selling expensive test kits. watch out for slight misspellings of the official url and any website that asks for a credit card number. the official site only requires your name and address to get the free tests. instagram is
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>> from the bay area's news station. you're watching kron. 4 news at 6. i ask that we all hang in there for just a little bit longer. >> the surge >> is not over yet. >> city leaders in san francisco confirming what many have speculated after seeing an average of more than 2100 new covid cases a day this month. those numbers have plateaued. they're actually going down. good evening, everybody. thanks for joining us for kron. 4 news at 6. i'm vicki liviakis and i'm grant lotus. well, health leaders say protective measures are still needed for several more weeks is cases and transmission. >> remain high. san francisco is now refocusing its attentio h


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